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Missouri is situated right in the heart of middle America and is tied with Tennessee for the largest number of states that it borders. It is surrounded by Iowa to the north, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois to the east, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas to the west and Arkansas to the south. The state’s famed forested highland, known as the Ozarks has come to the forefront of pop culture with the smash sensation Netflix series that shares the name. While the popular show Ozark uses Missouri as the backdrop for the plot that involves money laundering for Mexican drug cartels, there is no mention of actually procuring cannabis seeds for sale and then growing them in the region. The series does include poppy farming but not for ornamental purposes. In large amounts, the plants are used to make heroin, morphine, and opium. The final season will be going out with a bang so who knows how the adventure will end!
The state was named after the Missouri River that flows through the heart of the state and ends up at the Mississippi River. With more than 12,000 years of inhabitant history, this great area of the country did not get its start when it was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 from the Spaniards. Did you know that the famed Gateway Arch in St. Louis is a memorial to the leading role that the state played in the expansion of the west? Missouri is the birthplace of the Oregon Trail, made popular by the iconic Macintosh computer game of yesteryear, the California Trail, and Sante Fe Trail. Much more prominent in American culture these days, are the contributions that Missouri has made to the culinary scene. The Kansas City-style barbecue that was made famous by Henry Perry in the early part of the 20th century has often been imitated but rarely replicated. Budweiser is as American as apple pie and stars and stripes. The Anheuser-Busch company is the largest producer of suds in the world and got its start in the Show Me State.
Missouri is located in a humid continental climate that is characterized by cool and at times cold winters that transition to hot and wet summers. The large fluctuations in weather are influenced by the lack of oceans or mountains nearby to moderate the temperatures. This means that arctic air and influences from the Gulf of Mexico are going to be in full force. Extreme climate events happen in this state that sits firmly in Tornado Alley. The state experiences tornadoes and thunderstorms every year. All of this leads to the conclusion that while growing marijuana outdoors in Missouri is doable for the experienced, thoughtful and knowledgeable cultivator, it makes the most sense to buy canabis seeds and grow them in the friendly confines of a greenhouse, grow tent or any other dedicated indoor space.
The Show Me State has a unique approach to public post-secondary education. It utilizes the University of Missouri System and has one main flagship institution in it. This is simply known as The University of Missouri. The main campus is located in Columbia but has four other sister sites in the state that fall under the same administration system. This system was implemented to cut overhead, reduce costs and help as many students attend a high-quality public university within the state as possible. This common-sense approach is no doubt a part of the Show me State attitude that earned the state its nickname. For students who do not choose to attend one of these schools, private schools like Webster University, Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia College are popular choices. Enrolling in the horticulture programs at any of these schools would be a major advantage if you could find some pot seeds for sale and begin growing them at home. There would be no better use of that degree in horticulture on the wall than to be raising your very own wedding cake strain at home for you and your friends to enjoy.
While the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and Kansas City Symphony are the high brow and sophisticated arenas for music, there are plenty of people who only think of Missouri when they hear one of the iconic musicians from the area. Notable names like Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, Michael McDonald, Sheryl Crow, Akon, Chingy and of course Nelly all have called the state their home. However, where pop culture and entertainment are concerned, there is no native son bigger than Walt Disney. The legendary animator, filmmaker, and businessman had roots in Marceline before eventually settling in Kansas City before his big move out west.
1904 was a big year for the state. The 1904 St Louis World Fair kicked off to celebrate the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase and they also hosted the Summer Olympics. What a whirlwind of a year that would have been! These Olympic games helped establish a rich sporting culture in the state that is alive and well today. The state is only one short of the perfect quartet of major professional sport franchises. While they are missing a member of the National Basketball Association, they are able to lay claim to teams in the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and the granddaddy of them all, the National Football League. The Kansas City Chiefs call Arrowhead Stadium home and are the proud owners of two Super Bowl titles. With quarterback Patrick Mahomes leading the team, they won the Super Bowl in 2019 and have the distinction of being the last Super Bowl Champion before the AFL and NFL merger in 1970. The St. Louis Cardinals are the most dominant franchise in the state and have a rich culture of success. Fans descend upon Busch Stadium to enjoy the phenomenal hometown Budweisers, ballpark franks and views of the Gateway Arch.  There is nothing better in St. Louis than ordering an Uber and sharing a delightful strain of marijuana with friends while you wait for your ride, and then hammering back some brews at the stadium. Named after an iconic song that touches a lot of hearts in the state, the St. Louis Blues, are a member of the National Hockey League and play their home games at the Enterprise Center. They recently won the Stanley Cup to allow the state to lay claim to a major championship for all of their home teams. The lone team that will call St. Louis’ home to not win a championship is the St. Louis City FC of Major League Soccer. Being as they have yet to play a game in the league, it is very reasonable to cut them a little slack. They are scheduled to begin matches in 2023 and will no doubt bring a winning culture to the city and state. While all of these pro sports a big draw, there might be nothing greater for sports fans in Missouri than a huge rivalry game between the University of Missouri Tigers and the University of Kansas Jayhawks. This rivalry goes all the way back to the Missouri-Kansas Border war. This civil war era feud continued to the sporting landscape and has led to many great games, memories and animosity.
At times, there is nothing sweeter than wandering through serene sights while enjoying a beautiful, blissful stone. This could describe the experience of puffing on some magical Mary Jane as you take in the breathtaking beauty at the Missouri Botanical Garden. This plethora of flowers, plants, and trees is only rivaled by the enormous selection of cannabis seeds for sale at Kind Seed Co. Visitors often clamor for more after they experience the magnificent Christmas lights display. If you only have time to visit one park in the state, then venturing out to Forest Park is going to be the ticket. It has loads of history, a permanent art museum, a science center as well as a zoo. With over 1300 acres to explore, there is more than enough room for everyone. For those who love to pontificate, visiting the discovery center at the City Museum can be a cathartic experience. The Titanic is one of the most infamous ships in the world’s history. The Titanic Museum provides a fantastic glimpse into what the ship was like with more than 400 artifacts from the doomed voyage. It will be wise to save your doobie adventures for after if you are heading to the Meramec Caverns. This 4.6 mile unique cave system in the Ozarks will give you a bucket list experience but is best enjoyed sober and then reminisced about with a magnificent joint of dank weed.

