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The geography, topography and climate of Maryland are quite varied throughout this state, earning it the alias “America in Miniature.” The climate zone sits between humid subtropical and humid continental depending which part of the state you are in. Both are great for supporting a wide range of vegetation as the summers are hot with lots of direct sunlight. The plant life throughout Maryland is abundant and healthy. There is an array of local plants and foreign species that are supported as well. Weed is no exception. There are many strains that will thrive in either climate zone. The eastern half of the state is on the Atlantic Coastal plain. The topography is flat, and the muddy soil is rich in nutrients. Other areas sit at higher elevations and see more snow fall, but as long as you harvest before the first frost, the winter weather should not impact your ability to grow. The hot temperatures in the summer and the state’s proximity to the ocean can lead to some extreme weather like tropical cyclones, so growing in pots outdoors so you can better protect your plants might be wise. Of course, there is always the option to grow indoors as well. This way you can perfectly control your grow room conditions to help any strain thrive.
No matter how you decide to tackle growing cannabis in the Free State, you will be happy you did. There are a lot of activities that would be wonderfully paired with a few puffs off the perfect joint. At Kind Seed Co you can find strains with all sorts of different effects to match with the different interests you fill your life with in Maryland. This state is in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Its capital is Annapolis and its largest city, Baltimore. You will sometimes hear Maryland referred to as the Free State, as used above, as well as the Old Line State and the Chesapeake Bay State, as many of the state’s counties border the Chesapeake Bay estuary.
Maryland is home to some well recognized and prestigious universities and colleges, including the somewhat infamous John Hopkins University which was founded in 1876 and the first of the state, the University of Maryland, founded in 1807. The Maryland Institute College of Art resides in Baltimore and one of the largest distance-learning schools in the world, the University of Maryland Global Campus is headquartered in Adelphi. If you happen to be attending one of the many schools in the state, there are 24 public library systems through which you can access materials in all formats for all research purposes.
There are a number of major and minor sports teams throughout the state of Maryland as well. If you long to follow the local teams and keep up to date on their stats, you can do so with football, baseball, hockey, basketball and more. There are two national football teams, the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Football Team. The Baltimore Orioles are a major League baseball team from the area and the Washington Wizards are registered in the National Basketball Association. There are teams that play soccer and lacrosse as well as golf tournaments and horse racing. No shortage of events and games to be part of! A few puffs of an energizing sativa strain that enhances focus would be an ideal pairing for sitting down to watch a game, whether from home or in an arena.
If you are more keen on exploring the rich art scene in Maryland, there are countless impressive collections in museums and galleries throughout the state. Walters Art Museum exhibits a diverse range of styles and the Baltimore Museum of Art is the largest in the state. You can also visit the astounding American Visionary Art Museum which is known for displaying works from outsiders. Its location in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore adds to its appeal, as you can stroll the waterfront as part of your visit to the area.
Perhaps you are more interested in roaming the unique pockets of the urban centers. Fells Point is a must visit. It is part of the historic waterfront in Baltimore and was established around 1763. The area is rich with antiques, music, food and pubs. Though a lot of the establishments may be shut at this time, the gorgeous and colourful buildings with the maritime quirks make this a nice neighborhood to visit regardless. Visiting Lexington Market in Baltimore is another wise stop. This is a historic market that consists of farmed produce, meats, seafood and baked goods. Visit 44 vendors for one stop grocery shopping! If you happen to toke on a joint that leaves you with the munchies, this could be a great choice for those who are struggling with nausea or eating, as you will not be able to resist the plethora of tasty treats.
Visiting Silver Spring? You will not want to miss the Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Regional Park. Most of the year, you can tack a stroll through these manicured gardens to your exploration of the park at no extra cost. However, there are events like the “Garden of Lights” through the holiday season that may have a fee. For another beautiful stroll through a well constructed garden, visit the Paca House and Garden in Annapolis. This 2 acre bed of flowers surrounds a house built between 1763 and 1765 that was the home of William Paca, a Governor of Maryland that served 3 terms. Another garden that has made our list is the Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton. Established in the 1930’s, this 250 acre farm is full of sculptured shrubs and flowers. Smoking a joint rolled with an energizing and creative strain could help motivate you to wander and maybe encourage some sketching of the unique flowers too!
There are a lot of beautiful outdoor parks and recreation areas in the state as well, so you do not need to resign yourself to spending all your time in the urban centers. Make a trip to Assateague Island National Seashore to see the largest natural barrier island ecosystem. This special pocket of park is protected, and its visitors are educated of its unique resources and conditions. This could be a great educational opportunity for the family while also providing gorgeous scenery on meandering trails. For a more vigorous, mountain hike, visit Catoctin Mountain Park and enjoy stunning views from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Appalachian Mountains system. Another unique park to visit is Calvert Cliffs State Park. This park is in Lusby and it protects roughly 24 miles of cliff faces that run along the Calvert Peninsula. Beyond the breathtaking topography, this park is also known for the Middle Miocene fossils found along its shoreline. Do not miss Swallow Falls State Park if you like waterfalls! This park features the highest falls in Maryland, situated amongst 300 year old Hemlock Trees. A truly magical stop!
Smoking something like the wedding cake strain after a day roaming one of these beautiful parks could help soothe those muscles while slowly lulling you to sleep. The initial effects will be mind bending and cognitive, so start with enjoying some snacks with friends before letting the relaxation take over!
Last, we will explore some of the must-see historical places in Maryland. Witness the gorgeous architecture of one of the oldest buildings in Takoma Park by visiting the Davis-Warner House. Another architectural feat worth catching sight of is the St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church. Its rounded columns are topped with awe inspiring golden domes. The John H. Traband House in Upper Malboro was built in the late 1800’s and while you absorb the architecture of the main house, you will also see a neat, two story carriage house. For a more somber stop, visit the national Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Emmitsburg. While it has only existed since the early 1980’s, it honors all the firefighters who lost their lives in service and is added to as needed with the extra acknowledgement of a half-staff flag.
At Kind Seed Co we have indica dominant strains that are ideal for unwinding at the end of the day. We also have sativa dominant options that can perk you up and energize you for a day out exploring. There are strains rich in THC which lend themselves to a more psychoactive high, some to the point of altering the users experience of sound and light! Great for indulging in your favorite movie or absorbing the notes of your favorite album. However, there is also the option to buy CBD rich seeds that offer profound therapeutic potential without the mind bending properties of THC. We have options that taste like sweet cookies or tropical fruit, as well as skunky, diesel, flavored strains that appeal to the veterans. When you sift through our impressive catalogue, you are sure to find strains that appeal to you and meet your unique needs. Know that if you have any trouble along the way, we have a team of customer service representatives that will be happy to help you out.
Let us first delve a little into the legalities around weed use, possession and cultivation in Maryland. Below, we will also offer a little more information about Kind Seed Co. and about growing and explore the best cities for growing and some specific strains.

