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Where to Buy Cannabis Seed in The Wolverine State

Since the medicinal marijuana reform of 2008 and Proposition 1, the adult recreational bill which came into effect December 1, 2019, Michigan has been seeing some real flower freedom. Though many municipalities have been working toward marijuana reform since the 70’s, there has been some real change in the past few years and, because of how beautiful this state is, with all its fresh water and wide-open spaces, there is some killer weed being grown here.
Bordering this state are Lakes Eerie, Huron, Michigan and Superior. We also share territory with Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Indiana, splitting the bounty of nearby rivers and meeting Canada’s Ontario to the North. Elevations range from 571 feet at Lake Eerie to 1,979 feet at Mount Arvon. Between the four Great Lakes, 11,000 inland lakes, 20 million acres of protected forests and over 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, there is some gorgeous geography here. Visitors and citizens can enjoy any number of outdoor sports and adventures including biking along any of the 1300 miles of designated trails, hiking through the pristine wilderness of the North Country National Scenic Trail or the Iron Belle Trail, the longest trails in the nation. Fishing and hunting, camping, boating and swimming are all fun seasonal activities to be enjoyed here as well. Home to some of the best fly fishing in the country and boasting eight of the top bass-fishing lakes in the nation, anglers will not be disappointed to hook into a massive Walleye or a Brook Trout, the States designated fish, or have their lure stolen on the sly by a Largemouth Bass. Winter experiences include ice-climbing, sledding, ice-fishing and dog-sledding and experts in these and other outdoor adventure arenas abound. Thrust your picks and crampons into any number of the couple hundred frozen shoreline waterfalls ranging anywhere from 20 to 200 feet. Maybe you would like to get out and about with your DSLR and get that money shot of majesty as you whip along the UP200 course in Marquette or the Copper Dog 150 of Calumet. There is so much brilliant geography in the Water-Winter Wonderland that it would take a set of encyclopedias to describe it all.
Climate plays a huge role in outdoor activities and the Mitten State sees four distinct seasons, perfect for any photography, nature or otherwise outdoor enthusiast. This is generally a pretty cold state. Southern areas like Saginaw Bay, Grand Rapids and further-on may be warm and slightly humid and the Northern regions prone to off-lake weather systems, all of Michigan is fraught with weather. Summers can be great for those who like the heat, and temperatures have been recorded as high as 112F, though that was a fluke and temps usually fall around the 100F mark on the hottest day.
Winters in this state can be harsh. Cold winds and lake-born snows cover much of Michigan for a few months every year. Temperatures are generally always below freezing with the coldest ever recorded temperature being -51F in the February of 1934. What does this mean to marijuana growers? Well, since Michigan sits on the 45th parallel, respectively, with shorter summers and cold winters, it is a great place for indoor growing but, failing that, there are a number of fantastic indicas which could work wonders here, but you’d have to make it quick. This place also sees tornado numbers in the double-digits each year and is prone to powerful and driving thunderstorms, making for some breathtaking meteorological experiences, but not exactly the best weather for a healthy outdoor crop of weed.
Education and the Arts boom in this state. Michigan State University, home of the Wolverines, is the 8th largest university by population in the U.S. and the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education lists a number of places of higher education, important to the entire nation. These places include, eight research universities, where students and faculty study science, medicine, engineering, social sciences and humanities; nineteen master’s universities; seventeen bachelorette colleges, and a vast array of other institutions through which to enjoy deeper learning. This state also boasts a number of special focus institutions and tribal colleges, so students here are in a good place to get all they can out of the American education system. All of these hard-working brains are not alone out there in the land of academia. Arts communities abound here, and the music scene here has birthed some pretty famous offspring throughout generations. Home to punk rock, motown and techno, as well as producing some serious rappers, this is a great state for tunes. Artists who call this scene home include Bob Seger, The Four Tops, The Supremes, Jack and Meg White, and hip-hop star Eminem, just to name a few. Though the ongoing list of talent is extensive, this should give you some idea of the vast and incredible history of tunes in this great state. There are also a diversity of theatres and places of performance here. The Fillmore, St. Andrew’s Hall and the Majestic are all household names and, importantly, the Nederlander Organization originated here. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra will sound again, once this pandemic is cleared up and booming enterprises all over this place will hear the sound of music. Again, there is not space enough to detail all of the arts and entertainment this state has to offer, but one thing we can be sure of is that this is an easy place to enjoy with your favorite puff.
Since the 70’s, townships within the state of Michigan have been seeing some shifts in perspective where marijuana is concerned. It is not surprising to us that, in a place with so rich an academic and artistic tapestry, weed has found a welcome and permanent home. Ann Arbor is one spot where marijuana has been on the menu since times of early recreational cannabis cultivation in the states. This town’s legislators made possession of small amounts of buds a civil infraction, only punishable by a small fine, in 1972, and was the first municipality in the state to approve the decriminalization of medical marijuana in 2004. Medical marijuana was finally legalized in 2008 and towns to follow suit include Kalamazoo, Detroit and Flint in 2012, Ferndale, Jackson and Lansing in 2013, Berkeley, Huntington Woods and Mount Pleasant in 2014 and Portage in 2015. Recreational marijuana has been legalized statewide since 2018 and, since then, multitudes of medicinal and recreational dispensaries have popped up, generating millions in taxes for the state. Less lenient states suffering financial turmoil can take a look at places like this for a slice of hope since the taxes collected off tens of millions of dollars in sales each quarter have been put to use rightly, improving overall quality of life in countless municipalities across the United States of America.
Weed is completely legal in the Robin State and, since all adult citizens are allowed to grow their own, we at Kind Seed Co. have the cannabis seeds for sale that you are looking for. When you want to buy marijuana seeds, it helps to know that you are getting the right genetics. We can assure you that we search-out the best breeders with the best genetics and we hand-pick every seed in order to ensure quality. We are trained in protecting and preserving our seeds’ viability and therefore, we can provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We have all the best American-made strains and are proud to serve our fellows all across this great nation. So be proud of this awesome state and wave that flag for weed-lovers everywhere!

