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Kind Seed is delighted to present to you, our unique Kind Indica 1. Since 1994, Kind Seed Co. has been committed to providing the highest quality cannabis genetics to our consumers all over the United States. Our trademark seeds synthesize the finest of the indica, sativa, hybrid, and ruderalis cannabis that we can muster. Not to mention, we offer them directly to you without the hassle and complexity associated with in person seed sales. We provide a selection of feminised, standard autoflowering and photoperiod seeds to fit all your growing wants and needs. Our Kind India 1 strain is a robust fruity explosion that delivers a smooth high while remaining intense and trippy. Individuals seeking a nighttime strain capable of pain management and mind changing effects will be fascinated by Indica 1’s capabilities. Growers seeking a giant high-yielding plant with a wide range of medical and recreational uses and a stunning output will appreciate Kind Indica 1’s ability to create an amazing and attractive end result. When the first buds begin to sprout from your plant you will be whisked away into a paradise of scents and flavors as you feel the gentle warmth of our strain embracing you into comfort.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridIndica Hybrid
THC Percentageup to 24%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield500-600g per m²
Outdoor Yield600-700g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Happiness, Hunger, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Grape, Pepper, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Terpinolene, Linalool
Indica / Sativa / HybridIndica Hybrid
THC PercentageUp to 21%
CBD PercentageLess than 1.2%
Indoor Yield400-500g per m²
Outdoor Yield60-100g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks
EffectsCalming , Creative, Relaxing, Sleepy
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Herbal, Skunk, Spice, Sweet

Kind Indica 1


Kind Indica 1 Characteristics

Kind Indica 1 is a powerful strain with 15 to 20% THC and 0.2-1.2% CBD, and while it might not be as high in THC as some of our other strains, it certainly doesn’t lack oomph. Although it is an indica, people who have had the blessing to sample this electrically charged flower have described the high as cerebral. Einstein would have loved this strain, with its supercharged ability to elevate one’s mind while maintaining a relaxing mood. Truly it defines the laws of physics. Perhaps it’s not just scientists who would want to experiment on this freak of nature. We think chefs would also be huge fans of the flavor profile embedded in these seeds’ genetic composition. You can expect your flowers to be invigorating your sense of smell and taste at full maturity. Imagine, if you will, a bouquet of your beautiful buds exerting a smooth Kush scent that radiates throughout your grow room, and it doesn’t stop there. This strain triumphs not only in odor but also in its insanely complex fruity flavors. It will be as if you are drinking a fruit smoothie on a hot summer’s day – talk about refreshing!

Germinating Kind Indica 1 Seeds

There are so many ways to germinate seeds, but there is one tried and true method that most growers prefer. The process is relatively simple, and as always, care is essential. To get started on the first step, and one of the most important, acquire a plate. Once you have secured your plate, place a damp paper towel on it. The paper towel should not be dripping wet. Place your Kind India 1 seeds upon the paper towel. We recommend about one and a half to two inches apart as leaving ample room is paramount for the germination process because during the process, the seeds grow and expand as the taproot emerges from the seed. After the seeds have been placed in an orderly fashion, another paper towel that has been dampened will be laid across the seeds. Leave no seed uncovered and tuck them in for their transformation. Place the seeds in darkness for 48-120 hours, do not remove them until you see a taproot emerge from the seeds. You might notice that the paper towel has become somewhat dry, if this occurs spray them down with water until they return to their dampened prior state.

Growing Kind Indica 1 Cannabis Seeds

Depending on how you have decided to grow your Kind Indica 1 cannabis seeds, whether indoor, outdoor, organic soil, or hydroponics, growing Kind Indica 1 is a spectacle to behold. Considering mother nature’s strength, these seeds grow well outside and may often be seen reaching out over the top of a full-grown man’s head. This strain prefers more humid and hot climates, such as those found in Florida. It prefers temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you choose to go the outdoor grow route, you can expect to get 500 to 600 grams of cannabis from each plant. For those who have a more methodical approach to maintaining a plant’s environment that isn’t ruled by the whims of nature, indoor is also a great choice. When growing within the comfort of your own grow room, you are looking at receiving 450 to 500g per meter squared. If growing in soil, this plant loves to have a bit above average nitrogen levels in the soil. If you are growing organically, you can always add coffee grounds to your soil which will boost nitrogen levels by itself. You will be raining flowers in about 60 to 65 days, give or take.

Taking Care Of Kind Indica 1 Seeds

Our seeds are precious to us, so don’t be like Gollum from Lord of The Rings and leave your seeds where a noisy little hobbit might pick them up. Leaving your seeds out where they might be exposed to direct sunlight isn’t a good idea. These little guys will get toasted, and we don’t think you want to be turning your seeds into hemp hearts anytime soon, so make sure you keep them in the shade. You will want to make sure that your seeds are stored in an airtight container. Keep them away from air as oxidation of the seeds can occur, which might cause them not to be able to germinate, and last time we checked, there isn’t an antioxidant smoothie for seeds. Contrary to popular belief, holding your seeds with your bare hands isn’t always the best for them. Your hands contain certain oils that might damage the newly hatched seeds. There are numerous ways to handle cannabis seeds safely and the best technique is using long tweezers, just like a scientist. Luckily, tweezers are easy to acquire and allow growers to inspect the seeds or use a magnifying glass to develop a more detailed understanding.

