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Buying cannabis seeds is one of the most fun parts of growing. You can browse over all the different types of cannabis strains you can grow, ponder on how the buds will look and imagine the size of your giant plants will grow into. When looking for the ultimate in cannabis seeds for sale, there is no other seed bank like Kind Seed. If you haven’t heard of us, Kind Seed has been around since 1994 and gained quite the name for ourselves with our access to rare and exotic strains. We took a few years off to realign ourselves with our core values, having affordable high-quality cannabis seeds for sale while maintaining the high level of customer service that our customers would expect. We are now more than happy to ship our fire genetics to Spain. Spain has one of the best climates in the world for growing Cannabis, so why let a perfect environment go to waste. We have a number of cannabis seeds for sale that will grow perfectly in Spain’s Mediterranean climate. So, if you happen to have a nice property where you can grow your Cannabis outdoors then many of our strains will flourish in that environment. We have all types of cannabis seeds for sale from potent autoflower that will grow nearly anywhere all the way to incredibly potent feminised seeds that will become giant producers of gorgeous buds. Kind Seed has an unparalleled selection of high-quality cannabis seeds for sale that you wouldn’t be able to find from European Seed Banks. KS is also the place to shop for when looking for a reliable seed bank that has compassion at the heart of their business with affordable seeds with no sacrifice to the level of quality.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Spain from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale ES

Everyone’s favourite cannabinoid, THC, is the psychoactive component of cannabis plants. This allows users to feel the classic sensation of being stoned. Both recreationally and medically. When you are looking for seeds for sale that are high in THC, then look no further than Kind Seed Co. All of our strains are potent, but when you need strains that will blast your senses to their highest heights our THC seeds for sale will be just like a rocket, one puff and its lift-off. Now with so many different strains available today, you might be spoiled for choice. Thankfully, our experts at Kind Seed have been able to narrow down a few choices that should help you make your choice a bit easier. If you like sitting on a beach and drinking some champagne and orange juice, then why not try the cannabis version. Our Mimosa feminised, which is a sativa hybrid, can reach up to 30% THC, which makes it one of the most potent strains you can purchase today. It’s also the biggest producer we offer with outdoor yields being a massive 2,000 grams per plant. Indoor growers aren’t left in the dust though with this flagship strain pumping out 700 grams per square meter. If sativa isn’t your preferred choice of cannabis, don’t worry, we also carry top-notch indica seeds that also pack a punch. Our Skywalker Ghost Kush Feminised is an indica hybrid that has a long line of killer strains in its lineage. It also can reach THC levels of 26%, making this strain one that is strong in the force. Its yields are also extraordinary with indoor growers being able to produce 450 grams per square meter and outdoor growers able to harvest 700 grams per plant.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Land of Cervantes

The bees are buzzing and while looking at them you might wish you could be as busy as a bee. Well, if you want to feel rushes of euphoria, boundless energy and intense focus, sativa strains are the ones for you. Known for their ability to grow super tall and lanky, while providing incredible flavours, sativa strains will make even the laziest of us want to get up and start moving. When you need sativa cannabis seeds, Kind Seed Co has a massive selection. We have sativas that make the perfect wake up joint to sativas with a modest amount of THC so you can puff away all day. Whatever your needs are for using if you are looking for an early morning sativa strain that will get you buzzing, our vast selection of sativa pot seeds will make you feel like a kid in a candy shop. There are a few noteworthy seeds that we carry, the first one being hard to come by fully sativa strain. Our Durban Poison Feminised is considered to have completely pure sativa genetics. Strains that have pure genetics are getting harder and harder to come by as breeders all over the world mix and match different strains. So if you are craving the purest sativa experience, then Durban Poison will be an experience to remember. We also have some very strong strains that come from our sativa cannabis seeds. One of the strongest strains we offer is our Mimosa Feminised, this is a monster of a strain in every aspect. It has a THC percentage of up to 30%, which makes it one of the strongest strains you can find. The strength is not only in power. It can yield 2,000 grams per plant when grown outdoors and 700 grams per square meter indoors. As you can see sativa cannabis seeds are excellent for growers of all types.

