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Cannabis Seed in The Pine Tree State

The state of Maine may be famous for lobster, but the official insect is the honeybee and if you are a marijuana cultivator you have to appreciate the pollinators! The Pine Tree State is the northeasternmost state in the continental USA. It is one of the smaller states by landmass, population, and population density. Located in the New England region, it is bordered by only one state, which is New Hampshire to the west. To the southeast are the vast Atlantic Ocean and the provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec in Canada. The fact that Maine is only bordered by one other state makes it the only state in the country that has that distinction.
What Maine lacks in physical space and population, it makes up for in beauty. With charming lighthouses, lobster shacks, and unique wildlife to observe, New England’s northernmost state is like living in a postcard. It is known for the heavily forested interior, rocky coastlines, low rolling mountains, and picturesque waterways but most notably the fine seafood cuisine. With direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, the clam and lobster scene is on point! The land that is now Maine was first visited by European settlers at the beginning of the 17th century. They were encountered by several Algonquian speaking peoples and soon settled the Popham Colony in 1607. The rugged terrain and conflicts with local peoples caused many of the settlements to fail in this period and a couple of hundred years later in 1820, it was admitted as the 23rd state to the United States as part of the Missouri Compromise.
Maine has a humid continental climate with warm and occasionally humid summers and long, dreary, cold, and snowy winters. The northern and westernmost parts of the state are hit the hardest by the long and cold winters while the areas along the coastline can experience milder winters and cooler summers. The spring and summertime temperatures are fabulous for growing marijauna outdoors. So, head out and grab some weed seeds for sale online at Kind Seed Co and enjoy the best strains for Maine today!
Maine has a rich history and tradition with shipbuilding. Being so close to the Atlantic Ocean made it an ideal place for building ships in the 18th and 19th centuries. The wooden sailing ships that were constructed here were some of the finest in the world, just like the cannibus seeds at the Kind Seed Co are some of the finest in the world. One of the most famous shipyards was located in what is now known as Brunswick, Maine. It was located in the Pennellville Historic District and owned by the Pennell family whom the district has been named after. The Bath Iron Works is another major US shipyard that has produced private, military, and commercial vessels, most of which are for the US Navy.
Much like shipbuilding of yesteryear in the Pennellville Historic District, passenger trains are becoming rarer and rarer in the continental USA. Thankfully, this old mode of transportation is still alive and thriving in Maine. The Downeaster passenger train runs daily between Brunswick and Boston’s North Station and couriers people along its path the way it was done in the old days. When you want to enjoy the proceeds of the pot seeds for sale at Kind Seed Co just sit back, take a puff and relax on the comfortable seats as you venture from Brunswick to Portland.
Maine has a proud history of education. It is home to thirty post-secondary institutions, of which the University of Maine is the largest and only research university in the state. The University of Maine is located in Orono and has been a cornerstone of the academic mindset that has infiltrated the state. It is the state’s only land grant college and has satellite campuses in Augusta, Farmington, Fort Kent, Machias, and Presque Isle. The distinction of the oldest institution in the state goes to the liberal arts college, Bowdoin College, which was founded in Brunswick in 1794. Other colleges that have been in operation for over the century mark are Colby College and Bates College. These three colleges also rank in the top 10% of liberal arts colleges in the entire nation which goes to prove that it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog!
