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The name here sure paints a picture if you have not been to Illinois, but do not be mistaken, there is more to the state than just straight rolling plains disappearing into the horizon. The name ‘The Garden State’ gives perhaps a more colorful vision of the versatile lands that you will find here. It is also known as the Lincoln State, as he resided in Springfield Illinois just prior to becoming the sixteenth President of the US. Illinois doesn’t get much attention in the scope of the national news, other than hearing about the high crime rates in Chicago and surrounding areas. The truth is that there is still lots of natural beauty to behold here, and the high production of corn and wheat helps to serve as the backbone of our national food supply. Borderline Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, and Indiana, residing here gives you access to wide open terrain of America’s middle east.
Situated at the state’s north eastern corner, at the edge of Lake Michigan, is the state’s largest City Chicago. Without a doubt this is where most of the action in Illinois happens in terms of business, shopping, sports, and other large-scale events. The population here is over 2.5 million, which makes it the 3rd most populous city in the USA (After New York and LA). You may have heard Chicago referred to as the windy city, when in fact it has average wind speeds well below cities in New York, Texas, and Kansas. Cannabis law in Illinois has made for a much more relaxed atmosphere in Chicago and surrounding areas as this was once one of the country’s hot spots for marijuana-related arrests.
Many who live in and visit the state of Illinois will observe a bit of a divide between metropolitan Chicago and the rest of the state, which is more inclined to farming and old-school philosophies. Although it is not the capital, Chicago draws in the most tourists (nearly 60 million per year), due to its great location and bustling nightlife and sports fields. Chicago Bears, Cubs, and Bulls are all nature-inspired sports teams that attract fans from surrounding states and even across the border from Canada to Soldier Field, Wrigley Field, and the Madhouse on Madison – The United Centre. Hockey fans enjoy games by the Chicago Blackhawks and those who like a good rivalry can appreciate the 2nd popular MLB team in the city, the Chicago White Sox. Each year the region also hosts the Windy City Classic that sells out every year with over 300 teams registering.
You will never find ketchup on a hotdog in the windy city, or surrounding areas, just the classic toppings of yellow mustard, green relish, chopped onions, tomato wedges, a pickle, and celery salt. For some other random state food trivia, Chicago is also home of the deep-dish pizza and the first ice cream sundae was made in Evanston prior to the year 1900. one of the all-time favorite stoner snacks, the twinkie, was born in River Forest, Illinois on April 6th, 1930.
If you are turned off by the prospects of touring another big city, you can explore the real Illinois through the variety of other smaller towns such as Galena, Schaumburg, Decatur, Jacksonville, and Rockford. Many of these towns have a slightly higher than average unemployment rate, but also a real estate market that is well below that national average. This is the perfect recipe for a home grower looking to purchase a place off the beaten track. The State Capital of Springfield is also a noteworthy stop where you can tour historical museums, government buildings, and the impressive Lincoln Tomb Historic Site.
Although it may not seem like the most attractive SU state for tourists when compared to other coastal destinations like New York or LA, there are still an impressive number of ways that you can spend your leisure time in Illinois. Take a chopper tour over the state and observe the expanse of the Great Lakes from a bird’s eye view. Go for a hike amongst the beauty of the Shawnee National Forest or browse the antiques, secondhand goods and farm fresh produce available at Wolff’s Flea Market, open every Sunday from April to October.

