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New York, New York is where dreams are made of but there is much more to the Empire State than the iconic city it is famous for. Manhattan is amazing with its skyscrapers and bustling streets, but New York City takes up only about 304 square miles in the entire state. Most of the population lives in this small area, but there is so much more beyond Times Square and Central Park. Although the city has so much to offer vacationers the entire state is worth exploring. You can spend the day on the Atlantic Ocean, or at the Finger Lakes, for a well-rounded experience to get you out of the city. The fight carries on here with weed, with the hopes of legalization in 2021, because the marijuana industry is a booming one, that will benefit us all. The stigma is slowly being lifted with the legalization in the state of New Jersey just across the pond. Pot is no longer underground and with the M-word becoming mainstream there is hope this state will follow suit. There really now is only one issue to be debated, and that is how to spend the tax dollars that will be generated from marijauna sales. The legalization of medical marijuana and the decriminalization of recreational weed is promising, however, is still in the grey area, and you risk a fine if you are caught with over two ounces.
The history in this state is rich. New York is a part of the original 13 colonies that formed the U.S. Named after the Duke of York in the 17th century, eventually going on to become James II of England, this Mid-Atlantic region is located in the Northeastern part of America. Two-thirds of its population lives in New York City and with over 8.34 million New Yorkers as of  2019, the New York Metropolitan area is one of the most populous in the world. Showing off as a cultural simmering pot, this populated area has found harmony and acceptance in coming together, being a proud and progressive state. Known as a global city, NYC is home to the United Nations, with a beautiful museum that you can check out for yourself and learn about the wrongdoings that shook the nation. NYC is economically powerful, with some of the most brilliant minds from all over the world flocking to this city. New York City is also known as being the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world. If you have a big dream, and the desire to give all it takes, then you will find success, for the saying goes, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.
This unique area is the 27th largest state and is incredibly diverse. There is something new and exciting to check out every day. The upstate area of New York holds many adventures, and small towns to enjoy along the way that leads towards both the Appalachian Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains with many wondrous trails to explore. The Atlantic Coastal Plains of this area include several small islands, that some of the rich and famous have stayed, Long Island, and of course, New York City. Astounding sights like Times Square, Central Park, and Grand Central Station, will make you fall in love with this area.
If sports are your thing, this state is a game-changer. The New York Jets and the New York Giants compete in the National Football League at the MetLife Stadium. If Major League Baseball is more your thing you will have to decide between the Mets and the Yankees. The Mets and the Yankees are both winners of many world series, and these rivals are adored by all. Hockey is huge here and depending on where you live you can cheer for the New York Rangers who play their home games at Madison Square Garden, or the New York Islanders who play at Nassau Stadium in Uniondale. New York has two National Basketball Association teams, the New York Knicks in Manhattan, and the Brooklyn Nets in Brooklyn. If you are looking for an exciting and fast-paced basketball game, watching The New York Liberties is a thrill. Founded in 1997, this team plays in the Women’s National Basketball Association.
With more than 200 colleges and universities, this state is well on its way with having some of the most intelligent people in the world. The State University of New York for example has been rated as one of the best schools to succeed with outstanding programs. Colombia has an undergrad enrollment of only 6,245 students a year and is an institution founded in 1754. This urban 36-acre campus has a varied selection to choose from like Business School, Teachers College, Law School, College of Physicians and Surgeons and so much more. The popular New School is located in the lovely Greenwich Village that has over 45 undergraduate majors, and almost 60 minors across 5 schools and colleges. The arts have some of the best colleges in the world and the American Music and Dramatic Arts Academy has helped forward many notable careers, with a 2-year certificate in professional performance. The world’s most prestigious performing arts conservatory is located in New York City. The Juilliard School was established in 1905 and trains about 850 undergraduate and graduate students in dance, drama, and music. Famous Juilliard alumni include the late Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve. Kelsey Grammar, and Bebe Neuwirth both graduated from Juilliard and spent many years acting together in the hit comedy series Cheers.
Sit back and relax in nature or immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of an intense and inspiring city that promises to never sleep. The good news here is if you happen to obtain a medical marijuana card, you are legally allowed to smoke and carry a 30 day supply of prescribed weed. The fight carries on, as decriminalization of marijuana also means expunging or vacating previous records of marijuana offenses, however dealing, and trafficking marijuana is still very much illegal. Times are changing with positive awareness coming through with just how beneficial marijuana particularly for medicinal purposes. The future is green, and with Kind Seed Co, you can buy marijuana seeds in hopes of cultivating amazing marijuana gardens on the rooftops of Brooklyn or thriving in a penthouse suite overlooking Central Park. The future is hopeful for progressive weed legislation in 2021.

