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Initially this nickname represented a means of cheating in the early land races of 1889 when settlers first came to Oklahoma and jumped the gun on crossing state borders ‘sooner’ than they were supposed to. Since 1908 when the state’s football team adopted the name of the “Sooners”, it has taken on a positive connotation, representing the energetic can-do attitude embodied by those that live here and work the land. Today, folks in Oklahoma are driven to work harder than ever in developing ways to grow cannabis at home since medicinal marijuana use was approved in the state in 2018.
Located in the optimal growing climate of the South-Central United States, Oklahoma is bordered by Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The climate here is considered to have subtropical levels of humidity. Outdoor weed growers should beware that being a part of Tornado Alley, Oklahoma is subject to severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, aggressive thunderstorms, and large hailstones. Because the summer months may pose unpredictable weather patterns, cannabis growers may achieve a better outcome growing indoors or in a protected greenhouse.
Now that marijuana production has taken off as a new industry, the hard-working growers of Oklahoma have earned the state the fitting nickname of ‘Toke-lahoma’. Oklahoma actually has the largest viable market for medical marijuana in the nation, on a per capita basis. It is encouraging for the rest of Americans to see such a conservative red state turn around and become such an active participant in the cannabis movement. What an exciting time it is to start growing for yourself! Get the best deals on weed seeds for sale online right here at
Take some home grown out for a walk in the woods of the north eastern forested parks and look for the fabled big foot! When you get back into town, you’ll want to grab a hearty meal to fill your boots – perhaps you will try Oklahoma’s official state meal of chicken-fried steak with black-eyed peas, cornbread, okra, and grits. If you have a new love interest developing, what a romantic idea to take a few doobies out for a hunt, looking for Oklahoma’s state flower (the mistletoe!). You can also try for a swim in one of Oklahoma’s 200 man-made lakes (the most of any other state). With so much to see and do in the state, we feel as though a typical stoner can find something new to explore every day of the year.

Recreational Cannabis Smoking in Oklahoma

Recreational consumption of cannabis is still generally frowned upon by Oklahoma state government and law enforcement. Smoking should be done in concealed, private places so as not to draw unnecessary attention. With the recent movements towards decriminalization starting in 2018, it is evident that the state will eventually come around and adopt full legalization like we are seeing in other more ground-breaking states in the country.
If you want to grow and smoke recreationally, what many locals are doing is likely leaning on the closest possible ailment that they experience, whether it is insomnia, backache, or chronic stress, to apply for a medical card. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is the governing body that distributes these medical marijauana licenses. Their process for adults involves a one-time application fee of $100, which is reduced to just $20 for veterans and those enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare programs. In order to apply for a marijuana business license, you are going to be stuck with a slightly higher application fee of $2500 USD. This remains the same whether you wish to be a licensed grower, processor, transporter, or retailer of cannabis products. With new dispensaries being born in every region, the world is your oyster when it comes to finding buyers for your premium home-grown OG Kush or wedding cake strain.

Can you have Weed in your Possession in Oklahoma?

Yes, you can possess up to 3 ounces of dried marijuana on your person when you hold a valid medical card. Alternatively, this equates to 1 ounce in the form of concentrates or 72 ounces for edibles. Possessing hemp-derived products, or those from high-CBD, low-THC plants are not going to become a problem. Even if you have more than the allowable limit, you face a current maximum of $400 in potential fines.
Without a licence, carrying non-CBD pot comes with a greater risk. By the word of the law, individuals could face $1,000 fines all the way up to $100,000 with large amounts over 25 pounds. Roll up a joint of your own quality cultivated cannibus, and just keep it off the main drag areas in downtown Tulsa or Broken Arrow.