Illinois and Smoking Recreational Weed

Legalization of cannabis in the state of Illinois has been a piecemeal movement towards the present state of order that we witness here today. After medicinal marijuana was allowed into the state in 2013, this started to soften the hearts of law-makers and also show just how much additional revenue can be brought in through taxation. In 2016, weed was decriminalized, so that anyone with less than 10 grams would no longer face jail time, but rather a $100 – $200 fine.
On June 25, 2019, Governor J. B. Pritzker signed the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, which made Illinois the 11th state in the USA to legalize cannabis for adult use. Residents of Illinois over 21 can possess 30 grams of dried flower, 500mg of THC in the way of edibles, or 5 grams of cannabis concentrates. If you are a visitor from out of state, you can still purchase at the authorized dispensaries, but the limits will be half that of residents (i.e., 15 grams flower, 250mg edibles, 2.5 grams concentrates). On the first day that legal products were made available for sale, consumers spent $3.2 million! With a sign of support of this magnitude, it is safe to say the marijuana industry in the Lincoln State is only going to grow over the next several years (to an estimated $2 – 4 billion per year).
When looking at where to smoke weed in Illinois, remember that consumption is prohibited in public places. If out horseback riding in the open plains or sitting alone on a park bench in Wolf Creek State Park, you are probably not going to offend anyone. Just keep the ganja smoke away from places where it could endanger the health or well-being of others and you will be fine. There are a lot of nice spots along the Illinois River and other state parks where a bag of weed is likely to accompany the folks embarking on fishing and camping trips. So, in short, you can smoke or dab in your own back yard or any other place that you can find a private slice of paradise away from other citizens.

Illinois: How Much Marijuana Can You Have On You

The answer here depends on a few criteria. If you are an out-of-state visitor in Illinois, or a tourist from another country, then you can possess 15 grams of cannabis flower. Residents can possess up to 30 grams of recreational weed on their person, and medicinal users can have up to 2.5 ounces (71 grams).
Because of these loosening possession laws, the last few years have seen tens of thousands of criminal records being expunged and pardoned where individuals were charged with possession of cannabis under 30 grams. For those with charges laid on possession between 30grams and 500 grams can apply for expungement as an individual and are considered on a case by case basis.

Cannabis Seeds and The Land of Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln lived from 1809 – 1865, a span of time where cultivating industrial hemp in the United States was very commonplace. Although we can’t determine with absolute certainty that Abe Lincoln consumed cannabis himself, we know that he used hemp oil to burn in household lamps. Buying seeds today in Illinois is easier than it has ever been before. Over 20 State sanctioned growing facilities and 50+ dispensaries mean that the once-feared reefer is now available to purchase over the counter with some limits placed on quantity.
When it comes to finding cannabis seeds for sale, you will never find a wide selection in store the way you can from an online seed bank such as Kind Seed Co. When buying marijauna seeds, it really matters how the product is stored and handled during shipping. We use our industry experience and good manufacturing practices to ensure that our customer’s get the freshest seeds with maximal viability being preserved. Don’t waste your time driving all the way to your registered dispensary, look for parking, and wait in line just to hope they have a strain of weed suitable for your needs. Instead, pull out your laptop or smartphone and find the easiest weed seeds for sale online right here at We carry out business with American values and quality products supplied to the Illinois seed bank level.

What’s an Illinois Seed Bank?

Seed Banks are responsible for maintaining the world’s back-up stash of growing seeds, from fruits and vegetables to medicinal plants like cannabis. Kind Seed Co specializes in maintaining the genetic diversity of hundreds of marijuana strains and makes them available to adult citizens of America for an extremely affordable price. We have secure storage facilities with optimal conditions (cool, dark, dry) that keep the seeds fresh for an extended period of time. Cannibus seeds are best used within a year after they are produced but can often be germinated 3-5 years or more later on down the road, provided that you take care of them.
When choosing a seed bank, just like when choosing your assigned state dispensary, you want to feel in alignment with their customer service values and also the amount of selection you see there. Check out our menu and read our positive reviews and comments. This is likely going to be enough to show you that there is no better place on the internet to buy marijuana seeds. Explore our menu and check out when you are ready, no sales pressure and no demanding customers behind rushing you through your selection. Although the privacy and anonymity are attractive, we realize that some customers may need a little help through the process. That is why we provide a friendly customer service team to help handle your telephone and email inquiries. We’ve got your back from seed to soil.

Can I Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in The Garden of West?