Smoking recreational Marijuana in Missouri

While Missouri has made progress in terms of marijuana legislation, the government has not come all the way to the progressive side and legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. Marijuana is not allowed to be smoked in the state for recreational purposes. The state has not remained completely in the stone ages though as they enacted legislation in 2014 that treats first time offenders differently than repeat offenders. If you are caught smoking marijuana for recreational reasons, your first offence is going to be a misdemeanor and punishable only by a fine without the threat of jail time. While not a complete get out of jail free card, it is a strong sign that there may be room for more lenient laws in the future regarding recreational marijuana.

Is it Legal to Possess Weed in Missouri?

It depends on who you are and what your situation is for having marijuana. Patients and caregivers with a valid ID card can purchase medical marijuana from licensed Missouri dispensaries. If you are caught possessing marijuana for recreational purposes that is under 10 grams, you are going to be slapped with a misdemeanor offence that carries a fine. If you are found possessing marijuana for a subsequent time that is also less than 10 grams, you will face another misdemeanor charge but this one could carry up to a year of incarceration. If you are found to possess marijuana that exceeds 10 grams but remains under 35 grams then you are going to receive a misdemeanor offence but you could face up to a year in prison for your first offence. If you exceed the 35 gram threshold, then you are facing a felony charge which carries a maximum prison sentence of 7 years in addition to a fine that could reach as high as $10,000. The long and short of it is, if you are using marijuana for recreational purposes, you need to be discreet and avoid being caught with any weed.
If you are possessing marijuana for medical purposes, you are within the law. The use of CBD oil for medical reasons passed legislation in 2014 and in 2018 a ballot measure known as Amendment 2 was passed with a ⅔ majority to legalize a much broader use of cannibus for medical reasons. This new legislation offers a more robust medical marijuana program that is designed to meet the needs of residents requiring marijuana as prescribed by their physician. As a medical patient of the marijuana program, you are allowed to possess up to 4 ounces of marijuana and an additional 60 day supply at your residence. As with many other states, you are allowed to designate a caregiver who is permitted to possess your marijuana for you and dispense it to you as needed.

