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Purchasing cannabis seeds for sale anywhere in Bulgaria will be much easier if you’re first familiar with all the different types of marijuana out there. Kind Seed offers dozens of different cannabis strains, so you’ll have to know your stuff to find exactly the right seeds you want. If you’re a lighter smoker looking for a good strain to introduce yourself to marijuana with, we’ve got just the thing for you. Our mild, lower THC cannabis seeds for sale will give you a more tolerable hit with weaker effects. These strains will be much easier to smoke in moderate amounts for a mild experience. They’re very unlikely to give you any kind of anxiety or paranoia, so they’re a great fit for new smokers. More experienced smokers will want to look at the high THC cannabis seeds for sale. These varieties will contain much more THC, at levels of up to 28%, which will give you an incredibly strong smoke. These marijuana seeds will give you strong effects and a very potent psychoactive high, so they should be utilized with caution. It also depends on what kind of genetics you’re looking for. Our sativa cannabis seeds for sale will give you some of the more buzzing, energetic effects that marijuana plants can offer. These plants are typically associated with warmer and wetter climates, so sativa seeds will need lots of light and humidity. Instead, the Kind Seed indica cannabis seeds for sale will offer a much more mellow experience. These strains are more often associated with use for sleep or other evening activities. Luckily, the long warm summers of the Bulgarian seasons will make a fantastic time for growing your own cannabis. You can grow strong and healthy pot in Bulgaria both indoors and outdoors during the growing season with minimal effort.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Bulgaria from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale BG

Our premium THC seeds for sale will give you countless options for purchasing high quality cannabis seeds. You’ll find both high THC and low THC options in our extensive cannabis seed catalog. High THC options will give you rather intense effects which will last for a prolonged period of time. You can expect a very heady high along with a potent body high, and some possible negative side effects if you’re unfamiliar with cannabis or not careful regarding how much you consume. Low THC seeds are a much better choice for those who are making their first foray into the marijuana world. These seeds will produce buds that will make for a much weaker smoke, allowing you to consume more at a time without much of a chance of negative side effects such as paranoia or anxiety. The effects will also be much more relaxing, uplifting and subtle rather than strong, immediate effects typically associated with potent marijuana use. You may also want to look for high yield seeds, many of which are carried by Kind Seed. These high yield seeds for sale will give you immense amounts of bud by the time they are ready to be harvested. While this is great for most growers, it requires that you are capable of handling the enormous amount of cannabis you’ll end up with. You’ll need enough room to grow and dry all of it, as well as enough containers and space to cure it. If this isn’t an option for you, it may be better for you to grow a low yield cannabis seed instead. While these will give you less bud, you’ll likely end up with better quality marijuana, because it will be easier to properly dry and cure your plants.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Land of the Thracians

The sativa cannabis seeds we offer in our catalog will provide you with some of the more uplifting and energizing sensations that cannabis has to offer. In marijuana plant genealogy, there are two main lineages that make up most of the seeds and plants you see today. These are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica, and nearly any strain you look at, you’ll see that the genetic makeup is composed of one or both of these strains. The balance of the genetic composition will give you effects that are consistent with whichever strain is more dominant in the mix. In sativas and sativa hybrids, they provide a noticeably different sensation than you would get from an indica or indica hybrid. Sativa cannabis seeds will produce marijuana that is typically associated with a much more buzzing and cerebral high. You can expect an energizing and invigorating feeling, and the high will usually leave you with enough lucidity to still work on basic tasks and projects. These strains typically won’t give you much of the drowsiness and body relaxation that many indicas are known for. The difference in your plants’ genetics will also give them varying patterns of growth. Sativa pot seeds will typically grow much taller and slimmer than indica plants, which can sometimes make them more difficult to grow indoors. Sativa marijuana buds will also be significantly smaller and thinner than most indica buds due to their growth patterns. Because sativa cannabis is more often found growing in warmer and wetter climates, you’ll want to do your best to emulate this when growing your sativa cannabis seeds. For most sativa strains, you’ll want to keep them in higher temperatures of anywhere between seventy and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity should also be higher at levels of around 40% to 60% in order to keep them hydrated enough to withstand the heat.

