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South Carolina, the keystone of the South Atlantic Seaboard, is a warm and welcoming place full of southern flair. The food, the accents, the sights, and the smells are all very uniquely telling of the daily culture you experience when living in or visiting The Palmetto State. This nickname is derived from the state’s official tree, the sabal palmetto, also known as cabbage-palm. These are the classic bushy style palm trees that you see in the southern states like Florida and Texas as well as Cuba and the Bahamas.
Formally, the state takes its name from King Charles from England, who was in power at the time the eastern states were first chartered. The original Province of Carolina (established in 1629), was a large area that now covers South and North Carolina, as well as Georgia and Tennessee. Back in these early times, hemp was actually a critical part of the state’s agriculture. Industrial cultivation of the hemp plant has been traced back here to at least the 18th century, where the plant was encouraged for the benefit of the King’s Royal Navy, in the form of rope and string textiles for sails. Despite the rich history of investing in the benefits of the cannabis plant, the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act forced many hemp growers out of the business across the nation.
Now as modern marijuana laws relax in many of the states, South Carolina is one of the last to catch on. Perhaps this is linked to the fact that the population here is estimated to be around 93% Christian. As current laws stand, South Carolina medical marijuana consumers can buy low THC products like CBD oil for ingestion. The state of South Carolina re-legalized hemp growing in 2017 under Obama’s 2014 Farm Bill. As far as buying ready-to-smoke marijuana flower in the state, you are not likely to find anything from a reputable source. However, the silver lining to this grey cloud is that you are now driven to look at buying weed seeds for sale online so that you can grow your own reliable source of CBD seeds.

South Carolina and Smoking Weed Recreationally

South Carolina is one of those states you really do not want to flaunt your personal stash of marijuana. Even if you bought weed legally in another state, consumption of marijuana is still considered illegal here. So, if you are going to consume, do it in a smart way and keep it private. The 60+ mile-long stretches of coastline in South Carolina have a very different feel than the west coast surfer vibe of California. You are not likely to see or smell a single joint or doobie burning. If you do get a whiff of ganja, the rebels lighting up are putting themselves at risk of being fined. Possession of up to an ounce for a first-time offender can have a maximum fine of $100 and/or a 30-day visit in jail.
There is hope for the near future in the medical realm of cannabis, which we will revisit later on. But the recreation issue is likely going nowhere quickly in this mostly red state. There may be some online companies you can order from to discreetly ship you some THC gummies or disposable weed oil vape pens that you can enjoy recreationally in the safety of your own home. Unless you have an excellent filtration system in your home, the smell of combusted cannabis is a very difficult one to hide. All it takes is a steady breeze to alert all of your conservative and nosy neighbors that you enjoy the good green herb. This is another reason that concentrates like shatter and wax are taking over the recreational market. Not only are these products extremely potent but taking dabs can be done very quickly and with minimal odor or off-gassing. Whatever way you decide to enjoy weed recreationally, we just advise that you do so cautiously and avoid any federally invested regions like parks, schools, or military bases.

Is it Legal to Possess Weed in South Carolina?

Weed possession in South Carolina is still punishable by law, making it one of the last 15 states to completely outlaw the substance. If an individual has up to an ounce of bud, penalties cap at $100 fine and 30 days jail time. If you get busted with between 1 ounce and 10 pounds, you may not only face possession charges but also charges of intent to distribute. Depending on past-offenses, PWID sentences can range from 5-20 years and $5,000 – $20,000 fines. Possession beyond 10 pounds and you are looking at trafficking charges which come with even worse punishments.
At the rate that legalization is sweeping across the continent, it seems like an entirely wasteful expenditure of energy and resources to enforce this. Statistics from 2001 – 2010 show that 7 million people faced arrest for cannabis possession. That is one person every 37 seconds in the USA, costing taxpayers an estimated $3.6 billion. Flash forward a few years to a situation where the legalized industry can produce a surplus of $300-400 million in tax revenues in states like California and Colorado per year.
Even public figures are speaking out now about the frustrations of the lacking medicinal cannabis infrastructure in South Carolina. The wife (Margaret) of the state’s former senator Scott Richardson has relied on medicinal cannabis products as one of the few treatments that work for her severe trigeminal nerve pain and has to sneak around like a criminal to find a supply. Soft polls have indicated that roughly 70% of the population of South Carolina is actually in favor of some form of the Compassionate Use Act being put into place for those who need it. If you or someone you know suffers from debilitating pain, nausea, restlessness, PTSD, or another qualifying ailment, you can help push the scales by writing to your state legislators with your pressing concerns.

