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Ohio is the 34th largest state by landmass and the 7th most populous in the country. It is bordered by Pennsylvania to the east, West Virginia and Kentucky to the southeast and southwest, respectively, Indiana to the west, and Michigan to the northwest, with a portion of the border bathing on the shores of Lake Erie to the north. Some may not be aware that Ohio was the first free state admitted to the union and would become one of the main industrial hubs within the United States for the next couple of centuries. Before this, the territory which now comprises the Mother of Presidents was originally inhabited by nomadic hunter-gatherers known as the Clovis people. Artifacts dating back to 13,000 BC have been discovered here, telltale of the ongoing and evolving processes of the complex human animal. Out of this roaming came knowledge and, between 1000 and 800 BC, the Adena people grew in efficacy, making early beginnings in the domestication of plants. This allowed them to settle and begin early farming in the Americas. Beans and squash, peas, and grasses were all cultivated within what would become Ohio, the Seneca word for Good River. Throughout the native wars and the epidemics of the 1700s, Ohio became Iroquois territory and was utilized for trapping and hunting. Some years later, as wars raged on and European colonialism began to influence patterns of civil unrest and further expansion, native populations were all but wiped out and, as the industrial age approached, so did the European age in the U.S. Like all states, this one has had a long and impressive stroll through history, fraught with bloody battles, the rise and fall of industry and extreme party politics. Overall, this is a great state, and many are proud, in this day and age, to call Ohio home.
The geography here is something to be experienced firsthand. From the glaciated plains of the Great Black Swamp to the glaciated Allegheny Plateau and the unglaciated Allegheny Plateau, where there are rough and inspiring forests to be found and wildlife flourishing, this is an amazing state. The state bird is the brilliant and beautiful cardinal and the spotted salamander, considered rare and delicate is the state amphibian. The state mammal is the white-tailed deer and the ladybug which is a fantastic addition to any garden is the state insect. Botanists enjoy scanning the landscapes for a red carnation, the state flower.
The Ohio River is not the only one here and, much of its majesty flows through Kentucky and West Virginia and empties through the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico. Other rivers include the Cuyahoga River, the Great Miami River, the Maumee, the Muskingum, and the Scioto. This state ranges in elevation from 455 feet at the Ohio River at the Indiana Border, to 1,550 feet at Campbell Hill, which is famed for its breathtaking vistas. Throughout the middle of the 19th century, west-central Ohio was utilized for farming and agriculture and there were a series of canals built to carry precious water from distant rivers. At one time, the central feeding station of these canals was the largest artificial lake in the world at over 20 square miles. This may sound like no small feat these days, but at the turn of the industrial revolution, an undertaking like this would have made international headlines.
The climate throughout this state is considered humid-continental, though more southern sections, like those in the Bluegrass portion, are wavering on humid-subtropical. This mix makes for some great storm surges, including tornadoes, though these are not as common as other states within tornado alley. Temperatures vary from anywhere around the high 80s in the summertime, to the low 30s in winter. Where the south is generally humid and hot, though a bit cooler in the winter, the northern portion along Lake Erie could see incredible lake-born snows and harsh weather patterns. Summers along the lake are always splendid, however, and allow for some fantastic watersports like boating, swimming, wakeboarding, and big game fishing. Many of the planet’s rare species of flora and fauna can be found along many of the world’s climatic transition zones. Trees like the crape myrtle, the blackjack, and magnolia flourish throughout suburban gardens, representing the few remaining species of plant which have been excised from landscapes throughout the expansion of cities. Cincinnati’s wall lizard is an example of a subtropical reptile that thrives nowhere else in the state and several endangered species are at home here. Creatures like the Karner blue butterfly, the Sandhill crane and the Indiana bat, the Timber rattlesnake, the Painted trillium, and the Lark sparrow are all protected within places like Wayne National Forest and the Hocking Hills and Salt Fork State Parks.
The economy here is generally centered around business and politics these days, and Ohio is a major leader in industrial manufacturing and automobile production, ranking 7th in nationwide GDP. Since 2016, with the passing of Bill 523, the medical cannabis industry has been growing here and, though this data only includes medicinal markets and only a portion of registered patients are utilizing dispensaries, this sector is now approaching a net value of over 500 million dollars. Though decriminalization of up to 100 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor here and only subject to a small fine, it is hard to ignore the benefits a legal recreational market can bring, both monetarily and in kind. Education is also incredibly strong in this state. Ohio State University was the first place of higher education in the territory and there are many others that consistently rank among the top in the country for research including Case Western, Miami University, and Ohio State, where the Buckeyes can be seen wiping the floor with the competition. Schools ranking among the best in the world for the arts include Oberlin College, Kenyon College, and Denison University, and Ohio is home to the first, second, and tenth best libraries in all of the United States.
