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Finding the best cannabis seeds for sale in Ireland has never been easier, because if you’ve made your way here, you’ve already completed the first step. Our outstanding seed bank has been in the industry for decades, and we’re passionate about providing some of the highest quality cannabis seeds for sale. There’s a lot that goes into a good seed, and we’ve thought about every way we can to make these seeds perfect for your use. By partnering up with some of the leading growers and breeders in the industry, we’re able to get cannabis seeds that are completely void of genetic defects or other problems. Because of these high standards, it also helps ensure that all of our cannabis seeds for sale will give you the maximum yields and potency possible. We have an absolutely massive catalog of strains, so you’ll never be stuck settling for a seed you don’t love. All of our cannabis seeds for sale range from different potency levels to varying flavours, so there are countless different experiences for you to try. Our seed bank also contains seeds that range from indica to sativa and everything in between, giving you effects that you love when your pot is dried and cured. When you purchase any one of the cannabis seeds for sale at Kind Seed, you’re able to get your seeds shipped to wherever you reside in Europe, so there won’t be any travelling necessary. We ship all of our seeds in the most discreet and secure packaging possible, keeping your privacy and your seeds safe. By making an order with KS, you’re also guaranteeing that there are no tricks involved. All of our seeds and labor are sourced completely ethically, giving you peace of mind that nobody is being treated unfairly. This practice helps us and everyone else to keep the cannabis industry a peaceful and fair place to be.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Ireland from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale IE

Kind Seed has a large array of seeds for sale, so any grower will want to get familiar with all of the different kinds that are out there. Likely one of the most basic distinctions is between indica and sativa. These families of cannabis provide different effects depending on how strongly your particular strain leans to either side. Sativa strains will typically give much more energizing and buzzing effects, where indica will give much more mellow and relaxing sensations. All of our seeds for sale will come with a heightened sense of euphoria, bringing up your mood and increasing social energy. One of the most distinct differences is in potency, and KS carries a wide range of potencies in our bank. At the strongest you’ll get seeds of nearly 28% THC, which will provide an immensely powerful smoke. The effects from these seeds will be both strong and long lasting, so they may not be for everyone, especially those who are new to smoking. If you’d like a milder experience, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a weaker variety. Smokers love low potency seeds because it provides a much more relaxing and uplifting experience over an intense high. Lower potencies will typically be anywhere from around 20% THC and lower. You’ll find many seeds that are especially good at providing a particular flavour profile. Flavours such as lemon, candy, baked goods, pungent skunk and other notes are common among many cannabis strains. Additionally, the yields of your strain will have to be considered. Many seeds can provide kilograms of product to a single grow, but this has to be met with an appropriate area to dry and cure your weed. If you’re growing in a smaller area, it may be best to choose a variety with a lower yield to keep things manageable.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Green Isle

Purchasing your first cannabis seeds will come with an important decision, and that’s whether you want to go with indica or Sativa cannabis seeds. These two families of marijuana are quite different in their characteristics, so you’ll want to know what the difference is before purchasing. The two families come from differing regions in the world, which is what gives them their unique traits. Sativa cannabis seeds are known to come from some of the hotter and wetter places in the world, such as tropical or pacific island regions. They grow perfectly in these conditions, so you should try to mimic these as accurately as possible in your grow environment. You’ll want high temperatures and high humidity to grow happy and healthy Sativa pot seeds. They tend to grow much differently than indica cannabis seeds, so you’ll have to take this into account. Sativa cannabis seeds will typically grow taller and much thinner than indica plants, causing them to stand six feet or taller in the air once they begin to reach full maturity. Many growers tame sativa plants by using a specific growing method called the Screen of Green method. This requires you to create a small lattice made of hemp cord or string above where your plants will be growing. As your plants mature, tie them to the lattice once they reach the appropriate height and they will begin to grow outward rather than further upward. This method of growing will help keep your plants a manageable height, as well as optimize the space they are growing in for bud growth. Sativa cannabis will usually give you much more energizing and high frequency effects than indica will. You’ll feel strong euphoria, with an invigorating heady stone that will allow you to finish household tasks or work on artistic projects.