Marijuana Growing in The Iodine State

Iodine, the 53rd element in the periodic table, is a required micronutrient in the human body. In the 1920s, agricultural researchers discovered that produce grown in South Carolina soil was unusually high in iodine and used this as a marketing ploy to support local farmers. Some consequences of iodine deficiency are enlarged thyroid, sterility, and unusual swelling of the jaw, also known as a goiter. After iodized salt came out in the 1940s this selling feature lost its attractive edge, but the product continues to be of great quality coming out of this region.
The USDA declares a hardiness zone of 8a, which is mild in the winters (10-20°F lows) and temperate summer months with cool nights and a long growing season. Popular crops here to date include cotton, tobacco, soybeans, and corn. Aside from being the perfect climate for tropical plants like the sabal palmetto tree, South Carolina also has the right recipe for outdoor cannabis cultivation. Under the provisions of the Agricultural Act of 2014, up to 50 licenses are issued for hemp cultivation, allowing up to 50 acres apiece. Hopefully, this privilege will also soon be extended to private residents who just want to grow a few plants of their own for personal household use.
The only real physical barrier to consistent growing here, other than the present restrictive laws, are the occasional outbreaks of nasty weather such as strong thunderstorms and high winds, floods, hail, and even heavy snow. Most areas of the state average an inch of snow each year, or less. And some regions may go 5 or 10 years without seeing any snow at all. There was one infamous day in 1973 (February 10th) when an astonishing 24 inches of snow fell in just 24 hours. If someone were to grow authentic canabis seeds, you would follow similar zone 8 recommendations for something like tomatoes or peppers and germinate your seeds indoors in March and then transplanting in April and harvesting in late September. In a best-case scenario, growers can squeeze out 2 crops of autoflower seeds in a single year by transplanting early and harvesting into mid-October. Due to annual fluctuations, you can be limited by the last frost before spring (ranging from March 1st – April 15th) or the first frost before winter (usually between October 15th – November 15th).

What’s a South Carolina Seed Bank?

Seed banks are those facilities that are in the business of keeping the world’s seed stocks safe, secure, and accessible to growers who want them. We specialize in carrying the widest variety of cannabis seeds for sale that we can get our hands on from trustworthy American seed breeders. Currently, for legal reasons, we cannot store our seeds in the state of South Carolina, so once your order has been received, we will ship your seeds from our Midwest storage facility within a matter of days. You should receive your CBD Kush or wedding cake strain seeds in discreet packaging ready to germinate at your convenience.
Did you know that South Carolina was at one point also referred to as the Rice State or the Swamp State, for the wet boggy climate here that is perfect for growing the small white grain? 25,000 farms are operating in the central region of the state, and growers spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on seeds for most vegetables, herbs, berries, and some fruit trees like apples, citrus, bananas, and peaches. Once individual cannabis growing is passed in the senate, marijauna seed sales are likely to skyrocket. It will be interesting to see if the different regions of the state develop a unique taste for the different cannabis strains, much like there is a strict division of barbeque sauce recipes that can be mapped geographically. For example, up north folks prefer a tomato-based BBQ sauce while the south and central part of the state are die-hard mustard fans. BBQ sauce from the west is high in ketchup content while easterners like to go heavy on the vinegar. All this is to say that in this compact state of five million people, there are vastly different palates and unique preferences that will translate to the cannabis industry as well. So, when coming to Kind Seed Co looking for pot seeds for sale, make sure you get at least a handful of different varieties so you can taste the market yourself and see what is most popular.

Can I Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in The State of South Carolina?