Anywhere in America, pot seeds for sale in stores and online are considered a novelty item posing no risk or illegal harm. Even if state laws don’t permit the consumption of refined THC products (like Alabama or Wyoming), they can typically get away with selling seeds here as a “souvenir item”. We recommend that you check with your local state laws before you actually start growing your plants as even legalized states have limitations on how many flowering plants you can have at once. However, when you are simply just looking to buy marijuana seeds for the purpose of saving or building your collection, then there is no need to hesitate at all. Kind Seed Co carries a wide variety of classic cannabis strains as well as high-THC hybrids that are brand new to the market.

Is Medical Cannabis Legal in Illinois

Having been officially outlawed since 1931, marijuana was finally legalized for medical purposes back in 2013. The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act was passed on August 1st by Governor Pat Quinn.
Included in the Act is a list of over three dozen debilitating medical conditions that can qualify users to apply for a medical access card. Applicants have the choice to pay $100 for a 1 year card, $200 for a 2 year card, or $250 for a three year card. For veterans, pensioners, and those on disability the fees are lowered, the fees are cut in half for each category. Once you have your Medical Cannabis Pilot Program card, you can legally possess 2.5 ounces of dried bud in a 14 day period.
There is a large body of governance surrounding the safe and legal distribution of medical weed in the state of Illinois. The Department of Public Health regulates the issue of medical cards and over 60,000 have been given out to date. The Department of Agriculture manages the licenses for growers and cultivators in the state of Illinois, while the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation watches over the regulated dispensaries and ensures they are following state protocol.
A unique aspect of buying medicinal marijauana here is that you must pick a chosen dispensary from the list of 55 licensed outlets and stick with that one location for your future purchases. Once licensed as a registered user, you are also entitled to grow your own cannabis plants at home, up to a maximum of 5 full-sized plants. All the plants must be out of eyesight to the public and also be done with the permission of the homeowner.

Feminized Photo Pot Seed and Feminized Auto Weed Seeds in The Garden of West

When growers in the United States are seeking out the easiest to grow marijuana seeds for sale, feminized options are going to likely top the list. The feminized nature of cannabis seeds utilizes a self-protection mechanism where the plants force themselves into a hermaphrodite-like state in order to self-pollinate and preserve the species. For example, if you treat a small area of a standard female cannabis plant with Colloidal Silver for many days in succession, this external stress will stimulate that part of the plant to develop pollen sacs. Alternatively, a technique called Rhodelization can be employed which keeps the female plant in flower long after its maturation date. The plant produces male-like bananas in this situation that contain pollen of XX genetic lineup (meaning only female genes, no male genes). When seeds are formed through one of these feminization techniques, almost all of the offspring are expected to be female (99%).
The photo and auto designation for our seeds classifies the kind of light treatment they will require in order to start the flowering cycle, when the nice THC or CBD rich buds start to form and mature. When you buy photo (short for photoperiod) seeds, the resulting plants will depend on a specific light schedule that can be controlled by the grower. Photoperiod schedules for different landrace strains developed around what the sun is doing at any given latitude. At the equator, plants experience 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night consistently through the year. As you go north, the summer days get longer, and the winter days get shorter (opposite in the Southern Hemisphere). So, plants that have evolved and been bred in the United States follow the light schedule typical of the growing season here. Photoperiod cannabis likes to grow when the sun is at its peak, so vegetation continues as long as there is more than 12 hours of light (sometimes up to 16-18 hours of daylight in the Northern States). When the days start to get shorter than 12 hours (around the end of September) the plants know this is the signal that winter is approaching, and reproduction should begin. Growers can manipulate the light schedule to suit their needs, for example, vegging longer to achieve monster sized plants or triggering flowering early to get in more harvests in a single season.
With autoflowering plants, the guesswork of how, why, and when to change the lighting schedule is completely eliminated. These varieties have been in-crossed with a ruderalis strain somewhere along the way that imparts this ability to flower after a set number of weeks in veg, regardless if the light provided is 10 hours a day or 20. This trait developed naturally in parts of the world where the sun stays up for over 20 hours per day, so darkness was not a reliable indicator for plants of the changing seasons. Autoflower seeds are not really any more expensive than other feminized or regular seeds, but they can save growers a bit of work, and also reduce the need for outdoor growers to worry about causing interruptions to the natural cycle if they choose to move their plants indoors. Autoflowering marijuana plants are comparatively smaller but have a very good robust yield for their short stature.

