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Many states in the nation have nicknames but North Carolina has a lot of them. The most common moniker is the Tar Heel State, and its origin comes from the state’s early history. As a leading producer of tar, turpentine, rosin, and pitch, North Carolina became known as the Tar Heel State. This was not always a term of endearment. Workers who went barefoot to collect sap used for the production of tar and pitch were referred to as tar heels and it was a derogatory term associated with low-class workers. During the Civil War, soldiers began to call themselves tar heels, and the shame and humiliation associated with this moniker were lifted.
North Carolina is the 28th largest and 9th most populated state and has some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes to enjoy. It is nestled in between Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and has the Atlantic Ocean for a playground. When it comes to legal marijauna, this state has a long way to go. Deep racism and misunderstanding of a plant with so much potential has brought unnecessary harm to especially those of color, with a higher chance of being arrested if found with a personal amount of marijuana. Unfortunately, in this state, it is not up to the people to petition weed legalization on the ballot. The issue has to be considered by their representative governor, and it is still up in the air if he will consider it on the next ballot. The fight carries on, and with the legalization slowly but surely happening throughout the country, it is hoped that legalization will end up being inevitable one day.
This state has a long and interesting history. It was established as a royal colony in 1729, becoming one of the original 13 colonies. This area was named in honor of King Charles I of England, who first formed the English colonies, with Carolus being Latin for Charles. On November 21, 1789, it became the 12th state to ratify the U.S. constitution. For the next few centuries, it went on to become a proud state notable for many achievements although racism ran rampant in the southern states, which brought prejudice and pain throughout the years. The pain of the past is being brought into the present moment more than ever, and we are finally realizing that repeating the same mistakes will not let us progress. There is hope however because, through the pain and anger, success and triumph have also been a part of this state’s history. This state is also known as the First In Flight. The Wright Brothers may have been born in Ohio and Indiana, but they chose the beach town of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to test their first flight. The siblings, Orville and Wilbour tested their first flight on December 17, 1903. The flight flew 20 feet above the ground, lasted 12 seconds, and covered a distance of 120 feet. This achievement brought inspiration and great pride.
This area has diverse land and weather depending on where you are located in the state. There is a wide range of elevations and altitudes because of the elevation descending from the Appalachian Mountains to the Redmont and Atlantic Coastal Plain. It has short mild winters and hot summers. This state has a humid subtropical climate that you will enjoy if you do not like colder temperatures. There are many gardens that flourish here. The rich soil is perfect for growing marijuana one day, and you can be inspired by seeing the Biltmore. George Vanderbilt’s historic country estate in Asheville includes America’s largest home Biltmore House and its stunning gardens.
This state is proud of its national sports teams. The first successful major professional sports team to be created in this state were the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team began to play in the 1988–89 season and in 2004, the NBA added the Charlotte Bobcats franchise, two years after the city lost the Hornets to New Orleans. The Carolina Panthers of the National Football League are located in Charlotte and play in the National Football Conference South Division. Winning the Stanley cup in 2005-06, the Carolina Hurricanes are a fast-paced team playing in the NHL Central Division. You can find their home games located at the 18,680 seat PUC arena. Check out all these teams for an exceptional experience cheering on some of the most impressive athletes to cheer on.
You can find renowned secondary education universities and colleges within this state, with arguably some of the best schools in the nation. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has undergraduate and professional courses in arts, sciences, dentistry, education, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and law. Notable schools within the University are the College of Arts and Sciences, the Kenan Flagler Business School, and the School of Dentistry and School of Education. One of the top institutions for higher learning is Duke University with 15,635 Blue Devils, which is an ideal school for networking with some of the finest minds on the planet. This school offers undergraduate and graduate-level classes in 10 schools and colleges like Trinity College of the Arts and Sciences, the Fuqua School of Business, and the Pratt School of Engineering, with its Law and Medical School highly regarded worldwide. The Appalachian State University is located in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains with 17,000 graduate and undergraduate students.
Marijuana has thousands of years of history all across the world and in the United States laws to legalize weed are being passed. Unfortunately, over the past decade, state legislators in North Carolina have dashed a handful of medical marijuana bills. Marijuana freedom continues to be a long and hard road. State legislators are slowly beginning to understand the importance of how it could positively impact society not only in a healing way, but also stimulate the economy. Although weed has been cast in the shadows as a scary plant, research and citizen polls are giving us insight that maybe we were wrong about how dangerous this drug is. The more dangerous side is keeping the drug illegal and allowing unnecessary fines and penalties towards mostly people of color, even though the ratio of blacks to whites consuming marijuana is relatively even. The journey has just begun, and the Black Lives Matter protests are paving the way in what a positive and inclusive society might look like, finally allowing people to be equal. When we finally see each other as who we really are and push our differences aside, will also be the day we are legally allowed to grow and cultivate weed within the state. The dream is on the horizon, and this state will be better off for it, with the potential job and small business opportunities that will help everyone.

