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Whether you like cave diving in Comino, exploring the fort at St. Elmo or horse riding at Golden Bay, when you hook up with Kind Seed, all your adventures are sure to be happy ones. Finding the perfect cannabis seeds for sale is made easy with our top shelf selection and customer service. The cannabis seeds for sale in the Kind Seed vault suit the Mediterranean climate of Malta like a glove and, with the diversity of selection we have available, every cannabis aim comes true. We have high output cannabis seeds for sale, high THC, high CBD, photoperiod and autoflower. All of our seeds are feminised and pair beautifully with any regular strains to make new marijuana magic in Malta. Our cannabis seeds for sale span the circuit from fan favourites and award-winning White Label and Premium strains, to our custom designed In-House collection. We have spent the past five years developing this comprehensive lineup of miracle strains found nowhere else. Buying our cannabis seeds for sale is a cinch through our expertly designed and developed online storefront. The list of strains we offer peaks in the hundreds and our product pages make sure you have the data you need to make informed decisions about the weed you choose to grow. Cannabis seeds aside, we also offer tier one security, and our eCommerce section offers numerous payment options, so everyone has the chance to grow some high test Maltese Merry Jane. Finally, our cannabis seeds are shipped from our European distribution centre, so no international travel for your selections. If you want to know where to buy the best cannabis seeds in Malta, you are already here. Get in touch today and learn what the kindness of Kind Seed can do for you.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Malta from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale MT

In a place so rich with culture, history and international attention, on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean where film production and ancient temples are daily sights, it stands to reason that tiny amounts of weed are decriminalized. This is good news for THC lovers, and Kind Seed Co has the heavy hitting rock star strains you need to make the most out of managing life in Malta. Cannabis seeds are legal here, as they are all over the European Union, and we have the diversity of seeds for sale necessary to make all sorts of wonderful dreams touch reality. Kick back on any number of Malta’s world famous and blue flag beaches with our Kind Seed Indicas. Find yourself careening through the sky on a hang glider or through the hills of Gozo. Partake of all the finest eateries in Valletta or swim the real Blue Lagoon. All of these things are a bit more entertaining when you’re giggly or when the fish in the reefs become vibrant kaleidoscopes of color. Hear the sounds of the shrimp echoing underwater or the bounce back of the cathedral bells as your brains hit the THC breakwater. The mind melting, high THC cannabis seeds for sale at Kind Seed Co are designed to deliver you from the everyday and transport you to realms of vivid intrigue, sensual arousal and induce a keen eye for the trippy. We have the high THC sativas proven to elevate mental states and give you the high-octane energy boosts you need to get through a busy day under the sun, and we have the indicas to flatten you like a rug. When you need trippy seeds in MT, trust the Kind Seed Co to have just the right pod of peas for your date with pleasure.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Republic of Malta

The Republic of Malta is one place with no shortage of activities, and Kind Seed Co has sativas which pair beautifully with tropical desert living. The sativa cannabis seeds in our collection are vast and varied and include high THC, high CBD and impressive citrus, skunky, fruity and spicy terpene profiles. Our seed collection covers the hazy and dizzying danks, the high-flying flowers that move us to hilarious moments and offer intense boosts of boom, and they are all available for speedy delivery to MT. The climate for cultivating sativas in Malta is ideal, the sights and sounds worthy of praise and the tourists always need to know where to find a toke or two. Sativa cannabis seeds are known as wake n’ bake strains, energizing powerhouses of princely potency and these are the strains that elevate moods, whisk away worry and transform the forlorn into spewing spouts of positivity. If you have some unmodified sativa pot seeds, the vault at Kind Seed Co is certain to have just the right partner for your breeding pursuits. We have landrace and pure sativas, sativa heavy and sativa dominant hybrids, and they are all feminised. We offer a vast array of autoflowers suited perfectly to harvesting numerous hauls per year, and they will grow anywhere in the Republic of Malta. Sativa cannabis seeds grow the stuff perfect for carrying you along through a day at the Valletta Grand Prix or partaking of Malta’s famous shopping culture. Hit the Birkirkara Market or sit behind the wheel of a fine and rare automobile, grab your snorkel gear or hit the nightlife. Sativa seeds in the Republic of Malta mean a wicked good time, and all you need to see a whole universe of adventure are available at Kind Seed Co.

