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Since the day we established Kind Seed Co back in 1994, our status as a reputable seed bank has been upheld by countless satisfied customers and successful transactions. We take pride in being trusted suppliers of quality seed heritage and premium potent seeds. Kind Seed Co’s goal is to create a welcoming environment where our clients can feel confident in their purchases and their privacy. Our house collections have been extensively researched and bred to provide the finest strains for recreational and medical marijuana cultivation or collection. Formerly, our company sold other seed bank seeds, but thanks to shifts in our industry, we’re able to offer affordable premium indica, sativa, and hybrids to consumers.

We strive to bring only 100% viable autoflower, regular, photoperiod, and feminised cannabis seeds to our clients. That’s why we sourced a superior collection from reputable, expert breeders to create Kind Easy Grow 2. Weed enthusiasts can rely on us to deliver a sturdy, substantial feminised variety with amazing yields in the form of this strain. With reliable old school genetics, we bring you this easy growing cannabis from known influential landrace strains. Kind Seed Co is here to deliver outstanding client service, direct prompt shipping, and a straightforward virtual shopping experience to all our priceless customers.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridIndica Hybrid
THC Percentageup to 24%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield500-550g m²
Outdoor Yield550-650g per plant
Flower Time6-8 weeks
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Euphoric, Focus, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Skunk, Sweet
Indica / Sativa / HybridIndica Hybrid
THC PercentageUp to 25%
CBD PercentageLess than 1.2%
Indoor Yield400-650g per m²
Outdoor Yield100-400g per plant
Flower Time7-8 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing, Talkative
Aroma & FlavorsChestnut, Citrus, Earthy, Mango, Nutty, Sour, Sweet

Kind Easy Grow 2 Seeds


Kind Easy Grow 2 Characteristics

Kind Easy Grow 2 is a fairly balanced Hybrid Indica strain with around 19% to 24% THC, and just enough CBD to help prevent the high from getting out of hand when used in sensible amounts. Kind Easy Grow also contains a relatively effective level of CBD, anywhere from 0.2% to 1.2%. And some phenotypes have even shown astounding CBD levels up to 5%! With a THC to CBD ratio of roughly 4:1, it isn’t enough to counteract the high completely, but it helps take the edge off. You can effortlessly smell the potent earthy aroma along with skunk notes that will dominate your senses. But if you can make it past the potency, you’ll be treated to sweet, delightful flavors.

Our Easy Grow 2 strain is a pleasure to smoke. You get a strong loamy taste with the dank skunkiness, while some berry notes seduce the tongue, with hints of bubble gum in the aftertaste. Our photo and autoflower varieties are both quite resistant to mold and will produce similar yields indoors. Despite the shortened flowering time, you can still be sure to 550, and up to 650 grams per meter squared from this versatile, robust strain inside.

Germinating Kind Easy Grow 2 Seeds

One of the best ways to germinate your exciting new Kind Easy Grow 2 seeds is utilizing the paper towel technique. Seeds need moisture, warmth, and time to thrive. Gather two clean large plates, paper towels, tweezers, and purified or bottled water. Begin by wetting the paper towels and laying them on the plate. They should be wet, but not completely soaked. Drain off any excess water on the plate and carefully place the seeds on the towels with tweezers, at least an inch apart, then lay two more moist paper towels over them. Place another plate over top to retain moisture and add protection.

Leave them in a warm, dark area like a deep drawer or the back of a cupboard with a room temperature between 70°F to 75°F to create a flourishing environment. Check on the seeds after twelve hours to see if they’ve sprouted small white tendrils called taproots. Once the seedling is at least half an inch it can be very carefully planted straight in your preferred growing medium. Use tweezers if necessary. The biggest mistake you can make is forgetting about them! Be sure to check them frequently to ensure the towels don’t dry out and add water as required for kind success.