Buy Reg Weed Seeds in Illinois

If you buy regular wedding cake strain seeds from us, what you are getting is a natural weed seed that is not feminized or autoflowering. Regular CBD seeds and THC seeds have all of the genetic material sourced from the natural world – both male and female. As such, you have about a 50/50 chance of getting female plants when they grow to maturity. The ones that develop into males must be quickly identified and destroyed in the early pre-flowering stage or you run the risk of developing seedy buds in your crop.

Buy Illinois Weed Seeds in the USA

When you shop for quality American weed seeds, look no further than the tip of your fingers! Our massive online menu features Illinois seeds that growers like you can cultivate from germination to harvest. Whether you are in the market for medicinal strains, dwarf plants, stretching sativas, or low THC strains, we have options that will surprise and inspire you. Growing your own cannabis is a lot of work and upkeep, but the rewards are plentiful. Enjoy the pricing of a large wholesale distributor and the customer service of a small family-owned business. Whatever strain you plan to master, we have got your back with quality domestic seed stock.

Judicial District Seats of Illinois

As mentioned earlier on, the state of Illinois has seen an unprecedented number of criminal cases repealed and expunged in the last year since marijuana was legalized. In the first weeks of 2019, Illinois’ governor issued over 11,000 pardons for convictions involving less than 30 grams of marijuana. If Illinoisans have a record charge that exceeds 30 grams, they can seek out an appeal at any one of the court buildings in one of the judicial appeals courts in the Northern district (locations in Chicago and Rockford) or the Southern District (locations in Benton and East St. Louis).
If you live in the central plains of Illinois, you can find a convenient court location in Urbana, Peoria, Rock Island, or Springfield. With such a quick turn around with the cannabis laws, the system has been a little backed up with cases so you may have to wait a few weeks for your application to get through. Regardless of the time it takes to process, this is great news for residents of Illinois who have needlessly been segregated from society for using this now-legal medicine.

