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It’s very difficult to find cannabis seeds for sale in Sweden that are of a reputable quality. While the sale of novelty cannabis seeds is legal in Sweden, novelty seeds are just that. They never come with an assurance that they can be cultivated or even that they will germinate. Novelty cannabis seeds for sale are more often than not stored in ways that make them nonviable. This is done by keeping them in a space that is too warm, too bright, too moist, or not clean enough to ensure their integrity. But never fear, Swedish stoners looking for viable cannabis seeds for sale, the Kind Seed Company is coming to the rescue! With over one hundred and thirty strains of viable cannabis seeds fresh from the American recreational market, we’re on a mission to become the place that EU growers go for all their seed needs. We provide three different styles of cannabis seeds for sale, including White Label, Premium, and even an exclusive boutique House line of strains we designed ourselves. The Kind Seed Company has been in the business for almost three decades, though we just took a few years off so that we could calibrate our business model and focus on providing our customers with only the absolutely best from the modern legal American market. Cannabis enthusiasts all over the Schengen Zone can now get in on the action and grow some of the finest hybrids easily available across the pond thanks to our connections. We ship within the EU to ensure that our Swedish customers don’t have to pay for any added shipping, and our seeds won’t set off any alarms at borders. With Kind Seed Company there’s no bravado or nonsense, just the finest cannabis seeds for sale anywhere in the world mailed swiftly and discreetly to your door.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Sweden from Kind Seed Co

THC Cannabis Seeds For Sale SE

The human endocannabinoid system is still being studied by scientists to determine all of its functions and the way it works. It’s a relatively recent discovery, but thanks to legalization, more labs and scientists have been able to research it. Basically, there’s an entire part of our nervous systems that’s devoted to using cannabinoids to send messages to our bodies that regulate sleep, hunger, pain, pleasure, stress, and relaxation. Our bodies even make their own cannabinoids, totally separate from any relationship we may or may not have with cannabis. There might be as many as one hundred different cannabinoids in cannabis plants that our bodies can interact with and use as if they were our own inborn neurotransmitters and enzymes. THC is just the most psychoactive and the most widely studied of these cannabinoids. THC comes from the resin of unfertilized cannabis plants, which produce resin in order to help snag pollen from the air. This is why it’s so crucial to keep male and female plants apart if you want the female plants to produce quality buds. We have a wide range of high THC seeds for sale, including one strain we designed ourselves. Our Kind THC strain is made with those particular heads in mind who can’t get enough of that stoned feeling. It’s an evenly balanced hybrid, available as both an autoflowering or a photoperiod type, though the autoflowering version does have slightly less THC in it. If it’s the more classic high THC strains you’re looking for, we have a full range of all the most modern seeds for sale including the award-winning Star Killer, the legendary Trainweck, Gorilla Glue Lemon, Grease Monkey, and even the subversive Zombie Death Fuck. There are so many more, including one that can supply up to thirty-three percent THC, on our website.

Buy Sativa Seeds The Elongated Country

Stoners who like to wake and bake are usually after sativa cannabis seeds. There is a popular wisdom that says that sativa plants are the energetic and creative side of the cannabis family, with effects best suited to going on hikes, cleaning the house, collaborating artistically, and treating mental health symptoms like depression and ADHD. However, it’s more accurate to describe the differences between sativas and indicas in terms of the growing style of each plant. Sativa cannabis seeds grow plants that shoot up high into the air quickly, sometimes exceeding three metres. Many sativa strains come from places like Mexico, Columbia, Hawaii, Jamaica, and Thailand, where these plants lived in the foothills of mountains or the understories of tropical jungles, untouched by other cannabis lineages, sometimes for centuries. They’ve had a delicate upbringing in highly specific circumstances, which made them harder to cultivate in other spaces when cannabis was proliferating as a greenhouse and indoor crop in the 1960s. For this reason, many sativa pot seeds are technically hybrids, cut with just a little bit of tougher indica genes so that they might be better at adapting to Mediterranean and temperate climate zones. This was only somewhat successful, and pure sativa cannabis seeds can still be quite difficult to grow. The exception is Durban Poison, the only pure sativa we carry, which has a robust temperament due at least partially to it being a South African variety rather than a strictly tropical one. Our Kind Sativa plants are both hybrids, though many have just a small inclusion of indica genes. All four styles have those energetic highs spoken of earlier, with one of them being more creative than the other. One of them is better for migraines and muscle spasms, while the other focuses on mental health concerns. Check them out today.