Speaking of literature and the arts, this state is home to some of the most famous historical music sites on the planet and boasts the blood of some major stars. Cleveland, the birthplace of the term rock and roll, is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame. Both of these places are meccas for musicians and folks traveling the world to make a pilgrimage here to take in the glory of some of the most artistically influential people in history. Cincinnati, just a hop, skip, and a jump away, boasts the American Classical Music Hall of Fame, where hundreds are represented for their contributions to the deep roots of classical music in America. Cleveland is also home to the second-largest performing arts center in the country, Playhouse Square, and her Cleveland Orchestra is one of the original Big Five in the U.S. Stars of this state include Doris Day and the Isley Brothers, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, and the Black Keys, just to name a few. Ohio art museums hold works by such greats as Monet, Picasso, and Matisse. The city of Akron boasts another type of star. The home of Bill Wilson, who along with Dr. Bob formed Alcoholics Anonymous, is a historical site visited by thousands of grateful recovering alcoholics each year. The divine grace of the new design for living laid out in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, now a global program, has not only proven beneficial to suffering alcoholics and their families and relations, but its twelve steps and twelve traditions have proven to assist in the functioning of day-to-day life for people of all circumstances, even assisting designers in overall structuring of businesses, corporations, and NGOs around the world.
Sports are a big deal here as well and the fans of the Buckeyes are a testament to that. The Cincinnati Reds, originally the Red Stockings, were the first team in organized professional baseball. Cleveland Indians fans also enjoy the crack of the bat in the sunshine and stadiums full of Bengals and Browns fans are always at peak decibel levels on game day. The Cavaliers of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Central Division are known to dunk a ball or two and the Columbus Blue Jackets are the home NHL franchise. There are several NCAA teams here as well and we have mentioned this state’s penchant for college ball, which boasts some of the most dedicated fans in the game. Ohio is also home to a rich racing community and usually hosts some events including the Rolex Sports Car Series, American Le Mans, Indy, and Cart, though these types of festive opportunities for a weekend out have all been put on hold as the pandemic crisis sweeps through the nation. Ohio native Jack Nicklaus has won more PGA championships than many golfers out there on courses designed by native course architect Pete Dye. From Ohio and First Energy Stadiums to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and Nationwide Arena, from Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to Great American Ball Park, this state is packed with venues for millions of sports fans.
From the ancient and rich native culture to the incredible geography and varied climatic zones, this state is beautiful. For all the business and industry, trade, and political economy, the nation has gratitude. Through the rich tapestry which is music in Ohio, there have been major influences for all sides, and for this, the world continues to benefit. Hundreds of millions of people residing in every corner of our planet have Bill and Bob to thank for their sobriety, the program of which has been translated into over 80 languages to date. These are only a few examples of the diversity housed within this state and gifted to the world, aspects which are ever-changing and shifting, yet are timeless in their own unique and powerful ways.
Cannabis is another timeless aspect of this state. Thanks to James Rhodes, who signed the bill in 1975 to decriminalize the plant for recreational purposes, making this the 6th state to do so overall, people have been freely enjoying small amounts of green. Since these earlier days of flower freedom in this state, people have been searching for cannabis seeds for sale. Where in days gone by, you may have been able to find the odd bag seed to throw into the garden to see what happens, these days breeders and distributors abound, make seed collection, and trade a big deal. With so many strains to choose from and so many different distributors selling them, how does one know where to go? When in doubt, start at home. Most high-quality seed distributors are based overseas and that is exactly where the money goes. Kind Seed Co is a homegrown distributor of America’s finest weed seeds and we proudly deliver to Ohio. There is a large cannabis community here, 420 celebrations and cannabis day festivals, education and research facilities, and massive commercial cultivation sites. With all this love of the leaf, there is every reason to get excited about the seeds that bring dank weed to us.

