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Since 1994, Kind Seeds Co has been striving to provide growers with access to the cream of the crop. When it comes to marijuana seeds, no competitor offers easier access and affordable prices. The days of needing to know a friend of a friend to get access to top-shelf seeds are over. Now you can get expertly bred seeds without the hassle and stress and without breaking the bank. We have carefully crafted our Kind THC 1 seeds so that what you receive are only seeds fit for the future growing connoisseur that you are. Kind THC 1 is much like Neo from the Matrix. This strain is so powerful that after a toke, you will be feeling like you are slowing time down. Kind THC 1 might be the one that carries you throughout the day, helping you achieve greatness, overcome obstacles, and get really stupid high during the process. Don’t kid yourself, this strain will put even the great weed-smoking masters on their butts. If you do not want a kick-butt strain we offer a slew of affordable strains, from hybrid to sativa to indica. Our indica seeds are grown with the utmost care and consideration and with such a broad range of seeds we are sure we can satisfy even the pickiest of weed enthusiasts.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridBalanced Hybrid
THC Percentageup to 28%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield450-500g per m²
Outdoor Yield600-700g per plant
GG#4 Flower Time8-10 weeks
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsBipolar Disorder, Cramps, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Migraines, Pain, PTSD, Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Happiness, Relaxing, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsCheese, Chemical, Chocolate, Coffee, Earthy, Herbal, Pine, Sour, Spice
TerpenesHumulene, Caryophyllene, a-Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, a-Cedrene
Indica / Sativa / HybridBalanced Hybrid
THC PercentageUp to 24%
CBD PercentageLess than 1.2%
Indoor Yield450-550g per m²
Outdoor Yield60-120g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Relaxing, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Diesel, Lemon, Pine, Sour, Woody
TerpenesLimonene, a-Myrcene

Kind THC 1 Seeds


Kind THC 1 Characteristics

When you are looking for a strain that will knock you off your feet, you’ll want to consider our Kind THC 1 seeds. This is a strain that will not only melt away stress but also has the scents and flavors of more well-known strains. This strain has an herbal pine smell with hints of chemical undertones. When the first wisps of smoke move across your taste buds, you will be greeted with a sour, earthy taste. As that passes, a lingering cheese flavor will dance upon your tongue, slowly returning to a more subtle earthy taste. Our seeds aren’t just packed with flavor. We have also carefully crafted them to maintain and sometimes even surpass the classic strains of our generations. Coming in with 26 – 28% THC, this is undoubtedly one of our most heavy-hitting strains. If you are looking for the ultimate package of potent, tasty buds grown from our diligently crafted seeds, you might as well call it Babe Ruth because this strain will knock you out of the park.

Germinating Kind THC 1 Seeds

Ahh, germination, a word that pricks the ears of all those who are in the know. If you are new to the scene, we will go over the process of waking up your seeds, so you have the best start possible. Using gloves is recommended when handling cannabis seeds, but if you do not have gloves, it’s crucial to make sure your hands are clean. The paper towel method gets good grades when it comes to easy germination. Start with a good solid surface that you can move about with ease. A plate or something similar will suffice. Place two sheets of paper towel underneath a running stream of water for a quick second. You want the paper towels to be damp, most certainly not soaked. Now place the paper towel upon the plate and then set your seeds down at least an inch and a half apart. Now gently place the other paper towel, which has to also be damp, upon the slumbering seeds. Cover them all up and put the surface in a dark area for 24-120 hours, and by that time, you will have some germinated seeds. You will know you have achieved success with the taproot that has popped out.

Growing Kind THC 1 Cannabis Seeds

Getting geared up, locked and loaded, and diving headfirst into growing cannabis has never been easier. Growing Kind THC 1 cannabis seeds is a pretty laid-back process, and following these tips will make it even more simple. To really maximize your production of this tasty flower, a method that is tried and true amongst the cannabis growing tribe is something called the Sea of Green or SOG. This gardening approach, which keeps plants tiny by forcing them into blooming after just a few weeks in the vegetative stage, works effectively in limited spaces. By combining high and low-stress conditioning approaches and cultivating these plants in close proximity, the undergrowth is eliminated in favor of apical supremacy, resulting in a sea of glistening colas. SOG rotations take much less time to blossom due to their short vegging cycles. That being said, on average, the flowering time for these seeds is around 56 to 63 days. If you want a more traditional approach to growing cannabis, then as always, make sure that your grow show has a high amount of lights per plant. Temperature control is always beneficial to growing your Kind THC 1 seeds.

Taking Care Of Kind THC 1 Seeds

As much as we wished our seeds were indestructible, they aren’t, so there are a few things you can do to extend the lifespan of our Kind THC 1 seeds. Leaving your seeds out in direct sunlight is not an intelligent idea. These tiny things will roast, and we’re not sure you want to be toasting your seeds anytime soon, so keep them in the shade. When you aren’t actively planting your seeds, make certain that your seeds remain preserved in a sealed container. Oxidation of the seeds may occur, preventing them from germinating, and there is no way to reverse this process currently. Believe it or not, it is not always ideal to grasp your seeds using your bare hands. Certain oils on your hands may cause harm to fresh seeds. There are several methods for securely handling cannabis seeds. The most effective way is to use long tweezers, exactly like a scientist would. This enables a more extensive examination of the seeds using your eyes or a magnifying glass. Seeds that appear to be cracked are no longer viable for germination, so try not to crush them as well!

