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The glorious and historic state of Alabama thrives after being a part of the American Civil Rights movement, such as hosting meeting places for Martin Luther King Jr. It was hard to move forward with the Jim Crow laws hindering the growth of culture in this state up until the 1970’s, however, thanks to notable voices in this fight, it has not stopped its urban growth ever since, with an inclusive future on the horizon. The fight carries on, and the legalization effort has only just begun in this conservative state. A long journey finally started to see a new light, with the war on marijuana finally siding in the people’s favor. On July 1st, 2016, CBD has become a method of treating debilitating conditions, however they must be diagnosed by a physician first. It is now legal to purchase CBD in person or online, which is definitely a step in the right direction.
The Southeastern Yellowhammer State was named after its state bird, and it is also known as the Heart of Dixie and the Cotton State. Surrounded by great company, this area is bordered by Tennessee in the North, Georgia to the East, Florida in the South and Mississippi to the West. With such a colorful past, because many cultures flocked to this state in the 17th and 18 century, so this place became a melting pot for culture that could have improved our understanding of each other, but unfortunately became the breeding ground for fear, because this was once a slave state. White and rural interests and needs led the way with dominance from 1901 to the late 1960’s, which put a halt on what the rest of the state wanted and needed. We learned to come to a better understanding, through protests, speaking out, music, and sitting down over food, or even a joint, which increased the flow of conversation. We are now living in a time where we need each other more than ever. Some of the most interesting and historical cities reside here, like its capital. Montgomery has an enriching past and enchanting sites that will awe and inspire you to fight for change. Alabama’s largest city, Burmington, is home to the largest urban economy, residing in Great Burmington. There is much success towards the urbanization of culture, however there is still much work to be done in the balance of African Americans currently incarcerated for possession of marijauna. With legalizations swiftly happening across the nation, this is paramount in time. The system is too backed up and spends too much money on prohibiting such a healing and misunderstood plant.
As the 13th largest state, this area is not only rich in historic sites, but also offers numerous camping areas, lakes, falls and outstanding gardens, providing something for everyone to enjoy. This humid-subtropical climate offers hot summers and mild winters, with lots of precipitation. Unfortunately, cultivation for marijuana is still illegal here, but the growing opportunities would be endless, with bountiful soil that marijuana plants would thrive in. Growing is on the horizon because you may grow CBD seeds, providing you have an approved license, with the hope that one day there will be recreational legalization, which would stimulate the economy and offer citizens many medicinal benefits. With some of the hottest summers in the US, checking out Gulf State Park is the way to go with numerous adventures waiting to be explored. Anything from beaches, marshland, streams, pine forests, and freshwater lakes are available to see, which is humbly managed by the Alabama department of conservation and natural resources. The marvel in this 6,500 acre area will take time to tour, and absolutely take your breath away, and bring something to stimulate the senses. This is best paired with a CBD pen to feel an enlightened relaxation.
College sports reign supreme here, because this hip, college state has soared with its winning teams that invite some of the best young athletes in the world to play. Feel geared up and ready to go, as football and basketball are here, ready to entertain, both winning in their own right. College football is loved in this state, thanks to the University of Alabama and Auburn State University. Both colleges dominated the league and stimulated a healthy competition, which made both of their teams rise to the cream of the crop. With so much excitement and excellence propelling both of these teams forward, it is no wonder some of the best players in the world go through their programs. The Alabama Crimson football team that stems out of the University of Alabama, was created all the way back in 1892, with 17 national championships under its belt. Residing from the same college, basketball is just as exciting with the Alabama Crimson Tide team who play in the Southeastern conference. Come see two of the USA’s most celebrated sports, with young players who are just at the beginning of their career, give it everything they have, for an exceptional game every time.
The Heart of Dixie has had to learn a lot from its history in order to move forward, because of its significant landmarks from the American Civil Rights movement, which in turn educated the entire nation for a hopeful future. If we did not have people fight for our rights who knows what kind of education would be provided in this state. Thankfully, this area is now home to 61 colleges, with great college towns being named some of the best areas for young people to live, as there is an education available to any type of learner. The largest university for getting to know people is the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, with over 38,100 enrolled in the fall of 2019. If community college is more your thing, the Calhoun Community college is the largest 2 year school, with unbeatable programs that work for a wide variety of students. If higher learning is for you, this state provides four top institutions to keep you on your toes, because you will receive some of the best education in the world.
The horizon is hopeful with the legalization of marijuana moving forward to a positive light. For so long it has been hidden in the shadows, and shrouded in secrecy and fear, which prevented so many medicinal opportunities, not only physically but mentally as well. Growing and cultivating has never been easier, with cannabis seeds for sale offered online, which is a shame because growing in this state is still illegal despite perfect growing conditions. Buying seeds in this state is legal, and you are allowed to purchase seeds as a novelty, you just are not allowed to grow them quite yet. Legal CBD production has led the way to opening a door towards being able to cultivate here, which will change the way this state views and misunderstands the use of marijuana. This state has a huge marijuana culture regardless, with many immigrants flocking here with their own healing medicines, which perpetuated weed going underground that does not help with crime. A new and brighter day is on the horizon where you will be able to walk through the streets of the city of Birmingham and view the protest headquarters for Martin Luther King Jr, at the Baptist Church museum, with legally purchased weed which in turn will stimulate the economy. Until that day, start dreaming about your garden and collecting seeds so you can hit the ground planting as soon as the laws relax.