Harvesting Kind Indica 1 Seeds

After around 60-65 days of flowering, your Kind Indica 1 seeds should be ready for a bountiful harvest. Several indications will alert you when your weed is approaching harvest. The first thing you may notice is that the leaves will start to yellow, curl, and some may fall off. Then buds will become fat and mature, and they will no longer appear to be growing larger. Try to remember that the health of your cannabis plants hinges around your trichomes and a magnifying lens is your most helpful tool for inspecting them. Your trichomes will be clear and glassy in the starting stages of flowering. Once the plants have matured, the trichomes will be a deep amber color, and if they look like honey, it’s time to chop them down and become Winnie the Pooh. Once you’ve taken down the extraordinary flowers, the next step is to let them dry. They will naturally cure as you dry them. For the best drying process, it’s going to put you far ahead in the game if you have a temperature-controlled room and hang them to dry in there. No matter which way you harvest these gifts from the earth, you are sure to be impressed.

Maximising Harvest Yield Of Your Kind Indica 1 Seeds

No matter which way you choose to grow your Kind Indica 1 Seed, you most likely will be wanting to get the most out of your harvest. There are a few strategies that will work on nearly every grow you choose. The first and easiest way to increase the yield is to intensify your lights. By this, we mean buffing your light situation up. Think more light equals larger plants and more pronounced buds. Finding methods to increase the quantity of light reaching the bud sites during the blooming stage is the most basic and effective technique to boost your overall yields in most small-scale indoor growing setups. A healthy growing environment is vital for the wellness of your plants and crucial for the final potency and outputs. When the temperature and humidity for your plants is too high or too low, your plants will not develop correctly, and buds will not plump up. Late in the flowering period, excessive temperatures can significantly diminish the strength and scent of your flowers by burning away cannabinoids and terpenes. You can actually boost the smell and power of your buds during harvest by regulating temperature and humidity correctly.

Storing Kind Indica 1 Seeds

Storing cannabis seeds properly helps you to keep your chosen marijuana genetics for several years. You can keep the vast majority of your Kind Seed collection alive for a decade or more if you keep the proper conditions in place. It’s important to note that cannabis seeds are classified as living organisms. That’s because they have an embryo that can be germinated and develop into a new plant, so do your best to take care of your little friends! There are three major concerns that can lower the germination rate of your cannabis seeds while storing them. Heat, light, and humidity are examples of these. Each of these variables will diminish the germination rates of your autoflower seeds/ feminised seeds. In contrast, if you can limit and appropriately regulate heat, light, and humidity, you will be able to extend the life of your cannabis seed collection. A dark closet or cabinet with consistent temperatures is generally sufficient for short-term storage. Keep your seeds away from sections of your home that are prone to natural temperature variations in your location. If you are looking for a more long-term solution, putting them in an airtight container and placing them in a freezer is going to be your best bet. When you remove them from the freezer, be sure to germinate them immediately.

Best Uses For Kind Indica 1 Cannabis Seeds

Being a stunning example to indica’s worldwide, Kind Indica 1 has many of the standard indica characteristics that we have come to love and know, with a few extra surprises that you might not be aware of, hidden within. When it comes to people who are using cannabis as a medicine, Kind Indica 1 has many benefits that users might find effective at reducing symptoms, with sleep being the biggest one. If you have insomnia, then this strain might do you the best good. Inflammation is another health ailment that this strain has been shown to help with, so it is a welcome blessing after a good night of partying or a hard day’s work. The buds from this plant will take away even the worst hangover or the achiest of muscles. After one puff, your worries will fade away so you can enjoy simpler parts of life. Surprisingly, this strain helps those with depression, typically sativa strains are the ones to help with mental health issues related to mood, but this indica is a real contender for the most renowned strain to help with feeling sad. When you are looking to relax on the couch with a giant bag of chips and tune out all the problems in the world, tune into Kind Seeds Indica 1.

Kind Indica 1 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

We offer two different forms of our exceptional Kind Indica 1 strain. The first is the type of seed you know and love, but in recent years we have found that some people are looking for a strain and style of seed that is much more user-friendly. Our Kind Indica 1 Autoflowering seeds are just that. All you need to do is pop them in the soil and let the magic of nature do its thing. You’ve probably heard of indica and sativa, the two most common types of cannabis plants. What you might not have heard of is their long-lost cousin, ruderalis. Ruderalis is a low THC subspecies of the cannabis plant found mainly in Europe. For many years it was dismissed as not having much potency to it. Recently it was discovered that if you breed ruderalis with a sativa or an indica strain, it forgoes its need for light to be able to transition from a vegetative state into flowering. Now it does all that by maturity alone. This means that you can expect much quicker flowering and it allows growers to have multiple harvests in a season while still maintaining the qualities of a high-grade indica strain.