Recreational Weed Smoking in Michigan

Michigan marijauna laws are pretty clear as far as regulations and punishments go, but what does the average toker have to worry about? Well, post-legalization, happy people were puffing anywhere they wanted, taking advantage of their misunderstanding of legislation. Though it is legal to smoke or vape at your private residence, a friend’s place or the property of your private business, there is no legal puffing in public. This is not only a safety thing for minors, but is an appropriate method to take, given that there are so many mixed feelings about the recreational use of marijuana and that citizens who are not hip to the hippies are generally ripe to complain or take offence. Though adult citizens of Michigan are allowed to carry up to 2.5 ounces of flowers and up to 15 grams of concentrates, penalties for going over include fines and, for those who go way over, a possible court date may peek the horizon.
As with most places where weed is legal and, especially since sweet Mary Jane became a household name, pot partiers have been enjoying a plenitude of potency-postulated plans. Reggae Nights and Weed Wednesdays, Hemp Fests and Hot-Box Yoga are all to be found around Michigan. Cannabis Industry Expos, 420 Music Festivals, High Times Cannabis Cups, Toker’s 5K Runs and triathlons, education classes and information sessions, as well as myriad other neat things are all happening in the Great Lake State. All of this art and entertainment, all of this health and wellness, all of this education, curiosity and community means that pot people of Michigan have a lot to be proud of.

