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Utah is an interesting state with a rich history that includes everything from dinosaurs to Mormon pioneers. The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City is considered to be the largest and most popular place of worship of its kind and with so many Mormon leaders in Utah, it is no surprise that you still cannot legally buy weed in this state. Utah is surrounded by Wyoming to the northeast, Colorado to the east, Idaho to the north, Nevada to the west, and Arizona to the south. While it is the 13th largest state in the country by land mass, it is only the 30th most populous which makes available land more abundant than many other states. Utah is concentrated in two large population centers known as Washington County and the Wasatch Front which counts the capital city Salt Lake City as its largest area. Over the history of the area, the land now occupied by Utah has been home to several different indigenous groups, most notably the Navajo, ancient Puebloans, and the Utes!
Utah has a deep-rooted history as an area that marginalized Americans were able to flee persecution. The most sizable group of Americans fleeing persecution were the Mormons and this inevitably led to the delay of the state joining the United States of America in the 19th century. Utah was finally allowed to enter the union in 1896 after it agreed to outlaw the practice of polygamy which was a large sticking point to entry. Roughly half of the state population belongs to the Mormon faith, while the vast majority belong to the LDS Church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This makes Utah the most heavily concentrated religious community in the entire country.
The Beehive state sits in a dry and semi-arid desert climate. The dry weather is a result of being located within the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada range which is located in California. Utah experiences wide ranges in weather with temperatures that are often cold in the winter, and very hot in the summers. As with many western states in the country there are going to be storms that roll through and there is a monsoon season that comes around mid-July through to mid-September which is right in the heart of the growing season. When growing marijuana plants outside here, be sure that they are quickly moved to avoid the devastating effects of monsoons.
Utah has a thriving tourism industry. Visitors come to explore the great outdoors and many attractions that the state has to offer. It boasts more than 600 different species of wildlife as well as 5 national parks. These national parks rank Utah as the state with the third-largest number of national parks in the country after Alaska and California. The national parks that bless the state are Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. Arches National Park is in the eastern part of the state and sits opposite the Colorado River roughly 4 miles from the city of Moab. The park is known for the thousands of sandstone arches with the Delicate Arch being the crown jewel. Canyonlands is loved by those who enjoy mesas, canyons, buttes, and tributaries. These are frequent stops for those after visiting Moab for the semi-annual Jeep Safari that is hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers club or those who tested their mettle by attempting the rugged trails and terrain at the Slickrock trail.  Despite the name Bryce Canyon, this national park is best known for the outstanding collection of natural amphitheaters scattered along the southwestern park. The Capitol Reef National Park is about 60 miles long but only 6 miles wide. This boasts a desert landscape that was designated a national monument a couple of decades before it was even open to the public. It has only been accepting visitors for the past 60 years. Zion National Park is aptly named as it has one dominating feature that makes it a popular spot near the town of Springdale. The Zion Canyon is 15 miles long with a depth of nearly 3000 feet which has been the backdrop for many outstanding family photos and selfies!
While that is impressive in its own right, there are also 8 national monuments in the state which draw crowds. The Cedar Breaks is a natural amphitheater that has an elevation rim of over 10,000 feet. The Dinosaur Quarry has been preserved for over 100 years in Moffat County. The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is a very remote area and was in fact the last part of the country to be mapped. Located at the junction of Armstrong Canyon and White Canyon sits the Natural Bridges National Monument which has the 13th largest natural bridge in the world! Bears Ears is the most recent area to be declared a national monument in 2016 by President Barack Obama and rounds out the list alongside Hovenweep, Rainbow Bridge, and Timpanogos Cave. With all the outdoor adventure that awaits in Utah, there is no time to waste sitting in lineups to buy marijuana seeds so ensure that you get your weed seeds for sale online from Kind Seed Co and never miss a second of the breathtaking beauty and action that awaits!
Up until 2017, Utah counted itself lucky as the least populous state in the country to be home to a major pro sports league. Thankfully, the city of Las Vegas and the Golden Knights took this mantle from them, and now they can no longer be a footnote when discussing pro sports in the U.S. The largest city in the state is home to the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association. Their home games are played at Vivint Smart Home Arena which has been bought and paid for by the company bearing its name but also pays homage to the large technological industry that is emerging in the Mormon State. While the Utah Jazz NBA team has experienced success and boasts Hall of Famers Karl Malone and John Stockton as local legends, it is Real Salt Lake of Major League Soccer that can lay claim to the only major pro sports franchise in the state to have won a national championship. Real Salt Lake, who plays their home games at Rio Tinto Stadium, won the MLS Cup in 2009. When money is tight but the thirst for pro soccer needs to be quenched, Real Monarchs of the USL and Utah Royals FC of the National Women’s Soccer League are great options. When money is tight and the thirst to buy marijuana seeds is real, then grab your marijuana seeds for sale from a trusted and reputable online cannabis seed bank like Kind Seed Co. Football fans in the state miss the old Utah Blaze and instead have to turn to the collegiate ranks for their pigskin action. While seven schools participate in Division 1 action in the NCAA there are 3 that get all of the attention for playing in the Football Bowl Subdivision. These are, of course, the University of Utah Utes, Utah State Aggies, and Brigham Young University Cougars (BYU). The latter is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While this school is owned by the Mormon church it does allow non-Mormon student-athletes to play but they are required to take a minimum of 3 credits in their religious credits per semester!
There are many colleges and universities in the state. Four of the largest schools in the state are public institutions. The largest of these schools is Utah Valley University located in Orem, followed by the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Weber State University in Ogden, and Utah State University in Logan. The only top-five nationally recognized enrollment school in the state that is not public, is the privately owned Brigham Young University located in Provo. One of the unique features of attending BYU is that students must agree and adhere to an honor code that is not enforceable at public schools. This honor code largely revolves around chastity, dress, drugs, alcohol, and personal grooming. The most controversial portion of the honor code revolves around the LGBTQ policies. The school makes a distinction between attraction and behavior. Same-gender attraction is not prohibited but it defines homosexual behavior as inappropriate. LGBTQ students who engage in sexual relations or any form of physical intimacy are at risk of expulsion. These outdated policies, unfortunately, fall in line with some of the laws and regulations in the state around marijauna.

