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Kind Seed Co is one of the industry leaders in high quality cannabis seeds. First established in 1994, Kind Seed Co has been determined to become one of the most reliable, affordable and accessible ways to purchase some of the best cannabis seeds out there. The superior genetics shown in every single one of our seeds is what we strive to uphold, coming in second only to our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Cannabis is an extraordinary plant, providing relief every day to those dealing with any number of medical problems. With every strain comes new possibilities, and new ways to help both recreational and medicinal users find what moves them best. With Kind Hybrid 1, we think we’ve struck a perfect balance between a cerebral and psychoactive high, and a bodily stone that will have you fully relaxed yet keep you moving. These high-grade seeds are the result of years of refining at Kind Seed Co in order to find the perfect mixes and phenotypes. The flavors and effects of this strain are abundant, and for anyone to truly know exactly what Kind Hybrid 1 has in store, they may simply have to try it for themselves.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridBalanced Hybrid
THC Percentageup to 25%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield300-400g per m²
Outdoor Yield300-400g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Migraines, Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Pine, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene
Indica / Sativa / HybridBalanced Hybrid
THC PercentageUp to 21%
CBD PercentageLess than 1.2%
Indoor Yield350-450g per m²
Outdoor Yield70-150g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks
EffectsEnergizing, Euphoric, Happiness, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Herbal, Lemon, Pine, Pungent, Spice, Sweet, Woody
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

Kind Hybrid 1 Seeds


Kind Hybrid 1 Characteristics

Kind Hybrid 1 is a moderately strong, balanced hybrid strain that can be enjoyed equally through medicinal or recreational use. This strain is somewhat on the stronger side at 17 to 21% THC, with 0.2-1.2% CBD. It has a complex, earthy flavor profile consisting of herbal, peppery, and citrus notes, bestowed upon it by terpenes such as myrcene, alpha pinene, beta pinene, beta caryophyllene, limonene, alpha phellandrene, and eucalyptol. It offers a delightful and pungent aroma not only during its growth but long after it has been dried and cured. Some of the effects you’ll find when consuming Kind Hybrid 1 cannabis are a relaxing, happy euphoria, and a fast acting, long lasting sense of relief from many different kinds of pain and stress. Many medicinal users find that particular aromas have a special ability to provide a deep sense of relaxation. Kind Hybrid 1 is exceptionally good at this, providing other terpenes such as alpha humulene, phytol, valencene, and borneol. The high THC concentration and moderate CBD found in this fantastic plant provide numerous benefits for those looking for a more medicinally focused cannabis strain.

Germinating Kind Hybrid 1 Seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds is quite a simple process. One of the most widely recognized ways to do this, whether photoperiod or autoflowering, indica or sativa, is the paper towel method. You need only a few things you can find around your house and a few days of patience. To employ this method, get some paper towel, a dinner plate, some water, and your seeds. It takes only a few steps, beginning with dampening a piece of paper towel and placing it onto the plate. Place your seeds onto the paper towel, leaving about an inch or two of space between them. Dampen another piece of paper towel, making sure there’s no excess water coming off, then cover your seeds with the paper towel. You can then cover your seeds with another upside down plate, and leave them somewhere dark and temperate. It will usually only take less than a week for your seeds to germinate. Over this time, check on them at least once a day, moistening them when necessary. Once you’ve begun germination, your seeds will soon grow small white roots named taproots. When you’ve spotted these roots, you may remove them and plant them into your soil or hydroponic system of choice.

Growing Kind Hybrid 1 Cannabis Seeds

Kind Hybrid 1 seeds are quite easy to grow, with one of the only weaknesses being its susceptibility to molding. The dense and resinous buds will cause a buildup of moisture and blockage of airflow, but this can be easily countered by providing less humidity than usual in your growing area. Providing better airflow through the use of vents or fans will further benefit your plants. These plants will grow shorter and bushier but will have thick vegetation, so some topping or pruning may be necessary to allow your plants’ undergrowth to get enough light and nutrients. Something growers should also keep in mind is that this strain sometimes has trouble rooting, which can be helped with the use of rockwool and providing ample nutrients throughout all stages of growth. Some major nutrients you will want to give plenty of to your plants are potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, with any other trace nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and sulfur being highly beneficial as well. Being a photoperiod strain, it’s necessary for the grower to induce flowering manually by lowering light levels at a certain stage of growth, which is usually done around four weeks after planting seeds.

Taking Care Of Kind Hybrid 1 Seeds

Regardless of if you have ordered your seeds for rapid germination and planting, or to collect and save, you will need to master how to care for your seeds, so that you can get the most out of your crop. The beautiful thing about these magnificent seeds is that they can be transported, stored and kept for years if treated with the respect and care they deserve. The key to ensuring viability of your seeds is to be mindful of light, temperature and the humidity at which they are kept. It is important to keep your seeds in a dark environment and reduce all exposure to light. Similarly, your seeds should be kept at a cool temperature, ideally between 37-41 degrees Fahrenheit, for best results. Humidity of the environment should be kept between 8 to 10% rH as excess moisture may start the germination process. Feel free to wrap your seeds in opaque paper and plastic, and find them a spot out of the way, like a crisper drawer in the fridge, or in the back of a cupboard. Be sure not to handle your seeds as the light, warmth of your hands and oil from your skin will not benefit them and may even destroy viability.