North Carolina and Smoking Marijuana Recreationally

If you are wanting to smoke recreationally in North Carolina, then unfortunately you will not be thrilled to know that it is still illegal to smoke weed here. Medicinal and recreational weed is illegal. It is not worth the fines of being caught with marijuana because even on a first-time offense anyone found with less .5 of an ounce of weed or less than .2 of an ounce of hash faces a Class C misdemeanor. You risk receiving a maximum fine of $200 and anyone caught with more will face larger penalties.
Unfortunately, cannibus enthusiasts cannot seem to catch a break here because unlike other states, its people cannot petition to get the medical marijuana initiative added to the ballot, and it is up to the governor to decide whether to bring it to the table. This puts a halt to many possibilities in creating a more beneficial and healing future for all. The want is there for legalization and we are just at the beginning of a revolution for a better and more understanding day where you will be able to buy marijuana seeds and grow your own healing plants.

North Carolina: How Much Weed Can You Have On You?

This is a tricky state because marijuana is considered illegal, however medicinal CBD extract with less than .9% THC and 5% CBD is not as long as you are a patient or caregiver with a medical marijuana card. Technically you are not allowed to purchase within this state, which means you must travel outside of the state to buy your CBD extracts and come back across the state line with papers proving the strength of the marijuana purchased. For medical marijuana patients, there are no limits or restrictions on patient consumption, which is helpful because then you will not have to cross the state border too often to retrieve your CBD products.
Cultivation is also illegal and even though you may buy marijuana seeds online, you are not yet allowed to grow even if you have a medical marijuana card. The city officers or county sheriffs are responsible for making the arrests and unfortunately, this takes time and energy away from the actual criminals left on the streets, and also in turn backs up the court system. If you happen to be a licensed farmer by the State of Department of Agriculture, then you are allowed to grow hemp containing no more than .3% THC.
Any weed found on you if smoked recreationally will result in fines and is considered a Class C Misdemeanor. This is most unfortunate because this state has so much to offer in the great outdoors and smoking a joint or two would certainly enhance any situation.

Cannabis Seeds and The Old North State

You can find all your favorite strains with our wide selection of cannabis seeds for sale online through us at Kind Seed Co. Buy all the seeds you need, as long as you are not cultivating in this state because seeds are legal throughout the country. Collecting, transporting, and purchasing strains like cbd seeds could never be easier through us as we are just a few simple clicks away from having your perfect seeds shipped to you in no time. With so much to choose from, like autoflowering or feminized seeds, it will be hard to decide your favorite so why not get all of them! Collect all the seeds your heart desires in the hopes of legalization one day.
We source the finest seeds from some of the best breeders around to ensure that your seeds are ready for germination. We are a company that cares for medicinal and recreational weed companies and want nothing more than to assist with some of the finest seeds in the country. With such a large seed culture within this state, you can feel at ease buying as many seeds as you please, because there is nothing illegal about purchasing your favorites online.

What is a North Carolina Seed Bank?