Is It Legal to Smoke Cannabis Recreationally in Alabama

The short answer to smoking weed in the state of Alabama is no, however, some CBD products are legal to obtain and purchase in person or online. You may buy marijuana seeds online but be sure not to grow here because it is not worth the risk of getting caught with hefty fines and even prison time on your first offence. Your CBD products must also be sourced over the counter, only from legal producers who are approved and licenced by the ADAI. Getting caught smoking marijuana is not worth the jail time in this state. Any amount possessed can result in a misdemeanor, so stick with the CBD for now (don’t forget to make it official with a doctor’s recommendation) and you will do just fine here.
The possibilities of change are hopeful here because in 2020, legalization of weed was halted due to the pandemic that shook up the nation. Marijuana has never been more needed recreationally in this state to aid the mental trauma the virus has created for many. We can heal for the future because anxiety and even PTSD can be aided with this phenomenal plant. For now, you may use CBD thanks to the University of Alabama’s industrial hemp research and pilot program, which helped stimulate the Alabama Hemp program, with growers submitting applications to legally be able to grow CBD.

Is it Legal to Possess Weed in Alabama

Legally, purchasing and obtaining marijauana in this state is illegal, with any amount of THC higher than .3% resulting in a misdemeanor of up to a one year prison sentence, or a $6000 fine. It is not worth obtaining weed at this time, but we are hopeful for the future as the war on weed has taken a turn for the better. CBD is similar to strains containing THC, in that they hold relaxing and healing effects, and yet do not contain any psychoactive compounds. This means you can experience the benefits of marijuana without any mind altering effects, making it perfect for children and those that operate heavy machinery. In 2016, possession and use of CBD became legal, which eventually allowed consumers to buy CBD products both in person and online as CBD is legal everywhere to consume.
There is light on the horizon to obtain marijuana higher than .3% THC, as it is also important to remember just how far this state has come in such a short amount of time. The ability to buy pot seeds for sale has never been easier, with cultivators pioneering the way by growing new and exciting strains every single day. This state flourishes with young and progressive people, looking to move forward in a more empathetic and understanding path, and what better way of figuring that out, then being able to smoke a joint and communicate with others around you that are also hopeful for change.

Weed Growing in The Yellowhammer State

Alabama shines in nature for the gardens flourishing here, like the Bellingrath Gardens and Home, which opened in 1932, with both a public garden and the historical home of Walter and Bessie Bellingrath, who were the first coca-cola bottlers, on Fowl River near Mobile. Walk through the gardens and feel inspired by the possibilities of growing your own garden with a few medicinal plants, like the wedding cake strain, because it flourishes in the garden with its resiliency and easy growing abilities. Legalization is clear to inevitably happen in this state, because although we live in the shadow of the Jim Crow laws, thanks to the understanding of the medicinal benefits of CBD, THC is well on its way to being permitted.
Growing any THC here can result in a misdemeanor and cultivation is illegal. It is not worth starting a garden because you will be charged with trafficking cannabis which is a much harsher sentence as it is considered a felony. The harsh reality of weed is still alive and well here, with harsh fines and prison sentences, and it is not worth growing in this state quite yet. You do, however, have the opportunity to grow CBD in this state, but you must jump through a few hoops in order to do so. Anyone who is interested in participating in the Alabama Industrial Hemp Research Program may submit a Growers License Application for 2020 through the ADAI.

