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Known for decades as the battle-born state, due to its receiving statehood during the civil war, Nevada is no stranger to tough times. Just like the rest of the states, this one has a very rich history and unique cultural aspects. It has not been so long since getting caught with a joint could land you in jail so we get that Nevadans are a bit skeptical and maybe a bit anxious where the possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana is concerned, however, if you abide by the regulations you can successfully delve deeply into the ways of weed. Let us take a closer look at the state as a whole.
Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe Native American tribes were the first to travel throughout the deserts and canyons of Nevada. Having followed in the footsteps of their early ancestors, who first crossed the land-bridge from present-day Siberia, their peoples disseminated throughout the new continent. Early populations moved as far as South America before Spanish conquerors traveled west and claimed this place for their own, killing-off nearly 90% of all indigenous populations through the introduction of foreign pathogens and slaughtering many more. Fast forward a couple of hundred years to the formation of America as we know it. The American Revolution saw this country united and freed from British rule, though the ensuing civil war, the fight to abolish slavery, was the climate in which Nevada gained statehood.
Since early times, this state has experienced a lot of ups and downs, but despite the wars, politics, and civil unrest it has shown resilience. The topography is diverse, and this state is primarily desert, with blazing summertime highs and low winter lows that can bring snow to some places. The Lake Tahoe region is where you will find remnants of the 1960 Winter Olympics, which was held at Squaw Valley. Many rivers flow through the spanning landscapes of Nevada including the Humboldt, Walker, Truckee, and the Carson. These rivers all end in many lakes and basins including Walker Lake and Pyramid Lake. The Snake River drains the north, while the Colorado River drains to the south along the Arizona border. Mountain ranges house peaks of up to 13,000 feet, some of which are covered by lush forests and are home to many species endemic to these Nevada high-rises. The Mojave Desert, famous the world over for its relation to California and the movies Casino and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, makes up a large portion of the south of the state and is home to Reno and Las Vegas. Both of these cities are hailed as global party spots where pretty much anything goes. Though this state is known for its deserts and canyons, it is one of the most mountainous states in the U.S., second only to Alaska, surpassing Appalachian regions as well as Colorado, home of the Rockies. Tourists and citizens alike may enjoy a trip out to the sky islands of the Spring Mountain Range or Little Finland Rock for breathtaking vistas and true commune with nature.
The climate here, though volatile at times, is a great one for growing weed. Because of the diversity of zones, any number of plant and animal species can be found flourishing here. Summer highs in the Mojave have been known to reach 125 degrees Fahrenheit and the nightly lows are no joke. Many travelers and outdoor enthusiasts know that desert nights can be cold, but these can bring frost and possible lows of minus 50°F. Generally speaking though, Nevada sees average yearly temperatures of around the mid-’40s, perfect for getting out and enjoying the majesty of this state. Average yearly rainfall varies greatly, depending on where you are. Precipitation generally sits around 4 inches, though 7 inches is not uncommon following the monsoon and thunderstorm season. What most people can expect from Nevada are hot summers and mild winters, though storms are common during transition periods and weather can get hairy in the temperate shift zones of the foothills and mountainous regions.
With such diverse topography, geography, and climate, there is no shortage of activities to get involved in here. Boasting many outdoor clubs, this state is no stranger to outdoor adventure and enthusiasts travel from all around the world to taste what this gorgeous state has to offer. Trekkers can experience the hottest and driest point in the U.S. at Death Valley National Park. The stunning rock formations and vast salt flats require a couple of days for exploring and Badwater Basin is a must-see. Standing at 282 feet below sea level, Badwater Basin is the lowest point in North America and the massive and unique salt flats with polygonal salt formations offer excellent photo opportunities.
The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the Great Basin National Park, or the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Preserve are also outstanding. Maybe you would like to get out to Area 51 in hopes of catching a glimpse inside this super secretive government stretch. People enjoy Fly Geyser, a rainbow-colored side effect of the human and environmental collision, and the Rhyolite Ghost Town, a relic of the gold rush days. Overall, there are more than 60 protected wilderness and recreation areas within the Sagebrush State so there is no shortage of top-notch outdoor living.
There is much to experience inside this place as well, especially with cities like Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City, the state’s capital. Sin City, The City of Lost Wages, or whatever you want to call Las Vegas, is a neon metropolis where people from around the world go to gamble, have a quickie wedding, or party until the wee hours. Vegas is the entertainment and hospitality leader in the U.S. People flock to the Vegas strip not only for the gambling and the nightlife but for epic sporting matches, fine dining, eco-tourism, and trade as well. Las Vegas is the number one spot for conventions in the country, hosting hundreds of thousands of business professionals each year. With a hotel room for every 14 citizens, it is the country leader in rooms per capita and her casinos bring in over 10 billion per year.
On an environmental front, Nevada runs primarily on hydroelectricity, brought to the varied municipalities through connections to the Hoover Dam, the largest dam in the country, impounding the largest body of water by volume in the country, Lake Mead. Built between 1931 and 1936 and dedicated the Boulder Dam, the depression did not affect her construction, and years later, it became known as the Hoover Dam after the president, Herbert Hoover. Over a million people each year tour this place and its namesake lives on throughout the rest of the states as something to be proud of. Though this structure is not visible from space, it is huge and extremely impressive, feeding power to millions each day, and is a point of special interest when taking in the Nevada sights.
There is so much going on here that it is kind of surprising that, especially in places like Sin CIty, weed has just recently been made legal. Marijuana culture is thriving here now and, though smoking in public is prohibited, as is the possession of large amounts, things are moving in the right direction. There are few places on earth where one can see as many brilliant landscapes and megacities as one can see here in a single weekend. Always better with your favorite weed, we urge citizens of this great state to reach out to Kind Seed Co. We have the weed seeds for sale online that you are looking for. Ordering is simple and your payment remains safe. Delivery is speedy and secure, discreet, and guaranteed. With such diversity, Nevadans have every reason to get excited that weed is now on the legal menu.