This state’s seed bank is Kind Seed Co. We are a proud American distributor offering some of the finest pot seeds for sale online. All you have to do is decide which is the best strain for you and we do all the rest. Delivering all over the country, we will safely and discreetly have your seeds delivered directly to you. Our packages are non-descript so you will not have to worry about nosey neighbors. We provide all of the most accurate and up to date information on how to care for and grow your seeds to their best potential. We are continually discovering all of the possibilities of how profound marijuana’s healing potential is. We see that future and understand that one day, legalization will become inevitable, and we will be right here offering some of the finest seeds for growing in this fertile state.

Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds in The First In Freedom State?

Weed seeds are legal in this country and you are free to buy strains like the delicious wedding cake strain. With a beautiful fragrance and flavor, this strain grows an unbeatable harvest even with a mistake or two, making it ideal for beginners. No matter who you are or where you are living, we are there with you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available if you have any questions or concerns with purchasing, cultivation, or distribution so you can feel confident and ready to grow.
This state is hesitant to legalize the cultivation of marijuana, and it appears it will not be any time soon before the legalization bill is added to the ballot. You can collect all of your favorite seeds in the meantime and start planning your ideal garden in this divine state one day. You may purchase as many seeds as you would like online through us at Kind Seed Co and we will deliver your fabulous seeds to you in no time with discreet service.

North Carolina: Medical Cannabis

Medicinal marijauana within North Carolina is a little bit of a grey area and patients and caregivers must obtain CBD extracts from outside state lines. For a long time, patients did not have access to medical marijuana, but the fight was finally on their side because, in 2014, Governor Pat McCory signed HB1220, providing access to low THC hemp extract products to any patient with intractable epilepsy. Then in July of 2015, this bill was amended by HB766, which increased the amount of THC from .3% to .9% and also decreased the CBD amount from 10% to 5%. Also included in the bill was an expansion of physicians able to prescribe marijuana, increased numbers of certified hospitals, and the removal of the requirement of patients only being children, allowing anyone 18 and over to qualify.
There are no limits when it comes to restrictions on cannabis consumption for medicinal purposes. Legally patients are allowed to purchase as much as they need, as long as they have the authorization. They must have an approved letter when carrying their products in the state or risk fines. Caregivers may only purchase medical marijuana when they are outside of the state because, technically, they are not allowed to purchase within the state.
To receive a medical marijuana card in this state, you must first jump through a few hoops. You must be approved by a state-licensed and board-certified neurologist who is affiliated with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the entire medical marijuana operation. Caregivers are only allowed to possess marijuana and must be at least 18 years of age, residing within the state, and a parent, legal guardian, or a custodian of a person with intractable epilepsy may qualify. Once they have submitted the paperwork, caregivers will receive a letter from the DHHS, authorizing approval. Once you have completed these regulations, you must continue to carry a letter within the state when carrying marijuana with you at all times.

Feminized Photo Marijuana Seeds and Feminized Auto Weed Seed in The First In Freedom State

New and exciting weed strains are being invented every single day. It is an exciting time for pioneers of weed, who are on the verge of exceptional strains for us all to enjoy. The origins of all of this success start back with three main types of seeds that have generously shared their genetics to some of the best hybrid strains in the world. An upbeat and creative seed is a sativa strain that grows long and lean plants, showing off beautiful slender buds. This strain offers an upbeat and stimulating high that will keep you going throughout the day like a cup of coffee. On the other end of the spectrum are indica strains. The effects provide a full-bodied relaxed sensation that can act as a sedative, potentially giving you a full night’s rest, feeling ready to go the next day. This seed loves to grow bushy and robust plants with densely packed nugs just waiting to be collected. A unique addition to an indica is that when you introduce your plant to cooler temperatures in the evening, its leaves and buds will then change to a deep purple for a dazzling effect, that makes it look that much more appealing to smoke. The surviving skills of a ruderalis strain are impeccable because this strain is accustomed to thriving in cold and dark conditions, autoflowering on its own due to maturity. With so much more to discover, we can thank these three main strains for opening our eyes to the benefits of growing weed.
Feminized seeds are an ingenious creation by breeders who found that stressing a female plant with an outside stressor during its vegetative state, will stimulate that plant into self-pollinating. Once matured, that plant will then be used to fertilize the rest of the crop. Those pollinated plants will then produce almost 100% female seeds, free of male genetics. This is fantastic for home growers because male seeds tend to grow seedier and less potent buds which are not ideal when you just want a potent harvest.
Feminized and regular seeds both go through a photoperiod phase, and there must be a light shift for your vegetative plant to mature. Autoflower seeds flower on their own and do not require light shifts to mature. These seeds are smaller in size, are resistant to pests and disease, and even have a faster flowering time, which means you can make a few mistakes along the way and your plant will yield a generous amount of weed. There is so much opportunity to grow in this state once we legalize the cultivation of weed and until then you can collect all of your most favorite seeds through us.