What is an Alabama Seed Bank?

When it comes to growing your very own seeds, you want to make sure you only receive the most top notch seeds you can buy, and a seed bank is an ideal way to go. A seed bank safely stores your seeds so that their viability is protected.
Welcome to your all American and new favorite distributor, Kind Seed Co. as we proudly deliver all over the country. It does not matter who you are, or where you live, your precious seeds will be shipped to you discreetly in no time. Worry no more about where your seeds are, or why they are taking so long to arrive, or even if we have the seeds you need. We offer a service that allows you to sit back and relax and start planning your dream garden, once you are legally able to. We proudly offer accurate information on all you need to know when you are just starting out, with weed seeds for sale online, so you can feel comfortable and confident when you are making the tough decision of choosing your favorite strain out of so many options. Marijuana is a healing plant that can be used medicinally and recreationally, and we are proud to be able to become a part of the weed revolution.

Can I Legally Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Heart Of Dixie

Pot seeds are completely legal to purchase across the country. Although in Alabama there may not be as many options when purchasing in stores, so ordering online might be your best bet in obtaining your seeds. It does not matter who you are or where you live because we deliver our seeds all over the country. If ever you happen to have any questions along the way, we are happy to provide answers to any concerns when it comes to any of our seeds. Our friendly service team is there to provide support on distribution and cultivation, so you can have the best experience of ordering seeds. Our industry leading germination guarantee will keep you coming back for more!
Alabama has strict regulations when it comes to cultivating marijuana, and until the day comes that you are legally allowed to grow, it is not worth the risk.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Alabama

Marijuana has unbeatable healing abilities that will in turn act as a relief against numerous ailments. Read up through us at Kind Seed Co on just how remarkably specific each strain can be, with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties contained in THC that also help aid mental effects. We are just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to just how special weed is, and slowly but surely, people are starting to realize just how helpful smoking a joint or two can be. Many users are replacing years of prescribed drugs with harsh side effects, which can be an awesomely freeing feeling.
It is so important to do research on this secretive plant, as fear and ignorance has made marijuana an illegal drug, which halted important experimentation and understanding. We are just on the brink of really knowing what ganja is capable of despite the fact that this remarkable herb has been used for thousands of years. If you are suffering from mental ailments like depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD, insomnia, or fatigue and have been unable to find a solution, marijuana may just offer a treatment option for you. If you are in chronic pain with nerve, muscle or tissue damage, you can magically feel the pain settle so you can get back to your daily life.
Although the healing opportunities are there, Alabama is not quite on the level of allowing THC in the medicinal world. CBD, however, is very much legal here, and you are allowed to purchase it over the counter in any amount, and online. Users must make sure the THC content is not over .3%. CBD is an unbeatable plant which contains cannabinoids, which are extremely helpful in aiding psychological and physical symptoms, without any of the stoned body and head sensations users experience while smoking strains that are high in THC. Feel almost instant relief from stress and pain with CBD by using it in a form of a balm, putting it directly onto your chronic pain source to help combat pain.

Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds and Autoflower Weed Seeds in The Heart Of Dixie

We are well on our way to uncovering the mysteries involved in the cultivation of weed seeds, and there are a great number of seeds that possess their own growing abilities and qualities. For instance, an indica melts you down and takes all of your worries away, so you can combat your restlessness, and find relief from insomnia. Indicas tend to flower faster, with a shrub like structure, that provides nice and sturdy leaves. The beauty of growing indicas are astounding, as many plants, when cooled down in the evening, develop unique and beautiful colors like rich, deep purple. Sativa is that happy go to strain when you are just looking to get your day started or when you are wanting to combat fatigue with a jolt of creative energy. It will ignite the senses, getting you through whatever challenge you must take on as the day flows. Sativas generally like to grow long and slender, with thin branches that waft wonderfully in the breeze. The ruderalis strain can survive in harsher and colder conditions on their own with no worry about light, or temperature, as this resilient strain will typically flower regardless of what comes at it.
The thoughtful process of feminizing seeds was created by growers who realized that applying outside stressors to a female plant during its vegetative state, will stimulate that plant into self pollinating. This wonderful, pollinated plant once fully matured, is then put with other female plants to fertilize them, which in turn creates female seeds completely free of male seeds. The fact of the matter is that growing male plants can ruin the rest of the crop with bunk and seedy weed, which beginners will not enjoy, because it requires a level of experience to identify and remove males to prevent pollination of the females in the crop.
If you are looking for an easy going and resilient seed that flowers on its own no matter the light shifts, as opposed to regular and feminized seeds, then autoflower seeds are for you. Most seeds require light shifts known as the photoperiod to help stimulate flowering, but not an autoflowering seed. A feminized autoflower seed is ideal to anyone just starting out because they are very hardy and resilient, and you will not need to deal with any male seeds wreaking havoc on your crop. Autoflowering seeds grow a little bit smaller than other strains, and are more resilient with pests and disease, with a more rapid life cycle. This allows for basic mistakes, as it will flower on its own based on maturity and tends to hold up well to newbie mistakes. New growers and those that want an easier growing experience will flock to fem autoflowers, to ensure high reward for little effort.
You can find many different varieties of marijuana seeds for sale through Kind Seed, to be able to get started on growing your very own garden. We promise the experience will be a lot easier and more rewarding than you have ever imagined.