Buy Indica Seeds Bulgaria

On one side of the spectrum you have sativa, and on the other you have indica. Every strain has some balance of indica and sativa in its genetics. Nearly every seed has a little bit of both, but every once in a while you may find a strain that’s nearly a pure indica or pure sativa. All of our outstanding indica cannabis seeds will give you some of the more relaxing and calming effects that marijuana can provide. These seeds will need a bit less in terms of humidity and temperature. This is because they are often found in places that are drier and cooler, such as mountainous or rocky regions. This can sometimes make indica strains a bit easier to cultivate than sativa strains. Another quality that may make it easier to grow these varieties is their size. All cannabis strains have a certain pattern of growth. Where sativa strains usually grow larger and thinner, indica cannabis seeds actually grow shorter, wider and bushier than their cousins. This can make these varieties particularly easy to grow inside, as they are much less likely to grow into your roof. You can also use some of the most common growing methods to help grow your indoor plants in a more effective manner. When consuming indica marijuana buds, you’re likely to feel effects that will hit you in a slower, more relaxed manner. Buds grown from indica cannabis seeds usually give you a euphoric and heady high, along with strong psychedelic effects. Buds from Indica pot seeds are typically known to cause a strong body high as well, which may give you a heavy or weighted feeling. Many smokers call this couch lock, and while it’s not good for getting much done, it’s fantastic for getting some much needed rest from injury or exercise, or getting a good night’s sleep.

Germinating Seeds in The Land of Roses

Germinating your seeds will give your cannabis plants the best possible chance at growing into full plants. This process is essentially a method of coaxing the first small root out of your seeds. While it’s not necessary and you could technically just plant your seeds right off the bat, it helps immensely, and most growers don’t bother growing their marijuana without completing this first essential step. Seed germination will give your seeds that first push in order to get them to the seedling stage, where they can begin properly growing and establishing a root base and foliage. There are several methods you can use to germinate your seeds, and they all have varying rates of success and reliability. Some growers swear by their chosen germination method, so it’s best to try some and see which ones you see the most success with. One of the methods that has proven to be one of the most reliable is the paper towel method. This method uses very little materials as well as very little setup, so it’s a great choice for any grower to use. All you need to do is dampen a few pieces of paper towel and place them onto a plate. After this, you can place your seeds on the paper towel with about an inch of space between them. Dampen a few more pieces of paper towel, place them on top and then cover up your seeds with an object like a bowl or another plate. As long as they stay in a dark and temperate place, they will begin germinating. Once you see a seed sprouting its first small root, you can take it out of germination along with any others that have sprouted and plant it into your growing medium.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Land of the Thracians

To grow from seed is much easier of a task than it may seem. In the end, these fascinating plants are not much different than any other regular plants, and if you give them what they need they will typically do just fine. You will have to match the preferred growing conditions of your plants, and this can be done through natural or artificial means. The local climate in Bulgaria will usually provide a warm enough summer growing season to grow marijuana either indoors or outdoors. Because of the typically very cold fall and winter months, you should make sure to harvest your plants a bit sooner before the weather begins to turn, as it may stunt the last stages of your plants’ growth. Many strains, especially autoflowering seeds, will be able to tolerate up to twenty-four full hours of light per day and use it to grow efficiently. Another important part when you grow pot seeds at home is making sure that they stay hydrated. This involves not only regular watering, but also maintaining proper moisture levels in the air. Humidity should be kept somewhere between 40% and 60% to maintain your plants’ health. In order to easily grow pot seeds, you should keep them in growing mediums that are mobile. You can sometimes grow them in the ground outdoors, but it’s always best to grow your cannabis seeds in medium size pots. These pots should be around three to five gallons, which will give your plants enough space while keeping them easy to move. This allows you to move them as needed whenever there are changes in weather or something in your grow room needs to be adjusted. As long as all of these rules are followed, you should have no problem bringing your plants to fruition and collecting a large harvest.