Buy Indica Seeds Malta

Some people come to Malta to keep moving and take in as much of this Mediterranean masterpiece as possible. However, a large population of locals and visitors are here to slow down. To slow down properly requires an indica and buying indica seeds in Malta is a cinch with Kind Seed. Whatever low-flying aims you have can be met with ease through a simple trip through our seed bank. We have indica cannabis seeds that stun, that push the boundaries of mental function, and which will leave you flatlining on the floor. We also offer milder indica cannabis seeds, the types to focus you up, that trigger a touch of creativity and the release of pent up potential. Indica cannabis seeds are globally recognized for being painkilling and stress relieving, for slowing muscle spasms and cramps and for being so utterly sedating that there is no escape. Tuck in for a steamy night with your sweetheart, glowing in the physical and stimulating sensual arousal of some of our higher THC indicas. Whatever you like to do that involves chilling right out, it can be accomplished with our indica collection. Growing these beasts is simple in MT, and all you need is a little grow-how and you could be dreaming your way through life in no time. As with our sativa collection, we have auto and photo fems to match your natural indica pot seeds. Make new body-busting buds to enjoy after a long day leading a charge of tourists through Goza or the deep blue. Find relief in the leaves you grow from Kind Seed indica cannabis seeds and feel the rush of planting stones found nowhere else. Malta is always a busy place, but with the Kind Seed indica collection, streaming to you live from your own grow space, the weight’s a little lighter.

Germinating Seeds in The Land of Honey

Let’s say you have decided to take a look at Kind Seed and you have rather unsurprisingly found we are a treasure trove of tip top toker potential. Let’s say you have found the magic, chosen your seeds and it’s time to get those beans busting open and baking you up some beautiful buds. The first step in this age-old pursuit is seed germination. Don’t worry, it is easier than you might think. If you have chosen autoflowers, then simply grab a two-gallon pot and some high quality, nutrient-rich soil, plant your seeds and add a few drops of water. In three to five days, your seeds will have germinated, and seedlings will break the surface. If it’s photoperiod strains you prefer, then the process involves a little more. For those planning hydro grows, it pays to germinate your seeds into rockwool. For dirt farmers, soak your seeds overnight to ensure they are moist enough to accept saturation and affect germination. Next day, take a plate and some paper towels, fold one towel over the plate and pour out your seeds on top of it. Spread the seeds out and lay another towel on top. Saturate both towels and pour off any remaining liquid. Make sure your seeds can breathe then place the package in a dark cupboard until your seeds break open. It is critical that your seeds do not become over soaked or too hot or they will rot and die. A seed must be able to breathe and must enjoy a humid, but not wet, environment. Within a couple days, each seed’s shell will open, and the beginnings of a root system will emerge. This is called the taproot and it is probably the most important part of any kind of seeds’ early life.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Republic of Malta

Once you have seen success with germination, you may be wondering what to do next. Well, that depends on the strains you have chosen to grow. If you have chosen autoflowers, then they will grow fine on their own, or with only the bare minimum of training, though they will need food. For photoperiod strains, which you will be managing for months, it is common practice to plant each seed into a four-inch pot of starter mix to establish, then to transplant seedlings to vegging pots, then flowering pots and so on. Growing cannabis seeds in The Republic of Malta is still a crime, so consider this information a foundation of future freedoms. To grow pot seeds into the types of plants you hope to see takes dedication, it takes specialized equipment, and it takes commitment. However, the climate in Malta is ideal for cultivating all sorts of herbs, cannabis included, and growers need only to ensure the soil is moist and that they have some sort of breeze. Grow pot seeds in your yard without fear of weather knocking you back, grow from seed inside where you have full control over every stage of development, but whatever you choose to do with your seeds, be careful. There is jail time waiting for anyone who gets caught cultivating this amazing crop, and Kind Seed would hate for someone to lose their freedoms due to being overcome with excitement at the Kind Seed vault. Regardless of the bugaboos, this truly is an ideal atmosphere for growing en masse seas of green spanning from one end of the Republic to the other. Maybe that day will arrive, but until then, be safe, be careful, keep it locked up and you may just get away scott-free.

