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Cannabis Seed in The First State

Growing cannibus from seed is often a joyful and rewarding experience. When you are a lover of classic, award winning strains, you may frequently come up against empty dispensary shelves. You can avoid this disappointment, and save some cash, by growing your favorites at home. Though, through Kind Seed Co there are a lot of newer to market or more unique strains that would be fun to add into your stash as well. Delaware has an ideal climate for growing a lot of different strains. The state sits under the humid subtropical climate classification, though it does range in temperatures a fair amount between the North and South. Southern points have milder temperatures and a slightly longer growing season, but the north is just as capable of supporting healthy marijuana plants. Plus, even in less than ideal environmental conditions, you can always grow indoors!
There are a lot of activities and places to explore in Delaware, many of which could be enhanced with the right combination of effects from the right strain of pot. Delaware is in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America. The East of the state is side by side with the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey while the south, west and north are bordered by Maryland and Pennsylvania respectively. Delaware is on the Delmarva Peninsula within the Delaware River, which means there are some unique and gorgeous outdoor areas to explore! It spans 96 miles by a range of 9 to 35 miles wide, which means this is the second smallest state after Rhode Island. It is also sometimes known as the First State because it was the first state to validate the Constitution of the U.S.
This state lies on level ground. It has a consistent low elevation that sits below the entirety of the rest of the nation. The most exciting topography is the rolling hills of Piedmont Plateau in the North. However, what it lacks in peaks and valleys, it makes up for in diverse vegetation, which is supported by its predominantly nutrient rich, estuary soil. There are northeastern coastal forests, oak forests, and Mid-Atlantic coastal forests. This abundant land was home to the Algonquian tribe known as Unami Lenape before it was settled by the Dutch in 1631. It changed hands a few times over the years, unfortunately with a fair amount of bloodshed.
This state is home to several impressive colleges and universities. The University of Delaware was ranked 63 in the United States and in the top 250 in the world. There are also some notable specialty colleges including the Delaware College of Art and Design and the Delaware Technical and Community College. This is not the only draw for people outside the state though, there are tons of noteworthy tourist destinations as well.
There is a National Park Service in Delaware called the First State National Historical Park. This is a composition of historical sites throughout the state that includes places like the New Castle Court House and the Old Swedes’ Church. Working your way through this collection of historic spots is sure to provide insight into the rich past of Delaware. There are also places like the Hagley Museum and Library where you can delve into more information. Do not forget to take breaks to stroll through the manicured garden. Or take your creative curiosity and explore the impressive collection of pieces at the Biggs Museum of American Art.
Delaware is also known for housing two huge sporting venues, the Dover International Speedway and the Frawley Stadium in the capital city, Wilmington. The International speedway hosts two NASCAR weekends each year and Frawley is the home base for the town’s Minor League Baseball Team, The Wilmington Blue Rocks. If sports are your thing, there are other well recognized teams in Delaware as well. The Delaware Black Foxes Rugby Team, The Delaware Blue Coats NBA team and the roller derby group, the Diamond State Roller Girls, to name a few.
Having said all that, the state’s official sport may surprise you! It is bicycling. There is a public cycling route called the Delaware Bicycle Route 1, which runs from Fenwick Island in the north to Pennsylvania in the south. Enjoy the view as you partake in the state’s most popular sport! There are also beautiful areas like the White Clay Creek State Park with mountain biking trails through pristine natural land. This 3,647 acre park has the protected White Clay Creek running through it and the hiking and biking trails are 37 miles in total. There are cycling trails through Brandywine Creek State Park as well. This park was originally a dairy farm but is now home to the first two nature preserves, Tulip Tree Woods and Freshwater March. Listen to the song birds sing as you pedal your way through the old growth trees of this ecoregion.
If getting outside is what calls to you most, there is no shortage of awesome parks and beaches to explore. The state’s location along the ocean offers some stunning beach fronts, including “The Nation’s Summer Capital,” Rehoboth Beach. Here there are several beach resorts that are frequented by visitors from surrounding states.
If you want to roam a beautiful beach with access to restaurants and shops, visit the Bethany Beach Boardwalk. It is not a long walk, maybe only 30 minutes, but enjoying the gorgeous ocean views and sitting on the sandy beach can turn this short stroll into a day long affair. Lounging on the beach may sound boring, in which case, pick up a fishing rod and head to spots like Lewes Beach or Woodland Beach to try and reel in some dinner!
There are sativa dominant strains that offer an energetic mental and physical buzz that could be a perfect pairing with a day out hiking or cycling in the great outdoors. Kind Seed Co. also has a vast selection of indica dominant strains that are better suited for a night relaxing after a stressful day or soothing aches and pains after a long adventure. Getting your hands on the indica heavy wedding cake strain would be ideal for relaxing after a long day. Between its dessert like flavor and sedating effects, there are few options that would be better suited for after dinner use. We have a bunch of high THC strains that will offer a psychedelic experience that is perfect for enhancing your visual experience while absorbing or making some art. There is also a section of high CBD seeds with hard hitting therapeutic potential that could be the solution to managing debilitating mental of physical health challenges. We have easy to grow strains that flower automatically, versatile regular seeds that are necessary for seed production, and feminized seeds that are guaranteed to all bloom into bud producing mother plants. Regardless of your experience using and cultivating weed, you can easily sort through our strain options and find a strain that will meet your unique needs and match your growing capabilities. Before you get shopping and buy marijuana seeds, let us explore a little more of Delaware and delve a little deeper into the things we offer at Kind Seed Co and the legalities of use in your area.

