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Even though cannabis isn’t decriminalized everywhere, that hasn’t stopped the cannabis industry in the Netherlands from flourishing. One of the only places on earth where you can stop for a quick puff and a coffee. If you are wanting to grow the most intense and potent cannabis plants that will impress lifelong smokers and new ones, then the cannabis seeds for sale that we have will fit that need nicely. Kind Seed has been around since 1994 and after a brief respite, we are happy to be offering our services again. We have one of the biggest selections of cannabis seeds for sale. Now you can grow American genetics that will put European seed banks to shame. We want to make sure that the seeds you grow from us are only of the highest grade, which is why we take our testing of seeds very seriously. All of the cannabis seeds for sale that we have for sale have undergone rigorous testing so that you are only getting the cream of the crop. We understand the value of positive customer interactions and have built our name on trust. We also understand how important it is to take care of our seeds properly which is why we utilize industry-leading techniques to ensure that all of the cannabis seeds for sale are stored in cutting-edge temperature and humidity-controlled rooms. If you are looking for cannabis seeds for sale, but are looking for an American seed bank that has established its name with trust and has quick, secure shipping to Europe, then Kind Seed Co is the only choice. Once you smoke the cannabis grown from our seeds, you will see why we have become the leader in cannabis genetics that grow robust and potent plants.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Netherlands from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale NL

All users of cannabis will be familiar with the cannabinoid THC, so if you are moving into growing cannabis for the first time, it needs no introduction. That being said, growing high THC strains is a fantastic way to experience the full power of homegrown cannabis. If you are looking for the most potent and unique high THC seeds for sale that come from the strongest phenotypes so that they have the most robust genetics, then Kind Seed Co should be your new favorite site. As each year passes it seems as if the cannabis we can grow only seems to increase in strength. One of the highest THC strains we have is our Mimosa Feminised. This powerhouse of a sativa hybrid has test results come back with 30% THC. It also has extraordinary yields, with outdoor producers able to get an insane 2,000 grams per plant. None of our strains even come close to the massive yields and power of our Feminised Mimosa. However, that’s not the only high THC strain that we have as seeds for sale. Our Star Killer Feminised is another potent plant. With its 28% THC content this indica hybrid is sure to whisk you off to a relaxing space where the stresses of the world drift away. High THC strains have a slew of positive benefits for farmers who are needing a supply of heavy hitting strains. Especially for farmers who grow cannabis for medical reasons, as many of the times users end up with a high tolerance when using cannabis for its medical benefits. That’s where our THC strains come in. Due to them being so strong, even users with a very high tolerance will still be able to feel the effects.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Land of Tulips and Windmills

Sativas are well-loved around the world thanks to their ability to increase energy and uplift users so that they no longer feel the burdens of life. Kind Seed Co has the ultimate selection of sativa cannabis seeds perfect for any growing condition. We have sativas that have an incredible amount of THC, strains like our Mimosa Feminised. This tank of a strain has THC that reaches 30% when grown in the optimal conditions. It also has a fantastic yield that is almost unimaginable with 2,000 grams coming off of one plant when grown outdoors. Even indoors this strain’s yield is almost unmatched with growers being able to harvest 700g per meter squared. Our sativa cannabis seeds have some of the purest genetics that you can acquire in today’s age of hybrids. One of our more impressive sativa genetics is our Durban Poison Feminised. This strain is considered to be a pure sativa, which makes the genetics extremely rare and valuable. Durban Poison is a classic cannabis strain that many veteran users would recognize. If you haven’t tried it, get ready for an extremely potent and energetic experience. It might only have 20% THC, but after trying this strain you will be wondering if that’s correct. This pure sativa truly shows itself in its flower with an intense energy kick that rivals a strong cup of coffee. When you need sativa cannabis seeds that are sure to impress even the most well-seasoned smokers, make sure you purchase your seeds from Kind Seed Co, as you gain access to a wide range of sativa pot seeds that you can’t find anywhere else. You might wonder if the seeds we have here are better than the ones you can find locally, and of course, they are. We take such good care of our seeds you might think we are working at a hospital.

Buy Indica Seeds Netherlands

When you crave relaxation or are stressed out from a busy day at work, indica strains are there for you. There is nothing better than coming home after work, putting on some music while you light up a spliff of indica, and kick your feet up on the couch. Just like there is nothing better than growing giant plants with frosty buds that are as big as your hand. The only way you can get that experience is if you grow some indica cannabis seeds all the way to flower. Luckily, Kind Seed Co has a large collection of indica strains for growers of all experience levels. If you are needing a heavy-hitting high THC indica that will help you find relaxation, then our Skywalker Ghost Kush Feminised will be the strain for you. This might be an indica leaning hybrid, but it’s incredibly relaxing and with its 26% THC you are certainly in for a ride. It has some incredible yields both indoors and out with most farmers being able to collect 700 grams per plant when grown outdoors and 450g per meter squared indoors. There are so many options when you choose to grow indica cannabis seeds, options like our White Rhino Feminised. This strain was a classic back in the 2000’s, thanks to its incredible trichome production that would make the strain become covered in white crystals that would reflect rainbows when looked at under a microscope. You will be feel like you are over the rainbow when you have a puff of this strain grown from our indica cannabis seeds. We want our customers to feel like they are kids in a candy shop with so many options of indica pot seeds that will grow into powerful plants you can really write home about.

