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Whether you’re taking a trip down the Elbe or Danube, observing the Brandenburg Gate lit up at night or taking your chances in the Black Forest, one of the most haunted places on earth, it’s always more fun with weed. When you want to find cannabis seeds for sale to make your Germanic adventuring a little more exciting, to take away your aches and pains or to shock the market with the most unique and surprising buds in the biz, then Kind Seed Co has the answer. Our cannabis seeds for sale comprise three distinct levels of loveliness, ranging from our White Label selection, through Premium seeds and ending up in our In-House collection, designed and developed by our own expert botanists. Finding cannabis seeds for sale in Germany may have, at one point in time, been tough to figure out. The cannabis seeds for sale you find at Kind Seed are among the most powerful, potent and productive in the industry. We offer cannabis seeds for sale throughout the EU and, where many America-based companies ship from the States, we ship direct from our facility in Europe, maintaining speed and efficiency. Cannabis is capable of helping people apply courage, enjoy the moment, have fun and get well, and our indica, sativa, hybrid and medical cannabis seeds for sale cover the full run. All of our autoflowers are feminised and we offer photoperiod feminised seeds by the score. In Germany, where legislation is in the works to legalize recreational cannabis, it pays to start collecting your seeds now and getting some gear together for the day when the whole country sees freedom to grow. Don’t be a schlafmütz, get a hold of Kind Seed Company today and start planning your green future in the majestic lands of Germany.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Germany from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale DE

For all you dank denizens of Deutschland, DE, pining for the grape and berry-frosted buds, the woodsy, spicy and floral fruits of the finest high THC flowers on the market, Kind Seed Company’s high THC cannabis seeds for sale take the cake. The highest THC monster strains in the world sit between 27-35% and are absolutely capable of changing faces and points of view. Some of these nugs should come with warning labels, telling newcomers to watch out, take it easy and just go with the flow. The high THC seeds for sale in our seed bank are primed to pleasure all consumers, to arouse and excite, entice and engage. Some of these strains are stupefying and psychedelic, perfect for a trip to Neuschwanstein, Kölner Dom or Miniatur Wunderland at the Port of Hamburg. First, the instant buzz, the wavy view, the vertigo and the giggles. Next, physical, emotional and psychological sensations, trippy ideas and sometimes kaleidoscopic visuals. Choose a sativa for upbeat energy boosts and a hazy view. Choose indicas for after you get back from your outing, for an after-dinner doob or a potent sedative and pain-killing pot for bedtime. Growing high THC cannabis seeds also grants you access to the neuroprotective world of CBG and the tranquilizing nature of CBN, you can make extracts, distillates and isolates, edibles and chronic creations for days. Even to those new to growing, high THC strains demand no more than medical or hemp strains to grow, though many of them drip with resin, are extraordinarily pungent in the grow space and all of them are trippy. With the high THC seed collection at Kind Seed Co, Germany is in a fantastic position to clean up in cannabis communities country wide.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Land of the Teutons

The Land of the Teutons doesn’t need you to fight a Roman war just to get your hands on the best sativa cannabis seeds in the region. Times have changed since the days of Ptolemy’s maps, and we no longer have to participate in violent conquests just to gain some ground. The sativa cannabis seeds we have for sale at Kind Seed Co are safe to shop for, simple to purchase, and we ship direct from Europe. We offer an entirely new range of in-house genetics, tier one white label seeds and premium pods a plenty for grower and consumer enjoyment. We offer high THC, high CBD, photo fem and auto fem capsules of cup crushing potential, and they are available for swift delivery to every address within Germany. Sativa cannabis seeds grow the stuff known to induce impromptu fits of laughter, make herbies hazy and dizzy, and they are also famous for their tropical fruit, citrus, spicy and floral flavonoid profiles. Sativa pot seeds provide a wonderful cultivation experience and growers have lots of time to get it right. The average sativa in our store of seeds takes approximately ten to twelve weeks to flower, though we offer dozens of speedier hybrid strains. Train these ladies in Screens of Green (ScrOG) and watch as your table of balanced buds starts to stack up. Indoors or out, these plants do very well, though the climate in Germany demands some protection be put in place against late-season weather. Sativas are bright, tall and take up some space, so make sure you have your plan together and the sativa dream seeds you purchase from Kind Seed Co will always put a smile on your face, especially with a 1000-gram grab come harvest time.