Buy Indica Seeds Sweden

Indoor growers with only so much vertical space to fill swear by indica cannabis seeds to grow the plants they need to fill a horizontal growing table. Indicas are considered the more relaxed, easy going of the two traditional kinds of cannabis plants. They have been used for generations as a medicine for people suffering from all kinds of chronic pain and palliative conditions. Indica pot seeds are particularly known for producing copious resin, the substance that holds most of the terpenes and THC in a cannabis plant. Resin is beloved by concentrate users and producers thanks to its helping hand in making cannabis more potent. We carry a small run of pure indica cannabis seeds including Afghan, the original hashish strain. We also carry Afghan Domina, a once-removed relative of the original Afghan. On top of that we have pure versions of Purple Kush and Grandaddy Purple, two strains known around the world for their pain killing abilities and beautiful bud coloration when exposed to slightly cooler nighttime temperatures. If you’d like to try something different, our Kind Indica line has been specially formulated to produce consistent results for those looking for a reliable crop. All of them produce buds with a calming high that can be successfully used against depression and chronic pain symptoms associated with arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, and inflammation. They each contain between sixteen and twenty-three percent THC, depending on the strain and how they are treated over their lifetimes. Some other indica cannabis seeds we carry that might do quite well in Sweden’s climate include legends like White Widow, Northern Blueberry, Northern Mazar, and Lowryder. For indoor growers, the world opens up even more. We carry seventy-five different indica-dominant hybrids, each with their own range of effects and flavours, guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of consumers.

Germinating Seeds in Mother Svea

Seed germination is the beginning of the whole process of growing your own cannabis. The process gets a bad rap for being difficult, but when using a quality product that’s been stored properly, it’s actually quite easy. All that’s needed are a few household items, a safe and dark place that maintains a temperature over twenty degrees Celsius, and a couple of seeds that have been kept in good condition. To begin, soak the seeds in distilled water overnight. This can either be bought or made by boiling a pot of water for seven minutes and then allowing it to cool to room temperature in a container with a mostly closed lid to prevent undesirables from getting in it. Don’t soak seeds for any longer than around twenty-four hours or they will begin to sprout in the jar and drown. After a night of soaking, use more of the clean water to get a few paper towels quite damp. They should be consistently moistened but not dripping wet. Put them on a ceramic plate, and place each seed on the paper towels, making sure to give each one at least an inch of space between it and the other seeds. Lay another moist paper towel over your magic beans, and gently press the towel down just a little, so you’re sure it’s made contact. Place a second ceramic plate upside down over top of the first to create a little clam shell of space. This will help to hold moisture and warm air in, creating a little more humidity in the area. Make sure they are doing alright at least once a day, and if the towels get dried out, make sure all parts of them are tucked into the plates. Seeds will sprout within one to three days and be ready for transplant within a week.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in The Elongated Country

Sweden has a huge range in climates that are suitable for growing cannabis to varying degrees. Those living in the south and west may have an easier time cultivating outdoors so long as their plants are able to grow between May and September. Those in the midlands and north should stick to autoflowering plants grown in greenhouses, or give up and grow indoors only. In well set up greenhouses, it can be quite easy to grow from seed even into the winter if the sunshine holds up. The social acceptability and legal ramifications of growing cannabis can also change rather dramatically between regions, with some communities being much more accepting of cannabis than other places. Some communities even see cannabis as a drug habit in the same light as having a severe opioid or cocaine dependency. Depending on the judges or what the law called extenuating circumstances, it can be quite illegal to grow pot seeds in Sweden. Larger growing operations are still considered narcotics trafficking, and even people growing in order to provide themselves with much needed medicine can face steep fines or even jail time for growing just a few plants. While other places quite nearby, like Denmark especially, have begun to decriminalize cannabis and see it as a socially acceptable recreational drug, Sweden is far behind in this regard. Cultivators looking to grow pot seeds will want to place a premium on keeping their plants clandestine whenever possible. Growers would be wise to gauge the attitudes of their own communities realistically before beginning their growing journey. There’s no sense in having some kind of idealistic approach to growing in the open in a very prohibitive environment, as it’s likely to only get someone arrested. Instead, stick to growing small amounts in tents in places that are less open.