Is It Legal to Smoke Cannabis Recreationally in Nevada

Possessing even a small amount of marijuana used to be a felony in this state but Assembly Bill 453 remedied that. Though it would be another decade of disaster for marijuana activists and enthusiasts in this state, in November of 2016, Question 2 was passed and in January 2017, adults could legally smoke weed and carry up to an ounce freely. Though cannibus had not been regulated for sale, flower freedom fighters got their first taste of legal weed and, throughout the following couple years, Nevada governments stepped up and regulated dispensaries and drafted functional bylaws around cultivation, possession, and public and private use.
Though tokers can enjoy a blunt, they can not toke just anywhere. Using marijauna in public is prohibited, and well as use on federal land or near a school or playground. Just like drinking and driving, you can not use pot while driving. It is illegal and dangerous to drive under the influence of cannabis. Any amount of cannabis consumption puts you at risk of driving impaired. Passengers are also prohibited from consuming weed in a vehicle.
You are more than welcome to dose at your place, a friend’s house, or your private business and we are sure that, if you decide to get out for a day in the desert or at Lake Mead, you are not going to get in too much trouble. As with everywhere across this country, there is some pot-smoking etiquette that can make your life a little easier. Be respectful of other people. Not everyone approves and, though offending someone is not a crime, being a jerk about it should be. Toke at home or at a friend’s house, out in the middle of a day trip to the boonies or when you reach the summit of any one of the hundreds of breathtaking peaks of Nevada’s mountainous regions. Overall, have fun with it, keep it on the DL and play responsibly. Enough people have been unfairly punished by antiquated laws for weed and it is time to spread the gospel of cannabis so it is no longer shunned.