Buy Indica Seeds Spain

Lounging around, kicking back and relaxing, that’s what indica strains were first used for. As more research went into understanding cannabis, it was discovered that pot can be used for a wide range of medical purposes. Indica strains were shown to help with pain and a wide range of other physical ailments. If you are looking for Indica cannabis seeds that will grow into beautiful plants and are also packed with medical benefits, then check out our selection of premium seeds. Currently, a few of our strains really stand out from among the herd. For those who need heavy-hitting indica with a short yield, our house brand Kind THC 2 Feminised will break through even the highest of tolerances. This bodacious strain packs a large amount of THC in its bushy goodness, with it being able to reach 30% THC. When you are looking for a strain that can knock you out or bring pain relief, Kind THC 2 is the strain for you. If you grew up at the turn of the century, you will most centrally remember this classic strain. Our White Rhino indica cannabis seeds can bring you back to your youth. This iconic strain still has the same signature trichome-covered nugs that made it so famous. It has around 20% THC, making it a great strain for people who are just starting their journey into the joyous life as a cannabis user. All of our indica cannabis seeds are only harvested from robust healthy plants that have been selected from the ultimate phenotypes. Indica plants grow bushy and wide so make sure you have enough space for them not to have leaves touching. There are so many wonderful strains you can grow from indica pot seeds, so why not start today.

Germinating Seeds in The Bull Skin

When you first receive your wonderful high-quality seeds from Kind Seed, you might wonder what the next step is to create your fabulous cannabis garden. Well, the first thing you will want to do is something called seed germination. This is the first step towards growing your cannabis plants. The process is relatively straightforward, so you will become a master of seed germination in no time. You will need to gather a few household items first. The first item that you will want to grab is a plate, once you have acquired your plate you will also need to rip off a few sheets of paper towel. Keep these paper towels off to the side as you will need them shortly. The last item that you will need to grab is either a pair of gloves or some tweezers. These are important as sometimes the oil on your hands can damage the seed. Once you have all the required items, run one sheet of paper towel under some cold water briefly. You want the paper towel to be damp but not dripping with excess water. Now place the paper towel on the plate and carefully place each seed on the paper towel, you want to leave at least five centimetres of space between each seed. Once the seeds have been placed on the damp paper towel, you will take the other paper towel and get it to the same level as wet as the first one. Lay the paper towel over the top of the seeds, taking care to make sure that all the seeds are covered. Now take the covered seeds and plate and find a dark and cool area to leave them for around three to seven days. Once the taproot has emerged you will know the process has been completed.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Land of Cervantes

The climate of Spain has a large number of benefits to growing cannabis. The Mediterranean climate is one of the more preferred climates for cultivation, thanks to the temperature and humidity levels. If you want to grow pot seeds, there is nowhere better than Spain. There are a few options for how to grow your seeds when living in Spain. There are different methods that you can use to grow cannabis. If you want to utilize the beautiful Spanish climate, growing outdoors can produce some amazing cannabis plants. If you are wanting to grow pot seeds in a greenhouse, then the Spanish climate works incredibly well for this method. If you decide to use a greenhouse, you can really use the warm air to generate just the perfect temperature inside it. You can, however, choose to go the route of indoor growing. This method of growing is by far the most popular worldwide. This is due to the high level of control you can achieve when growing indoors. You take control of the temperature and fine-tune humidity so that you can grow strains that might now grow so well outdoors. Growing cannabis in Spain is a wonderful experience and will create flowers that are filled with rich Mediterranean flavours, and when you grow from seed you get the full experience of cannabis cultivation. There is certainly something special about watching your plants grow from seed to giant cannabis bush. Growing cannabis from seed will teach you many of the finer details of caring for a developing cannabis plant. There is also a feeling of satisfaction you will receive when you get the chance to sample your own grown flower. Many growers report that the experience of smoking your own grow is completely different than any other way to smoke cannabis.