Grow in a Green House

Greenhouse growing is not something people generally do in Malta, but there are numerous garden centres using massive greenhouses to manage their plants and there are many reasons why green growers might employ one, especially in the winter months. Not that Malta is ever cold, but autumn and winter generally see temperatures of around fifteen degrees Celsius, a bit on the chilly side for cannabis. For this reason, a greenhouse makes sense, even in the Mediterranean. A greenhouse provides a warmer microclimate in which plants can get a foothold on the soil, even when external temperatures are less than ideal. These structures provide repose from pests, wind, rain and other environmental factors. Speaking of pests, greenhouses can become a little hot and humid, so it pays to ensure you provide ample ventilation and keep some predatory insects around, simply to manage aphids and mites. Ventilation is also key to managing humidity buildup in the buds. The last thing you want to have happen after months of parenting is to rot your haul, so fans and vents play a big role in greenhouse growing. Another fine flavor associated with the greenhouse is that, once the glass clouds over a bit, they are hard to see into. We do not necessarily promote growing in places where it is illegal, but if you are going to, make sure it’s kept out of public view. This isn’t an issue with some greenhouses, as there are many types, constructed using a number of materials. They can be glass, composite or they can be a basic frame covered in plastic. Whatever design you go with, place it in full sun and make sure you have ample airflow, and all will be well.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Growing in a grow tent makes the most sense for anyone hoping to bag award crushing cannabis at home while keeping it on the down low. Tents come in many sizes and designs. They cover anywhere from 2×2 to 10×14 and bigger, and they provide the perfect foundation for building a moveable grow space. They generally have zippered doors, Velcro viewing ports and pull-string vent ports and cable outs. The sturdy frame they hang on is ideal for mounting lights, fans, extraction and filtration systems, and they contain the environment you create quite well. A good tent should be light proof, though it is easy to compensate for any light penetration by throwing a blackout drape over the whole thing for lights-off. The reflective interior of grow tents help to push light into all corners of your crop and a waterproof tray for the floor is generally part of the purchase. It is critical that you make sure all your gear is in place and functional before you start adding trees but, once it is, all bets are off. You can grow autoflowers, photoperiod strains and you can conduct breeding experiments or mother and clone. Many growers have numerous tents going, depending on the complexity of their operation, and keeping the space clean will help you avoid problems with multi-legged visitors. A simple LED, a couple small fans, a humidifier, or dehumidifier as the case may be, and a few other bits and bobs and you are a grower. Our autoflower selection is ideal for anyone growing in a tent, especially Malta’s medically afflicted communities. Medical cannabis is legal here with a prescription, and since there are no laws surrounding what type of prescription you can get, ask for a prescription to grow!

Grow Outdoors

The sunny Mediterranean is what growers talk about when discussing ideal environments in which to cultivate crops. Aim for the Mediterranean climate, make it like southern California or Australia, they say. Well, Maltese farmers are in luck because, where the rest of the world is forced to take weed inside to create this atmosphere, ideal crop cultivation environments are native to Malta. With an all-year growing season, plenty of fresh water and a couple of months of rain, full sun all day and warm nighttime temperatures, there is no seed in our collection that won’t explode with potential in the Republic of Malta. Growing outdoors does, however, require attention to be paid to soil construction, cross breezes and protection from pests, animals and thieves. Malta is a gorgeous oasis, a global tourist destination, and cultivation of cannabis is illegal here, so you have to play it safe. With weather like we have here, there is no reason to start seeds inside like growers in temperate climates are forced to do. There are no cyclones or hurricanes as there are in the Southern States and there are no tornadoes like in middle America. Primarily arenosols and calcisols, the soils of Malta are generally sandy and packed with minerals. This is a fantastic base for cannabis because it is always hungry for minerals and trace elements, and the addition of compost and loam to sand and rock makes wonderful dirt for growing. The need for a flush is negated with outdoor gardening, and all you have to do is stop feeding your crop a couple weeks before it’s ready, to ensure against mineral buildup in the buds. Spread branches out as far as they’ll go for light penetration, and you will be managing Maltese monsters in no time.

