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In a state as gorgeous and diverse as this, it is a shame that North Dakota is still inflexible where marijuana laws are concerned. However, there is hope that marijuana will eventually become mainstream. With a majority of people in favor of recreational marijuana and more lenient cultivation laws for medicinal patients and non-medical cannabis enthusiasts alike, the coming years may see some change in favor of a greener North Dakota.
Named for the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American populations which once roamed freely throughout her borders, the Flickertail State has seen many battles and much controversy throughout her 150-year development. Funny enough, the soil is this state’s number one prized possession! It is a bit of a wet blanket over the backs of cannabis cultivators who would see this state go green like the majority of the rest of the country and who must watch mass plantations of industrial hemp being harvested each year. Agriculture has always played a major role in the livelihoods of residents here and is one of the primary economic sources for the state, alongside oil, coal, and petroleum. In recent years the fracking industry has sucked billions of barrels of crude from the landscape, making this state a major player in American oil production, but even that cannot hold a candle to the massive farming infrastructure this state enjoys. Wheat, soy, flax, honey, barley, lentils, sugar beets, and many more crops grown here contribute to national agricultural efficacy and assist in feeding many hungry bodies throughout the world.
Settlers began to arrive here around 1870, as the Northern Pacific Railroad pushed through the boundaries of the west, and by 1890, populations had risen from just over 2400 to well over 100,000. This is a major jump in just 20 years, and it is all due to the bounty which could be realized through continuing to build and maintain these rich soils. Pretty much anyone could afford to purchase mass plots of this land from the federal government due to the eradication of native land claims. This move toward land possession was a new concept to indigenous populations and ensuing battles over it and the decimation of native cultures remains a black spot on the face of American history. Native land claims are something indigenous and legislative governments continue to attempt to restore and protect.
Known as part of the Great Plains region of the United States, this 70,762 square mile piece of land borders Canada’s Saskatchewan and Manitoba to the north, Montana to the west, Minnesota to the east, and, of course, South Dakota to, well, the south. This state shares parts of the Red River with Minnesota, which assists in making up a part of the famed Red River Valley, the state’s most populous region, housing cities like Fargo, Grand Forks and Minot. North Dakota is the 19th largest state by landmass and is home to the geographic center of North America, found in Rugby. West of the Missouri River, we have the Badlands, running throughout the Great Plains area of the state and home to myriad species of flora and fauna endemic to this part of the world, including the Wild Prairie rose and the Nokota horse. From the low point of 864 feet at Red River of the north, bordering Manitoba, to the high point of 3,506 feet at White Butte in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, this state is breathtaking. Fed by the Missouri River, Lake Sakakawea is the third-largest artificial lake in the country, upon which is built the Garrison Dam. Because of this hydroelectric generator, thousands of N.D. citizens have power for their homes, farming, and agriculture, business, and trade. Some geographical landmarks around this state include the Missouri Plateau, Pembina Gorge, Killdeer and Turtle Mountains, and Lake Agassiz. The nutrient-rich grasslands sweep through the Sheyenne Valley and deposit their rich runoff into the Sheyenne Delta, where over 2000 species of native plants can be found flourishing.
The climate here is typical of the northwest, with warm, humid summers, fraught with thunderstorms. The cold, blowing winters can seem to last forever. Though the western portion of the state sees a lesser degree of humidity, the entire state generally shares temperatures and there are four beautifully distinct seasons here. The diversity of temperature ranges throughout the year, though generally predictable, make North Dakota the third busiest in the country for shifting weather patterns. Winters can get as low as -60°F and make this state prone to blizzards and whiteouts which can last for days. Summers can be just as extreme, with patterns shifting from that bitter cold into temperatures as high as 121°F. With massive changes such as these, one may wonder where spring and autumn find the time to react. Spring can be gorgeous here. Such explosions of plant and animal life after a bitter winter are welcome calling cards of the beautiful days to come, though they may bring with them some real atmospheric battles. As seasonal shifts like these begin to vie for control, brilliant storms erupt and crash throughout. Southern parts of this state are prone to tornadoes and major thunderstorms which can wreak havoc on farming communities. For this reason, many of the staple crops grown in this state have faster and more hardy phenotypes that can handle sudden and extreme changes in weather. Much of this state may not be the best place to plant weed outside, but it certainly has the best soil and the agricultural experience to be producing some of the best organic green on the planet.