Grow in a GreenHouse

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse is one of the smartest and most cost-efficient ways of producing delicious sun-grown cannabis buds. When growing cannabis in a greenhouse you get the protection from the elements like you would indoors while being able to utilize the sun’s rays as you would outdoors. Greenhouse growing is ever becoming more and more popular as cultivators learn new tricks and ways to use the space effectively. One of the biggest reasons why farmers are now choosing to grow their crops outdoors is how much the flavour changes when compared to plants grown just indoors. Having a small greenhouse allows the terpenes to really be properly developed by the plant. When compared to the plants grown outdoors, where the elements can damage the terpene development. Another reason why growing in a greenhouse is the preferred way to grow nowadays is just how much money you save when you don’t need to have lights and fans running all the time. Thanks to the way that greenhouses are designed you can grow a crop of cannabis that is almost identical to the quality that you can find from indoor growing for half the price. You don’t need to spend a large amount of money keeping your cannabis at the right temperature, as when installing the greenhouse you have the option of installing windows. These windows will act like a natural fan with the airflow keeping the temperature that your plants prefer. Another amazing aspect of growing cannabis in a greenhouse is that you can choose how much extra you are looking for. What we mean by this is, that although you don’t need to have any lights or fans, you are free to add as many as you want. This will increase yields as well as help control temperature better as well.

Growing in a Grow Tent

When growing in Spain, a grow tent is a phenomenal way to spice up the ol’ spare room or any other space that you aren’t using. Grow tents in a nutshell are self-contained grow spaces that come with most of the setup out of the way. You will need to spend money on lights, fans and of course filters. Once you have those parts, all you need to do is snap them together and a majority of the time they work incredibly well. There are a few things to look out for before jumping headfirst into starting your growing tent empire. First, you will need to ask yourself how much cannabis are you planning on growing. If it’s one or two plants, most of the time you can split a single grow tent into two so you can have space for vegetative phase and flower phase cannabis plants. If you are hoping to grow more than just a few, it might be a good idea to purchase two tents. You can have one for the vegetative phase and the other one for flowering plants. This comes to our second point of consideration when thinking about moving to a grow tent, the space. You might have space for a grow tent or two, but you will also need to have space to store all the equipment. You mostly want this to be inside the house, where you have ease of access to all the tools and other growing material that you will need. One thing that is surprisingly overlooked and can lead to some laughs or headaches is the placement of where you put your grow tent. Grow tents are almost fully self-contained, but they sometimes have an open floor. Even the most seal-proofed grow tent can leak if a large spill has occurred so don’t put the tent over the carpet.

Grow Outdoors

Spain has one of the most preferred climates for outdoor cannabis production. Growing outdoors was the first way that cannabis was cultivated and is still the most widely used growing method to date. One of the most pleasing aspects of growing cannabis outdoors is the cost. Compared to all other growing methods, when you grow a crop of cannabis outdoors you don’t have to pay for the lighting, the heat, or even water if you start your crop with a large body of water. One of the more time-saving outdoor growing methods that we have discovered over the years is to locate a marsh or a swamp that isn’t too deep, and build a mound of soil on top of the marsh or swamp. Once the mound has been erected you will take your seedling or germinated seed and plant it on the very top of the mound. This is the perfect way to save yourself from lugging jugs of water all over the place and the marsh will keep it somewhat projected from various elements, thieves and those with more dubious intentions. The way this method for outdoor growing works is that as the plants grow, their roots will reach down into the water of the marsh or bog. Once the roots have reached the bottom of the bog. They will move the water back up and use that as their water source. With this method you don’t have to worry about watering your plants unless the summer gets very hot and dries out the marsh. Then, you will need to bring some water, but that’s very unlikely. If choosing to grow outside, a step that can save your broken heart is to buy seeds that are mold and mildew resistant. These plants come preprogrammed to fend off all sorts of common cannabis ailments.

