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Kind Seed is so happy to offer cannabis seeds for sale to discerning growers in Czechia. The climate might make growing in the Czech Republic harder than in Italy or Greece, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult! Especially when it comes to indoor personal growing of cannabis, the ability of Czech potheads to grow their own means that black market growers have an uphill battle. There’s no way to create strangleholds where Czech buyers are forced to put up with inferior products. Kind Seed has been in the business of providing people all over the world with high quality cannabis seeds for sale since the mid 90s. We used to put out full page ads in High Times magazine to let people know that we were a bonafide source of top of the line genetics. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever for our potential customers to reach us any time of day or night from anywhere on the globe to peruse our eleven dozen different strains of cannabis seeds for sale. Whether people are looking for classic sativa strains like Durban Poison, Blue Dream, and Chocolate Thai to grow up tall, or they’re after some modern indica hybrids like Grease Monkey, Blackberry Moonrocks, or Skywalker Ghost Kush, we’ve got something for everyone. Our one hundred and forty plus strains of cannabis seeds for sale include two dozen strains of cannabis that we’ve slowly bred over our nearly thirty years in the business based on the common denominators that many of our customers are looking for. We have strains for depression and strains for sleep, stains for anxiety and those that make people feel more creative. Supplying top of the line cannabis seeds for sale for as long as we have, it’s easy to help people find exactly what they need.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Czech Republic from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale CZ

High THC strains have spawned their own subculture of cannabis enthusiasts. Strains with upwards of thirty percent THC are now somewhat common, and cannabis concentrates that push that number even further are proliferating and gaining in popularity every day. We have a variety of high THC seeds for sale, both famous strains and those that are a part of our exclusive Kind Seed products. Our Kind THC line consists of two strains, each with an autoflowering and feminised version. Kind THC 1 is a balanced hybrid that has a calming and relaxing high good for all sorts of pain and inflammation as well as PTSD and mood swings. Its taste is described as a mix of lemon, diesel, cheese, and chocolate flavors. Kind THC 2 is an euphoric indica-dominant strain with a stimulating yet peaceful high and an earthy but sweet flavor marked by notes of citrus. Kind THC 1 has between nineteen and twenty-eight percent THC, while Kind THC 2 has between eighteen and thirty percent. We also carry a variety of other potent THC strains including Star Killer with twenty-eight percent THC and Skywalker Ghost Kush between twenty-two and twenty-eight percent THC. Feminised Mimosa has between twenty-four and thirty percent THC, while Peanut Butter Breath has roughly twenty-six percent. GMO is another high THC strain, with between twenty-six and twenty-eight percent. We also carry famous strains like Girlscout Chemdawg, Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner and Banner 2.0, Chocolate Thai, Quarter Pounder, Candyland Peyote, Grandaddy Banner, and the notorious Grease Monkey. All of these strains carry THC in the mid to high twenties, even up to thirty percent, and have made huge splashes on the high THC flower, concentrates, and edibles markets for years now. When the world goes looking for the highest THC, most dank seeds for sale, Kind Seed is the place to find them.

Buy Sativa Seeds Bohemia

Sativa cannabis seeds are said to grow plants that promote cerebral, exciting, and euphoric highs according to popular wisdom. However, sativa cannabis seeds are better described as growing plants of a certain stature, rather than plants that create a certain effect. Kind Seed carries four dozen different sativa-dominant strains including a pure sativa version of Durban Poison. Though there isn’t as strict a delineation between sativas and indicas in terms of effects, especially in this age of hybrids, most sativa strains are known for their uplifting, daytime suitable effects. Our Kind Sativa strains, particularly Kind Sativa Two, have this kind of uplifting and motivational effects. We bred these sativa pot seeds specifically for users who battle things like depression or PTSD, who use cannabis to get away from their heavy feelings for a while. KS 2 has a sweet, tropical fruit and citrus flavor. Kind Sativa 1 is a more relaxing and pain killing strain that still has uplifting traits to help daytime users focus and stay on task. One of our Kind Sativa Outdoor varieties is also a sativa, with a moderate THC amount and a creative and energizing effect that works wonders on stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. If customers are looking for something more traditional, we carry favorites like Blue Dream, Skunk 1, Jack Herer, Trainwreck, and a host of Hazes including Super Silver and Neville’s. Our versions of Bruce Banner and Banner 2.0, AK47, and NY Diesel, among others, are also mold resistant, meaning growers can worry a little less about watching the plants like a hawk for signs of rot at the end of their flowering period. Sativa cannabis seeds tend to grow plants on the tall side, so indoor growers may want to make sure they have space to accommodate tall plants before they begin.

