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Cannabis has been familiar to the Portuguese since at least the sixteenth century, when Portugal invaded the Indian state of Goa and became familiar with local uses of the plant. We may not have five centuries of experience, but we do have three decades. When buyers are looking for the most potent cannabis seeds for sale, Kind Seed is here to help. With one hundred and thirty-eight different styles of seeds, we’ve been the most consistent place to go for high quality genetics since 1994. Many of the cannabis seeds for sale in Portugal are duds. They’ve either been treated poorly, or they are from unverifiable lineages that might lead to terrible crops or sick plants. That’s part of why Kind Seed is so pleased to be able to offer cannabis seeds for sale to our friends in Portugal. Buying from a reputable American seed house, customers can be sure that our standards meet the ones our legal recreational and medical consumers are used to thanks to stringent laws. No more being at the whim of dodgy black-market sellers. When selling cannabis seeds for sale on the internet, it can be difficult to distinguish oneself from all the other potentially sketchy and unverifiable sellers out there trying to make a quick buck. With Kind Seed, our customers know they’re benefitting from the experience and expertise of a company that has been here since we were offering cannabis seeds for sale in the 90’s in the pages of High Times Magazine. While we may not have the largest selection, we hand-pick every single strain we sell. We even have our own line of exclusive house cannabis strains, developed from our years of serving happy customers. Why take chances on black market seeds when you can buy from the best?

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Portugal from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale PT

For the biggest knockout strains that produce the kind of massive recreational doses that Americans are able to indulge in, try some of our high THC cannabis seeds for sale. THC is just one of up to one hundred different cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis plants. Scientists who are studying cannabis in places where it’s legal are still unlocking all the mysteries of cannabinoids. We know that our bodies have entire portions of our nervous systems that are devoted to using cannabinoids to tell us when to feel sleepy, hungry, tired, aroused, stressed, pleased, or hurt. Our bodies even produce their own cannabinoids, without the help of cannabis plants. Most cannabinoids aren’t psychoactive, but THC sure is! Making sure plants reach their highest THC potential is up to the grower, and comes down to a combination of feeding, timing, and treatment. Almost all THC is produced in the resin of unfertilized female cannabis flowers. Scientists believe that THC acts as a bittering agent and deterrent to flower herbivory by bugs and mammals. Resin, on the other hand, is produced in response to an environment with no male cannabis pollen present. Female flowers produce resin in order to help any pollen floating by stick to them. Kind Seed’s house line of exclusive genetics includes four Kind THC varieties, specially formulated to produce up to thirty percent THC. These strains are designed with various medical conditions in mind, including glaucoma, muscle spasms, arthritis, depression, migraines, and nausea due to chemotherapy. We also carry a wide range of the most psychoactive American recreational strains beloved by concentrate producers. These include the massively dank Blackberry Moonrocks, which can pack up to thirty-three percent THC when treated right. All the best seeds for sale are right here at Kind Seed Co.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Rectangle

Sativa cannabis seeds are impossible to tell from indica seeds before they germinate, but they will often sprout up very tall quite quickly. They grow leggy plants that often end up as tall as their growers, or sometimes up to more than fifteen feet! Sativa plants thrive in subtropical environments with ocean breezes and lots of bright direct sunlight. Sound familiar, Portugal? Sativa plants are often easy to tell from indicas and ruderalis plants first by their height and then by the extra points on their leaves. Large, mature sativa fan leaves have between nine and eleven spikes on them, whereas other varieties have fewer. Sativa cannabis seeds are often said to grow plants that have a more energizing and active high, with plenty of creativity, mental focus and fortitude to boot. Sativas are used to treat ailments without affecting a user’s energy levels too much. These are the daytime strains used by people who ingest cannabis to mediate mental health conditions, low mood, and daytime pain. Our favourites are the ones we made ourselves! We’ve got three strains of house sativa cannabis seeds for our customers, each with an autoflowering and a photoperiod version. One of them can grow more than a kilogram per plant when really pushed. It’s perfect for the industrial medical growers of Portugal. Most of the sativa genetics in the modern pool are from a collection of landraces that proliferated in Southeastern Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Hawaii. These ancestor communities lived in isolation from one another for several hundred years in the case of Jamaica, and several thousand in the case of South Asia. Sativa pot seeds for sale these days have names like Blue Dream, Candyland Peyote, Grapefruit, and Amnesia Haze. These and three dozen more can be found on our Kind Seed website.