There is a wide diversity in the local culinary scene in Maine. On one hand, it is well known for its clams, oysters, and lobsters, and Portland was named the Restaurant City of the Year in 2018 by Bon Appetit magazine, yet Maine also was ranked the third most vegan state in 2018 by This wide variety of dining options has made it a popular destination for foodies. With foodies or anyone who appreciates food for that matter, comes a need for a large appetite. When your appetite is waning or needs a boost there is no better medicine than sweet old marijauana.  When you want the best strains at your fingertips whenever you need them, be sure to buy marijuana seeds from Kind Seed Co so that your stash never runs dry.
While the sporting landscape in Maine is not as robust as the seafood vibe, there is no shortage of action-packed entertainment for sports enthusiasts. The newly formed NBA G League has come to town with the creation of the Maine Red Claws. They bring the hardcourt action to the people at the Portland Expo Building in Portland, Maine. They have a rich tradition of winning with several division titles to their name and they embraced the local culture when choosing the menacing lobster as their logo and mascot! In fact, Portland is the hub for all professional sports in the state. It is also home to the Portland Sea Dogs of the Eastern League and serves as the AA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. When that itch for the bright lights and the sweet smell of grass, the real kind that is, Maineites venture down to Hadlock Field with their gloves in tow. Being so close to Canada, a professional ice hockey team just makes sense. The Maine Mariners are a member of the ECHL and call the Cross Insurance Arena home. An affiliate of the New York Rangers, they came to Maine by way of Alaska as they were formerly the Anchorage Aces and Alaska Aces. The lone NCAA Division 1 sports team is a part of the University of Maine. The Maine Black Bears compete in nine women’s and eight men’s sports while achieving the most success in men’s ice hockey!
With such a beautiful landscape and seascape there are breathtaking views and points of interest across the state. The most famous could be the Acadia National Park. This is a national park that sits southwest of Bar Harbor and along the mid-coast of Maine. Visitors love the cultural heritage, biodiversity, and especially the clean air and water that has been lost in too many places across the country. So pack a lunch, grab your hiking boots, and be prepared for a day full of memories. Located in Cape Elizabeth is the historic Portland Head Light. Completed in 1791, this is the oldest lighthouse in the Pine Tree State. Sitting at the land entrance of the Portland Harbor it has been irreplaceable to the Maine economy as this harbor is the primary shipping channel for the area. Over the years, the lighthouse has become automated but the home that lighthouse keepers lived in has been preserved and serves as a museum in Fort Williams Park. Nestled inside Acadia National Park is Cadillac Mountain. Its claim to fame is that it is the first place in the U.S.A to see the sunrise because it sits at an elevation of 1530 feet and is the highest point in the county of Hannock. Next up is the towering Mount Katahdin with a soaring peak of 5269 feet, making it the highest mountain in the entire state. The name means The Greatest Mountain and it is the crown jewel of Baxter State Park. When it is time to escape the hustle and bustle of life, a trip to the relaxed beach known only as Sand Beach, is just what the doctor ordered. Clear and turquoise water, perfect sandy beaches, and a little doobie snack are going to help ease your mind and have all your tensions drift away.