Buy Indica Seeds Czech Republic

Indica cannabis seeds grow plants that are shorter, bushier, and more resilient than their sativa counterparts. It’s easy to tell a pure indica by its wide set leaf fingers that sprout as either five or seven digits. Pure sativas sprout more digits, closer to nine points, and ruderalis plants grow three to five spikes on their stereotypically cannabis-looking leaves. People who like indicas are often smoking them for their soprofic or analgesic effects. Indica cannabis seeds are thought of as being mellower and sometimes easier to grow than sativas. These are loose guidelines, especially now in the era of hybrids when plants express a much more varied range of phenotypes. KS carries several pure indicas, including the original high resin producing plants like Afghan and Grandaddy Purple. Indica cannabis seeds are ideal for indoor growers due to their shorter stature and, often, shorter vegetating periods. Our boutique line of Kind strains boast several indicas, including some of our easy to grow, high THC, and outdoor lines. Kind Indica 2 is a potent and relaxing strain with a creative bent that helps ease the symptoms of mood disorders, inflammation, lack of appetite, and fibromyalgia. Kind Indica 4 is a giggly and euphoric strain that attacks inflammatory pain and social anxiety. Kind Indica 1 might not settle the stomach the way the others do, but it will whisk pain and stress away very fast. Customers looking for indica pot seeds to grow in their garden will revel in our wide selection of seventy-five different strains of indica-dominant hybrids, plus four other purely indica strains. In addition to our stellar lineup of artisanal strains, we also carry a huge selection of both autoflowering and feminised classics like Mazar, White Widow, White Rhino, Chemdawg, Super Skunk, and Critical Kush. We even carry autoflowering Columbian Gold!

Germinating Seeds in Czechia

Germinating Kind Seed is most successful when the seeds have been treated with care before and during the process. The paper towel method is the most trusted method of seed germination, and has the added benefit of being very low tech in its approach. All that’s needed are a warm, dark, safe spot to keep the seeds, some clean distilled water, two ceramic plates, and some clean paper towels. Begin by soaking the seeds overnight in a glass of the distilled water. This step is not always necessary, so don’t worry if it’s not possible. Second, lay out some paper towels on a plate and get them wet. This is best done with a clean spray bottle. Make sure it has no residue from other substances in it before pouring the water in. Use the mist setting to get the paper towels wet enough to be moist to the touch, but not so wet that they’re dripping all over the place or leaving puddles on the plate when picked up. Arrange each seed on the paper towels, leaving space for them to germinate without running into one another. An inch of space in circumference is adequate. Cover the seeds with another wet paper towel, and cover the works with another ceramic plate. Put the plate upside down and secure it with some painter’s tape or an elastic or a scarf if need be. The objective is to create a microclimate that’s warm and moist but not airtight so that seeds will germinate. After twenty-four to seventy-two hours, the seeds should begin to sprout. It will take between six and seven days for them to reach a size suitable to be transferred to a seedling arrangement. Sprouts don’t have roots to pick up water from, so keep the relative humidity near sixty-five percent.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Bohemia

The best way by far to get high quality cannabis in Czechia is to grow pot seeds. Black market cannabis in the area is generally brought in from Germany and is often low quality and has trouble with mold. Owning up to five plants is decriminalized in the country, and while it’s not legal to smoke in public, the use of cannabis is widespread and socially acceptable in most places. Gloomy winters and year-round high humidity means that it can sometimes be difficult to grow outdoor varieties in Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, especially those that require longer growing periods. It might not even be safe to grow pot seeds outdoors until late May in many cases due to bad weather. It’s recommended that our Czech customers take advantage of our wide range of autoflowering seeds if they intend to cultivate their plants outside or using a greenhouse. This will cut down enormously on failed crops and growing problems associated with more fickle plants that require lighting switches and sparse humidity. Many of these plants are also highly resistant to mold, and some even like some extra humidity. Growing indoors is a real option, however. Especially if intending to grow from seed all year round, it’s very wise to put together either a small grow tent or a space in a secure greenhouse with a heater. In the dreary winters of Czechia, cannabis plants will need extra lights. Even in the summer, they can give plants that little extra boost to make crops even better. Thanks to innovations in LED technology, growing lights are no longer the expensive, hot, and energy-sucking monsters they used to be, and it’s possible to grow cannabis using LEDs almost entirely. Finally, to get incredible cannabis flowers it’s necessary to have incredible genetics from Kind Seed.