Buy Indica Seeds Ireland

Making an order of Kind Seed Indica cannabis seeds will provide a very distinct experience in contrast to sativa seeds. Where sativa seeds are usually found in hotter and wetter places, indica seeds are commonly found in places that are quite the opposite. You’ll usually find indica cannabis plants growing in cooler and drier climates, and this usually includes regions at altitude. These plants grow best in harsher places such as rocky or mountainous areas, making them naturally more hardy toward the elements than sativa plants. This exact trait is what makes them such a perfect choice for outdoor growing. Indica cannabis seeds will often be much more efficient at surviving cold weather, increased rain and high winds than sativa seeds will be. If you have no choice but to grow outdoors, and you are unable to utilize a protective method of growing like a grow tent or greenhouse, you should likely try to go with an indica variety. Indica cannabis seeds will give you effects that are significantly different from a sativa variety. Sativas will usually give their user very buzzing, energizing sensations. Indica marijuana is very much the opposite, giving the user relaxing, euphoric feelings. The stone will often be felt in the body as well, making the user feel very heavy, almost as if it’s difficult to move. Smokers call this effect couch locking, and it’s very common in indica varieties. Indica pot seeds will usually grow much lower and wider than sativas, which is what can also make them fantastic for growing indoors. Because they grow so compact, they usually won’t reach above four feet in height, making them perfect for grow rooms or greenhouses. They can also be trained using the Sea of Green method to maximize yields and optimize the use of space.

Germinating Seeds in The Emerald Isle

One of the nearly essential parts of growing your own marijuana is germinating the seeds. This will give you seeds that will start growing at an accelerated pace. When one uses the term germination, this is actually referring to the act of the seed sprouting its first root. However, in the cannabis world, germinating your seeds means to use a specific process of seed germination that will give your seed an easier first few weeks of growth. Just planting your seeds in regular soil can often be difficult for your seeds to survive, as the soil may not have the perfect conditions for your seeds to sprout. To help your seeds along and sprout them manually, you can use a method of germination such as the paper towel method. This option is both easy and cheap to use, and nearly guarantees that your seeds will germinate properly. To do this, just get some paper towels, a surface like a plate, and some water. Dampen a few pieces of your paper towel and place them onto the plate. Take your seeds and place them on top of the paper towel with a bit of space between them. After this, dampen a few more pieces of paper towel and place them on top of your seeds. Then, cover them with something like another plate to leave them in darkness. The entire thing can be placed somewhere that will stay dark and rather warm, like a closet or pantry. Germinating your seeds will take around a week, sometimes up to ten days or more. During this time, you should check on your seeds every so often to make sure that they’re still moist. When you see them sprouting roots, they are germinated and can then be planted into your growing medium.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Green Isle

Any grower who is trying to grow pot seeds in Ireland is in for an interesting experience. Because of the nature of Irish weather, you may have to make some adjustments in order for your seeds to have the best chance possible at reaching maturity if you’re growing outdoors. Though this country has rather mild weather, it can sometimes be burdened with excessive rain, which can cause molding or rotting of cannabis buds. For this reason, some cover should be kept nearby in the case of large rain systems coming in. If you grow pot seeds indoors in Ireland, this threat becomes much less of a problem and you can go about your grow as usual. Growing cannabis will require relatively little work despite what many growers say about these plants being fickle to cultivate. It’s somewhat easy to keep them happy, and all you need to do is give them enough time and attention to bring them to harvest. The main components that a cannabis plant grows from is water, light and nutrients. To grow from seed, first choose a high-quality soil that’s preferably organic. This will stop your plant from feeding off of synthetic nutrients, which will then go into your body. If using artificial lighting, your seeds will need at least twelve hours of light per day, with the best amount being around sixteen to twenty hours per day. Watering should be done at regular intervals, and if your plants are in a drier environment, you should spray them at least once or twice a day to keep humidity up. Feeding should be done about once a week, using NPK nutrients that are also preferably organic. You can use micronutrient mixes to ensure that your plants are getting enough of every single thing they need to optimize their growth.