Growing Weed in The Native America

Because of the stretching history of the Native Americans who lived here, the soil of Oklahoma has seen dozens of generations of human beings come through and use creative cultivation techniques to live off the land. In the brief span of 20 years from 1890 to 1910, the state of Oklahoma added 180,000 farms to the country’s total. Early crops may have been corn, cotton, and wheat, but you can bet your bottom dollar there was indigenous cannabis species growing out in the wild as well – it is a weed after all! Other popular staples grown here were oats, potatoes, peanuts, and wild hay for cattle and ranch feed.
Growing canabis seeds yourself from scratch is such a rewarding experience. There is nothing quite like that first toke of home-grown bud after months of hard work. You may have better luck growing outdoors in the more tepid climate of western Guymon, as the southern heat and high winds typical of Lawton and Oklahoma City can make it difficult to maintain good conditions. Indoor growing has become cheaper and easier than ever before, and you can order your own custom grow tent with all the equipment needed to get six plants going for well under $1000. You will want to monitor the quality of the air entering your grow space (to remove spores and insect pests) as well as the exhaust air that is forced out of your grow room (mainly for odor).

What is an Oklahoma Seed Bank?

When you think of the safest place to keep your possessions, what comes to mind may be a lockbox, safe, or safety deposit box at the bank. As a professional and reputable seed bank, the primary mission for the Kind Seed Company is that our cannabis seeds are protected in the ideal conditions for long-term storage. Because of our smoking hot deals on the wide array of pot seeds for sale, they don’t actually end up hanging around on the shelf for very long. You are guaranteed the freshest viable seeds that your money can buy. Our competitive pricing structure and kind, courteous customer service is mainly what keeps our loyal growers coming back crop after crop.
When you first decide to grow in Oklahoma state, the first step is to acquire your license. After that, you will most likely start to look for where to buy marijuana seeds. You may find an assortment of nearby dispensaries and novelty shops that carry a select number of basic strains of marijuana seeds for sale. Turning your attention towards the options that await you online will reveal a much more plentiful menu of options, especially if you end up at the Kind Seed Co seed bank. We ship to anywhere in Oklahoma, or the rest of the United States. Try our service for your next batch of beans and see the difference for yourself!

Can I Legally Buy Marijuana Seeds in The State of Oklahoma?

You can legally buy marijuana seeds anywhere in the United States. They are seen as a novelty item in general which some people may collect, trade, or keep safely stored away for years. Cannabis seeds, if stored correctly, can stay viable for 2 or 3 years and often much longer than that. The seed from any plant is designed with self-protection and self-preservation in mind, so that if conditions in the wild are not favorable, the seed can stay dormant and try again the following year when it is more likely to thrive. Nature has this kind of innate wisdom, which is really impressive to observe at work in the natural world.
Although some people asking where to get marijuana seeds in Oklahoma are interested in having them as a souvenir, most folks are going to be intent on sprouting them at home and growing a full-sized cannabis plant in order to reap in the valuable fruits. THC and CBD are now becoming more well received in society, even in more conservative states like Oklahoma. Both recreational and medicinal users exist within the state’s borders, but in the eyes of law-enforcement the only citizens that should be germinating their weed seeds to grow at home are those who hold a viable medical license acquired through the OMMA regulating body.

Oklahoma: Medical Marijuana

Oklahoma, due to its conservative nature, was fairly late to join the ranks of medicinal marijuana-approved states. Back in April 2015, the governor of Oklahoma signed HB 2154, which allowed the sale of hemp oil containing only CBD, and less than 0.3% THC. This was sold over the counter and didn’t require a specific recommendation or prescription from a medical doctor. When the governor of Oklahoma ran a public referendum (SQ 788) on January 4, 2018, 57% of the votes came in favour, making Oklahoma the 30th state to officially welcome in legalized medicinal use of cannabis products. A few months later, in April 2015, Bill HB 2154 was signed into effect, solidifying the future of medical marijuana in the Sooner State.
Under the present laws, those with a medical license can consume marijuana and possess up to 3 ounces of dried on their person and up to 8 ounces contained within their household. Growers who are purchasing CBD seeds online will have no trouble finding local buyers who are ready to consume well-grown medical marijuana. Whether your marijauna seeds are high in CBD or THC, Oklahomans can grow a maximum of 12 plants at a time, limited to 6 in the active flowering (budding) stage and 6 in the seedling (or vegetative) stage. Medical grade concentrates are limited to 1 ounce and another 72 ounce allowance for edible marijuana products.
Decriminalization of marijuana in Oklahoma in 2018 helped further the industry by lowering maximum fines from $1200 to $400 for simple offenses. Today, there are currently over 350,000 active medical patients registered in the state, and this number continues to grow every day. This program has generated huge funding in the way of state taxes – $30 million in 2019 and over $45 million in 2020. The unprecedented degree of growth seen in this region is very encouraging to cannabis growers, just as it is exciting for us as America’s premier wholesale seed distributor.