Smoking recreational Cannabis in New York

When it comes to smoking marijauana in New York, the state itself has been decriminalized for up to 25 grams since 2019. Recreational weed still remains illegal. Legalization failed to get through the state’s budget negotiations in 2020. There’s an updated bill on the table and social justice advocates are pushing for a more progressive approach for 2021. If you do however have a medical marijuana card obtained through the Medical Marijuana Program (MMP), you are legally allowed to purchase and consume marijuana. The MMP oversees registry, and certification for purchasing and dispensing to patients and caregivers with qualifying conditions. It was legalized by the New York Compassionate Care Act. This state recognizes the medicinal benefits of this therapeutic plant, and the day everyone will be able to smoke in this state will be a celebrated one.
The amazing part about this area is how cannabis has made itself known throughout its culture and history for a long time. While New York waits patiently for legalization, NYC’s pot culture is alive and well. This state’s pot policy may be lagging behind California and Colorado, where cannabis is legal, but the world’s most vibrant city has a dynamic cannabis culture. From hippies smoking weed at Woodstock, New York’s residents brazenly break the law to access their herb. Prior to the pandemic, private lofts and brownstones across the city would be packed with 420 enthusiasts. Even though cannabis is decriminalized in New York City, it’s not legal to smoke in the streets, and possession of up to 25 grams carries a $100 fine. You can be arrested and charged if you have an outstanding warrant. This creates a real risk for many New Yorkers, particularly those of color, who are more likely to be targeted by law enforcement. To this day, wealthy white citizens enjoy a degree of freedom in this rebellion which is not experienced by their black or brown counterparts who are subject to racialized policing. With the shifting political tides in America, hopefully, systemic racism will be resolved and restrictions will soon be lifted, so citizens of all colors will be able to cultivate and explore business options with this misunderstood plant. Get ready for that day by exploring and purchasing seed options through Kind Seed Co, so when you are legal to grow, you will be ready.

How Much Weed Can You Have in New York

Weed is decriminalized in this state, however technically if you are found with more than 2 ounces in possession, it will result in a violation and a fine of $200. Offenders who are repeatedly caught will not be pursued further, because there is no escalation on the fine. As of 2019, anyone who was previously charged had their records vacated or expunged of previous weed offenses because it is disproportionately directed towards people of color. With legalization pending, you can find pot seeds for sale online like the delicious wedding cake strain. It grows splendidly in any location, even a small apartment in the city, as long as you keep the space well ventilated.
If you have a medical marijuana card you can purchase up to 30 days of weed only in the form of capsules, liquids, sprays, oils, and vape products. The state has many dispensaries that accept cash only payments, and there are even registered organizations that offer online ordering for easy delivery straight to your door.

Buying Cannabis and The Excelsior State

When it comes to purchasing cbd seeds, or any other seeds it is legal, and you are allowed to obtain as many as you would like as long as you are not growing quite yet. The future looks greener than ever in this state, as you can obtain up to 30 days of medical marijuana if you become certified with a $50 application fee. Although edibles remain prohibited, you are allowed to purchase food and beverages containing CBD, when you buy over the counter at medical marijuana dispensaries with your card and ID. 2021 could be this state’s most exciting year yet. The economy has the potential to be stimulated by marijuana sales. With so many medical marijuana dispensaries popping up, it is getting easier and easier to purchase weed legally. There are so many strains that can be considered consistent and unrelenting performers and these award-winning strains provide healing effects that can no longer be overlooked.

New York Seed Bank: What is it?