Although marijauana flower, concentrates, and edibles have varying degrees of legality throughout the United States, the sale of cannabis seeds is not highly regulated. Pot seeds have been considered a novelty item for many decades, often being carried in small souvenirs and gift shops. When you germinate the seeds, the cannabis plant becomes a living organism capable of producing a mind-altering substance. The cannibus seed itself is entirely dormant and poses no threat to members of society or law enforcement. Also, without the live terpenes and plant pheromones, it can be very hard to detect seeds in the mail, so all efforts to prevent the shipment of them are usually done so in vain.
You may not find a lot of seed shops in South Carolina, but even when out of state on vacation you are not likely to find a reliable source that has both a broad selection and affordable pricing. When you see souvenir seeds on a store shelf somewhere, you do not know how long they have been sitting there or how viable the genetics inside will be. Online shopping has become even more prevalent in North America since the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus in 2020. It is only natural that more opportunities will arise to be able to find marijuana seeds for sale online. The Kind Seed Co has been a respected brand since the 1990s and we are back with a brand-new sense of urgency to bring the most affordable wholesale seed supply right to the doorstep of growers across the nation. The mystery of where to buy marijuana seeds in South Carolina has been solved. Just visit and choose from any of the hundreds of tested varieties on our menu.
South Carolina: Medical Cannabis
The southwestern United States has been vehemently opposed to public drug use, despite many high-crime areas that indicate it is still a problem. Most of the world is waking up to the fact that cannabis is unique when compared to other Schedule 1 drugs. Not only is there a huge list of medical benefits that the plant carries, but there are no serious side effects whatsoever when used responsibly. Overdosing on marijuana does not cause death like alcohol can. If you consume too much you may get dizzy, nauseous, paranoid, or simply fall off into a hallucinogenic sleep.
Around the time of the 2020 election, nearby Mississippi became the 36th state to legalize medicinal marijuana within its borders. Other southern states that have also entered this realm are Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Virginia. South Carolina lawmakers have been dragging their heels for many years on this issue, and no citizen initiative process will allow a lobbyist group to encourage things to move along any faster than they currently are. There are likely hundreds of thousands of people in the state suffering from insomnia, arthritis, depression, and seizure disorders that could benefit immensely by having safe access to THC and CBD products. The research is still being conducted in the medical community, but history and popular opinion can reliably show that medical marijuana is entirely safe. Pushing the medicinal users underground to shop on the black market is only going to make things worse and cause the state government to lose out on a huge tax revenue opportunity.
Once small-scale medical growing is allowed in the state, the Kind Seed Co will be here to ship to the southern growers who want access to America’s finest weed seeds. If you were super organized, you may even want to buy marijuana seeds today to save and have them on hand. That way you can collect the rest of your equipment and be ready to plant the very day it becomes legal to do so.

Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds and Autoflower Weed Seeds in The State of South Carolina

For those of you reading who do not have a lot of experience cultivating the marijuana plant, there are many different types of seeds available, even when looking at a single strain such as Purple Kush or Girl Scout Cookies. The different types of seeds available today essentially carry their different traits based on which part of the globe the original parent strains came from. For example, autoflower seeds (which we will explain shortly) contain a high degree of cannabis ruderalis genes. The ruderalis plant originated in harsh northern climates like the Himalayan mountains and parts of Siberia. Up here, summers are shorter in length than at the equator, and the summer days themselves can run quite long (18-24 hours of continual light). Plants, including cannabis, need to finish their flowering cycle while the sun still shines brightly to finish before winter weather comes along in October.
In other more moderate climates of the world, in the wideband between the south and north 40th parallels, the summers and winter light cycles do not experience such extreme fluctuations. At the equator, day and night remain relatively equal throughout the year at 12/12 hours. Photoperiod cannabis strains have developed a reproduction cycle that depends on light signaling to indicate the change of seasons. Basically, what happens is that plants continue to grow in the vegetative phase as long as the sunlight exceeds 14 hours a day. When the light gets down to 12 hours or less each day, internal cell signaling communicates the reality that summer is changing into autumn and it’s time to pump out some big juicy female flowers in order to attract the male pollen and create seeds to come back to life next year. Autoflower seeds do not require this external signal and instead produce seeds after a set number of weeks in vegetation (usually just 3-4 weeks).
The result of these differences is that autoflowering plants are often smaller than photoperiod counterparts, which can be left in the vegetative stage for 2-3 months if you want to stretch them out. The other advantage available to autoflower growers is that you can mix vegetating and flowering plants in the same room. With photoperiod strains, this is never possible since the 12/12 light cycle used for flowering will automatically flip and vegging plants that have not yet started budding yet. Unless you have multiple grow rooms that you can put on separate schedules, this can be an alternative way to produce a continual steady crop through the year in a single indoor grow room or grow tent.

