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At Kind Seed Co we love making some of the highest quality and accessible seeds you can find on the market. With the coming normalization of cannabis use in the western world, we thought it was a no-brainer to create a reliable distributor of cannabis seeds. Our mission began in 1994, and now more than 25 years later, we’re still creating some of the finest seeds you can find. The amazing genetics of these seeds contribute not only to an easy cultivation experience but also to the outstanding flavors, aromas, and appearances of your plant. The only thing we take more seriously than our seeds is to thrill our customers with an incredible product and full customer support throughout your entire experience. Kind Easy Grow 1 is our latest hybrid – indica cannabis innovation, and we took some of the best phenotypes and combined them with genetics that practically makes these plants grow themselves. To simplify things further, we even offer an auto-flowering variety, which will further minimize some of the labor needed to keep your plants happy and productive. These seeds are a sound investment for anyone trying to grow on budgeted time but still desire the benefits, flavors, potency, and yields that can impress the most finicky pot connoisseur.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridIndica Hybrid
THC Percentageup to 18%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield450-550g per m²
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time9-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnorexia, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Pain, Stress
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Relaxing, Sedation, Sleepy, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Pine, Pungent, Spice, Sweet
Terpenesa-Pinene, a-Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene
Indica / Sativa / HybridIndica Hybrid
THC PercentageUp to 14%
CBD PercentageLess than 1.2%
Indoor Yield400 to 500g per m²
Outdoor Yield60 to 150g per plant
EffectsCalming, Energizing, Happiness, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Pine, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Linalool, a-Myrcene

Kind Easy Grow 1 Seeds


Kind Easy Grow 1 Characteristics

The genetics found in these seeds are highly efficient and the result of long hours of research. It’s the perfect strain for those looking for something easy to grow, or even just for those looking for a smaller workload. Your seeds will produce fairly potent plants with THC levels usually around 14 to 17%, and CBD levels of about 0.2-1.2%. If you’re big on the chemicals in cannabis, some of the terpenes you’ll find in this strain are myrcene, alpha pinene, beta pinene, beta caryophyllene, limonene, alpha phellandrene, and eucalyptol. These all contribute to an incredible mix of wood, citrus, fruit, and earthy or mossy flavors. Other terpenes include alpha humulene, phytol, valencene, and borneol, which contribute to the strong pungent, earthy aromas, as well as notes of spices or other common herbs. The buds are colorful with deep greens, blues, and even reds in the mix. This is one of those great evening strains that will not only have you feeling like you’re hovering above the ground, but also give you some creative inspiration or a stronger ability to engage in meaningful conversations with friends.

Germinating Kind Easy Grow 1 Seeds

When you combine how simple it is to germinate the seeds with how easily these plants grow, once a few simple steps are finished you can sit back and let nature do its magic. Germinating the seeds takes only a few steps and some basic items you can find around your house. Some folks germinate seeds using soil cubes, some leave them in water overnight, and others use the paper towel method. There is no best way to bring your seeds to life, but the paper towel method is one of the most popular germination techniques. For this method, you need paper towels, water, and a dinner plate. Begin by dampening a piece of paper towel, then placing it onto the plate. Place your seeds onto the wet paper towel, making sure to give them a couple of inches of space so they are not overcrowded. Dampen another piece of paper towel, then lay it over your seeds. Use another plate or other object to cover up your seeds creating a moisture dome. Now all you have to do is leave them somewhere dark. The ideal temperature for germinating your seeds is between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Over the next week, check on your seeds once a day, and once you see them sprouting roots, it’s time to plant them wherever you so choose and get to growing.

Growing Kind Easy Grow 1 Cannabis Seeds

Whether you’re short on time, equipment, or even if you’re just a little lazy, Kind Easy Grow 1 is here to take on some of the extra work for you. This strain is wholly independent and has only basic needs and conditions to grow healthy and strong. Of course, providing ample nutrients, appropriate lighting and watering will produce the best results, but this is a working man’s plant, so after a long day of work only basic care should be needed. These plants will be fairly moderate in size, usually not growing taller than three feet thanks to the strong indica genetics. As with almost every other strain of cannabis, if you decide to grow outdoors, you can expect your plants to be at least a little taller and produce a higher yield on average than their indoor counterparts. With the astounding genetics of these seeds, your plants will have a natural resistance to mold, pests, and diseases, so these plants will do exceptionally well being grown outside if you choose to do so. A quicker flowering period of about 42 to 56 days will turn you a profit in no time at all.

Taking Care Of Kind Easy Grow 1 Seeds

Taking care of your seeds is simple. You should do the same thing with Kind Easy Grow 1 seeds as you would do with any other plant seed. These little grains of life must be heavily protected during their earliest stages. Your seeds will like low light, temperature, and humidity until they’re ready to be planted. Much like storing seeds for long-term use, any variation in these conditions will cause your seed to try and begin growing, which could result in the death of your seeds. Since the best temperature will be just above freezing and humidity low, the optimal place to keep your seeds even just before planting them will be the fridge. Ideally, you should also place your seeds in an opaque container so no light can reach through and activate them. Choose a container made of sturdy plastic or preferably glass or ceramic, as these seeds are very weak, and it won’t take much to crush them. For the best results, you should try and plant your seeds as soon as possible once you receive them.