Best Cities in Illinois For Buying Cannabis Seeds

The windy city needs no grand introductions, and if you meet someone who grew up in Chicago their accent is hard to mistake. Although crime rates here average 59% higher than the national average, this doesn’t stop tens of millions of visitors from coming through each year. Being located at the southern tip of Lake Michigan leads to a fairly windy climate, but as we have mentioned it isn’t the windiest city in the US. The growing climate here is fair, giving gardeners ample warmth for a 160-190 day period. Most vegetable gardeners here transplant their seedlings outdoors in late March to early April. First frost doesn’t usually occur until the end of October, so this gives outdoor growers lots of time to let their flowers mature before harvest.
One hour inland, directly east of Chicago, you will find the culturally rich city of Aurora. This outer suburb of Chicago spans over four counties and is the second most populous city in the state at over 200,000. The city is built on a foundation of production and manufacturing as this was the basis for the early economy that developed here back in the 1850’s. Most of these factories were working in support of the fast-developing railroad network, but as this tapered off in the 1970’s and unemployment started to rise. Although industrial manufacturing continues to be a top source of jobs in the region, new schools, hospitals, and casinos have also helped to bolster the state’s lacking employment opportunities. Along with legalization of marijuana at the start of 2020, more Aurora residents are finding ways to supplement their income by growing high quality cannabis at home.
Developed on the banks of the Rock River in 1930, this city was built on industrial manufacturing much like Aurora above. Most of the workforce was employed in producing heavy machinery, hardware, and tools which diversified in the 1990’s into the automotive and aerospace industries as well. Being situated up near the state’s northern border makes the weather in Rockford subject to a little more uncertainty, so it may be wise to set yourself up an indoor growing room or grow tent in the garage to keep a consistent atmosphere for your plants. Nicknamed the Forest City, Rockford is home to several wonderful hikes and destinations of historical significance such as Rock Cut State Park, Lowden State Park, and the Anderson Japanese Gardens.
The 4th largest city in Illinois, Joliet, has an awkward shape that extends into nine different townships with the downtown core based near the Des Plaines River. This region is actually home to a huge network of rivers, creeks, and lakes which makes for excellent camping and fishing spots in the spring and summer. With a few tokes of your homegrown Blue Dream or Sour Diesel, you may even get up the courage to go for an after work dip in Leisure Lake or the cool waters off Michigan Beach. Be sure to catch an evening show here at the “Jewel of Joliet” which is the Rialto Theater. Other fun attractions to enjoy with your stoner friends may be a Slammers baseball game or a night of gambling at Harrah’s Casino or the Hollywood Casino. Whatever tickles your fancy, there is lots of fun to be had in Joliet away from the busy crowds of downtown Chicago.
Named after the first settler to the area in 1831, Joseph Naper, this city is also now considered an extended suburb or greater Chicago with a population of over 150,000. There was a period of time back in the 1990’s when Naperville was one of the top 10 fastest growing communities in the nation, during the time that the Chicago metropolitan area was drawing corporations, new jobs, and increased wealth to the surrounding areas. Naperville is a great town for young families as it has all of the amenities with more affordable housing than Chicago. The local public library has won several national awards and draws in over 1.5 million visitors every year. Citizens can also enjoy a few puffs of their home-grown ganja before attending the summer concert series held outdoors in Naperville’s Central Park or the annual Naperville Independent Film Festival.