Grow in a Green House

Greenhouse growing is a fabulous idea in Czechia, where outdoor growing can be risky but indoor growing can be a lot of work. Greenhouse growing allows one to use sunlight to cut down on lighting and heating bills while also keeping plants safe from excessive moisture and random herbivore attacks. Using companion planting in greenhouses can help to keep soil healthy, deter pests, and mask the smell of cannabis in the greenhouse. Using living soil can also help to eliminate the risk of microscopic pests especially, that thrive around warm cannabis plants. If there are too many good bacteria and microorganisms living in the soil, the bad ones will have a harder time getting a foothold. When growing photoperiod plants using outdoor methods, greenhouses are a fabulous way to construct a secure lightproof space for plants to stay overnight. They’ll be more secure than if they are just in a tent outside. Greenhouse growing also gives the ability to use extra LED lights in the event that the sun is not quite doing enough, or if summer is especially rainy. A combination of white, blue, and red LEDs are very common nowadays and can be quite an inexpensive way of boosting the growth of flowers. In the same vein, humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be used in combination with oscillating fans to strictly control humidity, just like one would indoors. For lower tech solutions that don’t require a lot of power, try leaving a cup of water near the plant to be evaporated into the air, or creating a cross-breeze in the greenhouse until such a time as the humidity has lowered. Air filtration going in and out of the greenhouse can also be a helpful way of keeping smell, humidity, and pests within manageable levels.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Growing tents have become a popular way to grow a personal amount of plants without having to worry about the stink or the visibility of plants tipping off people who may not be okay with it. They typically consist of a light proof and waterproof outside, a white or reflective inside, an air filtration system or space for one, enough room for an oscillating fan and a set of lights, and space to place a hygrometer and a thermometer, all enclosed with an entrance secured with a zipper. Kits that come with everything except seeds and soil are available for roughly four hundred dollars American. Many of these tents are equipped with LED arrays instead of the traditional grow lights, which cuts down on heat issues. Tents come in several sizes that can hold between one and five plants. It’s possible to use fewer plants and train one to take up the space of two to three, horizontally, using a Screen of Green method. This method lays a horizontal mesh to keep vegetation low, and combined with proper trimming and some weaving around the mesh, will train plants in a week or two to grow sideways instead of up. Bud sites are then woven through the mesh so they are able to reach the bright lights above, giving them space to fluff out and soak up what they need. It’s important to have at least two feet squared of space for each plant, plus three to five feet of height. Small tents easily fit inside a closet or corner of a room for more compact indoor growing. Larger tents take up a fair amount of space, but can provide an easy setup for growers who don’t need an entire room or warehouse to grow five plants.

Grow Outdoors

Autoflowering plants are perfect for Czechia when growing outdoors in the late spring and summer. Especially if they’re put in pots with rolling castors in a space where they can be brought in from the occasional rain, a couple of hardy plants will really thrive. Growing plants in organic living soil is ideal, with a combination of coco coir, loam, active charcoal or even crustacean shells for advanced soil composers, though perlite and vermiculite are also used. Most seasoned gardeners have their own preferred soil mix for tropical plants. Keeping soil hovering around a pH of 6.2 is ideal, with anything below 5.5 or above 6.5 being dangerous for the plants. Be sure to save germination until after the last frost, and then only put plants out overnight once temperatures are regularly above fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Having a backup of some LED lights for any gloomy days is well worth the investment. Watch out for pests like aphids and spider mites that are attracted to the resin on the young cannabis flowers and will ruin a crop in a matter of weeks. Encourage lacewings and ladybirds to stay near the plants to eat these pests. Grow cannabis plants in a garden with other plants to help mask the smell and look of them, especially in highly visible spaces where someone might take offense. Basil, lavender, dill, chamomile, beans, and sunflowers are all plants used to mask the smell, hide the presence of, or deter pests from cannabis plants outdoors. Squashes and tomatoes are useful to plant around but not right beside cannabis, as they can attract powdery mildew or compete for space, respectively. If planting cannabis directly into a planter or garden bed, growing potatoes and carrots around the base of the plants will help to aerate the soil.