Maryland and Smoking Recreational Cannabis

So, unfortunately, toking on a joint for recreational purposes is illegal in the state of Maryland. Progress is being made though! With a lot of the states throughout the country making shifts towards legalization and Maryland already being somewhat advanced, it likely will not be long before you can happily smoke without fear of penalty.

Is it Legal to Possess Weed in Maryland?

You probably imagine that possessing weed for recreational use is illegal if it is illegal to smoke it, and you are right. However, possession of small amounts of marijauna has been decriminalized. As of 2014, possession of less than 10 grams of pot is a civil offense with no incarceration time and a maximum fine of $100. Possession of larger quantities is still taken more seriously. 10 grams up to 50 pounds is a criminal misdemeanor that can be punished by up to a year in jail and a hefty $1000 fine. If you have more than 50 pounds on your person, it is considered a felony. Larger quantities often indicate intent to sell which is taken more seriously than small amounts that are likely for personal use. Hopefully it will not be long before the possession of these smaller amounts is fully legal.
The possession of weed for medical purposes is a different story. As long as the patient has certification from a licensed physician, they are able to possess up to 120 grams of medical cannibus.

Weed Growing in The Old Line State

The cultivation of weed in Maryland is illegal, even for medical use. The only growing that has been legalized is that of hemp, and only if it is done by licensed growers or by higher education institutions for research purposes. With medical use and possession being legal and small personal possession charges being decriminalized, legal cultivation may not be far behind. You can use this time to explore different growing techniques so that when the time comes you are prepared to start your home-grown stash.
First you will want to assess whether or not you will do an indoor or outdoor grow operation. An indoor growing setup offers the advantage of more control. You can create the ideal conditions for almost any strain to thrive, rather than relying on, or being limited by your environmental conditions. A lot of plants love lots of warm, natural sun exposure though, so if your climate allows and you rather get your feet and hands in the dirt, an outdoor grow can be just as successful.
An indoor grow can also require a lot more start-up capital. You may need to purchase equipment like bulbs, timers, pots, fans, and, for the stinkier strains, a carbon filter. Some plants flourish in a hydroponic system where flowing water is used to distribute nutrients rather than soil. This takes a little finesse and some extra tools as well. A lot of indoor growers will use techniques like the Sea of Green or Screen of Green to manage their plants size and optimize their bud development. This is where you expand the canopy of your plants to allow better light exposure to all their limbs and to allow air to flow to all their branches to keep moisture related illnesses at bay.
Regardless of your growing know-how, you likely have a bit of time to research and familiarize yourself with the techniques you want to use while weed makes its move into the legal sphere.

Maryland Seed Bank: What is it?

This Maryland seed bank, Kind Seed Co, is an online shop that offers a variety of different weed seed strains. We carry autoflowering, feminized, regular and medical canabis seeds. There are indica dominant strains that are best suited to helping you unwind at the end of a long day, sativa dominant strains that can give you a welcome burst of energy to get you moving in the morning, and hybrids that offer a little of both. Our medical cannabis seeds for sale, or higher content CBD seeds, range from 22% THC and 5% CBD, to equal parts, to the opposite ratios. The higher the CBD and lower the THC, the better able you are to go about your day to day life while experiencing relief from physical and mental health challenges. You can find seeds that have different flavor profiles, that provide different medicinal benefits, and that require different levels of growing expertise, all in one place. Each of our strain options have a detailed description so you know exactly what to expect from whichever seeds you choose. When you choose to purchase your seeds through Kind Seed Co, you can rest easy knowing you have invested in some of the best weed seeds for sale online.
It may feel a little impersonal to purchase online, and if it is your first time buying or growing seeds, you may have a lot of questions. Do not worry, we are here to help. Call our customer service line and we will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise along the way!

Is it Legal to Buy Weed Seeds in The Oyster State?

So, even though growing and using weed is illegal aside from limited medical use, to buy marijuana seeds is actually okay. Marijuana seeds are considered a novelty item, so there is no restriction on buying or possessing them, as long as they remain in seed form. Seeds can last a while in your possession and it is possible to use a quick soak in water to revive them, so there is no harm in choosing and purchasing your marijuana seeds for sale now. When cultivation is legalized, you can start the germination process. Germination can be done with a variety of techniques, though the most common method is the paper towel method. This is where seeds are spread between two moist pieces of paper towel and domed between two plates. In 1 to 3 days the taproots will break out of the shell of the seed. You can also buy soil cubes, germination stations, or germinate them directly in damp soil whenever the time comes!

Is Medical Cannabis Legal in Maryland?

Medical cannabis, which consists of products like extracts, lotions, tinctures, ointments, and forms that can be vaporized, but not smoked, was legalized in Maryland in 2014. In order to qualify, you must have one of the health conditions that the law approves which includes, but is not limited to, health issues like anorexia, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder, seizures, and severe chronic pain. Struggling with one or more of these conditions does not immediately qualify you to buy weed, though. You also need to acquire written certification from a licensed professional and register under the state’s program. Even children are eligible for this program, as long as a physician deems it a useful form of treatment.
There are two entities that are responsible for creating regulations around access to marijauana, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) and the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds and Autoflower Marijuana Seeds in The Oyster State

Different plants require different conditions in order to flower. A lot of cannabis plants are photoperiod bloomers, which means they depend on shifting light to be moved from their vegetation stage into their flowering process. Often adjusting their light schedule so that the light periods are shorter and, thus, dark periods longer, will be what they need to bloom. This is something that occurs in mother nature as the long summer days shift to the short bursts of fall light. Indoors, you can replicate these conditions with bulbs and timers. Note that this requires a little bit of start-up capital, as you will need strong, good quality bulbs!
There are also autoflower seeds. These were created by blending the genetics of classic pot strains with ruderalis genetics. The addition of the ruderalis led to more robust and hardy plants that flower automatically depending on their movement through their life stages rather than reliant on light conditions. These are a great choice for beginners as they can leave the plants to do their own thing with little fuss. Plus, their added strength makes them more resilient to other new growing errors.

