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Cannabis has come a long way in Belgium in the last twenty years, and Kind Seed is so excited to offer cannabis seeds for sale in Belgium and across the European Union. Whether as part of a growing club, or for solo cultivation in a discreet location, growing quality flowers starts with quality seeds. There are a wide range of seed companies delivering to Belgium from the Netherlands and the UK that purport to provide high quality product lines of legendary lineages when offering cannabis seeds for sale. However, there are some distinct benefits to purchasing seeds from places in the world where growing cannabis and distributing its seeds is legal. All kinds of places with grey market cannabis seeds for sale can make promises, but North American seed houses have a legal obligation to uphold standards of quality and product authenticity that European seed houses don’t. Kind Seed advertises a top of the line array of both legendary strains and our own vanity line of premium cannabis seeds for sale that target specific growing styles, and that’s what we deliver. We carry nearly one hundred and forty different strains and styles to suit people looking for cannabis to grow indoors, outdoors, in greenhouses and even in growing tents in their closets. We have been in the business of cannabis since 1994, when we were a regular advertiser in High Times magazine. Since legalization, we’ve taken some time to upgrade our systems and go totally digital, providing a fabulous online shopping experience available at any time of day or night from anywhere in the world. Kind Seed has now partnered with Blimburn Seeds to offer the most comprehensive and stable line of cannabis seeds for sale, and we can’t wait to share them with customers all over the EU.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Belgium from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale BE

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive ingredient in our high THC seeds for sale. While cannabis is full of helpful enzymes, called cannabinoids, that interact with our bodies’ endocannabinoid systems, THC and CBN are the only ones that create that giddy, trippy, stoned feeling that cannabis users are after. CBN, short for cannabinol, is generally regarded as being significantly less psychoactive than THC. It’s much more common to use CBN for pain management instead of recreational effects. Most of the THC in cannabis is produced in the resin of the unpollinated flowers of female cannabis plants. This is why all of our seeds for sale are marked as feminised, to give our customers nothing but the female plants. Cannabis is wind pollinated, and when a large group of female plants go through much of their flowering phase without coming into contact with any pollen, they begin to produce resin to provide a sticky surface for pollen to adhere to. The fragrant terpenes of cannabis, which play a hand in the flavor and effects of different cannabis strains, are also in this resin, which make it attractive to herbivores like aphids. While scientists are not yet entirely sure why cannabis plants produce THC, the most popular theory is that it acts as a deterrent to herbivory. In short, the more resin a plant produces the higher its THC content. Kind Seed carries a number of strains with very high THC levels including the fabulous Grease Monkey with up to thirty percent. Blackberry Moonrocks is another potent strain with a wild THC inclusion of between twenty-eight and thirty-three percent. Our Kind THC boutique strains are right up there with the heavy-hitters. One of them is exclusively an analgesic for all kinds of pain, while the other is a panacea for mental and physical relief.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Land of Surrealism

Kind Seed offers nearly fifty different varieties of sativa cannabis seeds in our impressive stocklist. These are the tall, spindly variety of cannabis plants that are stereotyped as having an energizing, focusing and motivational effect on smokers. Sativa cannabis seeds are popular with medical users who consume cannabis to alleviate mental health concerns like depression and low or erratic moods. Pure sativas are very difficult to come by nowadays for a number of reasons. Almost all the sativa pot seeds that Kind Seed sells are hybrids to some extent, though sometimes that extent is around ten percent of the genome. Nevertheless, even a tiny amount of indica inclusion can make strains more conducive to being used for things like chronic pain and muscle spasms. White Widow Meth, for example, is a sativa dominant strain that does wonders for a number of ailments including anxiety, depression and stress but also arthritis, inflammation, and migraines. For even more pain killing effects without the heavy, immobile, and sometimes soporific effects typical of more indica-dominant varieties, our Mimosa seeds stack between twenty-four and thirty percent THC and are known for blasting pain, nausea, and stress away. Our Kind Sativa 2 strain is a marvel of seed genetics that comes in both autoflowering and photoperiod versions, both feminised. This strain provides the energetic pick me up of a cup of coffee and the mood uplifting abilities of hearing some great news. Users love this strain for getting down to focused tasks and blasting through fatigue. While sativa cannabis seeds can often end up growing on the large side, the inclusion of ruderalis genes in autoflowering varieties will often tamp this down and make plants more manageable. Just be aware that most sativa strains tend to do better outdoors where they can stretch their legs.