Is It Legal to Smoke Cannabis Recreationally in Ohio?

Though we are happy to provide all the seeds you could ever hope to grow, marijauna, as of yet, is illegal in Ohio, except to those who are registered participants in the Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP). Federal laws around marijuana are changing, however, and it is still up to the state as to how marijuana and marijuana-related activity is policed within its borders. Even medical patients are not allowed to smoke cannabis, although they are allowed to purchase buds. Post-purchase, it is recommended that the user employ a vaping device or make edibles if they want to enjoy the benefits of their flowers.
We are all standing at the edge of major change, so what was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow. This is a very exciting and sometimes frustrating time for Americans, especially since the vast majority of American citizens have already legalized this fantastic flower, regardless of what federal or state laws dictate. This is the impetus for a further push in the right direction, so remain patient.
Be respectful people! Use this grey time to ensure our local governments see that we are not just Space Cowboys doing bong hits. If we are responsible and we remain, productive members of society, while enjoying our weed, attitudes around Mary Jane use will change. Fears born of uncertainty and old ideas are running rampant and it is up to us, the happy and productive marijuana enthusiasts out there, both recreational and medicinal, to show our country that weed is good!

Is it Legal to Possess Weed in Ohio?

This state is still in a major transition period but, as it stands right now, only registered medical patients are allowed to possess any marijuana or related products. Up to 100 grams is considered a misdemeanor, as is growing up to 100 grams of plants and both are punishable by a $150 fine. If you are caught driving with 100 grams of weed, however, your license may be taken away for anywhere from 6 months to 5 years, depending on the severity of the offense and the level of one’s intoxication.
Furthermore, 100-200 grams is still a misdemeanor and can result in a $250 fine and up to 30 days in jail. 200-1000 grams is considered a felony and carries a fine of up to $2500 and 1 year in jail. If you are busted with 1000-20,000 grams, it can land you a $5000-$10,000 fine and 5 years in jail. Possession of 20,000-40,000 grams can bring a maximum of 8 years in jail and a $15,000 fine, and 40,000 grams or more will bring a minimum of 8 years and a $20,000 fine.
Though these criminal possession charges are meant for cannabis and cannabis products, they will never include canabis seeds. Seeds are and always have been 100% legal in this country, so there should never be any concern for breaking the law by having a collection of pot seeds. There is nothing anyone can do about your seeds or your plans to eventually plant them. There is trouble, however, for those who get caught planting and cultivating, as is detailed above, though if it is just a couple of sprouts, the most you can expect is to lose them and maybe incur a small fine.

The Birthplace Of Aviation and Growing Weed

Growing this marvelous medicinal in the birthplace of aviation is prohibited to recreational and medicinal users, though the first shoots of the commercial cannabis structure have sprouted. Updated laws bring changing regulations and, although the application division of the commercial grower’s market has closed in this state, like those shifting regulations, this too is temporary. A Level 1 licensed grower is allowed to cultivate up to and including 25,000 square feet. For those NCAA fans out there, this is equal to well over the size of any college football field. Level 2 licensees are permitted to cultivate up to 3,000 square feet, a space comparable to any mid-size dealership floor or a large North American home. Commercial growers must meet several civil codes and bylaws to stay in business. Fire, health, and safety plans must all be in place and up to date with licensed operations for them to meet medical marijuana industry standards. Contemporary commercial operations are some of the cleanest and most impressive places of botanical perfection one could witness. It is worth checking these places out either online or by appointment and there is a comprehensive list of all licensed level 1 and 2 commercial operations in Ohio found on the MMCP website.
It is clear, through the many revisions occurring in pro-pot laws in the House, that we will soon be allowed to grow our own here and, though numbers will be limited, it is a truly rewarding hobby and way of life. For beginner growers who may not be aware of the sheer scale of even a single marijuana plant, some sativa strains, grown in the right environment, can get to be the size of a small cabin. Where folks can be allowed to grow 4, 6, or even 12 plants, a crop of these all-natural healing herbs can realistically provide all the medicine a person may need for an entire year. Some variables make this unattainable to the average tent or living room grower. We hope that all citizens of Ohio get to experience the satisfaction of growing their own medicine someday soon.
Until that time, many people buy marijuana seeds. When properly stored, seeds can last a very long time, most likely much longer than we will have to wait for the laws to change. When change does come, it will most likely be amendments to the MMCP, allowing for medicinal patients to grow their own. For that day, we have cbd seeds available to add to your collection. There are a lot of steps we can take in preparation, and lots to learn in the meantime, so now is a good time to brush up on your horticulture skills.

