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Pot Seed in The Cornhusker State

Nebraska is lovingly referred to as the Cornhusker State and the Tree Planters State, and while the nicknames suggest it is a thriving agriculture state, that has not always been the case. Its location in the center of the nation was at one time perceived as part of the great central plain desert. The pilgrims who traveled through the territory discovered a dusty and empty landscape that showed little promise of agriculture. But that initial survey became a thing of the past with The Homestead Act of 1862. It changed Nebraska from a flatland range into the flourishing agricultural state it is today. Advanced farming methods and irrigation saw corn and wheat fields along with tree orchards prosper. The tenacity of Nebraskans paid off and despite being hit with severe weather, insect plagues, and wildfires, Nebraska eventually became the breadbasket of the country. With close to 9.3 million acres of field corn in the state, Nebraska is now one of the top producers of white corn in the United States. Looking at all those acres of corn, you would probably anticipate that Nebraska has a decent climate for cultivating marijuana! You are right. If you have been thinking about buying pot seeds and cultivating marijuana plants, Nebraska provides a suitable environment for a lot of different strains. The state’s climatic zone shifts from humid continental to humid subtropical to semi-arid. Each area can be perfect for different plants, so in doing a little research and reading through the growing requirements for our different seeds, you are sure to find the ideal seeds to grow at home. There is always the option to grow inside as well, so you can create ideal growing conditions without worrying about the unpredictability of mother nature.
Either way, choosing a few strains to have on hand that can pair with your favorite activities would be an awesome way to approach establishing your homegrown stash. Nebraska is divided between the Great Plains and the Midwestern section of the United States. The midwestern or Dissected Till Plains is made up of rolling hills while the Great Plains is prairie land. The land is broken up by three rivers, the Platte River, the Niobrara River, and the Republican River, which means there are lots of beautiful spots in which to lounge, fish and camp.
There are a lot of beautiful outdoor spaces to explore in Nebraska. Visit the Lauritzen Gardens for trails through manicured lawns and wildflowers, or the sprawling, 31-acre Heartland of American Park that runs along the river in Omaha. If you want to witness some of the earth’s magic, the Toadstool Geologic Park has rock formations that closely resemble toadstools, hence the park’s clever name. For another unique, geological, and educational outdoor adventure, visit Ashfall Fossil Beds. Here you can witness well-preserved fossils that perfectly capture organisms that lived 10 to 12 million years ago.
Wanting to escape the bustle of the urban centers and enjoy some time in the woods? Head out to Chadron State Park. This park is 974 acres, is heavily wooded with massive ponderosa pines and cotton trees and is near a creek and lagoon. Eugene T. Mahoney State Park is also a good spot for camping out for a few days. This park has trails, facilities, fishing, and a tower overlooking the Platte River Valley. It would be easy to entertain yourself in its abundance for a week or two in the summer!
The state is speckled with top-notch schools including a number of public and private colleges and universities. There are specialty schools like the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, as well as establishments for more general studies like Concordia University and the Chadron State College. Whether you are attending your local school or have traveled from another state or country to attend, there are weed strains that sharpen the mind and enhance focus to help you get through those intense study sessions and exams.
Spend the cooler winter days roaming through the museums like the International Quilt Study Center and Museum or the University of Nebraska State Museum. Both are located in Lincoln and provide a wealth of information about historical Nebraska. The Joslyn Art Museum is another spot worth visiting as their permanent collection is the only comprehensive one in the state. Let your mind contemplate the complexities of works by famous artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir and William-Adolphe Bouguereau.
There are some outstanding architectural gems throughout the city as well. Take a trip through the echoing halls of museums and explore the rich history through buildings like the Joslyn Castle or the St. Cecilia Cathedral. Take a walk by the Queen Anne style Andrew M. Hargis House that was built in 1898 or the quirky George F. Lee Octagon Houses. You can stop in at the Homestead National Monument of America, which is a unit of the National Park System. This monument represents the Homestead Act of 1862 which allowed people who lived on and improved a section of federally owned land to gain ownership of it. Though newer to the scene than some of the other must-see sights, another eccentric stop worth making is at Carhenge. This is a replica of England’s Stonehenge made entirely from stacked cars that are painted grey. A bit of an oddity, but definitely worth capturing a photo or two!
If you are into college football, there are some talented athletes in this state displaying mad skills on the gridiron, including The Nebraska Cornhuskers. The team representing the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in the West Division of the Big Ten competes as part of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. They play home games at Memorial Stadium, where it has sold out every game since 1962. Attending the stadium games and holding tailgating parties may be on hold for a while, you can still catch your favorite teams on screen. It is fun to indulge in a psychedelic, couch-locking toke while you cheer your favorite team, and best of all you do not need to worry about getting your butt home! There are several other notable teams including a women’s football team, the baseball team the Lincoln Saltdogs, and the soccer team, the Bugeaters. Whether you want to smoke an energizing strain that will help you wake up and get moving into your busy day, or a tasty herb like the wedding cake strain to have for a relaxing nightcap, Kind Seed Co has you covered. With so many options, there is sure to be one that will suit each of your favorite pastimes. However, before you get too excited, we should discuss some of the current limits and legalities of use in Nebraska.