Maine and Smoking Weed Recreationally

Maine has been at the forefront of the progressive movement towards legalization for several decades. They were the third state in the nation to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis all the way back in 1976. In 2013 the city of Portland, and in 2014 South Portland followed suit with municipal legalization of marijuana within their city limits. A couple of years later the entire state got on board. On November 8, 2016, there was a statewide ballot initiative titled Maine Question 1 that was passed. This referendum led to the Marijuana Legalization Act being passed and set to begin within 40 days of the vote. This act would now allow adults who are not a part of the medical marijuana program in the state to grow, possess, and consume marijuana.
While you are allowed to smoke and consume recreational marijuana in Maine there are still rules to be followed. It is important to note that consuming on public or federal land is still prohibited. You are legally allowed to consume on private property as long as it is out of the public view. If you are found to be in contravention of this regulation, then you are subject to a fine up to $100. Of course, with any recreational substance that can cause impairment, operating a motor vehicle under the influence continues to be illegal. Being caught driving under the influence of ganja will most likely result in a DUI and all of the pitfalls that go along with that.

Can You Possess Recreational Marijuana in Maine

You can absolutely possess marijuana in the Pine Tree State as long as it is within the personal consumption guidelines. These guidelines state that an adult who is 21 years of age or older is legally allowed to possess 70 grams or 2.5 ounces of the sticky icky! You are also allowed to be in possession of up to 12 immature plans, 3 mature plants, and as many seedlings as your heart desires.
When you want to transport marijuana in your possession, you can take all 2.5 ounces with you. The only stipulation for transporting your weed is that all of it must be kept in a sealed and childproof container for the duration of the transport. This means there is no oohing and aahing of those glorious buds you grew at home thanks to the cannabis seeds for sale at the Kind Seed Co.  Make sure that you save that prior to or after your arrival at the destination. Lastly, make sure that you are not taking your marijuana across state lines. If you were to try and take your legal marijuana over the border to New Hampshire where it is illegal, there would be serious ramifications. The same goes if you tried to take it over the border into Canada since weed is federally prohibited in the United States.

Can I Grow Cannabis from Seed in The Vacationland

One of the best aspects of marijuana legalization is the ability to begin growing at home for personal use. Anyone who is 21 years or older is legally allowed to cultivate up to 3 mature plants in their home. They are allowed to also have 12 immature plants and an unlimited number of seedlings. All of your plants must be grown within your home and outside of the view of the public. There must also be precautions taken to ensure that minors, or those under 21 years of age, do not have access to the decadent flowers. When you decide to purchase marijuana seeds for sale from Kind Seed Co be sure that you follow statewide legislation that states you must tag every plant with particular information. Every plant needs the grower’s name, their Maine driver’s license number, or their Maine ID number.
Now that marijuana is legal to grow you should buy marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank. A seed bank like the Kind Seed C. has all of the seeds you could ever need for your growing journey.

What’s a Maine Seed Bank?

A Maine Seed Bank is exactly as it sounds. It is a seed bank that services the canabis seeds needs of all Maine residents. We feel that we are the best choice amongst all the Maine seed banks. We are an all-American online cannabis seed bank that provides premium quality pot seeds to fit every need. We have a dedicated team of knowledgeable staff that is here to help you with any aspect of the cannabis seed environment you need. We have everything from regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, cbd seeds, high THC seeds, and everything in between.

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Lumber State

A little known fact is that cannabis seeds have been federally recognized as an adult novelty item within the entire United States of America. This has always made them legal for purchase as long as they remained ungerminated. While that is going to help you win a bar bet or a family trivia night, it no longer applies in the Lumber State thanks to the Marijuana Legalization Act. Not only can you collect cannabis seeds as an adult novelty item but you can put them to the use that they were meant for. Begin the germination process and then start developing those beautiful, majestic flowers that are primed and ready to deliver phenomenal recreational and medicinal benefits.
As of 2020, you can now purchase marijuana and marijuana-related products at dispensaries around the state. It took a few years for this to happen after the passing of the legislation but pot freedom has finally arrived. While this can be a good option for some, there are some significant drawbacks when heading to a storefront location. Due to high overhead costs and limited room on the shelf, there are often limited quantities and selection of seeds. Unfortunately, you are going to often rely on the information being shared by the store clerk and there is no guarantee they are not any better than a snake oil salesman! This is where the online cannabis seed bank world thrives. There is no shortage of selection or quantities. At the Kind Seed Co, we offer detailed product descriptions for all of our outstanding strains. We offer hundreds of different varieties to ensure that you are getting the perfect strain for you. Last but not least, you can source all of your pot seeds from the comfort of wherever you are. If you are sitting in the car waiting for the kids to get out of school, or lounging on the couch watching the game, every cannabis seed we have to offer is at your fingertips and a few clicks away from being on its way to you!

