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Slovakia is a beautiful European country and has a fantastic growing climate for cannabis. Indoor cannabis cultivation is still the most preferred way of cultivating large crops of dried flower. If you are living in Slovakia, it might have been hard for you to find cannabis seeds for sale, but not anymore. No longer do you have to be at the mercy of the European weed seed banks. Now, it’s never been easier to acquire premium, high-quality cannabis seeds for sale. When looking for exotic strains that you won’t find anywhere else, Kind Seed Co has the ultimate selection of rare genetics. Thanks to us being an American company, we have been able to create cannabis seeds for sale from strains that the European market has not had the chance to be able to grow yet. Slovakia’s climate might seem counterproductive to the cultivation of potent cannabis, but yet it somehow can produce fresh buds that can produce incredible extracts like hashish. If you are looking for cannabis seeds for sale that will produce strains your country has never seen before, make sure you look over our vast selection of cannabis seeds for sale. Our strains grow into power plants with genetics that you have to see to believe. All of our seeds come from the strongest phenotypes we find. This allows you to grow incredible cannabis that you have never seen before, making the process of cannabis cultivation a brand-new experience again. Kind Seed has been around since 1994, learning how to create the most potent strains around. Remember to purchase your Slovakian seeds from our impressive seed bank to be able to experience the advancements in genetics that our seed bank offers. If seeing is believing, then all it takes is to plant a few of our seeds and wait as you reap what you sow.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Slovakia from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale SK

One of the reasons why people from all over the world have become infatuated by cannabis is the ability to feel the effects of everyone’s favourite cannabinoid, THC. When you want to wow people who smoke your cannabis, then you will want to grow high THC strains. To grow high THC strains, you will need to find seeds for sale that are specified to have high THC levels. Thankfully, Kind Seed Co has a fine selection of cannabis seeds that can be considered to have enough THC to medicate an elephant. One of the highest THC strains that we offer is our Mimosa feminised. This strain can reach 30% THC which makes it one of the strongest strains that we offer. Not only does it have an unbelievably high amount of THC, its yields are also just as insane, with many users able to harvest 700 grams of cannabis per meter squared. If you were growing outdoors, you will be pleased that you can harvest 2000 grams off a single plant. Our seeds are as strong as they are due to how much time we spend working behind the scenes to make the strongest strains we can manage. Since our Mimosa strain is a sativa, if you are hoping to find a high THC indica, then you might want to have a look at our Kind THC 1 strain. This is a house strain, designed by our master gardeners. You get to see the wonders of our hard work and with this strain, you will want to. It is 28% THC, which makes it our strongest in-house seed. Remember that when you are looking for seeds for sale, trust a company like Kind Seed because not only have we been around for ages, but we also have a history of success.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Tatra Tiger

If you like tall and lanky plants that give the end-user the energy that they deserve then you will want to see what you can grow from some of our sativa cannabis seeds. We have sativa cannabis that works for any occasion. It could be that you need a strain to be able to grow quickly, to which one of our autoflower sativas would be a perfect choice. We have worked tirelessly so that we can make an autoflower that will be nearly as strong as the original strain. If you are looking for a strong sativa, then we have under our control one of the most powerful sativa cannabis that you can purchase today. Our Mimosa feminised has an almost unheard of 30% THC. This makes our Mimosa one of the strongest sativa cannabis seeds that you can grow. Not only does it have such high THC, but it also is one of the highest yields of any of our strains. Outdoor yields of this strain are incredible, with many producers able to get 2000 grams per plant. Indoor this strain is also a rockstar with producers able to harvest 700 grams per square meter. Our sativa cannabis seeds are some of the best on the market today. If you were wanting a new strain to try out, then growing something like our Durban Poison seeds will be a delight for all those sativa lovers. Our Durban Poison seeds are considered pure sativa. This means that if you ever wanted to feel the effects of a true sativa strain then this is your chance. As we continue to breed plants and create more and more crossbreeds, we move further and further away from pure strains and move toward hybrids of modern times. That makes our sativa pot seeds some of the purest that you can find.

Buy Indica Seeds Slovakia

Indica strains are there for those who love lounging and relaxation. They are mostly known for their ability to help many medical users as they have some of the strongest pain-killing properties that you can find in cannabis. Our indica cannabis seeds have the same strong genetics that you find in all of our other strains, except some of these are incredibly relaxing, making these cannabis strains some of the strongest that we offer. One of our most popular indica cannabis seeds that we offer is our Skywalker Ghost Kush. This indica strain is a wild indica hybrid that is a cross between so many amazing cannabis strains. It lives up to its origins though because this strain is a heavy-hitting one. It has up to 26% THC and amazing indica dominant effects such as heavy relaxation and calming effects. When you grow plants from our indica cannabis seeds, you will be pleasantly surprised at the incredible genetics loaded within each one of our seeds. Our indica seeds become so potent when grown in the right conditions that you will wonder what you were growing before. This is thanks to how mighty our genetics are. We spend months working on a strain before unleashing it. Our Kind Seed line of house seeds, called Kind Indica, is amazing for users who need a fantastic indica that’s easy to grow. Our indica pot seeds are some of the most relaxing and peaceful strains that you can find. We know that growers need to get the best genetics for the most affordable cost, that’s why we chose to breed our Kind Indica series. They are there for growers of all kinds, and those who crave ease of access should find them most enjoyable.