Growing Indoors

While all growing methods have their trials and tribulations, there is none other than indoor growing that strikes joy in the new producers’ hearts. It might seem daunting at first, but as you learn the basics you realize it’s nowhere near as complicated as it first appeared. There are some major reasons why growing cannabis indoors is the ultimate way to make sure that you get buds that sparkle in the sunlight and ooze flavour terpenes. This does come at quite a cost. First, you will have to turn a room in your house into a designated space. Many people use basements as you won’t have to rip off flooring and paint the walls. Plus, it’s easier to hide in the basement so you won’t disturb guests who might not enjoy the smell of fresh growing cannabis. When you are building your indoor grow in Spain, one of the most important parts is where you will be installing your vents. If you do not have a proper venting system and fans set up, you will quickly run into a variety of issues dissipating the heat the lights produce. There is also the need for fresh air to come in. To solve this problem, add a vent system setup that will take the smelly, hot air out and bring in air from the outside. When you are buying a vent system you will want to make sure you have a premium filter that will eliminate most of the cannabis smell going out into the yard. Charcoal filters are the industry standard when it comes to filters. They consistently have the best results when tested to see just how much cannabis smell gets through. They also have one of the longest lifetimes of all filters.


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    The Best Seed Bank Spain, ES

    Spain has an incredible climate that is very conducive to growing cannabis. Still, you might question where the best marijuana seed bank is located. Well, you won’t find it in Spain, but you will find it online. Kind Seed Co has been around since 1994, though we took a brief respite to establish an even better way to supply premium cannabis seeds to Europe. When you shop with Kind Seed, you get fantastic genetics that truly shine and set us apart from other seed banks. When we grow our seeds, we only use the strongest genetics to grow our plants and from those plants we choose a phenotype that seems to be the most robust and potent. We then grow plants from those seeds, which ensures that you are receiving seeds of the highest caliber. These seeds are packed with the most powerful genetics you can find. When you order from KS, we make sure that each seed is handled with the utmost care from the moment we harvest them to the time they reach your doorstep. We use a wide range of various cutting edge seed storage techniques such as having temperature control environments as well as UV protection. All of our seeds are handled with gloves or tweezers and are also packaged extremely well, with extra care taken when placing the seeds in our stealth packages. These packages have been designed to be as discreet as possible. So much in fact that we haven’t had a single package stopped at customs yet. These discrete packages have one thing in mind, to get your seeds safely and securely to your doorstep in record times. Many of our customers in Spain have on occasion been able to receive their seeds in as little as 10 days.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Spain

    Autoflowers have become the newest way to grow cannabis from seeds. There have been many attempts at creating an autoflower before, but it wasn’t until the early 1990s that a successful cross breeding of an unknown strain made it possible. At the time, one was a lesser-known cannabis genus called, ruderalis. Ruderalis is a cannabis strain that doesn’t contain very much THC and is closer to hemp than the cannabis we know. However, when crossed with a cannabis strain, the fusion that is created is a work of wonder. Autoflowers keep the ability to flower regardless of light and they also have superior protection against mold and mildew. Kind Seed has one of the most substantial amounts of autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. Autoflowers are quickly becoming the most popular seed styles to grow. We have autoflower varieties of some of the most popular strains. One of our favorite autoflower strains would have to be our Autoflower Afghan. This strain is as close to origin strains that you get. Origin strains are strains that began it all, the first cannabis strains. While this strain has been crossed to make it an autoflower, the potent Afghan genetics are still very much present. It’s even a pure indica which lets you experience the full effects of an indica like the very first people who smoked it. If you are looking for another prime autoflowering seed, we have quite a treat for you. Our Autoflower Chocolate Thai is such an amazing autoflower. It’s delicious to smoke, and there aren’t many feminised strains with this level of potency. This autoflower has a THC of 25% in most cases. It is also an amazing producer with cultivators being able to harvest 850 grams per plant when grown outdoors and a stunning 700 grams per meter squared when indoors.

