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If you are looking for weed in the U.S., there are a number of places still grey in their tactics and advancements, but Florida is not one of them. Laws are pretty clear here. This gorgeous state has seen, in the last few years, major leaps in the manufacture, distribution and retail commerce of medicinal marijuana and is home to the largest number of licenced cardholders in the country, with over 300,000 citizens enjoying relief daily. Though an estimated 70% majority of Floridians are in favour of adult recreational marijuana, conservative systems are throwing millions of dollars per year on propaganda aimed at ousting the entire idea of recreational use from Floridan minds. Up until recently, these tactics have been working as far as law is concerned, but Make It Legal Florida, a state-wide activist group dedicated to the legalization of recreational marijuana, though shot down for 2020, is set to have their recreational agenda on the ballot for 2022, and with a majority of people in support of legalization, one can hope that it may finally come to fruition!
As with the rest of our nation, and indeed many countries throughout the world, the sunshine state has been hit hard financially by the Covid crisis. This state alone is suffering vast economic losses, just in taxes related to retail sectors alone. It is estimated that these shortages could be squashed through legalization and another 120 million added to tax coiffers by early 2021, but this solace is still a ways off. A number of other states have seen improved quality of life for their citizens across the board, due to the masses of money flowing in from recreational marijuana-related retailers. States like Colorado, California, Washington and Oregon are enjoying freedom of the leaf which has lowered crime rates, lowered numbers of incarcerated citizens, saved local governments hundreds of millions in legal and social welfare costs and released thousands of minor-offenders back to their families and communities. With this forward motion, there are more opportunities for business owners, scientists, farmers, education programs and research and development studies aimed at the benefits of CBD, CBN, terpenes and cannabinoids, generating millions for both public and private sectors. Officials know the benefits but the money coming at this thing through the ‘Just Say No’ lens of yesterday remains to leave the rest of Florida holding the bag, so to speak.
As far as reasons to come to this special slice of America, this state proudly boasts a plethora of outdoor activities and groups and a rich culture of sports enthusiasts and otherwise. This place is home to some of the most beautiful and delicate biological diversity on the continent, including the myriad fish and wildlife species which inhabit places like Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park, T.H. Stone St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and Rock Springs Run State Reserve. Our representative is the Panther and it is estimated that the everglades are home to hundreds of species of plant, animal and microbe, as of yet undiscovered, and include various species of rare crocodilian. These habitats are protected under national and state laws and violators of regulations will have the Fish and Wildlife Commission to deal with. With thousands of miles of trails and waterways, this place is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Biking, walking, boating, fishing and camping and any number of other wild, water and wetland sports can be enjoyed here in the incredible number of national and state parks to be explored. Diverse ecosystems are delicate, and their numbers are dwindling, so it is important to remember to be respectful, to act as grateful guests when visiting these habitats. Hot and wet, delicate and beautiful, the Alligator state has a lot to offer any outdoor enthusiast, weed or otherwise.
The climate of this gorgeous state is humid subtropical and elevations range from 0 feet at sea-level to 345 feet at Britton Hill. This continuity makes for a balance in wet weather and, though hurricanes rush through here on the regular, agriculture booms in this state. Weed would love to grow here as well and we are sure that there could be some pretty amazing, mold-resistant phenotypes developed here. On top of the medical marijuana industry, legal agriculture includes the world-famous orange as well as a number of staple crops important in maintaining state budgets and contributing in scores to job markets. Imagine the jobs and financial recovery available if weed became legal!
We also boast some of the most popular sports teams in the country, though the pandemic crisis has left this sector treading water as well. Our famed NFL (Buccaneers, Jaguars, Dolphins), MLB (Marlins, Rays), NHL (Panthers, Lightning) and NBA (Heat, Magic) franchises are on board with helping any number of causes, donating millions, monetarily and in kind, to children and community welfare programs. Stars of the silver screen who call Florida home are also at the plate to knock out a homerun any time there is upheaval to be sated, some of whom are refreshingly public about their support of marijauna.
The state is also famous for its schooling and universities, often ranking high amongst national averages. Florida A&M Tallahassee is one of the top schools in the nation and boasts, like many others, super-famous sports teams. Millions of people attend college football games each year and generate some of the highest tax-revenue per sector, assisting in the development of GO’s and NGO’s all over the state. There are nearly a million students attending state universities and places of higher learning here, and the University of Central Florida is the largest school in the country by enrollment with over 64,000 students studying a diversity of programs set to deliver them to future success.
Though medical cannabis is the only legal cannabis here, canabis seeds are legal all across the country. Growing one’s own can be a fun and exciting experience and makes it possible for flower-loving folks to manage their own supplies, saving money, time and energy which can be better spent elsewhere. Though we are not allowed to grow our own weed here in the sunshine state, the day is on its way and, when you are ready to buy marijuana seeds, Kind Seed Co. has the genetics.
These are strange and exciting times for America’s marijuana market. We are at the forefront of much change in attitude and outlook on the part of both citizens and government bodies and can expect things to continue to move in the right direction. For when the day comes that you are looking for marijuana seeds for sale, it helps to have the company you need to get you there. Kind Seed Co. is an American-based cannabis seed distributor carrying only the finest seeds of the finest strains from only the most experienced breeders. We are always available to help with any questions you may have and placing an order is just a click away. We offer secure payment and nondescript packaging, so your money stays safe and your order on the DL. When you want weed seeds for sale online, trust your kind American distributor.