Germinating Seeds in The Heart of Europe

Germinating seeds might sound like a complicated process when you first hear about it, but after doing it once, it will almost be impossible to forget. To start the seed germination process you will need to acquire a few items that you might have around your home. The first item you will need to gather will be a plate or another flat surface you don’t mind if it happens to become wet. You will also need to find two sheets of paper towels. The last item that you might have around the home is either a pair of gloves or a tweezer. You will not want to handle the cannabis pods with your bare hands, because if the oil on your hands makes contact with the shell of the seed, it might cause severe damage. So always handle seeds with care. Now that you have everything, the first thing will be to get the paper towel damp and lay the paper towel down on the plate. You don’t want the paper towel to be dripping since you might end up drowning the plants. Now that the paper towel is down, take each seed and gently place it on the damp paper towel. Leave around five centimetres of space between each seed so that the taproot can emerge. Once the plants are neatly laid out, take the other paper towel and make it the same level of damp as the first one. Lay it over top of the seeds, making sure that each seed is covered. Now take the plate and covered seeds and leave them in a dark room for three to seven days. The process will have been completed when you notice the taproot has emerged. If the paper towel dries out, you can spray it with some water from a spray bottle.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Tatra Tiger

While many tourists might not notice, the lands of The Tatra Tiger are a perfect location to grow pot seeds. This is thanks to its moderate climate and rainfall that never gets overbearing, allowing outdoor cultivators to grow on a somewhat normal growing clock. There are a few things outdoor growers need to be aware of, such as making sure that you crop down your cannabis plants before the first frost. Many years the first frost comes early, which can leave many growers on their toes as you must be aware of any sudden changes. Otherwise, your plants might die. If you want to grow pot seeds in a climate like Slovakia, then you might want to invest in strains that are mold and mildew resistant. While it might not rain incredibly hard, there have been periods of prolonged rain. This prolonged rain can cause your plants to mold or get sick with other cannabis ailments. If you are growing cannabis indoors, then your options really open up and will allow you to grow strains that might not do well in your current climate. There are other ways to grow cannabis in The Tatra Tiger such as using a greenhouse, which truly allows a merge of both indoor and outdoor. Another method to grow from seed is to use a grow tent. Using this method can turn any unused room or space in your house into a self-contained growing area. Which will produce incredible buds, but without the need for commitments. There are many methods for producing impeccable buds with flavours that you have never tasted before and while you are growing, you can always find ways to use your plant’s leftovers as materials for hash.

Grow in a Green House

There are some who want the best of both worlds. With a greenhouse you get the benefits of not having to worry about weather conditions while still gaining the chance to utilize the sun’s rays as a way to grant the plants the power to grow into amazing budding pot plants with giant nugs. Greenhouses are a fantastic choice for all those who want to use both the natural elements while utilizing the chase to use some man-made inventions. With a greenhouse, you can use the sun’s rays to grow your plants, or you can add support lights to your grow. This allows you to add a little extra boost to your plants at any stage of their development. Greenhouse grows have been used for many years as a way to try and blend the power of nature with man’s ever indulgent quest for control. At first, the results were mediocre at best, with plants grown in a greenhouse looking closer to outdoor than the more popular indoor strains. As time went on though, more and more people turned to greenhouse growing as a way to keep costs down. Greenhouse growing has a few options on ways to cut costs. While you are building your greenhouse you can always add windows that will allow the natural wind currents to cool the room instead of having to invest money in fancy venting systems. Even if you do choose to install vents, the natural wind currents will add to the effects of the vents. The same can be said for light, as the sun will provide a large amount of the energy that the plants will need to grow. You can always add lights that will support the natural light, but it’s not necessary. Either way, no matter what method you utilize it will be much more energy-efficient than if you had grown only indoors.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Growing in a grow tent works as a great way to turn a space that was being unused into a room that you can use in your house as a way to grow some incredible strains of cannabis. Grow tents are a rather new innovation for growing as these self-contained growing spaces allow cultivators to turn any unused space into the perfect space to grow cannabis. If this is your first-time growing cannabis, you will need to make sure that you have enough room for not only your grow tents but also a space to store extra items you will need for maintaining your grow. One thing that you must make sure of when you first set up your grow tent is where you place it. You might not believe it, but it is an often overlooked aspect of setting up a grow tent. Most of the time the floor of the grow tent is open so unless you want to spend a lot of time cleaning up, make sure you place the tent in an area that you don’t mind getting wet or having a growing medium spill all over. Grow tents are an incredible way to utilize space that you are not using. When you first decide on using the space to grow cannabis in a tent, you want to take into consideration the fact you need both a vegetative room as well as a flowering room. You can always split a grow tent into two spaces, but it’s important to take into consideration the extra space you will need for both phases of cannabis development. Grow tents are a fantastic way to experience growing without needing to commit to permanent venting and fans.