Regular Seeds in Maryland

Regular, or natural, weed seeds are unaltered seeds that grow into both male and female plants. If you are interested in generating seeds so you have lots for future grows, buying regular seeds is the way to go. Female plants left on their own will develop lots of sticky flowers that people harvest, cure and smoke. The male plants, on the other hand, pollinate the females and turn their yields into seedy masses. If you do not want seedy yields, you will have to watch for the male plants, weed them out and discard them before they have a chance to pollinate. This will require a little research or prior experience, as you will need to be able to determine male characteristics early enough to avoid accidental pollination.
This may feel intimidating to a new grower, but do not fret! Thanks to innovative breeders, there is another option. It was discovered that by stressing a female plant, it was possible to get it to generate pollen like a male. By using this to pollinate other female plants, pure female seeds were created. These are seeds with two X- chromosomes that are guaranteed to grow into the bud producing mother plants. Buying feminized eliminates all the fuss of monitoring and weeding in the early growing stages. This is perfect for newer growers, or those who just do not want to invest the extra time in the initial growing phase. Most of our strains can be purchased in either variety, so you can opt for the more versatile natural seeds if you are keen on trying out some seed production!

How to Buy American Weed Seeds in Maryland

Ready to start browsing pot seeds for sale? You can order seeds through Kind Seed Co’s online shop from the comfort of your favorite chair with just a few easy clicks. Choose and purchase your seeds and then wait as they are transported from our facility to your home. The hardest part will likely be sifting through all the awesome strains we have available and making the selections for which ones to add into your home-grown stash. Once you have added your items to your cart, you will be asked to pay. We take many different forms of payment and offer secure options so that your personal information is kept safe. It will not be long before your seeds arrive at the delivery address you provide, and then you can start the process of germinating and growing your plants. Buy marijuana seeds today! It has never been easier than it is through the Kind Seed Co online seed bank. Start shopping now!

Federal Judicial District of Maryland

There is one judicial district in Maryland that has two statutory divisions in Baltimore and Greenbelt. The district is in charge of coming up with and reinforcing regulations around marijuana use, possession and growth. As laws around the country are continually evolving towards legalization, it is likely just a short time before the people in charge of operating the courts start to adjust local laws to keep up with the evolution. The allowance for lesser fines and incarceration times for small scale possession is a progressive and hopeful step in the right direction.