Recreational Marijuana and Smoking in Florida

Though it is clear why Make It Legal Florida does not employ an acronym, they have been at the leading edge of petitioning for recreational use in the sunshine state. Though their efforts toward adult recreational legalization of marijuana fell short in January 2020, they are still out there fighting for weed freedoms for all and are slated to be on the scene again for 2022. We suppose that it is clear by now that recreational weed is not legal in this state, though it is in the works.
Regardless of the state’s laws, there is an enormous cannabus community here which has continued to thrive since the early days of marijuana culture and breeding in the U.S. Certain groups who would see weed as an everyday household herb have been fighting for citizens’ rights surrounding recreational use and cultivation and, though many crapshoots exist in this politics-torn state, happy cannabis consumers can expect a landslide majority vote to their benefit through the upcoming 2022 ballot.
We understand that many medicinal patients enjoy the high as well and that carrying a card can often leave one feeling invincible. Even though we like to smoke our weed, it helps to practice a bit of etiquette when lighting up. We are not really allowed to smoke in public, though as long as you carry a card, you can carry your weed. It is best to stay at home, as we are anyway, and enjoy your ganja there. It is illegal to smoke or possess pot anywhere near a school, so be careful in your travels not to cross the line. It also pays to be respectful of neighbours and community members who may not be hip to the stank that is often generated by mixing flower and flame. When the day comes that we are all free to grow our weed, there will be some courtesies to be adopted then too, so better to start practicing now and remember, when you want cannabis seeds for sale, find Kind Seed.

Can You Possess Recreational Marijuana in Florida

Getting caught unlicensed with weed will still land you in a world of hurt, though it won’t be as painful as days gone by. Under 20 grams is considered a misdemeanor and carries a fine of $1000. Though it is uncommon for anyone to be incarcerated for a minor possession charge anymore, legally speaking, indictment may land you in jail for up to a year. Possession or distribution of over 20 grams, flowers and growing plants alike, is a felony and possession or distribution of under 25 pounds may land you in the clink for up to five years with a $5000 fine. Fines and mandatory minimums increase with the weight you’re caught with and possession of over 25 pounds gets pretty sticky with the top end being a 30-year sentence with a mandatory minimum of seven years and a $50,000 fine. These numbers are a bit freaky so we don’t recommend pushing the envelope and, just so you know, drivers considered intoxicated can still lose their licences for a year under Florida law. Though state governments have been said to be criminalizing an entire generation through weed laws of yore, the people want change, as is evidenced in polls and petitions and there is reason to be optimistic that positive change will continue to creep in.