Regular Seeds in Alabama

Autoflowering and feminized seeds stand strong in commercial and industrial grows, and as exciting and innovative as that is, sometimes a home grower just feels like growing with good old regular seeds. Breeders love growing regular seeds, as it becomes a game of genetics with male and female seeds, creating new and exciting strains, and can help to develop cultivation skills.
We at Kind Seed Co are there for the breeders and the experimenters out there who are keen to come up with exciting and new award-winning strains that seem to get better and better each year. Just check us out and view all of the various regular seed options we have available to you, or simply talk to us with any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to help you on your exciting journey of growing fantastic seeds, with a gorgeous garden, once this state has finally fully legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal cultivation.

Buy American Seeds in Alabama

When you are looking to buy seeds in Alabama, look no further than Kind Seed Co, which supplies quality seeds that set you up for growing the best weed possible. The unfortunate thing in this state is that cultivation is still on the horizon, because you are only allowed to grow CBD as a licensed grower. Until the day of legalization, you can begin your collection by ordering seeds online, and we ship to you discreetly and safely regardless of who you are or where you are from. Just let us know the perfect seed for you, and we will get right back to you with a confirmation of your order and payment. We have got your back when it comes to security with a safe and secure payment method and delivery to ensure no questions will be asked by your nosey neighbor.
The best part about us is that we ensure customer satisfaction, which means you can rest assured knowing you are taken care of every step of the way through the process of obtaining perfect seeds. We stand proud by our seeds and take care of them like they are our own, by ensuring they are safely packed and delivered for the most optimal growth opportunity. Every package is wrapped discretely so that you can feel secure in knowing the neighborhood won’t know what you’ve purchased.
Confused about germination? We are here to help you with any question or concern you may have on getting your baby seeds sprouting. With the internet these days, you have so many options to educate yourself on growing the best plants possible, and if you ever have questions, we are always here to help guide you.

Federal Judicial District of Alabama

The fight with Alabama’s War on Marijuana has been ongoing, stemming angst and confusion across the state. In the Central regions such as Florence, Huntsville, Decatur, Birmingham, Anniston, Tuscaloosa have taken in stride as the University of Alabama, which created an Industrial Hemp Research and Pilot Program. As they continue moving forward with their studies, the ideology of marijuana being something to fear and has slowly shifted into a more educational tone.
The central cities like Montgomery, Dothan, Opelika are heavily political cities that delved into the hardships of keeping marijuana illegal by showing marijuana costs the state and municipalities an estimated 22 million a year, with a dangerous backlog at agencies that test forensic evidence. The worst part about this war is that those incarcerated are disproportionately African Americans, which was reported by the Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice and the Southern Poverty Law Center that examined the overall public safety of this issue and the consideration of the impact. So many have lost their dreams and scholarships over weed, being forced to work in low income places. A lot of those persecuted did not even have the intention of selling with over 89% of 2012-2016 arrested only for possession.
Southern cities have had an ongoing battle with legalization, such as Mobile, which is one of the oldest locations in this state. Its history bleeds through with prejudice and fear, which is halting the legalization of marijuana, with change only a hope on the horizon. Urbanism is continuing to flourish throughout the state, which brings positivity and hope to a bright future, that tolerates a life saving plant.