Buy Illinois’s Favourite Marijuana Seeds

Here we have included a handful of strains that are popular to grow in the climate and terrain of the state of Illinois. These strains vary in levels of THC and also in growing difficulty. Read on to explore our top 5 choices for Illinois cannabis seeds.
Blue Dream
On a cold and dreary December day in Illinois, there is almost no better strain for a morning pick-me-up than Blue Dream Fem. This is one of the most in-demand strains in North America for its positive effects and ease of growing. This sturdy cross of sativa Haze and indica Blueberry strains, make for a tasty and potent strain ideal for consuming before mundane tasks as an instant motivator. This strain leans more towards the sativa side when it comes to mental effects (75%), but a healthy dose of indica will still give you those body tingles and a sense of relaxed euphoria. Many seasoned smokers will use this as their breakfast weed. A perfect wake and bake session begins with a fruity strain that will keep you moving without a heavy burn out at the end.
Aside from the good strength of these buds (17 – 24% THC), the other main attractive selling features are the sweet and fruity flavors of blueberry and tropical mango. If grown with care, the outdoor plants can yield up to 21 ounces per plant (or 21 ounces per square meter for indoor). Sometimes the strain is referred to as “Azure Haze” or “American Haze”, but these are slightly different hybrids that use a variation of the blueberry parent strain. Another win for Illinois growers with a shorter summer season is the fact that this beauty flowers in just 9-10 weeks, whereas many other popular sativas can take up to 12 weeks.
Bruce Banner
This strain is another well-deserved multi-cup winning cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel (sativa-dominant). Most of the attention that Bruce Banner has garnished s due to its hulk-like strength. THC levels can range from 20% all the way up to 30%, which will blow new users right out of their socks. Typically, the smoke from Bruce Banner will inspire and uplift, but when consumed in high doses it can certainly bring about a feeling of lethargy and even dizziness. Use just a few tokes to appropriately handle your stress, pain, fatigue, or chronic headaches. The plant is beautiful to ingest and also beautiful to look at. With bright green leaves, and crystal covered buds with vivid orange hairs, you will be lost in a sense of affectionate appreciation for the medicinal flowers.
Illinois growers that have experience in indoor growing will be able to see big harvests with these dense plants. These feminized plants often grow up to 6 feet tall when grown outdoors, and the mold and pest resistance makes it very easy to grow indoors as well. You can bet your bottom dollar that you will get a good return on your investment when you choose Bruce Banner feminized seeds from Kind Seed Co. This strain has quite a pronounced psychedelic effect, so use lightly and prepare for some munchies. Be smart and order up your classic Chicago deep-dish pizza before you light up so that when you are too baked to make a snack, some hot food will come and greet you right at your door.
Orange Skunk
If you are a sativa smoker, you will love the amped up energy provided by the smoke of the wondrous Orange Skunk Strain. Her high terpene content and moderate THC levels (12 – 16% THC) make this an excellent choice for novice consumers and folks who love to smoke just for the pleasure of the act and enjoyment of complex flavors. Parent strains of California Orange and Skunk #1 impart a blend of fruity citrus and musky tree bark. Skunk weed is well-known amongst medicinal users for its helpfulness in treating pain and inflammation. This hybrid is also a good choice for recreational users and will help casual users stay productive without getting too stoned to function.
Because of the rapid growth rate and large overall size, this plant responds very well to low-stress training techniques such as topping and scrogging. This is where you typically trade in some vertical height for increased lateral branching. With the right nutrients and a good pair of pruning shears, you can increase the yield from 12 ounces per outdoor plant to well over 30 or 40! With the advent of modern indoor growing equipment, you don’t need to live in California to reap the benefits of sunshine-loving sativas like this one.
Diesel OG 
So many people have heard of the infamous Sour Diesel cannabis strain. Even if you aren’t a weed smoker yourself, perhaps you have heard its name in a hip hop song or just in a passing conversation. Same with the other parent of this hybrid, which is OG Kush. The mixture of Sour Diesel x OG yields an indica-dominant genotype with cerebral stimulation and mild body sedation. In small doses, users experience enhanced focus, improved mood, and reduced stress which is a perfect treat to enjoy along your hike up to Charles mound, the tallest point of the state of Illinois at 1235 feet above sea level.
Perhaps you want to take some diesel OG joints down to the Navy Pier to enjoy with a friend. Don’t get too high before embarking on one of the nation’s tallest Ferris wheels or the monorail. Averaging at 20% THC, this one can definitely make your head spin if you consume enough. Sometimes Diesel OG is referred to as Sour Kush or Sour OG, giving consumers a hint into the sour nature of the gassy-diesel taste. There will also be a hint of lemon and earthy Kush that comes through in the smoke, and these terpenes are typically very well preserved in Diesel OG extracts like shatter and wax that are available at some Illinois dispensaries.
Fire OG  
Fire is not just the energy source you apply to light your doobies and bongs. The expression is also used to describe something that is ‘awesome’ or ‘lit’, and that is just the case here with the example of feminized Fire OG canabis seeds from Kind Seed Co. This strain also gets its name from the firefly red hairs, or stigmas, that give the flowers a very cool appearance. This strain’s heritage doubles down on reliable indica genetics. SFV OG x OG Kush brings some sativa into the mix from the San Fernando Valley Ocean Grown strain and ties in the punchy indica effects from OG Kush; a California-grown version of the indica Afghani Kush.
Considered a high-potency strain, Fire OG can reach 20 – 25% THC and has an extremely relaxing effect. Great for winding down into the evening and will guarantee you a solid sleep to follow. This strain can help the aging Illinois populations with inflammatory problems like arthritis, migraines, IBD, and other forms of chronic pain. There is a very high limonene terpene content which leads to a pleasant citrus-inspired flavor. Flowers develop in a short 9 – 10 weeks and develop easily in most climates found in the USA.
Whatever you want to grow in the prairie state, we are confident that Kind Seed Co will carry the right strain of cannabis seeds that will bring you the most growing ease and smoking pleasure. Whether you set up to grow in the busy city adjacent to the Great Lakes, or far out in the flat prairie lands of the corn belt, you can rest assured that your cannabis seeds will show up in a timely fashion and give you great germination success rates. Reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions about how to go about choosing the right seeds for your region. Thanks for reading and happy growing!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Turn to Kind Seed Co for the latest cannabis updates in Illinois. Please seek independent legal advice as the opinions expressed on this page are not written by lawyers. Seek to elevate your marijuana experience by growing your own from seed.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Illinois ?

