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When you make the decision to purchase marijuana seeds in Europe, you must find the perfect place to do so. Kind Seed Co tries our best to strike a perfect balance between affordability, easy access and fantastic genetics. By partnering with professional breeders and growers to source our seeds, we’re able to offer some of the most outstanding cannabis seeds for sale in the EU. We use a combination of finding the highest-grade breeders, along with our high standards of seed quality to create such incredible cannabis seeds. Our cannabis seeds for sale are conveniently available for purchase anywhere in Europe as well. You can order from anywhere in the EU, and we’ll be able to ship your seeds to your home with no extra work needed. All you need to do is pay a small shipping fee, and we’ll be able to send your seeds right to you no matter where you are. If you’re looking for a specific kind of pot, our seed bank has you covered. We carry dozens of different cannabis seeds for sale that will give you a wide range of options. We believe it’s important to have a large catalog, because every grower should have the freedom to pick a seed that’s absolutely perfect for their needs. Out of all of the cannabis seeds for sale at Kind Seed, we carry both indica and sativa varieties as well as all kinds of hybrids between. You can also expect to find many different flavors and aromas, so you can even choose a weed that will taste and smell delicious. Our dedicated seed bank also has cannabis seeds for sale that range in potency from more mild strains to the most chronic varieties on the market. Take a look through our cannabis catalog at any time to see what we have available.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Greece from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale GR

You’ll find a huge amount of varieties in the KS catalog. We carry over one hundred different strains, and they all do some things better than others. You should choose a strain that will suit your purposes the best, so you should decide what you’re looking for out of your grow. If you want potent cannabis that will have strong effects and last a long time, you’ll want to look at our seeds for sale that contain much more THC. These high THC seeds will provide extremely strong effects, and the strongest varieties can range up to 28% THC or more. If instead you would like a milder smoke, you should look at lower THC seeds. These strains will give you weaker effects, but they will provide a much more uplifting and relaxing experience. The high won’t hit you as hard, and they’ll be better for laying back during the day where the stone won’t be so overwhelming. Many growers are also looking for other qualities in their grow operation. For something such as flavors, we carry so many seeds for sale that all differ in their aroma and flavor profile. You can find strains that will be much sweeter or citrusy, and many others will provide a much more earthy or pungent aroma. Some seeds will even produce plants that have flavors similar to chocolate, vanilla or coffee. These are all fantastic picks for growers who chase good flavors and love when their pot smells amazing. Whichever one you should choose, all of the seeds at Kind Seed Co are feminized varieties, which means that you’ll get only female seeds. While this may restrict you from breeding your plants, these seeds will give you the absolute maximum yields and potency possible.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Land of the Greeks

You’re going to find countless fantastic sativa cannabis seeds when shopping with Kind Seed Co. These seeds come from a distinct family of cannabis, appropriately named cannabis sativa. This family is just one of the two main families, the other being cannabis indica. The main difference between our two primary types of marijuana is the fact that they originate from different regions in the world. Sativa cannabis seeds can mainly be found in much warmer climates. They can be found ranging from deserts to coastal areas, but you’ll particularly find them in wetter regions such as tropical areas. Because they grow so well in moist areas, you’ll find that they tend to grow taller and slimmer, with thinner buds and foliage. This helps offset the moisture in the air, so sativa pot seeds will be less prone to rotting due to high moisture. Because of this, your sativa cannabis seeds will usually tolerate much more moisture, so it’s best to keep them well hydrated during growing. Since they’re also slightly less fortified than indica plants, you’ll likely want to take extra steps to protect them from bad weather. Cold, wind and increased precipitation can all spell bad news for sativa seeds. When it comes to the effects that you’ll experience from the different families of cannabis, sativa is typically much different from indica. Many smokers agree that sativa marijuana will give you a much more buzzing, lively high compared to the rather mellow indica high. You’ll likely feel a strong euphoria and an intense sense of energization, which can carry on throughout the rest of the day. Sativas are always a favorite of creative types, because the increased energy and resolve that these strains can give you can help those with artistic projects or other creative endeavors they might be working on.

