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Cannabis Seed in The North Star State

Known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and the Star of the North, Minnesota, has rich roots, the evidence of which can be found dating back to pre-500 BC. Originally home to hunter-gatherers and nomads, this territory was populated by some of our earliest ancestors throughout the Woodland and Middle Woodland periods of early North American habitation. These tribes became ancestors to the Oneota peoples, thought to be some of the first populations encountered by French explorers. These peoples would become a counterpart in the formation of generations of mixed European/Indigenous populations to follow, as well as, providing a base for furthering the evolution and diversification of native languages throughout vast neighbouring territories. Many Scandinavian, German and Central European immigrants settled in Minnesota throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Before 1858 when it became the 32nd U.S. state, this territory was part of the Louisiana Purchase, which spanned much of the country, and was formed on the backs of agriculture, transportation and forestry.
The geography of this place is quite remarkable and the native flora and fauna outstanding. Northernmost of all the states, it borders North and South Dakota to the west, Michigan and Wisconsin to the east, Iowa to the south, and Canada’s Ontario and Manitoba to the north. Minnesota boasts many rivers and sits nestled on the edge of Lake Superior. The Great Lakes are not all Minnesota has seen of water. Much of the state was covered in the roaming ice sheets of the Wisconsin Glacial period about 12,000 years ago. Rock and mineral deposits have been discovered dating back 3.6 billion years, nearly as old as the formation of planet earth itself, which has been estimated at around 5 billion BC. From the 601 feet of elevation at the lakes to the 2,301-foot peak of Eagle Mountain and every topological landmark in between, this is a beautiful state.
Places of note include Chippewa National Forest, Superior National Forest and the Hudson Bay Watershed. There are numerous bio-regions around this state as well as much protected land and wildlife. Deciduous, coniferous, and old-growth forests blend to make for some spectacular seasonal shifts and all parks and forests are open to the public. This state is on the Monarch butterfly migration route, so it is befitting this black and orange winged beauty is the state insect and the majestic Loon is the official state bird. Those inclined might like to try their hand in any of the thousands of lakes here at catching a Northern Walleye, the state’s fish. Botanists who trek through the wilderness will be thrilled to discover the rare Pink and White Lady’s Slipper. The wild orchid is native to North America and is the state’s precious flower. It can be found in open fens, bogs, swamps, and damp woods but it is illegal to pick this showy blossom. From the prairie parklands in the south and southwest to the eastern broadleaf forests, from the grasslands of the Laurentian mixed forests to the boreal of the north, there are many geographical blessings here.
The climate in this state can be quite erratic. High-velocity winds, thunderstorms, blizzards and hailing rains are all common here. Cold winters and hot summers are a trademark of the continental climate and the southern part of this stretch of land and lakes experience tornadoes during storm season. All of this meteorological uncertainty can make for a rainy picnic when you packed the sunscreen or a freak storm when out in the bush. It can be a bummer sometimes, but what this means for the great outdoors is a plethora of healthy life contained within the air and soil. This type of weather also makes for relatively short growing seasons, which is strange in a place built on farming and agriculture. The northern territories see an approximate 90-day season while more southern portions of the state enjoy nearly 6 months of growability. Over time, this melange has generated a push toward faster crops and chemical farming, just what we have learned in recent decades to be a major contributor to degraded ecosystems, poisoned water tables and infertile land. Recent years have seen major shifts in agricultural practices, a step away from the chemical days of old into a more ecologically-friendly organic system. Though practices like composting and permaculture are not new concepts, there remains a lag between the recognition of damage and the drive to remedy a broken situation. Minnesota is positioned to be at the leading edge, along with surrounding food-producing states, of the permaculture revolution in America.
