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People in Poland have been cultivating hemp for several thousand years, and cannabis for at least the last thousand. Kind Seed has a wide range of the most exemplary cannabis seeds for sale anywhere in the EU at prices that will astound even the most hardened bargain hunters. With almost three decades of experience and a line of exclusive House strains not found anywhere else, we’ve been the best in the business for ages now and it’s easy to see why. We also carry an array of Premium and White Label cannabis seeds for sale that will satisfy any discerning customer. This adds up to a selection of more than one hundred and thirty different strains, all personally vetted by our expert team of cannabis geneticists, breeders, growers, and other enthusiasts. We’ve been doing this since 1994, when we were one of the biggest mail order seed houses in America thanks to our connections to High Times magazine and our unflappable track record for providing the highest quality cannabis seeds for sale available to consumers across The States. Kind Seed is so excited to be able to provide those same cannabis seeds for sale now to our fans in the EU’s Schengen Zone. In the twentieth century, it was Europe who safeguarded cannabis genomes for the good of the whole world thanks to the decriminalization and lax enforcement of the continental justice systems. In the twenty-first century, it’s America and Canada’s turn. Canadian cannabis companies may dominate the Polish medical market, but there seems to be a supply chain issue on their end. Thankfully, Kind Seed is here with our top of the line cannabis seeds for sale, guaranteed to keep the people of Poland deep in viable and high quality seeds straight from the legal recreational markets of America. We have shipping centers in Europe to speed delivery times so you can start growing sooner!

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Poland from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale PL

If there’s one thing European seed companies know, it’s potent dank weed. Since the start of the apocryphal strain lines of American seeds going all the way back to Tangie, Trainwreck, and the ancestors of Skunk 1, European growers have been focusing their efforts on creating the most potent medicines as well. Kind Seed has many of these legendary dank seeds for sale along with a host of new strains created in the last ten years. We even have two high THC strains created specifically for our seed house, both with upwards of twenty-five percent THC in their gooey resin, when treated properly of course. What causes a plant to create a lot of THC? Cannabis researchers in America are still trying to answer that question, and their best guess is that it helps deter insects and other predators from eating the resin of the flowers. Aphids especially are huge fans of this resin, which is the source of almost all THC and terpenes in cannabis plants. But it’s only produced in any abundance by unfertilized flowers. This is what leads high quality cannabis to be called sinsemilla, which is Spanish for without seeds. Resin is produced to help these bachelorettes find some pollen in the air to stick to them. THC is just one of several dozen cannabinoids that are grown in cannabis plants, and one of the few that have a distinctive psychoactive effect beloved by recreational users. Cannabinoids themselves are the parts of the cannabis plant that interact with our nervous systems. Our bodies even make their own cannabinoids to use in our nervous systems, regardless of whether or not we’ve ever consumed cannabis in our lives. Our most potent strains of seeds for sale have names like Blackberry Moonrocks, Gorilla Glue Lemon, and Grease Monkey.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Land of Amber

Sativa cannabis seeds are rarer than their indica and hybrid counterparts, the pure ones anyways. While sativa genes are in everything from Chemdawg to Girl Scout Cookies, most of the purer strains descended from landraces have been hybridized to improve their resilience to things like mold and excess humidity. Most sativa cannabis seeds on the market now are hybrid sativas with just a little bit of indica in them to stabilize them for growing in a variety of spaces. Sativa genetics are from tropical and subtropical regions of the world including Hawaii, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, and Columbia. These groups of plants lived in relative isolation from other cannabis plants for decades, sometimes centuries, leading to both their rarity and their delicacy. Some of them can be very particular about where they grow. Others, like Durban Poison which is the only pure sativa pot seeds we carry, are hardy on their own and have given their resilience to dozens of descendant strains including the aforementioned Girl Scout Cookies. These plants are used all over the world to combat fatigue, lack of attention span, depression, dreary moods and uninspired minds. Popular sativa cannabis seeds include strains like Blue Dream, Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, Candyland Peyote, Grapefruit, and Chocolate Thai. We also carry two strains of our own sativa house strains, both with energizing and uplifting highs that blast through stress, tension, depression, and sometimes even anxiety. Growers should be warned that sativa plants are often quite tall, sometimes getting as high as fifteen feet! Durban Poison and Blue Dream stay closer to six or seven feet tall, but growers with a premium on vertical space may want to plan to either trim their plants early, teach them to grow laterally, or grow smaller plants. Kind Seed has many seeds for smaller sativa plants.

