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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Europe

The European Union is no stranger to cannabis. Indeed, some of the most cherished strains in the world have come out of the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the Ukraine, just to brush the surface. Ordering from the other side of the world may not sound like something the EU needs to do, but American cannabis seeds for sale in the EU are no longer mixed bags of maybes thanks to Kind Seed Co. We have indica cannabis seeds for sale, sativa, hybrid and CBD cannabis seeds for sale. The 420 and 710 cannabis seeds for sale at Kind Seed are amongst the most potent in the industry and we design many of our own strains. The highest yielding cannabis cultivars are creatures coveted by growers throughout the EU, and shopping our selection opens all the heavy hitting herb doors. We also offer numerous variations on many weed seeds within our charge. Currently, all of the strains we offer are feminised, to make your life easy. We offer photoperiod feminised seeds, and we house a plethora of varieties, so European breeders always have a full range of options at hand. Whether you are in the market for enough cannabis seeds for sale to take you through the next decade or are simply in the mood to flower some good old home grown in your tent, greenhouse or garage, Kind Seed Co has enough seeds for all your pursuits to reach full fruition. Bloom the high THC, high CBD, high yielding strains famous on the other side of the pond. No matter where in the EU you reside, our seeds are affordable, and our delivery is fast and direct. All the coveted cannabis strains born and bred in America are finally available in Europe, so partner up with the Kind Seed Co and grow a greener future.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Europe from Kind Seed Co

Buy THC Cannabis Seeds EU

Buying THC cannabis seeds in the EU has been a strictly European aim for generations of growers. Sure, some American houses of herb offer seeds for sale to our friends overseas, but this is the first time Kind Seed, a company dedicated to generating our own collection of unique in-house genetics, has ever endeavored to offer our stash to European markets. Whether you reside in Portugal or Prague, Amsterdam or Athens, high THC cannabis is known for its penchant for intoxicating its consumers. Our high THC seeds for sale stream broad band arousal, dizziness and euphoria, kaleidoscopic detailing of the world around you and within you. These strains elevate endo enthusiasts to lofty heights, carrying us along on plush white clouds for hours. The best THC seeds grow crops that flatten you and force you to go with the flow. Some of them are so trippy that consumers are catapulted into adolescence, laughing and giggling at the silliest things, and sometimes at nothing at all. Our collection of top THC timebombs are brimming with strains so psychedelic that heads may actually spin and many of these seeds are destined to deliver you to dreamlands beyond anything mundane. Whatever your blend of reasons for changing the way you view the world, you can find the seed to match that energy at Kind Seed Co. We offer hundreds of high THC genetics, packaged individually, wholesale or bulk, and we deliver to every municipality within the European Union. We accept numerous forms of international currency, and we pack and ship your order as soon as your payment goes through. For all types of trippy imaginings spanning the Baltic, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Kind Seed Co has every indica, sativa and high THC hybrid seed needed to cover all bases.

Buy Sativa Seeds The European Union

Where there is sweet smoke, there is usually a good time and, from early morning wake ‘n bakes to the coffee break buzz, and from the 420 fling to the pre-dinner pick me up, Kind Seed Co has all your sativa cannabis seeds needs in the bag. Sativa cannabis seeds are the more equatorial of the cannabis lineup and are an ideal companion in some of the cooler and darker climates present in the EU. They grow tall, slender, offer numerous training options in the grow space and they are known for large yields of heavily intoxicating buds. Our family of autos, fast flowering strains and photo fems has been designed with the happy go lucky consumer in mind. Some of these seeds are so striking that you need to make sure your schedule is clear before partaking of the puff. All of our autoflowers are feminised and our many CBD sativas are ideal for those who need to keep up the motivation while they’re getting the relief they need. We also carry numerous strains of sativa pot seeds. These male/female genetics are stabilized and perfectly suited to any high energy breeding pursuits you may be thinking of getting off the ground. Whether inside a controlled environment or outside under a perfect Mediterranean sun, these sativas are bound to rock your world. The European Union is a big place and is packed with tastes dialed-in to living in deserts, plains, forests, fields and, of course, the cosmopolis that spans much of the European coastline. Kind Seed Co is an industry leader in America, selling American grown seeds. If you want to try your hand at some of the best sativa cannabis seeds in the States, get in touch today. It’s easier than you might think.