Ohio Seed Bank: What is it?

Kind Seed Co is your Ohio seed bank. We are an American-based distributor of the world’s finest marijuana seeds. Whereas it used to be nearly impossible to find good genetics, unless you knew someone who knew someone, now the market is flooded with all kinds of seed companies offering many promises. The only promise we offer is your satisfaction.
We find the best breeders and choose their finest seeds. We seal and preserve those seeds in our dedicated storage facility and when you place an order, we hand-pick each one of your little magic beans and package them especially for you. Online payment is secure and shipping discreet. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality seeds all over the United States so, no matter where you are, when you want pot seeds for sale, we are happy to deliver them to you.

Can I Buy Seeds in The Heart Of It All?

Ohio is in the middle of some very extreme shifts in marijuana laws, bylaws, and regulations and, though what we tell you today may not be accurate a month or two from now, we can say that seeds are and always have been 100% legal in this state. No matter who you are or where you reside in this country, you can buy seeds and Kind Seed Co has a plethora of marijuana seeds for sale, ready to be shipped. We carry high THC, high CBD, indica, sativa, hybrids, auto-flowering, fast-flowering, and feminized seeds. We have bulk seeds for the mass-cultivator, and we have regular seeds for our beloved breeders. No matter where you are in Ohio, we have the seeds you need!

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Ohio?

Medical cannibus is legal here, though some provisions are important to know. Purchasing time slots are designated in 90-day periods, and registered patients and caregivers are permitted to purchase up to a 45-day supply, based on a physician’s recommendation. When a supply has been all used up, the purchaser is not allowed to purchase more until the next 45-day period but may purchase all of their medicine at once within that period. There are dispensaries available to medicinal marijuana patients, but there is a shortage of business, apparently due to more than 60% of medical patients purchasing their weed from elsewhere. This may be due to the tracking systems which have been implemented by state and local governments all across the country, tripping people out into going to their trusted guy instead of being followed and watched by Big Brother.
Either way, we are all learning to adapt and we must allow our governments their learning curve as well. So far, medical patients are allowed to use creams, lotions, edibles, oils and tinctures, patches, and, as long as they do not smoke them, flowers. Flowers, though available for purchase, are meant to be used to make edibles or to be vaped. For those who love their rosin dabs, making extracts is prohibited by anyone in this state.

Buy Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds and Autoflower Marijuana Seeds in The Heart Of It All

The differences between the many strains of weed are plentiful. There are generally no two weeds that are alike in any way. To get the ideal weed for you, you need to start with the right seeds. If you are new to growing and are not into learning all of the advanced ins and outs of marijuana cultivation, maybe an auto-flowering strain is a good choice for you. If you are totally into all the tricks and techniques of growing massive photoperiod strains in a Sea of Green (SOG), then you probably already know what you are looking for, though we are happy to help.
Autoflower seeds are supreme for anyone who wants to grow weed without the fuss. Any strain bred with the ruderalis species of cannabis can be made to flower out of maturity rather than a photoperiod. This is great news for medicinal patients and recreational users alike, because there is no need for expensive setups or a designated dark period. These plants generally grow a bit smaller and are more compact, though extraordinary phenotypes exist which are known to stretch.
As far as photoperiod strains go, we have some great ones, including wedding cake strain. Indica, sativa, and hybrid species make up the backbone of photoperiod strains. All weed except ruderalis is considered photoperiod weed and requires specialized breeding to change that. With a photoperiod strain, you have much longer to train before flipping her into the flower state. This allows for some cool techniques to be performed, like a Screen of Green (ScrOG) or SOG making the most out of your go at gardening. This is where multiple plants are grown at the same time and lightly stressed to expand their canopy. The ScrOG technique has plants grown, literally, through a mesh or screen. Using screens to spread the leaves out means that more light reaches the entire plant.

Buy Regular Weed Seeds in Ohio

We believe that Ohio could turn out some pretty amazing new genotypes, given the storms, the humidity, and a near 200-day growing season. We at Kind Seed Co love to support our breeders, no matter where they are in the country and, to those in Ohio, we salute you. Our regular seeds are strong and pure, high-grade, and packed with potential. With places like Grow Ohio and Butterfly Effect leading the pack in the medicinal marijuana industry and innovation in this state, we will certainly be seeing an increase in Ohio breeding in the coming years and we want to be there for the would-be Cup winners of the Buckeye State.