Harvesting Kind THC 1 Seeds

Picking fresh buds off of the stem is a truly enlightening experience. Being enveloped in the soft embrace of the flowers grown from our Kind THC 1 seeds will calm even the stormiest of hearts. You can expect to produce 450 to 550 grams per meter squared when grown indoors and when tackling an outdoor grow, you will be granted 600 to 650 grams per plant. To maximize the cannabinoid content of your buds you have to harvest your buds when the trichomes are milky. If you harvest too early you will lose some of the THC, CBD, and the other good stuff, but if you wait too long these same molecules will start to degrade. After watching your little ones grow from seed to giant bush, it’s time to say goodbye to the leafy wonders and say hello to trimming! Some producers trim their marijuana buds before drying, while others trim their marijuana buds after they have dried. Trimming your marijuana before drying is referred to as a moist trim because the leaves are still moist throughout the procedure. The majority of growers will remove all or the bulk of the large fan leaves before drying. However, other growers may hang the entire plant upside down without trimming at all. After the buds have been cured in a temperature-controlled room, they will be ready for you to share at your next safety meeting.

Maximising Harvest Yield Of Your Kind THC 1 Seeds

No matter which way you choose to grow your Kind THC 1 seeds, there are techniques to maximize your yield. First and foremost, if you are growing in soil, then you will want to make sure you have the biggest pots you can manage. The root systems of these fine specimens run deep, so double-checking that they have enough room to sprawl is super important. On the topic of soil, if you are going for a fully organic grow, making sure your soil is full of all the nutrients that this plant will need is imperative to make sure your buds are thick and juicy just the way we like them. The fundamental building blocks of plants are N-P-K. These abbreviations stand for nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). To develop robust, healthy buds, essential nutrients should be easily accessible for your plants to consume. Another way to increase the size of your buds is to feed your soils with compost tea regularly. Compost teas contribute to the establishment of healthy mycorrhizal connections between earth and mycelium. The more mycelium in the soil, the more nutrients the plant will absorb, resulting in larger buds.

Storing Kind THC 1 Cannabis Seeds

Properly storing cannabis seeds allows you to maintain your preferred cannabis genetics for many years. If you store your seeds in a cool dark environment, you can keep the majority of your Kind Seed collection alive for a century or more. It’s worth noting that cannabis seeds are considered living organisms. This is because they contain an embryo that may be germinated and developed into a new plant. So, try your best to look after your small pals. Three key issues might reduce the germination rate of your cannabis seeds while they are stored. Examples include heat, light, and humidity. Each of these factors will reduce the germination rates of your autoflower/feminised seeds. In comparison, limiting and carefully regulating heat, light, and humidity will significantly expand the lifespan of your cannabis seed inventory. For short-term storage, a dark closet or cupboard with constant temperatures is usually sufficient. Keep your seeds away from areas of your home that are susceptible to natural temperature swings in your area. If you’re searching for a more long-term option, putting them in a sealed container in the back of your fridge is a good option.

Best Uses For Kind THC 1 Seeds

Kind THC 1 is a kingly seed with enough power to usurp the best-known strains. This is the go-to experience when you are hoping to get a flower with so much bite that you might want to keep it under lock and key. With the power behind each toke, this fabulous herb is the perfect choice for people who have been smoking for years and have a high tolerance. This potent strain is ideal for medical patients who are experiencing pain related to cramps or even migraines. The anti-inflammatory properties are as pronounced as this strain’s powerhouse THC content. Being a hybrid, this strain has attributes of both sativa and indica that are beneficial to its users. Kind THC 1 has been known to help those who are struggling with insomnia because the sheer force of each hit will propel you further and further away from the depths of despair. You will be floating on clouds by the time you finish your dose in whichever form your desire and with 0.2-1.2% CBD you will be floating for a while. Grand at helping maintain a creative flow for those artists amongst us, each wisp of smoke will break through any mental blocks you might have been experiencing.

Kind THC 1 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

There are moments in our lives when time is most precious to us, and when the clock strikes grow o’clock, you will want to have a strain that is carefree and resilient to inclement conditions. Our Kind THC 1 Autoflower plants will grow no matter where you place them. They are so strong that you could place them next to an active volcano, and they would grow happily and produce buds that you can write home about. Much like Usain Bolt does, these courageous buds flower in record time. Auto-flowering strains of cannabis are somewhat new, but when you first get around to growing the Kind THC 1 Autoflowering seeds, you will fall in love like so many others before you. Although it might not be a name that thousands have heard of, it might become one after you get a chance to run your hands through the thick leaves and breathe in the heavy fragrance. The first time you get to puff your homegrown stash it will leave you shouting praises from the rooftops. Never before have you seen an autoflower with so much strength. When this strain enters the ring, it can contend with the master class of cannabis strains.