Buy Indica Seeds Poland

Indica cannabis seeds are huge with medicinal users. Especially those suffering from symptoms like insomnia, inflammation, nausea, and anxious moods. It was Afghan, one of our favourite pure indica pot seeds varieties, that was first used to create hashish as far back as the Middle Ages. These are plants known for their resinous flowers, full of terpenes and THC. Indicas are the short plants, the ones with thick frosty leaves with between five and seven fingers on their leaves. Indica cannabis seeds sprout plants that grow low and lateral. They’re a favourite of indoor growers that have limited vertical space to grow their crops. Many hydroponics arrangements are populated with dozens of small indica plants in a Sea of Green arrangement. This is a technique that flips photoperiod seedlings to their flowering period early, ensuring bud colas roughly the same size of the plants by forcing them to focus all its energy on flowering. Our own line of Kind Indica seeds, four feminised strains in either photoperiod or autoflowering style, are specially designed for indica lovers who want something stable to address specific concerns or vibes. Some of them can grow upwards of five hundred grams of high-quality buds in as little as six weeks of flowering time. All fifty plus of our indica cannabis seeds have been personally selected by our expert team to give our customers a wide selection of seeds to choose from without sacrificing quality. We carry classics like White Rhino and Purple Kush as well as newbies like Ice Cream Cake and Star Killer. One thing’s for sure, whether it’s the classics, the up and comers, or our own line of super strains, Kind Seed Co has all the best indica strains to give the people of Poland the crops they’re after.

Germinating Seeds in The Land of Fields

Contrary to popular belief, seed germination is a relatively simple and straightforward process provided the person doing the germinating keeps a few vital rules in mind. The biggest issues with germination have to do with seed storage and inconsistencies in temperature during the sprouting process. Never handle seeds with bare, unwashed hands and be sure to keep them out of warmth and moisture until it’s time to sprout them. When it is, soak the seeds overnight in a glass of very clean water. The next morning, get some paper towels and two ceramic plates of the same size, preferably from the same set of dishware. Get the paper towels wet with this same water used to soak the seeds. The towels should be wet to the touch but not dripping all over the place. Make sure each seed has enough space to flourish, around an inch between each one will do. Place another wet paper towel on top of the seeds, making sure there is enough space for air to still be circulating between them. Place the second plate on top of the seed and towel sandwich and keep it in a dark, warm place where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much. Any place that consistently stays above room temperature is ideal. This is where the second concern comes in, as places that are too cool will cause seeds not to germinate, but to rot. If seeds don’t sprout by day three, it may be too cool in the space chosen. Check on the seeds every day, making sure the paper towels stay wet. If towels dry between visits, make sure there are no corners sticking out from between the plates or that the space is in fact too warm. Seeds should be sprouted and ready to transplant within a week.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Land of Amber

While the north voivodeships might be too cool and wet for completely unmediated outdoor growing, it’s still possible to grow. Poland will find that cultivating a good crop and being able to grow from seed is even possible in the Baltic region of the country. Growers in the south will find it even easier to get great results, especially when growing outdoors thanks to the milder climate. Our Kind Outdoor and Easy Grow house strain seeds are a great option for helping first timers grow pot seeds. While it seems scary that there is no distinction on the books of Poland between growing cannabis and growing opium or coca plants, most law enforcement officers and judges take all kinds of things into consideration. The growing of a few personal plants is typically punished with a fine or some community service. Poland only made possessing cannabis illegal in the 1990’s, and more than seventy percent of the population seems to be in favor of the legalization of recreational cannabis. This makes it more socially acceptable to grow pot seeds than many outsiders might assume based on the strange mishmash of laws in the country. And things are slowly changing. Medical use of the plant was legalized in 2018, thanks in part to lobbying from several Canadian companies who have a monopoly on exporting medical grade cannabis to Poland. This has caused some upset, as the good stuff seems to only be available in fits and starts, and a much publicized shortage in medicine left many patients in the lurch during the latter half of 2021. Whether this has inspired lawmakers to allow users to take growing medicine into their own hands remains to be seen. In any case, Kind Seed has a few tips for personal growers in the Land of Amber.