Growing Indoors

Growing indoors is a fabulous way to have better control over a growing situation. It can also provide a discreet way to grow larger amounts of cannabis much closer to urban centers. It’s important to clean and seal up a space before beginning, to make sure that there are no light or smell leaks in the space. This also prevents pests like insects and prohibition-happy neighbors from ruining the fun. Make sure the space has one central vent in and one central vent out in terms of air. Modifying these vents with charcoal-scrubbing filters will help tamp down on any smells escaping and prevent harmful microbes and insects from entering the space. Controlling humidity, temperature, and light is another benefit to growing indoors. Cannabis plants generally like heat between sixty-eight and seventy-eight degrees during growing, with temperatures as high as the mid-eighties and as low as the mid-fifties common for different strains. Relative humidity is another essential component of an environment that can make or break a growing space. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are easy to get for smaller spaces and can go a long way in making sure the space is suitable for growing. Plants like high humidity, around sixty-five percent, when they are young and don’t have great root systems for taking water yet. As they mature, humidity should be slowly lowered until it’s in the low-forties or high thirties as the plants become ready to harvest. Humidity errors are one of the biggest causes of plants rotting and also plants being stunted, since humidity controls the exchange of gasses by plants in the daytime. When growing indoors with traditional lights, heat and space allowances will need to be made. Plants should never be closer than a foot to traditional bulbs. LED arrays are becoming very popular partially for this reason.


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    The Best Seed Bank Czech Republic, CZ

    Czech citizens looking to seed their five plants want to find the best marijuana seed bank, and while the Czech Republic is not a terrible place to be for cannabis growers or users, it’s a tough place for cannabis businesses to survive. Businesses that open up purporting to sell high quality cannabis seeds are raided quickly, tend to have inconsistent supplies, or are beholden to the black and grey markets to provide their wares. It’s also a hassle to have to track these places down and get in contact with them, since they often work semi-clandestinely and are only really available though word of mouth. That’s why Kind Seed aims to provide Czechia, and all of Europe in fact, with high quality and verifiable cannabis genetics straight from the legal markets of America. The benefits of buying from a seed bank in a country where cannabis is legal are numerous, and include exploring all the innovations and advancements that an open market brings. Kind Seed knows a lot about being a trustworthy seed bank. We’ve been in the business since 1994, back when we were putting full page ads out in High Times. Now we’re on the internet, after a period of retooling our product line to adjust to the legal market and its opportunities. We’ve assembled a diverse, but optimized, group of nearly one hundred and fifty strains that are truly worth our name. That includes twenty-eight strains we’ve made ourselves in response to the kinds of feedback our customers have given us over the years. They target different user bases, like people looking for energetic highs, those looking for sleep aids, and those looking for fun. We’re partnered with Blimburn Seeds, who are making some very exciting products. This is all to say that Kind Seed really knows what we’re talking about.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Czech Republic

    Autoflowering plants have evolved a lot since we’ve been around, and today’s automatically flowering plants are the easiest way to get quality crops. It’s common knowledge that there are two different groups of cannabis plants, the sativas and the indicas. A third kind of cannabis, known as ruderalis, is lesser known because of its lack of high THC resin producing capabilities. They’re local to the unpredictable mountain regions of Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and they’re much smaller than their tropical counterparts. Most importantly, ruderalis plants flower based on their age rather than a change in photoperiod. They’ve been successfully crossed with the THC producing cannabis plants known to consumers. This produced groups of plants that don’t require lighting changes to grow yields of potent crops. Growing outdoors in the summer in the Czech Republic, autoflowering seed are the most hassle-free way to get the perfect batch of high potency cannabis flowers regardless of the weather. Their faster flowering time and resistance to excess humidity make them ideal for temperate and humid continental summers. Autoflowering plants are recommended for beginner to novice horticulturalists still focused on getting the basics of cultivation down. Kind Seed has spent some of our time away from the internet fine tuning our lineup, and we now have an impressive group of autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. Our line includes eighty-three of the strains cannabis heads know and love, all with flowering times of twelve weeks or less. We’ve got Autoflowering Afghan, Runtz, Blueberry, Super Silver Haze, and Trainwreck Seeds. We even carry Acapulco Gold in an autoflowering version. Fourteen of our twenty-eight Kind Seed exclusive strains are also autoflowering, making accessing our high-quality strains even easier for beginner growers. Each one of our artisanal strains comes in both a photoperiod and an automatic flowering variety.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Czech Republic

