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At the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains and the western limit of the Great Plains, Colorado is a bustling epicenter of students, activity-seekers, mountaineers, and hippies. With a current population of nearly 6 million, the state has been admitted to the Union since 1876, exactly 100 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed – hence the nickname you see above. Following the American Revolution was the perfect time for this landlocked paradise between mountains and plains, so ranchers and farmers settled down and started a life. Cattle ranching continues to be a leading part of the state’s economy, with around 3 million heads out grazing on any given day. One result is the great farm-fresh meat served up here in local restaurants and pubs, which we will get on to a little later. Attracting a young crowd of students, adventure sports chasers and adrenaline junkies, there is a spike in cannabis use as well, made easier with Colorado’s legalization of weed in 2012.
Top among the list of outdoor sports here to enjoy are the nationally famed winter sports of skiing and snowboarding. Looking for places to ride with some 420 to enjoy along the slopes? Look no further than Colorado State, which boasts 31 ski resorts in total. You have got the more popular big-ticket destinations like Aspen, Telluride, and Vail, but also excellent riding at smaller stops like Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, Silverton, Keystone and Powderhorn. With all of these within such close distance of one another, this is the perfect holiday location for a winter road trip. The winter snow here has a special quality to it which is light and dry; perfect for shredding with some buddies before going home to smoke some bowls and relax. In summer and spring, these mountains are covered in mountain bikers, rock climbers, hikers, and mountaineering survivalists. There are in total 42 state parks, and 11 national forests. Of course, outdoor growing is a favorite pastime too, but more on that later.
For the country-music loving, cowboy boot-wearing crowd, Colorado is home to an amazing display of rodeo exhibitions. Deer Trail, Colorado was actually home of the very first rodeo exhibition in the entire country on Independence Day, 1869. After watching the broncos and bull-riding, head down to the pub for some local craft beer and watch a Denver Broncos game on the big screen. The athletic population here is reflected at the professional sports level, as Colorado is home to many great teams across the board. The Colorado Avalanche (hockey), Colorado Rockies (baseball), Denver Nuggets (basketball), and Colorado Rapids (soccer). If the beer at the pub is of more interest to you than the sports on TV, then you’ll be intrigued by the 200 plus breweries and microbreweries, some of which offer guided tours.
The weather here is absolutely gorgeous, with an average of 300 sunny days each year. This puts Colorado 3rd place after Arizona and Nevada for sunniest state. Colorado also has the highest elevation of any of the states. Denver has acquired the nickname of the Mile High City, and this is not just because of the high ratio of cannabis users that flock here! The city of Denver is actually one mile above sea level. What a cool place where you can hunt, ski, farm, and visit an art museum, potentially all in the same day! Whether you are a weed friendly tourist or not, there will be a ton of fun things to do while visiting Colorado. Those fortunate enough to live here are sure to never run out of fun ways to enjoy the culture and climate of this nature-rich state.

Colorado and Smoking Marijuana Recreationally

People in Colorado have enjoyed the good fortune of having more relaxed cannabis laws than most other states for the last 10 years. Ever since 2000, medicinal users have been allowed to smoke up in the state. And then twelve years later, state officials enacted Amendment 64, which was a ballot to legalize rec use by adults over 21. So now today any adult of age (whether a Colorado resident or visitor) can possess up to an ounce of dried marijuana on their person at any time.
In a retail storefront that offers other types of cannabis products, such as a Colorado State weed dispensary, the following limits will also be of importance to understand before you go shopping. Instead of one ounce of flower, adults are permitted to carry 8 grams of concentrates of 800mg THC equivalent in edibles. Laws are still being defined about when and where cannabis can be consumed in public, but in general you can expect to treat it in a similar way to alcohol. At the time being, driving offences are also treated much in the same way as alcohol, so don’t toke and drive.

Is it Legal to Possess Marijuana in Colorado

Yes it is! Any adult (whether you have an address in Colorado or are just passing through) can carry an ounce of dried flower. Alternatively, if the person enjoys marijuana extracts, the limit changes to 8 grams. 800mg THC is the equivalent to medicinal edibles if you plan on stocking up on weed cookies or medicated beverages. If you want a combination of goods, your total may look something like 1g concentrates, 100mg edibles, and ½ ounce of dried flower. When carriers possess a medical license or doctor’s authorization, consumers can possess twice this allowable limit (2 ounces).