Grow Outdoors

You might not expect it, but growing cannabis outdoors in a country like Slovakia is relatively easy as long as you plant your seeds at the right time. The climate for growing cannabis outdoors in this country works surprisingly well thanks to its classification as a moderate climate. This means that summers are warm and winters are cold, so many cannabis seeds planted should be taken out of the ground before the first frost. When growing outdoors there are a few things one should be aware of. The most important aspect of growing outdoors is finding a location where you will be able to get easy access to water. You will need to either lug litres of water over long distances or if you can find a water source, have a way to move water from there to your site. There is one method that you can use that many outdoor growers around the world use as a way to minimize the need to lug water around. The way to use this method is to find a bog or marsh that is away from any main trails. Once you have this marsh, you will want to bring some soil with you and begin to make mounds over the top of the marsh. Once you have a mound that’s sticking out of the water by about 30cm to 50cm, you can plant your germinated seed at the top. As your cannabis plant grows the roots will travel to the bottom of the mound finding the bog and using that as the way to receive water. This is a great trick for those who do not wish to have to drag water along with them. If growing outdoors, it never hurts to choose seeds that are mold and mildew resistant.

Growing Indoors

Growing indoors is the preferred way to grow cannabis. This is due to many factors, but one of the major reasons why growing cannabis indoors is so popular is the quality of buds that this method of growing can produce. There is no better way to grow than indoors if you are wanting to fine-tune the growing experience. Indoor growing grants farmers the chance to come up with their own methods of cultivating cannabis and the results are incredible. It really shows when cannabis has been grown indoors as it provides a level of beauty that is hard to create with other growing methods. When growing indoors, you can create strains that are not meant for your climate by having the ability to fine-tune the indoor environment. When you have control over almost every aspect of your plant’s growth, the soulful creations that you can create become almost as if you are working on a piece of art. Growing indoors requires a bit more work setting up than other growing methods, but because of this, it allows one to get to know the growing process of cannabis in a much deeper way. When you are in control of every aspect of growing a cannabis plant, you begin to have a deeper connection with the plant. It’s important to know your plants because as you begin to understand them you begin to understand what they need. While outdoors, you still have some control over the plants, yet you are still at the mercy of the elements. Indoor growing doesn’t have that concern, and you have the ability to make the grow room as hot or as cold as you need it. While first getting started on indoor growing may be the hardest part, once you begin to dive into this method you will wonder what was stopping you before.


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    The Best Seed Bank Slovakia, SK

    If you are looking for the best marijuana seed bank on the internet today, then lucky you, you have already arrived. Kind Seed Co was established in 1994, and minus a brief hiatus, has been working with growers all over the world. This gives us access to incredible genetics that have been grown with care and compassion given to each plant to ensure that the seeds we harvest are only from the strongest phenotypes. We take our time going over each batch of seeds so that the seeds you receive live up to the high standards that we set ourselves. The results are clear as soon as you start to witness plants grown from our seeds. You won’t find seeds that grow into such tough plants that produce beautiful nugs for affordable prices anywhere else. It’s not just the seeds that make us the number one seed bank for American seeds shipped to Europe. We also take extraordinary measures to make sure that the seeds you receive are shipped discreetly. We have some of the best stealth packages available. We understand how many cannabis growers value privacy so we took extra time to develop a way that can be extremely safe for seed transportation while still being discreet. Our packages do not arouse any suspicion. In fact, we haven’t had any of our packages discovered. Our selection of exotic strains that are hard to come by in Europe will be sure to impress. You will be able to witness firsthand the power of our potent genetics. Our shipping process is as quick as it is smooth, when you place your order, in some cases, it has only taken roughly a week for our seeds to reach your doorstep.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Slovakia