Is It Legal to Smoke Cannabis Recreationally in Delaware

Recreational use of cannabis products in the state of Delaware is currently illegal. However, over the years, penalties for possession have shifted and bills have been presented for legalization despite having not yet gone through. In 2015 possession was decriminalized so having less than 6.2 ounces is considered a misdemeanor and less than an ounce, a mere civil infraction. Come 2019, a bill was passed that allows one cannabus misdemeanor or one felony charge to be expunged from a person’s records after a certain period of time, five years for the former, seven for the latter. These progressive steps instil some confidence that it will only be a matter of time before recreational use is permitted throughout the State! Weed laws are fast evolving all over the country as the benefits of marijuana are recognized and revered. Keep an eye on your local government sites for the most up to date information so you can be among the first to enjoy the first puff of pot without risk of penalty.

How Much Weed Can You Have in Delaware

For recreational use, you cannot technically have any weed on you, at least not without risk of penance. Small amounts are decriminalized but there are still fines issued if you are found with weed on your person. The penalties for having 1 ounce up to 6.2 ounces are becoming less severe, though still unpleasant. Less than an ounce is a small $100 fine, but more than an ounce results in a more significant fine and jail time. Medical use of marijauna, however, is legal and can be possessed in the quantity of 6 ounces. When a patient is unable to pick up their bud themselves, they can designate a caregiver to deliver to them. Both the medical patient and their caregiver need to jump through some hoops before they are approved and registered to purchase and possess. Beyond patients and care aids, it is illegal to possess weed.

Cultivating Marijuana in The Diamond State

Cultivation of marijuana plants in Delaware is illegal, both for recreational and medicinal use. You cannot grow from seed and harvest a collection of homegrown nugs, which is a serious bummer. However, with how much the laws have evolved over the last decade, it likely will not be long before you can. See what kind of space you have available and start reading up on growing techniques, so you are all ready to go when the time comes! A lot of plants can be grown in or outdoors with similar success rates. An indoor grow operation allows you to perfectly control and monitor conditions to grow healthy plants and harvest optimal yields. However, in the balmy, subtropical climate of Delaware, many strains will also thrive. Some plants love being able to soak up the warm, natural sun and the freedom to have their roots and limbs sprawl.
There are a lot of different methods for growing, so spending your time researching now so you know the best setup both for your space and the seeds you wish to acquire, could be beneficial! Some plants love organic soil as they receive the most nutrients for the development of their terpenes and flavors. Other plants thrive in hydroponic setups, where water carried the needed nutrients to the plant’s roots. For a lot of indoor grow spaces, a Sea of Green or Screen of Green technique provide the best yields. This is where the top canopy of the plants is expanded to allow better light exposure and airflow to the lower branches. You can also use techniques like topping, pruning, and stress training to manage the size of your plants and to help their energy be distributed to the budding flowers. As you browse through seed options, you will notice each strain has a detailed description that includes growing tips and expectations from both indoor rooms and outdoor gardens. Figure out what you need now and be the first of your friends to get started when cultivation is legal!