Can I Grow Weed from Seed in The Alligator State

Marijuana is a plant which really likes sun and there is no shortage of that here. There are a number of pest, mold and disease-resistant strains which could grow great here; however, that wonder-day has not arrived.
Unfortunately, it is not legal, even for medicinal cardholders to grow their own in this state. What may seem funny to onlookers is that Florida legislation states that the only people allowed to be near the industry are the cardholders themselves. This means that every grow-show and dispensary is owned and operated by a Florida state medicinal marijuana licensee. This is great for the legal business owners, but it seems to be a strike against any hope for those incredibly talented growers who do not suffer medical conditions. Some circles have named this situation a political cartel and, though we support all who want to buy marijuana seeds (this is a free country after all) it is an interesting power-struggle.
So, the quick answer to growing weed here is ‘No, but one day’. Though no one but registered cardholding entrepreneurs are allowed to get a licence to grow marijuana, the state is rife with medicinal dispensaries, known as Medical Marijuana Treatment Centres (MMTC’s). Through these little oasis, medicinal patients are legally allowed to purchase their medicines, though gummies are restricted and unavailable as of yet.
Soon, we hope, these laws will be less restricting, as we move through a new decade, you can be sure that things are going to change.

What is a Florida Seed Bank?

All this tension, regulation and politics cannot touch your seeds. As Americans in still-restricted states learn that marijauana seeds are legal everywhere, collection and trading cultures grow. We are experts at protecting and preserving seeds in order to get them to you safely and securely. Seeds can be kept a long time, given optimal conditions and there are some seriously incredible strains out there. Some contemporary fan favorites include White Widow, Wedding Cake strain, Girl Scout Cookies, Grandaddy Purple, Zkittles, Gorilla Glue, Super Silver Haze, Skunk #1 Amnesia Haze, the list goes on. With these and countless other stellar strains, why wait? Start your collection today!
We are here for marijuana enthusiasts, medicinal patients, commercial growers, breeders and general lovers of the leaf. No matter where you are in this country, we are happy to serve and you can be sure that, when you want to find pot seeds for sale in Florida, we will be here for you too. We are easy to reach online or by phone and our experts are available to chat any time.

Can I Legally Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Everglade State

Anyone, great or small is 100% allowed, legally speaking, to purchase, collect, trade and distribute marijuana seeds, as long as they are not germinated. Because the Federal Government considers seeds a souvenir or collector’s item, there is no controversy around maintaining a healthy collection of your favorite strains and we are always here with top-quality seeds of the greatest strains in the nation.
Legalities surrounding marijuana in the sunshine state have been controversial for a long time and we have been fighting especially hard now that rules are changing everywhere. People of the pot who would rather remain silent, however, are not alone in their battles and there is lots you can do. Getting educated and reading into the studies performed by universities and private organizations can only serve to increase awareness and extra funding for these things. Learning all you can about marijuana seeds and culture, growing and maintaining a crop and about the industry itself can only serve to benefit oneself and anyone open to having a positive conversation. Getting into the industry, working on the front lines of the medical cannabis industry could be a game-changer for anyone interested in the ways of weed. Above all, support the cause by starting a 100% legal collection of the finest weed seeds money can buy, so you can be prepared for the stinky storm almost visible on the horizon.