Buy Indica Seeds Portugal

People looking for flowers that get their bodies stoned want Indica cannabis seeds. Short, fuzzy plants that sometimes look like sage or the leaves of an African Violet in their frostiness, plants grown from these seeds are used by sufferers of severe chronic pain conditions. People with everything from cancer, phantom leg syndrome, glaucoma, and migraines use indica plants to soothe their symptoms. Those looking for relief from severe panic and stress or insomnia grow indica cannabis seeds like Grandaddy Purple or Purple Kush to help them relax and unwind at the end of the day. The short, thick leaves of indica plants usually have between five and seven points on them, and are significantly shorter than their sativa relatives. Pure indicas are not as rare as pure sativas, but they make up less and less of the cannabis strains on the market every day. We carry four strains of pure indica pot seeds including the two aforementioned Purple strains plus Afghan Domina and Afghan. Afghan is the original strain that made hash popular, with its ultra-resiny flowers and delicious woody flavours. Traditional hash is made using the whole plant and is very high in CBD as a result. For those more interested in the ever-expanding line of indica dominant hybrids coming out of America, we have classics like White Widow and White Rhino, but we also have modern hybridized indica cannabis seeds like the powerful Grease Monkey, Girl Scout Chemdawg, and the massive Triple XL. Our favourite indicas are our own line of Kind Indicas, four feminised strains in both autoflowering and photoperiod varieties that address all kinds of issues. They have a range of flavours from earthy to berry and sweet vanilla. Many of them are quite creative in their effects, with some even blending chattiness and sedation!

Germinating Seeds in Lusitania

Growing cannabis from seed has a reputation for being difficult and much riskier than growing from clones, but nothing could be further from the truth. When seeds are treated properly, they will grow higher and more delicious yields than any clone. The problem is that many people do not appreciate that seeds are living organisms, and they need to be treated with care. Luckily, the easiest and most reliable way to successfully perform seed germination only requires a few household items and some patience. To begin, get some clean, distilled water and soak the seeds in it overnight in a clear glass. The next morning, get some paper towels wet with the distilled water. The towels should be moist enough to feel wet, but not leave puddles or drip all over the hands when picked up. This is easiest done with a clean spray bottle set on the mist function. Place these paper towels on a ceramic plate, and the seeds on the paper towel. Make sure each seed has enough space to germinate without bumping into its neighbour. Place another wet paper towel on top of the seeds and an upside-down ceramic plate on top of that. This creates a moist, warm, and dark space for the seeds to sprout in. Check on the seeds every day, spraying the paper towels when needed. If they dry out prematurely, it may be that the edges of the paper are sticking out from the ceramic plates. The seeds should sprout within one to three days. Roughly ninety percent of seeds will germinate provided everything is done right. After a week, they will be ready for transport to a seedling nursery space, with sixty-five percent relative humidity and a group of LEDs that can be left on for eighteen to twenty-four hours a day.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Rectangle

It’s hard to grow pot seeds in Portugal, despite the beautiful climate. Even those looking to provide themselves with a small amount of cannabis for personal use, undermining the black market that Portuguese lawmakers dislike so much, are sometimes penalized as if they were traffickers. There was a proposal to decriminalize growing small amounts of cannabis for personal use on the table as recently as 2021, but it was specifically discarded. It’s a shame really, and an oversight in Portugal’s reputation as a county that addresses the root problems of drug addiction and embraces new forms of therapy, harm reduction, and medication. In any case, people who grow pot seeds in small quantities will likely only face the kind of drug tribunals many cannabis users have met with before, and it’s likely that fines and community service will be the result. We always recommend following local laws whenever possible. That being said, the mild Mediterranean climate of Portugal is the ideal place to grow from seed in a variety of different atmospheres. Those in cooler climes of the north might enjoy using a greenhouse or an indoor growing tent to get what they need, while growers in the south and the islands can be very successful growing outdoors and in greenhouses, often year-round depending on the space. In general, it’s wise to germinate seeds in early March and harvest plants by October, when the wetter and cooler weather begins. Those north of Lisbon and at higher elevations will want to watch their outdoor plants carefully and bring them inside at the first sign of any temperature dipping below ten degrees Celsius, or fifty-five Fahrenheit. Unless a Blueberry or similar Purple plant is in the late stages of flowering. Then, the cooler nighttime temperatures will help bring out beautiful colors in the buds.