Grow in a Green House

Using a greenhouse to cultivate your marijuana is an amazing option if you’re low on flexibility with your grow. Growing pot in a greenhouse will give you some of the best traits of indoor growing as well as outdoor growing. Greenhouse growing in Ireland will allow you to keep your plants outside of your home, the main benefit that many growers go to outdoor growing for. While this usually exposes them to the elements, using a greenhouse will give your plants a protected space that’s still outside of your home. This will completely remove the risk of your house being stunk up by the pungent smell of marijuana plants. However, it also ensures that your plants won’t be destroyed if some particularly bad weather comes around. On top of all this, greenhouses have many more benefits to cannabis growers. They’re multifunctional, so if you can fit more plants inside of your greenhouse, you can additionally grow fruits or vegetables alongside your cannabis plants. They will also self-regulate the environment as a natural side effect of their structure. Because they let light in but trap heat, your plants will be able to receive natural sunlight, and temperatures will be kept high inside the structure. This is the same for humidity, so as you adjust humidity it will stay at high levels for longer periods of time. If you don’t want to purchase a greenhouse, you can also build one. All it takes is some pieces of wood, nails or screws and some plastic sheets to create a functional greenhouse area. Purchasing is still always an option, and you can order one at many places online and have them shipped, or purchase them from your local garden centre or home improvement store.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Using a grow tent to grow your own marijuana will give you even more freedom in how exactly you choose to do so. These structures are even more compact than greenhouses, giving you an unlimited number of places to keep them. Despite their smaller size, they work much the same way and help to control the growing environment inside of them. Because they’re so much easier to fit in small spaces, you can put a grow tent both inside and outside of your house. This makes it very easy to hide your grow operation if you must, as you can place a grow tent somewhere inside your house that has some spare space. They’re fairly discreet in this way, so if someone manages to find it, they may not know exactly what it is or even what it’s used for, making them an excellent choice for stealth growing. On top of this, they give you a much easier time growing your plants because of how they can autonomously maintain the growing environment. The walls will keep both heat and humidity in, helping keep grow conditions at optimal levels. You will have to outfit them with all the regular systems for growing cannabis, such as artificial lighting, heating and a way of regulating humidity. However, most of them allow for direct connection to an outlet, making it easy to get everything set up. You can often buy them for a cheap price at many hydroponics or grow stores, giving you many options for how you’d like to source it. If it comes down to it, you can even build one much in the same way as a greenhouse. There are many online DIY guides and other resources to build a decent one for cheap.

Grow Outdoors

Growing your own pot outdoors in Ireland can generally be achieved with little hassle. The weather in this region is typically mild, though it can be particularly cold, especially in the fall months. The main problem that many growers might experience in this region is increased rainfall. While this is good for plants, you may want to choose a seed that will have better resistance to bad weather. Many cannabis plants can experience rotting or molding as a result of high levels of rain. Choosing a seed with some indica or ruderalis genes will give it some resistance to natural threats like heavy weather, as well as other problems such as pests or disease. An autoflowering variety from the Kind Seed bank will give your grow a better chance of withstanding the bad weather. If you think your plants are still receiving too much moisture, you can simply move them if they are planted in pots or keep a cover nearby if they are planted in the ground. Growers may also choose to use a greenhouse or grow tent to help protect their plants in these conditions. Using a greenhouse will completely cover your plants, so you’ll need to manually water them, but it will stop them from being rained on relentlessly or being swept away by high winds. You can also use a grow tent inside if you’d like to save on space and keep your entire grow indoors. A windbreak may also be useful if your cannabis seeds are planted in the ground, as it will help stop wind from breaking the stalks of your plants. Ireland tends to have low levels of sun at certain points during the year, so artificial lighting may also be a useful tool to have around in case your plants start to become a bit malnourished.