Growing Kind Easy Grow 2 Cannabis Seeds

Due to Kind Easy Grow 2’s superior resistance to mold and mildew, it can be cultivated successfully indoors and out. When growing indoors, expect a flowering time of 45 to 55 days, while outdoors you can expect to see abundant earthy harvests around the middle of September. Kind Easy Grow 2 is just like its name says because you can let it be and it will provide outstanding yields. To fully maximize this skunky strain’s potential, prune the plant’s tops to direct growth spread laterally. Since this variety averages three feet and gets thick it’s worth trimming the lower branches to force the upper buds on the plant to thrive. Consider a low-cost training method to control growth indoors such as Screen of Green. By employing metal or plastic screens or grids the plants will grow through and use them to support sprawl outwards.

Regardless of the location, try to keep temperatures between 65°F and 80°F during the day for this sweet strain. When cultivating indoors, this describes the time when the lights are on. If you farm Kind Easy Grow 2 outdoors, be mindful of rainfall because these dense, round, cone shaped buds are highly vulnerable to bud rot. Keeping humidity on the lower end will help with this as well.

Taking Care Of Kind Easy Grow 2 Seeds

Kind Easy Grow 2 seeds can survive for over several years if handled, transported, and properly placed in the right containers. Different cannabis seed varieties can have distinct life spans, so be sure to check how long your marijuana strain will last. It’s very important what you keep your Kind Seeds in mason jars or similar glass containers which are excellent options for cannabis seed storage so long as they are airtight. Ziplocks, freezer bags, and opaque plastic containers also work well. Additionally, packing seeds in tissue or paper will avoid any damage during transportation. Just make sure not to leave them in your car! The oils from your fingers can also have a detrimental effect on your seeds, so wear gloves or use tweezers when handling them.

Cannabis seeds are a wonderful, more affordable option to clones that also allow you to source out unique varieties in strains that your local dispensary or grower may not have available. Many gardeners store seeds in airtight containers in the fridge, but wherever you keep your seeds it’s important to remember they’re alive. And so, are susceptible to not only temperatures and humidity, but also damage from being touched, shaken, crushed, or improperly transported.

Harvesting Kind Easy Grow 2 Seeds

Once you’ve proudly, legally produced your own stunning, sticky and sweet cannabis that you think is ready for harvest, here’s how to know for sure. Kind Easy Grow 2 has the traditional indica shape with round, dense and conical buds. The colors range from dark deep greens to pale pastel limes. The flowers may have rather small trichomes, making it harder to notice when the pistils change color. Paying attention to the cannabis trichomes is the most reliable indicator that it’s time to harvest. When you see the leaves begin to yellow, curl, and a few fall off you will know you’re getting close. The flowers will plump and solidify more when developed, while the heavy branches start to hang more obviously.

Time isn’t the soundest indicator, because it varies from strain to strain, the location, growing setups, and genetic factors. For instance, sativas generally have a longer flowering time and finish later than indica strains. Starting your Kind Easy Grow 2 seeds in late April to early May will typically result in a successful cannabis crop harvest by late September or early October. Outdoor and indoor yields are similar except indoor is measured per square meter, and outdoors is per plant, both averaging 550 to 650 grams.

Maximising Harvest Yield Of Your Kind Easy Grow 2 Seeds

Yield is about quantity as much as it is quality, and our Kind Easy Grow is both bountiful and potent! Potency refers to the number of active compounds in marijuana. To maximize yields, we recommend focusing on both factors, while remembering it’s easier to maximize yields indoors than outdoors. Training your cannabis plants till they reach a certain desired height is called low stress training. By bending them, it forces plants to develop wide and flat. Broad and level plants expose more foliage to lights, and the more exposed they are, the more energy the plant will convert for optimal growth.

For prosperous outcomes, training has to begin when the plants are quite young and still easy to manipulate. Bending mature plants will likely break or damage them. Another technique used to maximize yields is the Screen of Green, which involves putting a screen or net over the plants to prevent them from gaining height. Similarly, one can try super cropping alone or with other methods. It also bends plants, but unlike LST, this technique applies pressure to the stem of the plant until it makes a snapping sound. Yet the skin of the plants isn’t broken, and tape is applied to form a knuckle where the breakpoint occurred, stimulating growth.

