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Finland may not have the kind of cannabis positive laws that other places do, but that doesn’t mean Finnish enthusiasts can’t take advantage of our fabulous cannabis seeds for sale. Kind Seed sells a variety of seeds, from White Label and Premium strains known and loved all over the world, to our exclusive line of House Strains that we curated over our decades of experience in the industry. Finnish growers looking to collect some of the finest cannabis seeds for sale in the world can browse our selection and find the perfect fit for their growing environments. We carry everything from tall sativa strains to short little pure indicas and everything in between. Our balanced hybrid cannabis seeds for sale grow plants with some of the most potent and versatile effects, suitable for all manner of uses. Those seeking to cultivate plants that are easy to grow or those that flower on their own without the help of a change in photoperiod will love our easy to grow line and wide range of autoflowering seeds. Folks seeking the kind of massively potent and sticky strains that are currently proliferating in America and Canada thanks to the legal recreational market will be delighted by our selection of high THC cannabis seeds for sale that can get as high as thirty-three percent! For those more interested in traditional plants we also have a range of classic strains like White Rhino, Critical, Afghan, and Purple Kush. We even carry harder to find cannabis strains like Trainwreck that were only available as clones for decades. Kind Seed has been in the business of selling premium cannabis seeds since 1994, and we’re finally back on the web after a short hiatus to adjust to the legal market, with a truly astounding line of cannabis seeds for sale!

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Finland from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale FI

The legalization of recreational cannabis in America has allowed a massive range of highly potent strains to proliferate. These strains can pack up to thirty-three percent THC, like the fabulous Blackberry Moonrocks. We have seeds for sale of that strain and several others that can produce upwards of twenty-five percent THC including Bruce Banner 2.0, Grease Monkey, Gorilla Glue Lemon, and Grandaddy Banner. Legalization has also given the go ahead to scientists to study the development of cannabinoids in plants. That research is still ongoing, but it’s possible that there are up to one hundred different cannabinoids in a weed plant! Many of them are not psychoactive, but can have far-reaching health effects. Cannabinoids work by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which is a part of the human nervous system that helps to regulate when we feel tired, hungry, relaxed, or in pain. We actually make cannabinoids within our bodies, called endocannabinoids, regardless of whether or not we ingest external sources of them. THC is the most well-known exo cannabinoid of all of them, with CBD becoming a close second. THC is produced in the resin of unfertilised cannabis flowers in their effort to help wind dispersed pollen stick to them better. This is the origin of the term sinsemilla, which means without seeds in Spanish. Though scientists are not yet sure why THC is produced by plants, it may have something to do with protecting them from herbivory. Plants like Afghan, of which we have seeds for sale by the way, have the power to produce massive amounts of resin partially thanks to the environment they evolved in. Plants from very hot and dry areas, like Afghanistan, may produce even more resin in order to protect the fragile parts of their flowers from UV rays.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Land of a Thousand Heroes

Sativa cannabis seeds are favourites of people who like to get high in the daytime. They can help with motivation or low moods, and often enhance the experience of activities like hiking or being creative. They tend to grow tall plants with thin leaves that have more of those stereotypical cannabis looking spikes – think of a hand with nine or even eleven fingers instead of the standard five to seven of indica and ruderalis plants. Sativa cannabis seeds are often said to grow flowers with a more cerebral and energetic effect than their indica counterparts, but this is very hard to verify nowadays when so many plants are being hybridized. It may be true that, in general, these plants will give a more energetic and uplifting high. But given that cannabis affects different people very differently, and the fact that verifying cannabis genetics has been very difficult until very recently, it’s pretty hard to say that these stereotypes are scientifically accurate even if they hold true in folk legend and use. Sativa cannabis seeds grow plants that get quite tall. These are the fifteen-foot hedges that some buyers may be looking for. For this reason, it’s very important for folks to plan their growing environment well in advance, especially if growing sativas indoors. They may not show their true colors until it’s too late to drastically change things like the height of the lights or depth of the growing medium. Sativa pot seeds get this tall by growing a deep tap root, and if they grow in a space that only provides a few inches of soil or solution to grow in, they won’t get that tall. Our line of Kind Sativa seeds are specially formulated for folks who love the effects of a true sativa. For legendary pure sativa genes, try our Durban Poison.

