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Cannabis Seed in The Ocean State

Rhode Island is not an island in its entirety, but it does contain a number of beautiful islands within its state borders. Including all of the islands in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island has an incredible 384 miles of coastline, which has earned it the nickname of the Ocean State. Rhode Island is also the smallest state in the entire union, at just 1,214 square miles. The sandy beaches in Rhode Island are a major draw for those who love to spend time by the seaside and each stretch of sand has a distinct character all its own. Although the pounding surf is too cold for year-round swimming or surfing, it is claimed by many to be the sailing capital of the world.
Although Rhode Island has not been as marijuana-friendly as the oceanside state of California, there is already a dependable medical marijuana system in place in the state and recreational cannabis looks to be on the political agenda for 2021. There are certainly some beautiful, albeit expensive, neighborhoods that could attract some investors who have made it rich after growing some marijuana seeds for sale off of our website.
When you are wondering where to find pot seeds for sale in communities like Greenville or Smithfield or near the fancy beaches of the eastern shore, Kind Seed Co is your one-stop-shop. There is no need to find a storefront location for cannabis seeds. You will be finished checking out with your order online with us before you even find a place locally you can drive to for buying seeds. This is especially true if you are growing indoors during a brutal winter. Even if you have heated car seats, why bother to leave the house when you can just find your weed seeds for sale online. Kind Seed Co has all of the logistics in place to send top notch canabis seeds to anywhere in Rhode Island with a tracking number and a germination guarantee.
The state of Rhode Island has a culture of rebellion and toughness that you can easily trace through history. It may have been the last state to be added to the 13-star flag of 1776, but the troops from Rhode Island were the first to take up arms in 1861 for the Union Army in the civil war. Now as Rhode Islanders fight for the same freedoms with cannabis consumption and growing, the persistence is finally paying off. With names here like Patience Island and Prudence Island, is it a surprise that the lawmakers have gotten away with stalling for so long? Many attempts have been made since 2011 towards weed legalization, but they have been delayed or held up with lawmakers asking for further study. With no real studies ever being initiated, the issue remains in limbo. It does not take a rocket scientist to observe the many benefits of weed freedom in those states that have moved forward with cannabis legalization. The progressive states that have flower freedom are reporting reduced incarcerations, increased tax revenues, and increased accountability for those who want a future in growing cannabis.

Smoking recreational Marijuana in Rhode Island

Recreational cannabis is still not allowed in Rhode Island, so you are best to keep it to yourself. Even when the new legislation passes, there will likely be regulations within the act that prevent smoking or vaporizing in public spaces. With state lines as tight as this one, there are not too many places to puff outside in the busy areas without being noticed. Since smoking marijuana in your car is also strictly prohibited, you will have to get creative in ways to consume before your great day of adventure. Perhaps you will drive past the big blue bug on the highway leaving the south end of Providence and think you were still high on the wedding cake strain you enjoyed the night before. This 58-foot steel structure is just a popular advertising landmark for a locally owned pest control company. As you continue south past Cranston and Warwick, you will start to see the beautiful waterfront properties that line Greenwich Bay and Narragansett Bay.
As long as you are not the captain behind the wheel of your boat, smoking some good weed out on the water can be an exceptionally thrilling way to escape the everyday routine. When you have amazing cannibus seeds on hand from Kind Seed Co, there is no limit to what great strains you can grow at home. The sandy shores of the seaside towns like Wickford, Bristol, Rumford, and East Bay are just begging you to have a few puffs at home after you tend to your indoor cannabis garden and then enjoy a sunset view while you walk the beach. If you live near Bailey’s Beach, Watch Hill Beach, Rocky Point State Park, or The Napatree Point Conservation Area, you may end up seeing more birds and wildlife than you do other humans!
Rhode Island is also home to more than 80,000 students enrolled in 12+ universities, mostly centered around the main creative capital of Providence. When living on campus, remember that you may also have to deal with consequences if caught smoking your Rhode Island grown cannabis on campus. You do not want to risk growing indoors in a grow room as the smell alone is sure to be a dead giveaway. Instead, partner up with a friend who has a discreet room or closet that can be transformed into a successful cultivation space. Lighting up indoors is acceptable if you own your own home or have permission from your landlord or super.