    Yes, it is legal to buy marijuana seeds in Illinois. If you are paying state taxes then you are buying cannabis seeds for germination and growing. If you are not paying additional taxes then you are buying souvenir seeds for collecting.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Illinois ?

    Yes, its legal to buy cannabis seeds in Illinois. Collect your souvenir seeds today from Kind Seed Co and germinate with care and only when permitted by state laws.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Illinois ?

    Yes, its legal to buy cannabis seeds in Illinois. Novelty seeds sold as souvenirs can be bought and sold in states of the USA.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Illinois ?

    Yes, buying pot seeds in Illinois is legal. Seeds bought and sold as souvenirs and collectors items have been legal for decades.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Illinois ?

    It is not currently legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds in Illinois unless you have a commercial license to cultivate or a medical marijuana license. The penalty for growing marijuana at home is a $200 fine.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Illinois ?

    Buying marijuana seeds in Illinois starts by visiting an online seedbank like Kind Seed Co and selecting your favourite autoflower, feminized or regular marijuana seeds to grow. Then simply check out using a credit card, zelle or Ether coins. A tracking email will be sent to follow along and your unmarked packaged will arrive by USPS usually less than a week. Buy cannabis seeds online in IL from Kind Seed Co.

    Are Illinois Seeds grown in Illinois ?

    Its unlikely that Illinois Seeds are actually grown in Illinois. Why? Typically, in legal markets it takes many years for local breeders to hone in on the skills, genetics and infrastructure to produce high quality cannabis seeds. Further, the intellectual property required to produce feminized seeds or autoflowers is significant. It takes years to learn to cross breed stable genetics that produce high quality weed seeds for seed production. Then you need to learn how to actually produce large quanities of seeds reliably. This is no small feat as small scale production is very different from commercial enterprises. This Author’s Prediction: First to market will be regular seeds with both male and female in the package. Next, feminized seeds and autoflower seeds will be available in a decade or more from full legalization.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Illinois ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Illinois ?

    Yes, recreational cannabis use has been legal in Illinois since May 31, 2019.

    Is Medical Use legal in Illinois ?

    Yes, since 2018 the medical cannabis program in Illinois has been expanded extensively. Taxation for medical marijuana is 1%.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Illinois ?

    Yes, since most CBD seeds have THC over 0.3% they fall into the cannabis seed category in most states. Adults, can grow up to 5 cbd plants in Illinois.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Illinois ?

    Yes, its legal to germinate autoflower seeds in Illinois. if you are an adult you can have up to five plants at a time inside or outside on their property.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Illinois ?

    Cannabis is legal for any adult age 21 and over to use and enjoy. The country is, however, fairly new to legalization, so there is some etiquette we recommend respecting. Though laws are ever-changing, please use marijuana only in places deemed appropriate by the state which is your home, a friend’s home or your place of business. Smoking in public, though you may not get caught, still irks some people, so be aware of that. Also, just because recreational use is legal, does not mean that you ought to go around shouting it from the rooftops. Because of the often overly conservative views of many citizens and employers towards marijuana, you could still get yourself into trouble where livelihood or quality of life is concerned, so be cool!

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Illinois ?

    Yes, carrying of cannabis in small quantities is legal in Illinois.