How Much Marijuana Can You Have in Michigan

Medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal in this state, as is growing one’s own. Folks here can grow up to 12 plants and keep all flower they grow. On top of that, adult recreationalists and medicinal users alike are allowed to have an extra 10 ounces at home and are cleared to carry up to 2.5 ounces of flowers and 15 grams of concentrates when out in public. Medicinal users get to enjoy the same freedom, though they are also allowed to have up to 16 ounces of marijuana-infused goods, 7 grams of gas and up to 36 fluid ounces of liquid marijuana products. Recreational users are all allowed to use tinctures, edibles and extracts, baking and vaping goods as well, though there is no legislation for these things that we can find, and the hundred or so dispensaries throughout the state are happy to oblige. We assume that recreational and medicinal users alike enjoy the same or similar freedoms, but it never hurts to ask a local official. Most times these people are happy to help.
There are, however, some laws around exceeding these amounts. Penalties for possessing more than two-and-a-half ounces but under five is considered a civil infraction and a first-time offender will only have to pay $500. First time possession of over five ounces is a misdemeanor with the same fine as the first. Distribution is where things get sticky and we recommend making sure you are up to date on your licensing before you go around moving large amounts.
Distribution of less than the legal carry limit with no remuneration carries no penalty or fine. Moving up to five ounces without remuneration is considered a civil infraction and carries a fine of $500. When we start talking kilograms, under five is a felony carrying four years and a $20,000 fine; five to forty-five kg carries seven years and $500,000, and; forty-five kg or more carries a sentence of up to 15 years and a $10,000,000 fine. That’s right folks: ten million dollars!
Growing marijuana is regulated as well and there are penalties for breaking the rules. If you are caught growing weed visible to the public, you stand to lose your crop and pay $100 for the mistake. Anyone caught growing more than the twelve-plant limit, up to twenty-five, will have to pay a $500 fine. Getting caught growing more than this could land you in prison and will certainly carry hefty fines. Just in case anyone is wondering if they can fight it in court or if one is allowed to get their weed back after the cops have taken it, chances are highly unlikely. We do not recommend moving large amounts of marijuana without a license to do so.
Overall, enjoy your leaf responsibly. Anyone who knows recreational and medicinal weed knows that these laws are fair. When you want to grow the best weed in America, you need to start with the right genetics and, when you buy marijuana seeds from us, you know you are getting the best. Be happy, enjoy this freedom we have, be safe and have fun!

Buying Cannabis and The Great Lake State

Michigan doesn’t have to worry about genetics with a homegrown cannabis seed distributor like Kind Seed Co, but when you are looking to buy some fresh flowers, some edibles, extracts, tinctures or whatever, you need to know where to go. With marijuana laws where they are in this state and dispensaries in every major city and municipality, buying weed here is simple and easy.
Due to the pandemic crisis, there has been a slight shift in business, so we won’t mention any places you may not be able to get into. However, with recent changes to marijuana regulations and many global and societal pressures, marijuana use, both recreational and medicinal, continues to rise. Through observing these phenomena, we have seen in many states the paralleled success of more and more dispensary owners, commercial growers and breeders, as well as, an increase in the number of dollars spent on home-growing equipment like tents, LED’s and ventilation and filtration systems. Though cannabis consumers are becoming more and more self-efficacious, there is a growing market as well, so there should be no worries when buying weed in Michigan.

What’s a Michigan Seed Bank?

We suss out the best breeders of the best strains in the country. We select only the strongest seeds and secure them and protect them for long-term preservation. All sealed and locked away in our vault, our seeds remain viable. When you order them from our online shop, we hand-pick your beans and get them to you quickly. If you follow our helpful germination guide, you should see great success. We want you to be a happy gardener, so we guarantee your satisfaction and, if you follow the guidelines and things go wrong, we are always happy to do our best to make it right.
We have all the weed seeds for sale online that you could ever want. Whereas dispensaries and your local ‘guy’ can get you all the weed you want, where seeds are concerned, it is not so cut and dry. Seeds are the number one factor toward developing a successful grow. No matter how fancy your setup, no matter how well you have the environment dialed-in, if you start with poor genetics, the potential success you could enjoy from parenting your garden is already hindered. We are an American Company distributing American-grown seeds to Americans. The States is home to many of the top breeders in the world so, when you want top-quality seeds, trust Kind Seed Co.

Can I Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in The Mitten State

It is 100% legal to purchase, sell, collect and trade cannabis seeds in Michigan. Those looking for pot seeds for sale in the Water-Winter Wonderland are in luck when they find Kind Seed Co. Though the battle for marijuana rights has been a bit uphill, this state is finally free to grow and consume all we wish and, as we previously mentioned, genetics are key to a good crop. We have informative product pages designed to make your shopping experience easier and our payment is secure. There is no concern that you are breaking the law when you buy marijuana seeds anywhere in the U.S. All you have to do is pick the right plant for your plot! There are thousands of strains to choose from like Wedding Cake strain, GG4, Purple Punch, Afghan and Northern Lights, for example. All of these weeds will do well here and those who want the best marijuana seeds for sale never have to go far.

