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Mississippi has a lot to offer and there are many reasons to love The Magnolia State. Music lovers appreciate how it has had a huge impact on the world of music. It is the birthplace of both the blues and Elvis Presley, so America’s music was basically born here! Mississippi is bordered by several states, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River. If you want to buy and cultivate marijuana seeds here, you can do so with success. The proximity to the Gulf of Mexico keeps the winters mild and the summers hot. The land is predominantly lowland plains and rolling hills with fertile soil. The climate is classified as humid subtropical which means hot summers with high humidity. A lot of pot plants love the sun, but humidity can pose a threat to strains that are susceptible to moisture-related issues. The extreme summer heat can lead to some turbulent thunderstorms and flooding is not uncommon either, both of which can wreak havoc on a garden grow. Planting in pots so you can move plants out of extreme conditions can help, or there is always the option to create the ideal conditions for your babies in an indoor grow room.
There are a ton of ways to spend your days in Mississippi, many of which could be enhanced with the perfect strain of marijauana. There are plenty of adventures to be had in mother nature in this heavily forested state. Depending on where you are in the state you can see a variety of trees including the longleaf pine, cottonwood, willow, cypress, red cedar, oak, hickory, and more! The flora and fauna are abundant and diverse. If you are an avid bird watcher, you can go virtually anywhere and enjoy the popular pastime. Keep your binoculars close by and a comprehensive field guide because there are around 420 species of birds to spot throughout the state. Visit one of the beautiful park regions like LeFleur’s Bluff State Park off the Pearl River. This park has a 50-acre lake where you can swim and fish as well as a 9 hole golf course where you can hit some balls. Mix your outdoor time with a trip to the site Museum of Natural Science while you are at it. Or take a day to explore Percy Quin State Park which surrounds the massive, 490-acre Lake Tangipahoa. You will not want to leave your fishing rod behind when visiting this spot! Mississippi is the Catfish Capital of the World and the state is responsible for over half of the country’s catfish production.
In 1990 the state legalized casino gambling along the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast. This allowance has reaped some noticeable economic gains for the state while also increasing tourism to the area. The beachside casinos made this the second-largest gambling destination behind Nevada, though Hurricane Katrina did some damage to several locations slowing down the revenue. Make sure to stop in at the Beau Rivage Casino. This resort offers much more than gaming and has earned a Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award in 2020, even amidst a global pandemic. With gorgeous rooms as well as shopping, chartered fishing trips, 19 golf courses, and venues that host live entertainment every night, the resort has something for everyone.
Music, literature, and art are also abundant throughout the state. The USA International Ballet Competition was established in Jackson and attracts talented dancers from all over the world. Another must-see is the Magnolia Independent Film Festival where you can catch some unique, indie films in Starkville. This region has made some significant contributions towards the development of the blues and you can adventure along the Mississippi Blues Trail to see historic sites. The trail includes more than 200 markers throughout the state. The Delta Blues Museum has memorabilia and exhibits covering a broad selection of influential artists. The back room of the exhibit is dedicated to Muddy Waters and has the shack he lived in as well as plenty of memorabilia documenting his life.
Plenty of weed strains spark the flow of creative juices, so a few puffs could be the perfect accompaniment to bring you a little deeper into these experiences or inspire you to create when you are safely back home! A trip to the Mississippi Museum of Art is another favorite. This is the largest museum in the state and houses an extensive permanent collection featuring artists from the region, as well as pieces from all over the world. There are regular rotating exhibits as well so there is never a shortage of art to ogle if you want to browse through the halls on more than one occasion.
If history is your jam, there are plenty of historic spots worth wandering by. Longwood is a historic mansion with a unique octagonal shape located in Natchez. This is the largest house of its shape in the entire country. While you are in the city, you can cruise the Natchez Trace Parkway. This parkway is 444 miles long and follows a Native American footpath which travels from Natchez Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. A visit to the Vicksburg National Military Park is a must as well. This park preserves the site of the American Civil War Battle of Vicksburg. Forts and trenches have been reconstructed to represent the times which ended with the surrender of the city. The Shiloh National Military Park is another historic war park with preserved elements of a 6-month struggle for the railroad junction in Corinth. For a more spooky endeavor, you could visit the Rodney Ghost Town. Two picturesque churches are on the land and though it’s a ghost town in the sense of being abandoned rather than haunted, the spot and its history are well-trafficked and enjoyed by people passing through the area.
Regardless of how or what you plan to grow, there are a lot of marijauna strains that would be perfect for your activities and would be a welcome addition to a homegrown stash. Whether you want a bud that can provide a little extra focus for studying, an herb that can energize and motivate you for a day hitting the trails, or a relaxing nug that can soothe you to sleep, Kind Seed Co can hook you up! We have strains that are chatty and guaranteed to instill bouts of giggles that would be great to smoke with like-minded friends. We have options that will lock you to your couch for a night with a favorite movie or album. We also have seeds that can grow healing plants. There are plenty of strains that can wash away your aches or mental strife and allow you to be more present in anything you do. We have tasty options like the wedding cake strain that is reminiscent of dessert. But, before you start your hunt for the perfect strain, let us delve a little deeper into the state’s legalities, some of the best places to grow, some of our favorite strains, and a little more about our company.