Nebraska and Smoking Recreational Pot

So, with all these great activities and places to visit in Nebraska, you are probably wondering if smoking that perfectly paired joint is legal. Unfortunately, it is not at this time. All paraphernalia, which is any item used to aid in the use of marijauna, and recreational pot use is illegal, however, there has been some movement around possession laws that shows some hope for future legalization. Decriminalization of small quantity possession means that a first-time charge is likened to a traffic violation rather than a serious criminal act, which is a huge step amidst the other harsh laws surrounding use. All over the United States, and the world, weed use is being recognized for its therapeutic potential. It is commonly accepted for medical use, but there are restrictions, and it can only be consumed for specific conditions that are determined by the city or state. Nebraska has made some progressive steps towards destigmatizing weed, so hopefully, the state is not so far behind on legalization! There is no harm in starting to explore strains and cultivation techniques so you are prepared when the time comes that you can legally grow a bountiful marijuana garden!

How Much Pot Can You Have in Nebraska

Technically, you cannot have any pot on your person in the state of Nebraska. However, the punishment for the first possession offense has been lowered to a maximum fine of $300 and attendance at a drug education course. The decriminalization of possession of an ounce or less is a huge step forward, though the flexibility ends there. If you are caught a second time with an ounce or less on your person you can receive a fine of $400 and up to 5 days in jail. Increases in fines and incarceration time continue to rise with the number of infractions. Being caught with larger amounts of weed results in more severe consequences. If you possess under a pound you can be charged with a misdemeanor and can be sentenced to 3 months in jail and a $500 fine. Possessing a pound of weed is considered a felony and can result in up to 5 years of jail time and a hefty $10,000 fine.
Larger amounts are generally assumed to hold the intent to sell charge, and if you are caught selling or manufacturing cannibus products in Nebraska, you receive a minimum sentence of one year in jail. This is a mandatory sentence, so regardless of circumstance, selling weed will result in a year behind bars.

Cultivating Pot in The Beef State

You can grow all the corn you want in Nebraska, but the cultivation of pot is illegal. Growing hemp products, with huge restrictions and regulations in place, is the only legal form of cultivation and it has only been approved since May 2019. If you start familiarizing yourself with cultivation options and techniques now. you will have a head start on getting your grow operation underway when it is legal to do so. First, you will want to determine whether your space better suits an indoor or an outdoor grow operation. The climate in some parts of Nebraska can definitely support outdoor growing and you require fewer items to purchase to keep your plants healthy. With an indoor grow, you can create the ideal conditions for any plant strain rather than being limited by the climate. Once you select the best seeds to meet your individual desires, you will want to have a look at what conditions and mediums help them reach their full production potential. Some plants have rich terpene profiles that are enhanced when they are grown in nutrient-rich organic soil. Some plants love hydroponic systems where the nutrients are delivered through streams of water, rather than soil.
Another thing to figure out is how much space the strains you select need. Some plants grow to be upwards of 8 feet tall and others sprawl horizontally with a vengeance. These larger sized plants might do best in a garden where they can sprawl through the flower beds and the plants can reach for the sky without restrictions. There are also methods you can use to manage plant size indoors. A lot of plants produce their best when they are grown in a Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup. This is where multiple plants, usually 4, are grown together. The canopy of the plants is expanded through light stress training, along with a screen for the latter technique, which not only stifles their vertical growth but also allows better light penetration and airflow to the lower plant limbs. This increases bud sites and makes the buds stronger and healthier.
There are super stinky strains that will require you to buy a carbon filter to keep your indoor-grow op discreet and there are some strains that enjoy soil with extra minerals like zinc and magnesium. Each of our seed options comes with a description that includes growing tips. You can find out in advance what techniques will best serve the buds you choose to cultivate so you can set up your space in such a way to ensure the best growth!