Michigan: Medical Marijuana

The journey toward flower freedom continues to be a long one in this country, but Michigan has been pretty much on top of cannibus rights since the 70’s and it was the first mid-western state to legalize medical marijuana. Ongoing research into the medicinal benefits of this amazing creature continues to reveal more every day about the efficacy of THC, CBD and related cannabinoids in the treatment of maladies, both physical and psychological.
Since the passing of Proposition 1 in 2008, medicinal patients have been able to legally enjoy our little flowery friend without fear of prosecution. This is fantastic news to sufferers and frees up many multitudes of people to enjoy a life thought lost. 2016 brought further legislation, making it legal for medicinal dispensaries to operate, be taxed, and for medical patients to be free to enjoy edibles and concentrates.
CBD and other medicinal components of healthy marijuana plants treat afflictions such as seizures and tremors caused by MS, Parkinson’s and Epilepsy, assist in proper organ function, combat headaches, migraines and fatigue and effectively oust aches and pains due to arthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint, muscle and tendon issues. These are just some of the more known and common afflictions marijuana provides assistance to. More psychological issues like depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and severe anxiety disorders may also be sated through regular and responsible dosing, especially when it involves others we can relate to.
For those who have a green thumb and would like to try their hands at rearing some medicinal crops of their own, we have a myriad of CBD seeds available. Ratios ranging from 1:25, right down to 1:1 are all ready to be shipped to you at your request. Our payment is secure and our shipping discreet and all orders come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Take good care of yourselves and, if that looks like smoking some weed, we support you.

Photoperiod Weed Seeds and Autoflowering Pot Seeds in The Mitten State

For all you would-be growers out there, there are a few bits of knowledge which we are certain can assist not only in developing a further understanding of magical marijuana but will help you in choosing the right type of seed for your soil. Michigan is a crazy state, as far as weather is concerned and, though weed will grow pretty much anywhere, there are a couple varieties which you may regret planting outside in the North. Let’s talk for a moment about the difference between photoperiod and autoflowering strains, so we can all have a better idea of what these plants require.
Photoperiod strains, as their name suggests, need a shift in light temperature and duration in order to flower. In the Spring and Summer, the sun is high in the sky. We experience long hot days and warm, short nights. As our planet starts to move further away from the sun, days get shorter and the color of the light we receive shifts from the blue spectrum to red and induces flowering. Indoors, the vegetation cycle can be maintained through a controlled environment and plants can be made to grow bigger and generally healthier than some, yet few, outdoor strains. As far as outdoor strains go, when talking about the North, we talk indica. These plants generally stay smaller, bushier, take a shorter time to veg and, whereas a sativa can take as long as 15 or 16 weeks to finish flowering, pushing them well past our Northern harvest dates, indicas can be done in half that time. This allows us to grow them outside up here in higher parallels, without the worry of weather tearing them down. Many varieties of indica show hues of purple, pink and blue when exposed to cooler nighttime temperatures, making for some great bag-appeal. So indicas for the North and sativas for the South is an easy rule of them, especially for novice growers.
Autoflowering species of marijuana are also available and, as their name suggests, they do not require a shift in photoperiod in order to flower; they do it out of maturity. Any great strain, whether it is sativa, indica or hybrid can be made to autoflower through breeding it with ruderalis. Ruderalis is a hardy species of marijuana discovered in Northern Europe and Asia and, because of the short cold days and colder nights, this one fought for its life for millennia. What resulted is that this little plant adapted to flower on its own, without any help from the sun.
We have great autoflower seeds of all your favorite strains and, for those who prefer to maintain control over the entire grow, we have tonnes of photoperiod strains as well. These seeds are, for the most part, feminized, though we do carry multitudes of regular seeds for those beloved breeders out there who make these weeds possible.

Buy Reg Marijuana Seeds in Michigan

As stated above, Kind Seed Co also carries fantastic and strong regular seeds. Long-time growers know that regular seeds are more pure, closer to their lineage and stronger. Regular seeds tend to yield more and produce finer examples of their inherent characteristics. However, whereas feminized seeds will sprout a female nearly 100% of the time, regular seeds will sprout either a male of female plant and are therefore recommended for advanced growers who know how to sex their crop.
Another reason why regular seeds are so important is that breeders need them in order to create all these fantastic and amazing strains we all get to enjoy. Without breeders, we wouldn’t have all the wonderful spectrum of choices that we currently have and be able to support those folks that need regular seeds.