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Spain

    There are countless seed banks all over the world, but not all of them ship to Europe. In fact, you will find there are not many American seed banks that will ship to the great continent of Europe. Luckily for you, the seed bank Kind Seed has the ability to ship all sorts of hard to find American genetics. When you are buying seeds in Europe, you always want to make sure that the seed bank has a good track record of having their seeds arrive successfully in Europe. Many seed banks on the web will offer shipping to Europe. But when it comes time for them to actually be able to get their package into Europe, almost all their packages get seized, or they just don’t actually even get there. That’s why it’s imperative that you stick with seed banks that have a shipping center within Europe. With Kind Seed, you get not only that security, you also get some of the most potent seeds you can buy. We deliver in some of the best stealth packages that you can find. Kind Seed has spent many hours designing some of the most complex and discrete packages that can trick even the keenest of eyes. When you order from a premium seed bank, you should expect premium service. This is why we also achieve some of the quickest shipping methods to Europe. Some customers have received their seeds in as little as seven days. There are many reasons why ordering from an American seed bank has benefits when compared to European ones. One often overlooked aspect about ordering seeds from an American seed bank is the level of terpene development that American seed banks have been able to achieve versus European ones.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Spain

    There have been so many unknown seed banks crop up as the laws around cannabis begin to lessen, and with that comes companies who are just hoping to make a quick buck. There are a few reasons why you should buy your seeds from a reputable seed bank. One of the major reasons why trusting a seed bank like Kind Seed is so important is because you get the sense of relief that comes with knowing you are going to receive top-quality premium genetics. Many shady seed banks don’t take the time to find the strongest genetics or the best phenotypes. This can lead to disappointment when your seeds arrive. The plants that grow have low yields, weak branches and are more susceptible to cannabis ailments. With seeds from Kind Seed, you won’t ever have to worry about having plants not living up to your expectations. All of our seeds are tested to make sure that when you plant them, they grow into the incredible plants that you always wanted. Another reason to trust a reputable seed bank is that you ctually receive the seeds. With so many no-name seed banks popping up there will always be one or two that just don’t ship the seeds at all. These seed banks will happily take your money and you will never hear from them again. When you order your seeds, you need them to be fresh, healthy, and of strong genetics. Reputable seed banks, like KS, have become well known for their handling of seeds and their shipping methods. We built a name for ourselves by letting our actions do the talking. This is why when you order from a seed bank like Kind Seed you won’t have to worry about the seeds you ordered not being fresh, as all of our seeds are kept in pristine conditions.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    People look for cannabis seeds all over the world, and when you are looking for some of the finest seeds you can find there are some common phrases to hunt down your favorite strain. One of the most well-known ways to find marijuana seeds for sale is just to stick to saying if there are any marijuana seeds for sale. However, while most places will understand asking that question, some locations might not. That’s why it’s always handy to have a couple different ways to ask just in case you get some confused looks. Another well-known way to ask is if they have weed seeds for sale. Most people will search using the word weed, as this is commonplace and makes things simple. Asking if they have any pot seeds for sale is your last line of questioning for most people. If you are still looking for marijuana seeds for sale and are currently living in the EU, you can always ask if anyone knows where they can find seeds for sale in the European Union. If people give you strange looks, maybe ask where I can buy seeds in the EU. If you are still having problems finding local cannabis seeds, it’s always a smart idea to look online for a cannabis seed bank. When you go online you can find a wide range of weed seeds for sale. But be warned, not every seed bank out there is selling fire genetics with seeds that have been handled carefully. That’s why if you are buying online trust a reputable seed bank for when you need weed seeds for sale. Lucky for you, Kind Seed Co is one of the most popular and trusted seed banks in the world.

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