Smoking Marijuana Recreationally in Mississippi

Mississippi is a unique place in terms of its marijuana legalities. Despite being fairly conservative, there are some progressive moves in pot legislation in this fine state. Recreational use is illegal, but the possession of pot has been decriminalized since 1978, far before many of the other United States. The University of Mississippi also happens to produce the majority of federally legal cannabis in the country. While full legalization may be a ways away, people are collecting signatures and trying to make a change so hopefully, it will not be too long before you can happily puff away on a joint rolled with homegrown weed!

Can You Possess Recreational Marijuana in Mississippi?

Mary Jane possession is not legal, but it is decriminalized. Possession of 30 grams or less is met with a maximum fine of $250. Repeat offenses or possession of larger amounts can be met with more severe punishment though, including jail time. More than 30 grams is considered a felony and is punished with jail time from 3 to 30 years. Fines of $3000 to $1,000,000 could also be imposed. Sale to a minor or within a designated church or school regions are met with even harsher consequences. The state imposes mandatory minimum sentences as well. For instance, the possession of 5 kilograms or more is punished by a mandatory sentence of 10 years in jail. With the decriminalization of small amounts starting as far back as the 1970s, hopefully, more steps will be made as other states throughout the country adjust their laws around medical use, some even fully legalizing and allowing for home cultivation.

The Hospitality State and Cannabis Growing

Growing canabis seeds is unfortunately illegal. Steps are being made to move legalization along, so one day it may be possible to get your grow on! One benefit of having a little wait time is that you can do some research and get your growing knowledge and skills up to snuff for when the time comes. There are a lot of things to consider when starting a home grow operation. You will want to decipher whether an indoor grow room or an outdoor garden plot will suit your space best. If you are set on having your feet in the soil and trickling water onto the earth with a watering can under the warm sun, you will be limited in the strains you can grow in your specific climatic conditions. If you opt to grow indoors, you can control the environment enough to cultivate any strain you wish.
Growing indoors requires a little more equipment. You will need things like pots, lightbulbs, fans, and timers. If you want to use techniques like hydroponics, where water carries nutrients to your plants instead of being absorbed through the soil, you will need to implement systems. A lot of plants thrive with the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method, which requires a screen to expand the plant canopy along. Some plants flourish with extra minerals like zinc and magnesium, so buying enriched soil or adding the minerals yourself may also be necessary. Paying attention to these details is worth it though if you want to be able to have your pick of strains and ensure healthy plants and abundant yields!
A lot of strains can survive either setup, but each of our seed options includes a list of ideal growing conditions so you can successfully cultivate healthy and generous yields. You can sift through our catalog and find the best strains to meet your needs.

What is a Mississippi Seed Bank?

Kind Seed Co is your Mississippi seed bank! This is an online cannibus seed shop where you can find a vast array of different types and strains of seeds for sale. We have a selection of autoflower seeds that bloom without fuss. Our feminized seeds are sure to grow into those bud producing ladies. If you want to grow a healing herb garden our cbd seeds have exceptional therapeutic value. We have countless strains that showcase different flavor profiles, effects, and visual aesthetics. Each of our strain options comes with a detailed description of characteristics so you can easily source the seeds to pair with your favorite activities or manage your unique conditions. We also provide growing tips and tricks for the specific plants so that you can maintain their health and ensure optimal yields of strong buds. This is a great spot to buy your seeds. We are committed to finding the best quality, premium pot seeds for sale that are grown by educated and exceptionally skilled cultivators. Our seeds are genetically pure and are taken care of so that they germinate with ease upon arrival into your home grow operation. They are simple to order and arrive quickly. What more could you ask for?

Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds in The Birthplace Of America’s Music?

Even though the use and cultivation of marijuana are illegal in Mississippi, you can still buy weed seeds for sale online. Oddly enough, as long as the seeds are not germinated, it is legal to possess and buy marijuana seeds. They are considered a novelty item and are exempt from legal restrictions. This means you can choose and purchase your seeds now for future legal grow operations. Older seeds can be revitalized with a quick soak in water, so there is no harm in starting to stock up now!
Once you are allowed to grow, germination can be done in a variety of ways. The paper towel method can be done with a few household items and is effective and fast. You simply place a piece of damp paper towel on a plate and scatter the seeds on top. Sandwich them with another damp towel and place a plate upside down on top creating a dome. This little moisture-filled dome will cause the taproots to break through the shell in 1 to 4 days. Gently transport the taproots into their growing home and let them do their thing! You can also buy soil cubes that you place the seeds in or germination stations that offer more precise humidity control if you prefer. Some people even just stick the seed into damp soil and let them germinate in their forever home. Our marijuana seeds for sale are stored and shipped in the perfect conditions to ensure high germination rates, so you can rest easy knowing your investment will yield great results regardless of what germination method you use!

Medical Cannabis in Mississippi

Medical marijuana is also illegal in Mississippi. Despite years of research showing the many benefits of marijuana for a variety of mental and physical health conditions, medicinal use has not made it into the legal sphere in this state. The only step towards patient use is that of low THC cannabis oil for epilepsy which was approved in 2014. The oil can only be provided by the University of Mississippi’s heavily regulated, research-based, cultivation program. Many states have approved lists of conditions that are eligible for medicinal marijuana licenses so hopefully, Mississippi will not be too far behind. At Kind Seed Co we have a whole section dedicated to medical-grade strains. While most strains have some therapeutic potential, high CBD strains can offer above-average relief from an even wider range of conditions. CBD has been shown to produce miracles, like the reduction of the size of tumors or the receding frequency of epileptic seizures. Some strains have high CBD levels and almost undetectable THC which can be great for getting all the therapeutic relief without the mind-bending, spacey cerebral effects that might not be manageable when going about your daily routine. Each of our strain options includes potential effects and benefits so you can find strains that will support your specific conditions. While it may be a little while before you can reap the benefits of this all-natural medicine, there is no harm in familiarizing yourself with the best strains to purchase when the time comes.

Female Photoperiod Pot Seed and Autoflower Weed Seeds in The Birthplace Of America’s Music

The flowers are the most important part of the marijuana plant. These are what you cure and smoke, eat or use as an ingredient in creams and salves. They can be of different shapes and sizes with varying densities depending on their genetic makeup. Some are long and conical while others are dense and cylindrical, but regardless of their size and shape, they are what is responsible for the recreational and therapeutic highs that the marijuana plant is known for.
There are two types of flowering processes. First, there are the photoperiod plants. These plants require adjustments in light intensity and exposure to be moved from their vegetation stage into their flowering process. When the plants are grown al fresco, they are exposed to the long sunny days of summer that slowly make their way to shorter days of fall. Mother nature encourages the plants into their blooming stage without any effort from the grower. However, in an indoor setup, you will need to mimic these conditions using light bulbs and timers. This can be a costly endeavor and will require some extra attention and education to move your plants through their growth stages. If you are up to the challenge, growing photoperiod plants can be a fun educational experience! If you prefer something a bit easier, there is another option.
Breeders discovered that by cross-breeding classic strains with a ruderalis strain, plants would flower automatically depending on their movement through their life cycle rather than depending on the light. These plants can be left to their own devices, which is ideal for the new, or busy, grower. The ruderalis genetics also make the plants hardy and stronger, which means they can withstand mistakes and less than ideal environmental conditions. They tend to move through their life stages faster which means they stay on the smaller end of things. These plants are ideal if you have a small grow space. They are also a good option for outdoor grows. Even in places where growing marijuana is legal, you are required to keep the plants out of view of the public eye and smaller plants are easier to tuck away!