Grow in a Green House

Greenhouse growing in Portugal can help protect plants in the wetter parts of the country from summer rainstorms. They’re a great way to protect plants from not only rain, but thieves, herbivores, and even insects to some extent. Those who are already avid greenhouse growers will find an extra layer of protection from detection of their plants by growing a few cannabis plants in with their bell peppers and hot house tomatoes. Those who swear by greenhouse growing often say that this method is a kind of hybrid between indoor and outdoor growing. It’s much easier to rig up light blocking panels to keep photoperiod plants safe from excess light during their flowering period. It’s also possible to somewhat control things like temperature and humidity in a greenhouse, or better rig up automatic watering systems. Growing plants in living, organic soil is considered the gold standard when growing cannabis from seeds, as it helps to bring out the flavours and supports plants to grow their best yields. This can be done either in a bed or in pots in a greenhouse, especially if plants are put on a rolling mechanism to make moving them easier. While humidifying and dehumidifying units can be a great boon to greenhouses, lower tech spaces can change humidity by leaving open water in cups around the space or opening windows. However, both of these methods increase the risk of insects collecting in the space, so mitigation methods are a must. Always check plants regularly for signs of insect damage, especially the thousand pin pricks on leaves, which are the telltale signs of spider mites. Spider mites are the most notorious cannabis pests, and there are some species that thrive specifically on cannabis plants. Attracting ladybirds and lacewings into the greenhouse can go a long way in preventing them from taking over.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Growing tents are the ideal method of growing for Portuguese citizens living in more urban areas, or those who are hoping to grow one to five plants indoors. Many kits with everything needed, from LED lights to pruning shears, are available on the internet for around four hundred dollars American. If advertised as explicitly for growing cannabis, some of these tents are considered illegal in Portugal, so it’s important to look for kits that don’t mention cannabis in their advertising if buyers want to be truly clandestine about their intentions. Tents generally consist of a light and smell proof layer of plasticized canvas with a reflective interior. They look a little like portable wardrobes for suits, but more square, and they open with a zipper or Velcro. They range in size from four to sixteen feet squared, with a height of three to five feet. There is enough space for a lighting array, and we suggest LEDs to keep things very simple and to prevent a telltale spike in energy bills. There is also room for an oscillating fan or two, a place to put a hygrometre and thermometre, and a vent. Kits often come with charcoal filtered vent mechanisms, LED arrays, heat and humidity gauges, and even a little oscillating fan. The most important thing to consider when cultivating in a growing tent is the height of the plants. Many modern hybrids are specially designed for growing tents or growing spaces where vertical space is at a premium. These plants can often be taught to grow laterally with a Screen of Green method, where a mesh net is used to train the plant to spread instead of getting tall. Bud sites are then woven through the mesh to increase their exposure to the intense lights above. Combined with pruning of low leaves, it’s a dream.

Grow Outdoors

Portugal’s Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for growing cannabis, with cultivation possible year-round with the help of green houses, especially in the south. On the Azores and Madeira, outdoor cultivation of even some of the most difficult to grown varieties could probably be achieved to great effect by talented horticulturalists. It’s really a shame that Portugal is so strict about cultivation, as it could be making quite a bit of money from the export of medical cannabis given the ideal growing conditions. The entire country is an incredible cannabis growing environment. Citizens in cooler, wetter parts of the country, near Porto, will need to protect their plants from excess moisture with a greenhouse or by growing in pots in a space with an overhang. Companion planting can be a lovely way to enhance all plants in the collection, while also protecting cannabis plants from predators and detection by people who don’t like them. Frequently used plants include potatoes and carrots, which help to keep the soil loose and well drained around the roots of the plant and can camouflage smaller plants. Tomatoes and basil plants are frequently used to hide cannabis plants in both smell and appearance, though caution should be taken to make sure that fallen tomatoes don’t acidify the soil below a pH of 5.5 lest plants suffer. Speaking of soil, a healthy organic and living soil is the best growing medium. Most cannabis growers want to use a well-drained sandy loam to grow their plants, with many adding coco coir, vermiculite, and perlite to the soil to give it more space. Common fertilizers include worm castings and bat guano. Our Kind Seeds line of Outdoor seeds might be the perfect plants for growers looking to rid themselves of predatory cannabis sellers and grow their own supply!