Most Popular Maryland Cities to Grow Cannabis

There are a lot of areas throughout this fine state that would be great for growing pot from seed, but here we will give some of the most popular cities and delve a little into some information about each one. Baltimore is first on our list. This is the most densely populated city in Maryland and the 30th most populated in the entire country. It is the location of the oldest railroad and, because of this, the city is considered a major hub for transportation and trade. Baltimore is rich in history with more statues, monuments and registered historic buildings than other cities in the country. The city is separated into a bunch of different neighborhoods each with their own unique flair worth exploring. There is also nearly 5000 acres of parkland to get your fix of mother nature. The unique placement of this city on the fall line between Piedmont Plateau and the Atlantic coastal plain divides it into an upper and lower section ranging from sitting at sea level to 480 feet above. Baltimore also resides along the Patapsco River near the spot it drains in Chesapeake Bay. The geography of the area creates some beautiful parks worth spending some sunny days in!
Frederick is the second largest city in Maryland. It is mostly land but has the Monocacy River, Carroll Creek and some ponds, lakes and man-made bodies of water. The humid subtropical climate consists of hot, humid summers and cool winters, which can be great for growing some plants, as long as you make sure to harvest before the first fall frost and to protect your plants best you can from summer storms. The church spires that jolt out of the city skyline is what downtown Frederick is known for. The phrase “clustered spires” is even used in the naming of city structures like the cemetery. The pedestrian friendly core was named one of the “Greatest Neighborhoods” by Forbes magazine and is filled with quaint shops, galleries and restaurants. There is also a pretty exceptional music scene in Frederick. The Symphony Orchestra, the Frederick Chorale, and the Frederick Symphonic Band all perform somewhat regularly and are organizations filled with talented musicians worth hearing!
Rockville is another great spot for weed cultivation. Its placement in the Piedmont region with 3 creeks, Rock Creek, Cabin John Creek and Watts Branch passing through make Rockville a great growing city that has been utilized for agriculture from as early as 8000 BC. There are lots of historical spots around downtown Rockville as well including Old St. Mary’s Church, Bingham-Brewer House and the Beall-Dawson House, all built in the early 1800’s. You can visit places like the Gaithersburg Community Museum or the Ratner Museum to learn more about the rich history of the area. There is also an abundance of beautiful outdoor spots worth visiting, if you rather get yourself out of the bustle of the city. Meander the stunning walking trails through Matthew Henson State Park or spend the day at Lake Needwood for rowing and canoeing adventures.
Gaithersburg is the fourth biggest city in the state and is divided into east and west by interstate 270. The eastern side is the original town of Gaithersburg and has several historic landmarks and buildings while the west is newer and more affluent. Several of the neighborhoods on the western side of the city were developed using environmentally friendly techniques. One, the Kentlands community, even won awards for its green innovation! Gaithersburg is also home to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is a laboratory dedicated to innovation. Visit the Rio Washingtonian Center or the Gaithersburg Community Museum to dive a little deeper into the history of the region or skip town all together and soak up the creek side trails that wiggle their way through Seneca Creek State Park. There is no shortage of nice ways to explore the area, and all could be better when paired with the right strain, grown from Kind Seed Co seeds.
The last city we will mention here is one in Prince George’s County called, Bowie. Originally Bowie was a small railroad stop but has since grown into the 5th biggest city in the state and was recognized as the 28th Best Place to Live by CNN Money. This city is full of public and private education institutions from elementary right through to colleges and universities. If you are attending one of the prestigious schools, you have access to two library branches with lots of resources. There are a lot of structures that have made it into the National Register of Historic Places too, so you can explore the city and enjoy sites like Belair and the Bowie Railroad Buildings. There are also several noteworthy parks that are great for spending a hot summer day visiting, like Allen Pond Park, Buckingham Park and Whitemarsh Park.