Growing Indoors

When growing cannabis indoors in Ireland, it will typically be much easier than any other method of growing. Cultivating indoors is generally regarded as the easiest method, so most growers should use this option if it’s available to them. You’ll need some basic equipment to facilitate an indoor grow, which can all be purchased at hydroponics stores or garden centres. One of these is artificial lighting, which will be one of the most important parts of starting an indoor grow. You’ll need to give your plants around twenty hours of light per day to keep them fully energized and growing properly. You can avoid this if you happen to live somewhere that has a sunroom or another form of natural lighting, but artificial lighting will likely be required. To keep humidity at the appropriate level, you should purchase a hygrometer and keep it somewhere in the grow room. There are no complicated systems needed for humidity, so if you notice it getting too low, you can simply spray some water on plants and around the room to increase it. Lastly, heat is less important but it will still matter in keeping your plants growing efficiently. If the heat in your grow room gets too low, it can result in your plants experiencing stunted growth. This is unlikely if you have artificial lighting, as it usually emanates enough heat to keep the area warm, but you should keep an eye on it anyway. Should you experience low heat, use some kind of heating device or baseboard heating in your grow room to keep things warm. Make sure to nourish your indoor plants regularly, as they won’t be getting any nutrients from the outside world. Once every week or two will be enough to keep your plants well fed.


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    The Best Seed Bank Ireland, IE

    Finding the best seeds will require you to look for a competitive seed bank. Purchasing from the best marijuana seed bank will guarantee that you’ll receive seeds that will be of the highest quality possible. You’ve found the finest seed bank in Ireland right here at Kind Seed Co, and we’ve earned the right to say it. Our seed bank has been in the business for over twenty years, and we’ve been selling seeds since the nineties. After closing our doors to restructure our business, we’ve opened back up as a seed bank with a renewed sense of efficiency and vigor. Our catalog is larger than it’s ever been before, and our inventory spans over one hundred different varieties for you to choose from. With all new partners to source our seeds from, our warehouses contain some of the finest seeds you’ll find anywhere on the market. The professional breeders and growers we work with to have our fine seeds created is what keeps them in such prime shape. Furthermore, our high standards of seed quality ensures that you’ll never receive a dud or genetically defective seed. Whether you live in Ireland or in the rest of the EU, you can have our cannabis seeds shipped right to your home, with no travelling required. On top of all this, our restructuring means that we have a new team on board. Our full customer service team will be ready to take on any questions or inquiries you might have about our website or the ordering process. You can send an inquiry over to our team at any time during the day, and we’ll try our best to have it answered as soon as possible. Should anything be amiss with your order, you can contact our team as needed to get everything sorted out.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Ireland

    If you’re thinking about growing cannabis seeds, one of the most fantastic innovations in marijuana seed genetics has to be considered. These are autoflowering seeds, and they provide a cultivation experience like no other seed can. How they came to be is through the use of cannabis ruderalis genetics. Believe it or not, this type of marijuana is another family alongside both sativa and indica. These plants are found in some of the harshest regions on the planet, usually in rocky, mountainous, and hostile terrain. Because of their place of origin, they’ve become incredibly hardy over time. Cannabis breeders were able to take some of the finest genetics of these plants and add them to other strains, giving them some of these incredible qualities. When you plant an autoflowering seed, it will go throughout its entire life cycle on its own. With photoperiod plants, you will have to start their flowering phase by manually reducing the lighting hours of whatever artificial lighting system you might be using. Autoflower seeds are the opposite, and you don’t have to make any changes whatsoever for them to begin flowering on their own. Because of these outstanding benefits, Kind Seed Co offers autoflower cannabis seeds for sale to any grower who would like to try them. They can give you a much easier grow all around, as there’s much less note keeping and tracking to be done. Auto seeds are also naturally more resistant because of their perfect ruderalis genetics, making them a very good option for outdoor growing. They will usually yield nearly the same amount as other strains, so you won’t be missing out on anything by taking advantage of the benefits. We also offer our autoflower seeds at the same price as our other seeds, so you can try them with no risk at all.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Ireland