Buy Reg Marijuana Seeds in North Carolina

Feminized and autoflowering seeds have exceptional value to home cultivators for their resiliency and easy-going nature for beginners to thrive. Good old-fashioned regular canabis seeds are loved in the recreational and medicinal world because they have both male and female seeds. At Kind Seed Co we offer all kinds of seeds for whatever you would like to grow. Breeders like using regular seeds because it allows them to create new and exciting award-winning strains that everyone can benefit from. If you feel like reaching out and have some questions about regular seeds, we are here for you every step of the way, ready to answer any of your questions and concerns. North Carolina has a long way to go to legalizing Mary Jane, and until that day, collect all the seeds you need to have a brilliant garden one day soon.

How to Buy US Seeds in North Carolina

Finding weed seeds for sale online has never been easier as your seeds can be shipped discreetly in no time at all. This country still has a long way to go in legalizing marijauana, and this healing plant remains in the shadows. At Kind Seed Co we are constantly working to aid in understanding the culture and cultivation of marijuana throughout the nation. We are proud of what this country is capable of.
We offer customer satisfaction to anyone buying our seeds, and we stand by each one proudly because each one was chosen with love and care. We package and protect your seeds for the entire delivery process. All you have to do is sit back and wait while they are discreetly shipped to your door.
If germination is a bit of a mystery to you do not worry because we are here to answer any questions you may have about the process. The internet has brought us closer in a lot of ways, and for marijauna, there is more and more information out there that can guide you through the process as well. Navigating the cannabis landscape can be daunting but we can guide you through your seed shopping experience.

Judicial District Seats of North Carolina

The fight is a slow and enduring process because in this state the legislature alone can decide what appears and what does not on the ballot. With the eastern areas like Elizabeth City, Fayetteville, Greenville, New Bern, Raleigh, and Wilmington bringing in intelligent young minds from all over the world, we are hopeful for a more compassionate future, understanding the healing properties of marijuana. With more and more research out there far outweighing the negative side effects of this healing plant, we need to have more of an open mind, only then can we prepare for a hopeful future.
Middle areas like Durham, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem hold onto their conservative values with glorious historical sites, but unfortunately, racism and prejudice run rampant here. These areas need legalization because not only will it help stimulate their tax dollars, it will also allow police officers to focus on true crime, instead of petty misdemeanor marijuana convictions that could potentially harm someone’s future.
Racial inequalities in western areas like Asheville, Charlotte, and Statesville are staggering because even though black and white people both smoke the same amount of marijuana, black people have a way higher chance of getting arrested. Minorities make up less than one-third of their population but nearly 2/3rds of the nearly 40,000 criminal charges were for people of color in 2019. The potential to right this wrong is there after years of unjust arrests and charges that have affected so many, and we are at a crossroads of writing our wrongs in America.