Grow in a Green House

Greenhouse growing is an excellent method for keeping plants both safe and healthy without racking up bills for energy and expensive growing equipment. It’s somewhat counterintuitive to think of the Arctic as an ideal place to grow cannabis, but with the combined technological prowess of greenhouse growing and autoflowering plants it becomes a real option. The northern part of Sweden, where the sun can shine for up to twenty-four hours a day during Midsummer, is an especially perfect place to grow autoflowering plants in greenhouses. Growers in Alaska and the Canadian province of the Yukon have been benefitting from the midnight sun for years now. Autoflowering plants don’t need the twelve hours of complete darkness that other plants do, and in fact will thrive when given eighteen to twenty-four hours of continuous light during their flowering period. For those who still choose to grow photoperiod plants, a greenhouse can provide a much easier structure in which to create a light proof environment during the flowering period. The best thing about using a greenhouse is, of course, the ability to take advantage of solar powered lighting while not having to worry as much about weather or temperatures outdoors. For gloomier seasons and spaces in Sweden, greenhouses can also be rigged with an extra LED lighting array for days when the sun is not quite doing all it could to help support the plants. The same is true for heating and humidity, which can be easier to control in a greenhouse as opposed to when plants are left to their own devices in the elements. Furthermore, the enclosure of a greenhouse is a wise choice for anyone who fears their plants may be detected by the wrong people. A lock and some tropical disguisers can make it look from the outside like there is no cannabis to be found.

Growing in a Grow Tent

Growing tents are ideal for indoor growers who are only looking to cultivate a few plants for themselves and maybe some friends. They can be anywhere from less than a metre squared in footprint to closer to twenty or so metres squared.  Popular starter kits come with an LED lighting array, a forced air vent complete with charcoal filter, a small oscillating fan for the inside, a thermometer and hygrometer to monitor the heat and humidity in the tent, and even some pruning shears. All you need is some of our top shelf seeds and a growing medium. These tents can be kept in a closet, crawl space, or even a bathroom with almost no worry of severe mishap, thanks to the enhanced safety of using LEDs instead of hot, sometimes dangerous growing lights. It’s wise to choose seeds that only get around a metre tall when using a growing tent, as most of them are not much taller than that and there still needs to be room for fans and growing medium and lights. Many growers choose modern hybrids for their tents that are amenable to a mix of high and low stress training techniques. Fimming a plant early on, by cutting the leaves of its topmost growth, while still leaving the node and even a good chunk of the snipped-off leaf bases, will tell a plant not to put all its trust in a central cola. This encourages it to grow multiple bushy branches instead. When these branches are then encouraged to grow laterally using a mesh screen that keeps the canopy low, bud sites can then be woven through to gain access to the full, intense light above. This is called a Screen of Green, and it’s how some growers fill an entire tent with just one plant.

Grow Outdoors

Strains like Ak47 and White Widow can be great choices for growing in Sweden, where temperatures can sometimes get in the way of cultivating other more tropically-inclined seeds. We recommend that growers, especially those anywhere north of Stockholm, grow autoflowering seeds to help keep growing time and the risk low. While autoflowering seeds can go a long way in making sure that plants stay healthy, it’s also wise for Swedish growers to look at ways to keep their plants hidden and safe from pests of both the human and insect varieties. In rural spaces, keeping your plants clandestine may be much easier than if you are living in a cramped apartment building in central Malmo. However, plants in both these situations can be successfully disguised using a few clever tricks, at least until they get too smelly to ignore. Planting cannabis alongside aromatic plants like savory kitchen herbs and flowers can be immensely helpful in making sure others don’t detect your plants. Commonly used plants include basil, tomatoes, chamomile, and thyme. Flowers that might do well beside cannabis include lavender, geraniums, and even hibiscus if we are talking strictly about hiding the sight of the plants. In a more traditional garden bed, it’s wise to plant cannabis in among root vegetables like potatoes, beets, and carrots. Potato plants will disguise cannabis without competing for light, while also helping to keep the soil well drained and less hard packed. For larger plants, some cultivators use corn and sunflowers to mask their plants, growing what amounts to a fence around them. This can tamp down on the amount of sunlight available to the plants though, so caution must be taken to ensure your plants are getting what they need. Encouraging populations of lacewings can help to deter many predatory insects from establishing communities among plants.