Buy Photo Cannabis Seeds and Auto Weed Seeds in The State of Oklahoma

As we alluded to above, Kind Seed Oklahoma seed bank gives you access to nearly every kind of cannabis seed category that has been created under the sun: hybrid seeds, medical seeds, dwarf seeds, and monster yield seeds. Photo seeds are those Strains that require a specific photoperiod in order to begin the flowering cycle.
Photoperiod is a term that simply refers to the amount of light that a plant receives in any 24 hour period. Most of the continental United States receives between 14 to 16 hours of sunlight on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Further north, in Alaska for example, days can stretch out from 18 hours to constant 24 hour light during the peak of summer. This is a perfect opportunity for plants (including ganja) to pump out as much cell growth as possible and get as big as they can. When the days begin to get shorter, this is a sign to the plant kingdom that winter is on its way and it’s time to hustle and produce some flowers for reproduction. This way, the species will survive through the winter and re-emerge in the spring with a new generation of unique genotypes and phenotypes. For standard photoperiod cannabis plants, this biological trigger occurs when the light provided is 12 hours or less per day. When growing outdoors, growers can wait for the natural darkening of September weather, or alternatively place a dark-out cover over their plants or greenhouse in order to start flowering early artificially. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, there is another simpler option created by seed breeders that is more automated and requires less management from the grower.
Autoflower seeds contain the potential to grow a plant that can flower in any amount of lighting, whether you live in Alaska, Montana, or New Mexico. This category of seed contains some lineage of ruderalis genetics from somewhere along its reproductive history. Crossing in ruderalis genes imparts this gift of evolution, which has allowed plants to flower at the correct time in more northern regions where the hours of sunlight cannot be trusted as a good indicator of when summer turns into fall. Basically, rather than requiring 12 hours of darkness to bud, these plants will simply flower automatically after they have been in vegetative growth for the right amount of time (anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks). Auto seeds are not a guaranteed success and do still require the nurturing hand of an informed cannabis grower to thrive and have all their nutritional needs met. Because auto-flower plants do not typically get as large as their photoperiod counterparts, they do not require the same levels of nutrients, but you would be surprised at what a high yield you can still get from these beauties when they are treated right. Adequate water, proper temperature and humidity, watchful pest management, and regular pruning and shaping are all required in order to help your cannabis plant become the best it can be. This is true for both photo seeds and auto seeds. We take care of sourcing the most reliable and stable seeds known to man. Kind Seed Co also provides our growers with a growing database of cultivation knowledge to help you along your way to becoming a self-made professional. Enjoy the process as it unfolds and call or write to us by email if you have any questions at all. We are here to help!