Growing Indoors

Growing tents are a perfect option for folks looking to cultivate their own cannabis strictly for personal use. To grow in a room, without having to order a grow tent, it becomes very important to protect the plants from predators and prevent the smell of flowering plants from leaking out into the surrounding area. Well-grown plants can be very smelly, and they can attract both bugs and police. For both of these reasons, the most important thing to do before growing indoors is to seal up the growing space and create just a few places where air is coming in and going out. While it might be overkill to create a vacuum sealed door, sealing up any crack in the floors, walls, windows, doors, and ceilings is more important than one might think. Many growers decide to put plastic down on top of sealing the larger space, to create a barrier between the cracks in a room and the growing area. Installing a central forced air unit into a window or skylight, complete with scent-scrubbing filters made of things like charcoal, will be essential to protecting the crop from detection. Once air concerns have been addressed, it’s important to clean whatever space is going to be used. Microscopic mold and bacteria, as well as small insects like spider mites, are much easier to prevent instead of eliminate after their populations have been established. Finally, it’s time to set up. All indoor growing spaces consist of this secure area complete with a forced air in and out vent, growing medium, lights, fans, and temperature and humidity controls. LEDs are the most popular lights nowadays, and they can save a fortune on energy bills. A series of air conditioners, oscillating fans, heaters, and humidity units can be deployed to create the perfect space.


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    The Best Seed Bank Portugal, PT

    There are no cannabis seed banks in Portugal. In the case of new growers who have decided to cultivate cannabis, the only place to procure seeds are from black market suppliers, and there is absolutely no guarantee that those seeds will be viable or healthy. It’s a shame that the Portuguese government has taken such a hard line on owning cannabis seeds, since it prevents Portuguese enthusiasts from benefiting from a medicinal industry that is thriving in Europe, and is undergoing a time of immense innovation. We’re here to help, and our website is accessible any time of day or night, every day of year, from anywhere in the world. We bring nearly three decades of experience to the table, and provide the kind of direct support and accountability that other, non-cannabis seed houses have been using for decades to ensure that all of our customers get exactly what they pay for. Portuguese seed cultivators have access to the best cannabis seeds on the market thanks to our tried and true practices. We ship rapidly from within the Schengen Zone, to avoid pricey and intrusive duty and customs that come with international shipping. All our packages are shipped using the latest in phytosanitary technology, so the seeds are kept safe between the time they leave our offices to when they reach their destinations. Our packages are discrete and compact, leaving no risk of detection from any one who might spoil the fun of owning our top of the line cannabis genetics. Other seed houses have gawdy cannabis packaging or don’t appreciate how precious their cargo is, but we’ve been around long enough to know better. Our online store means no waiting for business hours and no calculating time zones to contact us. The hardest part of ordering from us is having to choose between our more than ten dozen types of seeds!

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Portugal

    The sunny weather in Portugal is a brilliant place to grow a cannabis plant in general, but especially so when that plant is grown from an autoflowering seed. Most people know, at least in principle, the difference between a sativa and an indica. But many people have yet to hear about a third kind of cannabis plant, the ruderalis crew. Ruderalis plants are tough little scrappers that come from the mountainous regions of Central Asia. They are much smaller than both sativas and indicas, and on their own they don’t produce the same levels of THC as other plants. Ruderalis plants also don’t need the photoperiod switch that other cannabis plants need when it’s time for them to flower. When they get to be a certain age or certain size, ruderalis plants flower automatically. Ruderalis plants were first crossed with famous indicas and sativas in the early 2000’s, and the results were less than stellar. However, the benefits of mastering this hybridization were obvious, and through decades of work they have finally become growing options that are just as potent and productive and viable as photoperiod plants. These ruderalis hybrids are called autoflowering plants thanks to their ability to flower without extended periods of complete darkness. Our line of over one hundred and thirty different varieties of seeds include ninety-seven strains of autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. These include both classic premium and White Label seeds, as well as our own blend of house strains we put together for growers all over the world to enjoy. Each one of our exclusive Kind strains has an autoflowering counterpart, with slightly different yields, potencies, and effects than their photoperiod blooming counterparts. They’re also more pest, mold, and neglect resistant, making them perfect for first time cannabis gardeners hoping to ease their way into growing fabulous plants.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Portugal