Buy Maryland’s Favourite Marijuana Seeds

There are a lot of strain options that would do well and offer some awesome effects in Maryland but let us offer a few of our favorite suggestions for your area. We will provide a little information on each, but you can find longer, more in depth profiles on our website if you are left with any questions!
Somango 99
The parents of this bud are 3 powerhouse strains, Super Skunk, Big Skunk and Jack Herer. This is an indica dominant strain with low sativa genetics at 25%. The hybrid genetics create a balanced high that offers a slight increase in energy and focus blended with relaxed euphoria and sleepiness. These effects can be supportive of symptoms associated with chronic pain and stress. The aroma and flavor of this herb is a delightful mix of sweet mango, berries, vanilla, earth and spice. This burst of flavor carries a hefty 20% THC content that offers some potent psychedelic effects. If you want to grow Somango, you will be happy to know these plants are resistant to mold and mildew and generate high yields.
Early Skunk
This is an award winning blend of Early pearl and Skunk #1 that took home the Cannabis Cup. The result is an easy to grow strain that offers heavy yields and a social, happy high. The THC content ranges from 15 to 22% and is evident in the thick layer of silvery trichomes that adorns the buds of these tall plants. When you take a few puffs off an Early Skunk joint, you can anticipate being met with a happy, euphoric high that enhances focus and is profoundly relaxing of mind and body. This uplifting buzz is great for managing depression and the tension relief can work to eliminate pain and spasms. The aroma and flavor profiles are complex with elements of peppery spice, sweet rose and tree fruits. These babies will produce an abundance of tasty nugs in a short 7 to 9 weeks!
OG Kush Fast Flowering
This mix of Chemdawg and Old World Paki Kush is a 75% indica dominant strain with THC levels sitting between 20 and 25%. The most common effects from smoking this herb are relaxation, euphoria and happiness. They can be used in the treatment of stress, pain and disorders that lead to low moods. These nugs are pretty pungent with hints of rubber, pine, earth and skunk in their aroma and flavor profiles. Thankfully, bright citrus notes make for a more pleasant sensory experience! As the name implies, these plants flower quickly, moving through their entire blooming process in 6 or 7 weeks. The plants are unfortunately susceptible to mildew, bugs and disease, but an indoor grow operation could help you more easily manage conditions and keep these issues at bay!
Grandaddy Bruce
This strain is a pretty potent, uplifting yet sedative herb that has 75% indica genetics. The initial happy and euphoric effects can be helpful for managing depression and in higher doses, this bud can knock out an insomniac! Because of its ability to relax those muscles, it is also a go to for those who need help managing pain. Smoke flavored like sweet vanilla and spicy florals delivers the plant’s high THC content ranging from 26 to 28%. These plants happen to be a visual delight as well with dark purple hues in their leaves, bright green flowers and orange pistils bursting out of the buds.
Grandaddy Bruce
If you are looking for a sativa dominant herb with some powerful psychedelic properties, this could be the bud for you! This strain has 70% sativa genetics and is intensely stimulating. It has been shown to help people manage symptoms of anxiety, stress and low mood disorders as well. The rich terpene profile, consisting of limonene, ocimene and myrcene, is enhanced by growing these plants in nutrient dense, organic soil. The nugs taste like skunk, sweet and tang, and when you take a puff you are first hit with the effects from the 21% THC content. This is a great strain if you want a mind-bending experience that also provides some mental and physical relief.
Find any of these options and countless others on our online catalogue. There are a lot of great strains to grow in the many beautiful cities scattered throughout the state, and we are sure to have the perfect one to accompany you on your favorite adventures or that will serve to provide enough relief to allow you to be present in all your endeavors. Start shopping now and get the process underway for when legalization sweeps the nation!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Kind Seed Co presents our cannabis updates for Maryland marijuana growers. We are not lawyers and this should not substitute independent legal advice. Maryland Homegrowers please see below.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Maryland ?