Can You Possess Recreational Marijuana in Rhode Island?

Yes, Rhode Islanders who are licensed to purchase medical grade marijauna can purchase and possess up to 1 ounce of Marijuana and keep up to 5 ounces per person safely at home. A bill drafted in January 2020 also has these same limitations placed on recreational use, but the finalization of the bill is still hung up waiting on signatures.
Possessing cannabis without a medical card is still considered a misdemeanor. Now that cannabis is decriminalized in Rhode Island, those found with the sticky icky will not face jail time but will get a fine. Those caught with less than 1 ounce are subject only to a $150 fine, with no possibility of incarceration or record of a crime being committed. Possession of more than 1 ounce up to 1 kilogram is still a misdemeanor, but possession of greater amounts is considered intent to distribute and charged as a felony. Unregistered cultivation and sale of any amount of marijuana are also felonies.
Growing your own cannabis is still limited to medical patients for the time being. On top of the annual registration fee, those who wish to cultivate will also have to purchase a per plant tag through the department of Business Regulation at $25 apiece. Thankfully, those who meet the reduced-registration fee criteria (seniors, veterans, Medicaid), will not have to pay the plant tag fee. Even though you can cultivate several hundred dollars worth of weed from a single seed, this does not help reimburse those who are not selling their ganja for side income.

Can I Grow Weed from Seed in The Little Rhode?

Once registered as a medical marijuana patient the answer is a resounding yes. The law allows patients with approved conditions to register with the state and legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana. Under the law, patients are allowed to have 12 mature plants (flowering) and 12 immature plants (vegetating) at any given time. Two adults can combine their limits to grow 24 mature marijuana plants and 24 seedlings in a residential setting. No more than 10 ounces of usable marijuana should be kept on hand at any time as well. For non-residential cultivations sites, no more than 48 flowering plants and 48 seedlings are to be growing in one location.
As of 2020, there were 19,803 active patients registered in the state’s Medical Marijuana Program and 9 dispensaries licensed to serve them. The math here should tell you that growing your own cannabis may be something to factor into your future plans if you do not like standing in long lines waiting to make a purchase. What about the residents of Block Island? Over 1000 residents live here on this 10 square mile island that takes 1 hour to reach by ferry (just 30 minutes if you want to take the high-speed passenger-only catamaran). Even if residents here own their own sailboat or speed boat, making this trip once or twice during the month is unnecessary and may not be practical if there is a medical issue that limits your mobility. Kind Seed Co is here to help give you an online option where a contactless purchase can be easily made. We cannot help you get any fresh herb to roll up on the spot, but when you buy marijuana seeds through us, you will have a large crop available to you in a few short months that you can harvest, dry, and use throughout the year. Read on further to find out why the Kind Seed Co is America’s most trusted cannabis seed bank.

What is a Rhode Island Seed Bank?

Seed banks have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, as a way of preserving the biodiversity of human crops. Since cannabis has become more acceptable in our modern culture, there is an absolute need for companies like the Kind Seed Co to curate and distribute the best quality genetics for cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Most seed banks do have a vault of sorts, just as you would imagine from the name these facilities have acquired. For multiple reasons, it is best not to have customers walking in and out of your environmentally controlled seed storage facility. The world wide web is really the perfect place to browse the vast selection and compare pricing with other options. Kind Seed Co has multiple categories with dozens of favorite marijuana strains in each one, everything from CBD-dominant strains to potent high-THC varieties.
The best part about shopping at a verified seed bank versus a brick and mortar dispensary is the sheer volume of inventory that you are granted access to browse. You do not have just 10 strains to choose from, or even 50. There are literally hundreds of different strains to consider, which can be overwhelming for new cultivators. We make the choice as easy as possible by supplying detailed information about each strain. Cannabis has a very unique effect on each user, so customer reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt. There are certainly commonalities in terms of what cannabinoids and certain terpenes do biologically in the human body, so we try to base our categorization on this evidence (i.e., sleepy, creative, invigorating, or pensive weed).
For Rhode Island residents looking for reliable, genuine seeds there is no better time than here and now to select your order and check out using our easy to navigate web interface. After you have chosen your preferred strains and seed quantities, you will just need to provide your billing and payment details. We have a turnaround time of 1-2 business days before your order will be processed, and then you will receive them in the mail shortly thereafter. We can provide tracking information on most orders, and always use discreet and safe packaging to preserve your privacy and the seed’s viability.

Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Smallest State?

When you get online to buy marijuana seeds, most people trust that they are going to get a variety of local options to compare prices and read local reviews. Sadly, this is not the case. Not all online seed banks are legit and retail seed shops are few and far between. Online shopping now dominates the market for goods ranging from clothing and electronics to groceries and now marijuana. Even when in the smallest state in America, you can have access to the biggest selection of strains available at the tip of your finger.
Whatever your purpose for growing cannabis at home, be it recreational or medicinal, we believe Americans should have the power to be self-sufficient and take their food and medicine into their own hands. The homesteading movement is alive and well all across the nation even in dense urban areas like Newport and Johnston. It is legal to buy weed seeds anywhere in the USA as they are considered a novelty or souvenir item. When you order right to your mailbox, you do not need to worry about driving across state borders into Connecticut or Massachusetts to find easier access to the seeds you want.

Medical Cannabis in Rhode Island

The Ocean State saw medical marijuana legalized in 2006, making it the 11th state to get on board. Initially, these qualifying conditions included cancer, PTSD, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis C. You can also get a medical card if you suffer from severe and debilitating chronic pain, nausea, muscle spasms, or seizures. Autism has recently made the list, which makes for an interesting discussion when it comes to the safe use of high CBD seeds used for youth under 19 (with any of these aforementioned conditions). For minors with autism or seizure disorders like epilepsy, CBD strains can offer a huge benefit without any psychoactive alteration.
If you have this approval from your doctor, you can get your cannabis products from 3 different dispensaries (or compassion centers as they are called) in the state. These are located in Providence, Warwick, and Portsmouth. Those who live outside of these cities do not have too far to drive since you can get across the entire state in about 40 minutes! Regardless of the length of driving time, most people these days love the convenience of shopping online. If this service is available for dried marijuana and vaping cartridges, why should it not be available for the best quality cannabis seeds for sale in the USA?
The process of getting a Medical Marijuana Patient Card is going to cost the average Rhode Islander a fee of $50. If you are a senior, veteran, or individual on Medicaid you can qualify for a reduced application fee of $25. The new laws coming into effect are supposedly going to add another 6 licenses to the state’s existing dispensary system, bringing the total to 9 stores. Keep in mind Rhode Island may be a small state, but it still hosts a population of over one million people, over 15,000 of which were registered medical marijuana patients as of 2016.

Buy Female Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds and Female Autoflower Weed Seeds in The Smallest State

Most marijauana seeds on the market today are feminized, which almost completely guarantees (99.9%) that you will grow a female plant. There are non-feminized seeds available that will give you males, but these are now denoted as regular seeds because feminization is now almost becoming the most popular option for most growers. Within this category, you still have more options, like whether to buy photoperiod or autoflower seeds. If these terms are new to you, we have a quick summary that will catch you up to speed with other experienced Rhode Island weed seed buyers.
Photoperiod seeds use the natural phenomenon of evolution to develop an understanding of the sun’s changing cycles through the change of seasons. When the plant knows that the bright sunny days of summer are coming to an end, it shifts the energy priority from vegetative growth to flower production. This ensures that the plant has an opportunity to create mature seeds before the winter hits, and therefore have an opportunity to come back the following year and continue to pass on its genes. This is really the innate drive for survival that keeps all plant and animal species pushing forward to create future generations. Generally speaking, photoperiod seeds will flower when the days reduce to 12 hours of sunlight or less. So, when you grow indoors, you can extend the vegetative stage for as long as you want the plants to continue to grow, and then shorten the light cycle to 12/12 when you would like to force the flowering stage to start.
Autoflowering plants, on the other hand, behave a little bit differently. Because they contain genes from the ruderalis class of plants, they can flower under continually long light cycles. This is due to the ruderalis stream of cannabis strains evolving to grow and flower in the northern parts of the world where some summer days have continuous 20 – 24 hour sunlight. This becomes an advantage for new growers who can leave the lights on for 18-20 hours through the entire grow and have a great outcome. Autoflower seeds also allow you to grow a rotating crop all in the same room. With photoperiod seeds, you can never have vegging and flowering plants sharing the same grow room because they require different light schedules.