Germinating Seeds in Holland

Germinating your seeds in Holland is just like seed germination anywhere else in the world. It’s a simple and straightforward process that if you master the first time you won’t ever forget. To start off with, you are going to need to acquire a few common household items. The first item that you will need is going to be a plate or some sort of flat surface that you won’t mind getting a bit wet. You are also going to need to tear off a few sheets of paper towels and set them aside. The last item you will need from your house is a pair of disposable gloves or some tweezers. This is due to the fact that if you use your bare hands the seed has the chance of getting damaged by the oils in your hands. Now that you have all the items you need, run one of the paper towels under some cold water for a few seconds. You want the paper towel to be not so wet that it is dripping water, but still damp. Now lay the paper towel out on the plate and take each seed and lay them out evenly, leaving around 5cm of space between each one. Now take the other paper towel sheet and get it to the same level of dampness as the first one. Lay that paper towel on top of the seeds, making sure that each seed has been neatly covered. Once the seeds have been covered, you will take the plate and place it in a dark room for three to seven days. You will know that the process has been completed when the taproot has emerged from the seeds. If you notice the paper towel drying out, take a spray bottle and spray some water on it.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Land of Tulips and Windmills

The Netherlands is a beautiful country, both in its glorious landscapes, beautiful coastal views, and its acceptance of cannabis. While this country has yet to fully legalize it, they have become a beacon of light for cannabis users all over Europe. They are one of the only places in the free world where you purchase cannabis and smoke it in a coffee shop environment. While this isn’t fully legal, the police and the law decriminalized cannabis in 1976, so possession of a small amount will not be prosecuted. If you want to grow pot seeds, this is where the laws become a touch bit murkier. It seems that cultivation is still considered illegal, but the police are not very interested in pursuing investigations against grows. However, discretion is advised if you want to grow pot seeds into giant plants, as you will need to be a bit careful since you still need to keep them from the public eye. There are some good locations outside to grow your cannabis, mainly inland away from the sea. The temperature works well for growing outdoors, but you will need to keep an eye out in case winter comes early as an early frost is horrible for flowering cannabis. It’s never been an easier time if you are hoping to grow from seed indoors. With all the amazing articles and information you can find online if you run into any problems, a quick google search will help you out. The most important part of growing is the seeds that you choose to purchase, as these seeds carry the whole genetic makeup of the plant within their shells. This is why it’s paramount to choose seeds that have a history of being strong, and if you are growing outdoors in the Netherlands, mold and mildew resistant.

Grow in a Green House

Growing in a greenhouse is the perfect combination of both indoor and outdoor growing. There are many benefits to growing cannabis in a greenhouse, some of those methods can create flowers that look as good as the flowers that you would be able to produce indoors. When growing in a greenhouse you have the choice on how you would like to design it. Some growers tend to put in windows that they can use to vent their plants, while others like to install full-on fans and vents. If installing vents and fans you will find that it is a bit more expensive than having a greenhouse with windows. Using vents, fans, and even lights in a greenhouse will still be less expensive than growing indoors. One reason why many growers enjoy growing in a greenhouse is thanks to the sun’s natural ability to give the plants the nutrients that they need via photosynthesis. Some growers say that cannabis grown by the sun’s rays has a better terpene profile and a more earthy taste. Grow tents are also perfect for users who are looking to experiment as you can have multiple greenhouses with each working on something different. Thanks to the low level of electricity that you use while cultivating in a greenhouse, it makes for an efficient method of growing cannabis. When greenhouse growing first came out, some of the weed that was produced was not up to snuff. That didn’t stop people from still working away and discovering the most appropriate ways to utilize the greenhouse’s design. Thanks to this continued effort over the years, the greenhouse has changed from a hobbyist ideal to a commercial enterprise.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Grow tents have really exploded on the market as of late. With many people choosing a grow tent as it offers a full all-in-one growing experience. There are some supplies you will need to purchase such as light and filters, but the rest of most grow tents are a perfectly self-contained growing environment. If you are choosing to produce cannabis in a grow tent there are a few thoughts you might want to ponder. The first is if you are going to need one or two tents. You can always set up a large grow tent and split it down the middle yourself, but oftentimes these are less than optimal thanks to light leaks and various temperature fluctuations. If you are needing a larger space to grow your vegetative plants as well as your flowing ones, perhaps investing in two smaller grow tents would be best suited for your needs. Using a grow tent is a phenomenal way to save on space, or at least transform your indoor space into a grow. What you will also want to do is dedicate a separate room for all the tools, equipment, and other odds and ends that you will need to use when growing in the tent. There might be some room in the tent but mostly you will only be able to keep a limited amount of required tools and goods in the tent. When choosing a location for your grow tent it will save you from a messy clean-up if you double-check what surface you are setting up on. Accidents happen all the time and if you place your grow tent over the top of the carpet, let’s just say you won’t be enjoying the next few hours as you clean up all the spilled water and soil.

