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When people all over the EU are looking for high quality cannabis seeds for sale, Kind Seed is the place they want to be heading. We benefit from nearly three decades of experience in the seed cultivation industry, and we’re an above-board seller with over ten dozen strains of premium, White Label, and exclusive line cannabis seeds for sale. Lithuania might not always be the most hospitable place to grow cannabis, but a collection of souvenir seeds is perfectly legal. Medical growers looking for top of the line genetics to meet their needs will adore our wide selection, the easy to grow lines of autoflowering and mold resistant strains we carry, and our vast knowledge of evidence-supported science regarding the therapeutic use of THC and CBD. The cannabis seeds for sale via Kind Seed are a carefully selected group of classic strains and optimized house blends certain to bring relief and pleasure. We ship all over the world and love helping new growers explore their options and find the highest quality cannabis seeds for their setups. There’s no need to track down a sketchy grey market in person shop with dodgy, poorly kept cannabis seeds for sale in a display case. These places might be raided at any moment, there’s no way to tell what’s really being supplied, and there’s no way for customers to address any return or exchange needs. With Kind Seed, there’s no sketchy nonsense, no run around, no lofty claims that don’t hold up, just the dankest cannabis seeds for sale anywhere in the world shipped promptly to any location. Simply browse our selection of fine strains, select the ones most well suited to the growing situation in question, and wait a little bit to have the seeds delivered directly to a PO box or home address. It’s so easy with Kind Seed!

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Lithuania from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale LT

These are the cream of the crop when it comes to legalized recreational American dank. Our high THC seeds for sale can pack up to thirty percent of the psychoactive cannabinoid in their beautiful flowers, leading to massive relief for pain and inflammation sufferers and loads of fun for those who use cannabis recreationally. Our highest percentage strain is Blackberry Moonrocks, which can hold up to thirty-three percent in its lovely blue and lavender nuggets. This strain has a delicious citrus and herbal flavor and provides a blissful and relaxing high that helps users sleep or get rid of physical pain. Our Kind THC 1 and 2 strains are also fabulously potent, with between eighteen and thirty percent THC depending on the strain, whether it’s autoflowering or feminised, and how the cultivator is treating the plants. The trick to getting the most THC from cannabis plants is to feed them well, keep humidity low, and never let male plants come anywhere near them. Cannabis smokers use the flowers of female plants to get high, as it’s the female plants that produce resin. Resin is produced by unfertilized female plants when they are nearing the end of their life cycles. They do this in order to help passing pollen stick to the flowers better, since cannabis plants are wind pollinated. This resin is the source of almost all terpenes and THC in a cannabis plant, though scientists are not yet completely sure why plants produce THC in the first place. It’s likely that it’s used as a way of preventing the resin from being eaten by aphids and other insects. In any case, humans love unfertilized cannabis flowers for their high THC content. We have all kinds of feminised seeds for sale waiting for the right person to cultivate them and reap the sticky rewards!

Buy Sativa Seeds The Baltic Tiger

Sativa cannabis seeds are beloved by daytime smokers and people who like to stay energized even while high. They sometimes grow very tall plants, and are descended from landraces in tropical places like Thailand, Jamaica, Columbia, and Mexico. There are also famous sativa strains that come from Africa. Pure sativa seeds are very hard to find these days, as many of them have been crossed with indica plants to make hybrids. Our most pure sativa cannabis seeds are from the Durban Poison strain. Durban Poison tastes like a mix between licorice, lemon, and cloves with a hint of sweetness. It has a creative and energizing effect that keeps many users focused for a long time. It’s sometimes referred to as a good replacement for coffee. Durban Poison is a parent strain of the popular modern hybrid Girl Scout Cookies. Durban Poison plants can get very tall, up to fifteen feet, typical of a lot of sativas. It’s more accurate to refer to the growing style of plants as opposed to their effects when talking about sativas versus indicas versus hybrids, as that’s where the distinction originates. Sativa pot seeds grow taller plants with thinner leaves that often have more points on them. Our Kind Seed line has two sativa-dominant hybrids that hold between ten and twenty-five percent THC. These strains are generally quite citrusy and can be used for a mix of mental and physical ailments. Their highs are uplifting, often motivational while still having relaxing effects. Kind Seed also carries a large range of modern sativa cannabis seeds, some of whom were originally bred in Europe. Skunk 1 is a very famous example that was made in Holland in the 1970s. We also carry Blue Dream, Chocolate Thai, California Widow, NY Diesel, Neville’s Haze, Pineapple, and even the potent Quarter Pounder.