    Yes, souvenir seeds are legal to be purchased for collection and novelty purposes. If you want to germinate your seeds then you need a medical license.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Maryland ?

    Yes, buying cannabis seeds in Maryland is legal for souvenir and collector purposes.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Maryland ?

    Yes, Souvenir seeds are perfectly legal in Maryland.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Maryland ?

    Absolutely, buying pot seeds in Maryland is legal for collector and novelty purposes.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Maryland?

    No, it not currently legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seeds in Maryland. Unless you have one of the lottery awarded cultivators licenses awarded to commercial growers in the state.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Maryland ?

    Visit Kind Seed Co and search through a catalogue of 500 strains to find your perfect seed to buy online. Then simply check out and pay for your order and wait for a tracking email. Follow along while the package is shipped to your mailbox in unmarked packages. Kind Seed Co will never sell or give your information to anyone ever. Period.

    Are Maryland Seeds grown in Maryland ?

    Its possible but unlikely that “Maryland Seeds” are actually grown in Maryland. The medical program has been around a few years and there are some growers but there is not a large enough scale to support domestic seed production. Feminized and autoflower seeds take years of testing and genetic cataloguing and analysis to build the infrastructure needed to supply Maryland with specialty seeds. As in most states, seeds are imported from other states and Europe.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Maryland ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Maryland ?

    No, although low amounts of cannabis are decriminalized for possession including paraphernalia. Government has made possession a fine instead of jail time.

    Is Medical Use legal in Maryland ?

    Yes, a medical use program has been around in Maryland since 2017.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Maryland ?

    No, its not legal to grow CBD seeds in Maryland unless you have a commercial permit to cultivate.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Maryland ?

    No, its not legal to grow autoflower seeds in Maryland unless you have a commercial cultivators license.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Maryland ?

    No, but its decriminalized to consume marijuana in public.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Maryland ?

    No, but its decriminalized in small amounts.

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    Cities in Maryland

    • Aberdeen
    • Annapolis
    • Baltimore
    • Bel Air
    • Bladensburg
    • Bowie
    • Brunswick
    • Cambridge
    • Chesapeake Beach
    • Chestertown
    • Cheverly
    • College Park
    • Cumberland
    • District Heights
    • Easton
    • Elkton
    • Frederick
    • Frostburg
    • Gaithersburg
    • Glenarden
    • Greenbelt
    • Hagerstown
    • Hampstead
    • Havre de Grace
    • Hyattsville
    • La Plata
    • Laurel
    • Mount Airy
    • Mount Rainier
    • New Carrollton
    • Ocean City
    • Riverdale Park
    • Rockville
    • Salisbury
    • Takoma Park
    • Taneytown
    • Thurmont
    • Walkersville
    • Westminster


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