Nevada: How Much Weed Can You Have On You

Adults aged 21 or over are allowed to carry up to one ounce of marijuana or marijuana products or up to ⅛ of an ounce of concentrates in Nevada. Users are allowed to have combinations within these guidelines and are free to carry it about with them, wherever they choose to go, so long as it is not on federal land or near a school. Medicinal patients are allowed to carry up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana products, including, flowers, edibles and/or extracts.
Getting caught with marijuana over the legal limits is not recommended here, however, since smaller amounts are not considered a felony any longer, we see much more freedom to carry what we think we will need for our outing. For those non-medical puffers out there, getting caught with more than an ounce/possession and use in public are misdemeanors and carry a $600 fine. Gifting marijuana is legal, but selling it without a license is not. Selling more than an ounce but less than 100 pounds carries some serious charges. First-timers who are convicted will see a mandatory minimum of 1-4 years and a $5000 fine, second-time offenders will see a mandatory minimum of 1-5 years and a $10,000 fine. Subsequent offenses result in 3-15 years and a $20,000 fine. Getting caught trying to move more than 100 pounds becomes incrementally more severe, with second and third offenses landing you years of mandatory jail time and serious fines. Selling to a minor is a felony punishable on the first offense by a 5-life sentence and $20,000.
In a state as dedicated to providing its public with quality weed as this one, there is no reason to be moving weights like these without a license. There is no good reason anywhere to justify risking your well-being and quality of life for a few grand which, if you get caught, will disappear anyway along with your freedom.

The Sagebrush State and Marijuana Cultivation

Nevada is a fantastic place to grow quality marijauana, though some protection from that mid-day sun will be necessary for those who like to grow outside. Each resident who lives more than 25 miles from a dispensary, or who are unable to get to a dispensary or have their medicine delivered, is allowed to cultivate up to 6 plants and have another 6 vegging or in pre-flower. The finished plants must be chopped down before flipping the other 6 into flower, and you are allowed to keep all you harvest. Going over the limit is not recommended, for penalties, fines and, depending on the number of plants cultivated, even jail time, are realities.
The climate here lends well to a vast array of cultivation methods and we are happy to see Nevadans taking advantage of this freedom. This state is one of the few places where, if you have the water, weed can be grown outside year-round. Outside gardens are wonderful but, for the best results, we recommend picking yourself up a grow-tent system. These can be easily tucked into the corner of a room and having full control over the growing environment makes it easy to provide just what your crop needs in order to remain healthy and vigorous, many times producing buds better than money can buy.
Those looking for marijuana seeds for sale in the Sagebrush State can trust us to deliver the genetics necessary to give you the best start any garden could have, inside or out. Every one of our orders comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so, as long as you follow germination procedures, there should be no issues with any of your precious peas.

What’s a Nevada Seed Bank?

In the past, those looking to buy canabis seeds would have a heck of a time trying to figure out which companies can be trusted, and even then, the selection may be shoddy. In this day and age, in a country celebrating recent adjustments to marijuana regulations, it is easy to find seeds, but there is still concern over their viability and, if you find yourself ordering from another country, these beans could be crushed or dead by the time they arrive, especially during a pandemic crisis.
Kind Seed Co is an American distributor of only the finest American seeds. In times like these, it pays to keep our money at home and to support homegrown companies. That is why we choose only the best breeders and hand-select the best seeds from their most promising strains. When you want weed seeds in Nevada, trust Kind Seed to get you the magic beans you need to see results.

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Casino State

To buy marijuana seeds here is a great idea and they have always been 100% legal. Whereas numerous restrictions and legalities surround the purchase, sale, distribution, and possession of marijuana flowers and related products, the federal government considers seeds a collector’s or souvenir item. Citizens of the nation, even throughout the long duration of pot prohibition in this country, have always been allowed to collect and trade seeds. No matter what the number of seeds or strains you have, you can rest assured that your collection is completely legal.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Nevada?