Medical Marijuana in Florida

Since 2016, the Alligator state has been coming around. That year brought a 71.3% majority vote in favor of allowing medical patients to access their herb legally. 2017 saw reform in medical communities, allowing for only registered cardholders to grow and supply medical marijuana to their peers. This is an incredibly awful slight to thousands of entrepreneurs who would otherwise have booming businesses. This has led to, in some cases, MMTC owners to side with conservative politicians in the fight to oust recreational use from the realm of possibility. This is all just one side of the many-faceted medical marijuana industry in Florida. Another side is that anyone can get a licence for pretty much any ailment these days and pot suppliers are happy to help you find the perfect medicine for you.
All in, registered medical patients are allowed to carry and to possess their medicine and, though purchase and carry limits exist, they are reasonable and fair. It was only recently, however, that medicinal patients have become allowed to smoke marijuana. Whereas only tinctures and edibles were available to medicinal patients, those who like to smoke are now allowed to under state law. This has been a real boost for business owners and medicinal patients alike, who can now diversify and really dig into the varied benefits which different strains’ terpene profiles can provide.
Overall, though laws are still a bit stingy and archaic to recreational users, medicinal patients in the sunshine state have it pretty good. Now, if they will just continue speaking up for their recreational companions, all may move a little quicker toward flower freedom for all. For the medical patients out there who look forward to growing their own one day, we have a wide selection of CBD seeds available. Check it out and don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Buy Photoperiod Weed Seeds and Autoflower Cannabis Seeds in The Everglade State

Marijuana is an amazing plant. With thousands of strains birthing thousands more offspring, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There are three primary strains of Mary Jane which are parents to all others. First, we have sativa, a narrow-leafed, long-growing species, known for boosting energy and provides a more cerebral experience. Second, we have indica, a small, sturdy and bushy opposite to sativa. Indicas are known for their ability to soothe and sedate, often generating a penchant to munch-out. Our third monster is a bit different: ruderalis. It is this strain which throws a welcome wrench into old-school knowledge of strains and their functions.
Whereas sativa and indica can be grown on their own or make hybrids, all of which are cultivars which require a shift in photoperiod in order to flower, ruderalis is a wild, autoflowering species. Over millennia, this hardy little leaf has grown in the cold and dark of Siberia. Adapting to low light and short seasons, this little flower pops out of maturity rather than a shift in light temperature. Photoperiod strains allow for a longer vegetation period, great for growers who wish to capitalize on getting the most out of training their crops. Vegetation periods rely on the blue and white spectrums of light, whereas the flowering stage requires a shift into the red and infra-red spectrums and a shorter day. Autoflowering varieties require no shift in photoperiod and can manage without shifts in duration, making them perfect for beginners and for those who have little enthusiasm for getting into all the complicated ins and outs of growing the green. Crossing any strain with ruderalis will most times make for an autoflowering version of the original, though it will be smaller in stature and yield. These plants require very little care, simple watering and feeding will do, and a combination of minor low-stress training (LST) techniques such as bending and tying.
No matter what type of seed you decide to try, there are also feminized versions available. This is a process through which male genetics are bred out of the seed. When stressed appropriately during their vegetation cycles, female plants’ hormones will shift in order to produce pollen. Because the pollen is female, when it is used to fertilize subsequent crops, the resulting seeds are all-female. This has been great news for growers the world over because it removes the bother of planting and caring for a seed, just to find out come the flowering stage that it is a male and won’t produce flowers. A male allowed to flower in a sea of females will seed the crop, ruining any change of quality buds. So, thank God for feminized photoperiod and autoflower seeds.

Buy Natural Weed Seeds in Florida

Sometimes, regular or natural seeds are required. Natural seeds are those which have not been feminized to ensure they sprout a female plant nearly all the time. Conversely, a regular seed has a 50/50 chance of sprouting a male or female and this is sometimes necessary. Regular seeds are required when breeders are looking to design a new strain by crossing existing ones. Though natural seeds are known to be hardier, healthier, give better clones and yield more explosive growth, home and commercial growers are not likely to buy them, for the sole reason that the risk is sometimes not worth the reward. Marijuana culture in this state is only growing and citizens everywhere, medicinal and recreational, have these strains’ dedicated breeders to thank for their medicinal relief, as well as all their fantastic voyages. Without breeders, we wouldn’t have the myriad strains we do, and breeders need these natural seeds in order to make the whole thing come together.
Just as mothers are important everywhere else on this planet, mothers are important to weed too. When growers find a strain that they think is going to represent the best genetics, the freshest flavours and the highest yields they will take some clones. The original plant will then be flipped into flower so the grower can do what they do. If the cultivator is satisfied with the creation, some of the early clones will be kept in a vegetative cycle for a few months so more clones can be taken and propagated. These precious vegging plants are called mothers. These prized phenotypes can be kept for life, if all you want is a weed plant, but their productivity as clone-machines dwindles quickly and they are often discarded after a few months.
So regular seeds have their place, and the importance of their position cannot be overestimated. Trust Kind Seed Co. to deliver all the regular seeds you could ever need.