Buy Indica Seeds Lithuania

Indica cannabis seeds grow smaller plants that originally evolved in the mountain regions of Central Asia. They’re typically two to four feet in height and grow bushy, laterally spreading plants with thick, fuzzy leaves that have fewer points on them than sativas do. Indica cannabis seeds are slightly easier than sativas to find as pure strains thanks to their resilience. That hardiness means that growers haven’t had to hybridize them with other genetics like they have with sativa plants, who can sometimes suffer from moisture intolerances. Indicas are beloved by medical users and people who like to imbibe in the evenings to relax and help them get a great night’s sleep. Some of the most popular indica cannabis seeds grow plants that have been used for ages in the medical cannabis field to ease the pain and nausea of chemotherapy, reduce inflammation and anxiety, and eliminate insomnia. Strains that have been made famous by the medical cannabis trade include Grandaddy Purple, Purple Kush, and Afghan, all three of which we carry as some of our favorite pure indica pot seeds. In response to customer feedback, we’ve also created a line of fabulous house strains designed with indica lovers in mind. Our four Kind Indica strains all come in either autoflowering or photoperiod varieties. All our Kind strains are feminised, so no worries about having to root out males other than the odd statistical anomaly. Kind Indica One can create between fifteen and twenty-one percent THC and has a calming effect great for inflammation, pain, anxiety, and stress. Kind Indicas Two and Three are creative strains with similar THC contents as number One. They are great for mental health concerns, but can also be used for various kinds of pain. Kind Indica Four is a euphoric strain that does fabulously combatting stress and insomnia.

Germinating Seeds in The Land Of Storks

The best ways to germinate cannabis seeds are quite rudimentary, technologically speaking, and require little more than some tools from the kitchen. The paper towel method is by far the most vetted and secure method of seed germination, according to just about anyone who knows a thing or two about seeds. Being truly fancy and high-tech using this method involves a seedling heating pad and a freezer bag with a zipper seal, but those things are really not necessary. To begin, soak the seeds overnight in some very clean and distilled water. This can either be purchased or made by boiling a cup of water and leaving it to cool for twenty-four hours. Take a ceramic dinner plate and a few layers of clean paper towel and put the paper towel on the plate. Wet the paper towels until they are wet to the touch but not leaving pools of water on the plate when the towels are lifted. Arrange each seed on the towels so they each have some space to grow. Cover them with another couple of wet paper towels and an upside-down ceramic plate. This moist and warm microclimate will give the seeds all they need to sprout. Check on them every day, misting the towels with more clean water when needed. If the towels are drying out between visits, make sure all pieces of them are tucked into the plates, as even corners hanging off the side will cause the entire towel to dry out. Seeds should crack their casings within three days, especially if they were soaked overnight first. Sprouts should be ready for a seedling tray under an LED array within a week. Sprouts don’t have complex root systems, and so require a relative humidity of sixty-five percent to glean water vapor from the air.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Baltic Tiger

Folks looking to grow pot seeds in Lithuania would be wise to invest in a small growing tent. Those who live more rurally, or in small communities where the personal use of cannabis is socially acceptable, may be able to successfully cultivate their plants outdoors in the summer, with plants outside in the daytime from May to late August depending on the specific climate of the area. People in Vilnius will want to make sure their plants are covered from June and July rains. It’s also advised that people grow autoflowering, fast flowering, humidity loving, and mold resistant plants to help ensure a good harvest. It’s still highly suggested that Lithuanian growers leave their outdoor plants in greenhouses, and keep them on rolling casters to enable quick movement in the event of an early frost. Don’t be discouraged, though, aspiring urban growers. It’s quite possible to grow pot seeds in small, smell-proof tents in a bathroom or closet. One of the most important things to do when new cultivators try to grow from seed for the first time is to plan the growing space according to the seeds in use. Cannabis has a huge range of heights, with some plants getting two feet tall and others more than fifteen! When growing from seed, plants are able to reach their full potential thanks to the development of a tap root. Tap roots don’t develop on clone plants, and as such they don’t tend to get nearly as tall as plants that are germinated from a seed. Growing plants from seed requires that research be done into the growing habits and phenotypes of different strains before selecting which seeds to grow, especially if there is only so much space to grow in. However, many tall plants can be coerced into becoming laterally-spreading plants with intermediate training techniques.