Kind Seed Co is your go-to New York Seed Bank. We provide your favorite weed seeds for sale online, and we deliver them to cultivators all around the country. It does not matter who you are, or where you live. We will discreetly have your seeds shipped to you in superb packaging, worry-free. Take a look at all of the most up to date information on everything green, and feel at ease through the entire process, as we make sure your seeds are sent to you in perfect condition. The growing capabilities of marijuana are just being uncovered. Pioneers are constantly creating new and exciting strains from this centuries-old plant and the age of weed is just beginning, with both medicinal and recreational properties coming to the forefront.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in The State of New York

Fortunately, seeds are legal to purchase across the country, and when you buy marijuana seeds you can have them safely and discreetly delivered to your door. Growing marijuana in this state is still illegal, even if you have a medical marijuana card, and for now, it is not worth growing just yet. There is hope on the horizon to grow, as many neighborhood gardens in New York City have the capability of growing amazing crops one day.
When you are looking to find cannabis seeds for sale look no further than us. We provide award-winning strains, sourced from the finest breeders, so you can have the best growing experience possible. We pride ourselves in helping out medicinal and recreational dispensaries for a happier day with a legal joint in hand.
This state has so much potential for growing impressive seeds, as this diverse environment has beautiful summers and stunning falls that would provide a perfect harvest for your strain, as long as you avoid the winter months that can ruin your seeds. Purchase all your favorite seeds with ease. One day soon this state will finally legalize the cultivation of Mary Jane, and when that moment arises, you will be ready to start growing.

Medical Weed in New York

New York has been legalized with medicinal marijuana since 2014 and has no chance of slowing down, as many have changed their harsh prescriptions to this organic plant as a better, long term option. Patients and caregivers are free to purchase at any state-related operation with many dispensaries throughout the state. You must always remember to bring your ID and certifications to any dispensary in order to purchase, and if you are a caregiver you must bring your caregiver card and your patient’s certifications as well. If you are suffering and qualify with one of the many diseases and disorders such as cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, Huntington’s disease, and PTSD to name a few, then you will be able to purchase up to 30 days of weed here.
Since medical marijuana was legalized in 2014, the MMP has been overseeing all delivery and transport, because they certify all of the dispensaries in this state. Although you are allowed to purchase marijuana from dispensaries, you are limited to what exactly you can buy, as it comes in the forms of capsules, liquids, sprays, oils, or vape products.
There have been many clinical trials into the healing properties of marijuana and these are breaking new ground in horticulture pharmacology. American states that allow their residents to use marijuana for medical purposes have seen a marked decline in prescription drug use among the elderly and disabled. According to researchers, studies suggest that some people are using marijuana as an alternative to prescription drugs to treat ailments such as pain, depression, and sleep disorders.

Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds and Auto-flower Weed Seeds in The State of New York

We have come a long way in discovering what seeds are capable of, with pioneer cultivators creating some easy-going seeds that grow brilliantly for even the most novice cultivator. Seeds come in many varieties, which means you can have fun working with a new seed every time, on your journey to finding the perfect one for you. A common strain is a sativa. It will not weigh you down and will stimulate your senses as you take on the day, just like a strong cup of coffee. As this strain grows, its long and slender branches can be tall. The smooth and comforting indica is known for its relaxation properties. Even on the most stressful of days, a session with this strain can lead you towards the best sleep of your life, with its sedative effects. Short and bushy, this strain’s stature is hefty and its leaves change color when exposed to cooler temperatures in the evening. The resilience of a ruderalis strain is extraordinary, because it will flower and grow wherever it sees fit, which means it survives in many places other strains could not. These three forms of seeds contribute their genes to creating hybrids and many other award-winning strains.
The feminization of seeds is when growers stress a female plant during its vegetative state, and that plant then self pollinates. Once matured, that female plant is then used to fertilize the rest of the crop so that those plants only produce mostly female seeds. The beauty about only having female seeds is you will never have to worry about sorting the sex of your plants which tends to take just a little bit of skill. Most growers want to avoid male plants as they fertilize the crop around them which will then produce less potent and seedy buds, which is not what you are looking for when you want a generous harvest of dank weed.
Both feminized and regular seeds need a shift in light, which is called the photoperiod. When it comes to auto-flower seeds, you will not need to worry about this step as this plant will flower on its own when it has matured. The combination of a feminized auto-flower is ideal for home growers, because not only will you not have to worry about the sex, you also have an easier time growing because an auto-flower tends to be more resilient with a faster flowering time. Auto-flowering seeds are revolutionary, and amazingly the plant is resistant to pests and disease and will flower on its own. This will give you room to make little mistakes here and there, and still have the potential of growing an ideal yield every time.
Kind Seed Co is the way to grow when it comes to unveiling all the most up to date information on your seeds. You will have all of the confidence and skill when your seeds arrive because you will be fully prepared and ready to grow your dream garden.