Buy Michigan Seeds

Whether you are a commercial grower looking to expand your crop or add another strain to your repertoire, a medicinal grower for masses of medicinal patients, one of our famous breeders or are a home grower looking to get started on the path to pot pleasure, Kind Seed Co is here for you.
We are aware of the powerful and potent potential of marijauana and are super proud to bring you American seeds, grown by Americans for Americans. We do not ship anywhere outside the U.S. because, in these crazy times, it is important to keep our money at home. If you live in Michigan and are looking for a seed bank you can trust, count on us to get you there.

Judicial Districts of Michigan

Eastern districts enjoying this lovely leaf include Ann Arbor, famed for its early start to this miracle maker; Detroit, where joyful city-lovers can get a healthy injection of culture; Flint, made famous in the Michael Moore film: “Roger and Me”; the autonomous Port Huron, with its historical centre and gorgeous marina; and, Bay City, rife with celebration. Head into the Western region and you find Grand Rapids, where heaps of people enjoy any number of revolving art and sculpture installations; Kalamazoo, where day-trippers can check out the museums or take in a show at the planetarium (if it ever opens up again); Lansing, the state’s capital city; and, the absolutely gorgeous Marquette.
This state has some pretty chill and killer spots to enjoy your weed with and with our selection of kick-butt strains from all around the country, you can always have a new leaf to enjoy with every view.

Most Popular Michigan Cities to Grow Weed

Marijuana is often considered by horticulturists to be an advanced plant to cultivate. Unless you live in the perfect Mediterranean or Northern Californian type of climate, this beast requires a tightly controlled environment in order to produce those coveted results. Basic requirements for a successful indoor grow are: some type of tent or light-proof area; lights (HID or LED), pH-balanced water and soil or hydroponic setup; ventilation, either a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on a number of factors; hygrometer, pH tester, TPS meter and some really good organic or chemical feed. With these basics and some ongoing research and record-keeping, anyone can successfully grow copious amounts of marijuana.
People are growing weed everywhere here, so it is tough to say just which places are best, but no matter where you go in this state, you will not be too far from what you need in order to grow some great green. At this point, we cannot say for sure that these places will be open; however, many shops are fully prepared to deal by appointment, even if the door says closed.
Between the dozens of nurseries, garden centres and hydroponics and grow shops in and around Detroit, you can be sure that whatever your setup or whatever setup you are planning on building, this city has what you need. Though most people are shopping online, it always helps to talk when you can to someone with practical experience who can guide you through the basics and Detroit has some great growers just a phone call away.
Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo are also great spots for growing weed. Like we say, growing outdoors, though fun and certainly rewarding, can become a catastrophe pretty quick given the weather this state deals with. It would benefit any would-be outdoor gardener to actualize some form of protection beforehand, like a tent, greenhouse, hoop-tunnel, even a carport. There are heaps of resources like hydro shops and grow-houses here to learn from and re-supply through, many of them highly trained in the ways of weed.
Warren is not only a fun town but it is also packed with growers and grow shops. Man, the more we learn, the more we get excited about growing weed here. Fifteen miles from Detroit this place is nice and quiet, but close enough that you don’t feel lost in the woods, though this is easy in the great lake state and some growers prefer the elements.
With branches of the Clinton River Watershed flowing through the city, Sterling Heights has the water to grow weed. Marijuana needs a quiet, calm, fresh and airy place, free of pathogens and able to enjoy a constant supply of fresh water. Put all those things together and you have Sterling Heights.
Lansing, the capital of the state and neighbour to Michigan State University, you better believe we grow weed here! The Wolverines have been drawing crowds since 1879 and have been acclaimed as one of the great college football clubs of all time. In a place so close to education, law, medicine and sports, what can we really say? Lansing loves weed.
We hope that we have done this fantastic state some justice. There have been some rough times here, some populations here experience extreme want and poverty. Drug problems abound, which is why it is no big deal to understand why some more conservative types would like to see weed banished altogether. However, we all go through hard times, we all know someone who hurts or may do our best to help those less fortunate than we are, no matter who we are. Forward motion in the way of medicinal marijuana across most of this country has shown that there is real compassion here, when we wish to exercise it, and we are certain that a little care goes a long way with those who just need a break. So, we say help those who need it, be a friend to those who have none, save the whales and be cool. Cannabis is supposed to be fun and friendly; at least that’s what our revolutionaries of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s embodied through their famous free-love and flower movements!