Natural Seeds in Oklahoma

Natural seeds, or regular seeds as we will sometimes refer to them in the industry, are just like what they sound like – seeds as nature created them. Regular seeds may still involve some human intervention in the way of creating hybrid strains with selective breeding of traits. But regular or natural implies that there are no feminized or autoflowering traits coming through from specialized parent strains. Reg seeds are created by crossing a regular female plant with a regular male plant from the same strain (for example, OG Kush x OG Kush to create more OG seeds), or a different strain (such as OG Kush x SFV Kush to create regular Hellfire OG seeds). Regular seeds will contain a ratio of roughly half females and half males, so growers need to be aware of this before they plant all their seeds in the same room and leave them to fend for themselves. Males plus females in the same growing vicinity means that you will end up with more seeds. This is okay if you want to become a seed grower yourself, but absolutely not if you want to be producing quality buds that you can extract THC and CBD products from.
The best buds come from female plants. They create the dense flower structure full of sticky trichomes that are used to help trap pollen and keep the wheels of life turning season after season. By denying your female plants access to that male pollen, they perceive a “try harder” signal that forces the buds to grow bigger and bigger, developing even more THC as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes. If they do undergo a pollination event, the bud growth will cease, and they put all their energy into seed production.
When growing regular seeds in Oklahoma, or elsewhere for that matter, you must keep an eye on the seedlings in the first two weeks of vegetative growth. This is the time that male plants will start to display the development of small balls near the branching nodes. These develop into the male bananas, or pollen sacs, that threaten the wellbeing of your cannabis crop. As soon as you spot one, you must remove the male and have it destroyed. It is not enough to simply move it to another corner of your grow room or even another room in your house as pollen can travel great distances once released. With a trained eye and a persistent spirit, you can produce amazing natural weed with the old-fashioned regular seeds available from the Kind Seed Company.

How to Buy US Weed Seeds in Oklahoma

With our online and telephone ordering platforms, buying seeds in Oklahoma has never been easier. The hardest part is going to be the selection of the right strain from our menu of over 400 different varieties of cannabis seeds. We hope to soon have a physical retail location set up in Oklahoma where you can drop by, look at our menu, pay with cash, and walk home with your seeds that very same day. For the time being, we offer free shipping to get your seed order to you as soon as possible. Just find the strain (or multiple strains) that is right for you, add the desired number to your shopping cart, arrange a form of payment, and then just tell us where to send your seeds!
Standard shipping times range from 3-7 business days, depending on the season. The advantages of shopping from home are many – no need to battle traffic or find parking, heck, no need to even get dressed out of your pyjamas if you don’t want to! While sitting on your computer you can compare reviews on different strains and mull over your decision without anyone pressuring you from a lineup of other customers. We want you to love growing just as much as you love growing weed, so Kind Seed Co has tried to make the ordering process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Oklahoma Federal Judicial Districts

Oklahoma is divided into three geographic regions when it comes to the representation of the Judicial Districts that manage the criminal and civil court cases that come up within the state. The Northern District is assigned to Tulsa, the Eastern District manages Muskogee, and the Western District has a head court located in Oklahoma City. Each of Oklahoma’s 77 counties will be divided among these districts as well with at least one active court present in each county.