What is a Nebraska Seed Bank?

The Nebraska seed bank, Kind Seed Co, is an online shop where you can find a huge variety of pot seeds for sale. We have a big collection of different weed seeds for sale online, including auto-flowering seeds that bloom without requiring specific light conditions, feminized seeds that are sure to grow into female plants, and medical strains that are high in the therapeutic ingredient, CBD. You can browse through our collection and scour detailed descriptions of every strain before you make your decision. Whether you are looking for a tasty, dessert-like strain to help you unwind at the end of the day, or a burst of citrusy ganja to get you moving first thing in the morning, we have options for you! Once you choose the strains you would like to add to your homegrown stash, all you need to do is order, pay, and wait for them to be delivered. We have a team of educated ganja gurus in place to help you if you have any questions along the way. Do not hesitate to reach out for assistance at any stage of your growing journey. We are here and happy to help!

Can I Legally Buy Pot Seeds in The Tree Planters State

Even though the use of, and the cultivation of weed is illegal in Nebraska, you can still buy seeds. Marijuana seeds are considered a novelty item, so as long as they remain seeds, they are legal to purchase and own. This loophole allows you to stock up on the seeds you want in advance so you will be ready to go as soon as regulations and laws change. You can start the germination process once it is legal to do so. Germination can be done through a variety of methods, though most commonly the paper towel method is used. All this requires is 2 damp pieces of paper towel, 2 plates, and your seeds. Lay the seeds out across a paper towel on a plate and then sandwich them creating a dome. In a short 1 to 3 days, the taproots will bust out of the seed shells and become ready to plant in their forever pots. There are also soil cubes and germination stations available to purchase if you want slightly better humidity control. Some seeds will germinate perfectly fine by just placing them directly into damp soil. The best part of buying now, even though it is not yet legal to germinate and cultivate, is that seeds can easily be revitalized by giving them a quick soak in water. So, what are you waiting for? Buy marijuana seeds and get the ball rolling now!

Is Medical Pot Legal in Nebraska

Even medical use of marijuana is illegal in Nebraska. There was an attempt to legalize for debilitating conditions in 2016 but the needed number of signatures was not acquired. The current governor of the state is adamantly against medical marijauana use but keep an eye out for opportunities to share your voice and help with movement in this area. There are countless studies from the mid-1900’s forward that demonstrate the wealth of therapeutic potential pot use holds. It has been shown to support a variety of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder, as well as physical conditions like glaucoma and chronic pain. There are even certain high cbd seeds with large percentages of CBD content and minuscule THC levels. These strains offer medicinal benefits without the psychoactive, mind-bending trip that is induced by THC. Fortunately, hemp-derived CBD products are legal under federal law in the United States, so you should be able to find some products that can support your symptoms. Make sure to check the most up to date information on the government sites to ensure you have the most relevant regulations for your area.

Buy Photoperiod Pot Seeds and Auto-flower Pot Seeds in The Tree Planters State

There are two different types of marijuana seeds for sale with different flowering processes. You can buy photoperiod bloomers which are plants that rely on adjustments in their light exposure to be encouraged to flower. The adjustments are ones that mimic the transition from long summer days to the short, dark days of fall. Of course, when you grow outdoors, this occurs naturally. However, if you opt to grow indoors, you will need to purchase bulbs and timers to create the ideal conditions.
You can also buy marijuana seeds that have been cross-bred with ruderalis genetics to create an auto-flowering option. These plants have a predetermined life cycle and flower automatically after their vegetation stage. They still enjoy a lot of direct sunlight, but do not require specific alterations by the cultivator to be helped along. This is an easier option for beginner growers. Ruderalis genetics not only eliminate the lighting fuss, but they also create sturdier, stronger plants that can withstand other fluctuations and errors that might occur when you first embark on your Mary Jane journey.

