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Feminised cannabis seeds were created by breeders who adopted the feminization process, of spraying plants with a hormone altering solution, from old farmers. This causes a female plant to produce pollen which is then spread to other female plants to result in seeds with two X-chromosomes developing in the center of their flowers. These are harvested and sold through the exceptional Kind Seed Co. virtual cannabis seed bank. These are favorites among the weed aficionados as they flourish throughout every inch of their grow space and mature into uniform plants that produce plenty of gooey buds. The female plants are the ones that carry the nugs we cure and smoke, so a whole space dedicated to these bearers is one that growers love! We have a wide variety of feminised seeds for sale, all with unique terpene profiles, diverse cannabinoid contents and noteworthy flavor profiles. You can find the specifics of each strain option listed for your shopping ease and then use our simple payment process to secure your order and have your seeds en route to your home. Kind Seeds was first opened in 1994 and we have spent the years developing our product line to fit our supreme quality standards. We promise to bring you unadulterated, superior pot seeds. We grow many of our seeds ourselves so we can confidently speak to their extraordinary purity and quality. We want our medicine to be the most pure and affordable across the globe, and wish nothing more than to provide you with an unequaled product and an unparalleled shopping experience.