Buy Indica Seeds Europe

Cannabis indica is the smaller, faster and bushier sister of sativa, and its effects are just as much a polar opposite as its structure and speed. The indica cannabis seeds we have for sale for European markets have been designed by our botanists, bred by our quality breeders, stored in ideal conditions and are ready to go into EU soils the moment they arrive at your door. Our indica cannabis seeds include auto, fast and photo fem, as well as regular strain indica pot seeds for you to play with. Make new marijuana monsters, captains of physical relief or create new indica/sativa hybrids and lay claim to greatness. Indica is known for being arousing, euphoric, calming, relaxing and sedative. Many of our strains are suited to relieving pain, inflammation, migraines, nausea and fatigue, and some can even fight cancer. Our indica lineup includes seeds that grow monstrously insane yields, with some that transform with cooler temperatures into psychedelic rainbows of color and aroma. We have indicas to lay you flat on your butts and we have some which instill mental clarity and focus. We offer the genetics that instantly sedate, and we have an array of CBD indicas that fulfill every medicinal promise you imagine them to. Buying our indica cannabis seeds from across the pond is a simple race to win. All you need to do is create an account, select your seeds, choose from our numerous and user-friendly payment options, then shoot us a message about it. We get on it right away so your indica pods arrive in short order. With the top-notch selection of genetics found nowhere else, it makes sense to trust the distributor which prides itself on not only getting you the best seeds, but on being kind in the meantime.

Germinating Seeds in EU

No matter where you live in the world, germinating a cannabis seed is simple, given you follow some basic guidelines. Though there are many methods to affect germination successfully, for seed germination in the EU, there is one particular technique which has risen above all others as unbeatable, reliable, timeless and effective. Once you have chosen your seeds and you are ready to get them growing those big bags of green, you only need a couple basic household items in place. Since your seeds travelled across the globe, your best bet is to perform an overnight soak. Take a small, clean glass of distilled water, add a couple drops of your favorite rooting hormone or trace minerals like seaweed solution and add your seeds. Place the glass in a cupboard overnight and, come the next day, your seeds should have started to soak up some liquid and will either be sitting at the bottom or floating halfway. Either is fine. Next, clean a plate and place a folded paper towel on top. Pour your seeds and solution onto the paper towel and spread out the seeds for airflow. Each seed must have the space to breathe and sprout without interruption, so space is uber important. Fold a second paper towel and place it over the top of your seeds. Lightly press down to saturate the towel with the solution, making sure that it is wet, but not soaked. If there is any remaining liquid, pour it off and place the entire package in the dark. It is critical that you maintain moisture around your seeds without soaking them or they may rot. Within two or three days, each seed should have cracked open and put out a small white taproot. Congratulations, you have germinated your seeds successfully.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The European Union

Growing cannabis in the European Union is, for the most part, illegal. Currently, cultivation is only permitted in Czechia and Spain, though there are some places which are wising up to the growing potential of pot. That being said, we are aware that some parts of Europe are famous for their weed and that herb happy citizens are banging it out en masse across the continent. Legalities aside, to grow pot seeds from Kind Seed in the EU is no massive undertaking. Home based botanical enthusiasts can take their pick of feminised autoflowers and fast flowering photoperiod strains for the famous European micro-grow. If you are one of the lucky permit holders living and growing in Europe, then to grow pot seeds, the regular, unmodified stones from Kind Seed Co, is a great idea. Those living in Cyprus are finally free to flower their own medicinal herbs, though in all legal cultivation zones, it is only legal if it’s all for you. No problem! To quietly grow from seed to flower so you and your immediate friends and family members can take a toke of some good old American genetics can be fun and exciting. Europe is, after all, where many of our most cherished cultivation innovations were born. Feminisation, autoflowers and micro-growing have all come out of what is consistently deemed the cannabis centre of the world. It is also thanks to EU cultivators that you have access to the broadest range of genetics possible. You can grab an OG seed pretty much anywhere; all of our genetics are ours. Yes, we are American, and we have our pride, but praise is given where praise is due. Europe knows what it’s doing as far as growing weed is concerned and Kind Seed is here to help!