    Kind Seed has witnessed many of the complaints that European growers have had about the hassles of getting their hands on cannabis seeds in the region. Many growers are unable to find seed banks where they live, and if they do, they may not offer shipping of any kind. This leaves growers to incur extra expenses, paying out of wallet for things like fuel and transportation costs to get their seeds. It can be even worse when you’re working with a seed bank that has problems with keeping their inventory stocked. With this, Kind Seed Co decided to start offering shipping to all EU customers. With a warehouse based in Europe, you can purchase any of your favourite seeds from our catalog and have them ship to Europe for only a regular shipping fee. Because we have a seed bank based in the area, shipping will take no time at all, and it won’t cost any more than getting any other regular item. Not only that, but you can have your seeds shipped right to your home. There’s no need to go to a post office or other location to pick up your package, as we can have seeds sent right to your doorstep. Privacy is top of the line when it comes to our business, so we ship all of our orders in discreet packaging. You’ll be able to pick up your order without having to worry about your privacy or anyone finding out what you’re up to. Our tough packages will protect your seeds all the way through transport. Because of our secure and discreet packaging, ordering from KS means that your pot seeds won’t have any kind of damage once they show up right to your home.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Ireland

    Buying marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank can save you tons of hassle in the process. Many smaller seed banks simply don’t have some of the high standards that others do. Kind Seed has been in the cannabis industry for a long time, which has given us time to refine our standards and find out where the best marijuana seeds come from. We’ve partnered with some of the most qualified growers and breeders to source our incredible seeds, and we’re pleased to offer these seeds to all of our growers both new and old. With an accredited seed bank, you’re going to find a large variety of seeds to choose from. Kind Seed Co offers our customers over one hundred different strains of cannabis to pick from, which will give you maximum freedom in how you’d like to go about your cultivating. When working with a professional seed bank, you get to benefit from our amazing shipping options. You can purchase from us from anywhere in Europe, and we’ll make sure that your seeds get to your doorstep with no issues whatsoever. Because our warehouse is in the region, it will take no time at all compared to the often long waits that overseas shipping can require. You’ll also gain access to our professional customer support team, which will allow you to quickly resolve any issues you might have with your order. Our catalogue is available completely online, so you can take a look through our inventory at any time that works for you. Place your order whenever you like, and we’ll have it sent out by the next business day. All of the paperwork can be done online, and you can receive a shipping confirmation and receipt straight to your email, as well as with your package.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    Finding marijuana seeds for sale can sometimes be difficult because of the image still surrounding marijuana and its use. Many growers live in areas where cannabis is still not generally accepted, which leads them to have to use certain codewords or slang to find weed seeds for sale. Growers typically have to search for things such as pot seeds for sale or perhaps weed seeds for sale to find what they need. Growers who might try to be a bit more careful will sometimes use slang such as ganja seeds for sale, or even hash seeds for sale. Some older growers will be more familiar with slang that was used in the past. This can include terms like Mary Jane, dope or grass, all terms that were much more common in the seventies or eighties, but are still used today. Finding marijuana seeds for sale may require searching by region, as where you live can affect the availability. Growers searching for marijuana seeds for sale may also search for terms such as seeds for sale in the European Union. In order to buy seeds in the EU, you’ll have to find a cannabis seed bank that ships to the region, which is exactly what Kind Seed Co specializes in. Purchase any one of the strains in our catalog, and you can have them shipped to your door completely hassle free. Finding weed seeds for sale has never been easier in the modern age, and we try to make it much easier for you to find your way to the seeds you love. After you’ve made your way here, check out our online inventory to see every seed we have in stock. Make your purchase completely online, and you’ll be able to have all of the essential paperwork sent to your inbox.

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