5 Most Popular Cities in North Carolina to Grow Weed

Growing weed in this state is illegal and anyone caught could face fines, which does not make cultivation very rewarding just yet. There are many areas here that have growing potential for impressive strains, and you can collect as many seeds as your heart desires online in the hopes that one day you can grow in one of this state’s many gorgeous cities.
The major city of Charlotte is a commercial hub, with a modern city center located uptown. With many notable museums to visit, you can spend the day exploring interesting places like the Museum of New South which shows the Post Civil War history in the south. Another mind-blowing spot to check out is the NASCAR Hall of Fame which celebrates the sport of auto racing with interactive exhibits the whole family can enjoy.
Raleigh has many universities, technology, and scholarly institutions and joins the cities of Chapel Hill and Durham for being known as the Research Triangle. Raleigh is known as the City of Oaks for its many oak trees, which line the streets in the heart of the city. The beautiful state capital is a 19th century Greek Revival style building with a statue of George Washington dressed as a Roman General in its rotunda.
A beautiful and scenic area to visit is the city of Greensboro with many sites to explore like the breathtaking Bog Gardens which is a glorious wetlands area with flowers, birds and elevated boardwalks that will take you away to a scenic wonderland. The Greensboro Science Center is home to red pandas and sharks. The science museum and zoological park offer a hands-on experience. Explore the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. It commemorates the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, fought on March 15, 1781, which opened the campaign that led to American victory in the Revolutionary War.
Durham is part of the research triangle region and is notable for its technology companies and scholarly institutions. The Duke University Campus holds a Gothic Duke Chapel and the Nasher Museum of art, with work by contemporary artists like Christian Marclay and Al Weiwer. Heading on over to the Museum of Life and Science and checking out the hands-on exhibits. There is also a stunning butterfly house and incredible wildlife habitats for lemurs and bears.
The city of Winston-Salem is the county seat of Forsyth County with a 2019 population of 247,945 citizens. Also known as the Twin City, and Camel City because of its historic involvement in the tobacco industry. Locals also call this area Winston, and it is notable for having many colleges and institutions, bringing people from all over the world to live in this magnificent area.

Buy High THC Heavy Yielding Strain Seeds in North Carolina

North Carolina has harsh rules when it comes to growing and possessing marijuana unless you are carrying a medical marijuana card. There are so many weed seeds that could flourish in this state. You can find all of your favorite marijuana seeds for sale through Kind Seed Co, including some high THC heavy yielding strains.
Feel relaxed with Purple Gelato and allow all your worries to slip away for a better day that instantaneously lifts your spirits. This indica-dominant hybrid will stimulate the senses and creative juices, while slowly easing your mind into a full and relaxed body high. With flavors of berry and citrus, the aromatic effects will ease you into a relaxed state of mind, providing a boost of energy that will keep you well balanced.
All of your troubles will slip away with Mody Dick. After a session with this whale of a strain, it will remind you to smile. It comes with a high THC of 27% and should be smoked in moderation to enjoy its full effects. A mostly sativa it can get you through the day stimulated because this strain will not weigh you down. This strain has wonderful medicinal effects that will ease any burdens. Feel your anxiety slowly shift away allowing you to focus on one thing at a time. Chronic pain and tension will feel like a thing of the past, and you will be able to take on whatever you have to get done in the day.
Gold Leaf is an indica-dominant hybrid that stimulates you with a feeling of relaxation, while also providing uplifting and stimulating sensations that leave you euphoric and blissful. It is stunning to grow in the garden with its billowing olive-green fan leaves, layered with electric yellow pistils showing off resin rich flowers that promises potency. With the flavors of earth and lime on your tongue, you can be entranced in its full-bodied flavor, which provides a smooth high like no other. Feel yourself weigh into your couch for a wonderful wind down or a perfect weekend high when you have nothing to do.
Feel your aches and pains slip away with the amazingly medicinal Critical Mass. It is an extremely beneficial strain in treating anorexia and nausea because it helps suppress the feeling of nausea and helps stimulate your appetite that will allow your body to receive the nutrients it needs. This indica-dominant hybrid tastes like smooth honey, and immediately you will feel a sense of deep relaxation, that will help ease any pain so that you can finally rest. A 22% THC and 5% CBD content give this strain an extra kick of healing powers thanks to its high dose of CBD, which has many healing benefits.
If you are looking to have a wonderful full night’s rest, then Mazar Skunk is for you. When you smoke this strain, its effects will leave you feeling euphoric, with a deep sense of relaxation that will drift you off to sleep. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a citrusy sweet flavor that mixes with a contrasting flavor of sandalwood and spice, for a complex mix that will stimulate all the senses. This strain can grow in many conditions and flourishes whether you grow indoors or out, so whatever way you decide to grow, your seeds will show off thick buds for a flowering time of 8-9 weeks.
There are so many strains out there and this is just the tip of the iceberg to what is going to come with growing marijuana. Some of the best growers in the world reside in the U.S. and we should be congratulating their expertise instead of prohibiting it. The future is green, and marijuana has the capability to not only help in the healthcare field, but also provide job opportunities that were never possible before. This state has a long way to go to finally legalizing marijuana, but it is on its way. While authorities are recognizing the benefits of medical hemp, citizens of North Carolina are still not allowed to smoke a high amount of THC. The fight carries on, and this state has some of the best outdoors to explore and potentially grow in one day. If you are looking for a place to escape and find historical sights that will inspire you to think about how far we have come in such a short amount of time, then this state has a lot to offer. Some of the finest brains have been educated here, and we are hoping more connections will be made in researching marijuana and finding even more about what this sensational plant is capable of. You can find whatever strain you are looking for through us at Kind seed Co. We have great prices on your favorite seeds that will be delivered to you in a discreet fashion, so no one will be the wiser. Check us out online and if you ever have any questions do not hesitate to ask. We proudly ship nationally so no matter who you are or where you live, we will get you your perfect seeds, and all you have to do is start planning your ideal garden.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please see below for some ideas on cannabis laws in North Carolina. We are not lawyers and this should not substitute independent legal advice. We are seed farmers and marketers and are not considered an authority on legal matters in the state of North Carolina. Here are the rules interpreted the best we understand them.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in North Carolina ?