Grow in a Green House

Europe is known to much of the world for its sunny beaches, vineyards, ancient architecture and high energy cosmopolitan metropolis. However, much of the EU is shrouded in darkness, experiences extreme cold and cannabis can’t be successfully cultivated in the open air there without some form of protection. For these climates, a greenhouse, even unheated, will generate enough of a microclimate for most growers in Europe to bud their plants without fear of losing the crop to cold. Indicas and certain hybrids do very well here in greenhouses, as do autoflowers and fast flowering strains. It is in the sativa family that we find resistance to cannabis cultivation in the colder temperate climates. Even if you live in a region which happens to be warm and sunny for much of the year, a greenhouse can take your plot from an indica and hybrid only to one which can handle sativa as well. When growing in a greenhouse, ventilation is the primary aspect to manage. Greenhouses get sticky, humid and hot, so the need for ample airflow and an extraction or ventilation plan are critical. Many pests enjoy a hot and humid environment, so some prohibitive action where critters are concerned, is always a smart idea. Regardless of the possible pitfalls of small-scale greenhouse growing, large scale greenhouses are a bit of a different story. Tall, wide, complete with lights, heat, ventilation and extraction, clean and zipped up, these palaces of outdoor herb production provide a safe and sound environment for any type of cannabis to flourish with ease. As long as you can provide each plant with enough space that it can flower freely and without interruption, a greenhouse, small or large, is the type of structure which never fails to benefit European growers, north, south, east or west.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Marijuana markets in Europe are pretty infamous worldwide. Everyone and their dog has heard of Amsterdam, High Times, and we know where the Cannabis Cup comes from. But cultivation is still a big no no throughout the majority of Europe, the Netherlands included. However, for those who are allowed to grow, who have a license for medical marijuana or who just go ahead and do what they want, growing in a grow tent makes sense. These structures come in many sizes, from a short 2x2x4 to larger 8x8x8 tents and beyond. Some are designed to include a seedling and clone compartment, one for veg and one for flowering. Other tents are just a big, dedicated dark space for you to grow whatever you like in. The point of a tent is to provide a room inside a room so you can grow weed without having to rearrange the rest of your house and life. A good grow tent should be light proof, should have a reflective interior and it should have numerous ventilation holes for fans and extraction. A quality grow tent will also have a sturdy frame for hanging lights, filters and fans and it should most definitely have a waterproof floor or tray, so moisture doesn’t leak through and affect your hardwood. Growing in a grow tent is identical to growing in a room or controlled greenhouse, but just on a smaller scale. This is the ideal environment to raise some personal autoflowers or to try your hand at fine-tuning your favorite sativa, and you can run multiple tents to perfectly manage mothers and clones, to ensure secure male quarantine, and to affect consistent crop rotations. With the seeds from Kind Seed Co and an efficient tent setup, you can grow absolutely anything.

Grow Outdoors

If you are lucky enough to live in a part of Europe where you enjoy 75℉, full sun and mid-range humidity, then chances are we don’t have to tell you that you sit in the perfect climate for growing heaps of killer weed. We toss around the term Mediterranean climate a lot in this industry. Akin to this are the Southern California climate and that of parts of Australia, as well as many parts of Asia. Depending on the strain you are hoping to grow, pretty much everywhere in the EU is fine. Ruderalis, the foundation of the autoflower, was first discovered in Siberia and Eastern Europe, growing in the cold. Indicas, known throughout the world for their intense relaxation, focus, creativity and physical relief, are capable of handling near extreme temperature fluctuations, some even fattening up through the frost. However, for the best chance at cultivating award winning sticky-icky in the great outdoors, you should be certain of a few things. Full sun all day is rule number one when growing outdoors. A close second are warmth, airflow and clean water. If you have these things in place, then you have a good natural foundation for growing gobs of high-quality green. However, soil is also of the utmost importance. Constructing a high-grade medium will work wonders for your crops and the addition of mycorrhizal fungus is imperative to root health. Some form of protection may also be necessary if you plan to flower outside and, depending on what type of weather your region experiences and what levels of natural humidity are present, some added ventilation, even in the open air, may be a necessity. Starting these amazing seeds indoors a bit early will help many throughout the EU gain ground on what may be an otherwise short growing season.

