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Where to Buy Cannabis Seed in The Treasure State

Montana is sure to take your breath away with its natural unspoiled beauty and the freedom to enjoy recreational marijuana. Montana is a northwestern state surrounded by 6 t jurisdictions that have widely different views about marijuana. It is bordered by both the Dakotas, North and South to the east, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan to the north. These places have somewhat similar viewpoints on marijuana. Idaho and Wyoming are neighbors to the south and still hold an archaic and outdated viewpoint on the medical marvel of Mary Jane. While many from these 2 southern neighbors might initially come for the vast, wide-open spaces in Montana, many are going to want to stay for the wicked weed seeds for sale online in the state.
Montana is the 4th largest state in the nation with the 8th fewest number of residents. This makes it a wide-open utopia for those who enjoy their solitude and being one with nature. The eastern portion of the state is known for its large prairie lands that are well suited for growing an abundance of crops. The west has many mountain ranges that are a part of the world-famous Rocky Mountains and allow for incredible exploring. This is one of the reasons that many in the state call Montana, The Last Best Place! There is a rich history in the agricultural sector, most specifically ranching and cereal and grain farming. These old school American values are instilled in these parts and make many of the up and coming generations well suited to hit the ground running when they set up their very own marijuana gardens. What better way to learn, than having your grandpappy explain the lay of the land and the best ways to achieve maximum harvests over a glass of lemonade.
Due to the expansive nature of the state and the incredible mountain ranges, Montana has varying climates depending on where you live. The western portion of the state benefits from the warm air coming from the Pacific Ocean and enjoys wilder winters, cooler summers, and longer growing seasons. In the east, the mountain ranges restrict this warmer air from flowing and it experiences the drier continental air that causes there to be larger swings in temperatures. It results in colder winters, hotter summers, and shorter growing seasons. Having said all of this, setting up a marijuana garden indoors or in the friendly confines of a greenhouse will eliminate many of these environmental factors and allow you to buy pot seeds for sale and raise them any way you see fit!
The territory of Montana was first created in 1864. The lands were all part of the neighboring states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Dakota. More importantly, these lands were inhabited by indigenous populations that were not fond of settlers coming and trying to take their lands. As the area began to be settled between the 1850s and 1870s, there were numerous disputes and conflicts with indigenous tribes already living in the area. Eventually, the Hellgate Treaty was signed. This did not end all issues though. There were difficulties with interpreters, confusion over terms, and some vague wording in the documents that led settlers to believe things that were in contradiction with how the Salish people viewed the document. Hopefully, everyone has learned from this history lesson and ensures that all parties are clear on what is expected so there are no misunderstandings. This is becoming relevant again with all of the passage of marijuana laws around the nation and in Montana. To keep everyone safe and happy, clarity is key!
The state has come a long way in education, from the early days where students headed to the teacher’s home for school. When they first started, it was a subscription-based system where families had to pay a weekly fee for their children to attend. This eventually led to publicly funded school systems that have had ebbs and flows and ended up with what they have today. Nobody is going to mistake the Montana higher education system of the glitz and glamour of California schools or the prestigious ivy league institutions. To ensure that there was suitable but not fancy education for residents, the Montana University System was created in 1994 to combat the lack of state funding. There are 2 top schools in the state. Montana State University Bozeman has multiple campuses in Great Falls, Billings, and Bozeman. The University of Montana Missoula has campuses in Missoula, Dillon, Butte, Hamilton, and Helena. The University of Montana Grizzlies has loyal followings for their men’s football team, which has been a dominant team in Division I-AA and the Big Sky Conference, winning national titles in 1995 and 2001. The men’s basketball program has achieved success in the Big Sky Conference as well but no team in school history has been a perennial powerhouse like the Lady Griz basketball team. They have won an astounding 17 conference titles in 25 years.
For all that Montana has to offer, inevitably there is one thing that is universally known about the Treasure State. The state’s treasure is Yellowstone National Park. Visitors love heading out to enjoy world-class trails, like Mt. Washburn, Clear Lake, North Rim Trail, Fairy Falls, and Avalanche Peak. When setting up a daypack, bottles of water, a lunch, incredible homemade trail mix, and some of the best strains that you grew at home are all going to be priorities. Yellowstone is not the only outdoor enthusiast paradise in the state though. With a low population base and an incredible amount of land, there are many more areas to explore. Glacier National Park is colloquially known as the Crown of the Continent for a good reason. This park features deep forests, alpine meadows, waterfalls, an astounding 200 lakes, and nearly 50 glistening glaciers. Known as a photographer’s paradise, the Going To The Sun Road has made impeccable memories that have been rehashed over a drink and smoke for many years. The best part of this incredible area is that it is not succumbing to the will of money-hungry capitalists. There are very few roads found across the 1600 square miles that help keep it in all its primitive and pristine glory. Outside of these 2 state gems, the Nez Perce National Historic Park, Big Hole National Battlefield, and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area are must-stops for residents and visitors alike.
With all of the mystical and magical sites to see in the state, it can help allow people to reflect and think back to simpler times. One thing that cannot be understated though is how the world wide web has allowed us to remain connected more than ever when away from the house. Our forefathers could not have envisioned taking a break at Pompeys Pillar National Monument while browsing Kind Seed Co for cannabis seeds for sale. Imagine munching on an edible treat while browsing some of the finest marijauana strains the world has to offer. Thankfully, that is exactly what you could be doing, and many have done before. Before the rest is even over, the order can be placed and the weed seed experts at Kind Seed Co will be hard at work ensuring freshness, packaging, and shipping only premium seeds, like wedding cake strain directly and discreetly to your door.