Buy Florida Seeds in the USA

All around the country, communities are enjoying lifted leaf bans, granting the coveted golden ticket to explore the fantastic world of weed. There are a lot of pop-up companies selling pop-up weed, very few of which have the genetics to match the appetites of experienced growers. We care about integrity in this country. We care about reliability and viability, whether we are talking about seeds or not. However, the last thing any American cannabis cultivator wants when excited about a new crop is a dud seed. We deliver the best genetics, the most reliable seeds and a guarantee which we stand behind.
America is no stranger to hardship and this last year has brought more than anyone could have seen coming. When you want some medicine to take the pains of all this incredulity away, you can trust that Kind Seed Co. has America’s best interests at heart. We are an American-based distributor of the world’s finest weed seeds which are designed to grow a garden capable of allowing citizens of the States the freedom to live without fear, without worry and without pain. If you want to buy cannabis seeds in the good ol’ Red, White and Blue, trust us to deliver your dream-beans, hassle-free so you can get growing that which will put a smile on your face and enrich and improve the lives of everyone around you.
To those commercial growers out there looking to increase your menu size, we have bulk seeds available. Why pay more when you can pay less and get the same result? Call or click today to order the highest quality seeds on the market, perfectly protected and prepared to give your new project the best start it can have.

Florida Federal Judicial District Seats

Citizens all over this great state are hopping on the cannabis bandwagon. Gainesville, Panama City, Pensacola and Tallahassee in the North; Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando and Tampa down the mid-stretch and Fort Lauderdale, Fort Pierce, Key West, Miami and West Palm Beach in the South are thick with support for the cause. With numbers tipping the scales drastically in these and many other jurisdictions, there should be little concern as to whether weed is on its way or not.
The only thing standing in the way of all these lovely folks enjoying the puff is some old-school thought which is quickly going the way of the Dodo. So, get out there and wave that weed banner for the greater good of all Floridians. There is no time like the present to stand up and do our part to affect real and positive change.

