Automatic Durban Poison Seeds

Landrace lovers, connoisseurs, and epicures by the score have been digging Durban Poison for ages, and thanks to Kind Seed, these automatic capsules are yours! Landraces make all the cannabis we know and love and this South African sweetheart is one of the finest. This dank of old has been reworked and crossed with ruderalis to remove its photosensitivity, and every one of our autos offers a 99% feminisation rate. Finished in just six to eight weeks, and delivering up to 100 grams per plant or 300 grams per square yard, Durban Poison auto fem will deliver the goods. Fitting easily into any corner of your house or garden, these specimens stay small. You will feel uplifted, energized, focused, happy, and euphoric as you are carried away to ancient sweet, woody, earthy, and pine spiciness. Divvy up for DP auto feminised seeds from KS, where we make sure all your autos deliver the best bud.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 20%
CBD Percentage< 1%
Durban Indoor Yield300 - 400g per square meter
Durban Outdoor Yield400 - 500g per square meter
Flowering Time8 - 10 weeks
NotablesDurban Poison Autoflowering seeds are classic sativa re-imagined

Automatic Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds For Sale

This hybrid – sativa is a 21-23% THC wonder. It is highly prized amongst home-based growers and these automatic feminised seeds make it easy to bag up to 300g/m2. The controlled environment coupled with the right training can see you harvesting up to a few ounces per square yard. Outside, where we must work with what the climate gives us, DB auto fem finishes fast, so even in places with short seasons this seed can thrive. Durban auto consistently offers around one hundred grams a piece in an alfresco grow and attracts beneficial insects. Though the name may suggest otherwise, these flowers are safe for everyone. Consumers feel uplifted, engaged, and energized after a bong session. They also like that it makes them relaxed, and free of the pressures of old traumas. The terpene array present in Durban Poison boasts a balance common to landrace strains but rare in the rest of the cannabis world. With the varied delights this strain has to offer, balance is struck in the body as well as the mind. Joy is delivered through an earthy pine infusion, rich with notes of sweetwoods, herbs, and licorice spice. This treat also has a sugary side, so the piney whiff and the spicy back end both have some sweetness to them, rounding out an already tasty profile. We deliver everywhere in the US so no matter where you are or how many seeds you need, Kind Seed and Durban Poison Auto fem are here to help you grow the best.

Automatic Durban Poison Strain Stats

Durban Poison automatic offers a high THC content, < 1% CBD, and a host of incredible terpenes. This combination makes it both rejuvenating and energizing and offers a smooth transition from get up and go, to relaxation for any morning or afternoon. These seeds germinate by direct sowing or the paper towel method and respond well to either an 18/6 or 20/4 light schedule. Plants don’t demand anything more than leaf tucking, low-stress training for light penetration, and lollipopping for flower stages. On top of this, Durban Poison requires adequate airflow, and will do very well in a greenhouse as long as ventilation is on point. Flowering on its own instead of through photosensitivity or changing seasons, this auto fem is finished in just 6-8 weeks. Your bag of Durban Poison auto seeds produce 50-100g per plant or 300 grams per yard, which is big for an automatic strain. This means that you can harvest anywhere from a few ounces to a dozen approximately every 65 days, allowing lots of space for more harvests throughout a single season. Low output and high returns make this seed a special one to both recreational and medicinal patients, especially those battling anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Effects of Automatic Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds

This weed hits hard, spinning brains out of control, if only for a few moments. Give it a minute and the whole picture becomes a little clearer, bringing it back together before you know it. Durban Poison is quick to cause giggle fits and consumers report prolonged and balanced happiness. Creative, energizing, and euphoric, this beast lifts users out from under the weight of fatigue, excites artistic energies, and induces deep conversation amongst close companions. There is an uplifting focus to these effects as well. Users feel regenerated, more enthusiastic, more capable, and flexible, and this often brings new feelings of freedom. Because this strain is a pure sativa, there is little chance of couchlock unless you allow your trichomes to go too far into amber. If you do, your weed can turn you pie-eyed and completely pacified within seconds, locking you to your favorite spot in a speedy fashion. The afterglow seems to linger long and low, providing a smooth transition between fried, funny, and floating. The age of this strain is evidenced in how balanced it is and, though it affects everyone a bit differently, Durban Poison auto fem is a well-rounded and reliable strain.

Autoflower Durban Poison Characteristics

High flying happiness and uplifting euphoria are not all this strain have in store for tokers. The terpenes that back the flavors and aromas of this little auto cannabis are just as fantastic as all the rest. Offering a tip-top fragrance profile in the grow space, the aromas of fresh Durban auto fem buds are sweet, while hazy whisps are incense whiffed, filling your sesh space with mixed mountain and valley vapors. Earthy pine, spicy, sweet, and woody smoke fills the air and creeps into your pores. The terpene profile is partially responsible for this melange and, not only does it make for a sweet and stinky bud, but it offers value to medical markets as well. Caryophyllene is antibacterial and antifungal and helps with pain and muscle spasms. A-pinene and a-myrcene combine to form relaxing antidepressant qualities, and the former can help sharpen the mind, and combat bronchial infection. Terpinolene has antiseptic and anticancer properties, helps fight heart disease, and makes a friendly and sleep-inducing nighttime companion. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world. A classic Durban Poison wake and bake will offer a rushing rise in spirits.

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Automatic Durban Poison Seeds

Landrace lovers, connoisseurs, and epicures by the score have been digging Durban Poison for ages, and thanks to Kind Seed, these automatic capsules are yours! Landraces make all the cannabis we know and love and this South African sweetheart is one o