In the meantime, there are plenty of things to do, places to go, people to see. Minnesota is known across North America as one of the sportiest states out there. The NFL’s Vikings call this place home, as do the NBA’s Timberwolves, the NHL’s Wild and the MLB’s Twins, and that is just in professional leagues. There is also a large NCAA culture here, packed with teams of people all vying to play in the bigs. Though we are pretty sure that major league sports teams have little to do with overall health and wellness in this state, Minnesotans have long life expectancies, low rates of infant mortality, illness, cardiovascular disease, and clumsy accidents. These trends have made this state one of the healthiest in the nation, aside from a few years where lowered healthcare budgets and a rash of binge drinking pushed this state from first to sixth. Presently the state is enjoying robust health and wellness once more. Governments are aware that issues such as public healthcare funding crises and an overwhelming desire to get loaded could be assuaged through the application of some more lax marijuana laws. Those in budgets and financing especially would see an end to anxieties, as would those at the top of the public healthcare pyramid, authorities dealing with discouraging levels of violence, teachers, and those fighting for more well-rounded education systems. Our governments know this because it is evidenced in nearly every state which has yet seen flower freedom.
With improved healthcare comes improved opportunities for education and the arts. There are heaps of talented people to lay claim to this place as their home, including Bob Dylan, The Andrews Sisters, Prince and 90’s grunge sensation Soul Asylum. Charles M. Schultz, the creator of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts comic strip was born here and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writings of the hardships of demanding social structures and liberties hard-won are still studied in Minnesotan universities, museums and libraries. Speaking of which, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus is the sixth largest student body in the entirety of the U.S. and the research conducted there assists in generating deeper understandings in areas ranging from food, to farming, from medicine to machinery. Puffed rice was discovered at this campus, and Norman Borlaug, the Father of the Green Revolution, has been hailed as a saint to billions all over the world for his advances in green agriculture, the theories of which were posited during his tenure at this university. The university scene throughout this state is not its only source of bragging rights. Minnesotan governments have been so dedicated to education and literacy that over 90% of all graduating-age Minnesotans hold a diploma and Minneapolis has been voted the most literate city in the country, with St. Paul placing fourth. What this all really means is that Minnesota is a pretty cool place, full of wildlife, culture, heritage, education and entertainment. There is little one cannot find here, even when searching for some seriously crazy weather.
Though marijuana culture lacks here a bit, there are 420 celebrations, pride parades with pot protests, open-air festivals, and concerts. These events may not be functioning anywhere but online right now, but rest assured, the day will rise again when restrictions lift and these mass gatherings bring people together once more. Until that time, it helps to have a good place to get your weed. Since Minnesota is a legally dry territory, you might consider growing your own. The cultivation of marijuana is still illegal but, if some neighbouring dry states are any example, the tides are turning and so are the blind eyes. If you have decided that you want to grow, be smart and respectful, and do not get angry if you get in trouble. A good thing to know is that, though cultivation is prohibited, seed collections are not.
If you are excited for laws to change so you can really get growing, check out the selection of cannabis seeds for sale from Kind Seed Co. We are the one-stop-shop when Americans want marijuana seeds for sale. Our information pages make finding the right genetics for you a cinch, and our secure payment and discreet shipping make sure the worry is left out of every order. For the right genetics that you can count on every time, trust us to add the very best seeds to your collection.