Buy Indica Seeds Greece

Indica plants are on the other end of the spectrum of cannabis genetics, and they’re arguably the more popular of the two. This is simply because they’re typically easier to grow, and many smokers are usually seeking those relaxing and calming effects that indica cannabis seeds specialize in. With every new iteration of the cannabis plant, the genetic structure will determine how exactly the plants grow. In sativa seeds, you’ll see much more reaching, tall growth with thin and evenly distributed buds. In indica cannabis seeds, you’ll instead see much more compact and hardy growth patterns. Members of the indica family are often found in much cooler and rocky regions, leading them to evolve a particular resistance to the elements. Indica pot seeds will almost always do much better than sativa seeds when it comes to adverse weather. They’ll usually have no problem fending off pests, infection, cold or wet weather and many other natural threats thanks to the fact that they typically come from harsher environments. These naturally resistant genes are what many breeders use to fortify sativa strains, while still allowing them to retain their natural profile of effects and aromas. Because they grow in a smaller, more sprawling pattern, you can easily fit large numbers of indica cannabis seeds in an indoor grow area, such as a grow room, greenhouse or grow tent. When it comes to the effects that these strains will have on the human body, they are noticeably different from sativa varieties. With an indica marijuana, you’re likely to feel a cozy, serene high rather than the high frequency vibe of a sativa variety. The high will have you feeling very heady and euphoric, and many smokers experience a strong body high in the joints and muscles later on, an effect commonly known as couch locking.

Germinating Seeds in Hellas

Some growers, especially those who are brand new to the craft, might think that marijuana seeds are difficult to grow or keep alive. The true case is quite the opposite, and you only need to make some basic preparation to keep happy and healthy pot plants. Using a proper method of seed germination is one of the most important parts to getting started on a successful grow. If you’ve never heard of the term before, this process is simply one of the basic steps to beginning your grow. The word itself refers to the seed sprouting its first root, but using a specified process of germination is what we’re talking about. There are many different ways growers do this, and all of them work with varying rates of success. But one of the methods that strikes a balance between reliability, cost effectiveness and ease is the paper towel method. All you need is a few things from around your home to do it, and it takes only about a week of waiting time. First, dampen a few pieces of paper towel with regular water. Lay them on a flat surface like a plate or other object, then get your Kind Seed marijuana seeds. Open up your package and lay them seed by seed on the paper towel, with at least an inch or so of space between them. When your seeds are placed, dampen some more paper towels and lay them on top of your seeds. After this, you need to cover them with something like another plate or bowl, so that they are in complete darkness. Place them somewhere that will keep them temperate and undisturbed, such as a closet or pantry. During the next week, when you see them sprout roots, you can plant them into your chosen growing medium.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Land of the Greeks

Growing your own marijuana in Greece can be relatively easy depending on where exactly you live. This country has a few different distinct climates, ranging from dry Mediterranean to wet Mediterranean, as well as Alpine. When you grow pot seeds in a wet Mediterranean climate, it can often provide some of the best results, because the warm and wet weather is nearly perfect for most strains of cannabis. This is the kind of region where sativa seeds will do particularly well. In drier areas in Greece, you’re likely to have to take a few more steps in order to keep your plants hydrated. Spraying your plants and watering regularly will be necessary to save them from the heat. If you grow pot seeds in an Alpine climate, this is typically much cooler and drier than most other areas in the country, so it may be more difficult without the help of environment control systems and artificial lighting. In order to grow from seed in Greece, you should know a few different things about what marijuana plants need to survive. Most importantly, cannabis plants need light and water. You will have to give them at least twelve hours of light per day, with most strains taking up to eighteen to twenty-four hours. Water is just as important, as nearly any plant absolutely needs it to survive. Give your seeds regular water, along with spraying the foliage to keep them well hydrated. You should also regularly add nutritious materials, such as compost, kelp meal or bone meal. This can also be done with organic or synthetic fertilizers that can be purchased at any regular garden center. When it comes time to harvest, you should dry all your cannabis in a separate room at room temperature with little airflow.