Regular Seeds in South Carolina

Regular seeds might sound like a plain Jane category, but these base model seeds still have the power to develop high-yield, high-THC plants for your enjoyment. The extra features that are missing from regular, or standard seeds would be any autoflowering genes and feminized varieties. With regular seeds, you get what you get, kind of like nature intended. You should expect to see an average of 50% male and 50% female plants out of a large sample size, but there is no telling until 3 – 4 weeks of vegetation when the early signs of the plant’s sex organs begin to appear.
Male plants can be identified with small pollen sacs developing at the base of the plants branching nodes. These are sometimes referred to as the male bananas because they represent the phallic shape of this elongated fruit, with a few balls at its base. This is where the pollen is kept and released during the flowering period. When growing bud for medicinal or recreational consumption, you will need to be certain you remove your male plants and destroy them before any pollen sacs are open. If you see a ruptured pollen sac one day with a light dusting of white or yellow powder on the leaves below, it is too late. The pollen is extremely mobile when airborne, and one male plant can mate with hundreds of female plants in the same grow room, especially when you have fans creating an active breeze for distribution. By all means, keep your males in another room if you want to experiment with crossing your own seeds, but just take note that fertilized weed plants quickly turn to seed, and seedy buds are not very desirable in the cannabis market, because of a harsh taste and lower cannabinoid levels.
Regular seeds are for anyone who wants to learn to grow the plant according to its natural cycles and rhythms. Learning with the handicap of feminized or auto-flower seeds can make things simpler for beginner growers but consider that regular seeds may also sometimes have a more authentic feel if you are someone who values the journey just as much as the destination. Kind Seed Co is here to meet all growers, regardless of experience level or user preferences. Therefore, we still find it important to stock regular, classic, seeds for those who value the grassroots approach to growing.

South Carolina USA Seeds

When growing American marijuana on US soil, why not source seeds that are also grown and distributed in the USA. There are plenty of good quality producers in Europe, Asia, and South America, but why risk the extra shipping distance and border crossings? We have a great stream of USA-made seeds that can be kept at a stable temperature and avoid any major physical stress that can be experienced with international shipping. When dealing with precious items like authentic marijuana seeds, it is important that the products change hands the least number of times possible. To protect the integrity of the seeds, we try to use dark packaging and wrap them in a way that will prevent them from being crushed during transport.
The hard-working spirit of the South Carolina economy is driven by American-made products which provide for jobs in labor, transportation, and warehousing logistics. As of now, most of the state’s exports include textile goods, chemical products, automobiles, and auto parts, as well as other heavy machinery. Some large US corporations have chosen to open manufacturing plants in South Carolina, including Boeing and Michelin Tires. With its rich agricultural history, this state will likely be a hot producer of cannabis seeds in the future when lawmakers get with the program. For now, growers in SC are bound by their local laws and forced to shop online for their American-made cannabis starter seeds.

Federal Judicial District of South Carolina

At around 30,000 square miles, South Carolina is ranked 40th in size in the country. There are 3 natural geographic regions including The Blueridge Mountains to the north, the Piedmont Plateau, and then the Atlantic Coastal Plain taking up 2-thirds of the state. Culturally, the state can be broken up into 5 or 6 regions, and politically the state gets divided into 46 different counties. To highlight the largest population centers, we can look to the distribution of the main Judicial Districts, which are usually laid out according to population size and density.
If for some unfortunate reason, you are called in for a serious court matter (cannabis-related or otherwise), you will likely be called in to testify in one of the 3 cities. Charleston, Columbia, or Greenville, which are all major cities with over 70,000 people. For the smaller, rural towns of less than 40,000 people, the major judicial centers are Florence, Aiken, Anderson, and Spartanburg.