The Bullion State and Growing Weed

Unfortunately, growing weed for recreational purposes remains prohibited. Thankfully, there has been progress and medical patients, or caregivers are now allowed to cultivate their own cannabis from seed at home. You are allowed to grow all types of seeds, such as photoperiod seeds, feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, cbd seeds and natural seeds.
Patients will need a state-issued marijuana ID card in addition to a secure facility if they wish to grow cannabis at home. There are some hoops to jump through if you want to grow your own sticky icky, but they are doable and worth it. You will need to provide the address of your marijuana garden, your patient licence number and certify a statement that gives DHSS access to inspect your garden when they see fit. If they wish to see the garden and you refuse them access, then your permit to grow will be immediately revoked.
Once all of the hoops are jumped through, you are permitted to start growing cannabis at home in an enclosed and locked facility. In your marijuana garden, you are allowed 6 clones that do not exceed 14 inches, 6 non-flowering plants that can be larger than 14 inches, and 6 flowering plants. This allows you to keep a constant supply of medical cannabis so that you are never without your medicine.  Missouri has historically been one of the most restrictive states when it comes to cannabis policy and many state governments have not always known to use common sense when it comes to weed laws. Fortunately, lawmakers in Missouri used some common sense when they drafted this legislation. In order to be efficient, 2 patients are allowed to share 1 garden or growing space. In this case, there is a maximum of 12 flowering plants at one time. In the case of a caregiver growing marijuana for multiple patients, then the limit is increased to 3 patients per caregiver garden for a maximum of 18 flowering plants. When growing for someone else or sharing a space, be sure that all plants are labelled with each patient’s name and the authorization to cultivate is displayed in close proximity to the plants.

What’s a Missouri Seed Bank?

A Missouri seed bank is where you get your marijuana seeds, silly! It could be a local storefront that dispenses cannabis seeds, or it can be an online cannabis seed bank, like Kind Seed Co. An online Missouri Seed Bank has numerous advantages over a storefront. It has a much larger capacity to store seeds, can ensure state of the art storage systems as overhead costs are not tied up in a storefront and best of all, it can offer a vastly superior collection and variety of marijuana seeds. Come browse the catalog of premium weed seeds we have today and get started with your favorite strain.

Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds in The gateway to West?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Thankfully, marijauana seeds are considered a novelty item for adults across the entire nation. They remain a novelty product as long as they are ungerminated. Once they are germinated, they lose the novelty status and your possession of them comes down to your status in the state. The best way to obtain your marijuana seeds is through an online seed bank, like Kind Seed Co. With access to the internet so readily available everywhere these days, running out to wait in traffic, and deal with frustrating people is no longer needed. Find the comfiest or most convenient spot you can and jump on the web and browse all of the premium seeds available. With just a few clicks our hardworking team is going to be carefully packing and shipping your seeds for you. A confidential, efficient and quick delivery will have your seeds on your doorstep as soon as possible.

Medical Cannabis in Missouri

The Show Me State has made positive strides in the arena of medical marijuana. As of 2018, a medical marijuana program has made it legal to possess, consume, and cultivate marijuana You are allowed to possess up to 4 ounces at a time plus a 60 day supply at your residence. You are allowed to cultivate your own marijuana plants from seed as long as you can do it in an enclosed and locked space. You are legally required to provide access to DHSS any time they want and must have your authorization certificate clearly visible and plants labelled with your name. The maximum number of flowering plants per patient is 6 but you are allowed to have plants at the ready once you harvest your flowering plants. You must have your doctor certify you for the program if you have a condition that qualifies. In order to qualify for the program, you must be dealing with one of the following, ALS, autism, Alzheimer’s, cachexia, Crohn’s disease, cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, Hep C, HIV/AIDS, IBS, Huntingdons’s disease, intractable migraines, PTSD, neuropathy, sickle cell, MS, Parkinson’s, seizures, tourette’s, any terminal illness or chronic condition that is currently treated with medication that potentially could lead to dependence.