Buy Natural Weed Seeds in Rhode Island

Natural seeds could be another way of saying regular seeds or the un-sexed, non-feminized seeds, the way cannabis usually reproduces without human breeding interventions. Naturally, marijuana is a diecious plant, meaning the male and female sex organs exist on separate plants. Similar to human reproduction, natural seeds have a 50/50 chance of being male or female.
In any situation, you want to know exactly what you have in your grow room and what your intentions are with the final product you desire. If you want to grow your own reproducible seeds or experiment with crossing your own hybrid strains, then by all means buy natural weed seeds and just keep your males and females growing altogether in the same room. If you are growing the high THC strains or high CBD strains for consumption, however, then you only want females as these create the best buds and highest concentration of cannabinoids. You must remove the males as soon as you see the small pollen sacs developing, otherwise, you will get seedy buds in your crop.

Buy Rhode Island Seeds in the USA

Rhode Islanders love their weed just as much as any other democratic state, but it may be harder for people to get their supply here. Although prices here on the black market tend to be on the high side, growing your own Rhode Island cannabis seeds enables you to break free from that continual expense. There are costs to growing your own cannabis, such as lights, nutrients, and ongoing energy expenditures but growing your own is guaranteed to save you money in the long run. Most of these associated start-up costs will only hurt your bank account the first year that you begin. After that, it’s all profits (minus the costs of maintenance and upgrades as they are required).
Cannabis enthusiasts have unique wants and needs, which is great news for seed breeders who are always trying to make the latest and greatest new strains. Rhode Islanders have great taste for good weed and exhibit a variety of different criteria when picking their ideal strain. For the active folks who like to smoke up in the day to accentuate their chores or leisure activities, a sativa strain like Super Lemon Haze or Chocolope may be the number 1 choice. For those who have trouble sleeping or need serious physical pain relief, try the Cookie Monster or Banana OG strains. We like to keep things interesting by giving our loyal growers lots of choice and a menu that is constantly being expanded to include new strains. If you like to try something slightly different each time you plant a new crop, see the end of this page for a few more suggestions of favorite Rhode Island strains.

Rhode Island Federal Judicial District Seats

Because Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA, it should be no surprise that the judicial court system needs only one district to represent the state, and that is located in Providence.