Buy High THC Seeds Online in Michigan

So, the Wolverine state is pretty hip to the green and, when you want the best seeds in the country, set to deliver you the best start you can get for your garden, you know to hit us up at Kind Seed Co. Since there are so many leaf-lovers here and such a ripe cannabis culture, we thought you might like to check out these timeless classics. High in THC, stunning and psychedelic, these are some serious strains.
Northern Lights is a strain requiring little introduction. Since 1985, this nearly pure indica has been banging heads all over the world and is Mother to hundreds of killer weed strains. Though dispensary versions carry THC levels of around 17%, this sweet, spicy, grapey monster has the potential to produce up to 26% when grown in optimal conditions. Not requiring any extra attention and dealing well with low-humidity, there is every reason for growers to get excited about these feminized seeds.
Cinderella 99 is a sativa-heavy cross of famed strains Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk. These two come together to form something magical. Sweet, fruity flavours give way to 23% THC and 1% CBD and in just 7-9 weeks you can enjoy the stunning and cerebral bounty this special strain has to offer.
For those looking for a real rockstar which doesn’t need a switch in photoperiod in order to flower, try Wedding Cake Autoflower. This award-crushing blend of Sour Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies found a friend in ruderalis and now she doesn’t need any special attention in order to deliver the goods, and she will!
Though Wedding Cake Auto is an absolutely stunning strain, and will deliver some serious flowers, sometimes a different beast is in order. Mochalope regular seeds are perfect for those inventors who want an Afghan Chocolope cross to brighten up their experiments. This 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid carries up to 23% THC and is designed for relaxation at heart. Give Mochalope regular seeds a shot to make that next dream strain come alive.
What do you get when you cross Critical Mass and Afghan Haze? You get the ever powerful Critical Haze. This is generally a 50/50 so users are instantly uplifted and transported out of stress before the indica side kicks in to soothe and relax. Known to be a great afternoon pick-me-up, Critical Haze is a truly stellar strain.
We hope that Michigan gets out there and has fun. By all that is holy, make the most out of your life, enjoy your gardens and remember not to take your freedoms for granted. There are a lot of states and municipalities still banned from cannabis in this country so next time you’re on social media, give a shout out to all those who still have to hide.
When you want the very best homegrown genetics from a reputable distributor, speedy and discreet delivery and a customer satisfaction guarantee on all your canabis seeds, trust Kind Seed Co to get you there!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Disclaimer: We are not lawyers or policy makers and its always best to get independent legal advice. Please see below for cannabis information in Michigan from Kind Seed Co. Check back for the latest cannabis culture updates relevant to MI pot seed growers.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Michigan ?

    Yes, its legal to buy marijuana seeds in Michigan.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Michigan ?

    Yes, its legal to buy cannabis seeds in Michigan.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Michigan ?

    Yes, buying weed seeds are legal in Michigan.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Michigan ?

    Yes, buying pot seeds in Michigan is legal.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Michigan ?

    Yes, adults in Michigan State can grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana from seeds in their home gardens. Adults can grow up to 12 plants at home.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Michigan ?

    Buying marijuana seeds online in Michigan starts with visiting Kind Seed Co. Select some strains perfect for your home garden and then add them to cart. Simply check out and pay for your order and you are off to the races. The fulfillment team will send you an email with tracking and your unmarked package will arrive in your mailbox before you know it. Buy marijuana seeds from Kind Seed Co today.

    Are Michigan Seeds grown in Michigan ?

    Its possible that companies advertising Michigan Seeds are actually grown in Michigan. If the vendor is claiming to have a large selection of autoflower or feminized seeds grown in state, then that is less likely. It takes years to develop the genetics and techniques to grow specialized marijuana seeds. If the vendor has regular seeds consisting of male and female seeds then yes its totally possible.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Michigan ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Michigan ?

    Yes, recreational cannabis use is legal in Michigan.

    Is Medical Use legal in Michigan ?