Buy Indica Seeds Germany

Buying indica cannabis seeds in Germany makes sense for outdoor growers and those into feeling a bit more chill than changeling. Cannabis indica is known for its sedative, pain-killing and problem solving properties. The terpenes present in many indicas serve to soothe a number of afflictions ranging from minor to acute pain, inflammation, nausea, migraines and even cancer. With the plethora of options available in our seed bank, there is no limit to the freedom you can experience when you grow indica cannabis seeds. If you have some unmodified indica pot seeds, our selection of photo fems is perfect for any breeding ideas you may be tossing around, so you can make new and exciting strains for Germany to be proud of. Test your mettle in the grow space by creating a cooler environment and ensure your crops exhibit that trademark purple indica bag appeal. Buying indica cannabis seeds, storing them, collecting, trading and enjoying them is perfectly legal here, and it won’t be long before cultivation is too. For when that time comes, it pays to be prepared with the seeds you hope to grow. We are committed to perfection in our breeding houses so all of your indica seeds arrive ready for the grow space, and are primed for long-term storage, if need be. Grow from our White Label collection, our Premium collection, or stick with our wide range of In-House genetics, found nowhere else in the world. Grow easy with autos or dig right into the old-school with photoperiod strains. Take a lazy trip down the Rhine Valley waterways, check out Berlin’s Museum Island or simply kick back for a sunny weekend in Gewürztraminer wine country. Whatever indica-infused aims you fancy, Kind Seed Co is here to answer the call.

Germinating Seeds in The Land of Poets and Thinkers

The germination of your seeds in the Land of Poets and Thinkers doesn’t demand years of pondering to affect properly. Seed germination is one of the easiest steps to growing cannabis and requires no more than a couple kitchen items and a day or two of time. It is important that the seed remains undisturbed until you are ready to wake it up. Seeds respond to warmth and humidity so once the shell starts to take up moisture, in addition to room temperature, it starts to come alive. Too much moisture and warmth, however, and the seed will rot. To affect germination safely and to ensure your seeds make it through to seedling stages, there is a proven method which we recommend for all of our seeds. This is known as the paper towel method, and it only takes a minute to get right. Mix up some pure water and a couple drops of rooting hormone in a small, clean glass. Clean a plate and cover it with a folded paper towel, place your seeds on top of it with enough space between each of them that they can breathe. Pour your mixture over the seeds and add a second paper towel on top. Saturate the second towel and pour away any remaining liquid. Fluff up the package a little so there is airflow then place the whole thing in a dark cupboard. Within a day, and with you having maintained moisture in the bundle of seeds, their shells will crack open and reveal a root. Once this happens, plant your seeds. Another way to germinate is to sow seeds directly into rockwool for hydro setups or directly into the pot for autoflowers. Never saturate seeds or keep them soaked, or it’s all for not.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Land of the Teutons

Thankfully, the Land of Teutons no longer sees the need for war. But there is another battle we face on a daily basis, and that is the never ending web of legislation getting in the way of us growing the weed we love. If you have chosen to go ahead and grow pot seeds, either in the garden, tent or private grow space, if you are a professional producer for the medical industry or are cultivating hemp for a greener Germany, Kind Seed can help. To grow from seed is a practice older than Germany’s many castles, cultures and crosses to bear. It takes a gentle hand, a dedicated hand, and it requires some very specific equipment and management if it is to be as great as the photographs. Cannabis cultivation is illegal here, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Though we do not try to promote breaking the law, it is our job to tell you how to go about making the most of each of the seeds you so carefully choose, so that is just what we are going to do. If you are a small-scale enthusiast, you may be growing green in a tent, greenhouse or crawlspace. There are also many German growers cultivating large-scale operations in warehouses and other structures throughout the country. If you have selected your strains and are ready to grow pot seeds, make sure you have it clean, tidy, locked up and kept on the down low. Figuring out and abiding by endo etiquette in developing countries, or those with fledgling marijuana laws, is pretty tricky and can even be dangerous. Make sure you know you’re safe, that you have grow space management mastered, and get in touch with Kind Seed Co if any questions arise.