What’s a Delaware Seed Bank?

A Delaware seed bank is an online shop with a vast collection of quality canabis seeds for sale. If you are looking for the most diverse catalogue and best seed quality, you will not be disappointed with the Kind Seed Co. seed bank. We have many strains that come in regular, autoflowering and feminized options. There are countless strains, each with detailed descriptions of effects, flavor and scent profiles, medical application, and growing requirements. You can easily browse through each option and find the ideal strains to meet your unique needs. With a selection of marijuana seeds for sale that includes high THC or CBD options, sativa or indica dominant hybrids and easy to cultivate strains, you will have no trouble finding the perfect strain for you!

Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds in The First State

Even though it is illegal to germinate, plant and cultivate your seeds, you can buy weed seeds for sale online. They are considered an adult novelty item and are legal to buy as long as they stay in their seed form. Thanks to this loophole, you can start picking out the ideal strains for your home grow operation and be ready to go when the time comes. Most seeds can be revived with a quick soak in water, so buying now is totally reasonable, even if it takes a bit of time for cultivation to become legal. There are a lot of strains available with different effects, flavor profiles, and growing requirements. A little extra time to browse through the pot seeds for sale and to get familiar with your options is not a terrible thing!

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Delaware

The use of medical marijauana is legal in Delaware and has been since Jack Markell signed the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act in 2011. There is a list of conditions that qualify, including but not limited to, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder, seizure disorder and autism. Having one of these ailments does not mean you can just go buy weed, you need to go through an application process and attain certain documents to be able to purchase. You will require a physician’s certification saying that you suffer from one of the listed conditions and then will need to fill out an application, pay a fee, and submit a valid ID to prove age and residency. If you, as a patient, are unable to collect your own herb, you can have a caregiver pick it up and deliver it to you. However, this person will also need to jump through some hoops to qualify. Similar steps including filling out an application and paying a fee are also required. Even though the possession limit is 6 ounces, regardless of who is picking up, the maximum purchase allowance is 3 ounces every 14 days.
There are also restrictions on consuming your medicine. You must be in a private space to indulge, as use in the public sphere is strictly prohibited. Use in a motor vehicle and driving under the influence are also illegal. Originally, patients needed to be at least 18 years of age, but in 2015 minors were approved for medical use contingent on having certain conditions and restricted to oils with THC levels sitting at a maximum of 7%.

Buy Photoperiod Pot Seeds and Auto-flower Weed Seeds in The First State

There are two flowering options when it comes to purchasing your weed seeds. Photoperiod bloomers are plants that require cycling light and dark periods to encourage them from their vegetation stage into their flowering process. A reduction in light exposure will trigger them to flower, which happens in mother nature as the seasons change. In an indoor grow space, people use bulbs and timers to mimic the wane of summer light to fall dark. This can be a bit expensive and requires extra attention and a bit of a green thumb. The other option is purchasing autoflower seeds. These are seeds created by crossbreeding classic strains with a ruderalis. The addition of the ruderalis genetics makes for a hardier plant that is better able to withstand things like temperature fluctuations and beginner growing errors. Most importantly, the ruderalis strain makes it so these plants flower based on maturity, rather than light. They will flower as they are ready and without efforts from you. This is definitely an easier option for a new grower but is also a welcome reprieve for a veteran gardener! Most strain options come in both varieties so you can choose which is best for you to work with.