Harvesting Kind Easy Grow 1 Seeds

For those new to cannabis cultivation, there are a few myths to dispel. You might have seen photos of rooms of large branches being harvested by workers wearing lab coats, gloves, and goggles. All that protective equipment is used in commercial operations where strict protocols are mandated. THC is also dermally absorbent, which is a fancy way of saying that it can pass through moisture on your skin. This usually isn’t a problem, but if you accidentally touch somewhere such as your eyes or nose, you may start to feel mild effects. The PPE helps to avoid this and makes sure employees don’t get in trouble if they get stopped by the police on their way home. To harvest your plants, one of the simplest and most effective ways is to chop your plants near the base of the stalk. Trim the branches off of the main plant and begin hanging branches from a drying rack. It’s best to begin drying plants in a dark room which will preserve the potency of the trichomes. Adequate ventilation will prevent rotting due to stale, moist air, which can result in a massive loss of your harvest.

Maximising Harvest Yield Of Your Kind Easy Grow 1 Seeds

Like any other plant, feeding your cannabis plants regularly will do them a lot of good. The most common elements cannabis plants make use of are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. You might have seen fertilizers before that are labeled as NPK, which is exactly what you’re looking for. NPK represents the atomic symbols of these essential elements. Alongside these elements will be some other minerals and nutrients your plants will make use of. Some of these include magnesium, zinc, iron, or copper, which many fertilizers, especially those specialized for cannabis, contain trace amounts of. One of the simplest ways to improve your yield is by using an optimized growing method. For Kind Easy Grow 1, thanks to its short and stocky nature, this would be the Sea of Green (SOG) method. This requires first growing your plants close to each other, then pruning and tying branches together throughout vegetative growth to create one large canopy. Using this method, you can expect yields of up to 450 to 550 grams per square meter from indoor plants, and up to 850 to 950 grams per plant if you decide to grow outdoors.

Storing Kind Easy Grow 1 Cannabis Seeds

Many growers find that one of the best ways to save on seeds is to buy them in bulk. Since seeds can stay viable for many years in storage, you could even buy them at the beginning of a growing season and use them in the next season. Storing them in optimal environmental conditions will increase how long they last. The rule of thumb is that you should give them the opposite of their plant forms. With very little light, proper temperature, and humidity levels will allow your seeds to keep for an indefinite amount of time, although of course the sooner you use them the better. One of the all-time best ways to store seeds is by vacuum sealing them and placing them in a dark container. The absence of oxygen will stop the growth of all aerobic bacteria because they need some presence of oxygen in their environment to survive. Exposure to light will, unfortunately, cause your seeds to begin using up their nutrients, which will lead to seed death sooner than later. Once your seeds have been vacuum-sealed, place them deep inside your fridge. Make sure your fridge is not on its last legs. You need to avoid temperature fluctuations and too much cold can damage the seeds, especially if they freeze.

Best Uses For Kind Easy Grow 1 Seeds

With cannabis, when it comes down to it, there is truly no best way to use it. Every experience is subjective, and that’s what makes cannabis and cannabis cultivation something akin to an art form. However, there are some things that Easy Grow 1 caters to best. It’s been found that those experiencing particularly high amounts of anxiety or stress may benefit from Kind Easy Grow 1’s effects, as it provides a soothing and euphoric high that will make it much easier to forget about the woes of the day. The aromatherapy you will experience can give you a sense of instant relief, as will the taste on your palate when you smoke some of this bud. It has some unique medicinal properties, and the medium levels of CBD can provide some analgesic relief to those who are suffering from chronic pain or other illnesses. This strain has also been said to have an ability to ward off nausea, thanks to the combination of high THC and moderate CBD. Since Easy Grow 1 is heavier on the indica side, this strain is best enjoyed later in the evening when you’ve got nowhere to go. Consider it for relaxing at a mellow gathering with friends you enjoy chilling with.

Kind Easy Grow 1 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we added an additional tool to this strain’s arsenal to make it as easy as possible to get straight to harvesting. The addition of auto-flowering genetics to our hybrid – indica seeds takes away another core task growers will have to complete to keep their plants going. With auto-flowering properties, these plants will begin flowering completely on their own, with no change in the lighting schedule required. They can endure high amounts of light, with the optimal amount being at least eighteen hours per day, but many strains will happily take as much light as possible, up to twenty-four hours a day of full light. We encourage experimenting with these levels to be sure exactly how much your particular seeds will like and to avoid light burning your plants right off the bat. If auto-flowering genetics looks like your way to go, you should consider some of the drawbacks. Due to the smaller size of auto-flowering plants, it’s common for them to typically have lower yields and potency than their photoperiod counterparts. If the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for you, then growing these seeds will be an absolute breeze.