Montana and Smoking Weed Recreationally

Montana seems to have succumbed to the peer pressure of some of its neighboring states when it comes to recreational marijuana. Following the lead of South Dakota and its neighbors to the north in Canada, recreational marijuana has now been legalized in Big Sky Country. In November 2020 the Marijuana Legalization Initiative, aka I-190, was passed which allows adults 21 years of age and older to legally smoke weed and consume other forms of marijuana products within the state. This does not mean that things have reverted to the wild west days where anything goes. This is not even close to the level of alcohol consumption on the Las Vegas strip, but it is progress nonetheless. Those who are legally old enough can smoke marijuana on private property as long as it is away from the view of the public. There will be no more feeling paranoid that your neighbors are going to snitch on you for toking up when a few friends head over for game-night or the big fight. Just think of all of the possibilities where you can lean into your desire to savor the aroma of the most decadent strains out there. No more needing diffusers and air fresheners when you can use your sweet homegrown to provide the aromatherapy that you desire.
While it is legal to smoke weed in the state there is still a prohibition on smoking cannabis when you are operating a motor vehicle, which includes cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, and anything else that would require your full faculties. You are also prohibited from operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of weed so be sure to have a safe ride or stay wherever you are after enjoying the magical bliss of marijuana.

Can you have Marijuana in your Possession in Montana

While certain individuals in the state have been able to possess marijuana for medical purposes for a while, the new legislation now opens this up to all adults aged 21 and over in Montana. Included in I-190 are limits to the amount of marijuana you are legally allowed to possess. Adults are allowed to have up to 1 ounce or 28 grams of marijuana flowers at a time. If you are possessing marijuana in concentrate form, then you are limited to 8 grams. The legislation is new and went into effect on January 1, 2021, so there is going to be some time before the infrastructure is up and running to be able to buy marijuana seeds and hit up your local dispensaries for your favorite strains.
It is important to note that there are stiff penalties for those who are possessing over the legal amounts of marijuana. If someone is caught with more than 28 grams, or 1 ounce of weed, or 8 grams of concentrates then they will face a felony charge. If convicted, this felony can carry up to 5 years in prison and a fine of $5000.
If you want to get your hands on some of your favorite strains immediately, make sure you buy marijuana seeds for sale online from an online cannabis seed bank. At the Kind Seed Co, you can get everything you need to start your marijuana journey from the comfort of your home.

Growing Weed in The Big Sky Country

Montana has a steep tradition of ranching, agriculture, and self-sufficiency. Many Montanans continue to work hard in the livestock industry which is growing faster than any other agriculture sector in the world. When you are used to paying the full retail price for your marijuana, the benefits and convenience of growing your marijuana seeds at home will be astronomical. Not only will you save a ton of money, have the best supply that you have ever wanted but you are going to be able to have full control over the process and ensure that the product is top-notch.
With the passage of I-190, growing cannabis is no longer restricted to medical marijuana patients. Any adult aged 21 and over is permitted to buy marijuana seeds and cultivate them at home. Home cultivation is for personal use only. Growers will be allowed to share their spoils with friends and family if they are legal adults but there is to be no exchange of money or goods/services for the sticky icky. Each resident can grow up to 4 marijuana plants in addition to 4 seedlings. All plants being grown at a private residence must be within an enclosed area and kept under lock and key. While you may be tempted to show off your green thumb skills to the neighbors, that urge is going to need to be stifled as the plants must also be out of public view.
If growing as a medical patient, you are also allowed to nurture and raise 4 mature plants as well as 4 seedlings. If a medical marijuana patient is unable to tend to their own marijuana garden, then they can designate a caregiver to do this for them. Once a caregiver is designated though, the patient can no longer cultivate their own weed plants.