Harvesting Kind Hybrid 1 Seeds

Kind Hybrid 1 seeds are especially generous, and your yields will range from 450 to 500 grams per square meter if they’re grown indoors. Most cannabis plants will have a bit more potential when grown outdoors, and these plants can provide 500 to 600 grams per plant if grown outdoors, thanks to the extra space, true sunlight and oxygen they receive. Depending on your location and climate, photoperiod plants grown outdoors may also begin flowering on their own, as the sun begins to dictate their growth stages rather than artificial lighting. The flowering period for these seeds will last from 60 to 66 days after beginning flowering, which will provide a relatively quick time to harvest. There are some additional methods you can apply that many experienced growers use to get a higher quality product out of their plants. One of these is flushing, which is done by drenching your plants’ soil with water several times over. This should be done about a week before harvesting, then water them with only plain water until harvest. When your buds absorb leftover minerals inside the soil, these minerals may cause your buds to smell or taste less enjoyable and cause a rougher combustion that may induce coughing or thicker smoke.

Maximising Harvest Yield Of Your Kind Hybrid 1 Seeds

There are several ways that master growers have come up with over the years to heavily increase the yield of your precious plants. One of these is simply feeding your plants ample nutrients. Buds are formed with the help of nutrients and minerals, and when you give your plants as much as they need, the buds will grow as thick and numerous as possible. Another way you can do this is through the use of certain methods of growing. The Sea of Green method is one of the most common, and utilizing this method involves a few different things. For one, growing your plants in close proximity is necessary for using this method. As your plants begin growing their vegetation, such as stalks, leaves and stems, use a combination of pruning branches and tying the branches of separate plants together to create one large canopy. This will not only give your individual plants access to as much lighting and nutrients as possible, but will also maximize the available area for your plants to grow buds inside of. High levels of light and nutrients plus lots of budding space will equal an absolutely massive harvest.

Storing Kind Hybrid 1 Cannabis Seeds

One of the important things to understand is that seeds of any kind are living entities. While they may not possess leaves or roots, they are certainly still alive, and unfortunately, they will only last for so long. Using one of a couple different methods, you can slow down time and extend their lifespans. When it comes to storing seeds, somewhat like growing them, the conditions you should consider are humidity, light and temperature. As a rule of thumb, these should all be kept as low as possible. The ideal conditions, for long term storage, are very low humidity, complete darkness and low temperatures. The best way to achieve this is by vacuum sealing seeds inside an airtight freezer bag, placing them into a container with as little light inside as possible, and storing it somewhere deep in your fridge. You can also place your seeds in a freezer, as long as you skip thawing and begin germinating immediately. An accidental increase in temperature or humidity will cause your seeds to begin rotting, which will inevitably kill them. To avoid this, the best you can do is keep them in as stable conditions as possible, which can allow your seeds to last six or more months in storage.

Best Uses For Kind Hybrid 1 Seeds

When it comes to cannabis, the best way to find your favorite strain is by figuring out exactly what qualities you’re looking for. If you’re pursuing a strain that will provide a great psychoactive high to enjoy a day off from work, perhaps you’ll be looking for a high THC indica strain. Many medicinal users prefer a strain that’s higher in CBD or a 1:1 strain, providing a milder high more centered on chronic pain relief. Kind Hybrid 1 offers a bit of both, with a slightly higher THC content and moderate CBD content. This strain will be great for anyone looking for either medicinal or recreational use. It provides a balanced high that won’t be overpowering on the psychedelic side, and it makes a great partner for you to enjoy the rest of your day after some hard work. Kind Hybrid 1 is a champion at washing away stress and anxiety, and the mild CBD will quickly get to work on pain felt not only in the head but throughout the entire body. The uplifting feelings many users find from this strain will activate your creative side and may even have you pursuing an artistic project or pondering spiritual matters.

Kind Hybrid 1 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis is somewhat similar and somewhat different from your photoperiod strains. The main trait that divides these two varieties is the mechanism that activates their flowering stages. In photoperiod varieties, the grower must change their plants’ lighting schedule in order to begin flowering. With autoflowering varieties, this task is absent, and they will begin flowering at a certain time during their vegetative growth no matter what. This is usually around four weeks, but can vary slightly depending on the specific strain and phenotype. You can also technically harvest autoflowers perpetually through being able to grow them at different stages in the same lighting levels. Autoflowering seeds have some minor disadvantages however, and one of these is a lower yield. When comparing photoperiod and autoflowering varieties, the average yield will almost always be lower in autoflowering cannabis due to their smaller size. While this may seem negative, many growers that are low on space find this trait very useful. Another thing to consider is that you can’t viably clone autoflowering weed. When cloning autoflowers, they will begin flowering immediately due to being the same age as the mother, and will yield virtually nothing. If the benefits outweigh the side effects, then perhaps autoflowering cannabis is the one for you.