Buy Regular Seeds in Mississippi

Regular pot seeds are also sometimes referred to as natural seeds. These are seeds that have been unaltered and thus grow into a mix of male and female plants that, when grown together, will produce seedy yields that perpetuate their growth. This is awesome for companies like ours that need lots of seeds to supply their customer base! It can also be valuable for a home-grow if you wish to sustain your operation with these versatile seeds. The males will pollinate the females and create seeds for future grows. However, if you just want lots of curable flowers to smoke or eat, then you will want to keep an eye on your seedlings. Detecting and removing male plants early will allow females to produce usable flowers. You will need to do some research so you can effectively remove the males before they have a chance to pollinate!
This may feel a bit intimidating, but do not fret. It can be done successfully with a little effort, but clever breeders have again provided us with another option. It was found that stressing a female plant could get her to generate pollen. Using the pollen from the female plant to pollinate other females creates yields of seeds with 2 x chromosomes. In other words, these seeds have pure female genetics and are sure to grow into female plants. When you buy female seeds, you can rest easy knowing that each of the seeds you plant will grow into the heavy bud producing ladies. You do not need to worry about accidental pollination ruining your crop. If you have a small space, you do not need to be concerned with only half of the seeds you put in soil providing valuable fruits. Buying feminized is the best way to ensure hefty harvests with little effort!
You can buy marijuana seeds of either variety through Kind Seed Co. Most strains come in both styles so you can choose based on your desire!

Buy Mississippi Seeds in the USA

Ready to get shopping? When you choose to purchase some of the very best seeds on the market through Kind Seed Co you are assured an easy, secure, and supported online shopping experience. Our seeds are categorized for browsing ease and each selection comes with lots of information so you can make an educated choice. Once you have found strains that can support your needs and that you are confident you can grow, simply add them to your cart and pay. We take many types of payments and have secure options to protect your sensitive information. Once you have paid, all you need to do is practice patience while your seeds are packaged and shipped to your chosen address. We deliver in discreet packages, so you do not need to worry about anyone catching wind of what you are up to. If at any time, you have any questions or concerns, we are available to help. Our customer service team is committed to helping you have the best shopping and growing experience possible. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Mississippi Federal Judicial District Seats

There are two main judicial districts with multiple courthouses in different cities. The northern district includes Aberdeen, Oxford, and Greenville while the southern district includes Jackson, Natchez, Gulfport, and Hattiesburg. Each district and its federal judges are responsible for determining regulations, conducting trials, and distributing fines and incarceration times. While the entire state is on board with keeping marijuana illegal, there could be shifts soon. Throughout the country, weed laws are opening up with some states legalizing completely and allowing home cultivation. As more research is done showing the many therapeutic benefits of weed, it is likely that Mississippi will not be far behind on jumping on the legal bandwagon. There is evidence in other states of its relief on the judicial system as well, so it would be a win-win! Keep an eye out for petitions and other movements that are attempting to speed the process along if you want to see this happen sooner than later.

5 Most Popular Cities to Grow Weed in Mississippi

While you could grow anywhere in Mississippi with success, here we will introduce some of the best cities for growing weed and give you some insight into the breadth of activities to engage in while soaring on your favorite strain.
Jackson is the state capital and the most heavily populated city in Mississippi. It is located in the Jackson Prairie region and sits along the Pearl River. The climate zone is classified as humid subtropical, which includes hot summers and cool winters. There is little snow in the winter months, but the summers can be spattered with thunderstorms which plants will need to be protected from. It is not an ideal climate for strains that are susceptible to moisture-related issues like mold and mildew, but there is always the option to bring those into an indoor grow operation! There are tons of cultural organizations through which to experience history, performance, and visual arts. Catch a collection of unique films at the annual film festival put on by the Crossroads Film Society or wander through species of unique plants at the Jackson State University Botanical Garden.
The state’s second-largest city, Gulfport is another great spot for growing. This city has miles of white sandy beaches that run along the Gulf of Mexico. There are several events such as the World’s Largest Fishing Rodeo that draw people from around the country. Several large casinos render this a popular gambling destination. The placement of this town on the Gulf helps with weather regulation. The winter months stay relatively snow-free and the summers are hot and humid, fitting into the characteristic humid subtropical climate of the state. Again, plants will need some protection from the heat-induced, turbulent weather systems, but the long, hot summer days will help some babies flourish!
Southaven is a principal city in Greater Memphis that borders Memphis Tennessee and is the cultural hub of the mid-southern region of the United States. Visit Snowden Grove Park for a variety of recreational activities including hiking and biking trails. You may even be able to catch a show at the BankPlus Amphitheater at Snowden Grove. Two main educational institutions reside in this city, the University of Mississippi, and the Northwest Mississippi Community College. This city is known for its massive shopping centers which have helped the population grow while making this a destination for neighboring cities and states.
Hattiesburg is part of the Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Metropolitan Statistical Area which encompasses several counties. Its development started to boom after the American Civil War and has continued to expand ever since. There are several notable schools here including the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University. This city has a vast art scene including several reputable theatres that put on original productions regularly. There are many art galleries with stunning permanent collections and must-see rotating exhibits. You can learn about the rich history of the area through places like the African American Military History Museum and the Hattiesburg Area Historical Society Museum.
Biloxi is our final city. Up until the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, this was the 3rd largest city in the state, though it has now fallen to fifth behind Hattiesburg and Southaven. There is a beachfront along the Mississippi Sound, and you can easily access barrier islands that reach into the Gulf of Mexico. The beautiful views and oceanside parks are worth exploring. This city is also home to many casinos and spas. The art scene is extensive here as well and the city makes appearances in novels by the infamous author, John Grisham, and the playwright, Neil Simon. Perhaps the most notable activity linked to Biloxi is sport fishing. Biologists label this area the Fertile Fisheries Crescent and many species can be found in these abundant waters.