Best Cities in Rhode Island For Buying Weed Seeds

There may not be a huge infrastructure of legal cannabis stores here yet but Rhode Island as a whole shows a lot of promise going forward in terms of cannabis culture and being an active part of the supply chain. Following are the most 5 populated cities in the state where growing home marijuana is likely to take off the fastest.
One of the oldest cities in America, Providence has a unique feel rich in heritage and history. You will see many old churches, brick buildings, and factories mixed with new high-rises and modern office buildings. This was also the epicenter of the violent events that began the American Revolutionary War but is now a much more peaceful place to live. Visitors to Rhode Island can get an epic introduction from Providence-based kayak tours and narrated boat tours to point out some of the famous landmarks. If water is not your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of walking tours available as well.
There are lots of parks that you can explore on your own as well, with no need for large groups or tour guides. The 1200 acre park system includes Waterplace Park, Roger Williams Park, and Prospect Terrace Park. Providence was pioneered by Roger Willams who was seeking to create a place to live with more religious freedoms after he was banished from Massachusetts in 1636. This place still inspires free-thinkers and modern-day activists to advocate for human rights and the protection of the US constitution. If you are a bold and assertive person who loves to be self-sufficient, then standing up for your right to farm cannabis in Providence will be a worthy battle for you as the 21st century continues to see delays in the legislature.
If you arrive in Rhode Island by airplane, odds are you will come through the T.F. Green Airport, which is located in Warwick, just 6 miles south of the state’s capital. Warwick was center stage of the Gaspee Affair which kicked off the Revolutionary War in 1772. Coined as the City by the Bay, there is something to do here in every season. In the spring and summer, locals enjoy the parks, beaches, and trails when temperatures cruise in the comfortable low to mid-eighties. Golf is another popular activity enjoyed by many, at the 4 world-class courses situated here. When the cold and dreary days of wintertime set in, there are arts and theater events to entertain the masses.
If you have children or teenagers in your family that you need to entertain, try the indoor climbing gyms, trampoline bounce houses, or cinemas located around the city. When looking for a home to purchase, Warwick is also an excellent choice with an assortment of great public schools and access to many extra-curricular activities. If you plan to grow marijuana here in the future, think about splurging a little bit extra on a home with a detached garage or unfinished basement. With indoor growing technology growing the way that it is, the sky’s the limit with ways you can adapt your home to make it cannabis-friendly.
The second biggest city in Rhode Island is home to over 81,000 and features both rural countryside and shoreline property opportunities. Two of the state’s premier shipping centers Chapel View and Garden City are located here as well. Cranstonians enjoy a low crime rate, quality schools, and a vibrant local business community. Fun areas to explore here on the coastal side of I-95 are the Pawtuxet Oxboes Park, Stillhouse Cove, and Copps Cove. On the western side, there are many large lakes and wetlands as well as a large quarry site that you can see from Google’s satellites. Beyond Cranston, all that remains are a few rural properties and miles of protected state parks until you reach the Connecticut border.
Residents of Cranston can find a little more privacy and tranquility, despite its large population. There is room to really get out and stretch your legs here, with the possibility of not seeing another soul on your walk. Home to a lot of farmers and hobby gardeners, it is an ideal place to get your own cannabis cultivation dreams off the ground. You can find anything you will need to set up your space including hardware stores, garden centers, and hydroponics retailers.
Pawtucket was a major driving force in the early industry starting up in Rhode Island in the late 18th century. At the outset of the Industrial Revolution, Samuel Slater set up the Slater Cotton Mill which used British technology and kicked off the textile industry in the United States. His factory ran on power generated from the Blackstone River, and the name Pawtucket translates to river fall. Many of the old factories in Pawtucket and elsewhere in the state are now being repurposed into condominiums, offices, and low-income housing as the population grows and the economy shifts from being manufacturing-based to more service and technology-based.
The industrious vibe in this city is perfect for accomplishing great things in the cannabis industry once legalization is finalized. Large, abandoned factories could be repurposed into growing facilities and the vibrant arts and culture scene here favors recreational consumption. There are so many ways to go out on the town and enjoy the high from your bud that you grew yourself from Kind Seed Co products. Catch a Pawtucket Red Sox game at McCoy Stadium or spend the day exploring the scenic walking and biking trails at Slater Memorial Park. If in doubt about how to spend your lazy 420 afternoons, check out the Blackstone Valley Visitor Center to ask about the nearest attractions.
East Providence
This lovely city is on the east side of the bay where the Providence River and Seekonk River empty into the Atlantic. Home to nearly 50,000 people, East Providence also contains the smaller communities of Riverside and Rumford. The East Bay biking path stretches 14.5 miles from India Point Park all the way south to Bristol. There are plenty of old colonial buildings and museums that you can check out along your journey. There are both active young professionals and senior citizens here that use cannabis for a variety of reasons.
Currently, there are no approved state Compassion Centers set up in East Providence, but this is likely to change in the next 5 years and the industry expands. Home growers here can enjoy a calm sea-side lifestyle with all of the amenities of big city Providence only a short drive away across the Washington Bridge. If you are lucky enough to be a part of the East Providence Yacht Club, it would make for a nice reward after you have finished pruning in the grow room to head out on the water for a sunset cruise with a few friends and a handful of pre-rolls of your favorite OG Kush or Sour Diesel strain.