Grow in a Green House

Germany enjoys a range of coastal and continental temperate climates and, as such, requires a bit of nuanced negotiation with nature if everything is to come off without a hitch. For this reason, many growers throughout Germany employ a greenhouse to help take some of the pressure off what is generally a rather cool season. A backyard structure conducive to extending the growing season on either end, works well for Deutschlanders hoping to grow sativas or longer running indica hybrids. A greenhouse is easy to manage, and good ones have roof vents so there is little concern over the house getting too hot. That being said, it is always necessary, when growing weed, to have multiple fans moving all of the air around every square inch of space. Cannabis is prone to powdery mildew and rot, and so requires ample ventilation at all times. A good breeze also helps strengthen trunks and branches, so ensure you keep that air moving. A greenhouse is also a place where dirt and dust easily pile up, making an unclean cultivation environment. With weed, it is imperative that the place be kept clean, or the risk of pests is much greater. On pests, it pays to have some predatory insects in the greenhouse with your crop. Spiders, bees, wasps, ladybugs and mantids are all beneficial to have around and will keep aphid, mite and gnat populations to a minimum. To attract these beneficial insects, put some flowers in the greenhouse with your crop, spread diatomaceous earth to avoid increases in pesky insects and maintain cleanliness. Your greenhouse should be in a full sun location, and it is a good idea, in places where the midday summer sun can get uber hot, to employ shade netting and to have cool water on hand for the roots.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Where a greenhouse is the compact cultivation zone of the outdoors, growing Kind seeds in a tent is how German growers operate a small-scale controlled environment in the home. This part of Europe is famous for its micro-grows, but when you want something with a little more capacity to deliver the dank, a tent is the way to grow. Tents are self-contained environments which are simple to manage and many of which fit into the corner of any room. These things come equipped with vents, windows, a reflective interior, a solid frame from which to hang lights, fans and extraction, and many of them come with a waterproof floor. Depending on the size you choose, you can grow anywhere from one or two to ten or twenty plants in a tent, no problem. Tents are generally tall enough to flower any strain, given you get the training right, and some are short, making them ideal for seedlings and clones. To make your tent effective, you will need to furnish it with lights, a humidifier, fans, a filter and an extraction fan. You can choose soil, coir or hydroponic growing, indica, sativa or any type of hybrid, and high-quality tents are light-proof, so there should be little concern over an interrupted dark period. Outside the tent is where you place your timers, climate control module, if you use one, and many of the pieces of equipment available have been manufactured to be energy efficient, so power bills won’t break the bank. The main issue tent growers have is one we all face, and that’s leaving the door closed. In order for your ten to remain stable, it is best not to disturb it if you don’t have to.

Grow Outdoors

Germany sits in a rather tricky bubble for cultivating cannabis outdoors. To grow Kind Seed selections outdoors in a temperate climate demands certain preparatory practices and growers would be wise to take care in choosing their strains. For a climate like this one, we recommend staying away from pure sativas and sativa dominant hybrids. They take too long and may present utter disappointment come the cool, wet weather of autumn. So, pick strains that suit your particular climate. Some pockets exist where outdoor cultivation makes magic, but that requires a few things. First, you want to start your seeds inside a month or two early. For this, a tent is the ideal space for early parenting, though you will want a big one if you plan to grow numerous rows of the good stuff. While your plants are in their early developmental phases, prepare the growing medium and get your plots primed to receive plants. Add mycorrhizae to the base of each spot and your soil on top of that. Soil should be light, fluffy, well aerated and nutrient rich. Hummus or loam-based soils contain higher levels of moisture-holding organic material, so make sure your mix is correctly blended with things like sand and perlite or you could end up waterlogging your crop. Full sun all day long, a good, clean water source and a consistent breeze are critical. If there is no breeze, make one with some exterior fans. This will help protect your crop from pests and prevent overly humid pockets of air building up in your buds. Take care to train your plants to receive as much sun as possible, especially in those deeper bud sites. Finally, some protection from weather and herbivores may be necessary, so have an easy-to-do plan in place, just in case.