Recreational Marijuana and Smoking in Utah

One might think that being surrounded by Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado would have a positive effect on recreational cannabis seeds for sale in the Beehive State. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Utah has a history of being a staunch opponent of marijauana as it was one of the first states in the USA to ban cannibus back in 1915. It continues to remain illegal for recreational uses in the state. This does not come as a large surprise due to the conservative background of many residents of the state. Any use of recreational drugs is not allowed under the Mormon faith, which makes up over half of the state’s population. This could be one of the main reasons that recreational marijuana advocates have made little headway in their fight up to this point.
Smoking cannabis in Utah is going to come with penalties if caught so one would be wise to tread lightly and carefully if thinking of flouting the draconian laws still on the books. Being so close to several neighboring states like Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada where it is fully legal can often provide enough of an incentive to visit.

Can You Possess Recreational Marijuana in Utah?

The laws in Utah are pretty straight forward when it comes to possessing marijuana for recreational purposes. Anyone caught with marijuana can face fines and possible jail time. If you are caught with less than an ounce, also 28 grams, you could be charged with a misdemeanor that carries a maximum fine of $1000 and up to 6 months in the slammer. If you are caught with anything between an ounce and a pound of cannabis then you face a misdemeanor charge that carries up to a year in jail and a fine of $2500. Once you exceed the 1 pound threshold of marijuana but stay below 100 pounds, it will move you into a felony charge that brings a $5000 fine and up to 5 years in the big house. If you exceed the century mark in poundage, then the penalties stiffen again and a felony with up to 15 years in prison and a fine of $10000 is likely to come your way. Of note is that the state does not have any conditional release policies that allow first-time offenders a proverbial slap on the wrist but has recently implemented House Bill 431 which creates an automatic expunging of certain convictions from one’s records. This includes misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions and took effect in May of 2020. Unfortunately, a dark cloud that hangs over most of the country also rears its ugly head in Utah. According to the ACLU, if you are an African American in Utah caught with marijuana, you are over 3.75 times as likely to be arrested for possession than your white counterparts.
Possession of marijuana paraphernalia is also illegal in the state. Owning something like a pipe or bong could fetch a misdemeanor charge, $1000 fine and up to 6 months in jail as well. If you are caught selling paraphernalia, then you could face the same penalties with an increase in the fine to $2500 but note that selling to minors changes the charge to a felony and carries up to 5 years in prison and a $5000 fine.