Buy Photoperiod Weed Seeds and Autoflower Weed Seeds in The Gateway to the West

The newest additions to the marijauna seed world are feminized seeds. These are seeds that contain female genetic material exclusively. This means that they will produce female plants every time. This is great when you want to maximize your flowers and not produce seedy buds. Females are the powerhouse flower growers whereas male plants are great pollinators and producers of seeds. When you are looking to maximize the consumable product that your plants grow, reaching for feminized seeds are the way to go.
The most popular types of feminized seeds these days are photoperiod and autoflower seeds. Photoperiod seeds are ones that require a transition in access to light to induce the flowering period. They tend to vegetate longer which makes them larger and have an extended growth cycle. These types of weed seeds offer greater ability to manipulate the cycle and produce a maximal harvest. The downside of this though, is that it requires a little more TLC, cultivation know-how, and can encounter more errors that lead to a weaker yield.
Autoflower seeds on the other hand are ones that have been bred with the ruderalis strain. These seeds have evolved over time to transition to flowering based on maturity rather than access to light. They vegetate for shorter periods of time which make them smaller in stature and perfect for those smaller indoor growing spaces. These seeds also have shorter flowering periods which help produce a lightning-fast harvest. The smaller yields are offset by the speed of the harvest and when growing year-round, many of these yield shortcomings can be compensated for. Autoflower seeds are an excellent option for beginners and those who have a busier lifestyle that does not allow them to tend to their gardens as much as photoperiod seeds require.
With the proliferation of high-quality strains on the market and the popularity of photoperiod and autoflower seeds, there are many strains that come in both varieties.

Buy Regular Cannabis Seeds in Missouri

Regular cannabis seeds are the opposite of feminized seeds. They contain male and female genetics and offer a flip of the coin in terms of what they will produce. These types of seeds are great for those needing seeds from some of their crops of plants. Breeders are a steady buyer of regular seeds because they want a bounty of seeds to experiment with. If you are looking for seeds to start your next crop, and do not mind a weaker yield in terms of bud production and potency, then regular seeds could be for you. At Kind Seed Co we have a wide variety of regular marijuana seeds in Missouri.

Missouri USA Seeds

Missouri was an integral part of the expansion of the west. This attitude towards patriotism has continued to this day. Missourians are loyal to their fellow Americans and are often looking to support local suppliers. Buying seeds that are from the USA is a great way to show your support, not to mention, that the USA is one of the leading producers of high quality, potent and popular strains in the entire world. The west coast is known for producing some of the best strains in the world and Missouri can bask in the glory of giving a helping hand in that. Knowing that your marijuana seeds are homegrown means that they will live up to the standards of USA products. They are the highest quality premium seeds out there and can be purchased at affordable prices. There is nothing more American than that!

Federal Judicial District of Missouri

With marijuana decriminalization being adopted, there is less stress on the judicial districts in the state. However, if you are a repeat offender or find yourself in legal hot water you could end up before a judge in the eastern part of the state. This will land you somewhere in St. Louis, Hannibal, or Cape Girardeau. If you are in the western part of the state, Kansas City, Joplin, Saint Joseph, Springfield or Jefferson City could be calling your name.