Grow in a Green House

When growing your own cannabis, you may be stuck between indoor growing and outdoor growing. Your indoor grow area may not have enough space available, while your outdoor grow area might not provide the correct climate for growing marijuana. Luckily for growers there’s a middle ground, and it comes in the form of greenhouse growing. Using a greenhouse to grow your own cannabis provides some of the greatest benefits of both of these situations. These tools can be an invaluable asset to bring your growing experience to the next level and save a grow that might not have the best conditions for your plants. Because greenhouses offer a protected growing space, you’re able to grow your plants in these structures in harsh climates. They will give you the ability to fully protect your plants from the elements no matter how difficult your local environment might be. Because these structures also trap heat and humidity, they make it much easier to maintain your growing conditions. You will still have to maintain conditions though, so you can use a couple different instruments to help keep track of what your growing conditions are like. A hygrometer and a thermometer will help you track both humidity and temperature, and because they’re so small they can be attached to anywhere inside your greenhouse area. You can use automated systems to help maintain heat and humidity such as heaters or humidifiers, or you can do it manually using spray bottles and artificial lighting. Additionally, a greenhouse can be used to grow nearly any other plant as well. Alongside your cannabis plants, you can grow fruits and vegetables, giving it multiple uses and increasing the value of it. You can also purchase them or build them to keep things cost effective and easy.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Growing your cannabis plants in a grow tent will offer a whole new host of benefits over other growing methods. In a simple sense, grow tents can provide many of the same advantages that you can get out of a greenhouse, as well as some of the benefits of indoor growing. Using grow tents strikes a very strange middle ground that can cater to some of the most niche needs of cannabis growers. Likely one of the most important benefits of using a grow tent is the fact that it allows you to save valuable space on an indoor grow. If you don’t have enough space inside your home to make a grow room, using a tent can completely solve this problem, without having to move your grow outdoors. You can place a grow tent in an inconspicuous spot in your home to make a localized, sealed grow room. Unfortunately, most grow tents are rather small, but they are still large enough to grow at least a few plants in. Most smaller grow tents you find will typically only be about a square meter large, but this is big enough for anywhere up to nine small plants. You can find grow tents at many hydroponics stores or on their websites that can get up to a few square meters, giving you a much larger area if you can fit it inside your home. You can use all the same instruments in a grow tent as you can with other growing methods such as a greenhouse or indoor growing. Place a thermometer and a hygrometer inside to keep track of the grow conditions, and install airflow in order to refresh the air and stop any chance of the pungent smell seeping into your home.

Grow Outdoors

Cultivating your weed outdoors can be a more or less difficult task depending on one key factor. Your local weather will determine whether or not growing your marijuana outside will be an option for you. Of course, bad weather patterns are to be expected, and there are usually ways you can compensate for this if it occurs. But if you have consistently bad weather, using indoor growing, a greenhouse or a grow tent may be a better option for you. Should you decide to begin growing outside, you will likely want to grow your plants in pots. This allows them to stay mobile and at a reasonable size to be harvested. Growing your marijuana seeds in the ground is possible, but it requires a lot more preparation. Doing this also means that they will be mercilessly subjected to the weather, so if there’s bad weather you’ll have to take extra steps to protect them since they can’t be moved. For these reasons, you’ll want to plant your seeds in pots ranging in size from anywhere between three to five gallons. You may go a bit larger in order to give your plants a bit more space if you’d like them to grow larger. This will also require you to give them extra nutrients and minerals so that they have ingredients to grow larger and lusher foliage from. If you are growing your own marijuana outside, you no longer have to worry about whether they are photoperiod or autoflowering strains. Except for specific cases, you can usually grow both photoperiod and autoflower seeds the same way, because they will follow the natural patterns of the sun. Using outdoor growing, you can expect substantially larger yields thanks to the presence of the natural environment and true sunlight nourishing your seeds.