Grow in a Green House

Greenhouse growing is an excellent idea in Lithuania due to the frequent cloud cover, cool year-round weather, and varying social acceptance of cannabis cultivation. People already growing hothouse flowers, tomatoes, and tropical plants in rural spaces will have an easy time fitting one or two cannabis plants into a larger space, where other plants and more advanced greenhouse technologies can be used to mask the scent and appearance of cannabis plants. The biggest advantages to growing in a greenhouse are all about the hybrid growing methods that can be employed, mixing the best parts of outdoor growing with some of the environmental control mechanisms of indoor growing. Those growing photoperiod plants will be able to install light blocks much easier in a greenhouse, while still being able to take advantage of solar power. For a double whammy, it’s even possible to run LED lights using wind or solar power to save energy and increase the harvest. LEDs can be a great addition to a greenhouse during gloomy Vilnius summers, since cannabis needs quite a bit of consistent and intense light to grow beautiful harvests. Humidity and heat are two other variables that can be controlled somewhat in a greenhouse, though obviously not as well as if grown indoors. Though companion planting can be helpful for deterring pests and lookie-loos, plants that enjoy more acidic soils, such as tomatoes, and those that attract powdery mildew, squashes for example, should not be grown too close to cannabis plants. Growing in organic, living soil is always a great idea for cannabis. Growing plants in fabric pots on rolling wheels can help to move the plants quickly in case of emergencies like cold weather or broken heaters. Soil should be kept between pHs of 5.5 and 6.5 to keep the plants happy.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Growing tents can be perfect for personal growers looking to keep plants privately in more densely populated or repressive areas of Lithuania. Growing tents can take up as little floor space as four feet squared, or as much as a very small room. Having at least four square feet per plant will ensure that each one will have enough room to grow. Larger tents can be filled by just one plant using a lateral spreading low stress technique like the Screen of Green method. This uses a grid to keep foliage low while bud sites are allowed to pass through, which gives flowers all of the direct light. This method needs to be done in concert with regular pruning and an increase in airflow to the foliage below to avoid the collection of moisture and possible molding. Some of the fabulous hybrids coming out of America right now are perfect for this method and for growing tents in general. We’re thinking of strains like Cherry Pie or Ice Cream Cake or Bruce Banner. Growing tent kits often come with everything new growers need to sprout, cultivate, dry, and harvest their plants except for seeds, soil, and jars. These kits can be found online for roughly four hundred American dollars with prices varying depending on sources and which specific kits are available. Growing tents are smell proof, light proof, and waterproof, though they’re better kept indoors due to their electrical hookups. They provide space for a forced air vent, and most kits will come with an electric fan that has a filter on it to keep smells in and bugs out. There are spaces for oscillating fans and temperature and humidity gauges, and space enough for a state of the art LED lighting array. We can’t recommend these enough for Lithuanian growers!

Grow Outdoors

While outdoor growers in Lithuania are fighting an uphill battle, talented horticulturalists can do it! Cannabis is not as fickle a plant as many people believe, and aside from a few very important considerations like humidity and intense light, there is really not a whole lot to have to master once fertilizers and basic plant care are understood. It’s wise to grow cannabis plants in pots even when growing outdoors. This way, they can be moved inside or into a greenhouse quickly in the event of a sudden summer rain, like the ones that are common in Vilnius in June. Don’t plan to have plants outdoors all day and night until at least June, and try to always keep a rain shade over them just in case. Growing a humidity-loving variety is suggested, and it’s strongly recommended that Lithuanian growers stick to autoflowering plants due to their faster flowering times and resilience to less than ideal weather. Companion planting is highly recommended both for the health of all plants involved and to help disguise cannabis plants from those who might seek to steal them or demand to see the grower’s medical cultivation permit. Sunflowers, tomatoes, corn, and climbing beans can be strategically planted to hide the sight of the cannabis plants. Squashes and other difficult to walk through plants can be used to deter investigation. Aromatic herbs like chamomile, lavender, sage, and basil can be used to mask the smell of cannabis. These plants will also affect the scent of the harvest, so be sure to avoid planting things like valerian root in an attempt to completely mask the smell, since the harvest will also be tinged with those same smells. Potatoes and carrots can help to keep the soil around the plants aerated. All plants should be indoors before the first frost in October.