5 Most Popular Cities in Missouri to Grow Marijuana

While not everyone is able to grow marijuana yet in the Show Me State, those who are will have plenty of great areas they can grow. These 5 cities are going to provide fabulous options when you are getting ready to set up your own marijuana plants. Always make sure that you are using high quality products, like the weed seeds for sale online from the Kind Seed Co when getting started. Another thing to keep top of mind is that sourcing your marijuana seeds for sale online is the best route, as it takes only a couple of minutes and then frees you up to enjoy a variety of activities in these fabulous cities.
Kansas City is the big kahuna in the gateway to the west. It is the largest city by area as well as population. With all of the time that you are going to have freed up when you buy marijuana seeds online, be sure to check out the amazing sculpture garden at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. There are some impressive artifacts to see at the National WWI Museum and Memorial as well. This is the largest collection of artifacts from the Great War in the entire nation. There is nothing like celebrating a winner and that is exactly what can be done when you head down to Arrowhead Stadium to enjoy the Kansas City Chiefs thoroughly dominating on the gridiron. There is nothing more American than celebrating exceptionalism and revelling in the tears of a defeated adversary! While Major League Baseball does not call Kansas City home, there is still a rich tradition of baseball here. That can be explored even further by a visit to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The exhibits tell the story of segregated baseball in America before African Americans were allowed to play in the greatest league in the world. When living in or visiting Kansas City, everybody needs to try the world-famous Kansas City BBQ at least once. As anyone who loves good BBQ knows though, is that once you taste the Kansas City BBQ you are not going to venture far away again. Grabbing your favourite strain, a bottle of your favorite wine, beer or spirits and then chowing down on the best BBQ this side of the Mississippi River is going to be as heavenly as a visit to the Kansas City United Church of Christ!
St. Louis is home to many iconic sights, though none are greater than The Gateway Arch. This 630 foot monument to the expansion of the west is the world’s tallest arch and made of good old fashioned, American stainless steel. It was dedicated to the American people and is the centerpiece of the Gateway Arch National Park. This park serves as an opportunity to reminisce about the history of the city, as well as get some much needed exercise. Strolling through the park provides a constant glimpse of the arch, as well as an opportunity to visit the Old Courthouse and the museum at the Gateway Arch. The Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site delivers on its promise to provide insight into what the pre-Columbian Native American city was like. It boasts over 80 mounds and covers approximately 3.5 square miles. Anybody experiencing the city in the spring or summer needs to head over to Busch Stadium. The home of the St. Louis Cardinals gives ample opportunity to experience everything that makes the city so great. The gilded mosaic art at Cathedral Basilica is a sight to behold and will be even greater with some fantastic psychoactive effects from your favorite strain.
Springfield is home to something known as the Fantastic Caverns. With a name like that, there is supreme confidence in the cavern’s ability to have you amazed. The USA fought off the British to avoid the nobility’s way of life and have been celebrated for this achievement for centuries. So, it is a little surprising when you hear of a castle on American soil. The Pythian Home is colloquially known as the Pythian Castle was built in 1913. It was originally built by the Knights of Pythian and was then transferred over to the US military to house German and Italian prisoners during WWII. The history, ghost tour and escape room that has been added and are all sure signs of a great day of festivities. The Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden is a perfect setting for a tranquil walk with your favorite strain. Another fantastic place for a walk, albeit a more intense walk, is the hiking and backpacking trails at Ozark Park Trail. If you are lucky, you might encounter a peacock showing off its tail feathers in the Springfield Conservation Center as you take a nature reserve walk. Lastly, whether you are wanting to race your buddy or simply cruise down the James River, a kayak is the best way to navigate these waters.
Columbia is home to an area that is ideal for hikers, bikers, and cavers. This fabulous place is known as Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. The scenic trails offer great opportunities to be alone with your thoughts and figure out the best way to grow your own marijuana at home. If you prefer something with a little more oomph, or a motor, head to the off-road vehicle area at Finger Lakes State Park. Columbia is home to plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. The hiking trails at Devil’s Icebox are serene, Stephens Lake Park is great for recreation and picnics and the Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area has a sprawling green space that offers plenty of room for whatever you need to do. All of these outdoor areas are fantastic but the big draw for the city of Columbia is the University of Missouri. With a capacity of over 70,000, Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium plays host to football games of the Missouri Tigers. The Hearnes Center and Mizzou Arena also offer an escape from the day to day grind and allow us to indulge in our competitive nature vicariously through student-athletes.
Independence is known as a satellite city of Kansas City as it lies within the metro region of greater Kansas City. Well known for being the hometown of former US President Harry Truman, the city has the Truman Presidential Library and Museum in its vicinity. Independence was the original departure point for the Sante Fe, California and Oregon Trails that led to the expansion and discovery of the west. This is how the city became known as Queen City of the Trails. That theme still rings true today as there are many fabulous trails in the city, like the Little Blue Trace Trail and Waterfall Park Trail, just to name a few. If the laid-back environment of a park is more up your alley, sit and pontificate about how you will turn the fabulous marijuana seeds for sale into glorious bud producing plants while at Rotary Park, Country Club Park or George Owens Nature Park. Perhaps there was a mishap with your first growing experience, feel free to head over to The Auditorium at the Community of Christ and ask the big fella upstairs where you went wrong!
No matter how you slice it, growing marijuana from seed is a great option for those who can. It provides a steady supply, your own personal quality control and best of all, access to the strains you like best, exactly when you want them. Grab premium ganja seeds from Kind Seed Co today and get your cultivating journey started in any of these fine cities.