Grow Outdoors

If you are going to be growing outdoors in the Netherlands, one thing you must consider is how much the North Sea affects the climate. This body of water creates a temperate maritime climate with a few variations in the weather. If you are growing in the coastal regions, you want to do your best to protect your crops from being knocked down due to wind. The Netherlands has always had a relaxed approach to cannabis, and thanks to the late frost that happens on the west side of the country, this makes the Netherlands a fantastic choice for growing some potent outdoor crops. There can be a large amount of rain depending on which side of the country you choose to grow on, with the coastal areas receiving the most rain. When growing outdoors in a climate with a lot of rain, it’s very important that you grow plants that have mold and mildew resistance. You can always choose to grow any strain outdoors whether it has resistance to ailments or not. However, choosing to grow a strain that is not resistant to mold or mildew will result in a touch more stress as you will need to check on your plants after each rain to see if they have gotten sick. No matter what kind of strain you are growing, if you hear of a big storm is on its way, it’s best to crop down plants that are close to finishing their flower phase. Even if it’s not the correct time to harvest, you will lose much more hard work if you decide to try and keep the crops in the ground. There are other options to prevent mold and mildew, always try to keep the leaves and buds separated, and leaving lots of space for sun and wind to reach will help keep the chance of mold and mildew low.

Growing Indoors

When you are to create the most beautiful, trichome-covered nugs, cultivating indoors is the only way to grow. With indoor growing, you have the chance to control the environment in many more ways than if you were growing outdoors or in a greenhouse. The first aspect of indoor growing that really sets it apart from the other growing methods is just how massive you can make the plants and the buds. Since you are growing indoors, you are responsible for providing all the light sources to your plants. This allows one to use various lighting techniques to achieve different results with all sorts of strains. While cultivating indoors, you also have the option of choosing the humidity levels and temperature of the room so that you can grow the cannabis plant in its preferred climate. This is the smartest way to increase yields as it makes the plant feel very relaxed and more at home. When a plant is stressed, it can cause the yield to be lower and in severe cases stop development. Growing indoors requires a proper filtration system. If you don’t have a strong high-quality filter, you will notice the smell of cannabis all over the place. Even if you are legally allowed to grow cannabis, some people aren’t fans of the smell, so it’s always the wisest idea to be respectful and install a premium charcoal filter. These filters are incredible in how well they do their job. If you have a charcoal filter hooked up you will almost instantly smell the difference. Your grow room will also smell less intense, and while we all love the aroma of fresh cannabis, the fragrant terpenes sometimes will give a headache even to the most experienced farmers.


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    The Best Seed Bank Netherlands, NL

    When you are looking for some of the highest quality seeds you can find, make sure you check out Kind Seed Co. We have been around since 1994, but had to take a small hiatus to focus on creating some of our own house name brands. Now you can order incredible seeds for some of the cheapest prices you can find. We wouldn’t be the best marijuana seed bank if we cut any corners. So when you order from us you are ensuring that you receive only the highest grade seeds available. We take our customers’ respect very seriously, which is why we wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize your trust. Ordering your preferred strain from us means that you receive your preferred strain. No messing about like some other seed banks do. All of our seeds are stored in temperature and light controlled areas so the potent genetics are retained, and when you receive your seeds you will receive them in the prime of their life. When you order your premium seeds from us, you won’t have to stress about what happens when they are going across the border. We utilize some of the most advanced stealth packages which even the most well-trained customs agents won’t be able to catch. Our shipment times are very quick as well, depending on where you are it might only be a week until you get your hands on our top notch seeds. Kind Seed Co has been around for years, and during all those years we discovered what it means to be the ultimate seed bank for not only the Netherlands, but also all of Europe. You won’t find more complete genetics and phenotypes anywhere else. If you are needing superb seeds shipped to your door, trust Kind Seed to get them to you.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Netherlands