Buy The Most Popular Unsexed Strain Seeds in Rhode Island

For old school growers who want to experience the real joy of growing cannabis naturally, our selection of regular seeds are a superb choice. With these non-feminized seed options, growers can isolate their male plants to collect pollen for future breeding activities. Although it takes some practice, breeding your own strains and creating your own seeds can be a very fulfilling journey. Here are some of our more popular regular seeds that Rhode Island cannabis users love to grow.
24K Gold
This indica-dominant hybrid strain boasts frosty golden trichomes and a gold-star flavor that help back up its name. The nugs have hues of bright green and purple with bright orange hairs. Made from a cross of Kosher Kush and Tangie, the strain often gets the nickname of Kosher Tangie. The flavor and aroma are tasty, and this strain is great for battling any headaches or other physical body pains.
This strain is a critical part of every weed aficionado’s collection (pun intended). More even-keeled as a 50/50 hybrid, Critical comes from the hybridization of Skunk and Big Bud. You can notice a relaxing buzz if used for symptoms of PTSD, but the effect can also lift users’ spirits and help them rise out of depression or a bout of the blues. Critical is a popular parent strain for creating strains like Critical Haze, Critical Kush, and critical CBD options as well.
Hindu Kush
With a thick, earthy smoke, and unique sedating indica effects, Hindu Kush is a long-time favorite that cannot be matched for heartiness and dependability. This is a pure 100% indica strain that could be considered a landrace from the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Himalayas. This strain is high in terpenes myrcene and caryophyllene, which promote relaxation and sleepiness. With THC levels up to 20%, this is an excellent indica choice for novice to intermediate users.
Gorilla Glue
This strain may give you a good sense of the effects just from the name. Although only technically 60% indica, this one typically gets consumers to that classic couch-lock felt by most indica strains. The effects are also long-lasting, so you may only need a few tokes to feel gently toasted as you complete the cycle down the East Bay Bike Path. If a bike ride is too ambitious for you, take a seat with a bowl of snacks and your favorite movie and spend your Gorilla Glue session as most Americans do, chilling out. At up to 30-32% THC, it is best to enjoy this strain somewhere you can get horizontal if you need to.
Bruce Banner
Somewhat comparable to Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner is another high potency hybrid strain that leans a little more on the sativa side (60%). THC levels for this one are also near the 30% mark, part of the reason it acquired its name as the alias for the Incredible Hulk. A very euphoric head high and full-body boost will help put a major shift in your day and give you a renewed sense of vigor and capability. If you have never tried this strain, it is one well worth adding to your growing repertoire.
Following this brief introduction to the state of Rhode Island, and the practice of cannabis cultivation, we hope you feel more confident to take your own green garden. Cannabis has been around for thousands of years and it is here to stay and soon the entire country will have legalized this medicinal herb. Soon all Rhode Islanders will enjoy the fruits of their own labors and will freely grow the best weed on the east coast.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check in for the latest Weed Culture updates in Rhode Island. Kind Seed Co writers are not legal professionals or lawyers. We are bean farmers and marketers so please dont substitute our page for legal advice. Tune in regularly to Kind Seed Co for latest cannabis culture in RI.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Rhode Island ?


    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Rhode Island ?


    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Rhode Island ?


    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Rhode Island ?


    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Rhode Island ?

    Yes growing pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seed is typically legal in Rhode Island. Each adult in a home can grow 6 plants.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Rhode Island ?

    Simply visit Kind Seed Co and search for your favorite homegrown cannabis strain. Add some to cart and check out. Your order will arrive in your mailbox within a week. Check your inbox sooner for tracking details on the shipment. Choose Kind Seed Co for your online seedbank of choice in Rhode Island.

    Are Rhode Island Seeds grown in Rhode Island ?

    No, its unlikely that Rhode Island seeds are actually grown in RI. It takes many years of legalization before state infrastructure can support specialized cannabis seed production such as high thc, feminized and autoflowering.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Rhode Island ?

    The Department of Health for the State of Rhode Island administers the licensing for Medical Marijuana.

    Is Recreational Use legal in Rhode Island ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Rhode Island ?

    Yes, the senate passed legislation supporting recreational and medical use in Rhode Island on June 22, 2021. It may take some time to roll out a program.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Rhode Island ?


    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Rhode Island ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Rhode Island ?


    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Rhode Island ?

    Yes, up to once ounce is legal to carry.

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