Growing Indoors

Though there are some microclimates that are the exception, growing indoors is the safest bet in Northern and Northeastern Europe. Not only is it more secure, but growers have a much easier time controlling environmental conditions that ensure a fabulous crop. The most important things to remember when growing indoors is to do a lot of planning and to keep the space secure from invaders who might spoil the harvest. Planning the site makes everything easier, as it can be very difficult to roll with the punches once there is an entire crop at stake. While elaborate timers and growing technologies can seem enticing and promise to take hours off the workload, they are generally not worth it. Keeping the setup simple and classic, even if it means having to manually switch off the lights or adjust the thermostat, can often save a lot of trouble. Knowing exactly how much vertical space there is to work with is also an important consideration. Many cannabis plants will double, sometimes triple, their height during the early stages of flowering. This is why so many growers swear by indicas and short hybrids for populating indoor spaces, as they tend to stay below four feet in height. Accidentally cultivating a whole room of fifteen-foot monsters when growing in a crawl space is not anyone’s idea of fun.

The other important factor is defense. Thoroughly clean and seal the area before moving any plants in. Make sure there is only one in and out vent for air, that’s filtered with charcoal or another smell and microbe cancelling layer. Any other sources of air can let predators in and telltale smells out. Most growers are also very strict about having no street clothing and no outside shoes allowed in their spaces for fear of tracking in harmful pests like spider mites.


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    The Best Seed Bank Lithuania, LT

    Kind Seed is very confident in asserting that we are the best marijuana seed bank for Lithuanian growers. It makes absolutely no sense to go to a sketchy black market seller for seeds when we are right here. We carry more than one hundred and thirty different kinds of seeds, including an exclusive set of house strains that were designed based on years of customer feedback. We have been in the business since 1994, when we used to take out full page advertisements in High Times magazine. We were number one in the business then, and we still are. Our five year hiatus was all about making sure we could meet the demands of the rapidly changing legalized market in America, and we’re so excited to be able to share our knowledge and expertise with the whole world. Our superior products are available for inspection online twenty-four hours a day, any day of the year, from anywhere in the world. There’s no need to fight traffic, or even put on pants, to learn all about our fabulous selection. It’s as easy as ordering anything else online, with just a few bits of reading and some choices to be made before submitting an order. Thanks to advancements in international money transfers, there are also an amazing array of apps and organizations that help in the switch from euros to dollars if that’s an issue. For the entirety of the twentieth century, Europe was the center of cannabis innovations. European growers safeguarded a lot of lineages that we now use in our work. Kind Seed wants to repay the kindness, so to speak, by making sure that Europeans all over the Union can take advantage of the new innovations coming out of the American legal market.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Lithuania

    Kind Seed carries a huge variety of autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. We think they’re the wisest option for growers in Lithuania, especially those who are growing outdoors, or those who are new to cannabis cultivation. Many people’s first garden plant is cannabis, and while it can seem a little daunting from the outside, we find that autoflowering plants are the perfect choice for people who have little or no growing experience. The difference between an autoflowering seed and a photoperiod seed is essentially how it should be treated during its life. Typical cannabis plants, which are photoperiod plants, require a change in the amount of light they are getting over the course of the day. This change tells the plant that it’s time to stop focusing on creating new vegetation and it’s time to focus instead on growing flowers. This generally happens as the season changes from spring to summer in many places in the world. Autoflowering plants don’t need this switch in the lighting period. They make the switch which is based on how old they are instead. Back when we were first starting, autoflowering plants were a brand-new technology. They were created by blending sativa and indica strains with ruderalis cannabis plants, which are much smaller, lower in THC, and thrive in rugged mountain environments in Central Asia. These seeds were not that awesome back in the day, but with close to twenty years of development now, they are every bit as potent and reliable as photoperiod plants or maybe even more so to be honest. That’s why Kind Seed made sure to produce an autoflowering version of all of our twenty-four fabulous house strains. Autoflowering plants are also generally more resilient to pests and mold, and won’t wither away quickly if accidentally neglected for a day or two. Make the switch, or rather, don’t!

