Automatic Zkittlez Seeds

Give yourself a break from the mundane and get into grooming these Automatic Zkittlez seeds. They boast 19-23% THC and a bit of CBD, and the combination is ideal for the relaxation you are looking for. This auto’s parent strain has taken home more than 90 prodigious awards, including Cannabis Cups, Emerald Cups, and an array of local and overseas accolades. This automatic creature offers a package that grows and flowers all on its own and delivers up to 600 grams per plant, which is insane for an auto-flowering strain. Fruity and funky flavors of berry, blueberry, diesel, lemon, and grape deliver arousing, calming, creative and euphoric effects. Leaving consumers feeling tingly, happy, and uplifted, this impressive little leaf delivers on all fronts. All it takes is a couple of clicks and these Automatic Zkittlez seeds from Kind Seed USA can be making waves in your world as well, so come get some!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 23%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield400-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield300-600g per plant
Zkittlez Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnorexia, Inflammation, Pain, Stress
EffectsArousing, Calming, Creative, Euphoric, Focus, Happiness, Relaxing, Tingly, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsFruity, Berry, Blueberry, Diesel, Grape, Lemon, Sweet
Terpenes in Zkittlez StrainLimonene, Linalool, b-Caryophyllene

Automatic Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Automatic Zkittlez cannabis seeds boast high THC and grow mountains of high-test buds in the time it takes most strains to flower. Plant this pod in good soil, add water, light, and airflow and, in just eight to ten weeks, the lord of harvests is yours. Exhibiting a perfect hybrid – indica structure and personality, Automatic Zkittlez is easy for any grower to love like their own child. Up to 600 grams per plant or 400-500g/m2 make this the most productive auto to date, and buds are precious, potent, and colorful. A veritable rainbow of bright purples, greens, blues, and pinks, not to mention the saffron pistils, make this an incredible specimen to behold in any grow space, indoors or out. Fruity, berry diesel flavors, and aromas take the cake for connoisseurs and there is a sweet and tangy lemon back end that can surprise even the most seasoned epicurean. These incredible flavors come through an impressive terpene array composed of limonene, b-caryophyllene, and linalool. These work with the cannabinoids to make for the energizing, and sedating stone this strain is famous for. As happiness flows in, and tingling sensations ripple up and down the body, focus, clarity and a major mental uplift take hold, riveting consumers to get something done before the inevitable blast to the body. Simple to grow, user-friendly, fast flowering, and loaded with award-winning nugs, Automatic Zkittlez is a joy for any cultivator. Capable in both recreational and medicinal departments, it is truly an ideal strain.

Automatic Zkittlez Strain Stats

In a strain that boasts up to 23% THC or more, < 1% CBD still makes moves toward increased serenity and decreased pain. This monster’s THC content comes through the maturation of the trichomes. Uber frosty and stinking to high heaven with trademark purple pungency, Zkittlez makes an apt candidate for uses ranging from a doobie to diamonds. With a count like this one, harvesting early can isolate CBG, a parent cannabinoid and a neuroprotectant that works in cooperation with CBD beautifully. If you let these things go and those trichomes flush out, fill up, and milk over, you will be in cannabis heaven. These buds take no prisoners on their way to providing stonavision, and there is no shortage of these high-grade buds. Anywhere from 300-600g per plant indoors or out is possible with these seeds. In a controlled environment with some training in a Sea of Green (SOG), Automatic Zkittlez produces approximately 400-500 grams per m2, and the buds are well balanced. This all happens within 8-10 weeks, quite the crunch when you consider that week one sees only seedlings. They are not photosensitive in nature either, so you only need to provide eighteen to twenty hours of light per day, good air, and quality soil for the dream to become a reality.

Effects of Automatic Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds

The effects of Automatic Zkittlez cannabis seeds are many and some are rare. Not very often do we find a seed that is this arousing. A session provides focus while ushering in a creative surge. It is both exciting and relaxing and can induce tingly sensations. Users also appreciate the calming characteristics. Happiness is something we all seek, in one form or another, and this is a strain that can make you jubilant. This change of character is often uplifting, and the euphoric side of this strain makes us forget there was ever any issue in the first place. These nugs are also ideal for extraction. The effects of a hard-hitting 710 creation from such a rainbow of benefits and effects can only be described as genius. Whether it is wax, diamonds, distillate, isolate, or edible, Zkittlez is an award-winner when it comes to making concentrates. When you kick back with one of the greatest indica hybrids of all time, you will feel the ripples, sensual enticement, the wild ride of this euphoric cannabis. When you choose Automatic Zkittlez seeds from Kind Seed, you are making the right kind of move toward greatness in the grow space.

Autoflower Zkittlez Characteristics

The fact that Autoflower Zkittlez is such a peach is due to a combination of stellar characteristics. Though they only take a short time to reach full fruition and lay waste to woes from here to Timbuktu, the real magic is happening inside the bouquet. Fruity and fuel-like, the sweet and tangy berry and diesel boom is rare and remarkable. Grape, blueberry, strawberry, and lemon combinations make this strain so much like a dessert that it is almost refreshing. Certainly a palate cleanser, there is also earthiness and woodsiness inherent to these leaves. Incense is also a major contributor to the air around the space, a telltale of the Kushy lineage this strain boasts. This is primarily thanks to the terpene population in this sweet cannabis. Limonene helps bring everything into crystal clarity, removes mental fog, and can boost bronchial function. Linalool is known for fighting cancer, is antipsychotic, and antiepileptic, as well as providing those musky, earthy grape flavors and aromas. Finally, b-caryophyllene adds some spice and plays a major role in protecting our systems from infection. Helping ease migraines, it has pain-killing properties and is an apt anti-insomnia compound.

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Automatic Zkittlez Seeds

Give yourself a break from the mundane and get into grooming these Automatic Zkittlez