Stats For Kind Indica 1 Autoflowering

Our Kind Indica 1 autoflowering seeds are sure to automatically bring you joy when they burst forth from their brown sleeping chambers and emerge a glorious tree of giant colas and stalks. An indica hybrid with 18 to 22% THC, these bodacious budding beauties will leave you with a physical, cerebral, and relaxing high. Also containing 0.2 – 1.2% CBD, the seeds will make sure your high is manageable and long-lasting. Indoor, you should expect to get 300 to 500g per meter squared, while outdoors, you can expect to get 50 – 120g per plant. Being an autoflower, this strain will be reaching for the heavens in no time. Once the strain has begun to flower, you can expect to be able to collect the nuggets of wisdom in around 40 – 50 days. We recommend this strain to anyone who might be short on time or space and wants to dish out some high-quality buds in record time. Autoflowering plants are a force to be reckoned with, rain or shine, sleet or hail. These plants are so determined to grow that even if you wanted to, you could not stop this powerhouse.

Aromas and Taste of Kind Indica 1 Autoflowering

There are so many different strains out there in the big wide world, so it’s essential to find the aspects of aroma and taste that users have come to love. When you first sit down and are able to gaze upon your beautiful crop of Kind Indica 1 Autoflowering, you might get distracted and drift away on the sweet yet skunk permeating scents that this strain is known for worldwide. You’ll taste a flavor that’s extremely similar to its scent but with greater nuance. This strain has a lovely sweet, fruity, and floral mix with a hint of skunk mix that will take over your taste buds on the inhale and slowly expose a more piney and earthy background as you exhale with the sweet, floral, and fruity primary tastes remaining strongly present. This strain’s flavor has been described as tasting like taro bubble tea which, if you haven’t tried, we highly recommend. If you are looking for a strain that will pack within its dense, tight, sticky nugs, as many lavish, exotic flavors when you both smell and inhale, then our Kind Indica 1 seeds will not only meet your expectations but propel them to the stratosphere.

Terpene Profile of Kind Indica 1 Autoflowering

There are many terpenes hiding within the fragrant buds of our Kind Indica 1. To start our list off is Myrcene, one of the most common terpenes in cannabis is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and is also found in bay leaves and a number of other plants. Coming in at number two is Alpha Pinene. Its name comes from where this terpene is commonly found, pine trees. It has been shown to help patients with lung issues. This strain also has trace amounts of Alpha pinene sister terpene Beta Pinene, which has the same effects but might not be as fragrant. Beta Caryophyllene is also found in this plant, and it has been said to help with anxiety. This terpene is commonly found in black pepper, Lavender, and Basil, with a few other plants having small amounts of it. Limonene. Eucalyptol, which, if the name didn’t give it away, is the terpene found in the eucalyptus plant and it’s said to be helpful with sinus and colon inflammation. There are a few other terpenes in this strain, namely Alpha Phellendrene, Alpha Humulene, Phytol, Valencen, and Borneol, although the percentage of them is relatively small compared to the rest.

How To Buy Kind Indica 1 Seeds

In the current global landscape going out can be a challenge. Carrying on through scores of unknown faces can be both mentally and physically draining, which is why Kind Seeds has dedicated our time to create the most user-friendly purchasing experience. All one needs to do now is to create an account, fill out shipping information and choose if you are going to be using the seeds for personal or wholesale purposes. The tedious part is over, hurray! It’s time to browse all of our industry-leading strains. All it takes is to add an item to your cart, load up your payment info, and then you’re off to the races. The great thing about the new age of online shopping is that our site is open for business 24/7, 365 days a year, rain or shine. If during the online shopping experience you run into any problems, you can shoot us an email at, and we will reach out to you as soon as we can. After you sample a taste of your grow, you will know for sure that our seed bank really is the bomb dot com.

Why Choose Kindseed Co For Indica 1 Seeds

Kindseed Co has been around since 1994, so when you shop with us, you ensure that you are purchasing from a brand that has stood the test of time. We ship to all states in the USA, yes, even Alaska. We are dedicated to getting authentic marijuana seeds into the hands of committed growers. Being around for so long, we have noticed a few things, and the main thing is that happy customers keeping coming back for more. This is why we strive daily to be the pinnacle of seed banks. Another change that we have witnessed is the lack of affordable, top-shelf seeds for people who need them, which is why we are happy to change focus to our house strains. Reviving access to easily acquired, affordable weed seeds was a duty we graciously accepted. We strive to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience that will align them with the right strain for their needs. We know what growers look for when they scope out new strains to produce. This way, our shelves are always brimming with the best seeds on this side of the seven seas.

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