Growing Indoors

Much like a tent, the indoor space offers growers full control over every single characteristic of the environment. While cultivation still remains on the no-fly list throughout all of Germany, the safer solution to bagging home grown Kind Seed buds is to do it inside. Mimicking the natural ebb and flow of nature is easy when you manage all the bits and bobs yourself. Taking care of heating, humidity, pH, ppm, nutrients and airflow are all easy tasks in the controlled environment. This is where fast rotations of indicas in Seas of Green (SOG) or Scrogging (ScrOG) stupefying sativa strains is simple. Depending on how much space you have to work with, the number of plants you grow can seem near limitless. From the Berchtesgaden National Park to Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve, Germany is riddled with breathtaking natural landscapes, but none are conducive to growing weed the way you can inside. As long as you maintain a spotless space, there is little risk of pest infestation. As long as you manage humidity properly, there will be little risk of mildew or mold and, if you make sure dark periods are devoid of all light, there will be no issues with crop confusion. Some growers go with high intensity discharge lighting (HID), while some opt for LED (light-emitting diode) systems. Contemporary LED systems are designed to offer broad scale white, blue, infrared and UV light, and some have dimmers for seedling phases. A humidifier is necessary as well, as seedlings need 75%, vegging 55% and flowering 45% or lower. Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) is something to stay on top of and there are numerous charts available to help you make sure it’s on point. Be smart with your space, reach out when necessary and, above all, keep growing until you get it.


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    The Best Seed Bank Germany, DE

    The best marijuana seed bank in Germany, DE, is Kind Seed Co, hands down, and we can prove it. Born in America, we toiled online, trying to sell seeds. We quickly discovered that the market is flooded with genetics which may or may not be as wonderful as the retailers claimed, and so we took a break. For the past five years, we have been developing a crackerjack lineup of what we believe to be the best beans in the biz. We love everything about cannabis and so we decided to generate our own strains. We offer a White Label and Premium seed selection of some of the most highly prized strains in history, but we also offer a comprehensive collection of in-house strains, designed by some of the best breeders in the US. But that’s not all. Since we have decided to open for business in the European Union, we have set up a facility overseas. This ensures that you have access to our entire collection, and it’s right around the corner. This decreases shipping times and protects freshness and viability. We provide a user-friendly shopping experience, simple signup and secure eCommerce solutions. No matter where you are located throughout DE, our shipping is speedy and nondescript, and we offer deals on bulk orders. We operate based on the best business practices of integrity, honesty, compassion and we like to help where we can. Germany is a big place, and it is always in need of new and engaging strains for both growers and consumers to enjoy. We store our seeds in ideal conditions, package them with love and deliver them right to your door. Take a crack at growing with the best of both Europe and America with the collection at Kind Seed Co.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Germany

    Germany is home to a number of automatic innovations. Thanks to DE engineers, the world enjoys the Bunsen Burner, the printing press and the contact lens, just to name a few. However, we are talking about weed and, when you want it to come easier than the months it takes simply to veg a photo strain, you need the autoflower cannabis seeds for sale at Kind Seed Co. The best autoflowering strains move quickly, demand no pressure, no training and deliver hauls about half the size of their photoperiod family members and every bit as potent. We have cannabis ruderalis to thank for the autoflower innovation. This plant was discovered in Eastern Europe, flourishing in cold climates with short seasons. For this reason, many of our autoflowering strains are a bit more resilient than their photoperiod counterparts, and can handle beginner blunders, temperature fluctuations and even a bit of weather. Depending on the autoflowering seed you choose, it will do best being sown directly into its final pot, into the soil in which it will spend the entirety of its short life cycle. Autoflowers mature within the first four or five weeks, and from there they take between 55-65 days to fully flower. A three month max timeline makes it easy to pull down four harvests per year and, since many autos, indica, sativa and hybrids, fall on similar schedules, it is possible to grow them together. Even the short season inherent to Germany will welcome an auto with open arms. The majority of the country sees ideal cultivation weather for longer than it takes to flower an auto, so no worries for those hoping to add some color and fragrance to their flower garden. With the variety at Kind Seed, the sky’s the limit.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Germany