Buy Indica Seeds Finland

Indica cannabis seeds will grow smaller, hardier plants than our sativa seeds. While they may not get as big, these are some of the heaviest producers and most potent THC yielders around. Rather than describing the quality of the high, the distinction between indica and sativa has more to do with their growth patterns. Just about everything is a hybrid now, except for a few of our pure indica pot seeds in strains like Afghan, the original super resin producer used in concentrates and medical weed for decades now. Indicas could be said to have more of a body stone effect, and they are often more soporific than their sativa counterparts. Some of our favourite indica cannabis seeds are in the Kind line, the exclusive line of our favourite cannabis genetics. We carry seven different indicas, both with feminised and autoflowering varieties. The strongest of them is one of our Kind THC varieties that gets up to thirty percent THC when treated properly. However, several of these strains are moderate, and many of them have THC levels in the mid to high teens. Several of our Easy Grow lines are also indicas and provide relief from both mental and physical concerns in their calming yet euphoric highs. We also carry a wide range of classic indica strains for folks who’d like to stick to what they know. To be honest, we think they’re missing out, but the customer is always right, right? Our classic collection includes favourites such as Blueberry, Chemdawg, Cherry Pie, Critical Mass, G13, Great White Shark, Super Skunk, White Widow, Purple Gelato, Star Killer, and White Rhino. We even have Purple Kush and Grandaddy Purple as pure indica cannabis seeds. One look at our selection and you’ll agree that Kind Seed is the best in the business.

Germinating Seeds in The Land of a Thousand Lakes

Germinating seeds shouldn’t commence in Finland until at least late April if the plants are intended for outdoor growth. Seed germination gets a bad rap as being tricky, but what is actually at fault when seeds don’t germinate more often than not is how the seeds are treated beforehand by people who don’t know any better. That’s why it’s so important to get seeds from reputable sellers like us. Never handle seeds with bare, dirty hands unless they are going in the ground immediately. To germinate our seeds, soak them in clean and distilled water overnight first. Then take a ceramic plate and place some paper towel down on it. Spray the paper towel with clean distilled water until it’s about as wet as a makeup removal tissue or a disinfectant wipe. If there are puddles on the plate when the paper towel is lifted, they are too wet. Place each seed on the paper towel, giving them each an inch of space to grow into. Place another wet paper towel over the seeds and cover them with another ceramic plate placed upside down to create a small dome. This will become a microclimate with high humidity and warmth, but lacking light. This is the perfect space for germinating seeds. Keep this contraption in a warm dark place where the seeds won’t be disturbed or get cold at night. Check on them every day, remoisturizing the paper towels when needed. The seeds should sprout within one to three days and be ready to transfer within a week. Young sprouts don’t have the root systems to take water in via soil, so high humidity must be maintained until plants have a few true leaves beyond their little cotyledons. True leaves will look like cannabis leaves as opposed to little nondescript sprout greens.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Land of a Thousand Heroes

While Finland has traditionally not made any distinction between cannabis and other drugs on the books, the enforcement of anti-cannabis laws is very different depending on the tolerances of local police and the context in which the cannabis is found. Smoking cannabis in Helsinki parks or at the cabin in the summer is not uncommon, and citizens can generally grow pot seeds for personal use without worrying about anything more than a ticket if caught. Due to Finland’s wide range of climates from north to south, the ability to grow cannabis, even in the summer, can vary widely. Autoflowering plants put in a greenhouse up north can flourish under the midnight sun thanks to their lack of need for a dark period. In rural areas down south, it can be possible to grow plants outdoors that have a quicker flowering period, especially autoflowering plants. In fact, we highly recommend that all growers in Finland looking to use the power of the sun stick to our autoflowering plants to save themselves some trouble. Experienced growers who like a challenge might love to try their hands at growing photoperiod seeds outdoors, and to them we say good luck! We have lots of seeds those folks might be interested in. However, we think it’s easier to grow pot seeds that need a photoperiod switch indoors. Growing seeds indoors is very possible in Finland, especially for those who grow a small amount of plants at a time. Growing tents can be one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to grow from seed. They come in a wide range of sizes and can be kept discreetly in spaces as small as a closet. Thanks to LED lights, it might be possible to grow with only a minor jump in power bills!