Most Popular Oklahoma Cities to Grow Cannabis

Oklahoma City
As the state capital, OKC also has the largest population of any city in the state at nearly 1.5 million if you include the surrounding metropolitan area. Aside from the growing cannabis industry, Oklahoma City’s economy is largely driven by the oil and natural gas industry with many working wells just outside the city limits. The Oklahoma National Stockyards is also home to the world largest livestock markets. Here they hold live cattle auctions every week, and a fully embodied cowboy culture where you can purchase a pair of fresh cowboy boots and go have an authentic BBQ steak lunch or dinner.
Despite the sad events that occurred here on April 19th, 1995, when the Murrah Federal building was bombed by Timothy McVeigh, Oklahomans continue to be an upbeat and productive group in general. Oklahoma also has the densest concentration of accessory shops that will help out new growers including garden centres, hydroponic supply stores, and approved dispensaries with which you can potentially set up a purchase agreement for your bulk cannabis goods.
The second more populated city in the state, Tulsa has some of the western cowboy feel with a modern art-deco twist. Like the state capital, Tulsa is also largely driven by the oil and energy industries, even being referred to as the oil capital of the world! Now in the 20th century, the economy has broadened here to include rapid growth in finance, telecommunications, and technology as well. Located in the northeast corner of the state near the Arkansas River and Ozark Mountains, this is a beautiful landscape to settle down and start growing your medicinal marijuana garden.
Because of population density and also the unpredictable summer weather experienced here, most growers in Tulsa, OK will opt to grow weed plants indoors for more reliable results. If you live in a large house, it shouldn’t be too much sacrifice to give up one bedroom, closet, or even a garage in order to grow your personal allotment of 6 medical weed plants at a time. Take advantage of the accessibility and affordability of getting your own marijuana seeds and start growing in Tulsa this season!
Located just 20 miles south of Oklahoma City in the center of the state, Norman offers a smaller city feel with the same great access to shopping, dining, and nature excursions. Although it has a population of 125,000 and counting, Norman is usually considered a part of the greater Oklahoma metropolitan area. Home to the University of Oklahoma, Norman also has a demographic high in higher-educated citizens that go on to find employment in research and technology. This is helpful for the growing legal cannabis market which will rely more on in-state testing of CBD and THC products as well as maximizing efficiency of the industrial growing facilities that are already operating here.
Again, being a tornado-prone area, Normans are going to take a great risk if they choose to plant their weed seedlings outside in the garden unprotected from the elements. Luckily advanced tornado warning systems have been developed throughout the state, but you are still going to be far better off keeping your cannabis growing in the basement or garden shed. Norman is home to the National Weather Centre, which is a collaborative research center that helps advance our understanding of the Earth’s atmosphere as a whole. With such intellectual and environmentally conscious people migrating to the area, no wonder Normal is such a safe and convenient place to grow your pot plants year-round.
Broken Arrow
As the largest suburb in northeastern Tulsa County, Broken Arrow is home to many young families and working professionals that enjoy a quieter pace of life. There is still a developing bar and restaurant scene that you can go explore with your date after a few doobies by the river. There is also a vibrant shopping and arts scene here, which you can explore within a few hours of walking the downtown streets on foot.
Broken Arrow is situated amongst Oklahoma’s ‘Green County’ region which is known for its rolling hills, lakes, and lush green vegetation. In this light, outdoor growing may be tempting, but just make sure you have a sheltered greenhouse anchored to the ground in case those high summer winds decide to kick up and cause a nasty storm out of the blue. Growing in Broken Arrow is a great idea, as long as you stay smart and stick to the state guidelines for growing allowances.
Located just to the north of Oklahoma City, Edmond is subject to the same violent weather changes as the rest of the state. Heavy rainfall in spring can lead to flash floods while hot and dry summers can lead to prolonged droughts as well as wildfires. Play it safe and grow indoors. This will also help to keep your stash discreet, whether you have a medicinal license or are just trying to grow discreetly and low-key.
When you have some good product to smoke, you can easily access the adventures to be had in the state’s capital city nearby, or alternatively discover some wild adventures in the back stress of Edmond itself. Edmond actually appeared in Newsmax’s list of “top 25 Unique American Cities and Towns” for its assortment of fun family events like beauty pageants, kite festivals, rodeos, and the state’s largest annual parade during Libertyfest, which kicks off on the 4th of July.