Medical marijuana has been legal in this state since 2000. Because any change to the state constitution requires back-to-back approvals, the journey toward medical freedom has taken a few years. Preparations to change weed laws for medical patients began a couple of years before, but in 1998, Question 9 passed with 59% voter approval. This led to the business coming back to the table in 2000, where 69% of the voting population made the dream a reality for many medical patients. Since this time, there have been several changes in Nevada marijuana laws.
Those with valid I.D. cards are allowed to carry up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana or equivalent products for every 14 days. Those 18 years or under are allowed to purchase medical marijuana, even if they are from a different state, as long as they have their cards and guardians and registered caregivers are allowed to purchase for their patients or minors. Nevada keeps track of every registered purchase, in real-time, in an attempt to prevent users from grabbing a bag at one place and going down the street to buy another. Though this may feel a bit like a totalitarian Big Brother move, we say it’s pretty fair, considering how strict Nevada was with weed laws just a generation ago.
For those medicinal patients and caregivers living 25 miles or more from a dispensary, you are allowed to cultivate up to six plants and you can keep what you reap. Pandemic developments have seen state officials allow dispensaries to deliver so if you can have your weed delivered, you are not allowed to grow. This also works on the reverse. If you can not get to a dispensary and they can not deliver, even if you live in the city, you may be allowed to grow, but this requires permission.
If you are interested in trying out some homegrown American strains designed to help with chronic maladies, try our wide selection of cbd seeds. We are always happy to help those who need a break. We get that pain, seizures, tremors, nausea and insomnia can all be rough to deal with, to say the least, and we are available for whatever questions you may have about growing your medicinal garden or to help you select the right strain for your needs.

Buy Feminized Pot Seed and Feminized Auto Weed Seeds in The Casino State

Kind Seed Co has all sorts of pot seeds for sale, so it helps if you know a bit about them. If you live 25 miles or more from a dispensary, you are allowed to grow up to 6 plants, no sweat. There are some serious weeds out there like Wedding Cake strain, Bruce Banner, Jack Herer, Zkittles, Grandaddy Purple, White Widow and Super Silver Haze. Though by nature these and indeed most strains of marijuana are photoperiod strains, meaning they require a shift in lighting in order to flower, many of them also come in an auto-flowering variety.
Autoflower seeds are born from the combination of any number of photoperiod strains with ruderalis. This strain of weed comes from the dark, cold of Northeast Asia and Europe and has evolved to flower out of maturity rather than shifts in light temperature and duration. Whereas photo strains need the blue spectrum during the vegetative stages on either a 24/0, 20/4, or 18/6 light cycle, with a shift into the red spectrum and a 12 on 12 off cycle for flowering, auto-flowering strains are not so picky. Though autos are generally thought of to be a bit smaller, less yielding, and not as stoney, these are just tales. It is true, photoperiod strains can get much bigger and higher-yielding, due to the fact that you can veg them for sometimes up to 3 or 4 months before flipping them to flower. This is generally the entire life-cycle of an auto-flowering strain which is approximately 2-3 months. However, autos are quick, easy, generally more compact and the weed they produce is every bit as strong and tasty as their photoperiod counterparts.
For anyone new to growing, we recommend trying an auto to learn what weed needs in order to flourish before getting into the advanced cultivation techniques of photoperiod strains. Though photos allow more time to correct mistakes, once you have mixed a good soil, autos need little more than good, clean water and a top dressing come flower time.

Buy Natural Seeds in Nevada

Happy growers everywhere know the benefits of processes such as feminization, whereby a female plant is tricked into turning male and then used to fertilize the female seed-crop, resulting in female seeds. What about those times when you want to make a new strain or make a nice big bag of your own seeds. Not everyone will take their favorite piece of silver and dissolve it to make a spray to start the process of feminization. Sometimes people need regular seeds.
Nevada is no stranger to good weed and anyone who has experience growing knows that regular seeds are not only required to create new strains but that the plants sprouted from such seeds, tend to be bigger, brighter, more productive, stronger and more true to their parents than feminized or auto-flowering varieties.
Breeders know, when they want cannabis seeds for sale, to trust Kind Seed Co to get them the best regular seeds money can buy. We stand by each one of our seeds and stamp each order with a customer satisfaction guarantee. We also deliver in bulk, for those larger experiments or for when a mass cultivator wants to try a new crop. So, trust us today and get your next experiment in the ground.