North Dakota has a rich cultural history. Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Chippewa, and Mandan Nations were among the first to call this place home as were the Lakota and Dakota Nations, otherwise known as the Seven Council Fires. German, Icelandic, Norweigan, and Russian immigrants began to arrive here at the turn of the 20th century to make a home in the types of lands they were familiar with. Some photographs of early sod dwellings reveal the construction and functions of these rudimentary homes. Though these houses worked perfectly to protect farmers and their families from harsh atmospheric shifts while they tried their hands at tilling the soil, they were prone to damage and mold, contributing to high mortality rates among early settlers. These people brought with them many celebrations and festivals, many of which can still be enjoyed in contemporary times, though they have been put on hold these days. These along with the multitudes of ancient Native American festivals like the powwow contribute to the preservation of cultures present throughout this state.
Religion is huge here and North Dakota is considered the most religious of all the U.S. states and boasts many denominations through which hundreds of thousands communicate with God each day in their own ways. Many religious groups and captains of industry are staunch opposers of marijuana for anything but hemp and have poured millions into campaigns to stop the cannabis revolution. Though the opposition has seen some success throughout the years, things are changing here in the Peace Garden State. People want to be happy and the gift of this lovely leaf is one way for people to find bliss. Not only does marijuana make for great clothing, paper, building supplies, fertilizer, oils, and other materials, but its female flowers have been used as medicine since early pre-recorded history. There is no justification for practicing aversion to something which continues to reveal benefits to all humankind, the natural world, and our collective karma and consciousness.
Along this same tack, we find open-mindedness in the areas of art and education here, outlining what the definition of true freedom is and what it means to love thy neighbor. Part of the more progressive stance on what it means to be human is the entertainment industry in North Dakota. Though it is not booming, there have been quite a number of talented musicians, actors, and general entertainers who call this place home. Lawrence Welk, the famed big band leader hails from this state, as do Peggy Lee, Lynn Anderson, and blues performer and kick-ass guitar player Johnny Lang, also hailing from the Peace Garden State comes Bobby Vee, Ed Schultz, and Josh Duhamel, famous for his years of contributions to the cult soap-opera All My Children. People may recognize names such as Phil Jackson, the timeless coach of the Chicago Bulls throughout the Michael Jordan era, Louis L’Amour, who is famed the world over for writing hundreds of steamy western novels, and, of course, Wiz Khalifa. The rapper and friend of the flower will forever be linked to the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain by Cookie Fam.
North Dakota has many museums and places of art and entertainment. Though many of these cultural institutions have seen, like the rest of our country, much hardship over the last year, they have been staples to citizens of this state and we hope that one day, they can shine again. These places include the Fargo Theatre, Chester Fritz Auditorium, the Empire Arts Centre, and the Plains Art Museum. There are also several symphonies here, including the Minot Symphony Orchestra, Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra, and the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra, just to name a few. Though times are tough, and lockdowns have forced most of us to stay at home, these bells will chime again one day and tourists will again take the trip to the Roughrider State.
As strange as it sounds, North Dakota is the least-visited state in the U.S. but has as its primary source of income, tourism. That’s right folks! Tourism beats out soil and oil in this state and every year hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Some other sights to take in here may be the Lewis and Clark Museum and Trail. This is a major early American historical site and attracts thousands of exploration enthusiasts each season. Outdoor enthusiasts might like a trip through Little Missouri State Park. This expanse of land is the stuff postcards are made of. Generally open from May to October, trekkers can enjoy the majesty of a world away from electricity. 45 miles of trails, horse accessibility, and lodging, and a selection of tucked-away campsites ranging from modern to truly wild make this spot one not to be missed.
This is an amazing, diverse place, full of rich history, ancient and contemporary culture, beautiful and majestic land and skyscapes, packed with wildlife and plant life, boasting the best soil in the nation and housing the country’s most devoted houses of God. Unfortunately, no one except qualifying medical patients will be buying cannabis any time too soon. Legalization may be on the horizon in coming years, but there are still serious penalties for getting caught with weed here. One thing that is not illegal is the seed. Marijuana seeds are a collector’s or souvenir item, according to the federal government. Due to the sheer number of strains out there, and the fact that we are seeing new ones all the time, it pays to collect for the day when we are all allowed to grow our own magic beans. We look forward to the time when we are free to stop relying on dispensaries that may or may not have quality products. For that day, buy marijuana seeds from Kind Seed Co. We are an American distributor of the best American seeds in the country and we are always here for any happy individual who likes to plan ahead.
Dominion over the plants and animals does not mean domination, but guardianship. This intimates compassion and creativity, inclusivity, and a sense of safety and community, permaculture of the planet and its inhabitants. Medicinal people, speak up for the rest of humanity in the 701 and help them to enjoy Mother Nature’s gift as well. Let’s show the lawmakers that we are awake and aware and available so we can get this show on the road!