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    • Harrisburg
    • Harvard
    • Harvey
    • Harwood Heights
    • Hawthorn Woods
    • Hazel Crest
    • Herrin
    • Hickory Hills
    • Highland
    • Highland Park
    • Highwood
    • Hillsboro
    • Hillside
    • Hinsdale
    • Hoffman Estates
    • Homer Glen
    • Homewood
    • Hoopeston
    • Huntley
    • Inverness
    • Island Lake
    • Itasca
    • Jacksonville
    • Jerseyville
    • Johnsburg
    • Joliet
    • Justice
    • Kankakee
    • Kewanee
    • La Grange
    • La Grange Park
    • Lake Bluff
    • Lake Forest
    • Lake in the Hills
    • Lake Villa
    • Lake Zurich
    • Lakemoor
    • Lansing
    • LaSalle
    • Lemont
    • Libertyville
    • Lincoln
    • Lincolnshire
    • Lincolnwood
    • Lindenhurst
    • Lisle
    • Litchfield
    • Lockport
    • Lombard
    • Long Grove
    • Loves Park
    • Lynwood
    • Lyons
    • Machesney Park
    • Macomb
    • Mahomet
    • Manhattan
    • Manteno
    • Marengo
    • Marion
    • Markham
    • Marseilles
    • Maryville
    • Mascoutah
    • Matteson
    • Mattoon
    • Maywood
    • McHenry
    • Melrose Park
    • Mendota
    • Metropolis
    • Midlothian
    • Milan
    • Minooka
    • Mokena
    • Moline
    • Monee
    • Monmouth
    • Montgomery
    • Monticello
    • Morris
    • Morton
    • Morton Grove
    • Mount Carme
    • Mount Prospect
    • Mount Vernon
    • Mount Zion
    • Mundelein
    • Murphysboro
    • Naperville
    • New Lenox
    • Niles
    • Normal
    • Norridge
    • North Aurora
    • North Chicago
    • North Riverside
    • Northbrook
    • Northfield
    • Northlake
    • Oak Brook
    • Oak Forest
    • Oak Lawn
    • Oak Park
    • O’Fallon
    • Olney
    • Orland Hills
    • Orland Park
    • Oswego
    • Ottawa
    • Palatine
    • Palos Heights
    • Palos Hills
    • Pana
    • Paris
    • Park City
    • Park Forest
    • Park Ridge
    • Pekin
    • Peoria
    • Peoria Heights
    • Peru
    • Pinckneyville
    • Plainfield
    • Plano
    • Pontiac
    • Pontoon Beach
    • Poplar Grove
    • Posen
    • Princeton
    • Prospect Heights
    • Quincy
    • Rantoul
    • Richton Park
    • River Forest
    • River Grove
    • Riverdale
    • Riverside
    • Robbins
    • Robinson
    • Rochelle
    • Rock Falls
    • Rock Island
    • Rockford
    • Rockton
    • Rolling Meadows
    • Romeoville
    • Roscoe
    • Roselle
    • Round Lake
    • Round Lake Beach
    • Round Lake Park
    • Salem
    • Sandwich
    • Sauk Village
    • Savoy
    • Schaumburg
    • Schiller Park
    • Shiloh
    • Shorewood
    • Silvis
    • Skokie
    • South Beloit
    • South Elgin
    • South Holland
    • Spring Grove
    • Spring Valley
    • Springfield
    • St. Charles
    • Staunton
    • Steger
    • Sterling
    • Stickney
    • Streamwood
    • Streator
    • Sugar Grove
    • Summit
    • Swansea
    • Sycamore
    • Taylorville
    • Tinley Park
    • Troy
    • University Park
    • Urbana
    • Vandalia
    • Vernon Hills
    • Villa Park
    • Warrenville
    • Washington
    • Waterloo
    • Watseka
    • Wauconda
    • West Chicago
    • West Dundee
    • West Frankfort
    • Westchester
    • Western Springs
    • Westmont
    • Wheaton
    • Wheeling
    • Willow Springs
    • Willowbrook
    • Wilmette
    • Wilmington
    • Winfield
    • Winnetka
    • Winthrop Harbor
    • Wood Dale
    • Wood River
    • Woodridge
    • Woodstock
    • Worth
    • Yorkville
    • Zion


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