Buy The Best Strain Seeds in Mississippi

There are a lot of great seeds available through Kind Seed Co. You can browse through our extensive catalog for options, but we thought we would offer you some brief descriptions of our top picks for growing in Mississippi. There are more details about these specific strains on our site, as well as countless others you can sift through at your leisure.
Blue Cream Special Autoflower
Reach for this strain if you want a dessert-like hybrid! This mix of Blueberry Auto and Cheese Auto offers creamy smoke that tastes of blueberry cheesecake. This is an indica-dominant bud that offers a wealth of relief from a variety of physical and mental health challenges. It can be used for relief of stress and anxiety as well as pain. The dominant effects are relaxation and sedation. Feel tension slip away as the body buzz takes hold eventually leaving you so subdued you will not be able to resist falling into a deep, rejuvenating sleep. The high THC levels, sitting around 22%, will give you a little mind-bending, cerebral kick to start you off too, so you can have a little fun before slipping into a soothing daze. The plants are heavy yielding and each of the dense buds is covered with clear, sparkling trichomes that are indicative of their potency. These plants can be grown in or out and flower automatically in about 55 days.
Blueberry Mazar Autoflower
This is another sturdy, auto-flowering, indica heavy bud. It has 25% sativa genetics so you will experience a little cerebral stimulation before the body stone takes hold. The muscle-relaxing effects aid in the relief of pain. The overall effect is that of soothing the mind and body and eventually lulling its smoker into sleep. The scent of these nugs is spicy, citrusy, and earthy while the experience on the tongue is sweet fruit. These plants go from seed to fully mature green flowers with bright orange hairs in around 70 days.
Columbian Gold Autoflower
Now for something completely different! Columbia Gold is a sativa heavy strain with 75% sativa and 25% indica. This bud has a THC content of around 19% and the high is stimulating, mind-bending, and bliss enhancing. The psychedelic effects are great for sparking creative energy and getting projects underway. The gorgeous plants are vibrant green with pumpkin orange pistils and are covered in a thick layer of nearly clear, shiny trichomes. These babies can be grown in or outdoors, but prefer sheltered areas and warm, bright greenhouses. They are naturally resistant to disease and pests, which makes them easier to tend to for new growers.
Amnesia AK 47
This strain is a more balanced hybrid with 40% indica and 60% sativa genetics. The flavor is a unique mix of sweet florals, tangy citrus, and pungent diesel fuel. The THC content ranges from 17 to 20% contributing to the intensity of the stimulating high. This bud tends to leave people giggling, so save its use for times with like-minded friends. These nugs can also instill an insatiable hunger, so make sure to have snacks on hand! Amnesia AK 47 can be effective in managing symptoms associated with stress, depression, pain, and fatigue. These tall, lanky plants with their bright green, sticky buds can be grown in or outdoors with good results. They can grow to be quite tall though, so using topping, or other size managing techniques may be necessary indoors!
Carmen Banner
This mix of Bruce Banner and Carmen is indica heavy with high THC content. This strain will open the flood of creative juices while enhancing focus, making it ideal for crafting adventures! It also offers long-lasting physical relaxation that can be useful in managing pain. The addition of Bruce Banner genetics makes for massive, potent nugs and you will see substantial yields in both an indoor and outdoor grow operation. These babies thrive in certain temperatures and humidity levels, so an indoor grow where you can monitor these conditions may serve to provide optimal results!
Hopefully, we have given you enough insight into Kind Seed Co. and all the wonderful seeds we have to offer. If these strains are not appealing to you, keep looking. We have a huge selection of indica-dominant, sativa heavy, high THC, high CBD seeds, and more. Our exceptional products and educated customer support team make for an easy home cultivation process. We cannot wait to embark on the journey with you! It may be a little while before you can legally cultivate and consume your selections in Mississippi. Until then, get a head start, do your research, and collect your seeds and supplies now to ensure you are the first of your friends to grow expertly cultivated nugs.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out the latest marijuana updates in Mississippi. Whether you are grower looking for the news on when you can produce some homegrown micro flowers then read on. If you are commercial grower looking for information on growing cannabis look on. We are not lawyers and this page should not substitute legal advice. Germinate with care and only when permitted by state authorities.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Mississippi ?