Natural Pot Seeds in Nebraska

Natural weed seeds are seeds that grow into a mix of male and female plants. These versatile seeds can be used for bud production or seed production. The male plants generate pollen and pollinate the females. This process creates seedy yields that you can harvest and use for future grow operations. However, if you want to leave the female plants to produce their maximum yields of sticky nugs for curing, then you will want to weed out the males before they have a chance to pollinate. This requires a little expertise and monitoring in the early stages, but once you weed out the males, you can rest easy knowing the remaining females will produce lots of potent weed for your stash.
There is an easier option if you do not want to mess around with male plants. Innovative breeders discovered that they could stress a female to create pollen and use that female to pollinate other females. The result is those same seedy yields, but they consist of seeds with pure female genetics that are sure to grow into female plants. Buying feminized is the way to go if you want to know that each seed you plant will produce the juicy nugs for smoking, eating, and using in other products.

Buy Nebraska Pot Seeds USA

Ready to buy pot seeds in Nebraska? Ordering your seeds through Kind Seed Co will not disappoint. Our premium quality seeds are genetically pure and sourced from exceptional farmers. Browse through our extensive catalog and choose your superior seeds. You can purchase off of our website with a few clicks knowing that your personal information will be protected by our secure payment options. All of this can be done while sipping your morning coffee or your evening glass of wine! We deliver within a couple of weeks, so you do not have to practice patience for too long before you have your hands on your selected canabis seeds.

Judicial Districts of Nebraska

There are several judicial districts in Nebraska which are responsible for generating and upholding civil and criminal jurisdiction throughout the state. The courthouses reside in Lincoln, North Platte, and Omaha. While weed use is illegal and somewhat severely punished, the state’s decision to shift possession charges to misdemeanors with minimal fines is a hopeful step. As more research is done showing the innumerable health benefits of smoking weed or using it in other forms, it is hoped that more laws will shift and weed use will become legal. Keep your eyes on local events and other ways you can show your support of legalization to help the process move more quickly!