Buy Nevada Weed Seeds in the USA

Kind Seed Co is an Oklahoma-based distributor of some of the finest seeds of the most sought after strains in America. We understand that there are some killer genetics out there and we pride ourselves on making sure that all the best homegrown genetics are available for our patrons. There is every reason for Nevada to celebrate new freedoms and the right to grow your own. It might even be worth moving out of the city to grow some of the best green available anywhere.
For when the day comes that you are ready to start your own garden, do not hesitate to check out our selection. Ordering and payment are secure and, though you may wish to celebrate when you open your mailbox, there is no parade when we deliver, so you do not have to worry about everyone knowing your business. We are always available to help with questions or concerns because we want you to enjoy your cultivation experiences.
Whether you are looking for indica, sativa, auto, fast, or fem, high THC, or high CBD, we have all the seeds you need to get growing. Call or click today and let us know what strains you would like to try and what amounts you would like to purchase. We will hit you back to confirm and guide you through our secure payment options. When all is said and done, we hand-pick every order and ensure it is sealed for travel and viability. Customers usually receive their orders in as little as a week and all seeds are ready for germination as soon as you are. We suggest getting your grow space ready before you order your seeds, or during the week of waiting patiently or impatiently for them to arrive. Sometimes, if you are growing outside, there is much preparation to do. Ensuring you have organic soil, nutrients, and protection safeguards for your crop all need to be dealt with beforehand. Inside, it may be as simple as setting up your tent or room and monitoring the environment, so you know you have it dialed in. Any way you slice it, experience tells us that it pays to be prepared.

Judicial District Seats of Nevada

This state is split up into several judicial seats, but the primary ones that bring in the most money for the state’s economy are Las Vegas and Reno. Though this state’s population is not booming, Nevada is the 19th least populated in the country and the majority of those citizens reside within Clark County, housing the Las Vegas-Henderson- Paradise Metropolitan Area. This makes census-taking pretty simple here and voting populations are ever far from the polls. In this respect, recent years have shown how supportive these jurisdictions are of the marijuana movement, regardless of some of the more staunch opposers throwing millions at fighting legalization. Between 1998 and 2000, there was a ten point increase in the percentage of supporters of recreational marijuana. Can you imagine what it would be now?

Most Popular Nevada Cities to Grow Cannabis

Though the cultivation of your own is, for the most part, illegal in this state, there are a number of circumstances in which you may grow gobs of green for you and your friends to enjoy on the regular, nevermind all the underground grow-shows happening around here.
Las Vegas, a bubbling cauldron of all things business and beastly, is rife with dispensaries, loaded with weed for the masses. If you are a medicinal card-holder living in Las Vegas, but cannot make it to the shops, you may be allowed to grow your own. Cities like this one are a great place to employ tent growing on the DL. Given that there is not a heap of space here and that outdoor growing guerilla-style could land you in a world of hurt, take care of your crop inside, where you have control over both your crop and your freedom.
Incorporated in 1953, the city of Henderson can be a great place to grow weed. Nestled among numerous parks and national reserves, this place can be an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Making sure you have top-shelf green to go with you is something every citizen of the nation should be free to enjoy and, as long as you are quiet about it, Henderson is perfect for it.
Reno, the biggest little city on earth, is right in the middle of some beautiful transition zones between forest and desert and is the little sister to infamous Las Vegas. Because of the quiet nature of Reno and its surrounding wild places, there is much weed yet to be grown here. Just a few miles from Lake Tahoe, this little big town is rife with opportunity, both indoor and outdoor, though as far as growing weed goes, we suggest the prior.
A little further from the non-stop hustle and bustle of the big smoke, North Las Vegas is a rural suburb, home to much outdoor activity and perfect for growing some green. Because of the proximity of NLV citizens to their neighbours, we suggest purchasing some quality ventilation and filters for your grow operation. Not everyone is okay with the neighborhood smelling like weed and, in a place where getting caught growing can still be a major issue, it pays to think ahead.
The semi-arid climate of Sparks is perfect for those allowed to grow outside. Get a nice big sativa going early and you could see a 15-foot monster come the cooler months, which are still not cold at all. Fresh water from the Truckee River should make growing a bit easier in this town and minimal rainfall means your buds will stay sticky.
There are so many places to grow great weed in this state, it is too bad that it’s illegal for anyone who can reasonably get to a dispensary or who live within 25 miles of one. However, we are certain that there are gobs of green being grown here anyway and, if you love growing that much but are afraid to get started (for good reason), it can never hurt to apply to apprentice at a commercial grow-space. The worst they could say is no.