Buy Indica Seeds Belgium

Indica cannabis seeds are traditionally thought of as growing the shorter, bushier, and more resilient style of cannabis. They might grow slightly lower yields, but make up for it in quicker vegetating times and potent resin production. Kind Seed stocks four varieties of pure indica seeds, including classics like Afghan and Grandaddy Purple, as well as another seventy-five varieties of indica-dominant hybrids like Blueberry, Gorilla Glue, and Zkittles. Indicas are a favorite of medical users who love their potent pain killing effects. These strains are thought of as being better at fighting anxiety than sativas in general, though they often make users sleepy and are kept for evening use. Indica cannabis seeds are more pest and mold resistant than sativas, and do well when grown indoors in tents or hydroponic systems. Our Kind Seed boutique autoflowering strains all have a flower maturation period of between six and eight weeks, and address a host of issues from fibromyalgia to multiple sclerosis. Famous indicas include Purple Kush, a pure indica with colorful flowers and a potent sedating and painkilling buzz. Grease Monkey is another very potent indica with up to thirty percent THC in it. That strain is suitable for both medical and recreational use and produces resin that is beloved by concentrate users. Indica pot seeds are known for producing plants with thick sugar leaves absolutely covered in white trichomes. It’s this white frosting that produces the resin and THC that users love so much. Growers in Belgium who have a large amount of familiarity with growing cannabis might try their hand at our autoflowering Acapulco Gold seeds. These indica cannabis seeds are for a legendary strain with twenty to twenty-three percent THC and an ability to battle everything from cramps to depression. Kind Seed has it all!

Germinating Seeds in The Flat Country

The safest and most surefire way to germinate cannabis seeds is using a small collection of household items and a little bit of patience. Kind Seed swears by this method, though there are a number of ways to do it. The most important elements for seed germination are warmth and moisture, but darkness also plays a role. Soaking the seeds overnight in a glass of distilled and clean water can make the process go faster as well. To begin, collect a roll of clean paper towels. Don’t use the ones that have been in the kitchen collecting dust or tumbling around on the ground in the garage, as any kind of bacteria on them might germinate along with the seeds. Put some paper towels on a clean ceramic plate and hydrate it with distilled and clean water. Using some of the water from the glass the seeds soaked in overnight is acceptable. The paper towels need to be wet enough to provide moisture to the seeds but not so wet that the seeds drown. Test them by picking up the paper towel and looking at the plate underneath. If the paper is leaving puddles or dripping a lot, it’s too wet. Once the towels are of an appropriate wetness, arrange the seeds evenly dispersed on the towel. Place another wet paper towel on top of the seeds and an upside-down plate on top of that. Place this arrangement in a dark and safe place where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much, preferably staying above sixty-five Fahrenheit consistently. Check on the seeds every day, remoisturizing the paper towels with clean water when needed. In one to three days, each seed should begin to sprout. In a week, the sprouts should be ready to transfer to a seedling setup.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Land of Surrealism

Belgium’s wet and somewhat cold climate is not the first place one thinks of when considering the ideal places to grow pot seeds. However, its relatively balmy summers can be ideal for autoflowering and humidity tolerant plants like those grown in the Pacific Northwest of America. Belgium has typically exported most of its black-market cannabis to the Netherlands, but this is changing as personal growing becomes more common. Nowadays, it’s more likely that growing clubs keep their crops within the country. These formal and informal groups of cannabis activists are, more and more, getting together to grow and supply their members with their decriminalized three grams per person. This non-profit organizing is done with harm reduction of the black market in mind, making growers more accountable to their users and less motivated by greed. The decriminalization of growing a single cannabis plant has made more folks interested in herbal remedies they can grow from seed. Most Belgian growers elect to use indoor methods on account of both the discretion and protection from the elements such methods provide. Given the population density of Belgium and Belgians’ familiarity with the smell of cannabis, it makes sense to be growing small amounts using things like growing tents and charcoal filters to provide a more clandestine environment for the plants. Using an array of LED lights can help to tamp down on both the costs and hazards associated with growing cannabis indoors. It’s also possible to grow pot seeds discreetly in green houses and outdoors using companion planting as both camouflage and protection from predators. Using a greenhouse can further cut down on energy costs while still allowing for some use of LEDs and other environmental controls such as heaters and dehumidifiers. Kind Seed loves Belgium’s decentralized approach to getting their cannabis needs met.