Grow in a Green House

Using a greenhouse is perhaps one of the best options for many growers. Where growing inside or outside of your house is the typical option, greenhouses will give you a much better tool that’s somewhere between the two. They offer immense benefits from both sides that might work perfectly for you depending on your exact situation. Greenhouses can either be bought or built, so they even offer some freedom in how you decide to implement them. If you’d like to purchase one, you can usually find them at any hardware or home improvement store. Building one can be just as easy, as it requires only some basic materials, and they can all be purchased from a hardware store for relatively cheap. There are many online guides that can show you how to build a reliable greenhouse in no time at all. They provide a unique growing environment for your plants that will allow for the automatic maintenance of the environment. Because the plastic walls let in light but trap heat, they will be nearly self-heating unless the weather in your area has been especially bad recently. If this is the case, you can always temporarily supplement them with artificial lights or a heating system to keep the conditions liveable. They also trap moisture, which can help keep humidity inside the area to hydrate your plants. If they fall behind in any way, you can maintain the growing conditions using basic systems that can be wired into your greenhouse. Many growers choose to keep instruments like hygrometers and thermometers inside their greenhouses to make sure that the conditions are perfect for their plants. They’re small, inexpensive and can be easily placed in a greenhouse or grow tent of nearly any size.

Growing in a Grow Tent

If it turns out that greenhouses don’t work perfectly for you, there’s always another option. Grow tents provide a somewhat niche use, but for many growers who are in a tight spot, they provide the perfect environment to cultivate cannabis in. Likely, the main thing that a grow tent is amazing for is saving on space. These fantastic tools will give you a growing environment very similar to indoor growing or greenhouse growing, but in a much smaller size. You will likely have to purchase your grow tent, but luckily many distributors offer them in a wide range of sizes. They can range from less than a meter squared to several, so you can purchase one that will fit your exact situation to make the best of your available space. The walls will help keep the strong smell inside of the structure, and they’re usually reflective so they make much better use of the light. The miniscule size of grow tents means that you can place them nearly anywhere inside your home that has some spare space. Many growers choose basements, spare rooms or other small, unoccupied areas to place their grow tents. These structures are also particularly good for covert growing because of their stealthy nature. Many grow tents aren’t even branded, so even if someone does spot it they might not know what it’s for in the first place. They’re usually a good option for if you have to grow your pot in a discreet manner. Lastly, they can be outfitted with everything that a regular greenhouse or grow room can. You can put artificial lighting, measuring instruments and other tools inside of them, and many grow tents even come with some of these features already built in.

Grow Outdoors

Growing your own cannabis outdoors will be a good option anywhere in Greece. Your plants can do just okay or thrive depending on exactly where you live, so you may have to make some adjustments in order to help them along. If you’re in a coastal region, where the weather is much warmer and wetter, you’ll likely be in the perfect spot. Cannabis plants love this type of weather, especially sativa varieties, so there will likely be very little maintenance required in these regions. In drier, inland areas, the weather is usually good, but moisture may be low. This can cause your plants to naturally retain less water, so more watering and spraying foliage with water might be necessary. Other than this, the climate in these areas usually retains good temperatures so your cannabis plants will typically do well. In some of the more mountainous regions is where you may have some difficulty. These areas can often get much colder, and precipitation can vary depending on exactly where you are. In this case, you may require some tools like a greenhouse or grow tent to effectively grow your marijuana outdoors. Using a grow tent or a greenhouse will enable you to keep good conditions for your plants, while not having to grow them right inside your own home. Sativa strains are particularly vulnerable to wind because of their rather frail structure. In this case, wind may be an issue in these regions, so if growing sativa plants outside, a windbreak may be a good option. If your plants aren’t receiving enough light in your area, be sure to try and supplement it with artificial lighting. This is one of the things that’s absolutely essential for your plants, so try your best to make sure they get enough.