Stats For Kind THC 1 Autoflowering

When you need a quick and easy potent strain that will impress the best, our Kind THC 1 Autoflowering strain will guarantee to meet your expectations. With this being a very balanced hybrid, it will work amazingly for people who want an all-day smoke. Flowering in just 56 to 63 days, these seeds burst forth with the power of a locomotive running at full steam. Our Kind THC 1 Autoflowering might just hit you like a train as well, with 19 to 24% THC and 0.2 to 1.2% CBD. It will produce enough gas to fuel a whole shipping yard of cannabis field trains. Growing indoors, your hardy and phenomenal pot plants will graciously hand out around 450 to 550 grams per meter squared. No stranger to danger when growing outdoors, these tough little buggers can pump out 60 to 120 grams per plant. Since these bad boys are auto-flowering, you can place them anywhere, and they are going to reach out to the heavens above with outstretched stalks and leaves. Kind THC 1 Autoflowering is remarkable. Some might even call it a miracle.

Aromas and Taste of THC 1 Autoflowering

Kind THC 1 Autoflowering is a name that is somewhat mysterious but don’t let it fool you. There are many wonders to be found within the confines of this compact otherworldly flower. Buried deep within is a universe of entrancing mystical flavors. If you like blueberries, apricots, and cherries, then the fruity fragrant will hit that spot. Perhaps you have a fancy for some ice-cold lemonade. Mixed with its fruity vibe are very light citrus hints that circle the more produced fruit aroma. Upon inhaling the delectable zest that cannabis is recognized for, you will be met with a strong diesel flavor, a testament to how much this strain truly is gas. After the stronger diesel notes fade away, a woodier flavor begins to overtake. The bouquet on the nose is not far from the flavor of pine or the scent of walking through a forest on a brisk summer day. This hybrid cannabis strain will dive onto your taste buds like an Olympic diver transforming into an explosion that will jolt you awake as you take on this delicacy. This strain is bonkers, strong and tasty, not overbearing in its terpene profile, with just the right amount of everything you demand in dank weed.

Terpene Profile of Kind THC 1 Autoflowering

When you get to the nitty-gritty of our terpene profiles for our Kind THC 1 Autoflower seeds, it can make your head spin. There are a lot of terpenes hiding within the layers of our cannabis buds. First and foremost, we have Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene/ Beta-Caryophyllene. If you have ever taken a walk through a forest that has a lot of pine trees you will recognize these natural compounds. As you are breathing in, you probably notice a faint tingle in your nose. That’s Pinene, and it’s known to be very helpful to those who are suffering from lung ailments such as asthma. The next terpene that is a majority shareholder in this strain is Linalool, known by many as the scent of lavender. Working incredibly well for relaxation, this terpene has many holistic benefits as well. Limonene which is the flavor of lemon also appears within the complex and rich terpene profile of Kind THC 1. There are trace amounts of Caryophyllene, Alpha Humulene, Beta Myrcene, and Terpinolene, which add a minor change to the flavor, but it will predominantly be a mixture of Pinene and Linalool as the major terpenes.

How To Buy Kind THC 1 Seeds

Some folks dislike being out in the hustle and bustle, navigating through a sea of unfamiliar people. They find it psychologically and physically tiring. Online shopping can relieve that stress but not all virtual seed banks are legitimate. Navigating the cannabis landscape can be daunting. That is why Kind Seeds has committed to developing the most user-friendly purchase experience possible. Nowadays, you can order anything online, including Kind THC 1 seeds. The process of getting some of our godly seeds is as simple as making toast. All that is required to start your growing journey with us is to register an account, fill out shipping details, and choose whether the seeds will be used for personal or wholesale purposes. Once you have entered the necessary information it’s time to explore our massive catalog of marijuana seed strains. Once you have found one to your liking, add the item to your basket, enter your payment information, and you’re ready to go. The wonderful thing about modern internet purchasing is that our site is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter if it’s raining cats or dogs outside. If you have any difficulties with your online purchase experience, you may send us an email at, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Why Choose Kindseed Co For Kind THC 1 Seeds

Kindseed has been in business since 1994, which means that when you purchase with us, you are supporting a company that has staying power. We ship to every state in the United States of America. We are committed to delivering genuine marijuana seeds to discerning customers. Having been in business for so long, we’ve discovered a few things, the most important of which is that a satisfied client is a return client. That’s why we work every day to reach the seed bank’s zenith. Another shift we’ve seen is the scarcity of inexpensive, top-shelf seeds for those in need, which is why we’re excited to shift our attention to our house strains. Restoring simple access to easy on-the-pocket book weed seeds was a responsibility we gladly undertook. We attempt to give our clients an effortless buying process that matches them with the strain that is most suited to their specific requirements. We understand what farmers seek when they want to grow new varieties. This is why we strive to maintain a wide variety of exceptional cannabis seeds for you to try. We know we will not disappoint even the fussiest of cannabis growers. Your seed starts are always going to be stronger with Kind Seeds Co!

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