Grow in a Green House

In Belgium, it’s wise to grow cannabis in greenhouses where plants can be protected from weather and environment-related disturbances. This has the added benefit of protecting plants from detection by any passing thieves or tattletale neighbours. It’s also much easier to rig up a light proofing system for growing photoperiod dependent plants in a greenhouse as opposed to leaving plants out in the open. Green houses can also be rigged to provide plants with both full sunlight and LEDs in red and blue for added support. Humidity can also be controlled easier in green houses. This can be very helpful for plants in their flowering stage, especially when they produce a lot of resin. Companion planting is a wise idea in many cases, both to mask the cannabis plants from people looking in from outside and to help plants deter pests and grow up healthier. Most common are tomatoes, chamomile, dill, sunflowers, and basil. Controlling humidity and heat can sometimes be a little bit trickier in a greenhouse, but rigging up a few oscillating fans and providing either cups of water or more air circulation can often help to mitigate the problem. Dehumidifiers can also be set up in spaces where there is a source of power. Remember that pests and diseases can still get to greenhouse plants. Growing plants in fresh, living soil will help to edge out microbes and pests that might take hold. Central air in and out takes, mediated with filters, will also help enormously on keeping smells down in the later part of the flowering stages, when the smell of cannabis can fill a greenhouse. Speaking of filling a greenhouse, remember not to start plants that get up to four meter tall in a three meter high space! KS has seeds that grow shorter plants as well.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Grow tents are not just little diffusion tents that are used to cover plants and provide them with protection from rain and direct light. Modern growing tents are tall and compact devices that are close in resemblance to a portable wardrobe. The outside of the tent bounces heat and light away on top of being waterproof. Inside, a reflective surface bounces light around. Tents are equipped with an air vent going both ways, often with a charcoal filter though stats for individual models will vary. There is space in these tents to grow a three to four foot high plant. Again, individual models will vary. There’s also space to put an oscillating fan and a growing light. The best of these growing tents are smell proof, watertight, and light proof to help keep the growing environment as pristine as possible. Growing tents are an excellent choice for people in Belgium looking to cultivate just one plant for personal use. These environments are like mini growing rooms, where the temperature and humidity can be controlled while still preventing smells from leaking out. These tents are also quite nondescript, fitting seamlessly into large closets and tight spaces. Two major things to look out for when using growing tents are fire hazards and the height of the plants. Depending on the type and intensity of the grow lights used, heat from the lamps can destabilize the temperature controls and cause heat to build up more than necessary. LED lighting arrays can go a long way to preventing these kinds of problems, and cut down on energy bills. More troubling, and much more likely than a fire, is growing a plant that is too large for the tent. Always make sure the strain being grown won’t get higher than the space allotted to it.

Grow Outdoors

Belgium’s long, dreary winters don’t bode well for growing outdoors all year round. It’s important not to start germinating seeds until after the last frost, due to inconsistencies in weather and the chance of seeds being frozen and killed early on. It’s generally safe to put seeds outside in Belgium sometime between late April and early May depending on the way the season is shaping up. A warm April might mean earlier transfer. Night temperatures above fifty degrees are important for the health of plants. Growers in the southern mountain regions may wish to keep their plants indoors year round, or grow only autoflowering plants in the short period between May and September. Autoflowering plants are a great choice for outdoor growers in Belgium, as they are hardier than other plants and don’t require the kind of photoperiod flip that other seeds need in order to flower. These plants can also handle more moisture than other plants. To secure plants against detection by pests such as mites, aphids, herbivores, and human thieves, there are a number of measures that can be taken. It’s always wise to grow plants outdoors in organic, living soil. Companion planting of aromatic herbs such as lavender, oregano, and sage will both help mask the smell of cannabis plants and help to protect them from insects. Establishing a population of ladybugs or lacewings in the garden can also help to keep pest populations down and deter aphid communities from establishing a foothold. Using plants like tomato, squash, beans, and sunflowers to mask the sight of cannabis plants can also help to keep them stealth while providing the soil with a group of nutrient fixers that improve soil. Growing in a greenhouse can be the ultimate hybrid approach between growing strictly outdoors and strictly indoors.