Buy Reg Seeds in New York

Growing feminized and auto-flowering seeds have their benefits when grown commercially or at home, giving new opportunities to those who are just starting out, or wanting to grow seeds nice and easy. Every once in a while, however, you want to go back to the basics by growing a regular unsexed seed. The benefit of a regular seed is that breeders can cultivate new and exciting strains from both males and females, resulting in delicious new strains being created all of the time.
If you reside in New York and are anxiously awaiting the day in creating new and healing strains, then regular seeds are for you. We are here for you the entire way with finding the perfect seeds online. If you feel like talking, our representatives are waiting eagerly to answer any questions or concerns to get you growing confidently, knowing that we always have your back.

How to Buy American Seeds in New York

Weed seeds are legal to purchase in New York, and buying online is the easiest way of having your precious seeds delivered discreetly to your door in superior packaging that will not let you down. Cultivation of your seeds is a bit of a different story, as the fight carries on for the legalization in this state. One day at a time, as 2021 has never looked more hopeful for the legalization of marijuana. If you are looking for a company that has your back through the entire process, Kind Seed Co, is here for you. All you have to do is let us know what you are after and we will get back to you with your order and payment through our secure transaction method. With such a breeze in ordering your seeds and a discreet delivery service, you can take the time in planning your garden to grow majestically in this state one day.
We stand proud knowing your seeds are perfectly protected in superb packaging to make it to your door in no time, with ease. If you are ever curious about the germination phase, we are there with you every step of the way. With so many other resources online, you have the opportunity to learn everything you can for growing the best weed imaginable. Enjoy the experience and if you ever have any questions on anything, we are always here to help.

Judicial Districts of New York

When it comes to growing canabis seeds in this state, areas like Northern Albany, Binghamton, Plattsburgh, Syracuse, and Utica, have the potential for growing some of the best weed around. Thanks to the ease of legalizing medical marijuana, we are on our way to growing in this glorious state, but right now growing and transporting are still considered illegal. The fight really carries on in places like Albany as they are the last city to come to a consensus over revenue and have since held up the proposal for legalization. One way or another, the possibilities of growing in these places will make everyone smile and the potential business opportunities will create some much-needed revenue.
Southern areas like New York City and the White Plains have been fighting the good fight for a long time, as crime-related charges towards marijuana were on the rise here for a long time. The stigma surrounding this healing plant is a shame because we have missed so much time on really finding out what marijuana is capable of. The Governor of New York does have high hopes for legalization in 2021 and to put it blankly, the state could use the money.
The marijuana culture in Eastern Brooklyn and Central Islip has been hailed as having an underground marijuana market that has been doing well for a long time. The opportunity is there to tap into that market and allow dealers to become businessmen in the marijuana industry, which will help change prejudices towards the fear of buying. This will help stimulate the economy in the poorer areas, for a better future for all.
Research on weed could be on the horizon in western areas like Rochester or have the potential for a transport location from Canada to Buffalo, as these areas have so much potential for distributing, and gaining insight into all of the benefits marijuana holds.
New York is so progressive that the culture itself on weed here has already begun. All kinds of people from all over the world come here to pursue a dream, and with that, sometimes it can be a bit stressful, and having a joint to settle you after a long day will allow even the hardest worker to get that rest they need. With opportunities to buy on every corner already, it could be an amazing gain to jobs in this state. Pot is slowly making its way out of the dark shadows, with multiple medicinal dispensaries available for purchase, and you can always order seeds for now in the hopes of growing by next spring.