Natural Weed Seeds in Delaware

Natural seeds, or regular weed seeds, are seeds that grow into both male and female plants. Male plants are generally weeded out and discarded, as they are only helpful for seed production. Females are the plants that develop the dense, sticky flowers that we harvest to smoke and eat. If they are left on their own, they will generate hefty yields of this curable bud. However, if males are left in the vicinity, the females will be pollinated, and their production will be infiltrated with seeds. This is great if you want seeds for future grows, but otherwise it just diminishes your crop of usable buds. With a little experience you can easily detect the male plants and pull them out of there before they have a chance to spread their pollen.
If you want to ensure that you will optimize your space and maximize your yield, you can also buy feminized seeds. These were created by stressing a female plant to create pollen and using that to pollinate other female plants. The result was seeds with pure female genetics that are guaranteed to grow into lady plants. This is awesome if you have a small space, as you can rest assured that each seed you plant will grow into a flowering mother, rather than removing half your saplings to avoid seedy yields. This is another superb choice for a novice, as it eliminates the ability to detect the male plants and the risk of accidental pollination.

Buy Delaware Seeds

Buying weed seeds online has never been easier or safer than it is with the Kind Seeds Co. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality seeds on the market and to be available to assist you every step of the way, all while you stay comfortable in your home. From selecting and germinating your seeds to growing and harvesting your flowers, we are happy to help. Once you have selected a strain, or multiple strains, to add into your home garden you can purchase using our secure payment options. With just a few clicks, your seeds will be on the way. We have found the perfect environment in which to store and transport them so you can feel confident that they will arrive at your doorstep ready to germinate and flourish in their new home. Our process is so successful that we are able to guarantee high germination rates so you can feel confident in your investment. We deliver in unmarked packages too, so you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is kept discreet. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, big or small. We are available through an email form or over the phone and all of our team members are educated. You do not need to feel like you are doing this alone, as you have the experience of countless experts at your fingertips!

Judicial Districts of Delaware

The Federal district court that serves the whole state of Delaware is located in the city of Wilmington. This was one of the original 13 courts established in 1789 and its 4 district judges and 5 magistrates, or civilian judges are responsible for managing any indiscretions. The team here are the ones who have made the decisions over the past few years to legalize medical use of marijuana and to decriminalize possession. They are seemingly following suit with the rest of the country in the slow acceptance of the profound research that is available proving the many benefits of legalization to the individual as well as the social system.