Buy The Most Popular Strain Seeds in Missouri

Here are just a few of the most popular strains in Missouri. All of these strains are feminized photoperiod seeds that have stellar genetics thanks to their illustrious lineage.
This sativa-dominant strain is known for its outstanding flavor. With a name like chocolate, this should come as no surprise. It reminds you of an espresso fudge cake that will soothe your mind and uplift your spirits. Coming from Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, this is a must-have treat!
Critical Kush
This indica-dominant hybrid is going to remind you of a Lake of the Ozarks camping trip. It has a piney yet dank aroma that comes from its parents, Critical Mass and OG Kush. It offers users long-lasting physical relaxation, reduced pain and a fantastic sleep. With a 20% THC content, you know that it has enough power to kick you in the rump if you are not ready for it. This one is best consumed in the later evening.
Jacks Skunk
A nicely balanced hybrid, Jacks Skunk will deliver positive energy and an elevated mood. It is going to clear your mind and offer up a stimulating sativa high that is perfectly suited for daytime use. It has a short flowering time that will be having you pluck a bountiful harvest before you know it.
OG Skunk 1
When you hear that this strain comes from Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold, you are instantly sold on its pedigree. This is a balanced hybrid that will give you energy, a creative streak, and a serious case of the munchies. It has a THC content in the mid to high teens and is the perfect way to ease into your evening and provide the perfect level of relaxation.
Sunset Sherbet
Imagine pairing this Sunset Sherbet with a delightful scoop of the fruity frozen treat! It will give you the inspiration that you need to overcome your latest obstacle while easing your stress. This strain is often reached for when dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress. The fruity and sweet flavor will tickle the taste buds and have you reaching for this regularly.
Regardless of which strain you end up settling on, you can rest assured that you are purchasing premium authentic genetics, each and every time, when you purchase seeds at Kind Seed Co. We are passionate about providing you with top shelf products, so that your growing endeavor is successful and abundant. As the laws start to relax in the state of Missouri, get your hands on a variety of strains so you can hit the ground planting when the laws allow!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please find information on Missouri cannabis laws below. We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. Check back for future updates on growing marijuana in MO.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Missouri ?

    Yes, it is legal to buy marijuana seeds in Missouri for souvenirs and collection. Please germinate with care and only when permitted by state laws.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Missouri ?

    Yes, you can buy marijuana seeds legally in Missouri as novelty souvenirs and collectibles.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Missouri ?

    Yes, weed seeds can be bought legally in Missouri. Please germinate your souvenirs only when permitted by state authorities.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Missouri ?

    Yes, its legal to buy souvenir pot seeds in Missouri. Please germinate with care and only when state laws allow.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Missouri ?

    Currently it is not legal to grow cannabis seeds, pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds in Missouri. Unless you have a medical license which allows you to grow up to six plants.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Missouri ?

    Buying marijuana seeds online in Missouri starts with a visit to Kind Seed Co. Browse hundreds of cannabis strains from the comfort of your home and choose the perfect sativa, indica or hybrid for your home garden. Simply add to cart and pay for your order on checkout and your seeds will arrive in the mail in no time. Check your email for tracking to follow along as the package is en route. All packages are shipped discretely with USPS and unmarked.

    Are State Seeds grown in Missouri ?

    Its unlikely that Missouri Seeds are actually grow in MO. Why? The answer is simple; it takes time to build up the legal infrastructure to grow cannabis seeds in a particular state. Once legalized for recreational use and growing, it takes a state about five to ten years to build up the genetics to become a seed bank.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Missouri ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Missouri ?

    No recreational use is not legal in Missouri. However carrying up to 10 grams of cannabis no longer carries jail time when caught.

    Is Medical Use legal in Missouri ?

    Yes, medical cannabis is legal in Missouri. Since 2018, adult patients can grow up to six marijuana plants and purchase at least four ounces.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Missouri ?

    Since most CBD seeds have THC content about 0.3%, CBD seeds are generally treated the same as cannabis seeds. You will need a medical cannabis license to grow CBD seeds in Missori.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Missouri ?

    It is only legal for medical patients to grow autoflower seeds in Missouri. Each adult patient can grow up to six autoflower plants.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Missouri ?

    No, it is not legal to consume cannabis in Missouri unless you are a medical patient. However, it is decriminalized, so the penalties for consumption are minimal.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Missouri ?

    No, it is not legal to carry cannabis in Missouri. If you are carrying less than ten grams and caught, the penalties for first time offense will not include jail time.

    Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Missouri

    Cities in Missouri

    • Arnold
    • Aurora
    • Ballwin
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    • Berkeley
    • Blue Springs
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    • Bonne Terre
    • Boonville
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    • Carl Junction
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    • Washington
    • Webb City
    • Webster Groves
    • Wentzville
    • West Plains
    • Wildwood


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