Growing Indoors

Growing indoors is by far both the safest and the most secure way to grow. We’re not just talking about legality and being caught by humans! Growing indoors can also help to keep environmental conditions just right for these sometimes-fickle plants. But growing indoors has its own challenges, many of them associated with the difference between growing plants in isolation as opposed to as part of a larger ecosystem. Choosing to grow plants using organic, living soil can do a lot to prevent some things, but monocropping indoors can leave growers open to the ravages of cannabis-specialized insects like spider mites, who can destroy a beautiful crop in a matter of weeks. For these reasons, it’s vital to secure a space before beginning to grow. Grower must then continue to provide a safe space free of contamination for plants while growing, as minimizing chances of infiltration and infection is important all the way through. Before bringing any plant material into a growing space, the first and most important thing to do is to seal it up. Ensure that there are no gaps in the ceilings, floors, or walls of the area you hope to grow in. Seal cracks with whatever works best, as gaps as small as a few millimetres can leave space open for insects to intrude. These spaces can also create air leaks that make the surrounding area smell clearly of cannabis to those passing by. The ideal is to have only one space where air is allowed to enter and leave, and that space should have filters on either side. This prevents smells from escaping and bugs and other intruders from entering. Once the area is secure, clean it thoroughly with an insecticidal soap. Once cleaning is done, maintain a simple setup and you should be golden.


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    The Best Seed Bank Sweden, SE

    Seed banks have begun to proliferate in Sweden to sell novelty seeds. However, the best marijuana seed bank to go to for real deal cannabis seeds that do exactly what they say they will is the Kind Seed Company. We’ve been in business for nearly thirty years and in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to treat our customers. Our newly refurbished website is chock-a-block with in-depth information about all our products, so our potential customers can make informed choices about which of our stellar strains they’d like to own. Inspecting our wares and browsing our store is as easy as surfing the web, any time of day or night from the comfort of your living room. Those who are very cautious can use a VPN, though it’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in Sweden as collector’s items. Select the seeds you’d like, send us an order, and your package will arrive quickly with discrete labels to avoid arousing any ire from neighbours who may not like your hobby. That’s it! We make it as uncomplicated as possible on purpose, to assure that anyone in any part of the EU or North America can access our fine selection. Thirty years in the seed business has taught us a lot about providing high quality, streamlined service to our customers, and we don’t think anyone else does it better. While there may be competition from within Sweden, we don’t think these places have near the same level of expertise or attention to detail as we do. Most novelty seed houses don’t even keep their seeds at a safe humidity, let alone wrap and send them in phytosanitary packaging. Let Kind Seed Company take care of you and you’ll never go back to shady suppliers again.

    The Best Autoflower Seeds in Sweden

    It’s highly recommended that our Swedish customers take advantage of our huge array of autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. Autoflowering plants have the power to begin blooming on their own, without the help of a photoperiod switch. This is achieved by mixing the sativas and indicas we all know and love with just a little bit of genes from another, lesser-known variety of cannabis called ruderalis. Ruderalis plants are small, tough little sprouts that evolved to live in the harsh mountainous parts of Central and Northern Asia and into Eastern Europe. These plants don’t produce a lot of THC, but they are significantly lower maintenance than other plants. When they were first created, an autoflowering seed would generally give a much lower yield and the crop was not nearly as potent as a crop from a photoperiod seed. However, it’s coming up on the twentieth anniversary of the creation of autoflowering seeds and much has changed. They are now nearly as potent as their photoperiod counterparts, and many of them can produce just as much THC. They also tend to flower faster than many other plants, sometimes taking as little as two months to go from sprout to complete harvest. For Swedish growers in the north looking to populate a greenhouse, these are the perfect choice to get the most out of the midnight sun without having to worry that the crop will bump up against the first frost. All twenty-four of our Kind Seed strains have an autoflowering version available, so that all growers can experience them regardless of their growing setup. A full ninety-seven of our one hundred and thirty-eight strains for sale are autoflowering varieties, which gives you some idea of just how serious we are about autoflowering plants being the bees knees. Buy some today and you’ll share our enthusiasm!