Recreational Marijuana and Smoking in Minnesota

Though majority populations, when polled, are shown to be in support of freeing this flower up for friendly fire, recreational marijauna, and indeed bud altogether, remains illegal in this state. There is no legal weed here, and the bonuses of a society becoming affluent through the sale and taxation of marijuana are being unseen for now.
Supporters of marijuana legalization here are talking with the opposition and, in attempts to sway crusty old opinions, they are taking pages from the playbooks of states like Colorado to help those more opposed understand the benefits that legalization, regulation, and taxation can provide. Recreational legalization of the marijuana side of the cannabis plant has proven so far beyond beneficial for all aspects of community welfare, spanning the country, that it is now impossible to ignore and states which have yet to legalize are considered behind the times.
Regardless of the millions of reasons not to get caught with weed here, majority populations are in favour of legalization and, though the state is still in charge of what goes on here, legislation is on the table to give the power back to the people. Last we heard, Minnesota is not a dictatorship, is it?

Minnesota: How Much Weed Can You Have On You?

In this state, you can have no weed on you, legally. Possessing 42.5 grams or less of dried flowers is considered a misdemeanour and is punishable by a $200 fine, though being asked to attend rehab as part of punishment is also common and was born of a state directive to keep minor drug offenders out of already overcrowded prisons. Though attending rehab for weed may seem laughable to some puffers out there, these tactics are based on compassion and a sense of the greater good.
Above 42.5 grams is where things get really sticky. Possession of more than this amount and less than 10 kg is considered a felony and may carry a 5-year sentence and a $10,000 fine. Possession of more than 10kg and less than 50 is punishable by 20 years in jail and a $250,000 fine. More than this could see someone in jail for 25 or 30 years with fines up to $1,000,000. Sale or distribution works much the same way and cultivation laws are the same as possession laws and goes by weight. Imagine getting caught with a few plants which, when wet, equal more than 10 kg? Even though this weight dried would be only a couple of pounds, you could see the loss of your home and serious jail-time, possibly for the remainder of your life, depending on your age.
Is this worth it? We do not think so, however, we do support growing one’s own and enjoying the bounty of our gardens, indoors or out. With legislation moving toward the hands of the people and lawmakers taking note of states which have seen incredible increases in monetary effectiveness since legalizing, we believe Minnesotans will not have too long to wait.

Cannabis Seeds and The Gopher State

Even though cultivating this plant’s beautiful and fragrant flowers remains illegal here, seeds are always allowed and there is no time like the present to start your collection because it will not be long before we are all allowed to plant out our plots. Marijuana can be finicky, so it pays to prepare well.
To get the most out of your garden, you must start with the right genetics. You can have the cleanest setup and have spent the money necessary to ensure you have all your bases covered. Even with the ideal environment, soil or hydro, lights, TDS and PPM meters, pH-balancing products, humidifiers/dehumidifiers and all the proper amendments, you cannot grow dank weed from bad seeds. All of your efforts could be moot if you do not have the right peas to pop and know how to treat them. Germinating your seeds is easy and painless and, the majority of the time, they will make for lovely plants, given they have proper parenting. All strains behave a bit differently, so weed is like wine or chocolate. The health of the plant, the taste, the smoke and the effects all depend on a number of external factors being present and a number of internal necessities being met. We recommend doing some homework on this topic before you decide to start growing. Though there are many aspects to cultivating one’s own herb which can only be learned in your climate, with your soil, etc., there are also multitudes of universal tricks necessary along the road to a successful harvest.
With auto, fast, feminized, regular, high THC, and high CBD seeds, we have you covered. Minnesotans love our weed and we especially love some good genetics. When you want the best genetics in the country, backed by a full customer satisfaction guarantee, count on Kind Seed Co.

Minnesota Seed Bank: What is it?

If you live here and want to grow the best weed of your life, then there is a lot of prep to do. Maybe you have been growing for ages and are looking for something new to add to your repertoire. Maybe you have had about enough of dispensary weed and are finally ready to take a shot at growing your own. To all those medicinal suppliers out there hoping for a few new beans to sprout, Kind Seed Co has the weed seeds for sale online you are looking for.
We have access to the most dedicated and most experienced breeders on the continent, who guarantee that our genetics are top-notch. There is no concern over storage of our seeds because we are trained in the delicate art of caring for seeds, long-term. Seeds will keep for decades if treated properly and we seal up all of our precious seeds so that when they get to you, they are ready to go, no fuss.
Ditch long and confusing online searches and ignore the uneducated opinions of the trolls on social media. Instead, be confident that our seeds are guaranteed American, guaranteed viable, and when they pop, they are guaranteed to blow your mind.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in The Land of 10000 Lakes

Through Kind Seed Co, where we have all the best pot seeds for sale, it has never been easier to buy marijuana seeds. Go to our main page, click contact us and place your order. We will get back to confirm and take secure payment. In as little as 7-10 days, you will receive a nondescript package containing your seeds. These seeds are guaranteed to give you the best start you can get. For all the rest, we recommend getting involved in mutual interest groups and getting into the books. There is a whole world of knowledge out there and, what was thought a few years ago may be different now, so it helps to do one’s research. YouTube and social media platforms are home to millions of people like you and no matter what your interest, chances are you will find some experts. These people generally have quite varied experiences with what works and what does not work, so it helps to find some people close to your location who can assist you in your learning.
If you are a commercial grower, you are in no need of our beginner’s advice as you have already mastered the basic rule that things change, and you know how to change with them. Though we understand that it is quite uncommon for mass-cultivators, licensed growers, to start from seed, we do have multitudes of strong strains available in bulk, just in case you want to start a new mother for the future. We put our genetics up against any other company out there and we stand behind every seed.

Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

Medical marijuana is legal in this state, but only in some forms and flowers are not one of them. Though laws have shifted in a major way in the last few years all around the country, there are still a few states which are a little more cautious than, say, pot-friendly Colorado, California, and Washington State.
In the late ’70s, there were a couple of states which began to jump on the decriminalization bandwagon and Minnesota was one of them. This was a far cry from legalization, however, and dried flowers and recreational consumption remain illegal. Since the Minnesota Medical Marijuana Act of 2014, qualifying patients have been allowed to purchase some products from state-registered dispensaries. These products include topicals, capsules, edibles, vapes, and the like, but do not include buds. Patients are allowed to possess a 30-day supply, as outlined by their health practitioner in their application documents and, because there is no smoking of this lovely leaf, they are allowed to use their medicine anywhere, as long as they are not impaired while driving.
For those patients who would prefer to grow their own brilliant flowers to have access to, we have top-shelf cbd seeds. These strains range from 1:1 up to 1:25, for those who are seriously afflicted. Majority populations are in favour of this plant’s use and cultivation, so it will not be long before your marijuana seed collection can hit the dirt!

Photoperiod Pot Seeds and Feminized Auto Weed Seeds in The Land of 10000 Lakes

Kind Seed Co has a vast selection of auto-flowering seeds, as well as bunches of highly sought-after feminized photoperiod beans like wedding cake strain, super silver haze, and grandaddy purple.
Most species of the cannabis plant require a shift in light to know when to flower. Photoperiod species are sativa, indica, and include most hybrids. The bright blue light of spring makes these wonders grow big and strong, while the red light of the waning summer, coupled with shorter days, tells them it is time to flower and seed. There is, however, one species of weed that flowers out of maturity rather than a shift in light. This plant is called ruderalis and, when crossed with any photo strain, it can produce an auto-flowering variety.
Photo strains are generally more forgiving than their auto counterpart because the grower can keep them in veg for longer, train them better, and, when they are satisfied with their creation, flip it into flower. This longer timeline allows for mistakes to be corrected, for light intensity to be altered for node spacing, and makes for a more satisfying grow, as long as you know a bit about training weed. Also, it is possible to veg a photo strain for just a couple of weeks before flipping it, keeping it small for cultivation methods like the Sea of Green (SOG).  This is where multiple plants are grown at the same time and lightly stressed to expand their canopy. Auto strains are not so forgiving and are on a strict schedule. Whereas photo strains can take as much as 6 or 7 months, depending on the strain and the method of cultivation, autos are usually finished by the time a photo gets flipped, making them a faster and generally a more compact creature. Flowering out of maturity means that an auto is not suitable for clones, because the clone is always the age of the parent and autos mature rather than veg and flower, respectively. Photoperiod strains are great for clones because, no matter what period during the mother’s life cycle you take the clone, it can always be re-vegged and grown according to the growers wishes.
Make sure that you are familiar with what type of plant you want to grow. Would you like it to move quickly or slowly? Are you planning on taking clones? Are you into doing much work or into getting familiar with training techniques such as the Screen of Green (ScrOG), LST, HST, and lollipopping? Several questions should first be answered before getting your hands into a garden of weed. There are many resources available at the click of a mouse, and we are always here to work with you to find just the right strain for what you want to accomplish.

Buy Reg Weed Seeds in Minnesota

For those who search the regular section when they buy marijuana seeds, we have the peas for you too! Though feminized and auto-flowering seeds have their place and can be a pleasant experience, regular seeds are generally stronger, unmuddied and, though they can produce males or females, they are preferred by advanced growers and breeders.
All these new and exciting strains which we get to enjoy and experiment with had to come from regular seeds. Breeders require a pure male and a pure female in order to make a viable strain, regardless of the phenotypes which ensue from different growing environments and methods of cultivation, post-breeding. To maintain a pure genotype, the original parents must be pure and strong. Therefore, breeders and dedicated cultivators who prefer or require their pot to be pure, rely on regular seeds.
The only drawback to cultivating regular seeds is, though they are strong and virile, the chances of them sprouting a male are about 50/50. This is music to the ears of those who are planning a new powerhouse strain for the masses, but not so good for the home cultivator who has spent a couple of months training their tree, just to find out it’s a male and needs to be chopped down.
We have a vast selection of regular seeds for those dedicated parents out there who are in the market for a new monster. Simply call or click to get started.