North Dakota and Smoking Recreational Weed

Unfortunately, marijauna is not legal here. There is no smoking of recreational marijuana allowed in this state and getting caught with a little bit can land you fines and jail time. Though legislators and activists have had recreational marijuana on the ballot for years and voting populations favor the idea of recreational Mary Jane, there has been little forward motion toward a green N.D.
The cannibus plant is a fantastic and friendly flower, favored by the majority of individuals across the country. Old, young, sick, healthy, rich and poor, those of business, school and industry, top lawyers, doctors, judges and educators, farmers, drivers, and flower-delivery people all enjoy the leaf. So why are legislators being such dinosaurs where cannabis freedom is concerned? Well, we are sure there are many answers to that question, but for the now, let’s just say that North Dakota is not ready to take on the responsibility of allowing a schedule 1 controlled substance to be legalized.  The opioid epidemic sweeping throughout the country has hurt daily life for many people and lawmakers appear to have their heads in the sand.

Can You Possess Recreational Marijuana in North Dakota?

North Dakota does not allow for the possession, use, cultivation, transport, or any other thing you could do with recreational weed. Currently, medical patients are not even allowed to possess more than a couple of ounces, and to grow weed here is to get in serious trouble.
Possession of up to half an ounce is considered a class b misdemeanor and carries a maximum sentence of 30 days and a fine of $1000. Possession of the same while operating a vehicle carries a sentence of up to a year in jail and $1000, as does possession of up to an ounce. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so we do not recommend getting caught. More freedoms are in the works and voters petitioned have signed in approval, but for now, being busted cultivating this power flower, could land you in jail, depending on the number of plants you are busted with, and will most certainly carry hefty fines. They go by weight here and growing plants weigh much more than dry ones so if you are growing marijuana and thinking that they will not do much for a couple of plants, think again. A full-grown marijuana plant, though only a few ounces dry, can weigh as much as a few pounds wet. Just to put it in perspective, possession of just 500 grams could land you in jail for up to a year with a $3000 fine.

The Sioux State and Cannabis Growing

Though the cultivation of this fine herb for recreational purposes remains illegal, this has not always been the case and this state still grows hemp, as it has for centuries. The soil, the summer, the OG farming know-how, all of these things make for a state which should be growing the best marijauana in the country. However, due to the caution of North Dakotan governments and conservative municipalities, this global treat has yet to set down legal roots.
There are great breeders and growers all over this country, just not in North Dakota. We suppose it is no small wonder why Wiz Khalifa got out of here as soon as he could, making a name for himself in California. Cali is where the cultivation of great smoke started in our nation and where the war on drugs forced growers to get creative, spawning creative cultivation innovations in their new indoor controlled environments.
Kind Seed Co has the products you need when looking to buy marijuana seeds. Nowhere in the country is there a seed bank more dedicated to providing Americans with the highest-grade pot seeds available on the market. We suss out the best breeders, showcase their best genetics, and make them available for all Americans to enjoy.

What’s a North Dakota Seed Bank?

Anyone looking for weed seeds for sale online in North Dakota can count on Kind Seed Co. No longer does any citizen of this lovely state have to bother searching and anxiously awaiting a parcel that may or may not arrive with viable seeds in it. We have only top-quality seeds from the best strains of the best breeding. Our genetics include names like Wedding Cake strain, Do-Si-Dos, Bruce Banner, Jack Herer, Grandaddy Purple, Northern Lights, and Lemon Haze. We employ the most dedicated breeders who love their craft and we hand-pick every seed to ensure we are providing the best in the country. Our online seed vault is packed with sativas, indicas, hybrids, auto, fast and feminized seeds, high THC, and high CBD. We are a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for the best genetics.

Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Peace Garden State

No matter where you are in this state, we have the right marijuana seeds for sale for all occasions. Growing marijuana is a practice as old as humanity itself. Long before America’s independence, hemp was being farmed in mass plantations all across this continent and some strains which came to this place in those original days of U.S. cannabis cultivation are alive today. These precious strains have given birth to thousands of others over the decades and their seeds, so treasured by dedicated growers, have always been legal in this and all states.
Seed trading used to be, and still is to a large degree, done through face-to-face communication. There have since been many developments in seed breeding, and this has brought much watering down of the market as a whole. Searching for the right genetics online can be daunting and feelings and opinions are mixed amongst online weed growing communities. We are proud to say that we would put our seeds up against those of any supplier, and we are proud to offer them to cultivators and breeders throughout North Dakota. All it takes is a few clicks and we can get you on your way to enjoying some homegrown, home cured AAAA+ bud.

Is Medical Cannabis Legal in North Dakota

Since Measure 5, the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act, this state has seen some hope for many individuals with chronic health issues. Whereas recreational marijuana is still illegal here, as of 2016, medical patients who qualify under Measure 5 can legally use cannabis. Though cultivation is still prohibited as are extracts like rosin and shatter, registered cardholders may legally use oils and tinctures, flowers, solutions, topicals, capsules, and even patches. Though minors and their dedicated caregivers are not permitted to purchase dried flowers or any product containing more than 6% THC, other patients are allowed to have 2.5 ounces of buds and other lower THC products for every 30 days. Cancer patients who are assisted through the use of cannabis may apply for a special card that allows them to purchase up to 6 ounces of buds, providing these individuals the freedom to get the rest they require without having to worry about one more thing.
Though delivery of marijuana is illegal in this state, there are some dispensaries located throughout major cities, so that patients and caregivers are never far away from their medicine. The requirement of the state to provide this retail availability was one of the amendments made during the maturation process of these new medical regulations and is a welcome breath of fresh air to thousands of medicinal marijuana patients.
The state will one day allow for the cultivation of this magical medicine and we have cbd seeds for that day. The collection is legal in America and, if stored correctly, seeds can remain viable for years. There are always new strains arriving and great ones being bred to their limits and fading away, so it helps to have a few little peas of your favorites safely stored away.

Female Photoperiod Pot Seeds and Female Autoflower Seed in The Peace Garden State

North Dakota has some serious weather, but growing great green outside is not impossible and, for those who prefer a controlled environment to get the most out of their gardens, there are several points to ponder before exercising your green thumbs.
Photoperiod strains require a little more care than auto-flowering varieties, though they grant us a little more time to correct any errors we may have made with soil pH, nutrient deficiencies, or nutrient overload. These strains utilize the blue light of spring and summer to veg and, when the season begins to wane, the red-light spectrum and shorter days tell these lovelies that it is time to flower and seed. In a controlled environment, we get to choose when to flip our crops into the flowering stage, therefore giving us extra time to train our plants to maximize their incredible potential. Indicas have a much shorter flowering time than most sativa-leaning hybrids and certainly shorter than that of pure sativas. In a place like North Dakota, it may behoove any outdoor cultivator to choose some indica strains just to be sure that, come the end of the season, you will not be left to watch the crop you have spent so much time on be taken by weather before you have a chance to harvest.
For something a little simpler and pretty much guaranteed to finish in as little as a couple of months, auto-flowering strains might be right for you. These plants flower out of maturity rather than a photoperiod and, though smaller and generally more compact, these plants yield the same high-quality weed we all so love to enjoy. These strains veg quickly and mature in as little as 3 weeks, much like the cycle of a Sea of Green (SOG) grow-op. This method involves inducing flowering with only 2 or 3 weeks of vegetation and then reducing the time it takes to harvest and getting more crop cycles per year. Some auto-flowering sativas can take as many as 12 or even 15 weeks, but that is a trademark for sativas and the vegging cycle is still a bit shorter with auto-flowering strains. If you have a good, healthy soil mix and slow-release nutrients, these plants should only require fresh water and a simple top dressing come flower time, if even that.
Commercial cannabis cultivators who are looking for a new strain to sell to the dispensaries, and home growers who love to sit back and watch the world of weed unfold before them, we have all the auto-flower seeds and photoperiod cannabis seeds for sale you could want. Simply call or click today and get growing your next green of dreams.