Montana Seed Bank: What is it?

When you hear the term seed bank, there could be a few different references it pertains to. This type of Montana seed bank is in reference to a marijuana seed bank. These seed banks house a wide variety of canabis seeds for all expertise levels and desired palate experiences. Online cannabis seed banks like Kind Seed Co offer many advantages. There are no overhead storefront costs that siphon off funds that are better used to optimize storage, sourcing, packaging and delivery of the desired weed seeds. State-of-the-art methods are used to ensure that all of the premium marijuana seeds you order are kept fresh and stable so that they are going to be in the best shape possible for the customer. Another advantage is that Kind Seed Co has plenty of experience and has cultivated relationships with excellent breeders to ensure that the very best strains and genetics are being passed on to the customer. When you want the highest quality cbd seeds, the easiest to grow autoflower seeds or the world-class Purple Haze strain, be sure to visit a reputable online Montana seed bank like Kind Seed Co. Let us handle all the hassle of sourcing premium marijuana seeds so you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors in The Last Best Place!

Can I Buy Seeds in The Last Best Place

The recreational legalization of marijuana in Montana is new and it will take some time for everyone to get caught up with the times. The purchase of marijuana seeds however has only slightly changed with this new legislation. Cannabis seeds have long been classified as an adult novelty item in the United States of America. They have been viewed as a collector’s item along the lines of hockey cards, stamps, or coins. They always remained a novelty item as long as they were ungerminated. The new recreational marijuana laws have made this quirky point null and void though. Now that all marijuana is no longer criminal, it can be germinated and remain legal throughout the state.
Feel free to browse all of the cannabis seeds that are available online until you find the perfect fit. Like many things in life, marijuana seeds can serve a variety of purposes. A cultivator might want a wicked nighttime strain that will ensure a good night’s rest while also growing a phenomenal daytime pick me up strain to help get going in the morning. All of these and more are available at the Kind Seed Co. Our customer care team can help navigate the buying experience if needed or simply be the ones to do the leg work and get your required seeds to you quickly, efficiently, and most importantly confidentially.

Montana: Medical Cannabis

Montana has been on the front lines of early adoption in regards to cannabis use for medical conditions. It legalized medical marijuana in the state back in 2004. It was originally a ballot measure that was supported by over 60% of the voters. This legislation took effect and saw a steady increase of patients becoming registered cardholders of the Medical Marijuana Program. This caused some legislators concern and they tried to repeal the legislation in 2011 but Governor Schwitzer vetoed that. In 2016, laws and regulations were tightened around the program and there are very specific rules in place for medical marijuana patients.
When you are a medical marijuana cardholder, you are allowed to purchase your marijuana from a dispensary, although they are often referred to as providers in the state. If you opt to purchase your ganja from a dispensary or provider, you are allowed to purchase up to 5 ounces of marijuana a month but no more than 1 ounce a day. If you feel that you need more than this, you are free to petition the Medicinal Marijuana Program for an increase. It is important to note that you will need your physician to be on board with the proposed increase. You are also allowed to opt to grow your own marijuana from seed at home. Initially starting your own marijuana garden was a little more onerous and difficult but with some of the new beginner-friendly seeds, online ordering has never been simpler. In your home-based marijuana garden, you are allowed to have 4 mature marijuana plants and 4 marijuana seedlings. Once you harvest your mature plants, you can have the seedlings take their place so that there is always a stray supply of medicine. If you are unable to grow your own, then you are permitted to designate a caregiver to grow it for you. The consumption of medical marijuana is going to be in line with recreational rules. They must be consumed in private and they are not allowed to be consumed on school grounds, places of worship, or in correctional facilities. Correctional facilities are not required to permit the use, even if prescribed by a physician.
To qualify for the Medical Marijuana Program in the state, you are required to have a signed physician form, a copy of your government-issued photo ID, a passport-style photo, and pay an application fee. If you are wanting to cultivate as a renter, you are required to have written permission from the landlord of the home to be allowed. The following conditions are eligible: a patient in hospice care, cancer, cachexia (wasting syndrome), chronic and persistent pain, a central nervous disorder that causes muscle spasms, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, MS, intractable nausea or vomiting, peripheral neuropathy and the newest addition to the list, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Buy Feminized Weed Seeds and Autoflower Pot Seeds in The Last Best Place