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Lithuania

    Kind Seed has spent quite a bit of time making sure that we can ship to Europe. We believe that everyone, regardless of where they live, deserves to own a souvenir piece of the incredible legal American cannabis market. Our online shop is open all times of day or night, so there’s no need to worry about having to calculate timezone changes to get us when we’re open. Language barriers are a non-issue with the amazing power of the internet. Even currency exchange is becoming somewhat obsolete thanks to applications like TransferWise, Paypal, and Venmo. Kind Seed’s stock includes more than one hundred famous strains including current bestsellers like Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, Zkittles, and Zombie Death Fuck. We also carry legends like Acapulco and Columbian Gold, Jack Herer, Trainwreck, Afghan, and Northern Mazar. Our boutique line of signature strains come in a wide variety to suit all kinds of folks, and were carefully crafted by our associates at Blimburn seeds. We also carry White Label strains that ship from Europe so those in the Schengen Zone won’t have to worry about paying duty or coming into conflict with customs. Our nearly three decades in the industry have provided us with a glut of important information regarding how to treat both our seeds and our customers. There’s no need to work with some dodgy plug with no credentials when we’re right here, legit and experienced and easily vetted. All our shipments are trackable, registered, and are packed carefully according to the phytosanitary regulations of both the country of origin and the country they’re being delivered to. We also pack them discreetly to avoid detection by those who would spoil the fun of owning these legendary souvenir seeds. Between our knowledge, selection, and customer service, there’s really no reason to buy anywhere else!

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Lithuania

    You don’t work in the cannabis industry for thirty years without learning the difference between a rip off factory and a reputable seed bank. Part of our mission is to help make sure that cannabis enthusiasts never have to resort to buying seeds from anyone who is any less than a total professional. Seeds bought from people who don’t know much about botany, or who don’t have the proper facilities to breed and store seeds, are a huge part of why many people believe that cultivating cannabis from seed is so difficult. It’s really not that hard if all the proper precautions are taken, but too many people believe that seeds are basically invincible before they sprout. We’re not sure what gives people that impression, because seeds are very delicate little organisms, and they require a lot of special care. The easiest way to tell whether or not a seed bank is worth their weight is by how they approach their customers. Any seed bank trying to hustle people into making a quick decision is not worth trusting. Companies who swear up and down that all of their seeds are the most incredible and potent forms of their specific strain should be regarded with some suspicion. If these seed houses are also making lofty guarantees with no policy on exchange rates, that’s a big red flag. Seed banks that give something like a ninety percent germination guarantee should also come with specific germination instructions and also provide details on how to fulfill that guarantee in the event that it’s not met. Through and through, the easiest way to find out what a seed bank is worth, of course, is to look for online reviews from customers. You’ll find that Kind Seed has a very high rating thanks to our years of diligence.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    It’s easier than ever to buy seeds in the EU. Whether you search weed seeds for sale, kanapių, or parduodamos kanapių sėklos, Kind Seed is where to go for the best in the business. The word cannabis comes to the English language from an ancient Central Asian word that has been kicking around the Indo-European language family for centuries. The word weed became a common slang term for cannabis thanks to the plant’s ability to grow unattended with no human help. People who search pot seeds for sale are using a slang term from the early twentieth century that’s a shortened form of the Mexican cannabis-infused alcohol drink called potiguaya. Those looking for marijuana seeds for sale on the world wide web are using perhaps the most mysterious word of all the cannabis slangs. There are rumors of it being a slurring of two women’s names to refer to a brothel, as in Maria y Juana. This is implicated to be the reason for yet more slang, including Mary Jane and MJ. This is an apocryphal origin though, and it’s probably not the real story. It would be wild to be in the cannabis seed bank industry for as long as we have without learning all the details about how different people look for weed seeds for sale, etymologies included. Especially now using the internet, where keywords mean the difference between finding marijuana seeds for sale from nefarious black market sources and finding legitimate weed seeds for sale being sold by industry professionals with three decades of experience like us. Not that we don’t also have high quality marijuana seeds for sale, since there is no agreed upon difference between weed and marijuana of course. Regardless, when you’re looking for the best seeds for sale in the European Union, it’s Kind Seed all the way.

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