    Yes, buying marijuana seeds in MS is legal as souvenirs and collectible items. Choose Kind Seed Co for your cannabis seeds and buy online from the convenience of your home. Be safe and choose Kind Seed Co as your preferred weed seed bank online.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Mississippi ?

    Yes, buying souvenir seeds for collector purposes is legal in MS. Better to wait before germinating though, as growing cannabis is prohibited.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Mississippi ?

    Yes, buy weed seeds in Mississippi is legal enough as souvenirs and novelty items. Germination is not allowed and you should save your seeds in a humidity and temperature controlled environment until such a time as MS permits cultivation and homegrown medicine.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Mississippi ?

    Yes, buying pot seeds in MS is legal as souvenirs and novelty collector items make a great gift and can be shipped inexpensively.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Mississippi ?

    No, it is not typically legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana from seed in Mississippi.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Mississippi ?

    Buy marijuana seeds online in MS by visiting Kind Seed Co and searching for your favorite strain to grow at home. Choose from autoflower, feminized or regular cannabis seeds and you can get THC biomass estimates above 30% for certain strains. Simply choose a payment method like Zelle, Credit Card, Mesh, Dogecoin or wire transfer and then check out. Once your payment is received you will receive an email with tracking information. Your unmarked package will ship USPS and be in your mailbox in no time. Choose Kind Seed Co for your next souvenir order and get awesome genetics at a fair price.

    Are Mississippi Seeds grown in Mississippi ?

    No, be skeptical of anyone offering feminized or autoflower cannabis seeds and claiming they are grown in Mississippi. Seed production typically happens later in the marijuana legalization cycle and requires a mature recreational market with home growing to be large enough to entice the legal producers to focus a percentage of their capacity on seed production.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Mississippi ?

    Mississippi Medical Marijuana Programis run through the MS State Department of Health.

    Is Recreational Use legal in Mississippi ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Mississippi ?

    Yes, There is a limited medical marijuana program.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Mississippi ?

    No, typically cbd seeds are classified as cannabis seeds because of their thc content and are not legally grown at home in Mississippi.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Mississippi ?

    No, growing autoflower cannabis seeds is not typically legal in Mississippi. At Kind Seed Co, we are hopeful that will change and homegrown medicine can be available to everyone at affordable prices.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Mississippi ?

    No, but its been demoted to a civil fine for possession, so consumption is reasonably tolerated.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Mississippi ?

    No, but its decriminalized to a civil penalty for less than 30 grams of cannabis.

    Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Mississippi

    Cities in Mississippi

    • Aberdeen
    • Amory
    • Batesville
    • Bay St. Louis
    • Biloxi
    • Booneville
    • Brandon
    • Brookhaven
    • Byram
    • Canton
    • Carthage
    • Clarksdale
    • Cleveland
    • Clinton
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    • Crystal Springs
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    • Diamondhead
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    • Grenada
    • Gulfport
    • Hattiesburg
    • Hernando
    • Holly Springs
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    • Jackson
    • KosciuskoM
    • Laurel
    • Long Beach
    • Louisville
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    • McComb
    • Meridian
    • Moss Point
    • Natchez
    • New Albany
    • Ocean Springs
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    • Oxford
    • Pascagoula
    • Pearl
    • Petal
    • Philadelphia
    • Picayune
    • Pontotoc
    • Richland
    • Ridgeland
    • Ripley
    • Senatobia
    • Southaven
    • Starkville
    • Tupelo
    • Vicksburg
    • Waveland
    • Waynesboro
    • West Point
    • Winona
    • Yazoo City


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