5 Most Popular Cities in Florida to Grow Weed

There are some municipalities which have gone off the deep end of love for our precious flower, the people of which are super ready to get growing. On top of being the most populated and cosmopolitan cities in the state, these places have some real precious marijuana culture and history. There are a number of activist groups always ready to have the conversation about marijuana.
Jacksonville is the most populous city in the state and the largest city by area in the U.S. Citizens of Jacksonville have been enjoying their leaf since the early days of recreational grass in the states and it boasts a number of fun and fantastic activities. Though the spread of the pandemic has placed a cap on getting out and about, the Jaguars are still scoring points and the Timucuan Reserve is still just as beautiful and picturesque as it has been since time immemorial. Who knows, maybe soon people can once again enjoy the Jacksonville Jazz Festival or get out the speedway for some racing. Until these times, be safe, have fun and spread good vibes!
Famous for its beaches, shopping and fun in the sun, Miami is a great town for weed. This little hub is home to little Cuba and boasts incredible nightlife, music and food. This place has been stop number one for many South American drug cartels for well over half a century, making this an incredibly policed place. However, the fashion, the food, the sports and the sun all contribute to Miami being the number one tourist destination in the state, the cruise capital of the world and, who knows, maybe those Bowl-winning Dolphins will be back on the field or the Heat back on the court to wow fans again before long.
Home of the Buccaneers, Tampa is rife with activity. Maybe weed-lovers would like to take in the light show of the fountain at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, or take a stroll along Bayshore Boulevard or the Tampa Riverwalk. This town is also a big one for art, galleries and museums and, when things begin to resemble normal again, weed-lovers can take in a show at any number of theatres and parks.
Orlando is one of those places which can never fail to impress travelers and tourists. Their NBA franchise, the Orlando Magic had it right when they came up with that handle. This place has everything from famous zoos and waterparks, to sports, galleries and entertainment. With Universal Studios, Hollywood Studios and a booming film and television industry, those looking for a peek into the entertainment industry have it made here. Also home to some of the best schools in the country, Orlando is no slouch where education is concerned. When you are looking for a fantastic place for weed in this state, check out Orlando!
Any speed-lover knows that St. Petersburg hosts a fantastic week of Grand Prix racing. People flock here in droves to witness the possibility of seeing some unlucky soul hit the rubble and ultimately the wall. St. Petersburg is also big into community with many individual papers and magazines aimed at anything from politics, to sustainability, to local governments, art and culture. Between the Bluesfest, Mainsail Arts Festival, Shine Mural Festival and many other incredibly enjoyable activities in and around St. Petersburg, Floridan populations are buzzing with anticipation for things to open back up.

Buy High CBD Cannabis Seeds in Florida

So, the panhandle state is great for medicinal marijuana users. Though it is illegal to grow your own cannibus here and, though we would never incite anyone to break the law, there are a number of strains which we recommend for medicinal users to collect for that fateful day when political parties lighten up. These are some of the high-CBD strains we have available to consumers. We hope you enjoy them!
CBD Kindseed 1 to 20 is a photoperiod strain with up to 20% CBD and negligible THC, making it an absolute knockout for anyone suffering life-altering maladies who don’t like the side-effect of getting high. This strain carries with it anxiolytic, analgesic anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for those patients attempting to curb muscle spasms, seizures, tremors and all sorts of pain.
CBD Sugar with a 25 to 1 CBD/THC ratio, is perfectly positioned to assist in the treatment of all sorts of afflictions. Relatively easy to grow and sweet like candy, this is an enjoyable medicine. With a CBD content like this one, patients may experience sudden and profound freedom from afflictions once thought to be dire and untreatable. With new freedoms and quality of life, there is usually a surge in endorphins which can get users a bit excited. We recommend that medicinal patients expect a bit of a rush after discovering the freedom that some great medicinal weed may provide.
CBD Tangie is a 1:15 CBD-based, sativa-heavy strain designed for those sufferers who like a bit of euphoria with their medicine. Though this strain’s THC level is only 1%, it can be felt as a warm blanket wrapping around the brain as the 15% CBD content soothes anything from headaches to arthritis and fibromyalgia, right through to seizures and tremors due to epilepsy, MS and Parkinson’s.
White Widow is a strain made famous by its Hollywood cameo a couple years ago. Though CBD White Widow is a lot different than her parent strain, the 1:1 ratio, sitting at 5-6% makes sure that those medicinal patients who like a kick are getting it. Sweet and spicy with a citrusy floral bent, this is a fantastic weed for anyone who needs to get up and get out without the pain.
With a fantastic fresh berry punch and a functional CBD content, CBD Berry Candida is a sweet and spicy magical medicinal set to deliver dreariness from the lives of many, all over the country. This cross of Shishkaberry and Candida strains is a perfect weed to assist those enjoying renewed quality of life with their busy day-to-day operations and isn’t so heavy that it becomes flattening.
There are many reasons for medicinal patients to be excited in the Buccaneer state and, pretty soon we expect, for recreational consumers as well. There are many great CBD weeds, as well as multitudes of other strains available to cannabis consumers in most any municipality across the state and Kind Seed Co is right there with anyone who wants to start planning to cultivate crops of this capable candy. Call or click today for all the seeds you can handle!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Looking for the latest cannabis updates in Florida? Check out our Kind Seed Co frequently asked and answer questions. The advice below should not replace that of a legal professional is not legal advice. FAQs about Marijuana Laws in Florida, USA.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Florida ?