Maine: Medical Cannabis

The state of Maine has had some form of medical marijuana program since 1999. At that time, there was a limited medical marijuana program that specified certain serious health conditions. After operating for 10 years, it was expanded when the Maine Medical Marijuana Act was passed. This legislation officially began the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP). The consumption of marijuana for medical users is the same as recreational users and it is allowed when on private property outside the view of the public while it is prohibited when consumed in public. You are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of cannabis and you are also prohibited from consuming cannabis while in a parked car that is in public.
Qualified patients can obtain medical marijuana cards that allow the different rules to be applied for them. As a patient, if you are unable to cultivate or possess your own marijuana you can designate a caregiver to fulfill these duties on your behalf. Qualified patients and caregivers can possess up to 2.5 ounces of prepared marijuana (the same as recreational users) but are allowed to possess up to 6 mature plants, 12 immature plants, an unlimited number of seedlings in addition to up to 8 pounds of dried marijuana. One of the major differences from the recreational program is that qualifying medical patients only need to be 18 years or older to qualify for the program. Medical patients can give up to 6 immature plants to others that are 21 years or older as well, but the gifts must be completely free of charge.
To participate in the MMMP, patients must be given approval and authorization by a doctor or nurse practitioner. Once they are given this authorization, they can obtain a registry card. One of the best parts of this program is that there are no medical conditions listed in the legislation and they leave this up to medical professionals to prescribe marijuana for any medical condition that they feel could benefit from cannabis.

Buy Female Photoperiod Pot Seeds and Female Autoflower Seeds in The Lumber State

The excitement of legalization has many people wanting to begin growing cannabis at home. Jumping in with both feet can be intimidating because of the many different types of marijuana seeds. While it seems daunting at first, a little information can help dispel the myths that it takes a degree in horticulture to grow your own ganja at home.
First off, there are a lot of feminized seeds on the market. These seeds contain only female genetic material. This has happened through breeders stressing females to develop male sex characteristics. The reason for this is to produce seeds that will be guaranteed to produce a female plant. Since female plants are the ones that produce the vast majority of the delicious buds we are all after, this makes it a no-brainer.
Next, you will encounter photoperiod and auto-flowering seeds. Both of these seeds can be feminized but are different overall. Photoperiod seeds are ones that require a change in their access to light to transition from vegetating to flowering. They will remain in the vegetating stage until they are given less access to light. Often they will have an 18/6 schedule of light vs dark during the vegetative stage. Once you are ready to move them to the flowering stage you will reduce their access to light and often go to a 12/12 cycle. This will trigger the plant to direct its energy to flowering buds and not growing the overall plant structure. Autoflower seeds on the other hand do not need any changes in light. They have been bred with a ruderalis strain which transitions to flowering based on maturity. They have a shorter life cycle so they will remain smaller in stature and produce a harvest faster.
While all of these different seeds have their place in the cannabis community, you may find that some are better suited for you and your needs. Autoflowers produce a faster harvest but generally are lower yielding. The lack of knowledge about light cycling makes them ideal for beginners. The smaller stature makes them a great choice for smaller growing spaces. On the other hand, photoperiod seeds offer more cultivator control and will often produce larger yields. They generally require a little more knowledge of the growing process but are also able to be handled by newbies. Whichever of these types of seeds are best suited for you, the answer to where to get them remains the same. The Kind Seed Co has a plethora of auto-flowering and photoperiod seeds for every budget and taste.

Buy Natural Weed Seeds in Maine

Natural Seeds simply mean regular seeds. Regular seeds are those that contain male and female genetic material and have a 50-50 chance to produce a male or female plant. While they are not for everyone, they have their place in the cannabis seed market.
You might wonder why someone would want a male plant after learning that female plants produce the vast majority of the bodacious buds? When males and females are both present the male plant pollinates the females. This produces crops that have an abundance of seedy buds. These seeds are then able to be used for future harvests, but the crop they come in has less potent and minimal buds. The second reason that people may want to have males is that they want the seeds for breeding purposes. These seeds can be used to breed new and exciting strains and are very sought after by expert breeders.
Can you grow a bounty of buds with regular seeds? Yes, you can! The main difference is that you will need to remove any males that are present before they can pollinate the female plants. This is going to be done by determining the sex of your plants at around 4-6 weeks. If you remove the males from the crop you can expect some dank weed.