Best Cities in Delaware For Buying Weed Seeds

There are several great spots to start your weed journey in the state of Delaware. First off is Wilmington. This is the largest city, and it sits along both the Brandywine River and the spot where the Christina River flows into Delaware River. The climate is true to form and falls into the category of warm temperate or humid subtropical. Humidity can be an issue for plants that are prone to moisture related illnesses, but there are techniques such as pruning, that will help keep your plants safe from harm. The city is full of awesome neighborhoods like Brandywine Hills that has structures from its origins in the 1930’s and has streets charmingly named after famous authors like Byron and Emerson. With a diverse population, Wilmington is sprinkled with annual ethnic festivals that host music, food and cultural activities. There are also numerous music festivals and other seasonal annual activities like the tree-lighting ceremony in Rockwood Park. This a great spot to both grow and indulge in cannabis products, or at least it will be when the laws progress!
Another city that will be ideal for buying weed seeds is Dover. This is the second largest city in the state and is the seat of Kent County. Falling within the same climate zone, summers are hot and humid and winters mostly mild. This is ideal for growing a variety of vegetation, including many sun loving, marijuana plants. There are a ton of beautiful places to explore, including the 182 acre Silver Lake Park that is home to lakeside walking paths, fishing holes and boating opportunities. Taking a few puffs off an energizing sativa before heading out for a day at the park will help you make the most of mother nature’s bounty. The aforementioned International Speedway that hosts two NASCAR races per year is located here, and the race weekends are a ton of fun for locals and visitors alike. Perhaps you feel like taking a hit of a more relaxing bud and spending your afternoon meandering through one of Dover’s several golf courses. Fingers crossed legalization is not far away and moving through 18 holes at the Maple Dale Country Club with some buddies would be the perfect way to enjoy some of your home-grown stash.
If you are looking for a city with an abundance of natural beauty that will be enhanced by a short session with some sensory enlivening, mind bending weed, check out Newark. This city is surrounded by an impressive 12,000 acres of parkland that host activities like hiking, biking and horseback riding. The humid subtropical climate is still perfect for growing some strains of pot, however, the summer months are scattered with afternoon thunderstorms, so having your plants in pots to be able to shift them under cover might be best! Want to know some juicy facts about the area? Newark was ranked 192 in the top 400 Best Sports Cities in Sporting News and is a center of national and international figure skating. Education options in Newark are also abundant and started with a reputable grammar school called the Newark Academy in 1765. And last, the Chrysler Newark Assembly plant was one of the primary sources of employment for a lot of years, and even the infamous Bob Marley stopped through Delaware a moment and worked the assembly line in the 1960’s!
Middletown is an up and coming city that, since around the early 2000’s, has been absorbing the overflow of the bigger city, Wilmington and the neighboring state, Philadelphia. There are a lot of fun, community events that run annually including the Olde Tyme Peach Festival that involves a parade, arts and crafts, music, games, food and historical exhibits. Middletown also hosts an annual Labor Day charity marathon called the M.O.T. Big Ball Marathon where people play baseball for 24 hours while raising money for local charities. While the global pandemic that currently plagues the world limits countless celebrations, the strong community vibe that is represented through these events is characteristic of this booming city. There are some beautiful public outdoor spaces that are great for exploring on the balmy, sunny days. Head for a stroll through Charles E. Price Memorial Park or Silver Lake Park to burn off some energy after wake and baking with a sativa dominant strain.
The last city we will introduce that we think would be perfect for finding some cannabis seeds for sale in is Smyrna. This city was originally a shipping hub, but after the industry collapsed in the 1850’s, it became an agricultural center. The rich history of this particular city is evidenced by the long list of structures that found their place on the National Register of Historic Places. There are pristine beaches like Woodland Beach where you can partake in adventure activities, such as kitesurfing. There is also a year-round farmers market, called the Asbury Church Farmers Market, where you can get the majority of your groceries from local growers. Once the initial mental buzz from your bud wears off, you are often met with the insatiable appetite people lovingly refer to as the munchies. Having some organic, locally grown snacks prepared will make for a happy mouth and tummy!