Grow in a Green House

Especially in the more northern regions of the country, where summer can get quite rainy, greenhouse growing is an ideal way to grow using solar power without having to keep the crop entirely out in the open. The rain shade provided by a greenhouse can also help to keep warm air or higher levels of carbon dioxide circulating around the plants. For those growing photoperiod plants, it can also be much easier to lock down a plant for the night when it’s already surrounded by a structure. Plants in greenhouses are also protected better from prying eyes than plants out in the open, especially in spaces of higher density populations. Humidity problems can be solved in similar ways to growing indoors, like with a cup of water or an open window, while growing in soil and with companion plants and a host of beneficial insects means there is less stringency needed about the security of the space. It’s advised that growers use three to five gallon pots put on rolling casters to keep plants mobile and well-drained. while still giving them ample space to produce large taproots. Organic living soil is the best choice for growers of all stripes, but especially when growing outdoors, even while in a greenhouse. This soil can be a mix of sandy loam and tropical potting soil mediated with vermiculite, perlite, coco coir, activated charcoal, crustacean fertilizer, worm castings, and maybe a bit of bat guano at the bottom of the pot as a bloom booster cache for when the plant is old enough to reach it. Soil should be kept at a pH between five point five and six point five to ensure proper nutrient uptake. For growers who don’t want to fuss with light proofing the greenhouse, autoflowering plants can benefit from the extra hours of sunlight.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Growing tents are the ideal setup for people growing personal amounts of cannabis year-round. They come with footprints as small as four feet squared, and can hold between one and five plants. Many growers prefer to use just one or two plants and train them to grow laterally using low stress techniques like the Screen of Green. This method uses a mesh to keep canopy leaves low, causing them to grow laterally instead of vertically. This opens up more parts of the branches to direct light above, and enables bud sites on all parts of the plant to benefit from full exposure. This is done in coordination with early Fimming, where the topmost growth of a plant is cut just a little bit when the plant is young, inspiring it to focus its growth on multiple branches rather than one central cola. Cherry Pie is a strain we carry that does very well in this environment. Gorilla Glue Lemon and Zkittles are also popular with tent growers. Growing tents consist of a light and waterproof outer shell that helps keep the smell of the plants inside. The inside of this tent is either reflective or white. It used to be that growing tents were lit by traditional growing bulbs, making them somewhat of a fire hazard. Nowadays they are equipped with LED arrays in white and blue and red. The combination of blue and red LED lights is said to create a violet shade that growers have dubbed blurple. These lights help to cut down on both heat within the tent and energy usage. This means indoor growers cultivating small, tent-sized crops won’t have to worry about the bump in electricity use that used to be the telltale sign of a cannabis growing operation.

Grow Outdoors

Poland has a range of growing periods throughout the country, many of which can be wonderful for outdoor cultivation. People in the southern regions around Kraków could put plants outdoors as early as mid-April in good weather years, not needing to harvest until October. Warm weather is abundant in the south, but sunshine, not so much. Having a place to put plants to protect them from abundant summer rains is a wise choice. Those living in the northern regions of the county will want to keep their plants in a greenhouse rather than outdoors for the most part, though autoflowering plants that appreciate temperate weather will thrive with just a rain shade and some extra LEDs on particularly gloomy days. Autoflowering plants are a very wise choice in the north especially, but that doesn’t mean that southern growers can’t benefit from the ease of ruderalis genes. Rather than fuss with creating complete darkness for exactly twelve hours, why not let autoflowering plants take care of it? Southern growers will have much less trouble getting their plants to create enchanting flowers, though there may still be a need for a rain shade. Pests can be a problem with cannabis, so it’s advised to enlist the help of a few beneficial insects, especially lacewings and ladybugs, to help keep aphid and spider mite populations to a minimum. Cannabis loves to be planted with other crop plants, especially potatoes and carrots that keep soil nice and airy. Tomatoes can be a great companion for both the flavour of your flowers and their sight and smell masking of the presence of fragrant cannabis plants. Aromatic kitchen herbs like dill, chamomile, lavender, sage, basil, chives, oregano, rosemary, and thyme can further be used to somewhat mask the smell of cannabis in full bloom in rural gardens.

