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Kind Seed Co is back and kinder than ever. Count on us to be your top-rated distributor of the best cannabis seeds in the country. We are back after a five year hiatus with a new and improved lineup of in-house genetics. Our seeds are bred with kindness in both Europe and the USA. Whether you are looking for automatic, feminised, photo fem, or regular strains, we have the cannabis seeds you need. Our secure eCommerce solutions and speedy and direct shipping offer a user-friendly experience from the word go. We offer exclusive products, incredible value, exceptional service, ensuring your satisfaction. We make sure our seeds are stored in ideal conditions. We have been working hard to ensure top notch selection and client services, airtight security, and there are now bigger, better and kinder deals for the making. When you need the best seed bank for all your cannabis seed requirements, trust the team at Kind Seed, where kindness meets the fastest growing industry on the planet. With the Kind Seed Company, you’re guaranteed to have the kind of experience you can count on.

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Kind Cannabis Seeds For Sale USA

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Cannabis Seeds Shipped Anywhere in the USA

When you need cannabis seeds shipped anywhere in the USA, there is only one door you should be knocking on. Kind Seed is a cannabis company born and bred in America, and as such, we deal exclusively with US cannabis seed experts to build the type of selection we know Americans. Marijuana markets are massive in this country and there are a million shops claiming to be the best seed bank around. However, with professionals dedicated to developing our own strains, Kind Seed Co has the seeds to beat. Wherever you reside within the US, we have you covered. We hand pick your seeds as soon as you place your order and deliver to every city, territory and outpost. Our climate controlled facilities keep our collection in ideal condition, and we are equipped with the volume necessary to handle whatever sized order you need to place. Our packaging is not only nondescript, but makes sure that your seeds remain protected through the sometimes rocky adventures they experience along the way. Most of our clients receive their orders within a week, sometimes less. Window shop for free, order today, revel in the knowledge that you are in good hands with Kind Seed Co.

Best Autoflower Strains for 2022

America is booming and people don’t have the time they used to. Kind Seed has come up with what we believe is a fantastic introduction to the best autoflower strains for 2022. Check out autoflowering Pineapple seeds. Autoflowering Quarter Pounder seeds. For something extra exciting, check out our autoflowering Runtz seeds. Automatic versions of one of the most award winning concentrate strains of all time, these seeds are worthy of praise. All of our autoflowering strains are feminised.

Top Quality Stable Genetics

The top-quality genetics at Kind Seed Co. have been painstakingly produced by industry professionals. Our team of breeders toil tirelessly to make sure that each and every one of the strains we produce is stabilized for predictability and simple mastery. This is a seed bank unlike any other in that, instead of purchasing seeds from outside companies and seed producers, we breed our own. Our top-notch selection of high test cannabis seeds has been created according to our specification. Not only are our in-house breeders dedicated to the charge of crafting the most potent and prized genetic combinations, but we ensure long term stability of our seeds by storing them in our state of the art facility. For the past five years, we have been building ourselves into a new and improved Kind Seed Company, as is evidenced by the customer satisfaction ratings we are so proud of. When your business requires the best of reliable genetics, stored in ideal conditions and shipped to you in a heartbeat, you can continue to count on the selection at Kind Seed for all your future cannabis seed pursuits, time and again.

Wholesale Cannabis Seeds For Sale

When you want reliable wholesale cannabis seeds for sale, you need a respected seed bank that can handle the volume, and you find it in Kind Seed. We are in the business of equipping all collectors with the seed they need to succeed, and our selection is packed with in house strains suited for every buyer. The wholesale selection at Kind Seed Co. grants access to thousands of seeds. Combine strains, see deals on bulk orders, and we package your order the way you need it, so your seeds arrive ready to go according to your needs. Shipping is free on wholesale orders. Don’t worry about what the neighbors think, as all of our packaging is nondescript. With wholesale purchasing from the Kind Seed Company, the sky’s the limit, making it easy to achieve everything you aim to accomplish.

Best Strains 2022

The magic of marijuana makes its way to us in many forms. There are so many strains to choose from that it can oftentimes be difficult to make a decision. We have the best regular strains and photo and auto fems on the market. If you like the sound of automatic cannabis and you’re in the mood for a serious punch, autoflowering Bruce Banner seeds are the ticket.