Buy OG Seeds Online in Oklahoma

When looking for OG seeds in Oklahoma to grow, there are several varieties that stray slightly from the classic strain OG Kush. Check out these options of potent indica-dominant strains that will thrive in your indoor Oklahoma grow and satisfy your customers, friends, and family members that are eager to try new potent strains of locally grown bud.
Hellfire OG
This classy feminized strain is a powerful blend of OG Kush and SFV (San Fernando Valley) Kush. With an expected THC level hovering around 20%, this balanced 50/50 hybrid is going to bring a heightened level of bliss to your day. You can see the assortment of varying sativa-dominant and indica-dominant phenotype traits when it comes to leaf colour, height, and bud structure. In general, the plant produces very well and given optimal conditions of consistent warmth and low humidity. Hellfire OG is prone to mildew problems, so be sure to keep your grow room on the dry and toasty side.
Indoor growers can expect a yield of 12 to 14 ounces per meter squared, and outdoor plants can boost up to 14 ounces per plant. You will be delighted with the earthy flavors of pine and lemon combined with the spicy kick of coffee and diesel. The indica qualities of this beauty are easily noticed in its ability to treat physical aches and pains and chronic stress along with mood disorders like anxiety and depression.
Monkey OG
Monkey OG is as much fun to grow as it is to say out loud. This is a high THC hybrid strain that offers the cannabis consumer a sour and fruity twist on the classic OG lineage. This one leans slightly on the indica site of the scale when it comes to the mental effects and descends from the parent strains of Banana Kush and OG Banana. The mouth-watering tropical flavors will also certainly get you baked with 26% THC and a wide spectrum of potent terpenes like pinene and limonene.
Even though the indica genes are more dominant, there is a decent service of sativa somewhere here as well which stimulates the mind and jump-starts your creativity. You will absolutely go bananas over the huge yield you see from these feminized cannabis seeds for sale right here at Kind Seed Co. Outdoor growers can witness upwards of 16 ounces per plant when you treat them right. The high can last for up to three hours and promotes happy thoughts, bright ideas and eventually a lazy state of relaxation.
Cookies OG
As you can guess from the name, this strain shares common ancestry with the infamous girl scout cookies marijuana that Americans have come to know and love. Coming directly to you from a cross of Cookies Kush x OG Kush x Badazz OG, she comes out in the shape of a 70% indica / 30% sativa hybrid. Moderate THC levels in the 15-20% range make this bud a good choice for intermediate users but may come along with the classic unwanted side effects of dry mouth and eyes. The Herbal lemon flavour is indicative of the cookie’s lineage, while the other indica parents offer up a tasty dose of chocolate and diesel flavors.
After you buy marijuana seeds of this variety and grow them with care, you can see up to 20 ounces of bud (or more) coming off each plant when grown outdoors to its full potential. Alternatively, in just 8-10 weeks of indoor growing, cultivators can get between 18 to 20 ounces of dried flower per meter squared. Cookies OG has a myriad of benefits to offer medicinal users as well such as its anti-anxiety and mood-lifting qualities.
OG Kush
Although many people would believe that the abbreviation here stands for Original Gangster. In reality, it is more likely descended from the term Ocean Grown, referring to the Southwest region of California where growing amazing marijuana began in the 1980’s and 90’s. This strain has always been relatively easy to grow and resistant to pests, mildew, and other common plant diseases.
Medical doctors have often even prescribed OG Kush specifically for treatment of things like panic attacks, chronic pain, migraines, ADHD, and stress. Bold and spicy lemon accents will have your lips singing praises of this indica cup winning strain. These plants do not grow huge and tall, but growers who pay attention to their plant’s needs can yield at least 16 ounces per square meter of growing space. Cannabinoid testing results can vary anywhere from 19 to 26 percent THC, so get ready to sit down with a good movie and munch out for a few hours with this strain.
3 Kings OG
Created by a three-way cross of three kingly strains that are each crowd pleasers on their own: OG Kush, Headband, and Sour Diesel. The latter two strains impart a heavy sativa influence which is noticeable as a glowing-headband feeling soon after you partake. The trippy psychedelic high bleeds into a nice body stone that will leave every corner of your nervous system deeply relaxed.
Smoke like a king when you grow your own high quality organic hybrid strains with cannabis seeds for sale at Kind Seed Co. We are sure to use reputable breeders to source our seed stock and therefore the 3 Kings OG that you buy from us are going to get you solid yields if you do your part as a responsible grower. Expect a final product with 15-24% THC content and anywhere from 15 to 24 ounces harvested per plant.
Overall Oklahoma has entered the arena of legal marijuana distribution with unprecedented zest and vigor. Thanks to the coronavirus, more and more people are warming up to the idea of growing their own medicinal marijuana. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but you also have greater control about what substances are entering your body. This is especially important for those who are at an increased risk of getting sick or have a compromised immune system. For these kinds of folks, consuming any level of residual pesticides or nutrients that haven’t been properly flushed can be extremely hazardous to one’s health. Take matters into your own hands and find the best selection of marijuana seeds for sale online here at Kind Seed Co that will keep the wheels of your growing operation turning smoothly.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    See below for frequently asked and answered questions about cannabis in Oklahoma. Kind Seed Co is your marijuana news source ready to connect you with the best weed seed information. Check back later for updates. Kind Seed Co are not lawyers and cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the opinions below. Please read at your own risk.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Oklahoma ?