Growing Indoors

Due to the density of Belgium’s population, its short growing seasons, and the laws around cannabis use, many growing clubs and individuals make the choice to grow indoors exclusively. The many advantages of growing indoors include its discreteness, the ability to control environmental factors like temperature, light, and humidity, and the chance to better protect plants from predators and diseases. It’s suggested that growers who want to start an indoor cultivation effort without the use of a growing tent begin by thoroughly cleaning and sealing off the area. All cracks in windows, doors, floors, ceilings, and walls should be sealed using caulking or plastic. Combined with a deep cleaning of all surfaces, this will ensure that no pests or pathogens are in the space already, and that fewer will be able to enter the space once growth has commenced. Next, it’s important to create a central airflow in and out of the space, with both sides mediated by a charcoal filter that scrubs the air coming in and going out. This will make sure that the smell of cannabis is not being vented out into the surrounding area. It will also help to prevent insects and pathogens from entering the space via the air intake vent. Once the space has been secured, setting up the temperature and humidity controls will be up to the grower. When growing indoors, it’s wise to consider the size of the plants to be grown before getting too deeply into lighting preparation. All plants will need to be kept at least thirty-six centimeters away from any lighting systems, though LEDs are more forgiving on both the plants and the grower’s electric bill. When designing an indoor growing space, a little bit of planning can go a long way towards a successful crop.


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    The Best Seed Bank in Belgium, BE

    Cannabis seed banks are frequently shut down in Belgium, especially when they begin to operate above board and out in the open. When they get popular, it’s only a matter of time before they are raided. That’s why the best marijuana seed bank to go to is an online one that ships discreetly from areas where it’s legal. There are many to choose from, some more legitimate than others. The easiest way to tell whether a seed bank is worth patronizing is to check out their guarantees and selling points. If a seed bank makes outlandish claims, like one hundred percent of their plants will germinate or that all of their seeds will definitely produce thirty-five percent THC buds, they are using selling language to get business. A guarantee of ninety percent is more reasonable, as is the claim that seeds might grow plants with flowers that hold up to and including a certain percentage of THC. The distinction may seem somewhat small, but the difference is in how the sellers speak to the consumers. Kind Seed doesn’t make any promises we can’t keep, and germination and THC percentages are, in large part, controlled by the grower, not genetics. The best seed bank for Belgium is the one that delivers quality products with little to no fuss, discreetly and at a rapid pace. That seed bank will provide a host of products suitable for all sorts of growing situations and usages including recreational and medicinal use. Kind Seed is proud to offer white label seeds to our customers across the EU, and our selection is accessible any time of day or night regardless of timezone or local holidays. Our online store provides an exemplary shopping experience that makes choosing the right seeds as easy as reading and making some choices.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Belgium

    Many of the autoflower cannabis seeds for sale up until recently have not been as reliable as many producers claimed. However, due to the innovations in genetics, thanks to both Spanish and Dutch growers and the legal markets in Canada and the United States, autoflowering genes have stabilized significantly and are now a very viable way to produce quality cannabis. Kind Seed provides a host of autoflowering seed varieties. They’re the same strains consumers know and love, but with a touch of ruderalis genes. These genes make the plants smaller, more resistant to environmental stressors, faster to produce, and resistant to mold. The easiest part about autoflowering plants is that they require no kind of photoperiod change to signal that it’s time to flower. Blossoms simply begin to appear on them once the plant becomes old and stable enough to support flowers. For Belgium, Kind Seed recommends that early or first-time growers stick with autoflowering plants until they have the hang of nutrients and plant growth. This simplifies the process of learning about cannabis by taking it slowly, one step at a time. We sell a wide variety of classic autoflowering strains for consumers who know what they are after, but we highly recommend trying out some of our vanity line of Kind Seed. These seeds are specially formulated to fit specific growing needs and common use profiles like aiding sleep, reducing nausea, and increasing concentration. Our KS line comes in both autoflowering and feminised styles. Our autoflowering Easy Grow seeds are ideal for brand new growers, with the added benefit that their flowering period is only around two months long. Users hoping to grow autoflowering seeds outdoors in Belgium would be wise to select a style that only takes a short time to flower, between six and ten weeks.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Belgium