5 Most Popular Cities to Grow Weed in New York

You can find all of your favorite marijuana seeds for sale online and order as much as your heart desires, but you cannot grow here just yet, unfortunately. Legalization has never been nearer with the decriminalization of marijuana, and if you have a medical marijuana card, you may buy up to a 30 day supply.
New York shines not only in culture but is a melting pot for some of the greatest thinkers and artists in the world. Smoke some oil and check out many of the greatest art galleries and museums you could ever see like the MET or the MOMA. Get outside and explore the Highline located in the Chelsea area, which is an old subway train above ground, that has been revamped into a stunning walkway that allows you to peak into some of the most spectacular apartments you have ever seen.
Buffalo is the second-largest city with a population of 255,284 people and when you include its suburbs it rounds to 1 million. This area acts as a gateway for commerce and travel because it touches the Canadian border. Inhabited long before the 17th century by a Native American Iroquois tribe, it was then later explored by French colonists, eventually growing in the 19th and 20th century due to immigration. Beautiful places like Lake Erie or the head of Niagara River can be explored for an eye-opening experience that will shift your perspective and can be especially enjoyed with a little bit of marijuana.
Rochester is one of America’s first boomtowns and is the birthplace of many notable companies like Eastman Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch and Lomb. Known as a global center for science, tech, research, and development, this has helped this city thrive and its economy is defined by technology and education. If you want a career in research or education, this city is for you, because you get to work with some of the best teachers in the world.
Yonkers is located on the beautiful Hudson River and is directly above the Bronx, around 2 miles from Manhattan. It is known as the city of 7 hills like Park, Nodine, Ridge, Cross, Coast, Glen, and Church. The downtown area of this city is centered on a plaza otherwise known as Getty Square. This area is a major retail hub for Yonkers and the Northwest Bronx with many shopping centers to enjoy.
Syracuse is an educational and economic hub that is home to over a million people. This city was named after the classical Greek city, Syracuse, and is home to the largest airports in the region. This city is famous for Syracuse University, which is a major research school, providing some of the best education in the world. It is an affordable area to live in this state and young families and retirees find themselves moving here for not only its beauty but being able to live comfortably without a ton of income.

Buy The Most Popular Strain Seeds in New York

With legal cannibus on the horizon, we offer a wide variety of strains that are award-winning and enjoyable to grow. If you are just starting out and looking for the perfect seed for yourself, then maybe some of these seeds might spark your interest!
Ultra Africa is a strain that grows marvellously, as it shows off its strong potency and resiliency to mold, making it enjoyable to grow in any garden. This plant thrives in the outdoors, and if you are planting in the north, aim to harvest no later than September to avoid the cold potentially ruining your crop. This strain holds many medicinal benefits because it helps ease nausea and promotes the appetite with euphoric effects that relax the mind and body.
The delicious and popular Girl Scout Diesel is also well known as Sour Cookies and is a sativa dominant hybrid. This strain promises psychedelic effects that will provide a boost of creativity and inspiration on even the dullest of days. Say goodbye to fatigue, because this strain wakes you up just like a morning coffee, with a mental buzz that will keep you going all day. Coated with a giving layer of resin, this plant dazzles in potency when it grows with a THC level coming in at a moderate 15-20%.
If you are looking for a smooth and relaxing sensation without much THC that contains psychoactive compounds that can stimulate the full-body high, then Harlequin is for you. With a nice balance of CBD to THC, you can enjoy the medicinal effects without going overboard. The flavors of this strain are just divine with the taste of flowery earth dancing throughout your tastebuds. Keep an eye on this strain as it is prone to mold that could potentially ruin your crop, and your plant will flower for 9-10 weeks.
If you desire a strong and potent sativa dom hybrid strain that will soar you to new highs, Bruce Banner Fast Flowering is a knockout in both the medicinal and recreational world. The effects of this strain are wonderfully medicinal, and If you are feeling low or are suffering from chronic pain, you can feel immediate relief with its mood stimulating and sedative properties. Both the aroma and flavor of this strain is tantalizing as strong strawberry, fruit, and diesel waft through the air, and when smoked, sweet floral tones are tasted, for an all-around mood-lifting experience.
Looking for a seed that loves to flourish in the sun? NYC Diesel Autoflower is just asking to be smoked in Central Park as it provides a psychedelic high that will keep you grounded from going too far over the edge. This plant grows about medium to tall in size and shows off long beautiful buds ready to be harvested. The initial sensations when smoking this strain is profound euphoria and happiness that blasts through your mind, and slowly floats down the rest of your body, for an all-over relaxed sensation. With the aroma of grapefruit and lime, this refreshing strain not only picks you up with its effects but will also arouse the senses with its aromatic sensations.
We know you have a lot to think about when it comes to growing the most perfect seed, and we are here for you. We are here to support your every need, as we want to see everyone who wants to grow, have all of the tools in cultivating the most perfect plants. Marijuana is healing and is best smoked with friends, as nothing breaks the ice better than sharing a joint to loosen you up. The Empire State shines as one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world, with one of the most exciting cities, and also offers so much more. From mountains, oceans, rivers, and lakes, you can get out of the city and explore the great outdoors. Through the battle of legalization, the fight carries on here, as we have never been closer to legalizing marijuana in this state. Humans have been using this plant for more than 2,500 years and now we need to destigmatize its reputation as a gateway to hardcore drugs. The perception of marijuana has shifted away from it as a gateway drug to use it as medicine. Many unwarranted fines and arrests were made over the years which made people of color suffer in urban communities for being the main victims of incarceration. Thanks to the decriminalization of weed, many New Yorkers had their weed offenses expunged, so that those people can have normal jobs and normal lives, without an unnecessary burden hindering their life. We are hopeful for a brighter day, with the legalization in the works for 2021.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get frequently asked and answered questions about everything cannabis related in New York. Choose Kind Seed Co as your online Marijuana seed supplier in NY. Kind Seed Co writers are not lawyers and this should not substitute legal advice. Check back often to find the latest in Cannabis culture for home growers in the Big Apple.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in New York ?