Grow in a Green House

When growing outdoors in Finland, it’s very wise to do so in a greenhouse. There will be periods where plants can be left out all day and night, from Midsummer until late August at least. But anywhere other than the south, a greenhouse will be important to protect plants for the duration of their flowering phase. For people in the far north, a greenhouse can even be a great boon during the time of the midnight sun, when autoflowering plants will soak up all that extra light. Greenhouses aren’t just a place to protect plants from rain and cold snaps, though. They’re also a great way to hybridize the growing process, using rays from the sun as a primary source of light while using extra LEDs on gloomy days, controlling humidity with a combination of machines and analog solutions, like opening windows or keep open water around, and protecting the plants from herbivore invasions while still using outdoor gardening techniques. Greenhouses are also a much more secure space to keep cannabis plants, especially rurally when passing hikers and people interested in stealing weed crops might happen upon plants. Companion plants can be used both to deter insects and to camouflage the plants. Popular disguise plants include tomatoes and sunflowers, though growers must be careful that these plants don’t end up competing with their cannabis for available light. In terms of smell, many folks like to use lavender, chamomile, sage, oregano, basil, thyme, dill, and other aromatic herbs. These plants will have the added benefit of making the entire greenhouse smell heavenly! While we definitely suggest autoflowering plants for mild Finnish summers, those who are sure they can handle outdoor photoperiod plants will benefit enormously from the enhanced structures of growing in a greenhouse, where light proof tents and window shades can be installed quite easily.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Growing tents are small, discreet growing apparatuses that act like tiny indoor cultivation spaces. They can be anywhere between two and six feet squared in area and three to five feet in height. These tents can be kept in large closets, basements, or crawl spaces to keep small indoor growing operations totally secret and safe. They consist of an outer shell that’s light, water, and smell proof, a white or reflective inside, a space for a vent complete with a charcoal filter and a space for an oscillating fan. There’s also space for lights, a hygrometer and a thermometer. It’s possible to get kits with everything except soil and seeds for roughly four hundred dollars American on the internet. Many tents used to come with traditional growing lights, but they are being increasingly replaced by LED arrays thanks to research NASA has been doing with regards to growing vegetables in space. These experiments have led to all kinds of innovation in the use of LEDs that make growing with them exclusively a real possibility. Most tent growers stick to cultivating one to five plants at a time. A single plant can be trained in low stress ways to fill a growing tent and produce a sizable yield when treated with care. Strains like Wedding Cake do incredibly well when pruned and kept in a Screen of Green in a growing tent. A Screen of Green, or ScrOG, is when a mesh screen, usually a large fishnet weave, is used to keep foliage low and bud sites high. When the lower foliage is kept well pruned and airflow is high, this can encourage multiple large bud colas on just one plant. Switch it up to act as a drying tent by drastically reducing the humidity, and it becomes a one stop weed producing shop!

Grow Outdoors

Outdoor growing in Finland can be very tricky for a number of reasons. The combination of humidity and lack of warmth can make summer gardening a bummer, especially in northern spaces when gardeners have to be really precise. There’s a big difference between the needs of a cannabis plant and the needs of a cloudberry patch. But while it might be difficult, it’s not impossible. Rural growers who have the luxury of being able to grow their cannabis outdoors will want to not start their seeds until the risk of frost is long gone. That means germinating in late April or early May, depending on the weather. Once the plants are well established, it’s likely they’ll need to continue to stay indoors, especially at night, until late May at the earliest. The easiest way to do this, especially with plants that grow quite tall like sativas, is to grow plants in three to five gallon fabric pots set on rolling casters. This way, plants can be moved in and out of doors, or into a greenhouse, with little to no fuss. Kind Seed grows a signature collection of white label strains that were engineered in response to consumer demands, and our Outdoor seeds are a fabulous choice for Finnish growers hoping to use the powers of Mother Nature to grow incredible dank. Outdoor 1 is formulated for people who smoke for mental health, and Outdoor 2 is more of a pain killer. Both autoflowering varieties of Kind Outdoor seeds can contain between seventeen and twenty-three percent THC. Another concern in Finland, although punishment for personal growing is rare depending on the jurisdiction, is detection by law enforcement and nosy neighbors. Companion planting of crops like tomatoes, sunflowers, beans, and aromatic herbs can go a long way towards keeping outdoor crops safe.