Growing Indoors

There have been a few historical events in the weed world which have pushed ever more imaginative innovations. Where Californian families had set up homesteads and were happily growing green, the pressure placed on them by government surveillance during the war on drugs forced the grows inside. Our friends in the Netherlands took indoor cultivation a step further with full environmental control, and over the years it has evolved to be the wisest way for anyone to grow. Whether you employ a tent or have rooms dedicated to cultivation, the indoor space is where dreams are made. Growing indoors takes the unpredictable nature of nature out of the equation. Sure, in a place like Malta, the pressure is not so great, but things like salt air, intense heat and the law’s penchant for causing upheaval, taking the whole thing indoors is just smart gardening. The indoor space must have light. Either LED or HID, you need light in the grow space, and it must be balanced. Red light pushes the stretch of the plants while blue light develops density and helps promote a more compact nature. White light and UV are necessary as well, and all must be in balance. Vapor pressure deficit, or VPD, is the math behind humidity, temperature and airflow and it must be on point, or you may experience issues with pH, nutrient uptake or an array of infections. There are charts available to assist new growers in finding the middle way. Nutrients are widely and readily available outside, but indoors, you need to make each feed count. High quality food is imperative to plant development and requires care and attention, or there could be issues with overdose and deficiency. Have fun, learn the techniques and you’ll be a master in no time.


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    The Best Seed Bank Malta, MT

    If you are looking for the best seed bank in Malta, MT, your search is over. Kind Seed Co is an American cannabis seed distributor top rated among industry experts. What makes us the best for Malta is a big list. We offer an unparalleled selection of top shelf cannabis seeds, many of which are designed by our own in-house team of bud botanists. If the word America scares you, don’t worry, we have facilities in Europe so you have easy access to all the greats within our seed bank. We are in love with cannabis and creating and supplying cannabis seeds so Europe can grow award winning buds. Our commitment to quality puts us in top position as one of the more professional seed banks on Earth. Expertly bred, stored in our climate-controlled centres and shipped out to you in as little as a week, our seeds can’t be beat. We offer comprehensive information pages, grow guides, germination guides and client satisfaction, every time. Our simple-to-navigate storefront makes marijuana seed shopping in Malta something you can do from the comfort of your villa or bungalow. If you are on a few months’ vacation, grab some autoflowers for the balcony and grow your dream vacation green. We don’t discriminate. Also, we take pride in our site security. With no other company will you find the promise never to sell your information to any online predators, telephone marketers or otherwise annoying persons who have no business contacting you in the first place. Our shipping is quick and nondescript, so you get your seeds fast and in packaging that could contain anything. The kindest and most professional, the most comprehensive and capable, the best marijuana seed bank in Malta has a name, and it’s Kind Seed Co.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Malta

    Autoflowers comprise the fastest growing cannabis seed category in the world. What makes the best autoflower is up to you, but with the collection at Kind Seed, where you are free to swim through dozens of the most effective automatic seeds in the industry, you have everything you need to help you make the right choice. We have indica, sativa and hybrid autoflower cannabis seeds for sale, medicinal, high THC and high CBD. Planting an autoflowering seed comes with the promise of an undemanding nature and gobs of green in speedy fashion. Most plants go from seed to smoke in as little as a couple months, so there’s no love lost on autos. Autoflowers do not ask you to know anything about training cheeba, they don’t demand numerous transplants, topping or expert level attention to detail. Planted into rich living soil, many autoflowers can go their entire lives without supplemental feeding regimens. Malta offers the ideal climate for autoflowers to thrive in, without controlled environments and tricky lighting schedules. An automatic strain from Kind Seed is feminised, so that easy weed you’re growing is guaranteed female. Whether you are a recreational enthusiast, medical consumer or are in the market for a nighttime strain to level you off before bed, the automatic seed selection at Kind Seed Co has exactly what you need. We also house everything you didn’t know existed. As we design many of our own strains, we have autos that live in no other vault, that are of designs unique to our collection, and we ship fast from within the EU. Plant, add water, put the pot in full sun, maintain humid soils and stand back because these plants need little else in order to flourish in the Maltese Mediterranean climate.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Malta