The Ski Country USA and Growing Weed

This marijauana mecca is also considered the unofficial ski and snowboard capital of the country. Although outdone in numbers of resorts by New York and Michigan, Colorado certainly has the best. The unique weather patterns here drive a particularly dry kind of powder that makes for epic shredding. Get an early crack on ordering your cbd seeds so that you can soon have a plentiful stash at home of anti-inflammatory post-mountain smoke.
The outdoors alpine type are becoming more inclusive of the 420 culture. It used to be that just the young punk snowboarders would stop and light up on the hill, but now even the 50+ crowd is turning to the cannibus product lines out there, whether for CBD tincture or disposable sativa vape pen.

Colorado Seed Bank: What is it?

Kind Seed Co aims to be the best example of what a great American seed bank can be. With a wide selection, germination guarantees, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and hard to beat prices, it’s no wonder we have captured the hearts of so many cannabis growers over the decades. When choosing a seed bank, you should be looking for a place that knows how to store the seeds in optimal packaging and in a specific environment. We don’t just sell any old pot seeds. When you buy marijuana seeds from Kind Seed Co, you are getting premium genetics with a promise of strain authenticity. No substitutions and no unnecessary delays. We have your back with a wide scope of THC and CBD seeds that you can grow in the Rocky Mountain State.
Aside from the cost and selection, just think of the convenience! You can take your time and not worry about any other customers in line breathing down your neck and waiting for you to complete your purchase. Sometimes you will go to buy marijuana seeds without having a clear idea in your mind what exactly you are shopping for. You may or may not find a sales clerk with the same preferences as you or possessing adequate knowledge to really discern the difference of different cannabis seed options. When you browse canabis seeds online, you can use the power of the internet to your advantage and read thousands of reviews and opinions to help justify your purchasing choice.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in The Highest State

Colorado places honorably with the 3rd highest percentage of stoners in the population (15%) right after Alaska and Vermont. It is also technically the highest state, in terms of elevation, with an average baseline of 6800 feet (nearly 1.3 miles). The region makes way for great cannabis growing, especially if you plan to harness the power of the sun in your backyard or a greenhouse. With so many sunny days each year, it seems like a natural solution to keeping your costs low and also being able to grow in larger areas.
This altitude presents growers with several additional advantages such as reduced insect pests, drier ambient air, and improved natural irrigation. When in the mood to explore other high places when high, check out the Grand Mesa, which is the largest flat-topped mountain in the world (500 square miles). There is also one of the world’s finest high-altitude outdoor music venues – the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheater. Many popular bands have been featured here from The Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix to U2, The Grateful Dead, and The Lumineers. Whether you are a concert going beatnik or an adrenaline-seeking hippie, we have got the right cannabis seeds for sale to keep you engaged but not overly challenged.

Colorado: Medical Cannabis

As with the evolution of cannabis law in many other states across the nation, Colorado experienced some time of medicinal-only weed being allowed before recreational was introduced in 2012. The year 2000 is the first time that Colorado was approved for medicinal marijuana use, and it was only the 9th state to gain that privilege. The Medical Marijuana Registry has an effective online application system that costs $25 to apply and citizens must apply each year.
Qualifying conditions to become a medicinal marijuana patient in Colorado include HIV, AIDS, cancer, glaucoma or any severe pain nausea, or seizures. There are many more that often make the list such as ADHD and depression, but you just need to speak with your own medical doctor about the costs and benefits of using vaped or edible marijuana medications for your particular health concerns. Whereas recreational users can carry up to one ounce of flower, 8 grams of concentrates, and 800mg of THC in the form of edibles, limits for medical patients are 2 ounces, 40 grams, and 20,000 mg respectively. Most dispensaries will only serve you once per day, whether you acquire your full limit or not, so make sure you get everything you need in your first visit.