5 Most Popular Cities to Grow Weed in Alabama

The laws in this state are harsh when it comes to smoking and growing canabis seeds, and if you are caught you could potentially face felony charges for trafficking marijuana. We are fighting for laws to change, with CBD leading the way as it is legal to smoke here and grow as long as you are licensed. Purchasing seeds is also legal in this country, and you can start collecting your favorites. So, you are safe to buy marijuana seeds, just avoid planting them for now.
Birmingham is packed with CBD dispensaries, that will be the perfect first spot to hit up, because when you feel good, your entire outlook on life becomes positive. Founded in 1871, during the post Civil War Reconstruction era, and now proudly hosting the world’s oldest Veterans Day celebration, this is a city for builders. Birmingham has ever growing population of over 209,405 people, as of 2019. Steel was first to settle into this city, which built their economy, and they were able to branch out in medical research, celebrated food and art. Urbanization is also making itself known, with Greater Birmingham being the largest Urban Economy, which adds overall stimulation and success for a better and more inclusive future for all.
Montgomery is the capital of this state and is located beside the stunning Alabama River. The fight for legalization grows here and they are changing their tone towards prejudice by rebuilding their downtown, with a revitalization of new and exciting urbanism projects. It was one of the first states to implement the Smart Code, which is an outstanding idea that involves connecting the city with accessible walkable neighborhoods, so you can feel safe no matter what part of the city you are in. With 1600 acres of parkland, you can enjoy the beauty of this state’s mesmerizing great outdoors.
Mobile is the oldest city in the state, as it was first explored by French colonists in 1702, and has had rich cultural inhabitants ever since, with multiple nations combining to create a melting pot of culture. This city has many notable downtown sites, taking you back in time with a whole new appreciation for how far we have come. Come take a tour of the Underground Railroad and learn up close the brave sacrifice African Americans made in making the world a better place for future generations. This place really has flourished ever since, by thriving in shipping, port facilities, shipbuilding and repair, forest products, chemicals, oil, gas, production, tourism and recreation. We hope that one day we can add cultivation of marijuana on that list.
Huntsville is the largest by land area and also known as the Rocket City as they looked into intergalactic territory as millions flocked to its US Space and Rocket Center. With so much to do here, CBD is also welcomed by having numerous dispensaries that also offer curbside pickup. Known for having good old Southern Hospitality, this city is also bursting with culture, with plenty of outdoor areas to enjoy the sites and exciting local sports teams that get your adrenaline going, fun nightlife, that anyone can enjoy. Balance that out with a rich past of unique and time warping architecture, and you have a place like no other.
Tuscaloosa received its name from a Chief called Tuskaloosa, who led a band of Muskogen speaking people, as they were defeated in 1540 at the Battle of Mabila. Growing and changing, this city is now the regional center of industry, commerce, healthcare and education. The rules here regarding marijuana are very strict, as even crossing this state line puts you at risk of being arrested with possession, however the fight carries on. CBD dispensaries are popping up everywhere with no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Buy High Yield Cannabis Seeds in Alabama