Best Cities in Nebraska For Buying Pot Seeds

There are a lot of awesome cities in Nebraska that would be better with some weed seeds in your possession. Here we will go over some of the best and offer a little insight into each.
Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska. It resides in the Midwestern region of the United States and sits on the Missouri River. It has some big-name corporations headquartered in its city limits, including the largest private bank in the country, the First National Bank of Omaha. This is a city of innovation! The Reuben sandwich originated here, created by the chef at the Blackstone Hotel when it was still open. This is also the spot where the first ski lift in the country was put into operation in the mid-1930s. Omaha is built primarily in the Missouri River Valley and is sprinkled with lakes including Lake Manawa, Carter Lake, and Glenn Cunningham Lake. The natural beauty in and around the city is enough to break up the urban lifestyle but if you like to pound the pavement, there are a lot of things to discover in the city as well. There are historic neighborhoods with old buildings you can wander through and ethnic sub-sectors like Little Italy and Greek Town that are exciting to explore. Also scattered throughout the city are dozens of significant landmarks and historic districts where you can learn about the complex history of the area. Visit some of the unique old churches and castles for your fill of architecture! While the locals love soaking up all the city has to offer, there are some pretty big tourist draws. One of the biggest attractions is the College World Series, which is a baseball tournament that starts with 64 teams and works its way to the best 3. This event was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic of 2020, but hopefully, by June this year, some version of it will be available to watch!
Lincoln is another ideal spot for buying marijuana seeds. This city was founded in 1856 and was named the capital city of Nebraska in 1869. This is also the year that the largest university in the state was founded, the University of Nebraska. It is the second most heavily populated city in the state and is located near Salt Creek. Its continuous expansion has unfortunately encroached on the habitat of an endangered beetle putting it further at risk. The climate of the area is labeled humid continental, which means hot summers and cool winters. The summers are the wettest and the heat causes extreme weather like thunderstorms and tornadoes. This can be a bit tricky for outdoor cultivation, especially for plants that are susceptible to mold and mildew. However, you can always keep them in pots and move them when the need arises, or you can opt to grow them indoors. Either way, a few different strains in your homegrown stash could accompany you while you explore the capital city!
Bellevue is actually a suburb of the aforementioned Omaha. Its incorporation in 1855 makes it the oldest town and the second oldest settlement in Nebraska. There are a lot of beautiful outdoor adventures to fill your time in Bellevue, including the educational Fontenelle Forest Nature Center. Here you can roam through trails, walk along boardwalks and enjoy stunning views all while learning about the flora and fauna throughout the park. You can also visit the Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Ranch for locally grown treats that vary depending on the time of year. Summer berries and fall pumpkin picking offer fun for the whole family. If you prefer to hit the links and spend your day golfing, the Tregaron Golf Course has rolling blue and rye-grass fairways with natural wetlands, winding creeks, and four scenic lakes.
Grand Island is as grand as it sounds. This city has won the All-America City Award three times. The accolades recognize a community’s ability to address issues while creating stronger relationships. This city is also home to the only place responsible for training the state’s law enforcement officers, the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center. There are wonderful outdoor parks to visit, including the gorgeous Platte River. You can also spend a day wandering the trails through Crane Trust Nature and Visitor Center, a preservation and restoration area for different types of cranes and other migratory birds. Depending on the time of year, you can see the cranes chomping away while you roam the boardwalks. There are a couple of must-see museums too, including Raising Nebraska and the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer which hosts an interactive tour of historic life.
Kearney was originally settled under the name Dobytown and was located 2 miles from its current location. It was moved to the north side of the Platte River and renamed in the middle of the 19th century. The University of Nebraska is located in Kearney and covers 235 acres with more than 37 buildings! This school was founded in 1905 but has changed names and vocations over the years. Kearney is also home to several noteworthy museums including the Museum of Nebraska Art. This structure houses the state’s official art collection with collections from the 19th century to the present. While visiting or attending the university, you can also visit the George W. Frank House. This mansion was built in the 1890s and is now The G.W. Frank Museum of History and Culture. If old cars tickle your fancy, this city is home to an automotive museum with more than 200 vehicles. The Classic Car Collection represents one man’s love affair with vehicles and our evolution around the world of wheels. Get out of the urban center and spend a few nights camping, fishing, or lounging at Fort Kearney State Park. This park also has buildings and shops that are meant to give visitors an insight into the conditions of early settlement in the American West. Pair your stay-cation with a unique learning opportunity! If you are looking for the ideal spot to soak up the red and orange hues of a stunning sunrise or sunset, visit the Hike-Bike Trail Bridge. The trail itself is beautiful, so visiting any time of day is worthwhile!
Regardless of whether you are looking for a nice, sweet strain to toke in lieu of dessert that will help your muscles relax after a day of hiking or an energizing bud that can help you get moving in the morning, Kind Seed Co can help! If you need assistance finding the ideal strains to meet your unique needs, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Buy Nebraska’s Favourite Pot Seeds