Growing Indoors

Growing indoors can mean year-round crops and a much more clandestine cultivation than outdoors. Growing tents can be great for growing one to five plants, and provide an all-inclusive space for both plants and growing technology. For larger spaces, or places in which using a growing tent is not possible, securing a room becomes necessary. Many people take for granted just how prized cannabis plants are as a food source for some species of the insect community. There are entire subsections of the spider mites species that seek out and prey on cannabis plants. Mold is an ever-present concern in human dwellings, especially in the Spring and Fall in more northern regions of Europe. For these reasons and more, cleaning and sealing up the space in which growing will happen is typically done two, or even three, weeks before actual growing commences. Look around for holes in the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors of the space. Patch them with caulking, spackle, tiles, or whatever you have on hand. This will eliminate almost all entry points for insects that are not the main door and the forced air vent. The vent will need a scent-scrubber like a charcoal filter, or several layers of protection of a related nature. Next, clean the entire room from top to bottom with a gentle insecticidal soap like diluted Neem. Let the air circulate for a day or two inside to clear out the last of the smell of the soap and then slowly begin preparing the space. The best advice for indoor growers just starting out is to keep the set up very simple. Many products on the market right now proclaim to save growers time and money with automatic timers and elaborate automatic watering or feeding systems. Most of them are simply not worth their shipping fees.


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    The Best Seed Bank Poland, PL

    It’s estimated that roughly seventeen percent of the Polish population uses cannabis at least once a year, and yet cannabis growers are stuck buying sketchy seeds from souvenir shops that don’t guarantee the viability of their genetics. Kind Seed is the best marijuana seed bank for EU growers looking to get in on the advancements made possible by the legal recreational market in America. All the new strains are here, from Zkittles to Gorilla Glue. Our European stock comes out of the exact same plants as our recreational American stock, the same ones that we sell growers all over the land of the free. We’ve been here for three decades, and we hope to be doing this for at least three more. Don’t sleep on our incredible deals and rapid and discreet shipping. You might get American quality cannabis seeds, but we ship them from within the Schengen Zone to avoid unnecessary tariffs and duty. All of our packages are shipped with strict phytosanitary considerations taken into account. We spare no expense to make sure our customers get only the best in modern cannabis. Whether it’s a shipment of Autoflowering Columbian Gold seeds or a blend of modern hybrids, Kind Seed delivers. Other seed banks may carry every single strain they can get their hands on, but Kind Seed takes a more streamlined approach. We want to make sure we carry only the absolute best lines of cannabis seeds we can get our hands on. That’s why we carry stock from three different sources, including Premium seeds brought to us by Blimburn, a selection of White Label seeds, and our own line of Kind strains. These and many more can be found any time of day or night on our website. It’s never been easier to access the perfect seeds for your growing needs.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Poland

    Poland’s damp northern voivodeships have only a few months to grow stellar dank. Outdoor growers hoping to get a good yield will need to arm themselves with plants that thrive in harsh conditions and don’t need the kind of careful attention that other, more tropical plants might. That’s when growers need an autoflowering seed. These plants take all the hassle out of getting cannabis to bloom, and they can do it in half the time. Thanks to their shortened life cycles, autoflower plants are a northern grower’s dream! Automatically flowering plants are cannabis plants whose flowering times are determined by their age and health, not by the time of season. Sativas and indicas alike require what’s known as a photoperiod shift to enter their flowering stages, and we all know it’s the flowers most cultivators are after. A photoperiod switch is a change in the ratio between how much time a plant spends in the sunshine versus how much time it spends in complete darkness. Traditional photoperiod plants need at least twelve hours of total and complete darkness in order to produce robust cannabis flowers. This can be troublesome for outdoor growers, when inputs as small as a streetlight or a stray LED can cause plants to revert back to their vegetal phase, and they stop growing flowers. Autoflowering plants do away with that concern, by flowering whenever they like and even soaking up twenty-four hour light schedules. Many northern growers stick to autoflowering plants to save themselves a lot of trouble. These plants are also more mold and pest resistant, which might come in handy during a rainy Gdańsk summer. Kind Seed carries almost one hundred different strains of autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. We’ve made sure to make an autoflowering strain of each one of our house label blends as well.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Poland