Buy Minnesota Seeds USA

Kind Seed Co is an America-based distributor of top-shelf canabis seeds. We have pinpointed the best breeders with the best genetics so we can offer our clients the very last word in weed seeds. There is a huge market for high-quality peas, and we are happy to offer just that to you. We supply commercial medicinal and recreational marijuana growers, research and development firms and universities, breeders and designers of the top strains, and, of course, the happy home horticulturist.
Minnesota is not quite there yet, as far as legalization goes, but marijuana is on its way to becoming mainstream. The citizens have spoken and the legislation to give Minnesota back to her people is in the works. Recent governors and legislators have agreed that marijuana is the golden ticket as far as increased social welfare goes and this state does care about its rankings. No matter where you are in Minnesota, we will have your hand-picked order to your door speedily and securely, hassle-free, and ready to go. So, when you want the best, trust Kind Seed to come through shining.

Judicial District Seats of Minnesota

Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Fergus Falls, and several other municipalities all over this great state are beginning to get the picture as far as weed is concerned. Taking advice from citizens and neighboring governments, Minnesotan legislators are on their way to giving this flower back to the people. Being a primarily Republican state, there is little progressive thinking or forward motion. This is changing as is evidenced by recent polling of Minnesotans’ thoughts on things like marijuana and marijuana laws. This is a far cry from the staunch opposition which cares little for change, information, or forward motion. This is an exciting time for marijuana enthusiasts and cannabis cultivators to be alive. There are a number of movements to be proud of and we believe that governments have been handling this whole transition pretty efficiently, fairly and effectively. It is always a breath of fresh air when we can see our government listening to its people and doing its best to provide best practices moving into the future.

Best Cities in Minnesota For Buying Cannabis Seeds

With so many new cannibus laws, there is little wonder why grow shops and online suppliers are so busy delivering here. As far as the top cities in the state go, there are a lot of medical dispensaries, but where do you go for seeds? Well, we hope we have answered that question already, so let’s take a look at some places which are turning more and more green with weed every day.
Minneapolis has always been an incredible hub of activity. There has always been great freedom of expression here and there has always been a rich cannabis culture. Though growing Mary Jane outside is going to land you in trouble, at least for the foreseeable future, indoor tents and odor-controlled rooms are a great way to grow your green.
Saint Paul has so many cool things to do, there has to be some great weed being grown here. We do not assume that there are any personal outdoor gardens, but there are several venues for beginner cultivators to get a foot into a rather open industry.
As home to the Mayo Clinic, one would think that Rochester would be a superb place for the cultivation of some truly healing herb. Research and development of healing technologies are what this place is all about so, when weed is finally legal for recreational use, Rochester will be rife with ideas and information.
Located in the northwest, along the shores of the Great Lakes, Duluth is a place of arts and entertainment. With great food and local craft breweries, this town has the perfect combination of attractions to make the most out of any bag of green. Grow here and we are sure that plenty of Duluthians will want your weed.
Located only a few miles from downtown Minneapolis, Bloomington is a great spot for weed. It is close enough to the city that you do not feel forgotten, but far enough away that you can have some peace and some space. Though it is a major municipality, there is weed being grown here and its relation to the great Minnesota River means that no one is barking for water.