    The days of fussing with mystery black market seeds in the hopes of getting something, anything, out of them are over! With Kind Seed, our customers know what they’re getting. It’s easier than ever to ship to Europe thanks to the power of the internet. Our online catalogue is here to make the experience as simple as possible by providing detailed information on all one hundred and thirty-eight strains that Kind Seed carries. Whether consumers are looking for a classic strain like Acapulco Gold, or are interested in one of our Kind variety artisanal strains, it’s likely KS has what they’re after. Thanks to the powers of the digital age, all the information needed to make wise choices is available to potential customers any time of day or night from the comfort of their own homes. There’s no need to calculate timezone differences or spend time and money on frustrating international phone calls. Simply check out our website, pick seeds that work for the growing situation in mind, and order whenever feels right. Our partnership with Blimburn seeds means that all our products are of an exceptional, verified, and lab tested quality that meet all standards of phytosanitation. We ship internationally using the latest in-safe technologies to ensure that seeds arrive as viable as they were when they left our facilities. All our seeds are shipped discreetly to avoid unnecessary fuss at the border or in mailrooms. It’s so easy to start a grower’s club off on the right foot with genetics like this. While it might feel more discreet to meet with a black or grey market provider, it doesn’t provide the safety, simplicity, and product accountability that purchasing from an American seed house does. And if any country is big on cannabis accountability, it’s Belgium.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Belgium

    The Belgian cannabis market has been going through a lot of changes in the last twenty years. Around the turn of the century, most products grown domestically were shipped off to the Netherlands. But the decriminalization of small amounts for personal use, and the subsequent evolution of cannabis growing clubs, has meant that more people are taking steps to grow their own. While it’s generally harmless to grow cannabis from seeds that aren’t from a reputable seed bank, it’s not a reliable way to know exactly what’s in the plants. Especially if the objective of growing is to provide medicinal users with pain or nausea relief, it can be really troublesome and inconvenient to not know where the genetics of a plant are coming from. Growing from clones can be even more fraught, since clones will have all of the exact same attributes as their mother plants for better or worse. If that mother has been treated heavily with pesticides, is sick or infected with parasites, entire crops can be ruined from the start. Scientists are still working on mapping the entire genome of cannabis, trying to figure out exactly where the supposedly thousands of strains of cannabis diverge and how they differ. It’s likely that there are closer to four hundred legitimate strains of cannabis and others are merely variations on established crosses, misidentification of strain types, or duplicates of the same plant with different phenotypes. Some might even be straight-up misrepresentations of standard genetics by nefarious seed banks. Kind Seed takes every precaution to work around this strain concern by working with white label seed companies to develop our own boutique strains and optimized versions of beloved and stable genetic lines. Buying from a reputable seed company, seed lineages will be vetted and any issues with the product can be addressed.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    Many people are using a different term than weed seeds for sale when searching for their ideal cannabis seed supplier online. It can sometimes be difficult to find things on the internet without the correct keywords. This is especially true when searching for marijuana seeds for sale, since the plants have so many different names. We want to make sure that everyone searching for seeds for sale in the European Union can find their dream supplier, us! Working in a cannabis seed bank means advertising ganja seeds for sale, chronic seeds for sale, and pot seeds for sale so folks can find us regardless of whether they search for dank nug seeds, sticky icky Mary Jane seeds, or just plain old weed seeds for sale. It’s important to use all manner of words for marijuana seeds for sale, and knowing their origins helps too. Calling cannabis weed, for example, harkens back to its ability to grow resiliently on the side of roads or the underbrush of forests in warm climates. The word marijuana has a number of possible origins from a range of languages including from Kimbundu, Chinese, Spanish, or even Nahuatl, but the term is falling out of fashion in the west. Other terms are less esoteric but more common in other parts of the world. The term pot is a shortened version of the Spanish and Portuguese term potiguaya, which refers to a local cannabis beverage. Regardless of the terms used, Kind Seed wants to make sure that anyone who wants to buy seeds in the EU can find us. We know that people looking for marijuana seeds for sale might use terms like 420 seeds, ganja seeds, 710 seeds, or weed seeds for sale. Whatever the terms, Kind Seed is the place to go for quality seeds.

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