Buy High Yield Cannabis Seeds in Nevada

Nevada is a great state, packed with wide-open spaces, beautiful and majestic landscapes, and myriad delicate ecosystems and environments. There is a new and growing cannabis community here and, for those who are in a position to grow their own, we have tonnes of seeds perfectly designed to deliver you to another world. Here are a few heavy hitters we think will go well with the Nevada way of life.
For those looking for a pure landrace strain in an auto-flowering package, you need to try Durban Poison Autoflower. This South African landrace sativa is one of the original weeds on the planet and a major breeder. With a 20% THC count, 1% CBD and a sweet, spicy, and piney bouquet, this is truly a stellar strain.
Blueberry is another timeless classic. The original of this indica-heavy strain was bred in the 70’s and quickly became a household name throughout the majority of the states and indeed the world. This strain has time and again crushed Cannabis Cups and is hailed as one of the great weeds to date. This one needs a bit of space to get bushy and requires a controlled environment, but the 24% THC level and 2% CBD make it a go-to medicinal, as well as a recreational wonder.
A perfect and powerful, potent, and productive plant, Gorilla Glue is a mainstay in the world of weed. This strain is one of the most award-winning hybrids out there and continues to captivate cannabis connoisseurs the world over. This medium-sized plant hits about 3 feet max and produces black-green leaves and flowers, coated in a thick layer of frosting, shimmering silver, hence its name.  Up to 30% THC makes this one of the strongest weeds on the planet and these peas are always ready to be planted.
Grandaddy Black is a mostly indica cross of the famed Grandaddy Purple and Black Domina strains. This deadly combination takes the originals to new heights, boasting all the best qualities of its parent strains. One of the more colorful plants in this arsenal and boasting a rich tapestry of flavours and aromas, Grandaddy Black is sure to please all of your senses and the 23% THC count is the bomb. In fact, because of the high THC content and an up to 2% level of CBD, this strain makes great medicine.
Gorilla Zkittlez is a genius blend of Gorilla Glue #4 and Zkittles, the tasty treat of the year. Though these are regular seeds, designed for breeders and advanced cultivators, we also have feminized versions of these beans. Zkittles is one of the most colorful and flavourful weeds of all time. Add in the glowing silver and black hues from GG4 and you have got a true beauty. 23% THC and up to 1% CBD make this a great weed for pain and stress and, if you have a controlled growing environment, these beans can grow world-class weed.
Kind Seed Co has the canabis seeds you need to make all your growing dreams come true. There are a number of things these little plants require in order to be healthy and, though we are always here to help, we suggest doing your homework so you can enjoy the happiest horticultural experience available. We proudly serve the entirety of the United States, so, no matter where you are or who you are, we are here for you!


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    Find Cannabis updates on marijuana culture in Nevada. Our Kind Seed Co writers are not lawyers so be sure to get legal advice if considering anything not permitted by law. Kind Seed Co is your cannabis seed bank online ready to connect you with souvenir seeds at a fair price. Get the latest Weed updates in NV and stay hip on Las Vegas lifestyle.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Nevada ?


    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Nevada ?


    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Nevada ?


    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Nevada ?


    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Nevada ?

    Yes, you can grow 6 pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana from seed in Nevada. If there are two adults in the household you can grow 12 plants. The plants must be located somewhere that is not visible to the public as is standard in most jurisdictions. The grower must also get the property owner’s permission.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Nevada ?

    Buy marijuana seeds online in Nevada from Kind Seed Co. Visit the shop page and see all the latest high thc strains and autoflowering varieties. Then pick a few, add them to cart and pay for your order using your credit card, bank account or first born baby doge. After payment can be confirmed, we will issue a tracking email sharing the journey your unmarked package will take to find your mailbox safe and sound.

    Are Nevada Seeds grown in Nevada ?

    Its possible. Legalization brings infrastructure and eventually seed production. So its possible that some legal producers are creating feminized and autoflower seeds in NV. However, our guess is that 95% of the feminized seeds in Nevada and Las Vegas is imported from other states.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Nevada ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Nevada ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Nevada ?

    Coming Soon

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Nevada ?


    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Nevada ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Nevada ?


    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Nevada ?


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