Buy High CBD Seeds in Minnesota

We understand the necessity of citizens all across Minnesota to have access to organic, homegrown medicine. There is no good reason to keep a person down and out when we can all develop a safe and effective green thumb. Here are a few medicinal strains we are proud to offer to those who wish to experience the satisfaction of cultivating their own cannabis.
CBD Strawberry 1 to 15 is a medicinal perfectly designed for those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis and inflamed joints, cramping, headache and migraine, tremors, and seizures. With 15% CBD and only 1% THC, this strain is unlikely to get anyone high and is ready to harvest in as little as 9 weeks.
When you need something with an extra kick of medicine, try CBD Super Strawberry. This 1:25 strain is effective in dealing with tremors and seizures due to epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s, and the inherent pain and stiffness they inflict up patients. Sufferers of ALS may find that this strain assists in lung and organ function. This strain may cease the growth of certain types of cancer cells, and those dealing with ongoing chronic pain and muscle disorders can count on a CBD level like this one to take care of business. These weeds are super tasty and thoroughly soothing, making medicine time a pleasure.
CBD Tangie comes to us through the cross of California Orange, an unnamed Skunk hybrid, and an undisclosed CBD strain. Though the ancestry of this strain remains a bit of a mystery, there is little chance that medicinal patients will not see a great benefit from this fruity flower. Relatively easy to grow and ready in as few as 9 weeks, this uber-tasty strain is certain not only to soothe but to excite as well.
CBD OG Kush hailing from one of the most highly sought-after and widely-bred strains on the planet, is a welcome blend for the medicinal community. 15% CBD makes sure that any pesky pain or muscle spasm is dealt with and the sativa aspects of her nature will ensure a bright, focused day.
CBD OG Kush also represents a 1:25 CBD Karma Kush strain. This one, like any high CBD strain, is meant for use in the treatment of diseases of deterioration and benefits those who would otherwise be house-ridden or in need of constant care. Weeds with this level of CBD have been proven to assist in some of the most frustrating and terrifying afflictions, including cancer, ALS, and MS. There is no quick fix and these potent pots are not cure-alls, by any stretch. These flowers do, however, allow for some level of release from the side effects of these types of maladies and have been known to usher in a new lease on life.
Kind Seed Co is where people go when they want medicinal seeds they can rely on. We also serve the recreational tokers and extract enthusiasts, regardless of where you are in this country. We love marijauana, so it stands to reason that, when our clients are looking for the best, we supply the demand. Hop on over to Kind Seed Co today to ensure your garden gets the best start it can!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get the latest Cannabis updates in Minnesota from Kind Seed Co. Our team are not lawyers and this should be considered legal advice. Read on at your own risk about Marijuana, weed, pot, ganja or whatever you call it in MN.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Minnesota ?

    Yes, buying marijuana seeds in Minnesota as souvenirs is perfectly legal. Collect all 500 varieties and be the first on your block to have quality seed genetics. Please do not germinate seed in Minnesota.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Minnesota ?

    Yes, buy souvenir marijuana seed in MN with out worry. Souvenir, collectible and novelty seed are perfectly legal for purchase. Please do not germinate seeds in Minnesota.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Minnesota ?

    Yes, collectible weed seeds are legal in Minnesota. Collect all 500 today! Do not germinate seeds in MN.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Minnesota ?

    Yes, souvenir pot seeds are legal in MN. Simply do not germinate them until legislation changes.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Minnesota ?

    No pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seeds are not legal to grow in the great state of Minnesota, USA.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Minnesota ?

    Visit Kind Seed Co and search our collectible seeds catalogue. Choose some strains and add to cart. Then check out using one of our convenient payment methods. Your order will ship out in an unmarked package via USPS. We never share your data or information with anyone for any reason so please be sure to use your real name during check out as verifications that protect you require it.

    Are Minnesota Seeds grown in Minnesota ?

    No, its unlikely that someone selling Minnesota cannabis seeds have actually grown them in MN. It takes years of legal infrastructure to develop the genetics, procedures and funding to create a marijuana seed line. You have a right to be skeptical if anyone says they have Marijuana Seeds from Minnesota for sale. Its unlikely that there is a Minnesota Seed Bank.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Minnesota ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Minnesota ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Minnesota ?

    Yes, there is a medical program in Minnesota. Recently, a bill was passed that allows for flower to be smoked instead of only in pills, capsules and oils. Edibles are still not part of the program sadly.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Minnesota ?


    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Minnesota ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Minnesota ?

    Yes, if you are registered as a medical patient in Minnesota. Otherwise, no it is not legal to consume cannabis.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Minnesota ?

    Medical Patients can carry cannabis oils and capsules. Flowers are going to be available for medical patients to carry starting March 1, 2022.

    Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Minnesota

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