With the tides slowly but surely changing, us at Kind Seed Co will be here for all of your cannibus needs, as we provide next level customer satisfaction that will be sure to keep you coming back for more. We offer many exciting and delicious strains that we know you will enjoy. Here are a few that come with our highest recommendation.
5 Alive is an under the radar tasty and juicy strain, that although not necessary well known, has become a favorite to many marijuana users who know a thing or two about weed. 5 Alive photoperiod feminized is perfect to grow, just always make sure to keep an eye on its moisture levels. For a burst of instantaneous energy, this strain promises to stimulate creative flow, that will eradicate even the worst writer’s block. Feel your muscles completely relax for a floating feeling that will drift you away to paradise.
If you are looking for an extremely popular seed that is renowned to many growers, then Alaskan Purple is for you. This strong seed has a high THC content that can reach up to 27%, with body relaxing effects that can last hours. The aroma of the Alaskan Purple photoperiod feminized bud is succulent with deep berry and flowers mixed with sweet and fruity tones. Growing tall, this indica dominant glows in a deep purple hue, and whether you are growing indoors or out, this lenient strain works for any grower in showing off glorious yields.
If you are looking for a great mix of CBD to THC, Blue Ice Autoflower could be your new best friend, as it contains unbeatable healing properties, making it well respected in the medicinal world. Growing your blue ice autoflower feminized is a walk in the park, as it only really needs basic gardening skills to take off and flourish with showstopping bud. This high yielding seed can be maximized when you know a thing or two about growing, however even the greenest of thumbs can create impressive results.
The sticky and potent Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower, also known as Original Glue, made it onto the scene with its potent and dazzling effects. The hybrid gorilla glue #4 autoflower feminized effects will melt you to the couch, after a euphoric high that stimulates your mind to produce happy thoughts. This strain provides insane medicinal effects that help with numerous ailments, even though we are just at the tip of the iceberg of discovering just how healing marijuana’s properties truly are. A pine and lemon aroma fills the air when smoked that will add to its healing effects by stimulating the senses in an aromatic way.
The creamy and smooth taste of Head Band will stimulate long lasting relief from many physical and mental ailments that can get in the way. Just like the name itself, amnesia head band photoperiod feminized when smoked, gives slight pressure around the third eye, that feels a bit like you are wearing a headband. This strain creeps on slowly over time and it is important to smoke in moderation to really enjoy its healing effects.
Whatever strain you happen to be looking for, we are here to support you with growing cannabis. We want you to enjoy the process from beginning to end by supplying high quality seeds that are safely and securely sent to you. With such a discreet service, you can feel at ease knowing your seeds will be delivered to you in a speedy fashion, without raising questions from your neighbor. If you ever have any questions or concerns, we are always ready to assist. Start planning your happy garden today and order your favorite seeds to start your own collection.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get the latest updates on Cannabis Culture in Alabama from Kind Seed Co. Our writers are not lawyers and this page should not replace legal advice from a lawyer. We are marijuana seed farmers not legal professionals so read on about weed cultivation and use in Alabama at your own risk.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Alabama ?

    Yes, souvenir seeds bought for collection and novelty purposes are legal in Alabama. Save your marijuana seed in a humidity and temperature controlled environment like a jar in the basement. Collect all 500 varieties today.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Alabama ?

    Yes, buying novelty seeds like cannabis seed is legal in Alabama for souvenir purposes. Please do not germinate seeds unless permitted by state officials.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Alabama ?

    Yes, buy weed seeds for souvenirs and collect all 500 today ! Save them in your vault for better more medicine compassionate times in Alabama.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Alabama ?

    Yes, you can buy souvenir pot seeds to collect as novelty items. Please do not germinate seeds without proper licensing in AL.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Alabama ?

    No, it is not legal to cultivate weed seeds, pot seeds, cannabis seeds and marijuana from seed in Alabama.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Alabama ?

    Buy cannabis seeds online from Kind Seed Co in three easy steps. Step one: Visit the site. Step two: Choose your strains. Step three: Checkout and pay for your order. All orders are processed with secure payment methods and we never share your information with anyone for any reason. Orders are shipped tracked and you will receive an email with a link to follow along while your package is en route. Choose Kind Seed Co for your next weed seeds in Alabama.

    Are Alabama Seeds grown in Alabama ?

    No, its extremely unlikely that anyone offering Alabama Seeds as cannabis seeds grown in Alabama is actually true. Seed production takes both genetic and industrial infrastructure and years to build. So in markets with no legal or medical programs, its highly unlikely that anyone is able to create cannabis seeds legally in the state until about ten years after recreational use is legalized.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Alabama ?

    The Darren Wesley “Ato” Hall Compassion Act was signed by governor Kay Ivey on May 17, 2021. The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission has been proposed and we will keep you updated when a link becomes available.

    Is Recreational Use legal in Alabama ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Alabama ?

    Yes, a limited medical program has been signed into law by Governor Ivey in May 2021, but the full Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission has not been set functional yet. The group met for the first time formerly in mid August 2021. We might expect to see an update later in the year.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Alabama ?

    Typically, cbd seeds are not legal to grow in Alabama unless it can be classified as hemp. This often depends on the THC content.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Alabama ?

    No, typically it is not legal to grow autoflower cannabis seeds in Alabama.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Alabama ?

    No, unless you have a medical license, it is not legal to consume cannabis in Alabama. The newly formed commission has not set up guidelines for the creation of a supply chain and thus while a medical program is legal, the actual roll out has not occurred as of the writing of this article.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Alabama ?

    No. Medical users may be able to carry a certain amount but we won’t know until commission establishes the guidelines.

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