Growing Indoors

Nearly any grower will agree that growing your own pot indoors is one of the easiest ways to do so. There are much less possibilities of random events like bad weather or disease stunting your plants or killing them. Your home will naturally protect them from most environmental threats, leaving them very unlikely to be damaged in this way. However, growing indoors also requires growers to be very diligent in their grow operation. Because you control all of the growing conditions, you must be measuring your growing environment regularly to make sure that all of the requirements are being met. To do this, you should keep instruments like a thermometer and hygrometer around your grow room, reading them at least once every few hours to maintain optimal conditions. Artificial lighting will almost certainly be necessary, unless you have a sunroom or some other form of natural lighting in your home. Your plants should be receiving at least twelve hours per day, though the right range is around sixteen to twenty hours, all the way up to twenty-four hours per day. When choosing your pots to grow in, they should be within a certain size range. Anywhere between three to five gallons, sometimes a bit larger, will be a perfect size for your plants. Try to use a growing method such as Sea of Green or Screen of Green to keep your plants a manageable size. If you’re growing seeds that can become naturally very large, you may have problems fitting them into your grow room. Using these methods will help train your plants’ foliage, stopping them from trying to grow into walls or ceilings. Growing inside will require you to feed your plants, so try to use an organic fertilizer somewhat often to keep them nourished.


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    The Best Seed Bank Greece, GR

    Finding the best marijuana seed bank can be crucial in getting a good grow out of all of your seeds. If you’re not searching for the greatest seed bank around, it can often cause you additional costs and other obstacles that may slow down your grow. The most important of these is in where your time is allocated. Smaller seed banks will typically have problems keeping their supply full, which can cause growers to have to wait on them to replenish their inventory. Many growers out there have even started their grows late because they had to wait for good seeds to be sourced. Another problem that many growers run into is by actually getting their hands on the seeds. Many seed banks don’t offer shipping at all, which will necessitate the use of a vehicle or other transportation to get to and from the area. This will easily rack up transportation costs, such as tolls, fuel and repairs. You’ll also likely be stuck in traffic at some point, which is universally something everyone wants to avoid. Kind Seed Co avoids all of these problems, one of which is solved by offering shipping. When you order from our seed bank, you don’t even have to leave your home. You can order online right from home and have your seeds come straight to your house. You won’t have to drive anywhere or cross any borders in order to receive your cannabis seeds. Because we also have a dedicated warehouse, we always have the right seeds in supply. Any seeds that are in our catalog are available for purchase, and you won’t have to wait at all to get your perfect seeds to your home. Simply check for the seeds you like, place an order and they’ll soon be on their way.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Greece

    Autoflowering seeds will give you yet another option in making your grow much easier and accessible. These seeds are created using a special breeding mechanism, along with the genes of a relatively unknown third family of cannabis plants. This family is called cannabis ruderalis, and it makes up some of the hardiest cannabis plants you’ll find. The ruderalis family is almost solely found in very rocky and mountainous regions with very harsh climates. You can usually find them in plains or Alpine areas, where they are swept away by wind, baked by the sun and drenched in rain. Because of this, they’ve evolved incredibly strong genetics, and a special ability to begin flowering independent of the sun. Photoperiod strains will need to read the sun’s movement to determine when to begin flowering, which growers will have to emulate by reducing lighting at a certain point during their growth. An autoflowering seed throws this concept away completely, and will begin budding whenever they feel is the right time. This gives growers the ability to completely forget their plants, and as long as they provide enough water, light and nutrients, they will eventually grow into fully mature plants and be ready for harvest. Because these are such outstanding seeds, Kind Seed Co offers countless varieties of autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. We allow you to take advantage of these outstanding genetics should you choose to do so, and they’re sure to give you a very easy grow. These are the seeds you’ll want for outdoor growing, as they stand the greatest chance of shrugging off bad weather, pests and pathogens with no effort at all. Try some of our auto fem seeds to get a grow that will be both bountiful and effortless to bring to harvest.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Greece