Growing Indoors

Growing your own cannabis inside can typically be regarded as easier than growing outside. Naturally, this depends on your experience with the craft, as well as your specific home and how easily it would be for you to fit a grow operation inside. You’ll likely want to reserve an entire room for your grow operation, as this makes it easier to seal off and stop bad smells and other irritants from making their way into the rest of your home. When growing marijuana indoors, you should plant all of your seeds in pots about three to five gallons large. You should place them all together in order to utilize the space you have as efficiently as possible. Use a growing method such as Screen of Green or Sea of Green to further optimize your grow space, allowing your foliage to spread evenly and create as much space as possible to grow buds on. The grow method you use will depend on the growth patterns of your plant. For taller, thinner plants, you should use Screen of Green. Smaller and broader plants, usually indicas, will do better with the Sea of Green method. Make sure that you have all the necessary instruments to keep your growing conditions optimal. A hygrometer and thermometer will tell you everything you need to know about the moisture levels and temperature inside your grow room. Using artificial lighting will require you to turn it on and off at certain times, though you can also purchase a timer and connect it to your lights to have them do this automatically. Since your plants won’t be receiving any nutrients from the outside world, make sure to have more than enough organic fertilizers and other nutritious additives to keep your plants nourished.


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    The Best Seed Bank Bulgaria, BG

    Purchasing from seed banks can be risky business if you’re not familiar with all of the options in your area. If you’re searching for seed banks in Bulgaria, many seed banks in the country may not offer any shipping at all, despite being very close. This can lead to growers having to account for additional costs of travel to go pick up their seeds. When working with a smaller seed bank, you may even need to go back and forth, waiting for updates to the catalog or refreshing of their inventory. While many don’t consider this to be a large obstacle, the costs of traffic, fuel and even vehicle repairs can quickly add up to more than it might be worth. Working with the best marijuana seed bank you can find in Bulgaria will help alleviate these costs and make the process a whole lot easier for everyone. Kind Seed is happy to ship our seeds to anywhere in Europe, making it extremely easy for you to place an order. All you have to do is go through our catalog, find the cannabis seeds you would like, and place your order. If you run into any issues or concerns during ordering or checking out the website, there’s nothing to worry about. Working with our certified seed bank grants you access to our entire customer support team, and they’re ready to take any inquiries you might have during your experience with us. Using the finest seed banks can help avoid many of the minor inconveniences and problems that many other smaller seed banks can be plagued with. Our full customer support team, as well as our fast shipping and unbeatable seed quality, will have you convinced that there’s nowhere better to go for your pot seed needs.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Bulgaria

    Autoflowering seeds are absolutely one of the greatest opportunities for growers of all kinds. These seeds don’t discriminate, and they’re a fantastic choice whether you’re brand new to the craft or you’ve been growing your own pot for decades. Kind Seed has autoflower cannabis seeds for sale throughout our entire catalog, so you have many different choices when it comes to auto seeds. The finest property of these seeds is that they no longer require their grower to begin the flower stage. All you have to do is plant these seeds, and they’ll take care of the rest. Where photoperiod seeds would typically require you to reduce their lighting hours to begin budding, autoflower plants will take all the light they can get, all the way until full maturity. This can be incredibly useful if you’re particularly forgetful or not so good at keeping track of information regarding your grow. Even if you simply don’t have much time to be able to grow your cannabis, autoflowering seeds can help. They will allow you to completely forget tracking ages and lighting hours, giving you the opportunity to simply plant and forget them. In addition to these outstanding benefits, they also have a couple other useful tools. An autoflowering seed will also harbor some very hardy genes. Thanks to cannabis ruderalis, the lineage that these genetics come from, most autoflowering strains will have an increased resistance to natural threats. Cold weather, bugs, disease and other threats will be no match for these plants, as they can shrug off all but the worst ailments. This is what makes them an amazing choice for growing outside as opposed to other varieties. If a particularly bad weather pattern rolls in, your autoflowering plants will have more than enough vitality to survive until you get a chance to help them out.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Bulgaria