Maine and American Weed Seeds

The Kind Seed Co specializes in providing American weed seeds to customers. Many of the best strains in the world have been developed or perfected in the United States. When you seek out seeds from outside of the USA you are going to be waiting on slow supply chains, questionable customs practices, and overall unreliability. Be sure to support the domestic weed seed trade and buy the very best American seeds on the market.

Maine Federal Judicial District Seats

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana, there are far fewer marijuana-related court dates. Unfortunately, if you do run afoul of the law regarding marijuana regulations you may find yourself in a judicial district seat courthouse. These are located in Bangor and Portland.

Best Cities in Maine For Buying Marijuana Seeds

There are many great places to buy marijuana seeds in Maine. Whether you choose to take a chance and buy at a dispensary or purchase quality seeds through our online cannabis seed bank you are going to have lots of options. Once you grab your cannabis seeds and get them growing at home why not head out and enjoy everything that your city has to offer.
Portland has several dispensaries to purchase marijuana and marijuana seeds. Many times though, there is so much to see and do that you are better off to be enjoying what’s around you while passively allowing your cannabis seeds to be delivered to your doorstep. Rather than driving to the store, order your seeds online and head out to enjoy the beaches, parks, and gardens at the Casco Bay Islands. Grab a delicious bite at one of the eclectic cafes that adorn the streets of Old Port or enjoy a brew at one of the many Portland Brewery Tours. When guests come from out of town, not only can you share some of your magnificent homegrown stash but you can take them for a stroll along the picturesque Eastern promenade that separates the Back Cove from the Fore River. A trip back in time to the days when lighthouses were not automated can be had when you venture out to Cape Elizabeth. When you are there you will notice the two lighthouses that are the central focus of the iconic painting, The Lighthouse at Two Lights!
Lewiston is extremely well known for L-A Museum. That often throws people for a loop as instinctively you think of Los Angeles when you hear L-A but in this case, your instincts let you down. It stands for Lewiston-Auburn and is a museum that pays homage to those who have left a legacy in the area. It offers something for everyone as the legacies left could be economic, technological, or social. There is nothing better to clear your head than a fabulous hybrid strain from Kind Seed Co but a stroll down the Auburn Riverwalk is a close second. This riverwalk allows you to admire the breathtaking Androscoggin River. The waterfalls and massive rocks help you to ponder things that make your jaw drop! If you are an outdoor lover, then heading to the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary can be serene. There is a unique stone fireplace, two ponds, majestic rocks, and an amphitheater to help you forget the hustle and bustle of the daily rat race.
Bangor is more than just the fictitious birthplace of Mighty Ducks character Julie The Cat Gaffney. It was established in the mid 19th century based on the lumber industry and contributes to the reason that Maine is referred to as the Lumber State. When there, travel back in time and take a tour of the Cole Land Transportation Museum. You can step into a time when the world was a simpler place. While you enjoy the chilling and thrilling twists and turns of a Stephen King novel, you can go and see where some of that magic happens. Many fans have stopped outside of his illustrious home to take a gander at where some of the best horror novels have gotten their start. Lastly, what would a visit to an old Lumber Town be like without getting your picture with the enormous, 31-foot statue of Paul Bunyan? Much like the folklore surrounding him, the statue is still in incredible shape after dealing with the harsh elements that winter brings to Bangor every year!
South Portland has spent its entirety trying to get out of the shadow of Portland. The ironic thing is that it was never a part of Portland, but many believe it to be so. Whether you want to jog, walk, bike, or even take your dog for a cruise, the Spring Point Shoreway is a fabulous place for fresh air and the ability to admire the incredible Atlantic Ocean and all the boats and ferries that traverse the waters. If you have the time, be sure to make a stop at the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. It is known as the spark plug because of its shape that resembles a spark plug, of course. This is not the only great lighthouse in this coastal town. The lighthouse at Bug Light Park is outstanding and allows you the opportunity to simply gaze out at the ocean and contemplate its enormity. Grab a coffee, the euphoric feelings of the joint smoked before arriving, and sit back with friends for a good chat! Outdoor enthusiasts are in Mecca when in South Portland. There are many parks and paths to navigate but none are better than Mill Creek Park. It has fabulous views, picnic spots, benches with a view of the fountain, and best of all it is completely free, open 24/7, and dog friendly!
Auburn is located across the Androscoggin River from Lewiston. They both share access to the incredible Auburn Riverwalk. It is always a great place to view waterfalls, rocks, and scenic trails that are well maintained. The Spring Road Trail is a fabulous place for a jog or walks to clear your mind. When it gets too cold outside, head over to the Norway Savings Bank Arena for a hockey game, expo, or show. For those who have been there and done that in Auburn, a little gem that often goes overlooked is the Community Little Theatre. It boasts talented local actors and always provides good entertainment value for the dollar, much like the value attained at the Kind Seed Co. Living in Maine is going to mean that you will need to lean into the winter wonderland that it is. Head up to the Lost Valley for a beautiful day of skiing, dining, and drinking.
While all of these locations have dispensaries to acquire some marijuana, they have so much more to offer than waiting in line or sitting in traffic. Ditch the wait and grab your favorite cannabis seeds or try something outstanding like the wedding cake strain at Kind Seed Co.