    Ship Cannabis Seeds to Sweden

    The Kind Seed Company has been a staple in American mail order cannabis genetics since 1994, when we were putting out full page ads in paper issues of High Times magazine. We took a five-year hiatus since 2016 to help get up to speed on all the new opportunities available to us thanks to the burgeoning legal market, and we are now back to shipping all over North America. It would be slightly incorrect to say that we ship to Europe. What we actually do is keep a stock of our highest quality recreational American cannabis seeds in a secure location within the Schengen Zone, and we ship them to our European customers from there. Just because you live on another continent that doesn’t have the same open legal market, combined with high quality standards and regulations that come with that, doesn’t mean that European consumers should be left with a dog’s breakfast of sub par cannabis genetics. After all, it was the European seed houses of the UK and the Netherlands, among others, that helped make the cannabis landscape what it is today. Many of the most important strains and essential hybrids of the modern era were developed and safeguarded in Europe when cannabis was still highly prohibited in North America. We’re on a mission to return the favour by making sure that our European customers can access all the new strains and latest trends. Our shipments are small and discrete and packed with the utmost care. Just because the rules that inform our standards are not at play in Europe doesn’t mean we stop following them. Our phytosanitary packages are the safest bet when European consumers need American quality genetics in a hurry. No tariffs, no extra fees, no border nonsense, just the best seeds money can buy sent right to your door.

    Why Buy Seed From A Reputable Company in Sweden

    We’re not sure it’s possible to overstate the risk of purchasing seeds from a source that’s anything but absolutely professional. Novelty cannabis seed companies are great for getting a laugh with your friends when you’re a teen. But when you need real cannabis genetics that you can rely on, it’s always safest to go with a reputable seed bank. And after almost three decades in the business, we think we know a thing or two about what it takes to make a seed bank worth its fees. Good seed banks give their clients all the information available on their products. They’re not feeding consumers half-truths about the efficacy of their products in a rush to secure a sale. Genuinely good seed banks are eager to talk about their products with interested buyers, and will go to great lengths to help their customers find the kind of seeds they’re looking for. The amount of seeds a bank is selling doesn’t often provide any kind of information about whether or not they’re reliable. Some seed banks keep their lines limited and exclusive, like our friends at Blimburn who do great work. This is akin to a restaurant that has a set menu of just a few things but everything on the menu is the absolute best version of that dish. Other reputable seed houses will sell themselves as clearinghouses for all manner of strains, casting their nets wide for all the latest and most interesting products. With selections in the hundreds, not every strain is going to be the most fabulous thing in the world, and trustworthy seed banks will admit that and stress what certain seeds are useful for. We like to cut right down the middle and provide a versatile array of fabulous seeds with germination instructions and lots of information.

    Other Words People Use For Finding Cannabis Seeds

    When Swedish cannabis growers look for marijuana seeds for sale on the internet, they’ll often use slang terms like grälle, äzi, maja, marre, gröning or grönt. Hash enthusiasts might try brass, brownie, knatch, brunt, böj, or zatla when trying to find weed seeds for sale. These terms will drum up all kinds of results, but it’s hard to tell which are legitimate and which are taking advantage of the grey area in novelty seeds to sell customer dud seeds with no real genetic fidelity. That’s why when discerning consumers want to buy seeds in the EU, they come to the Kind Seed Company. We have the finest selection of marijuana seeds for sale, straight from the American legal market and are delivered right to your door. Gone are the days of trying to find pot seeds for sale in sketchy head shops or from a guy who knows a guy. These are the one hundred percent real deal weed seeds for sale from an American cannabis seed bank that’s been running since the nineties. Regardless of the words used to find jazztobak in Scandinavia, Kind Seed has American marijuana seeds for sale whose lineages can be totally confirmed thanks to our painstaking selection of only the finest strains. Weed seeds for sale in the European Union might go by all kinds of local names that nobody will look for outside of their country of origin, and that can be just fine for growers that think weed is weed and don’t get picky about things like strains and lineages and specific effects. But when you’re looking for 710, Kush, Haze, Skunk, autoflowering, hybrid, sativa, indica, or even just plain old photoperiod feminised seeds for sale in the European Union, only the Kind Seed Company will deliver on both quality and discretion in record time.

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