    Yes, marijuana seeds are legal to buy in New York as souvenirs from websites such as Kind Seed Co. You can also buy them in local dispensaries legally.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in New York ?

    Yes, buying cannabis seeds in New York is legal. You can purchase them online as souvenir and novelty items or go into a dispensary and pay extra taxes and buy them as marijuana seeds.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in New York ?

    Absolutely. Choose from buying souvenir weed seeds online from Kind Seed Co or by going into a dispensary and paying additional taxes and buying the seeds as weed seeds.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in New York ?

    Yes. Choose from buying souvenir seeds online from Kind Seed Co or traveling to a retail dispensary and paying the extra taxes to buy your pot seeds.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in New York ?

    Yes cannabis seeds are legal to germinate and grow in New York. Each household can have 3 mature and 3 immature plants for each adult in the home up to a maximum of 12 plants.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in New York ?

    Buying marijuana seeds online in New York is as easy as 123. Visit Kind Seed Co and choose some stable high quality strains to add to your cart. Then check out and pay for your order. WSUSA will ship your order asap and get you your seeds in an unmarked package with tracking to your home mailbox. Choose Kind Seed Co today and buy weed seeds online.

    Are State Seeds grown in New York ?

    The honest answer is probably NO. Most feminized and autoflower seeds are produced in Europe. Regular marijuana seeds will be the first type of seeds grown in New York and should be available one to two years into legalization from many seed banks and online seed banks.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in New York ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in New York ?

    Yes. It is legal to consume cannabis for recreational use in New York.

    Is Medical Use legal in New York ?

    Yes, medical use is legal in New York.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in New York ?

    Yes it is legal to grow CBD seeds with THC below 0.3% in New York.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in New York ?

    Yes, it is legal to grow autoflower seeds in New York. Each household can have up to three mature plants per adult up to a maximum of 12 plants.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in New York ?

    Coming Soon

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in New York ?

    Yes up to 3 ounces of cannabis can be carried in person. Or up to 0.85 ounces of cannabis concentrates can be carried in New York.

    Cannabis Seeds For Sale in New York

    Cities in New York

    • Albany
    • Amsterdam
    • Auburn
    • Batavia
    • Beacon
    • Binghamton
    • Buffalo
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    • Cohoes
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    • Cortland
    • Dunkirk
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    • Syracuse
    • Tonawanda
    • Troy
    • Utica
    • Watertown
    • Watervliet
    • White Plains
    • Yonkers


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