5 Most Popular Cities to Grow Weed in South Carolina

Most people currently growing in South Carolina are either doing it covertly or have a strictly hemp-only license issued by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. Because there are only a handful of licenses to be handed out, most growers eagerly anticipate the time when they can openly and shamelessly grow their cannabis wherever it suits them best. If you live in one of the following cities, you may have an easier time in terms of privacy, mortgage costs, climate, or access to supplies.
No surprise that based upon its geographical location in the middle of South Carolina’s beautiful beaches, Charleston is the largest city in the state, with just shy of 150,000 residents. The southern accent quickly developed the name from Charles Town, after King Charles II, who was rising into power when the province of Carolina was being divided into its new smaller territories. Today, Charleston is a charming city with lots of shopping, dining, and sightseeing to behold. It is also home to the millionaire mile of impressive mansions and world-renowned Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, which links Charleston to Mt Pleasant. Spanning the Cooper River, this engineering feat ranks as the 3rd longest cable-stayed bridge in the Western Hemisphere. Sheer statistics can tell you there are a lot of cannabis consumers in this population-dense city but growing would only be successful on a small scale unless in a hidden indoor facility.
Right in the heart of South Carolina do we find the second largest city Columbia, derived through reference to the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus. This city is now a popular place for college students as the home of the University of South Carolina. Both their baseball and football teams, named the Gamecocks, have won at the championship level and earned the town of Columbia a great reputation for college sports. As a humid, subtropical climate, the city experiences very few cold snaps in the winter and summers that are sometimes described as famously hot. The soil here also has a high sand content and therefore the ground heats up quickly with the sun. If growing weed or hemp outside you may have to keep this in mind when building your watering schedule.
North Charleston
Back on the Atlantic coast, just 10 miles to the north of Charleston is another major city of over 100,000 people. Since the addition of the Boeing factory here in 2011, North Charleston was put on the map as one of only 3 places in the world that manufacture long-range commercial aircraft. For folks who live and work here, there are some great places to spend your recreational time. You can enjoy a nice stroll through the scenic Riverfront Park or power shop in the dozens of outlet stores at Tanger Mall. Some other unique cultural sights here include the H.L. Nunley Museum featuring a recovered civil-war submarine and the Fire Museum and Educational Center, with some cool interactive displays. You may not want to blaze a big fatty before going on one of these excursions as you will be left smelling like cannabis for some time afterward. Maybe you have made some homemade chocolates or gummies that you can discreetly pop an hour before you arrive. Just make sure you do not ever drive high because that is just asking for trouble.
Mount Pleasant
Much like the other major towns of South Carolina, Mount Pleasant has its fair share of old colonial buildings and guided cultural tours. There were initially plantations that covered these parts, since the time when the land was handed out a few hundred acres at a time to the early families who settled here first. You can take a tour by bus, horse carriage, or electric bicycle that will highlight some of the old-town buildings and architectural artifacts. If you are into old collectibles, there is also a worthy selection of antique stores and art galleries to browse. The weather here is mostly pleasant, but the summer months of July and August can see spikes in the high 80s and mid-’90s. Having a place with air conditioning is a luxury in these parts! August is also the rainiest month in Mount Pleasant, with an average of 12 days of rain in the month. If you are not drawn here by the hot and humid climate, perhaps it is the prospect of a snow-free winter which you are almost guaranteed anywhere in the state, but especially in Mount Pleasant.
Rock Hill
Rock Hill is based in the northern part of the state near the North Carolina border in the Piedmont Plateau. Because of its location, Rock Hill is also the snowiest place in the state, with a whopping annual average of 2.6 inches of white stuff. At a major highway intersection here, you can see 4 bronze civitas statues that represent the cornerstones of Rock City’s economy. They include Flames of Knowledge, Starts of Inspiration, Gears of Industry, and Bolts of Energy. With a slightly smaller population here, there is a better likelihood you can grow off the beaten track in communities like Oakdale, Newport, or Boyd Hill.