    In many countries in the European Union, it can be difficult to get seeds across the border and to your home. Getting to a physical seed bank in Bulgaria can be even more difficult depending on where in the region you live. It may require you to travel long distances and pay tolls or take alternative forms of travel over driving. Something that many growers experience is having to go back and forth from a seed bank in order to get the exact seeds they want, which can multiply your travel costs. What suits many growers best is a seed bank that can ship to Europe. Not only does Kind Seed offer shipping cannabis seeds to the EU, but we also do it in record time. As soon as your order is complete, we’ll begin packing up your seeds and sending them your way. You can have them ordered straight to your doorstep, so there’s no nonsense having to pick them up from another location. Additionally, all of our seeds will be shipped in discreet packaging. There’s no need to worry about your neighbors or family wondering what you’re up to, as our seed packages will have no noticeable branding or labels. They’re also secure, so you know your seeds will make it all the way to your home in Bulgaria unscathed. The packages will keep your seeds safe and dry, so they’ll be ready to plant as soon as you receive them. All you have to do is start your order by searching through our catalog. Find the seeds you’d like, then add them to your cart and go to the checkout. Enter only the basic shipping information which is stored on our secure servers. After this, your seeds will be shipped out to Europe as soon as your order is received by our warehouse.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Bulgaria

    When working with seed banks, it’s absolutely essential that you know who you’re purchasing from. Using a reputable seed bank can make all the difference in your grow, whether it’s immediately apparent or not. Sometimes you can end up having to wait long periods of time or having to go back and forth with a seed bank trying to get your hands on the seeds you want. Even if everything goes smoothly, somewhere down the road your cannabis seeds or plants may experience disease or genetic defects because of low quality seeds. Kind Seed works to completely eliminate this risk, which is why we’ve held a good reputation in the cannabis industry for decades. Our seeds are sourced only from some of the highest quality breeders and growers you’ll find across the globe. We’ve partnered with growers who are both experienced and dedicated to their craft, so you’ll only receive seeds that are of the finest quality in the industry. Additionally, working with a seed bank that’s held in high regard will give you the opportunity to work with our dedicated customer service team. Any questions or concerns that you might have will be answered by our team in no time at all. Working with a well-known seed bank will also give you access to a huge catalog of options. Our inventory ranges across over one hundred different strains, so it’s nearly a guarantee that you’ll find the exact strain you’ve been looking for. When you’ve chosen your strain, simply place an order at any time during the day and it will be filled as soon as our team gets back into the office. After this, we’ll ship off your seeds and they will soon arrive right to your home no matter where in Europe you reside.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    There are a few different reasons why people might use different terminology when searching for marijuana seeds for sale. Oftentimes this is because of legality in their area, which might lead growers to use more covert terms like weed seeds for sale or pot seeds for sale. Using these terms might not lead you to exactly the places you’d like to go, but any professional cannabis seed bank like Kind Seed Co will try their best to make sure that you find your way. You might also have to search for marijuana seeds for sale by getting more specific with your region. Since many cannabis seed banks don’t ship to the EU, it can be beneficial to try and find seed banks that are close to your region or willing to ship longer distances. Such search terms like seeds for sale in the European Union will lead you to the right places. If you’re looking to buy seeds in the EU, you’ve made it to the right spot, as Kind Seed ships to everywhere throughout Europe. You can order seeds anywhere in the EU and have them shipped from KS straight to your home, no extra work needed. There are many other terms that growers use to try and stealthily find the marijuana seeds for sale that they’re looking for. Many seed banks that offer weed seeds for sale may also use terminology such as dope, grass or herb. Among some of the most popular terms people use for finding weed seeds for sale, you’ll find pot, chronic or ganja. There are tons of ways you can look for these special seeds, and we’ll give you the best chance at finding them. If you’ve made it here, you can order pot seeds from anywhere in Bulgaria and have them sent to your door.

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