Stats For Kind Easy Grow 1 Autoflowering

To understand just how much of an impact these auto-flowering genetics will have on your final product, we’re happy to give you all the numbers. While photoperiod plants tend to do better outdoors, auto-flowering plants are commonly better yields indoors where they can grow in a controlled environment. If you’re growing Kind Easy Grow 1 Autoflowering seeds indoors, you can expect a yield of around 400 to 500 grams per square meter. If you decide to grow outdoors, the yield is typically significantly lower, but still considerable at around 60 to 150 grams per plant. Our auto-flowering variety will take a bit longer to come to harvest, with a flowering period of about 56 to 70 days. These seeds still retain a generous potency at around 12 to 14% THC, and a similar level of CBD to its photoperiod variety, around 0.2 to 1.2%. Thankfully, some of the best qualities of Kind Easy Grow 1 photoperiod seeds were kept by the auto-flowering version. The dense buds, always sticky with trichomes will present themselves come harvest time no matter what type you decide to grow. The sweet berry and fruit aromas will be intoxicating and leave you feeling hungry before you take your first hit.

Aromas and Taste of Easy Grow 1 Autoflowering

The sweet and citrus aromas and flavors after your harvest are marvelous, and absolutely the star of this strain. Some aromas will induce a relaxing effect just smelling them, and Easy Grow 1 Autoflowering is one of the best examples of this quality. The front and center aromas you’ll notice are of course that sweet citrus and berry fruit mix. The underlying pungent, earthy aroma will bring down the intensity and provide a chemically relaxing effect. Some other aromas you may take notice of are moss or peat, woody flavors like pine or cedar, as well as mint, and a strong spice quality common in many earth-like strains. The potency and effects of these finished buds will have a nearly narcotic effect on their users, often resulting in strong couch locking action. Flushing your plants before harvesting will also get rid of excess minerals, which will give your buds a much more complex flavor and smoothness, resulting in a smoother smoke. This can be done by first drenching your soil a few times over about a week or two before harvesting, then watering with only plain water until the flowering is complete.

Terpene Profile of Kind Easy Grow 1 Autoflowering

Terpenes play an incredibly important part in the art of cannabis cultivation. It’s terpenes that make up the entire flavor and aroma profile of a certain strain, and oftentimes they’re also the reason many breeders have to crossbreed two of their favorite strains. They create some of the most iconic smells that you’re already very familiar with, as they’re often present in nature all around you. Kind Easy Grow 1 Autoflower plants possess terpenes like beta-pinene and alpha pinene, commonly found in trees and giving it that distinctive woody fragrance. Linalool, myrcene, terpinolene, caryophyllene, and caryophyllene oxide contribute to a spicy or nutty aroma, present in many common spices and herbs such as pepper, nutmeg, basil, or cloves. Limonene lends its citrusy aromas to many favorite cannabis strains and is one of the terpenes that helped create a tendency toward citrus flavors in modern cannabis. Farnesene is commonly recognized as a more floral fragrance. If you drink beer, you will recognize a familiar scent from the humulene because it gives hoppy beers their distinct aroma and taste. Bringing out terpenes can be done using a short two-day dark cycle before harvest, which will not only accentuate aromas and flavors but also the brilliant colors of these plants as well.

How To Buy Kind Easy Grow 1 Seeds

Modern day technology makes it easier than ever to order online. You no longer need to leave your house to source high-quality cannabis seeds. Ordering online is simple and easy, and made even easier with the help of our newly redesigned website. Our intuitive website was designed with our customers in mind. We offer a seamless online shopping experience. This is paired with a brilliant team of passionate people who know and love cannabis, and what it takes to create an incredible product. Simply pick the seeds that catch your eye, and place your order. You can prepare your grow space while you wait for the seeds to arrive straight to your mailbox. With all this outstanding technology comes an increased sense of privacy to self, and we try to treat that matter with the utmost respect. All of our seeds are shipped off in completely discreet packaging that contains no labeling or marking, so nobody will be tipped off to what you’re up to. It’s never been easier to take advantage of the opportunity to grow your own stash.

Why Choose Kindseed Co For Kind Easy Grow 1 Seeds

Kind Seed Co has spent many years under the sun, learning all kinds of new things about cannabis. When our company was founded in 1994, our mission was to provide some of the highest quality cannabis seeds you could find in America. Whether you’re looking to grow recreational or medicinal, we want to ensure that your experience is completely satisfactory. With all the research we’ve done on our high-grade pot seeds, you can be nearly certain that you’ll never find any dud seeds that are unable to germinate or grow into strong, healthy plants. On top of this, we ship to every corner of America, so you can feel safe ordering from us no matter where you are. Once you decide to place your order, we can usually get your seeds to you in less than a week, so you could have your own full stash in less than three months after you’ve completed your order. We provide a clear stream of communication with our customers in case you’ve come up with any questions or concerns. If you’d like to send us an email, you can do so at

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