Stats For Kind Hybrid 1 Autoflowering

If you’d like to take advantage of the autoflowering traits in this variety of Kind Hybrid 1, you may be glad to find out that the characteristics of this variety are nearly identical to the photoperiod variety, save for the yield. Autoflowering cannabis will usually do better indoors, and this variety can be expected to produce 350 to 450 grams per square meter indoors, and between 70 to 150 grams per plant if you decide to grow outdoors. This can all be done after a slightly shorter flowering time in comparison to the photoperiod plants, about 56 to 63 days. Kind Hybrid 1 Autoflowering retained every other great feature from its photoperiod cousin, such as 17 to 21% THC and 0.2 to 1.2% CBD. It provides a bit more of a cerebral and physical stone thanks to a different phenotype, and depending on what you like, may just hit you in a slightly better way than the photoperiod seeds might. The appearance is much the same, and the dense, resinous buds will be littered with trichomes waiting to be harvested. All of this is provided in a package that’s significantly easier to grow, with your seeds needing much less supervision and maintenance to sprout into healthy buds.

Aromas and Taste of Kind Hybrid 1 Autoflowering

Kind Hybrid 1 Autoflowering keeps many of the astounding flavors and aromas of its photoperiod variety. The dank, pungent profile of this strain is deep and complex, and you could spend hours trying to identify every little note you find drifting across your nose. The main flavor you’ll find from this strain is a distinct fruity and petrol quality. These are the main flavors you’ll find your plants producing as they grow, with some sour, citrus touches hidden beneath. Much more of the flavor will come out as you begin to smoke this fine hybrid strain. A strong note of spices, best compared to a pepper quality, will reveal itself once some of this bud is lit. This strain tastes just as great as it smells, and lighting it will add even more complicated flavors to the experience. While smoking these beautiful buds, you may get more of a woody quality, usually likened to pine, as well as some mossy or peaty traits. The smoke will retain the bright citrus flavors, balancing out the earthy, natural qualities to create a delicious flavor profile that can be recognized in both taste and smell.

Terpene Profile of Kind Hybrid 1 Autoflowering

What gives this strain its brilliant flavors and aromas are the terpenes. These small compounds, present inside many living things on earth, all have their own unique aromas, and many of the same terpenes found in cannabis can be found in regular plants and herbs such as lavender, geranium or thyme. Terpenes found in Kind Hybrid 1, such as alpha cedrene, alpha terpineol, borneol, alpha pinene and camphene, are actually commonly found in trees, which helps contribute to the natural and earthlike quality of this strain. Citral, d-limonene and orange terpenes lend themselves to this strain to create the distinct citrus flavors found in these buds. Other terpenes, like eugenol, fenchol, linalool, nerolidol, ocimene and terpinolene, are also most commonly found in nature and provide a floral or herbal touch. Beta caryophyllene, cadinene, farnesene and myrcene provide a spicy or peppery quality that will crinkle your nose, as well as some flavor notes that could be compared to hops or barley. Phytol may be the most difficult to recognize, but will provide a mild, grassy flavor to your cannabis that will bring down the intensity of those sharp flavors and contribute to the overall earthy and tangy flavor profile.

How To Buy Kind Hybrid 1 Seeds

If our Kind Hybrid 1 seeds sound like the right ones for you, you can place an order with us today to get these high-quality seeds coming straight to your mailbox. We’ve completely relaunched our website to create a smooth and consistent online shopping experience. It takes only a few minutes to create your order, but if you need time to think, our website is open for business any time during the day, any day of the week. You can order from us no matter where you live, because we ship to every state in America. It takes less than a week to get these precious seeds right to your doorstep, and you can begin your cannabis cultivation journey. Some customers may be worried about the legality of cannabis seeds depending on their state. You don’t have to be concerned, as cannabis seeds are completely legal everywhere in America as long as they are kept in storage and not being grown. There’s no need to worry about your neighbors or kids finding out what you’ve bought, because we ship all of our seeds in discreet packaging. No labels or markers on our packages means that your privacy is kept safe, and nobody discovers what you’ve been up to.

Why Choose Kindseed Co For Kind Hybrid 1 Seeds

If you’re looking for some of the highest quality cannabis seeds you can find, you’ve gotten lucky by coming across Kind Seed Co. Satisfying our customers is of utmost importance, and we’re glad to help you with any problems or questions you might come across during your experience with us. Our primary goal is to make sure not only that our customers are thrilled with our services, but that our seeds are the best that money can buy. This has been done through years of experience in the cannabis cultivation industry, going all the way back to when we started our company in 1994. By beginning your cultivation with us, you won’t find any other seeds that will grow as easily or produce as well as the ones from Kind Seed Co. Whether you’re looking for autoflowering or photoperiod, no matter which you choose you can be sure that these magnificent seeds will germinate perfectly and sprout into healthy plants. If you’d like to get in touch with us, we take all email inquiries at Our brand new website is up 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can always check back and see what our inventory has to offer.