Buy High THC Heavy Yielding Strain Seeds in South Carolina

The last tidbit of information we would like to share with you here are some of the more popular strains that we see being distributed to the southwest region of the United States. If you are looking for weed seeds for sale online and are ready to start a small private home grow, perhaps one of the following strains from Kind Seed Co will be appealing to your senses!
Starting off our list is a 70% indica hybrid that will make you forget all the worries from your stressful day. Amnesia Kush is bound to leave the user feeling blissful and relaxed, and you do not need too much of it with 16-20% THC within its dense and chunky buds. The aroma is reminiscent of woody incense and hash. When smoking or vaping the flowers, you will get a hint of sweet berries and crisp wine. These feminized seeds should be easy to grow and give you roughly 15 to 18 ounces per plant when grown to their full potential outdoors. Indoor grow rooms with Amnesia Kush can produce an estimated 14-17 ounces per square yard, but this depends on many factors like how close you place your plants, the wattage and type of light you provide, and the way you decide to prune or train your plants.
When looking for a small to medium plant that flowers quickly without much fuss, look no further than our reliable Blue Amnesia Autoflower. This hybrid of Amnesia Haze and Blueberry is a nicely balanced smoke on the sativa/indica scale, which offers the user a naturally sweet and fruity taste. The 18% THC manifests as an upbeat and invigorating high that later draws you to the nearest couch to relax your weary body. Growers who have not used autoflower seeds before should know that you will not need to flip the lights to take them out of the vegetative phase. These plants will naturally progress from seed to fully flowered on their own timing in just 9 to 10 weeks.
One way to try to maximize yield or production out of your small autoflowering plants is to use strains like Kindseed Triple XL Autoflower which naturally tend to grow large dense buds. The 3 extra popular parent strains for this hybrid are Big Bud, Green Crack, and Northern Lights #5. With a little more indica running through its veins (80%), the Triple XL plants flower even quicker still, in just 8 – 9 weeks from seed. High concentrations of the Ocimene terpene give off a fruity and floral flavor and some very effective anti-inflammatory benefits. Outdoor plants may grow from 2 to 7 ounces each, and when grown well and close together, your indoor space can develop 25 to 30 ounces in a square yard area.
Perhaps the reputation precedes the name of this next one, Northern Lights, which is a multiple Cannabis Cup-winning descendant of the Afghani landrace indica strains. The 16-22% THC range feels very cerebral for a 90% indica, but it promises on all fronts of pain relief and mental relaxation as well. Most of the time, the plant tops out at no greater than 3 feet in height but can produce up to 22 ounces/plant when sun-grown. Give this strain a try if you suffer from anxiety, depression, headaches, loss of appetite, insomnia, or PTSD. The medicinal benefits go on much further than these, but the strain does not have a high percentage of CBD.
For a real energy booster and mental motivator, we have a great sativa-dominant hybrid recommendation that packs a potent punch. As its name suggests, the high from our feminized M8 seeds take off like a WWII rocket and get your mind soaring with happy thoughts and creativity. Be careful if you are a new cannabis consumer as this one can also creep up on you after only just a few puffs. The earthy and fruity flavors are complex, and the flowers develop relatively quickly in 8-9 weeks. Indoor growers of M8 will get about 19 ounces in a square yard (2-4 plants), or potentially over 30 ounces per plant when grown outside.
Now that this small sample of our cannabis seed offerings has your mouth watering, get a selection ready in your shopping cart that perfectly matches your preferences. If you need help through the checkout process, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service staff who can help you finalize your order and ensure your seeds get shipped to you as soon as possible. Happy growing and thank you for choosing Kind Seed Co to buy marijuana seeds and we look forward to helping you with all of your home-growing needs.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    See our ideas about cannabis laws in South Carolina below. We are not lawyers and the information below should not substitute independent legal advice. Read below at your own risk. Buy marijuana seeds online in South Carolina from Kind Seed Co.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in South Carolina ?

    Yes, buying marijuana seeds in South Carolina is legal for collectors purposes. Buy souvenir seeds from Kind Seed Co and save them until laws change in SC allow homegrown cannabis !

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in South Carolina ?

    Yes, souvenir seeds are legal for South Carolina residents to buy online from Kind Seed Co. Germinate with care and only when permitted by state authorities.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in South Carolina ?

    Absolutely, buying weed seeds in South Carolina is perfectly legal provided that you do not germinate the seeds. Germination will require some underhanded maneuvers or patience until the laws in SC catch up the rest of the country.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in South Carolina ?

    Yes, buying pot seeds online is legal in South Carolina. Souvenirs and collector seeds can be stored for greener times when germination is legal.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in South Carolina ?

    No, growing cannabis seeds, pot seeds, marijuana seeds and weed seeds are illegal in South Carolina. At Kind Seed Co, we encourage the SC government to make changes and allow citizens to grow their own cannabis at home.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in South Carolina ?

    Buying marijuana seeds online in South Carolina is easy now that you found this page! Visit Kind Seed Co and search up your favorite cannabis strain on their user friendly web store. Then check out using one of their convenient payment methods like credit card, mesh, ach, coin payments. If you prefer to mail in cash, check, money order then Kind Seed Co can accommodate.

    Are South Carolina Seeds grown in South Carolina ?

    Probably not. In order for cannabis seeds to be produced in a particular state, the legal industry needs to be mature. Until that time, its unlikely that someone offering South Carolina seeds is legimate.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in South Carolina ?

    Until legalization, the Governor, Senate and House essentially are responsible for cannabis and cannabis prosecution. Some states as they get softer on cannabis production simply start enforcing the rules less and offering less harsh penalties for cannabis cultivation. So far, South Carolina is not showing signs of letting up marijuana prohibition. At Kind Seed Co, we are hopeful SC residents can grow at home soon.

    Is Recreational Use legal in South Carolina ?

    No. Recreational cannabis use is not legal in South Carolina.

    Is Medical Use legal in South Carolina ?

    There is a limited medical program for very low THC strains with mostly CBD.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in South Carolina ?

    No, it is not legal to grow cbd seeds in South Carolina under most circumstances.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in South Carolina ?

    No, all cannabis, marijuana, weed and pot seeds are illegal in South Carolina.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in South Carolina ?


    Is it legal to carry cannabis in South Carolina ?


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