    Kind Seed Co has the ultimate in autoflower genetics, quickly becoming one of the most favored and trusted seed banks to order high-quality autoflowers from. When you are looking for autoflower cannabis seeds for sale Kind Seed is the optimal choice to purchase from. As not only do all of our autoflowering cannabis seeds come from only incredibly robust parents, but they are also only gathered off of the strongest phenotype. This allows us to sell seeds that grow into plants with impressive statistics and yields. One of our favorite autoflowering seed is our autoflowering Bubba Kush, this autoflower has around 20% THC and an amazing yield for an outdoor strain, with yields being roughly 350 grams per meter squared when grown indoors. Outdoors, this strain does well with 300 grams per plant being the average yield. Autoflowers are such a big change to the cannabis world, as suddenly we have these plants that can flower anywhere and produce delicious buds in record times. Speaking of quick flowering times, our Autoflower Durban Poison has one of the quickest flowering times with this intense sativa finishing its flowering phase in as quick as six weeks. With quick flowering times, you could easily squeeze two harvests in the time it takes to do one full one using feminised seeds. With our premium autoflower seeds, you get the ability to plant some seeds that will happily take root in nearly any condition, and without any regard to light, flower into short, stubby plants covered in sticky buds. Kind Seed autoflowers strains are one of the most reasonable choices when choosing strains to fill out a grow room. You can easily squeeze a few plants into a vegetative room or a flowering room as they do not require fancy light times and with their short size won’t steal the light.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Netherlands

    Kind Seed is happy to announce that we are now more than able and happy to ship to all countries in Europe. While there are many seed banks already established in Europe, many of them don’t have access to the same high-quality genetics that we have worked tirelessly on to perfect. This means that you not only get our fire genetics, but you also get seeds that have been picked from only the more robust phenotypes of the strain you are hoping to grow. We ship to Europe the same seeds that we should ship to our American clientele, so you won’t have to worry about getting duped like how some other American seed banks operate. We take care of all our seeds with advanced seed storing techniques which include temperature and humidity-controlled environments. We also ensure that the seeds receive no access to accidental light exposure. Ordering your premium cannabis seeds from Kind Seed Co means that you get incredibly quick shipping times with some countries in Europe being able to receive their seeds within a week. We also understand how important it is to be discreet, that is why our packages have some of the most advanced stealth shipping processes around. It will be practically impossible for your package to be seized at the border. In fact, we have not heard of any of our packages being stopped at the border. When you order your high-quality seeds from Kind Seed in the Netherlands, you won’t have to worry about if the strain is of a high caliber, or if your package is going to not arrive because it got stopped at customs. We have taken every step imaginable to make sure that our European customers are just as happy as our American clients.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Netherlands

    With what seems like a new seed bank popping up every week, it can become harder and harder to find a reputable seed bank. There are many reasons why you don’t want to order from a shady seed bank. One of the major reasons that we hear from our customers is that when you order from a seed bank that is relatively unknown you are somewhat rolling the dice if you are going to get the same seeds that you ordered. There are far too many stories out there that a new grower ordered some seeds that they saw for cheap only to discover that the seeds they ordered are not the strain they requested. Even worse, sometimes shady seed banks will ship seeds that contain horrible genetics so when they start growing them, many won’t even germinate. The ones that do make it past the germination process and get planted turn out to be weak and frail. These sorts of plants will not produce a high yield and in some cases will cause the grower to lose money. That’s why when you are shopping for cannabis seeds in the Netherlands, always make sure that you order your seeds from a reputable seed bank like Kind Seed. When you order from Kind Seed, you get the reassurance of shopping with a brand that has been around for many years, and within those years, gained a fantastic reputation. You can find affordable, high-quality seeds that have potent genetics and come from only the most powerful phenotypes we can find. You also get peace of mind when ordering from a reputable seed bank as you know that what you order is what you receive. With Kind Seed Co, your seeds are always of the highest quality and grown with care and compassion.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    Many people look for marijuana seeds for sale both online and offline. There are a few ways that other people look for weed seeds for sale. One of the most common ways to find pot seeds for sale is to ask around to see if anyone has any they could spare. Now, this isn’t the best way to find cannabis seeds for sale, as they most likely have not been stored in proper conditions. Seeds are living organisms and as such have the chance to die if not taken well enough care of. This is why shopping with a cannabis seed bank is the best way to find high-quality marijuana seeds for sale. These seeds have been properly taken care of and will have much more robust genetics. When you are hoping to buy seeds in the EU, there is no other company like Kind Seed. All of our marijuana seeds for sale are some of the strongest genetics that you can find. We also take care as each of the weed seeds for sale has undergone testing to make sure that the seeds you are ordering are of the highest quality. Many of us grew up before the invention of seed banks and trying to find seeds for sale in the European Union was always a headache. Now, thankfully with all the weed seeds for sale, you won’t have to worry about if you got the right strain or not. Not to mention it’s never been easier to get such premium products shipped right to your doorstep in record time. All you need to do to get started when our seeds arrive is prepare a space and germinate them. Once the germination process has finished just pop them in the ground and you are good to go.

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