    All this talk about seed banks, autoflowers, indica, sativa, indoors and out, but how far your seeds travel also plays a role in how well they’ll do in the grow space. If you have experience with seeds, you know that they are delicate and need to be maintained in correct conditions or they start to degrade. Much degradation happens when seeds are shipped all over the world, and especially when they are constantly shipped back and forth from grower to distributor, to drop shipper, back to another distributor, then on to you. When you shop with the Kind Seed Company, much of this grotesque mistreatment of seed is avoided. Many strains within our collection are grown in-house, and many others just a hop, skip and a jump away. This helps us maintain integrity in each seed because they aren’t getting shuffled around everywhere. We ship from our American facility directly to our European facility, cutting out the middleman and getting your future crops into professional protection quickly and efficiently. When you order seeds, instead of requesting that they ship to Europe, you get them straight from our climate controlled European headquarters. This speedy and direct shipping method is what places our seeds higher on the viability scale, ensures they remain strong and stable, and removes much of the worry associated with international shipping through multiple ports and postal services. When these seeds arrive at your door, they are in the same condition as they would be if we shipped from our office to a customer in California, Washington or Colorado. From Flensburg to Kempten, Luxembourg to Berlin and all spaces in between, Kind Seed shipping is swift, silent and always delivers top shelf seeds in tip top condition.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Germany

    From collecting the best of what the weed world has to offer, to growing the dankest strains available, you value quality. But there is one aspect of shopping for seeds which leaves many growers holding the bag, so to speak. The primary reason many growers get bummed out by online retailers is that they are dealing with companies who have no reputation, who are not highly rated and who ship low-quality seeds to unsuspecting cultivators. So that you find a reputable seed bank you can grow to rely on, let us tell you a little about the Kind Seed commitment. This way, even if you opt for other distributors, you might have a clearer picture of what to look for. First, our commitment is to quality, integrity and client satisfaction. We are in this to make money, but that only happens for those who are passionate about what they are doing. We absolutely love cannabis in all its forms, we love seeds, and we believe that weed can change the world. So we make sure that the seeds we create, the seeds we store and the seeds we sell are in paramount condition and deliver the good stuff to our cherished customers. Kind Seed makes sure all of our strains come with information packed product pages to help you choose wisely. We offer deals on larger wholesale and bulk orders, and we take care of individual growers in the market for the next seed or two for their tents. We employ expert botanists to design and cultivate our in-house strains and we work with the country’s foremost professionals to put together the best selection for our clients. Kind Seed Co goes above and beyond reputable, and has become the only choice for many growers all over the world.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    It may sound funny to growers in a country so globally known for an exacting nature, cleanliness and keen organization skills. But it still happens that when many people search for marijuana seeds for sale online, their spelling is off. In attempts to find the best marijuana seeds for sale, some people search for marawana, merijana, canibus, gajna, and a host of other comedic blips. Nobody is trying to dog down those who haven’t nailed down English spelling yet, but these types of searches will never pay off to the extent that they could if only weed seeds for sale were spelled correctly. Also, it helps to tell the search engine where you are. There is no point in your search coming up with a California seed company when you live in Hanover or Düsseldorf. Also, whether you are brand new at this or well-seasoned, it pays to know what strains you hope for, at least whether you want indica, sativa or hybrid. Marijuana seeds for sale are easy to find, but the types and the names are vastly different. Weed seeds for sale in DE will help you narrow it down, and you might even come across Kind Seed. Since you know that we deliver to Germany from Europe, you already know that the seeds we provide are going to be in better shape than an overseas distributor. Search for weed seeds for sale, pot seeds for sale, the best European cannabis seed bank, seeds for sale in the European Union or buy seeds in the EU and see how many hundreds of pages pops up. You will find everything under the sun, including vegetable seeds, investment firms offering seed money and myriad other things. When you want the best, shop Kind Seed Co. But if you are simply curious, do yourself the favor of narrowing down your search and sticking to the highest quality provider in the business.

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