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Autoflower Cannabis Seeds For Sale

In a world dominated by photoperiod strains, home based growers are forced to learn the hard way what goes into making the best buds. But there is one type of seed which takes the pain, the worry and the hard lined learning out of the equation. This is the autoflower, and Kind Seed Co has a collection of autoflower seeds designed for everyone.

Autoflowers are not photosensitive, so they mature on a timeline instead of being triggered through shifts in light schedules. These plants reach pre flower in a few short weeks and start manufacturing buds as soon as they are ready. Though regular autoflowering strains exist, our selection is one hundred percent feminised. This means no boys in the grow space, an attribute prized by growers everywhere. These plants need little training and provide fast turnarounds, so more numerous and diversified harvests can be achieved each year. Whichever strains you choose to grow, and we have lots to try and the autoflower seeds you buy from Kind Seed Co are designed to produce.

Shopping with Kind Seed Co. ensures your autoflower experience will be a happy one. The seeds we provide are our own creations, stamped with our trademark seal of approval and shipped with love throughout the US and abroad. When you need a seed that’s easy to grow, simple to manage and which produces just the right amount of your favorite buds, you want autoflowers from the seed bank at Kind Seed Co.