    Depending on the seed bank you work with, sometimes getting your seeds shipped to you may not be an option. Unfortunately, this usually requires the grower to go the distance in a very literal sense. Many smaller seed banks will demand that you drive right to them, or pay for another method of transit. Whether or not you’re able to drive yourself, it will incur costs in the form of fuel, repairs or other transit costs. This is especially true in the EU, where shipping can sometimes be caught up by jurisdictional problems or other delays. This is absolutely not the case with Kind Seed, and ordering seeds from us to Europe will be no problem at all. Kind Seed Co now has the ability to ship to Europe whether you live in Greece or another country in the EU. No matter where you order seeds from in Europe, we’ll be able to ship them to your doorstep. On top of all this, global shipping is not necessary with KS, so we’ll be able to get your seeds to you in no time at all. Our seeds are shipped in very discreet packages, so if it’s privacy you’re worried about, we have you covered. Our packages will have no branding on them at all, so you can pick up your seeds knowing that your privacy is completely safe. On top of this, our packages are one hundred percent safe for your seeds. They will completely protect your precious seeds the entire way, giving you peace of mind that your investment won’t go to waste. Getting cannabis seeds shipped to Europe may be a hassle with other seed banks, but Kind Seed Co is fully prepared to get your seeds out to any country in the union.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Greece

    Purchasing your seeds from a seed bank that knows it’s stuff will give you a huge advantage in your grow. Buying cannabis seeds that are of lower quality can lead to several different problems that you may not notice until after you’ve begun growing them. Bad genetics in seeds can lead to reduced yields, lower potency, muted flavors or aromas, and even the complete death of plants altogether. With problems like this, there would be no point in making an investment if you’re not sure that they’ll even survive. Kind Seed Co doesn’t want your money to go to waste, so we ensure that every one of our seeds are of the highest quality possible. We do this through working with certified growers and breeders who have been in the industry for years. Additionally, we also put seeds through our own rigorous testing and analysis to ensure that every one is worthy of the high standard we hold for our products. This helps to ensure that you’re going to get the best results possible out of your grow, and when our growers are happy, we’re happy. Kind Seed has been in the business for over twenty years, so we’ve had time to work out every one of the kinks in the business of selling cannabis seeds. Using a reputable seed bank will also give you the ability to go to a large and dedicated customer support team if you have any issues. Kind Seed has a whole team ready to take any questions or inquiries you might have, so be sure to reach out if there’s anything you need to know about the process. Working with our seed bank also allows you to search our catalog and place an order any time during the day, all completely done through our website.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    Finding marijuana seeds can be a treacherous task for some growers. It all depends on where you live and even who you live with. Many growers have to use codewords or other ways to find marijuana seeds for sale when they’re trying to start a grow. Often one of the most common ways to refer to this plant is by simply searching for weed seeds for sale, and many also use pot seeds for sale. If being covert isn’t your concern, it might be finding seed banks in your area. Using regional keywords to find marijuana seeds for sale is usually your best option. In this case, many growers would be looking to buy seeds in the EU, or perhaps searching for seeds for sale in the European Union. This will help you narrow your results down to a cannabis seed bank, like Kind Seed, that’s capable of shipping to anywhere in Europe. Growers utilize many other words that have come up throughout the decades to refer to weed seeds for sale as well. Many of these alternative terms have popped up in the seventies and eighties, such as mary jane, ganja, or grass. Thanks to the improving image of cannabis, using weed seeds for sale is usually good enough to stay out of trouble, but some growers still use terms such as pot or dope. Because of this newer, improved prevalence of cannabis, it’s now much easier to find marijuana seeds for sale without having to be sneaky about it. Whatever way that you might have found your way to our catalog, you can now take a look through all of our seeds and find the ones you like. Order at any time during the day or night, and we’ll have your seeds shipped out the very next business day.

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