Buy Regular Seeds in North Dakota

Photoperiod and autoflowering canabis seeds are welcome in any connoisseur’s garden because, well, we like to grow all kinds of weed. If you are a little more advanced and are into creating your own monsters for mass consumption, we have top-quality regular or natural seeds as well. Whereas auto-flowering and feminized seeds are great for beginner growers and those with little time, space, or lust for knowledge and know-how, regular seeds carry stronger genetics, generally grow bigger buds, and are necessary to any worthwhile breeding.
Because regular seeds will sprout both male and female plants, those wanting sinsemilla need to get those males out of there before they poison the crop. However, those looking for a new strain are in the right position with Kind Seed Co regular seeds. We stand behind our products so no breeder will be disappointed in the superstars these beans can create.

North Dakota and American Weed Seeds

This is a proud state and we at Kind Seed Co are a home-based distributor of the country’s finest peas. The pot seeds for sale that we house are grown by Americans right here at home and we deliver only exclusively throughout U.S. borders. Why waste your hard-earned money on seeds from elsewhere, especially when we have some of the best genetics in the world right here at home?
We are proud to call ourselves American. In these times of social and political upheaval and uncertainty, ever-shifting perspectives, and advancing regulations and freedoms, it’s nice to have the space to learn about our soil, our water, and our air. It is a blessing to be able to get to know our insect and animal populations, those lives which make all the difference in the world, and North Dakota is a great example of just how impressive America can be.

North Dakota Federal Judicial District Seats

Bismarck, the capital of this great and gorgeous state, has a marijuana dispensary. It is the Bismarck HOC, and there will be a few more with legalization, whenever that may be.
Fargo and Grand Forks are also in good shape as far as medical marijuana goes, though we would like to see more licensed grows and higher quality green coming from such populous areas.
The district of Minot has Herbology Medical, a dispensary dedicated to keeping their clients pain and stress-free.
Again, access to these places is only available to registered card-holders and caregivers, and every purchase is tracked. Each patient or guardian is only allowed to purchase a maximum of 3 ounces of all products in total every 30-day period.

Most Popular North Dakota Cities to Grow Marijuana

If you are going to grow weed in this state, you will want to do it quietly. There is little tolerance for law-breakers here and we suggest that, if you are going to grow the green, keep it to yourself. Laws may change one day here, and we believe that day to be coming soon. In the meantime, please be careful.
Fargo, famed for its silver screen cameos and daytime TV program, is a great place to get started. Hot summers and freezing winters make this an ideal place to lay down some pure indicas, as their shorter lifecycle and brilliant purple hues make them shine in these places.
Bismarck, the capital of N.D. is a beautiful and landscaped North Dakotan paradise, with buildings and parks dating back to the dawn of civilization in the region. Growing weed in a place as busy as this, with as many legal workings as are represented here, may just show the bosses that this plant can be a productive member of society. Unfortunately, as long as the ignorant demand for fossil fuels remains at the heart of America, the legislators in Bismarck may not be interested in an economy booster such as this one.
Grand Forks, the place of excellence, is the third-largest city in the state, nestled in the flood-plains of the Red River Valley, and is perfect for growing weed. Confection churns the air up, making for a mineral-rich atmosphere, and great for the green.
The Mouse River meanders through Minot, the fourth largest city in N.D. Sitting below the level of the plains, this little town sees pockets of weather which demand some protection for outdoor gardens. Summers can be hot, and winters can freeze, dropping up to 4 feet of snow on average. Overall, if you live in Minot, you may want to consider indoor cultivation.
If you are looking for a quiet town to grow some weed in on the DL, West Fargo may be the pick. There are large spanning distances with few people scattered throughout the region. This is ideal to grow some dank weed without worrying about a nosy neighbor wondering why you are dragging bags of soil into your house during a deep-freeze.