Growing Indoors

Where growing outside is a practice common to many territories throughout the world, some regions, seasons and weather systems demand that cannabis crops be cultivated indoors. The best weed in the world comes to us from a controlled environment and, though in America, indoor cultivation was a side-effect of the war on drugs. In the EU it’s just common sense. The Kind Seed Co lineup of in-house genetics is best suited to the indoor environment. No other methodologies make more sense to the bud farmer than having full say over what happens in the grow space. From lighting, to airflow, ventilation and extraction, to heat and humidity, pests, diseases, mediums, harvest, dry and cure, there is no place as perfectly suited to cultivating cannabis as inside a dedicated and controlled environment. It can cost a lot to set one of these spaces up though, and there may be quite a bit of trial and error for those new to the scene. However, once you get that room dialed in, the nutrient schedules more or less understood, and when you understand light levels, water and feed ppm and pH balance, nothing is stopping you from crushing the next Cannabis Cup. Autoflowers love it inside, though they are pretty happy anywhere. Cannabis indica can be just as colorful in a controlled space, though not half as prone to disease, infestation or infection. It is in the realm of sativas that we really see benefits when growing indoors. Much of the EU enjoys a temperate climate, so sativas are always a risk. However, in the controlled environment, where you manage every aspect of the atmosphere, it is easy to mimic natural equatorial environments, ensuring sativa success. Set up your space and begin your Kind Seed Co collection in the EU.


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    The Best Seed Bank Europe, EU

    The best marijuana seed bank for Europe, EU, is the one you can rely on, the one with the most impressive selection, the one that cares enough about seeds enough to ensure they are always kept in ideal condition. The best seed bank for the EU is one which has the strains Europeans want to grow, who has the knowledge and experience to be able to help where possible and who ships with vigor to all corners of the continent. Kind Seed Co is one such cannabis seed distributor. We love weed so much that we design our own seeds, store them in conditions suited to long-term viability, and we ship fast and direct to all corners of Europe. Our team is made up of passionate professionals who are capable of answering any of your questions. Our team of botanists comprises experience, commitment to quality and pride in each and every seed. Our online platform is simple to navigate and is packed with information about growing each one of our peerless seeds. Our eCommerce section is designed and suited to all consumers, especially the American, Canadian and European. We accept many forms of cryptocurrency and we work with a global currency service, so no matter how you need to pay, we offer a suitable service. As one of the best seed banks in the business, we ensure that your information stays safe, that your orders arrive in speedy fashion and that your seeds are ready for planting or collecting as soon as they arrive at your door. We are aware of the many marvelous seed banks scattered throughout Europe, but when you want tried and true American seeds, designed by the best for cannabis captivated cultivators all over the world, come to Kind Seed Co.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Europe

    The best autoflower seeds to be found anywhere within the boundaries of the European Union come to you directly from Kind Seed Co. Our clients enjoy the Kind Seed autoflower collection because our technicians take care to feminise each seed for simplicity in the grow space. The autoflower cannabis seeds for sale at Kind Seed Co are also unique, genuine articles, crafted by our designers and breeders to be better, faster, stronger, and more potent than the rest. Since autoflowers are so speedy, it matters little where you choose to grow them throughout Europe. That being said, some regions would do well to employ a greenhouse for added security, but with autos this is pretty much unnecessary. An autoflowering seed only needs good soil, lots of light, quality feed and clean water. Some growers say that it is okay to top an autoflower the same way you would top a photoperiod strain, but we would be remiss to agree. Sure, super autos can sometimes take it, but topping an auto is generally thought of as more of a risk than growers are comfortable with. Simply low-stress train (LST) your plants so that their branches are spread out to receive enough light for the inner nodes to thrive. Automatic cannabis strains are ideal for the at home medicinal farmer, the individual looking for a nice stash for the summer or the outdoor enthusiast who wants to add a little color and class to their garden. Whatever your reasons for growing these little automatic beauties, Kind Seed Co has the best feminised autoflowers for European markets, and we happily and gratefully ship to anywhere you need to grow.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Europe