Storing Kind Easy Grow Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking to store Kind Easy Grow 2 seeds until the next season, they can be kept in a brown paper bag in a jar with a loose fitting lid. The bag must be thick enough to stop light penetration and should be placed in a cool, dark area. With the proper conditions, you can keep your seed collection viable for over a decade. If you’re a cannoisseur that spends time, money, and passion building a collection of prized cannabis genetics it only makes sense to store your Easy Grow 2 seeds under perfect conditions. When storing seeds for long periods, keep them away from bright light and never store them in a grow room. A sealed, opaque, container is ideal to prevent light and air from affecting them.

The shells of cannabis seeds help protect them from light, but only to a certain degree. Naturally, they would stay underneath the soil until germinating in the spring. Marijuana seeds were never created to cope with extreme light levels. That’s why storing them in the fridge, in a dark, sealed container is an adequate way to maintain maximum seed viability. A secondary, less used fridge can help prevent temperature and light fluctuations from opening and closing doors.

Best Uses For Kind Easy Grow 2 Seeds

KEG 2 cannabis is a euphoric strain that offers its users feelings of happiness with a remarkably sedating, cerebral high. It can induce a deep state of recreational relaxation as well as aid with ailments and pain of all kinds, making it a top choice among medical marijuana patients. The flavors of this spectacular strain are a result of some tasty terpenes like the minty, woody aromatic profile of Beta Phellandrene, and Terpinolene’s woody slightly sweet herbal hints. The aftertaste of citrusy Limonene is evident as are its antioxidant effects. Alpha Pinene brings the pine and minor drowsiness found in its sedative properties. And Beta Caryophyllene’s sharp, peppery, spicy aroma comes with potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

A blend of high THC and CBD means Easy Grow 2 is applicable as a medicinal marijuana. Its powerful relaxing properties make it a good option for treating stress, anxiety, or depression. The effects keep you in the moment and prevent nervousness. It can also assist with chronic pain and joint pain, muscle spasms, and migraines. While insomnia sufferers only need a few tokes before bed to improve the quantity and quality of their sleep. Making this an excellent hybrid indica for evening use.

Kind Easy Grow 2 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

After the Kind Easy Grow was hybridized and crossed with a ruderalis strain our Autoflower was born. It develops a mix of fragrances, with devastating, potent, and relaxing effects. Its indica dominance produces a nice uplifting body stone that combines well with its euphoric all encompassing calm. Easy Grow 2 is a high yielding, hard hitting strain that’s remarkably easy to grow from our autoflower seeds. True to its namesake, you’re guaranteed an uncomplicated experience. Our hybrid charms the senses, inspiring joy, creativity, mindfulness, and leisure. Like all autoflowers, our Kind Easy autoflower variety doesn’t rely on changes to the lighting schedule. It produces resin saturated nugs incredibly fast, much quicker than a photoperiod version.

With our autoflowering seed strains, growers don’t have to worry and watch for any bothersome male plants that may sneak in and pollinate crops. And without depending on a change to lighting, flowering starts automatically without error. Once matured, they’ll produce bright, beautiful, solid buds. These stellar qualities mean two crucial things. Firstly, Kind Easy 2 seeds can be cultivated at any point in time as long as the climate is conducive. And secondly, this can be done throughout the year, resulting in multiple harvests.

Stats For Kind Easy Grow 2 Autoflowering

Kind Easy Grow 2 autoflower seeds possess some unique, impressive hybrid indica phenotypes. Their indica dominant and ruderalis genes produce short, stout, sturdy marijuana plants that are quite resistant to mold, while their deep green leaves form a wide and bushy canopy supported by strong stems. Come harvest time, the crystalline sparkle will be impossible to ignore, as dense, soft green colas bloom under glinting trichomes and amber colored pistils, this strain achieves 23% to 25% THC levels. Cultivating Easy Grow 2 is almost as satisfying as sampling its gluey, bulbous buds with their balanced 0.2% to 1.2% CBD% content. Quick and uncomplicated, this is a superb choice for any novice that desires generous yields in record time. From sprouted seed to finished harvest, their entire life cycle only takes 42 to 56 days.