    Yes, Florida residents can buy marijuana seeds as souvenirs to keep as collectible novelty items.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Florida ?

    Yes, buying cannabis seeds as collectors items and souvenirs is perfectly legal in Florida.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Florida ?

    Yes, buying weed seeds online from Kind Seed Co is totally legal in Florida. Be careful not to germinate the seeds and only keep them as collector items until state law changes.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Florida ?

    Yes, buy pot seeds in Florida as souvenirs and stay within the law. Choose from 500 pot strains on Kind Seed Co and collect them all.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Floridaa ?

    No, it not typically legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seeds in Florida.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Florida ?

    Visit Kind Seed Co and select your favorite marijuana strains. Then choose a payment method like credit card, mesh, waave, zelle, venmo, dogecoin or wire transfer and pay for your order. An email will arrive in your inbox showing you the expected delivery date and your package will arrive unmarked in plain packaging. Buy marijuana seeds online from Kind Seed Co.

    Are State Seeds grown in Florida ?

    No, its unlikely that companies offering Florida Seeds or Florida cannabis seeds are actually grown in Florida. It takes years of legal marijuana industry to develop the genetics and infrastructure to produce pot seeds. Typically, natural seeds that contain male and female seeds are first to appear in new markets. After a decade or more of legalization, feminized and autoflower seeds start to be produced reliably. So, we leave it up to you to decide, but generally its unlikely that very many weed seeds are actually produced in Florida.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Florida ?

    The Florida Department of Health is the authority for medical cannabis in Florida. OMMU

    Is Recreational Use legal in Florida ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Florida ?

    Yes, visit OMMU or Office of Medical Marijuana to apply.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Florida ?

    No, typically it is not legal to grow CBD seeds in Florida. Most states consider CBD seeds cannabis as they almost always contain more than 0.3% THC unless harvested early.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Florida ?

    No, it is not legal to grow autoflower seeds in Florida. Only commercially licensed medical marijuana centers can grow autoflowering cannabis seeds in FL.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Florida ?

    No, unless you have a medical card, it is not legal to consume cannabis in FL.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Florida ?

    No, unless you have a medical license, it is not legal to carry cannabis in Florida.

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    • Palmetto
    • Palmetto Bay
    • Panama City
    • Panama City Beach
    • Parkland
    • Pembroke Park
    • Pembroke Pines
    • Pensacola
    • Perry
    • Pinecrest
    • Pinellas Park
    • Plant City
    • Plantation
    • Pompano Beach
    • Port Orange
    • Port St. Lucie
    • Punta Gorda
    • Quincy
    • Riviera Beach
    • Rockledge
    • Royal Palm Beach
    • Safety Harbor
    • Sanford
    • Sanibel
    • Sarasota
    • Satellite Beach
    • Sebastian
    • Sebring
    • Seminole
    • South Bay
    • South Daytona
    • South Miami
    • South Pasadena
    • Southwest Ranches
    • Springfield
    • St. Augustine
    • St. Augustine Beach
    • St. Cloud
    • St. Pete Beach
    • St. Petersburg
    • Starke
    • Stuart
    • Sunny Isles Beach
    • Sunrise
    • Surfside
    • Sweetwater
    • Tallahassee
    • Tamarac
    • Tampa
    • Tarpon Springs
    • Tavares
    • Temple Terrace
    • Tequesta
    • Titusville
    • Treasure Island
    • Valparaiso
    • Venice
    • Vero Beach
    • Wellington
    • West Melbourne
    • West Miami
    • West Palm Beach
    • West Park
    • Weston
    • Wildwood
    • Wilton Manors
    • Winter Garden
    • Winter Haven
    • Winter Park
    • Winter Springs
    • Zephyrhills


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