    Kind Seeds has made it so easy for Europeans to access the top-notch quality of American recreational cannabis seeds. When we ship to Europe, we ship all the same high-quality strains that Canadians and Americans have access to, using all the high standards that come with a legalized market. However, we ship those seeds from Europe thanks to our connections in the business, which helps to clamp down on any customs or duty concerns related to shipping into the Schengen Zone. When legalization in America began, Kind Seed shuttered our online store for a few years in order to be able to focus on meeting the demands of the new global market so that we could still be the best in the business. We’re back now, with a lineup of stellar seeds that we’re proud to call our own. We provide a mix of Premium seeds from Blimburn and an array of White Label genetics on top of our own House strains. We give potential customers a massive amount of information on all our products, so they can make the choices that work best for them. Our online store is open around the clock and around the globe, so there’s no need to fight traffic or cram a meet up into a busy schedule. Advancements in international money transfers ensure there’s no need to go to the bank to get us a wire transfer. Our customer service email means there is no need to calculate time zone differences, or stay up late to get a hold of us. Best of all, when people buy from a seed bank with the kind of track record that we have, they know that what they’re buying is the real deal. Kind Seed Co is where growers who know go for quality genetics.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Portugal

    Buying seeds from random sellers on the street is not a good idea. Anyway it goes down, it’s bound to be a rip off. Seeds are fragile little packages of genetic information that are waiting for the optimal conditions to grow. Given how often the street sellers in Portugal are actually selling lawn clippings and baking powder, it’s not even certain that what customers get is a real cannabis seed, let alone a viable one. Looking for a reputable seed bank anywhere but online and from an international distributor is a recipe for disaster. And while many seed banks in the Netherlands and the UK can provide suitable seeds, only Kind Seed can deliver the sort of high quality products and customer care that come with both a legal market and three decades of experience. When assessing whether an online seed bank is worth patronizing, the easiest way to tell is from the way they pitch their products. Seed banks with a lot of positive reviews from multiple sites are a good way to go, though reviews can still be faked. Look for pages where there were one or two less than stellar reviews that the business owner addressed directly. When selling seeds on the internet, it’s expected that sellers will engage with people talking about their product online. If a cannabis seed bank is making a lot of too good to be true promises about their product, like that all of their seeds will grow thirty percent THC, or that one hundred percent of their seeds germinate, just move on. A more reasonable outcome is something around ninety percent or less, and only when accompanied by specific and detailed germination guidelines. As it always is in life, if something doesn’t feel right it’s best to trust intuition and stick to the best – Kind Seed Co!

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    Portuguese citizens looking for bolota won’t find it here, but we do have a wide range of marijuana seeds for sale. The term marihuana first showed up in Mexican Spanish around the turn of the twentieth century in the song La Cucaracha, originally sung by the troops of Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution. La Cucaracha is probably also where the term roach, for the tip end of a smoked joint, comes from. Marijuana was a term subsequently used by the American government, and League of Nations, to aid in its clampdown on cannabis production in the 1930’s. This is all to say that at Kind Seed, we do our research. When people are looking to buy seeds in the EU, we’re their best bet for the highest quality weed seeds for sale in the world. Whether the search keywords are about pot seeds for sale, 710 seeds, dank seeds, green seeds, 420 seeds, Kush seeds, Haze seeds, whatever customers are after, it’s Kind Seed that has the best marijuana seeds for sale on the internet. Many of the weed seeds for sale online these days come from newcomers to the cannabis seed bank industry, and while we don’t begrudge a little competition, we think many of them still have a lot to learn. They may purport to have a better selection of weed seeds for sale than us, but we wonder who is vetting their strain distinction and how any novice consumer is supposed to tell the difference. With our nearly three decades in the business, we’re confident that our marijuana seeds for sale are the ones that consumers looking for seeds for sale in the European Union are going to have the most success with. Try us out and see why we’ve been around for so long. We love making new repeat customers!

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