    Thanks to the advent of Canadian and American legalization, all the most innovative products in the wide world of cannabis are here. The legalization of recreational cannabis across North America has given cannabis enthusiasts and medical users alike a plethora of new avenues of use and a glut of scientifically tested evidence regarding the efficacy of cannabis therapy for various ailments. Kind Seed is eager to ship to Europe all the genetic wonders of the New World, or in some cases the glow-ups of heirloom European, Asian, and African strains, to personal use growers in the Czech Republic. Our new website makes ordering high quality cannabis in one’s own time easier than ever, and buying internationally has never been this stress-free. Czech cannabis growers may not be able to simply wander down to their local dispensary to find all the latest and greatest products. But with a little bit of research, perseverance, and investment it’s possible to grow them oneself! Peruse our selection at any time and select desired products from over one hundred and forty styles, including twenty-four exclusive strains we made ourselves based on our decades of experience in the seed game. We ship rapidly, discreetly, and securely to the Czech Republic, and it’s possible to track the package as it makes its way through the postal system. Our seeds arrive in unassuming containers, even though it’s totally legal to buy and ship these seeds internationally. From there, it’s easy to grow exceptional quality cannabis privately. Why try to get seeds that may or may not be a rip off from a black-market grower, or from someone who may not handle seeds properly, or seed with no verifiable way to know what strain they are, when it’s so easy to order the exact seeds required right here?

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Czech Republic

    Since 1994, Kind Seed has been in the business of high-quality cannabis seeds sold with integrity. And we know that the most important thing to check, to see if a seed seller is a reputable seed bank or just another dud, is the depth and accuracy of the information they give their customers. The real deal is not going to tell people that all of their seeds will definitely germinate. Seed geneticists worth their salt will say that seeds are delicate packages that need careful attention and a specific germination method. A guarantee of anything over ninety percent, especially if it doesn’t come with specific germination instructions, is not worth its weight. Seed houses that also don’t provide a lot of specific information about their products, or seem to focus on selling language rather than real advice, should be avoided. Not all seeds are created equal, and reputable seed banks know that not every seed is the dankest or highest producer.  Thanks to the internet, it’s fairly easy to figure out which seed houses are worth their money and which ones are blowing smoke, so to speak. With a little bit of researching, the history and track record of any given company can be found in a matter of minutes. It’s worth it to read the reviews of different seed houses online, as many places around the web have informative customer review threads. Often the places that sell the best seeds are the ones who have been around the longest, not to toot our own horn. There is something to be said for being able to stay in the business for a long time, and it often speaks to an ability to provide quality product and respectful customer care that inspires repeat buyers. Doing some research can go a long way.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    The internet is vast and complicated. It used to be that one could type weed seeds for sale into a search engine and find a couple of the same old sites, ours among them. Nowadays, everyone and their grandmother is selling seeds. But where discerning horticulturalists go when looking for the best pot seeds for sale? They come to Kind Seed. The word pot, when used colloquially to refer to cannabis flowers, is short for potiguaya. Potiguaya is short for potación de guaya and it’s a weed-infused alcohol made in Mexico. The shortened form was anglicized in America in the twentieth century as a slang for cannabis flowers. Kind Seed knows weed, and we have eleven dozen strains of marijuana seeds for sale. The etymology of marijuana is much harder to pinpoint. Some say it comes from the Chinese ma ren hua, which means hemp seed flower. It was first recorded in its current form as part of a mocking political song during the Mexican Revolution, sung by the troops of Pancho Villa. After almost thirty years of running a cannabis seed bank, it’s important to really know what we’re talking about. Consumers looking for weed seeds for sale will love our selection of autoflowering and feminised strains. Kind Seed runs a finely curated line of seeds for sale in the European Union that can’t be beat. While fewer people might be typing marijuana seeds for sale in favor of 420, Alien, Gorilla, Kush, Durban Poison, Tangie, we’re still here providing the best the internet has to offer. Whether they’re typing weed seeds for sale, 710 seeds, or autoflowering Banana Kush, we’ve got it. When people are looking to buy seeds in the EU, Kind Seed is the best place to head for the finest selection of marijuana seeds for sale.

    Cannabis Seed Bank Online Czech Republic

    Cannabis Seeds for Sale Czech Republic