Buy North Dakota’s Favourite Marijuana Seeds

Though we carry all kinds of seeds for all kinds of occasions including wedding cake strain, for the home grower and mass-cultivators alike, feminized seeds are a welcome bonus. All of these examples are feminized for growability and are packed with healing potential.
3 Kings OG is an award-winning cross of Headband, Sour Diesel, and the infamous OG Kush. Anyone looking for a serious weed that has crushed Cannabis Cups all over the country can trust this strain to deliver the goods. Mid to high THC levels and a 1 % CBD level make this strain a go-to for many pain sufferers, those who battle depression, and those who just want a killer weed to enjoy at 4:20!
Alien Gorilla Glue, the indica-dominant cross of Alien Technology and Gorilla Glue #4 is an explosive powerhouse perfectly designed to deliver on all fronts. Pungent, skunky, and earthy with a hashy twist, this monster carries up to 24 % THC and a psychedelic stone that lays waste to all psychological woes and physical discomfort. This one likes it hot and humid so make sure you have that tent or grow-space and you will not be disappointed.
Amnesia Purple is a sativa-heavy hybrid cross of Amnesia Lemon and Purple Kush. These two rock stars come together to form one of the tastiest and uplifting strains out there. Citrusy, fruity, sweet, and hashy, this strain is truly satisfying and its average THC count of around 18%, coupled with 1% CBD makes this a fantastic medicinal.
Chemdawg #4 is a world-famous cross of Nepalese and Thai landrace strains. This 60/40 mostly indica blend carries THC levels of up to 28% and, though this one needs some space and a bit longer to flower than most hybrid strains, indicative of its ancestry. Grown in optimal conditions this beast can produce up to a few ounces per foot!
If you like sweet weeds, try a slice of Lemon Cinderella Pie. This award-winning sativa-dominant cross of Lemon Pie and Cinderella 99 is set to catapult any user to freedom and is not over-the-top. If you employ a ScrOG growing system, and maintain a controlled environment, in about 10 weeks, this beautiful creature will be ready for harvest.
When you want the best magic beans, you can rely on Kind Seed Co. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, and we back up all of our orders with our credible customer satisfaction guarantee. No matter where you are in North Dakota, you can count on us to get you the genetics you need to make the most of your gardening experience.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out the latest cannabis information from Kind Seed Co. We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. Please read on at your own risk and be sure to consult your own legal counsel. Kind Seed Co is your souvenir seeds supplier of choice in North Dakota.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in North Dakota ?

    Yes, buying cannabis seeds as novelty collector items is legal in North Dakota. Collect and save all 500 and trade with your friends. Please be sure to germinate with care and only when permitted by state authorities.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in North Dakota ?

    No, it is not legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds in ND.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in North Dakota ?

    Its your lucky day, you are already at step 1. Visit Kind Seed Co and look for your favorite strain to “add to cart” then simply keep shopping until your garden desires have been met to the fullest. Next, check out giving us your shipping and billing information and putting in your payment details or arranging payment by several secure methods like Zelle etc. Please be sure to use your real information as our secure servers require everything to match up for us to process your order. We never share your details with anyone for any reason. Check your email for tracking details and then follow along as your collectors items travel to your mailbox in an unmarked box ready for your collection.

    Are North Dakota Seeds grown in North Dakota ?

    No, its unlikely that anyone selling autoflower or feminized North Dakota cannabis seeds has actually grown them in ND. It will take many years of legal infrastructure to develop the genetics and process to produce mass quantities of specialty marijuana seed.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in North Dakota ?

    North Dakota Health runs the Division of Medical Marijuana program.

    Is Recreational Use legal in North Dakota ?


    Is Medical Use legal in North Dakota ?

    Yes, there is a medical marijuana program in North Dakota.

    Division of Medical Marijuana

    Telephone: 701.328.1311

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in North Dakota ?

    No, most cbd seeds have more than 0.3% THC once grown so that is not legal to grow in North Dakota.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in North Dakota ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in North Dakota ?

    Yes, if you have a medical marijuana license.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in North Dakota ?

    Yes, if you have a medical marijuana license.

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    Cities in North Dakota

    • Bismarck
    • Devils Lake
    • Dickinson
    • Fargo
    • Grand Forks
    • Jamestown
    • Mandan
    • Minot
    • Valley City
    • Wahpeton
    • Watford City
    • West Fargo
    • Williston


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