How to Buy American Weed Seeds in Ohio

Visit Kind Seed Co and scroll through our product pages. There is always going to be something for everyone, and for every occasion. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to get a hold of us as we are always happy to talk strains with someone and find you the best fit. When you have found what you think you like, let us know and we will confirm your order and take payment. Our products ship within a couple of days and are usually at our client’s door in as little as a week, though the pandemic may have forced delays. During the time you are waiting, it pays to get your grow space and gear ready, tested, to make sure that the environment is dialed in.
We know that searching for weed seeds for sale online can be a crapshoot, so we try to make it as painless as possible. We are always here for you, no matter where you are. When you want to buy American seeds from an American distributor, trust Kind Seed Co to deliver the homegrown goods, every time.

Federal Judicial District of Ohio

Northern jurisdictions enjoying our burgeoning flower freedom include Cleveland, Youngstown, Akron, and Toledo, while those in southern regions like Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus have all jumped on the bandwagon. The people have spoken and we are amid major shifts. The majority of the population has already voted in favor of full recreational legalization and regulation. The people want to be able to smoke weed too, so Ohio representatives who have the power need to be reminded that you cannot stop us!

Best Cities in Ohio For Buying Marijuana Seeds

As usual, the top cities in the state are generally among the first to accept any real change and make great proving grounds for further development, regardless of the sector.
If you are going to have a small personal grow in a tent in the living room or your bedroom, or have a plant on the windowsill, Columbus is the place to do it. Though marijuana laws can be a bit harsh and any drug indictment will see the loss of a driver’s license for a period of up to 5 years, there is a huge pot community here. The aptly-named High Street runs through the college area and is packed with little shops and eateries, though recent Covid conditions may have turned the tables on many of these stops. You can always find a good bag of weed in Columbus, though it is recommended that everyone grow their own.
Cleveland, the home of rock and roll, is certainly no slouch in the pot department. Any number of rock festivals, concerts, sports events, and day-tripping can be more epic with a bag of your own homegrown weed. Make no mistake, getting caught growing weed in this state will still get you in trouble, though a couple of plants are not going to land you in the clink.
Cincinnati is rife with cannabis activity as well, boasting some medicinal dispensaries, cannabis cooking classes, and weed-Wednesday drop-ins at local health and wellness spots. Because this is a large town, we are sorry to say, there are many issues more pressing than pot which, if you are careful, makes it easy to get away with growing 2 or 3 harmless plants. Though we don’t recommend going large scale, 100 grams or less is a misdemeanor so, as long as your plants are not that big and your housemates are good with it, there is little chance of facing any serious trouble.
Toledo has grown leaps and bounds over the last few decades and the entertainment sector of the Warehouse District is booming with real estate and a massive art community. So, we recommend growing a few trees here, just to make the picture whole. We surmise that, if anywhere would be happy to see some residential growing reform, it might be Toledo.
Akron, the rubber capital of the world, is a place filled not only with grateful recovering alcoholics but continues today as one of the largest centers for tire manufacturing in the U.S. This high-tech haven is a major contributor to the polymer industry, so anyone using polymer plastics has Akron plastics engineers to thank for that. Scientists love their weed too and there is no shortage of research and development companies contributing to the marijuana industry in one form or another.