    The seed banks in Poland are for souvenir seeds. Our seeds can also be souvenirs, but we work with real seed collectors who know how to handle the phytosanitary needs of our little plant eggs. We ship to Europe so that people genuinely interested in cannabis genetics can get our product. Thanks to the internet, people all over the world can tap into the innovations happening in other places. All our seeds benefit from our decades of experience in the field, and we’ve curated a select few, around a hundred and ten of them to be precise, of the hundreds of strains out there in order to offer our customers only the best. We’ve even designed our own line of strains to better meet the needs of our customers. Getting a hold of our genetics is as easy as hanging out on this website. Order from us and it will be clear where the genes came from, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. We deal in high quality seeds only. All our packages to the EU ship within the Schengen Zone, but provide our customers with the best in modern American cannabis biotechnology. That includes the latest in all the exciting hybrids horticulturalists and botanists in America and Canada are able to put together thanks to the legal market. We know Poland is already awash in Canadian medical weed, but we give Polish customers the chance to grow their own, so they don’t have to worry about irregular shipments or stale flowers or the dispensary not having what you need. With just a little bit of effort, maybe it’s even picking up a new hobby for some who have never grown a plant before, it’s possible to get everything you need from just a couple of seeds.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Poland

    It’s possible to get any manner of strain of cannabis seed in Poland, but there’s no guarantee they do truly represent the genetics they claim to. Novelty seeds are not meant to be germinated, and as such they are often not kept with the health of the seed in mind. Novelty seeds also don’t have to be the genetics they say they are. Beyond that, Poland’s cannabis supply, especially when it comes to medicinal cannabis, has had its hiccups in the last few years. There are times when it’s very difficult to get the medicine that therapeutic cannabis users need in a timely fashion in a safe way. We are strongly against Polish users having to go to Germany or Holland for their medicine, or even worse to a black market supplier. That’s part of why Kind Seed is excited to be able to offer stock to Poland and the rest of the EU. With three decades of experience, we know what it takes to be a reputable seed bank and we want to share our wisdom with the world. Some of the best ways to tell a good seed bank from a shady one are in the way they talk about their products. People who know how to grow will give you growing statistics, helpful advice, germination instructions, and the like. There are all kinds of seed banks out there in America right now saying they have what it takes, but only Kind Seed has been selling seeds since 1994. With that kind of history, we have to be good. We have to know what we’re talking about, and that’s why we prove it on our website by providing potential customers with all the information they need to make choices that work for them. You can trust our seeds to be what we say they are.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    It’s not always easy to find legitimate and viable weed seeds for sale in Poland. You can look for konopie indyjskie and find only duds. The same goes for many other seeds for sale in the European Union, where decriminalization and laws around the ownership of novelty cannabis seeds mean that, while people may be able to find seeds, there are no regulations regarding standards and storage practices. This is a huge reason why the Kind Seed Company has made a point of making our high-quality marijuana seeds for sale accessible to people all over the European Union. We take all the guesswork out of trying to find viable weed seeds for sale on the internet by carrying not only a wide selection, but by being the most reliable cannabis seed bank in the world for nearly three decades, give or take a few years off to focus on making our products even better. Many places on the internet that advertise marijuana seeds for sale are brand new to the market. They’re getting in now and capitalizing off of being able to offer pot seeds for sale while they can still sell people nonviable novelty products without having to uphold any kind of standards. That’s why we’re out here giving valuable information to people looking to buy seeds in the EU, so people who have not been in the game as long as we have won’t be ripped off by some of the low-quality weed seeds for sale found on the internet. Whether you need 710 seeds, classic vintage strains, or brand new dank hybrids, we’ve got it. Only Kind Seed comes with those decades of reliable customer service that have satisfied those looking for marijuana seeds for sale over and over again. We really are the best in the business.

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