Like anything that we experience in life, starting a marijuana cultivation journey can be daunting at first. It is best to take it one step at a time and learn the fundamentals. One of the first things to check off the list is to figure out which types of cannabis seeds you prefer. What are your goals when growing marijuana? If the answer is along the lines of, I want to harvest the biggest, best, abundant and potent buds I can, then feminized seeds are going to be the path to take. Feminized seeds have originally undergone stress training to create seeds that only contain female genetics. This ensures that all resulting plants are going to be female. The purpose of this was to remove the unknown when growing marijuana. Female plants are going to produce the majority of the buds in a garden and provide more potent and seedless harvests.
The next step regarding feminized seeds will be deciding between photoperiod and autoflower seeds. The main difference between these types of seeds is that they initiate flowering differently. They are both germinated in the same manner. They begin the vegetative stage where they are gobbling up nutrients to expand their root systems and begin producing large fan leaves and spreading vertically and laterally. Once this process is complete, they shift their energies to producing flowers. Photoperiod seeds are going to produce plants that require a light cycle change to trigger the flowering response. When growing outdoors, this happens naturally as summer transitions to fall and the days become shorter. When growing indoors, the cultivator is going to reduce the quantity of light that the plant receives. Photoperiod plants end up being much larger, have a longer flowering time, and produce large yields for the grower. Outdoors they are going to have one grow cycle per year. When grown indoors they can achieve2. Autoflower seeds on the other hand are going to produce plants that have a genetic programming that will shift energies to flowering based on maturity, rather than any change in light. Autoflower plants have a much shorter vegetating phase which will result in a smaller plant but provide a harvest much quicker, albeit with a lower yield. Autoflower seeds are easier to grow because they do not require knowledge of light cycling and take the guesswork out of when to transition to flowering. They are the perfect place to start for beginners or those who want quality marijuana with little hassle.

Natural Seeds in Montana

Natural seeds are also known as regular seeds. These are the traditional and original seeds that have been around forever. These seeds contain male and female genetics. There will be the proverbial flip of a coin in regards to whether they will produce male or female plants. While some growers do not want to sex their plants and remove males before they pollinate female plants and potentially ruin a harvest, some are specifically wanting to have males pollinate females. They might want this to produce some excellent seeds for future harvests so they can have a backup plan if the apocalypse comes or simply for a rainy day. Some want an abundance of seeds because they are preparing to experiment with breeding and want a plethora of seeds as they attempt to find the next, great strain that was made in America.
Whatever your reason for opting for natural seeds, Kind Seed Co has all of your needs covered. Within a few minutes, your order can be placed and the process of discreetly delivering them to your door can begin.

Buy Montana Marijuana Seeds

If the globalization of business has taught us anything, it is that there are downsides. When you buy Montana marijuana seeds, not only are you keeping your dollars local and helping boost the lives of your fellow Americans, but you are also ensuring the highest quality seeds that only can be achieved by the Made in America stamp of approval. Some of the greatest strains the world has seen are from right here on the west coast. The Kind Seed Co has a special selection of premium American seeds that are second to none. Show your patriotism and buy marijuana seeds in the United States that are sure to impress.

Montana Federal Judicial Districts

Now that marijuana is legal across the state there should be far less need to clog up the court system with petty marijuana offenses. This is going to free up the judicial districts in Billings, Butte, Great Falls, Helene, and Missoula to tackle the real plagues of society and help make our society safer.