At Kind Seed Co we have a huge selection of premium cannabis seeds for sale. Each of our strain options has a detailed description. Here we will go over a few options that are well-loved in Nebraska.
Tangie Chocolate is a favorite. Its rich smoke tastes and smells of chocolate and orange. This is a sativa-dominant herb with indica genetics registering at a low 15%. You can expect to feel happy and creative when you indulge in this treat. It is perfect for tackling that art project or picking up your guitar. This strain has been known to instill some serious giggling fits as well, so using it with a like-minded friend will make for an exceptionally enjoyable trip! These fun effects can also provide some therapeutic benefits including stress and mood management. THC levels are reasonable at 18% so most can tolerate the psychoactive effects without issue, though overuse can lead to adverse reactions like anxiety and paranoia so take it slow.
An indica-dominant strain that is best reserved for evening use, Sweet Gorilla Glue can be the perfect treat to help you relax and unwind at the end of a long day. This hybrid is a mix of Sweet Tooth and Gorilla Glue that tastes and smells like diesel, pine, sweet berries, and florals. On top of alleviating stress, this herb also stimulates the appetite which can be helpful for people with eating disorders. There are also properties that provide relief from pain and inflammation. The trichome covered flowers carry THC content between 17 and 22%. These plants can be grown in or outdoors with abundant results. They are relatively easy to grow thanks to their high resistance to disease, mildew, and botrytis.
Ultra Violet OG is a mix of Face Off OG and Purple Indica which has created a beautiful 80% indica plant with amazing effects. This strain is best used in the evening because the high tends to leave you couch-locked, relaxed, and ultimately sleepy. The THC levels sit between 17 and 20% adding a nice, uplifting cerebral buzz to the start of the ride. The flavor and aroma are flowery and citrusy. The purple parent brings deep plum hues to the green leaves and buds. With splashes of burnt orange from the pistils, this herb is a true delight to look at. This is another strain that will do well in both indoor and outdoor grow operations and the seeds are feminized, which means you will get all-female plants.
As the name implies Skunk Autoflower is an auto-flowering option. This is ideal for beginners as they can sit back and let their plants move through their growth cycle with little fuss. This is an indica-dominant strain that is well suited for late-night toking. The plants grow big buds and fast! They are exceptionally potent in scent and the smoke has the ability to instill some haziness amidst the glee. This starts off with a sativa-esque, creative kick and settles into a deep relaxation that can wash away stress and tension. The earthy flavor is imbued with hints of skunk and sweet caramel. The flavor profile can be enhanced when grown indoors where you can keep temperatures and light exposure consistent. The THC content in Skunk Autoflower is at a low 13 to 15%, which is perfect for those THC sensitive tokers!
Northern Mazar Autoflower is an ideal choice for growing in the northern or mountainous areas of Nebraska. The mix of the award-winning, classic Northern Lights and Mazar has created a plant that is supremely tolerant of temperature shifts. These plants are also resistant to pests and molds and have ruderalis genetics in their makeup that contribute an extra element of robustness. New growers will appreciate that the plants are exceptionally resilient and will likely yield awesome results even if a few errors are made along the way. The most common effects of smoking a joint rolled with this herb are pain and anxiety relief, nausea reduction, and freedom from insomnia. All this awesomeness is delivered on the smoke that tastes of sweet earth, pine, sage, and spice.
Regardless of what you are looking for, we, at Kind Seed Co can help you sort through your options. Once you have done your research, set up your grow space, and bought your seeds, it should only be a matter of time when you will be permitted to grow in the Tree Planters State!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Looking for the latest Cannabis Culture updates in Nebraska? Please see below from Kind Seed Co, your marijuana seed supplier of choice for souvenir seeds. Our writer is not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. Read on at your own risk.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Nebraska ?

    Yes, buying marijuana seeds as souvenir and novelty items is legal in Arkansas. Collect all 500 and trade with your friends and family. Choose classics like white widow or AK47 or rip into the newest cannabinoid profile of interest. Please germinate with care and only when legally able to do so.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Nebraska ?

    No it is not legal to grow or germinate pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seed.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Nebraska ?

    Check out Kind Seed Co and find some great cannabis strains to collect and save. Add one or more to cart. Then check out paying with credit card or other digital payment option. Your inbox will receive an order confirmation and then shipping notifications including tracking. Check your mailbox for your unmarked package shipped USPS and your novelty souvenirs are ready for enjoyment. Please germinate only when permitted by state authorities.

    Are Nebraska Seeds grown in Nebraska ?

    No. You can almost be certain that anyone selling Nebraska cannabis seeds has not grown them in NE. It takes many years of legal operations to generate both the capability and commercial viability to scale a seed operation to support a state. You can be 100% skeptical of anyone selling Nebraska marijuana seeds as grown in NE.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Nebraska ?

    Typically, this is not created until some legalization of either medical or recreational has been passed.

    Is Recreational Use legal in Nebraska ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Nebraska ?


    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Nebraska ?


    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Nebraska ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Nebraska ?


    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Nebraska ?


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