    Yes, you can buy marijuana seeds as a souvenir or novelty item legally in Oklahoma. If you want to buy cannabis seeds specifically for germination then you need to obtain a medical marijuana license or commercial license and either grow your own or find a dispensary or Cultivator with a GAAA number to grow the seeds in Oklahoma and keep seed to sale records for OMMA. Most marijuana seeds in Oklahoma are not sold from a GAAA because of the immature cannabis seed market in Oklahoma. Growers would be limited to a handful of strains that could be available if they relied on GAAA grown seeds exclusively. In other markets, unofficial grace periods exist allowing a new market to obtain seeds from the grey market to build up their inventories. Most of the feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds in the USA are imported from Europe. If we look to Colorado, Oregon and California, the seed market has a few years until it will be able to service the local market.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Oklahoma ?

    Yes, cannabis seeds as souvenirs are perfectly legal to purchase in Oklahoma. Please germinate with care and only when permitted by state authorities. To get that approval, you can obtain a medical marijuana license or commercial license to grow or resell cannabis.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Oklahoma ?

    Yes weed seeds are legal to buy as novelty souvenirs in Oklahoma. Please germinate with care and only when state authorities allow. If you want to cultivate the seeds legally then you will need a commercial license or medical marijuana license.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Oklahoma ?

    Yes, buying pot seeds in Oklahoma as souvenirs and novelty collector items is legal. Please only germinate if you are licensed to do so. To obtain licensing, reach out to OMMA and apply for a medical marijuana license or commercial license.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Oklahoma ?

    Yes, if you have a medical card or commercial cultivators license then you can grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seeds in Oklahoma.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Oklahoma ?

    Buy marijuana seeds online in Oklahoma by visiting Kind Seed Co. Simply choose from over 500 strains of cannabis seeds and add a few to your cart. Then check out using your credit card, Zelle or other payment method. Kind Seed Co will send you a tracking email so that you can follow along find watch your package on its travels to your mailbox. We never share your information with anyone for any reason.

    Are Oklahoma Seeds grown in Oklahoma ?

    Generally speaking, it takes several years for a cannabis market to generate the seeds that it needs to support its growers. Other states and Europe tend to fill in the void in the meantime. So, the answer is probably not. Perhaps in a few years.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Oklahoma ?

    OMMA – Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

    Is Recreational Use legal in Oklahoma ?

    No, but the medical program is one of the best in the country.

    Is Medical Use legal in Oklahoma ?

    Yes, there is an extensive medical marijuana program in Oklahoma for those who apply.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Oklahoma ?

    Yes, its legal to grow CBD seeds if you have medical or commercial licensing.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Oklahoma ?

    Yes, as long as you are licensed by medical marijuana or commercial licensing you can grow autoflower seeds in Oklahoma legally.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Oklahoma ?

    Yes, if you have a patient medical marijuana license.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Oklahoma ?

    If you have licensing through medical marijuana then you can carry A) up to 3 ounces or 84.9 grams of marijuana flowers. B) up to six mature plants C) up to six immature plants D) up to 28.3 grams of concentrated marijuana E) 72 ounces of edible marijuana F) legally possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana at their residence

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