Growing Indoors

Living in urban areas in Finland or up north, indoor growing is the most sure fire way to keep crops safe with minimal fuss. It’s also possible to grow year-round indoors, where issues like lack of sunlight or frigid temperatures are no concern. In order to make the most of an indoor growing situation, it’s important to plan it carefully before beginning. For much smaller indoor growing, keeping to a small tent is suggested. However, with just a week or two of preparation and some investment, it can be relatively easy to turn an entire room in a house, or a whole basement or even a warehouse, into a thriving growing space. It’s important to seal up and clean the space before moving any plants in, as harmful pests and microbes can be casually hanging out in improperly prepared growing spaces, or can find an easy way in. Clean the space, seal up any cracks in the walls, floors, ceiling, windows, or doors with caulk or other appropriate materials. Many people choose to put a layer of plastic or film down to seal the space, which can be an easy way to do it. A central in and out vent should be equipped on either side with a charcoal filter and a fan. This will help keep the smell from venting outdoors too much, which can attract unwanted attention from neighbors, police, and from passing insects who hunt down cannabis growing rooms. If these bugs end up finding the growing space for whatever reason, the filter on the intake side of the centralized vent will make it much harder for them to enter. Many growers also swear by using coveralls while in their growing spaces, and changing their shoes before entering. Look up cannabis spider mites and it will be clear why.


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    The Best Seed Bank Finland, FI

    Seed banks in Finland are illegal, and anyone selling seeds will have no regulatory body monitoring their products or making sure they are selling what they purport to. America has managed to gain a lot of ground on seed houses in the UK and Holland thanks to legalization in North America, and now we’re confident that Kind Seed is the best marijuana seed bank to order from internationally. We’ve been in the cannabis genetics game since 1994. Those old enough to remember High Times magazine in the twentieth century may remember seeing our full-page ads. But print is dead, and now people can access our fabulous lineup of top shelf genetics any time of day or night from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days when buying seeds internationally required calling at awkward times and being charged a fortune. It’s no longer necessary to do elaborate bank transfers thanks to international banking applications and digital currencies. It is one hundred percent legal to purchase cannabis seeds internationally and have them shipped to Finland, the fine-worthy part starts with germination. Our seeds arrive in discreet packages that can be tracked online. There are immense benefits to buying seeds from a place where cannabis is legal, and verification of genetics is just one of them. When folks buy from us there’s no need to worry about whether or not we’ll ship in phytosanitary packaging because we are required to by law. If there is an issue with the order, we have a customer service line that can be called to clear things up. It doesn’t matter where in the EU the shipment is going, if Kind Seed isn’t already the most reliable and high quality seed bank accessible in the area, we’re working towards being number one!

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Finland

    Growers in places with cool summers, or people who are new to growing altogether, love using autoflowering plants. An autoflowering seed is a special blend of sativa, indica, or hybrid genetics that have an addition of ruderalis genes. Ruderalis plants are lesser-known cannabis varieties that don’t need a change in season to flower. Most cannabis plants need twelve hours plus of complete darkness during the second period of their lives to help them bloom, but ruderalis plants flower depending on how old they are as plants. Autoflowering plants are also more resistant to mold and pests than other varieties, they often have a shortened flowering period, and they tend to stay a little smaller than their photoperiod counterparts. Autoflowering plants need slightly fewer nutrients than other plants and even thrive on a little bit of neglect. They can also stand a little more moisture and slightly colder temperatures. Sounds like the perfect plants for unpredictable Finnish weather, right? These are the perfect plants for outdoor and greenhouse growing in places where the midnight sun will add oomph to sunsoaked crops. Kind Seed has nearly one hundred different strains of autoflower cannabis seeds for sale, including autoflowering versions of rare strains like Acapulco and Columbian Gold. We also carry a line of signature strains, which all come in autoflowering styles as well as feminised varieties. There are rumors that autoflowering plants are not that great or potent, but a lot has changed with automatic flowering plants since the early 2000’s, and they now consistently carry up to twenty-five percent THC. Others seem to believe that autoflowering plants only produce small yields, but our autoflowering version of Triple XL can produce up to a kilogram of cannabis per meter squared when grown indoors using low stress techniques. Autoflowering plants are the future!