Buy High THC Heavy Yielding Strain Seeds in Maine

Power Plant
This fast-flowering sativa strain is going to leave you feeling happy and uplifted yet relaxed. The large and resinous green flowers are going to provide medium THC content and not be overpowering for new users.
This Indica dominant hybrid has a sweet and sour fruity aroma and taste that leaves a pinch of vanilla and spice on the tongue. The 20% THC content is going to be at your fingertips within 9 to 10 weeks after flowering begins. This hybrid comes from an illustrious lineage of Big Skunk, Super Skunk, and Jack Herer and is sure to impress.
Purple Tropicana Cookies
This resin-rich sativa-dominant hybrid strain is going to produce a clear-headed and focused mindset. It will boost your mood and have you ready to tackle the day ahead of you. It grows well in all mediums and is going to produce a 21% THC content. One puff of this floral and citrus rich strain is going to leave you wanting more.
Coming from White Widow and Haze, this sativa-dominant strain produces long-lasting cerebral stimulation. You are going to be ready for deep conversations that you never thought you were capable of after a session with Orca. It has a lemon and pine scent that has a rock-solid 27 THC %. It will flower for 9-10 weeks before providing a robust yield that is sure to have you stocked up and ready for winter.
Northern Lights
This is a classic indica strain that is well known around the globe. It comes from Thai and Afghani landraces that leave it with a pungently yet sweet and spicy aroma. It is ideally used for treating stress and depression and ensures that a restful night’s sleep will be attained.
All of these strains and so many more are available in the wonderful state of Maine. Spend more time experiencing the tranquil beauty that surrounds you in Maine and buy your cannabis seeds online from Kind Seed Co. Legalization has lifted the barrier to experiencing and enjoying cannabis at a whole new level. Begin planting your marijuana seeds today and never have to rely on anyone else for dank buds again!


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    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Maine ?


    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Maine ?


    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Maine ?


    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Maine ?


    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Maine ?

    Yes growing pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds at home is legal in Maine.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Maine ?

    Visit Kind Seed Co and choose from 500 cannabis strains to add to cart. Then pay for your order and check out. Then check your tracking email to follow along for your when your package will arrive. Kind Seed Co is your online seed bank of choice in Maine so give us a shot and get your collector seed today.

    Are Maine Seeds grown in Maine ?

    Its possible that Maine Seeds are grown in Maine. Typically, legal markets take time to develop specialty cannabis seed production. Other markets have shown it takes a decade or more for reliable seed production. So you can be skeptical if anyone is selling autoflower feminized seeds as grown in ME.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Maine ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Maine ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Maine ?


    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Maine ?


    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Maine ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Maine ?


    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Maine ?


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