Buy High Yield Cannabis Seeds in Ohio

Marijauana is a fantastic friend to have around, to cultivate and watch grow, and we are proud to be your American supplier of all the best seeds. For all you lovers of the leaf who grow your own, here is a mix of some different strains to get down with in Ohio.
Grapefruit Autoflower is a tasty, mostly sativa blend that tastes and smells just like it sounds. Fresh, ripe grapefruit vapors deliver a sturdy and constructive high before balancing out to relax and chill the user. This sprout does not require any shift in photoperiod, is relatively simple to cultivate, and can yield up to 400 grams.
MG Autoflower is a hardy cross of Magnum and ruderalis. This sativa-dominant strain carries an approximate 15% THC and 1% CBD, so the high is easy and smooth. Earthy and musky pungency fills the air when smoking this massive yielder and her ease of cultivation makes this one a true prize.
White Russian Fast Flowering is a 50/50 hybrid, bred through the combination of top-quality AK-47 and White Widow strains. This one is bred to flower in as little as 6 or 7 weeks and is capable of yielding up to 11 ounces! To many tokers, this is a no-brainer strain and is most certainly one for any boutique enthusiast to check out at least once.
Girl Scout Herer is a 50/50 cross of just what she sounds like. The timeless Girl Scout Cookies meets the infamous Jack Herer to form a perfectly balanced hybrid strain, effectively boasting all of the best qualities of her parent strains. Powerful and cerebral, this weed incites benevolent riots of creativity and positive expression. Requiring some basic knowledge of cannabis cultivation will be beneficial and the right conditions can produce yields in the ounces.
You do not often hear about Afghan sativa, but here it has become a counterpart to OG Skunk to form Green Crack. This one, like its name suggests, is a real go-getter. Pure sativas like this one are sought after for their cerebral highs and community-oriented spirit. With citrusy, earthy, and tropical in flavors and aromas, this one requires some space to grow. We recommend a SOG setup and, given all cooperative conditions are met, this strain will produce in scores!
Ohio is a super stellar place. There is a cannabis industry here that is just at its infant stages of development and Kind Seed Co is here for all who wish to make a little nest for some sticky icky in the corner of their house or yard. For those happy horticulturists who call this state home, when you want to buy marijuana seeds, you can count on us. We supply homegrown American seeds of all the best home-bred strains to thousands of American citizens all over the country, every day. When you want the best, shop Kind Seed Co.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find the latest cannabis culture updates in Ohio from Kind Seed Co. Get updates on laws, policy and other tidbits of marijuana information. Read on at your own risk as we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. Kind Seed Co is your online seed bank of choice in Ohio.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Ohio ?

    Yes, souvenir seeds are legal to be purchased and collected in Ohio.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Ohio ?

    Yes, buying cannabis seeds in Ohio for souvenir and collector purposes in completely legal. Germinate with care and only when permitted by state authorities to do so.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Ohio ?

    Yes, weed seed souvenirs are legal for purchase and collection in Ohio. Collect all 500 today from Kind Seed Co.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Ohio ?

    Yes, collect all 500 pot seeds from Kind Seed Co in Ohio. Germination is not allowed, so please save them until such a time as you are permitted to cultivate.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Ohio ?

    No typically, it is not legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana from seed in Ohio.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Ohio ?

    Buy marijuana seeds online from Kind Seed Co in three easy steps. Visit Kind Seed Co. Search and add strains to cart. Checkout. Kind Seed Co is your souvenir cannabis seed supplier of choice in Ohio. Please do not germinate your seeds unless permitted by state laws.

    Are Ohio Seeds grown in Ohio ?

    No, its unlikely that Ohio seeds are actually cannabis seed grown in OH. It takes many years of legalization before marijuana seeds are manufactured in a state. Since OH has minimal legal infrastructure, its extremely unlikely that any substantive quantity of weed seeds are being produced locally.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Ohio ?

    Medical Marijuana Control Program

    Is Recreational Use legal in Ohio ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Ohio ?

    Yes, the Medical Marijuana Control Program can be found here.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Ohio ?


    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Ohio ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Ohio ?

    No unless you are in the medical program.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Ohio ?

    No, unless you are a patient or caregiver in the medical marijuana program.

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    • Springfield
    • Steubenville
    • Stow
    • Streetsboro
    • Strongsville
    • Struthers
    • Sylvania
    • Tallmadge
    • The Village of Indian Hill
    • Tiffin
    • Tipp City
    • Toledo
    • Toronto
    • Trenton
    • Trotwood
    • Troy
    • Twinsburg
    • Uhrichsville
    • Union
    • University Heights
    • Upper Arlington
    • Upper Sandusky
    • Urbana
    • Van Wert
    • Vandalia
    • Vermilion
    • Wadsworth
    • Wapakoneta
    • Warren
    • Warrensville Heights
    • Washington Court House
    • Waterville
    • Wauseon
    • Wellston
    • West Carrollton
    • Westerville
    • Westlake
    • Whitehall
    • Wickliffe
    • Willard
    • Willoughby
    • Willoughby Hills
    • Willowick
    • Wilmington
    • Wooster
    • Worthington
    • Wyoming
    • Xenia
    • Youngstown
    • Zanesville


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