Buy Photoperiod Weed Seeds and Autoflower Pot Seeds in The Highest State

Photoperiod refers to the number of daylight hours that a plant receives in each 24 hour cycle of the earth’s rotation. In a natural setting, the photoperiod is dependent only on the earth’s latitude where the outdoor plants would be growing. The more southern states of Texas and Florida, near to the 30th parallel, will see just shy of 14 hours of daylight in the longest summer days. For all of the northern states bordering Canada at the 49th parallel, they will get summer days that receive 15 to 16 hours of daylight. Colorado is somewhere in the middle of this mix at the 40th parallel, getting 14.8 hours of sunlight in the peak of summer and 9.2 hours of sun in the darkest days of winter.
Despite these variations it seems that most regions of the country reach flowering time around the last two weeks of September. This is when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal at twelve and twelve. When photoperiod cannabis plants are switched to a 12/12 light cycle, they begin to flower. Many outdoor growers will want to trigger flowering early in their plants in order to get nice fully matured buds before the first frost. This is done by installing retractable darkout screens over the panels of your greenhouse or simply by building a temporary structure that prevents any light leaks for the last few hours of the day. In a pinch, black garbage bags can even be used to rush the flowering on outdoor plants.
Autoflowering plants do not require this level of light-specificity. They can bloom in more than 12 hours of light, and any less than 12 is just never advisable for maximal growth. They have the genetic traits from the ruderalis cannabis plants that originate high in the northern extremes of the Earth’s growing climates. Autoflower seeds are a great way to ensure success as a new grower. They aren’t completely fool-proof, but they do take this one guessing game of ‘when do I flip my plants’ out of the question. Auto plants will take care of that when they are ready.

Buy Regular Weed Seeds in Colorado

Regular seeds aren’t just to imply your regular run-of-the-mill bag seeds, or something you found in a pile of trim for extraction. Regular here implies unsexed and non-autoflowering. With regular seeds, just like those found on wild-growing cannabis, you get a rough approximation of 50% male seeds and 50% female seeds. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because we do need seeds. Otherwise, there would be no continuation of the species and no possibility of mixing new strains together. It is just for the purposes of smoking that the seeds are not desirable, so that is why some seeds are also sold under the title of being feminized. Regular seeds are not feminized, in other words, they are unsexed.

How to Buy American Weed Seeds in Colorado

What is the easiest way to buy just about anything these days? Yes, that’s right, the internet. Although it is becoming harder on small family-owned businesses to compete, the convenience and savings of online shopping sort of speaks for itself. Even if a small town dispensary did carry cannabis seeds, there would not likely be any more than 10 or 12 different varieties available. Of these store-bought marijauna seeds, it is also very difficult to tell how long they have been on the shelf, how the seeds have been handled, and if they have been exposed to UV light or any moisture which can tarnish the seed’s viability.
When looking for marijuana seeds for sale in Colorado, the first place you are likely to turn is your mobile phone for a map or phone number to call. Why not just choose an online seedbank where you can proceed right through to ordering and paying for your wedding cake strain seeds all right from your phone. Looking for weed seeds for sale online enables you to compare prices, read strain reviews, and consult with your 420 friends all from the comfort of your home office or couch.

Federal Judicial District of Colorado

The US District Courts of Colorado are laid out in the following major cities: Two in Denver, and one in each of Durango, Grand Junction, and Colorado Springs for a total of 5 Judicial Courts. You are very unlikely to get in trouble with the law for anything cannabis related the way that the regulations are currently set up. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to be informed of these things in case you need to pursue a civil or criminal case against someone else. All in all, Colorado is a fairly peace loving state, so most cannabis growers do not have a hard time with any unwanted interference.