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Finland

    Kind Seed is so excited to be able to ship to Europe, and we know Europe is going to love our products! We’ve been the best in the business since 1994 and, though we took a five-year hiatus to make some changes, we’re not about to stop now. We’ve carefully curated our line of one hundred and thirty-eight varieties of seeds in both feminised and autoflowering styles. They reflect a mix of our favorite strains, some up and comers with a lot of potential, and our own House Line of Kind Seed seeds for those who want results over name recognition. It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds from American seed houses and have them shipped to Finland, so there’s no need to worry about this act in itself getting buyers into trouble. Though we operate in America, we ship from Europe as well, and the package can be easily tracked once it’s sent so customers know exactly where it is at any time. All of our packages ship discreetly as well, so there’s no chance of neighbours becoming suspicious of the mail. We make sure that every single package we send is sent with the same loving kindness, regardless of whether it’s an order of five or five hundred seeds. Though, please get in contact with us for larger orders, as we love making intentional relationships with wholesale collectors all across the globe! There’s no reason to go out on a limb and trust an unknown black-market dealer to sell folks unverified genes, when it’s so easy to simply order from our website. We’re open every day of the year, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day thanks to the internet, and it’s possible to browse our selection of almost one hundred and fifty strains from anywhere in the world.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Finland

    The best seed banks that ship to Finland have been around a long time, treat their customers with respect, know how to treat a seed, and will give their customers a lot of information about their products right off the bat. As a seed bank that regularly used to take out full page ads in paper issues of High Times in the 1990’s, we know a thing or two about what it takes to stay afloat in this industry, and we have some tips for people who are worried about being fleeced by all the new shops around. The most important thing a reputable seed bank will do is provide the consumer with all the details about their product. They won’t be trying to rush consumers into a sale that won’t work for their growing room, and it will be clear what the limitations of a given seed are from the way the seed bank describes it. These seed banks will also make sure to have a wide range of products to suit many situations. That, or they will be very up front about what kind of seeds they sell. Trustworthy seed banks won’t give any kind of lofty guarantees about their seeds either. Seeds are fickle, and not even the most viable and well taken care of seeds in the world have a one hundred percent germination rate. Any seed shop claiming that their seeds germinate more than ninety percent of the time, especially if they’re not giving specific instructions on how to germinate them, is putting too much pressure on their seeds. Another sign of a great seed bank is their shipping methods. Disreputable banks will send their seeds in packages that could result in the damage of their casings and genetic materials. Real seed banks use phytosanitary methods.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    Finnish people may type hamppu, kannabista, or hasis into their browsers to look for weed seeds for sale locally. But when anyone is looking to buy seeds in the EU, there’s actually no better place to look than America! Thanks to the legal market, we have all the best marijuana seeds for sale in the world. It’s hard to tell where the word marijuana first came from. Some say it comes from the Nahuatl word for prisoner, mallihuan. Yet others believe that to be an example of a homophony, where two words from different languages sound similar by pure coincidence. Whatever the words used, Kind Seed is the most reliable cannabis seed bank to go to for high quality strains that grow beautiful plants. Our weed seeds for sale include autoflowering versions of some of the trickiest strains to grow including legends like Columbian and Acapulco Gold. We also have a wide range of modern and very potent hybrid pot seeds for sale that are currently making huge waves in the recreational markets in America. Sure, buyers can head all the way to the Netherlands to find some legitimate space that has these seeds for sale in the European Union, but why bother when they can order from us today. All our marijuana seeds for sale have been hand-picked by our cannabis experts to make sure they are the best strains currently available. And when we couldn’t find strains that made us want to put them out as Kind weed seeds for sale, we went ahead and made our own! Our exclusive boutique line of house strain Kind marijuana seeds for sale were made in direct response to customer wishes. With that kind of service and receptivity to feedback, it’s a wonder people buy their seeds from anywhere else.

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