    When you live on a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it stands to reason that you wonder if we ship to you or not. The short answer to that question is, yes. Furthermore, since we are an America-based company, we get asked all the time if we ship to Europe from the US or from the EU. The way Kind Seed works is that we design and grow seeds in the states, based on fan favourites, award winners and our own dream weeds, we package them in secure, airtight containers, and we ship them to our European facility. There, they are stored in controlled conditions where they can sit safely and remain strong and viable until you order them for speedy delivery. Once you place an order, we match the payment record and pick your seeds. We lovingly wrap them in nondescript packaging and send them through expedited mail. Most of our clients receive orders in as little as a week, sometimes less, and we promise that the seeds you purchase stay in great shape from the time they leave our storage facility to the time they hit the dirt in your grow space. We offer wholesale and bulk options for all of our clients, since there are many houses of herb production, we deal with which require mountains of seeds to sow. For these types of purchase orders, we offer deals on seeds, free shipping and ongoing client support. We haven’t become one of the top-rated cannabis seed distributors in the business by accident. We have painstakingly laid it all on the line a number of times and continue to come out on top. When you want high quality cannabis seeds shipped to Malta and right to your door, trust the vision of Kind Seed Co.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Malta

    In order to understand why you buy from a reputable cannabis seed company, it pays to first take a look at some of what builds reputation in the first place. Everyone on Earth is familiar with a poor reputation and what tedium goes into making that. Poor offers, shoddy selection and heaps of duds, well, you can come across that anywhere. In order to build a positive reputation, in order to be considered reputable in a flooded market, you have to stand for something and stick by it. Kind Seed Co started off committed to providing the best beans in the biz, but we quickly realized that there are so many seeds out there, we needed to stand out. So, we took some time off from the online world and have instead focused the last five years of our efforts toward building our own collection. Yes, we offer prize winning strains and Cup crushing cannabis creations, but we are especially proud of our in-house collection. Indicas, sativas and hybrids, auto fast and feminised seeds galore, line our seed bank walls, and we keep them all in tip top condition. We are a reputable seed bank because we operate based on principles, and value our relationships with our clients. We love weed and we want you to have the most unique and exciting experience possible, so that’s what we try to offer. Freedom to choose from hundreds of high-test strains, tier one site security and the promise that your information stays safe. We offer the best seed storage practices, custom packaging and speedy and direct shipping and all with the loving kindness of a seed bank that has worked to earn the accolades we enjoy. When the fate of your recreation is on the line, stick with Kind Seed Co.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    Aside from the basic search for marijuana seeds for sale, there are a lot of other words people use for finding cannabis seeds. Some synonyms for smoke include weed, pot, ganja, green, merry jane, reefer, cheeba, dank and nugs, while the seed synonym family offers shell, capsule, kernel, stone, pod, pip and pea. Regardless of the moniker, when you search for marijuana seeds for sale, one thing stands true, and that’s that you want the best. So type in the best marijuana seeds for sale, weed seeds for sale, cannabis seed bank or seeds for sale in the European Union, but throw ‘Malta’ on the end. Those looking for top tier weed seeds for sale sometimes drop the ball and leave errors in their spelling. we aren’t trying to make anyone feel less than. We all make mistakes. However, when searching for the best weed seeds for sale in Malta, spelling matters. Sometimes we see blunders such as canibus, gajna, merrywana, mrajuana, weeds and ooey gooey instead of sticky icky. So that you find the pot seeds for sale you are looking for, for delivery to the place you need them delivered, it helps to be specific. Living in Malta, a weak place to start is to search, buy seeds in the EU. A little more sensical is to search for something like Kind Seed Europe, cannabis seeds for sale in Malta or Maltese cannabis seeds for sale from Kind Seed Co. All in all, spelling, unique markers and location are all critical to you finding exactly what you are looking for online. However, now that you know about Kind Seed, all you need to do is add a bookmark to your files!

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