    Yes, medical use is legal in Michigan is typically allows for lower taxes on products with a prescription.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Michigan ?

    Yes, adults can grow up to 12 plant in Michigan. Those plants can be either CBD seeds over 0.3% THC or other cannabis seeds.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Michigan ?

    Yes, its legal to grow autoflower seeds in Michigan. Adults over 21 years of age can grow up to 12 autoflower plants at a time.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Michigan ?

    Yes, its legal to consume cannabis in Michigan if you are an adult or medical patient.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Michigan ?

    Yes, adults in Michigan can carry up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis in public and up to 10 ounces at home.

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    • Howard
    • Howell
    • Howell
    • Hudsonville
    • Huntington Woods
    • Huron
    • Independence
    • Indianfields
    • Inkster
    • Ionia
    • Ira
    • Iron Mountain
    • Ironwood
    • Ishpeming
    • Jackson
    • Jamestown
    • Kalamazoo
    • Kalamazoo
    • Kentwood
    • Kimball
    • Kingsford
    • Kinross
    • Kochville
    • Laketon
    • Laketown
    • Lansing
    • Lansing
    • Lapeer
    • Lapeer
    • Larkin
    • Lenox
    • Leoni
    • Lincoln
    • Lincoln Park
    • Livonia
    • Lodi
    • Long Lake
    • Lowell
    • Ludington
    • Lyon
    • Macomb
    • Madison
    • Madison Heights
    • Manistee
    • Marion
    • Marquette
    • Marshall
    • Marysville
    • Mason
    • Mayfield
    • Melvindale
    • Menominee
    • Meridian
    • Midland
    • Milan
    • Milford
    • Milford
    • Monitor
    • Monroe
    • Monroe
    • Montrose
    • Mount Clemens
    • Mount Morris
    • Mount Pleasant
    • Mundy
    • Muskegon
    • Muskegon
    • Muskegon Heights
    • Napoleon
    • New Baltimore
    • Niles
    • Niles
    • Northfield
    • Northville
    • Northville
    • Norton Shores
    • Novi
    • Oak Park
    • Oakfield
    • Oakland
    • Oceola
    • Ontwa
    • Oregon
    • Orion
    • Oronoko
    • Oscoda
    • Oshtemo
    • Otsego
    • Owosso
    • Oxford
    • Park
    • Pavilion
    • Paw Paw
    • Peninsula
    • Pennfield
    • Petoskey
    • Pittsfield
    • Plainfield
    • Plymouth
    • Plymouth
    • Pontiac
    • Port Huron
    • Port Huron
    • Portage
    • Putnam
    • Raisin
    • Raisinville
    • Redford
    • Reynolds
    • Richfield
    • Richland
    • Richmond
    • River Rouge
    • Riverview
    • Robinson
    • Rochester
    • Rochester Hills
    • Rockford
    • Romulus
    • Rose
    • Roseville
    • Royal Oak
    • Saginaw
    • Saginaw
    • Salem
    • Saline
    • Sault Ste. Marie
    • Schoolcraft
    • Scio
    • Shelby
    • Solon
    • South Lyon
    • Southfield
    • Southfield
    • Southgate
    • Sparta
    • Spring Arbor
    • Spring Lake
    • Springfield
    • Springfield
    • St. Clair
    • St. Clair
    • St. Clair Shores
    • St. Johns
    • St. Joseph
    • St. Joseph
    • St.Louis
    • Sterling Heights
    • Sturgis
    • Summit
    • Sumpter
    • Superior
    • Swartz Creek
    • Tallmadge
    • Taylor
    • Tecumseh
    • Texas
    • Thetford
    • Thomas
    • Thornapple
    • Three Rivers
    • Tittabawassee
    • Traverse City
    • Trenton
    • Troy
    • Tyrone
    • Union
    • Van Buren
    • Vienna
    • Walker
    • Walled Lake
    • Warren
    • Washington
    • Waterford
    • Wayne
    • Webster
    • West Bloomfield
    • Westland
    • White Lake
    • Windsor
    • Wixom
    • Woodhaven
    • Wyandotte
    • Wyoming
    • York
    • Ypsilanti
    • Ypsilanti
    • Zeeland
    • Zeeland


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