Best Cities in Colorado For Buying Cannabis Seeds

Here are the top 5 regions we typically see Colorado citizens purchasing and growing our seeds. Read on, and maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know before!
Denver is truly a city of four seasons, and regardless of what time you are here there is lots to do and lots to see. It is described on Denver’s own information website as the city where outdoor adventure meets urban sophistication. This is a very green city with lots of effective options for transportation, such as a local electric bicycle rental or a scooter. A way to get a different perspective on downtown sights is to hire a horse & carriage or bicycle-rickshaw, also called pedi-cabs, pedal-cabs, or bike-taxis. Denver is also a very walkable place, but just remember that even though weed is legal here, they don’t take kindly to folks smoking out in public or on the sidewalks. Amenities like hydroponic shops and garden centres will be easy to come by as well, so cannabis Kind Seed Co customers in Denver can buy the cheapest seeds from us, and still support local businesses for other growing supplies if they wish.
Denver has attracted such a wide spread of cultures and age demographics because of the great climate, stable economy, and modern infrastructure that offers great nightlife and senior support services. Whether you are young or old, new to Denver or born-and-raised, or even still researching about coming in the near future, you can rest assured that the city will embrace you as you are and give you lots of opportunities to grow.
Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs is an action-packed epicenter of outdoor fun. Hiking, zip-lining, rafting, and rock climbing are all popular things to do while in the area. The Pikes Peak region is a great place to take a stroll or walk your dog. You may see some neat rock formations or fossilized artifacts that are worth stopping to take a few pictures of. When growing Kind Seed Co products in Colorado Springs, you have the same advantage as other Colorodians when it comes to impeccable weather and a broad customer base.
For the artsy right-brained stoners out there, you can entertain yourself for days at the variety of museums, public galleries, and heritage sites throughout the area. Brewing is a big industry in the state, so maybe to get your mind off the constant workload at your medicinal grow op, you want to just get out and unwind with a few beers or even plan your own walk-about brewery tour. In 2021, the Colorado Springs Switchbacks will be opening up a new stadium that will feature some stunning architecture and an even larger seating capacity than the presently used field.
The city of Aurora has a current population of somewhere around 330,000 people. Aurora has also been a military town since the early 20th century and the Buckley Air Force Base continues to be the largest employer in the city (12,000+ employees). The athletic Colorado mentality continues here too as Auora is such a leader at promoting excellence in local sports. 30 different tournaments are hosted here every year, from beer-league softball to semi-professional college football. There may be a few cancellations here and there since Aurora has an average of a dozen tornado warnings each season (most common between April and July). Although one small tornado may touch down once every couple of years, there have only been 2 or 3 that caused any significant damage since the year 2000.
Growing cannabis seeds in Aurora, Colorado may be a good idea if you don’t want to be stuck paying increased dispensary prices. There are plenty of stores currently operating as recreational weed dispensaries but expect to pay between $200 – $250 per ounce for decent quality. This is actually pretty fair when compared to the national average, but still think of how many seeds you can buy for that from Kind Seed Co. You could quite reasonably expect to grow 100 ounces or more with a similar investment spent on marijuana seeds that you can grow in your Aurora apartment or basement suite. Just be sure to check your landlord first unless you are a homeowner yourself.
Fort Collins
65 Kms north of Denver and close to the Wyoming state border is Fort Collins, another inspiring mountain town that will keep your to-do list of activities growing longer each day that you visit. With biking, fishing, golfing, hiking, horse riding, canoeing, and snow sports this town has so much to offer in the way of outdoor recreation. There are also all of the big city comforts that you would expect of a town with a population of 170,000. This is also the home to Colorado State University. As with many other smaller Colorado towns, Fort Collins was started as a military outpost for the US army starting in 1864. Some of the areas earliest industries included beet farming, stone quarries, and sheep slaughter. Now people in Fort Collins can apply for a medical license and make a pretty good living for themselves just by growing legalized marijuana.
You can get a great view of the entirety of Fort Collins on a clear day from the top of Horsetooth Mountain. Take a good friend with you and some good herb to smoke and you can stay all the way to watch the beautiful sunset. When you get back into town, before heading back to check on your indoor autoflower plants, don’t miss an opportunity to grab some barbeque in the old town amongst history buildings and preserved art-deco architecture. Strolling through the well-lit downtown streets is almost reminiscent of a trip to Disneyland’s Main Street, as this was actually designed after downtown Fort Collins.
Our last grower’s paradise to review in Colorado is the scenic Lakewood of 150,000 people. Its name was originally Jefferson City at the time that it was incorporated in 1969, but it was quickly overturned due to popular dislike. Technically a suburb of Denver, Lakewood experiences a similar flux of climate from mild and cold in the winter to hot and sunny through the summer. Some important stops not to be missed here include the Lakewood Cultural Center, Laboratory of Art and Ideas, and William Fredrick Hayden Park.
If you are a ganja cultivator already living in Colorado and have a mission to increase your knowledge of natural farming techniques, take a trip to Everitt Farms in Lakewood for a tour. They emphasize sustainable horticulture practices and draw in young families at special times through the year such as a corn maze and pumpkin patch in the fall and then a Christmas Tree sale lot in the months leading up to December. For premium shopping outlets, check into Colorado Mills, a shopping mall that covers over a million square feet of retail space. Meet other growers and health-food enthusiasts at the Denver Federal Center Farmers Market that offers up mobile food vendors as well as fresh local produce and hand-made goods.
Whatever neighborhood in the great state of Colorado draws in your attention most, they are all fortunate to experience the same state-wide cannabis regulations. For the last decade, Colorado has ranked in the top 5 strongest economies in the USA and is now revered as an example of what a state can look like post weed-legalization. Not only does the high production help out local cannabis consumers, but it also draws in increased tourism. Out of state visitors accounted for nearly half of all marijuana retail sales in Denver for several years running following 2014. Kind Seed Co is proud to be the chosen supplier for many growers in Colorado state looking for convenient pot seeds online.