    Autoflowers have quickly become one of the most grown styles of cannabis seeds. It’s easy to see why, with their ability to produce flowers even in the worst conditions. They are sturdy and most of the time on the short and stubby side of height and width for cannabis plants. If you haven’t heard of autoflowers, they are cannabis plants that have been bred with the genus of cannabis called ruderalis. Now the process of creating autoflower is still relatively new, having only been around a couple of decades, but that hasn’t stopped it from evolving rapidly. Many autoflowering seed plants can give their feminised counterparts a run for their money. Autoflowers can be planted nearly anywhere, and these sturdy plants will grow and develop into fantastic producers. If you are looking for autoflower cannabis seeds for sale, then our selection is sure to tickle your fancy. With a wide range of autoflower seeds to choose from, we are sure to have an autoflower seed that will interest you. Our AK47 should interest growers who are wanting to compare the strain and its buds with a strain that has been around for many years. You will notice that the way autoflowers grow is a bit different. They are quick growers and will almost overnight transform from a vegetative phase into flower without the need for any external triggers such as the sun or grow lights. Indica users should rejoice as hard-to-grow strains have become easy when they are an autoflower variety. Strains like our Autoflower Red Skunk Kush have become easier than ever to grow. All of our autoflower strains have been bred with only the purest genetics. This lets the change of strength not be affected by the cross with ruderalis.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Slovakia

    Kind Seed has been serving customers all over the USA since 1994. We had to take some time off to figure out how to make our seeds even more potent. We are happy to say that our seed genetics are some of the strongest in the seed bank game today. We also now ship to Europe, so you won’t have to worry about ordering seeds from European seed banks. No offence to them, but many of Europe’s top seed banks don’t shine a candle to the plants you can grow from our seeds. Our seeds come from only the strongest and most robust phenotypes, so you are receiving seeds that are of only the highest caliber. You don’t have to worry about any nosy watchers wondering why you are ordering cannabis seeds as well. We are proud to utilize some industry-leading techniques when it comes to shipping seeds discreetly. Our stealth packages are so discreet that we have yet to have a customs guard even give them a second glance. Our shipping times are also lightning quick, with some countries in Europe being able to receive our seeds in a week. There has never been a better time to try growing some genetics that you have never been able to access before. We have seeds that come from plants that have been grown in the best possible environment. As cannabis legalization has been happening all over the USA, we have had a good amount of time to try new ways to grow cannabis. This has resulted in the creation of plants with a powerful terpene profile. These terpene profiles are normally more advanced in seeds from America as we have more ways to experiment and learn about the seeds and what makes them truly flourish.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Slovakia

    You want to buy your seeds from a reputable company like Kind Seed for quite a few reasons. You would be surprised how many stories we have heard about people purchasing from less reputable seed banks. As cannabis becomes more and more respected you will find many more seed banks popping up. Now, these seed banks might offer amazing deals, but as the expression goes, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. What happens when you order those seeds is you might not even get the right strain. Many of these shady seed banks do not have any quality control or they really do not care. For example, let’s say you find a fantastic deal on some sativa seeds. You go through the process of planting them only to notice that well into the vegetative phase they are not the correct style of seed and that you are growing indica. Even if you find the right strain and grow it you will be disappointed with the results as the genetics will be subpar. This is why you should always trust a reputable seed bank to purchase your seeds. When you order your seeds from a company like Kind Seed Co, you get access to genetics that have been taken such good care of that you would ask yourself why order from anyone else. We take the quality of our seeds very seriously, so you know that the seeds you order from us are exactly the strain you ordered. We have worked diligently to offer the sort of seed care that you deserve so we can build trust as we understand this industry’s foundation has always been trustworthy services.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    People all over the world use different words or phrases when trying to locate cannabis seeds. Some people ask if anyone has any marijuana seeds for sale as that seems to be one of the most well-known names for cannabis. There are, however, other phrases that people can use. If people have any weed seeds for sale is another very common phrase that can be used when people are trying to find good seeds to grow. People all over the world grow weed and they have for many years. Some people use the phrase pot when referring to cannabis so they would see if they could find pot seeds for sale. Europe is a big place and if you are looking to buy seeds in the EU, then Kind Seed is a great place to order seeds from as we are known as the ultimate cannabis seed bank. If you are looking for seeds for sale in the European Union, then Kind Seed is the superior choice of seed banks. There are times though when some people need marijuana seeds for sale and that is where Kind Seed comes into play. We want to offer cannabis seeds to all of Europe. Some people ask for weed seeds for sale and while many people will know that statement there are some who will not. So that’s why if you are trying to find cannabis seeds while out in the wild, then it’s important to use the two most common terms for cannabis seeds. The first is marijuana seeds for sale and if you cannot find anyone who knows what that means, try the old trusty weed seeds for sale. It can be challenging to find weed seeds while in a new country, so it doesn’t hurt to order seeds from a seed bank like Kind Seed Co.

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