    Yes. You can buy souvenir marijuana seeds in North Carolina and keep them as collector novelty items. Germination is not recommended unless permitted by NC officials.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in North Carolina ?

    Yes, seeds sold as souvenirs can be bought in North Carolina. Get seeds to save for your doomsday vault and beef up your collection today from Kind Seed Co.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in North Carolina ?

    Yes, souvenir seed banks like Kind Seed Co offer a legal way to purchase seeds within North Carolina. Please germinate with care and only when permitted by state authorities.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in North Carolina ?

    Yes, buy souvenir pot seeds online in North Carolina for collection and novelty purposes from Kind Seed Co.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in North Carolina ?

    Generally speaking it is not legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seeds in North Carolina. Special seeds for low thc versions can be bought direct from the state but what the fun is that ?

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in North Carolina ?

    You can buy souvenir seeds online in North Carolina from Kind Seed Co. Simply visit the shop and select your cannabis strains. Then check out and pay for your order. Check your mailbox in a week and your will have your package with seeds in it. Collect all the varieties now for your doomsday vault.

    Are North Carolina Seeds grown in North Carolina ?

    It very unlikely that North Carolina has cannabis seeds created and grown in North Carolina. Most markets take time to build the infrastructure and genetics to support a cannabis community. This will only begin when legalization occurs or expanded medical programs with commercial viability for investors.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in North Carolina ?

    There is no real cannabis program in North Carolina but the hemp pilot program is here and run by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Servers.

    Is Recreational Use legal in North Carolina ?


    Is Medical Use legal in North Carolina ?

    Yes a very limited medical program exists in North Carolina.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in North Carolina ?

    Yes if you have a medical card and buy specific state seeds are recommended to be purchased direct from the state. Cbd was legalized as of 2015 for certain medical conditions. However, there is no infrastructure within the state to provide CBD for patients.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in North Carolina ?

    Coming Soon

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in North Carolina ?

    Coming Soon

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in North Carolina ?

    Coming Soon

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