Buy High THC Heavy Yielding Strain Seeds in Colorado

When you live in a stoner’s paradise, why not go for the biggest and best buds known in America? If you come to Colorado as a seasoned smoker, then you are going to be purchasing the high THC strains from local growers. If you are a legitimate medical marijuana patient and have debilitating pain or chronic sleep problems, you too are likely going to be looking for the highest THC flower in Denver or Fort Collins dispensaries. The THC aspect depends on the concentrations, while the heavy yield part depends on the number of buds and how large they get. Some of the choices below are good examples that you can grow yourself to meet these two criteria, check them out!
American Haze
Alternatively known as California Haze, as it was born and bred in Santa Cruz, this sativa-dominant strain incorporates its heritage from around the world. Original Haze plants are descendants of the landrace sativas of Mexico, Thailand, India, and South America, which makes for a steady survival rate and high production value. Speaking of production, the plant will often reach 5 to 6 feet or taller and produce up to 20 or 30 ounces of bud per plant when allowed to stretch outdoors. Indoor grown harvests may equate to 17 to 20 ounces per square meter.
The aroma of sweet and spicy, floral overtones will have you hazy before the THC even kicks into your bloodstream. Levels of the cannabinoid vary from 15-23%, but the type of high can be perceived as especially strong. As with most sativas, American Haze is a cerebral and euphoric trip, which helps to motivate you for creative projects or the inspiration to cook an intricate meal. What a great strain to take along for a day trip of dinosaur fossil or bigfoot hunting. This strain is also therapeutic for use against depression, fatigue, stress, and lack of appetite, which gives it a medicinal quality in addition to a recreational one.
5 Alive
As you can guess from the name, this strain is a flavour-packed fruit explosion. This 26% THC Hybrid is truly a fruit salad of Grape Pie x Orange Juice x Bubblegum. The fresh tropical bouquet is just a hint at the good things to come. After consumed, the pleasant smoke brings about a creativity-boosting high that simultaneously relaxes your physical woes. Ocimene and Limonene are two terpenes that are especially kind on the nose. Experienced growers can yield up to 20 – 25 ounces per plant, or 12 – 18 ounces per meter squared.
When heading out to Meuller State Park or Chayenne Mountain State Park, bring along some 5 Alive to enhance the senses while you take in all the beauty around you. If you are still high when you get back into town, maybe this is the time to try some tasty rocky mountain oysters (a.k.a, deep fried bull testicles). Whooooeeeeey! You’re going to want a nice cold brew to wash that one down. All jokes aside, the dining throughout Colorado State is exceptional, and 5 Alive can make for the perfect dessert weed as well after a good meal out.
Alaskan Purple
Here we have a more indica leaning plant born out of Brazilian Sativa, Afghani Kush and Purple Alaskan. This strain is perfect for sunny Colorado weather since it prefers a semi-humid climate with steady levels of day-time sunlight. Did you know that of Colorado’s 300 sunny days, 115 of these have typically not a single cloud in the sky? This is a cannabis plant’s growing paradise when able to live outside or in a greenhouse, benefitting from the full spectrum of sunlight. The strain has a punchy odor and develops flowers in approximately 9 to 10 weeks.
When smoking some Alaskan Purple down by the Denver Airport, don’t get too freaked out by the 32 foot tall demonic horse statue with bright blue with glowing red eyes. ‘Blucifer’ as it has been aptly named is a 9,000 pound fiberglass art installment which is famed to be haunted after killing its artist when the head piece fell and fatally cut an artery in his leg while working in his home studio. At 17 – 27% the Alaskan Purple strain can be very potent, and cause you to have intense visions, even without wild visual spectacles in front of you like the Blue Mustang.
Black Jack Autoflower 