    The Kind Seed Company is back after a five-year hiatus to follow our dream of designing and breeding our own collection of cannabis capsules for sale and safe delivery, not only throughout North America, but throughout Europe as well. That’s right people! We ship within Europe, and we guarantee quality in the same fashion as we do to those who live right next door to our facility. Venturing through our collection of top shelf genetics and choosing your seeds is an exciting experience for sure, but once you purchase your order, it’s our turn. We hand select your seeds, no matter the size of your purchase, we package them with a sprinkle of loving kindness, and we ship them directly to you, wherever you are in the EU. Though cultivation is illegal throughout much of Europe, cannabis seeds are not, so there is no concern that your packages are going to be nicked by the fuzz. Just as with your online shopping and payment experiences, we ensure that your identity remains anonymous throughout the shipping process as well. We package so that, not only do your seeds stay safe, effective and remain viable, but we ship in nondescript packaging so nobody knows what’s in the box. We expedite all packages, so they arrive fast and seeds remain ready to grow. Whether you operate using a PO Box, a private mailbox or get your mail delivered right to your door, that is just where your Kind Seed container full of top-notch seeds will be delivered. We ship direct within Europe and provide tracking numbers so you can keep an eye on your goods as they travel from point A to point B. No matter the volume, when you order from Kind Seed Co, your seeds are in good hands.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Europe

    There are many seed banks operating throughout the EU, but the question of how to buy seed from a reputable and reliable company in Europe has many answers. A reputable seed bank already has a proven track record of providing the best of the best of both seeds and service. Kind Seed Co has been finely tuned, is one of the top-rated distributors in America and we are quickly climbing the continental ladder overseas. A reliable seed company offers tier one selection, variety, diversity and numerous modifications so all sorts of growers are taken care of. A reliable cannabis seed exporter also takes great care to store their seeds in ideal conditions, and isn’t just some dude or dudette with a box of beans trying to take your hard-earned money. Kind Seed Co stores our collection in a climate-controlled facility which keeps them dormant until they are ready for shipping. A reputable company will also offer simple online product navigation and information packed pages from which you can grab all the information you need about each strain you think you’d like to grow. Kind Seed also takes responsibility in the realm of security. We make sure you stay safe from online predation from the moment you sign in to the last second you spend in our vault. A reputable seed distributor is also aware of the fact that not all seeds or growers are the same, so individual customer satisfaction is always upheld and celebrated. With all this top shelf service, prized selections and kindness across the board, you can rely on Kind Seed Co.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    Aside from any average search, such as marijuana seeds for sale in Europe, there are a million ways people search for seeds online and in person. At one time, you might have been lucky enough to find a couple bags of seeds, plant them for fun and see what popped up. Nowadays, with cannabis quality control as tight as it is throughout much of the world, finding a seed in your buds speaks to grower inexperience or error, loose ideas of what a grade-A bud should be. This is why growers and collectors search for marijuana seeds for sale, weed seeds for sale, pot seeds for sale, cannabis seed bank for Europe and seeds for sale in the European Union. When searching for high quality and specialized marijuana seeds for sale, many growers familiar with what they are in the market for will search for specific strains and not just weed seeds for sale. Regardless of how you search for the products you wish to purchase, to buy seeds in the EU is an important pursuit and is one which demands that you find the right distributor. We at Kind Seed Co have seen every type of sentence show up in our consumers’ search histories. Straight up weed seeds for sale doesn’t cut it when you demand quality, service and selection you can count on. Simply typing in Bubba seeds, Haze seeds, Jack Herer photo fem or any number of other special strain names, will cough up a plethora of options and choosing one or two is always a nerve-racking endeavor. However, for the weed seeds for sale that really make a difference, which are peerless, matchless and which take the cake time and again in markets near and far, all you need to know is Kind Seed Co.

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