Buy Purple Strain Cannabis Seeds in Delaware

There are a lot of great seeds that would be perfect for cultivation in the balmy weather of Delaware. Here we will go over a few options and provide some details to give you a feel for the experience of using and growing each strain. These are all purples, which means that when exposed to lower temperatures in the final stages of flowering, these plants develop a compound known as anthocyanins and exhibit light and dark purple hues throughout their leaves and flowers. This stunning quality does not alter the effects of the weed at all, but it sure does add a wonderful aesthetic!
Purple Gelato is a blend of two parent strains, Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The result is an indica dominant herb with a dessert like aroma and flavor of sweet berries, citrus and pine. The effects from smoking this bud are a nice mix of creative energy, euphoria and deep relaxation. It is good for more than a fun time though, it has been shown to support a variety of health conditions including migraines, insomnia and anxiety. These beautiful plants are green with gold-colored hairs and can develop the aforementioned purple hues if introduced to colder temperatures during the dark periods before maturation. They are covered with a thick layer of sticky, shining trichomes that allude to this strain’s 22% THC content. These plants can be grown in or outside and are generous yielders. However, they require a watchful eye in a garden grow as they are prone to pests.
For a sativa dominant option that is well known and loved for its uplifting and blissful buzz with a creative edge, try Purple Haze, named after the Jimi Hendrix song in the 1960’s. These resin rich flowers develop over a short 8 to 9 weeks and boasts high THC levels around 26%. The complex flavor profile from this herb consists of sweet earth, spices and berries. The high is energized, chatty and long lasting. Indulging in the company of good friends, perhaps while tackling some sort of imaginative endeavor, will be the perfect use of this tasty bud. The purple hues make this a strain with extra bag appeal. It is all around easy to grow, so beginners can joyfully cultivate Purple Haze at home.
Purple Haze is a blend of Purple Kush and Mazar that makes for a powerful, indica heavy bud that offers a sedating and euphoric stone. There is a slight element of psychoactive cerebral soaring in the experience as well, due to the 19% THC content. The plants exhibit a couple shades of green through their leaves and flowers and gorgeous, pumpkin orange pistils. They exude the odor of fruits and florals and hit the palate with hints of sweet and spice. These aromatic and beautiful babies can be grown out or inside and will provide decent sized yields either way.
Purple Punch is a cross of Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG. It is an indica dominant strain with a rich terpene profile and THC levels between 18 and 20%. This herb is best applied to chronic pain issues and insomnia, as the body stone is deeply relaxing and culminates in an irresistible sleep. The unique and complex flavor profile harbors hints of berries, grapes, citrus, pine, and vanilla. A practiced palate will also pick-up herbal undertones and a delightful sweetness will linger on the tongue. This is another plant that can successfully be grown in and outside. An indoor grow can yield 550 to 650 grams per square foot, while an outdoor setup can offer 700 to 800 grams of sparkling nugs per plant.
The last strain we will introduce here is Purple Star Killer. This, too, is an indica heavy herb. The sedative effects will move through the whole body taking away tension, pain and the ability to fight off sleep. This bud has a whopping 29% THC content that is evidenced by the twinkling sheen of trichomes that covers the resin rich flowers and their deep orange pistils. An outdoor grow will offer the best results, as these hardy little plants love to soak up the bright, warm sunlight. A successful garden grow could leave you with up to 16 ounces of sticky nugs per plant.
While weed laws in Delaware have a little ways to go before you can legally cultivate and smoke the awesome strains available through Kind Seed Co. there is no harm getting your research underway. There are lots of activities to partake in throughout this bustling state that will be further enjoyed with a few puffs of a complimentary bud, plus, the fertile soils and balmy climate will support the success of many strains quite nicely. Choose and buy marijuana seeds now so you are ready to go when the state of Delaware catches up with other legalized states.  We have small batch seeds for a home grow and seeds available in bulk at wholesale prices for the commercial growers as well! With superb seeds, germination guarantees, and excellent customer service, you will not be disappointed when you opt to use Kind Seed Co. for addressing all of your weed needs.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get the latest cannabis updates in Delaware from Kind Seed Co. We are not lawyers and this should not substitute independent legal advice. Our bean counters are better at growing magic seeds for your favorite flower. Please see below for Marijuana FAQs in DE.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Delaware ?

    Yes, souvenir seeds are legal to purchase for collection and novelty. If you want to grow marijuana seeds you need to get commercial licensing as home cultivation is prohibited.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Delaware ?

    Yes, buying cannabis seeds in DE is legal. Simply save them as collector items in your seed vault and lobby your state government to allow home cultivation.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Delaware ?

    Yes, buying weed seed collector items and saving them in a vault for your doomsday seeds is legal. Homegrown cannabis however needs to be on the down low, as its prohibited. We recommend moving to a different state if you want to grow marijuana in Tennessee, USA.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Delaware ?

    Yes, collector pot seeds are fully legal in TN. Simply save them until laws change and you can germinate legally.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Delaware ?

    No, it not legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seeds in Tennessee. There must be commercial cultivation to support the caregivers but home growing is prohibited.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Delaware ?

    Rocket Science unleased! Visit Kind Seed Co and choose the perfect strain to grow at home. Then add to cart and check out using one of the payment methods. In about one week you will receive your unmarked package in the mail. Tracking emails are also sent after payment confirmation so that you can follow along with the delivery status.

    Are State Seeds grown in Delaware ?

    No, its unlikely that Delaware Seeds are actually grown in Delaware. It takes many years for legal markets to mature and develop a cannabis infrastructure. its safe to by skeptical of anyone offering feminized or autoflower cannabis seeds and claiming them to be grown locally. We leave the ultimate decision up to the reader. Buy pot seeds online from Kind Seed Co.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Delaware ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Delaware ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Delaware ?

    Yes, visit the DHSS site for OMM.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Delaware ?

    No, it is not typically legal to grow cbd seeds in Delaware.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Delaware ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Delaware ?

    No, unless you are part of the medical marijjuana program.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Delaware ?

    No, unless you are part of the medical marijuana program. Caregivers and patients can carry varying amounts of cannabis.

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