When you take an all-time favorite sativa strain like Jack Here and cross it with a crystal-covered indica superstar like Black Domina, you are guaranteed to have yourself a winner. What makes this strain even cooler is the ruderalis component that was also crossed in to impact autoflowering capabilities. Your Black Jack Auto seeds won’t require a light flip to a 12/12 cycle in order to flower. The smoke from this good bud will lift your thoughts to a higher dimension and really melt the stress right out of your body. Great for relaxing at the end of a challenging day.
When these plants get what they need nutritionally, growers can expect an average yield around 14 – 20 ounces per square meter (indoor) or 1.4 – 9 ounces per plant (outdoor). The autoflowering plants are usually a bit shorter than even most straight indica varieties, but then the sativa genetics here help stretch the plant to a fairly mid-leveled plant at 18 to 60 inches tall. You can look forward to tasting the rich sweet citrusy bouquet of flavours shortly after the 10 week flowering cycle and curing stage.
G13 Autoflower
The G13 strain has an unclear history that is shrouded in conspiracy and guesswork. Most legends point to the strain coming from some CIA or FBI research facility that was testing Afghani marijuana genotypes, listed G1 through to G13, the last of which was most superior in terms of flower production and potency. The real benefit with this particular seed is the ability to flower automatically after just a few weeks of vegetative growth. Not every grower feels confident about knowing when to flip the light schedule on their plants, so this is a great strain to get started with if you are a beginner.
Whether the “G” here gets interpreted as government, greenhouse, garden, or ganja, the ultimate truth is that this strain is a hot seller any time it hits dispensary store shelves. The 70% indica dominance is transmitted as a strong body high that will make the consumer a little more lazy than usual. A nice strain to slow down life on the couch and just watch a movie, or watch the stars come up while laying on your back deck in Boulder.
We at the Kind Seed Co believe that growing should be a joy, whether this is your first harvest or if you have dozens under your belt. That’s why we want to offer a selection of beginner seeds as well as unique strains that require more advanced growing skills. There is a benefit with sticking with a strain that you know and love, but there is also something to be said for staying adventuresome and trying your hand at a new strain each go around to iron out more precisely what you like and what you do not. Regardless of what you grow, we hope you have a good time doing it!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out these cannabis seed FAQs in Colorado! Frequently asked and answered questions about marijuana, ganja, pot, weed, cannabis, chronic, herb or whatever you like to call it. Our Kind Seed Co writers are not lawyers, so please get your own independent legal advice.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Colorado ?


    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Colorado ?


    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Colorado ?


    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Colorado ?


    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Colorado ?

    Yes, its legal to grow cannabis seeds, pot seeds, weed seeds or marijuana seeds in Colorado.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Colorado ?

    Buy marijuana seeds in Colorado in one of two ways. Bring your ID and head to a licensed facility that sells seed in a Brick and Mortal type location. Or visit Kind Seed Co online and search for your marijuana seeds on the web. Simply check out using one of our convenient payment methods and your order is shipped direct to your mailbox. Kind Seed Co never shares your information with anyone for any reason.

    Are Colorado Seeds grown in Colorado ?

    Yes, its possible that Colorado seeds are actually grown in Colorado. However, specialty seeds like autoflowers are still unlikely to be grown in CO.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Colorado ?

    Marijuana Enforcement Division is run within the Colorado Department of Revenue.

    Is Recreational Use legal in Colorado ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Colorado ?


    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Colorado ?


    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Colorado ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Colorado ?


    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Colorado ?


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