This is a shorter flowering period than some of our other autoflower strains or house varieties and makes multiple harvests possible. It only takes around thirty-two days to vegetate and another thirty to forty days to flower. Thriving both indoors and out, cultivators can look forward to approximately 400 to 650 grams per meter squared inside or anywhere from 100 to 400 grams per plant outdoors, depending on the conditions and techniques employed.

Aromas and Taste of Easy Grow 2 Autoflowering

Kind Easy Grow 2 autoflower seeds flourish into fragrant, full bodied cannabis plants. Their beguiling bouquet will send your olfactory system on a multiflavored journey from cracking a bud, to inhaling and exhaling. When dried and cured, these buds release a fresh earthy smell similar to the aroma present after a rain, entwined with hints of pungent skunk. When smoked, the sweet herbal scent has a fruity follow though that dances on the tongue with sharp, loamy undertones. The citrusy sweetness is especially evident in Easy Grow 2 and catches up with its subtle pine backdrop on your tongue, leaving the senses enchanted as the cerebral effects of this hybrid kick in.

This strain can smell very similar to the way it tastes, as the sweet, skunky, earthy after tones are its potent signature. But it also always retains a little citrus shock because of its terpene profiles. KEG 2 has flavors slightly more earthy than lemon, but this only serves to leave a delicious imprint of sweetly sour smoke on your palette. Our house strain’s complex and tasty aroma, which combines its sweet floral nuances with lemon, pine only hints at the unearthly, out of this world delights of this strain.

Terpene Profile of Kind Easy Grow 2 Autoflowering

Alpha Humulene in combination with different terpenes, is responsible for the fragrances of several marijuana strains. Its aroma can be easily distinguished by the spiciness of ginseng or ginger. The Humulene aroma is a subtle earthy wood, with spicy notes. This versatile terpene is notable for its health benefits including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antitumor influences. Unlike many strains, marijuana containing a high level of humulene is anorectic, meaning it won’t produce pronounced appetite stimulation.

Camphene, similar to the terpene myrcene is known for its earthy woodsy aroma distinctly reminiscent of fir needles. As the name suggests, it is found in camphor oil, as well as citronella, sage, ginger, and valerian. When applied, this engaging terpene causes cooling sensations. Its therapeutic properties also include anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, analgesic, antioxidant, and antifungal effects. This terpene is proven for its ability to combat infections while diminishing inflammation and stress. Linalool’s distinguishing lavender scent is typically found in over 200 varieties of plants. Even non cannabis users end up consuming over two grams a year in food. It’s been employed in traditional medicine for stress reduction, sleep inducement, and its anti-epileptic properties. Finally, Myrcene is a common terpene with powerful antimutagenic, antibiotic, analgesic, and sedative effects to name just a few.

How To Buy Kind Easy Grow 2 Seeds

Buying quality cannabis seeds has never been simpler. When you’re wanting to bring home Kind Easy Grow 2 seeds our simple secure payment platform is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Kind Seed Co is focused on providing our customers with a consistent online experience and extensive seed selections. Should you encounter any problem ordering, need feedback on our seeds, or simply would benefit from help selecting the most suitable seeds for your setup, send us an email anytime at Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you.

At Kind Seed, we built a collection of breeds from the best cannabis strains, sourced from the finest growers, and we’re sure we have the perfect variety for you. Our house strains of seeds are guaranteed to be fully feminised, while possessing true genetic qualities. When you order seeds from us your choices are carefully picked then hand packed securely before making their way discreetly and quickly to your door. Our premium seeds leave growers, collectors, cannoisseurs, and medicinal patients satisfied all across the USA. Order your Kind feminised seeds today and find out what our loyal customers have been buzzing about since 1994.

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Kind Seed Co is a virtual cannabis seed retailer that promises to deliver exceptional client service and guarantees the quality of our seeds. We believe in dedication to upholding the highest standards when it comes to our automatic, regular, and feminised cannabis strains, including keeping them available to anyone in the USA. That’s why we source premium producers to bring our patron’s superior seeds. Unlike dispensaries and head shops, we’re open twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week with our entire extensive assortment of