Most Popular Montana Cities to Grow Marijuana

While there are so many places to grow marijuana in Montana, there are a few of the best places to begin growing marijuana at home. With some of the advancements in cultivating these days, there has never been a better time to begin. While your plants are working hard at home, be sure to enjoy your surroundings and live life to the fullest.
Billings is the most populous city in the state and was chosen as the Best Town in 2016 by Outside Magazine. Home to some of the only physical evidence that the Lewis and Clark expedition happened can be seen at Pompey’s Pillar. The infamous battle known as Custer’s Last Stand can be experienced at Little Bighorn Battlefield. These 2 majestic sites are just a few of the rich cultural sites to be seen in Billings. A trip down Beartooth Highway is going to be many people’s first experience with Yellowstone National Park and has dropped more jaws than Connor MacGregor. Those who want to toss a joint in their pack to enjoy after a rigorous ride through the Swords Park Trail can enjoy the stunning landscaping as they relax after the ride at Zimmerman Park. The Yellowstone River is a must for anyone who lives or visits Billings. There are no other free-flowing rivers that are longer and it is a great spot for a family fishing trip, biking adventure, or simply a leisurely walk.
Missoula is home to some of the best blue-ribbon trout in the world. Many figured this out as they watched a young heartthrob named Brad Pitt burst onto the scene in A River Runs Through It. If you want to snag your very own fish, a trip down to Bitterroot River is going to be your best option. Missoula is home to many other outdoor pursuits, most notably the Snowbowl or the Lolo National Forest. Grab the camera and head out to Mount Sentinel for the magnificent panoramic canyon views. Those who are lucky can capture a rainbow breaking through the clouds as they roll through! When you want to test your mettle and stare down a wild animal, go for a hike in Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness.
Great Falls is known as the Electric City due to the number of dams and power plants in the area. The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is at the heart of everything embodied by Montana. This has several exhibits that explain the significance of the voyage out west. Sitting atop a bluff overlooking the Missouri River provides a fabulous area to gaze out and wonder what can be had in life! Giant Springs State Park is beloved for the beautiful scenery and leisurely walks that provide time to catch up with good friends and family. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing Mother Nature in all its beauty. Heading out to the Ryan Dam shows the sheer power and beauty of the Missouri River and provides a glimpse into how it helps provide all of the modern conveniences we enjoy when we are growing marijuana indoors at home.
Bozeman has a reputation as the most liveable place and wants to throw its hat in the ring as the best place to grow marijuana at home. Home to the University of Montana Bozeman, it attracts students from all over who want to hit the books hard during the week and then tackle all the hiking, mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, and backcountry exploring possible. Feel the adrenaline as you white water raft down the Gallatin River or zip line overtop. For a more subdued outdoor experience, check out everything that the Palisade Falls and Bridger Bowl have to offer. For a more cerebral experience, head over to the Museum of the Rockies or the American Computer and Robotics Museum.
Butte is home to the World Museum of Mining and can lay claim to one of the only places that have an active Museum on an actual mine yard. The view at Granite Mountain Memorial Overlook is stunning and the Copper King Mansion brings you back to a simpler time. Those who appreciate the fresh air head to Berkeley Pit or the Old Lexington Stamp Mill and Gardens.

Buy High THC Heavy Yielding Strain Seeds in Montana

A high THC and heavy yielding strain is the magical unicorn that everyone is searching for. At Kind Seed Co we have a few unicorns in our back pocket just for you. Come check out these fabulous strains today.
Purple Punch
Hailing from OG Kush and Big Bud, this indica-dominant strain packs a potent punch. It is going to bring a calming and powerful relaxation while melting away the aches and pains. You are going to be able to experience the 18-20% THC content after 8-10 weeks of flowering.
Kindseed Skittles Autoflower
This indica-dominant hybrid is powerful, relaxing, and cerebral in one tasty little package. It can reduce inflammation and allow you to relax and have a good chat with friends. The sweet and fruity aroma and the flavor is a hit among experienced connoisseurs and newbies alike.
This 1st place winner of the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup is a perfect balance of indica and sativa. Coming from Sour Diesel and OG Kush, it provides a relaxing and calming effect that will clear away the negative moods and thoughts you could be experiencing as well as wiping away any pain coursing through the body. This strain loves hydroponics and will thrive and produce a robust harvest under optimal conditions.
Attention all migraine sufferers! This strain should rocket up to the top of your list. The high concentration of THC and CBD makes this strain amazing at handling the tension and pain associated with debilitating migraines. This strain is perfect for nighttime as the indica-dominant strain can alleviate the pain you are experiencing before providing sound sleep.
Skunk Mazar
After a long day, sometimes we all need those jagged edges to be taken off. This strain is going to perfectly smooth the rough edges of your day and bring euphoria and relaxation to your evening. While taking your first puff you will enjoy the floral citrus with a touch of skunk as it engulfs your nostrils and the air around you. As you wind down, it allows you to drift off to sleep.
While any of these strains would be a perfect complement to your marijuana garden, there might be something else you want in Montana. If so, Kind Seed Co can accommodate that as well. We have a plethora of premium cannabis seeds for every taste and level of grower. All of our seeds are sourced from expert breeders and will be delivered discreetly to your door without anyone being the wiser. We are excited to work alongside you as you navigate your marijuana growing journey in the Big Sky State.


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    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Montana ?


    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Montana ?


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    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Montana ?

    Yes its legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana from seed in Montana.

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    Buy marijuana seeds online in Montana from Kind Seed Co in three easy steps. Register at our shop, choose some strains to buy and then pay for your order using our convenient payment methods.

    Are Montana Seeds grown in Montana ?

    It’s possible but unlikely that someone advertising Montana cannabis seeds are actually grown in Montana. This is especially true for autoflower and feminized marijuana seeds which typically take ten years or more in a legal environment to start producing locally.

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    Is Recreational Use legal in Montana ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Montana ?


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    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Montana ?


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