The Mormon State and Cannabis Growing

Utah has an abundance of land when compared to its population base. Unfortunately, many of these vast open spaces are not allowed to recreationally grow fabulous canabis seeds from Kind Seed Co due to their outdated laws. Regrettably, things are not looking positive for recreational growing in large part to their large base of religious views that frown upon drugs, even ones that can be considered far more medicinal than others. The state views cultivation in the same category as it views possession of marijuana. While the punishments for possessing under an ounce of ganja are tough enough, anyone who has grown the pot seeds for sale they purchased online knows that sticking to under an ounce is extremely difficult and most likely not worth the effort. This almost guarantees recreational cultivators to automatically jump into the category of 1-year imprisonment and a $2500 fine.
Thankfully there does seem to be one area of exemption that could become useful for some in the Beehive state. The 2018 legislation that approved medical marijuana, permits the cultivation of medical marijuana for approved patients under a very specific circumstance. All approved patients that live further than 100 miles from a dispensary are legally permitted to grow autoflower seeds, cbd seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, and any type of marijuana seed that is on the market. Kind Seed Co is a one-stop-shop to get your hands on premium pot seeds and begin growing your outstanding stash of medical marijuana.

Utah Seed Bank: What is it?

A Utah Seed Bank is where you want to go when you are looking for marijuana seeds. You can look for a storefront seed bank or search for an online cannabis seed bank. Storefronts offer the convenience of having the seeds at the ready when you are able to make it down there. Unfortunately, the sad reality with store fronts is that they are expensive to operate and like many other businesses, are not going to be able to offer the abundance of selection that an online seed bank can. Anything from inventory issues, a reduced catalog of strains, or merely a poor strain selector at the helm might underwhelm you.
When you visit an online cannabis seed bank like Kind Seed Co you are going to have a vast selection of magnificent strains. All of the strains are sourced from expert breeders and of the utmost quality. Low overhead costs allow the investment in the seed bank to be placed into state-of-the-art storage and shipping methods. The enthusiastic staff are knowledgeable and can find a fabulous strain for everyone. Best of all, there is no need to take the time to run an errand when you need your seeds. Simply hop online on a convenient device and within a few minutes, you can get back to your day and we will be working hard to fill your order and have it delivered to your doorstep faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Can I Buy Seeds in The Friendly State?

While the Friendly State is not so friendly to marijuana enthusiasts, cannabis seeds are perfectly legal in the state and across the entire nation. Marijuana seeds are considered an adult novelty item that is legal as long as they remain ungerminated. High quality marijuana seeds are able to be stored for a significant period of time so there is no hurry to use them once you have purchased. Store them in a dark, cool, and dry environment and you are all set. An optimal way to store your down the road seeds is to use a small fridge that does not get a lot of use. Keep them in their original packaging and place them in an airtight container. Place them in the fridge that is set between 42 and 46℉ and limit the times the door is opened and exposed to light and you will be golden.

Medical Cannabis in Utah

While recreational marijuana has achieved little success in Utah, the state moved a step closer to the 21st century by passing ballot Proposition 2. Known as the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, it was ultimately amended by the legislature a month later and officially signed into law by the governor as HB3001 which went into effect immediately. This was not without some significant restrictions still placed upon the program. Approved patients in Utah are allowed to consume marijuana products by tablet, capsule, liquid suspension, gelatinous cube, wax or resin, concentrated oil, and transdermal preparation but are restricted from smoking it. From 2018 to 2020, you were able to legally possess and consume marijuana with a recommendation letter from your physician. As of 2021, you must be a medical marijuana cardholder to participate in the program.
You are legally allowed to possess a 1 month supply based on the dosage from your doctor. This is not to exceed 4 ounces of flower though or more than 20 grams of THC.

Female Photoperiod Weed Seeds and Female Autoflower Marijuana Seeds in The Friendly State

Oftentimes there are some confusing terms for newbies when searching for marijuana seeds. A pair of the most common types of strains on the market are female photoperiod and auto-flower seeds. They both have their place in the cannabis community but do have some stark differences.
First off, female seeds, aka feminized seeds, are those that only contain female genetics. This is achieved through strict conditioning of female plants to develop pollination sacs which lead to the pollination of other females. This is desirable when you are looking for the largest quantity of buds from your flowers because the females do most of the heavy lifting in terms of nug production.
Photoperiod seeds are those that have required a change in their access to light in order to transition from vegetating to flowering. During the vegetative stage, photoperiod plants are going to enjoy large portions of the day soaking in the light source, often on an 18/6 schedule, and growing vertically and spreading laterally. When the exposure to light is reduced, the plant is going to refocus its energy on producing flowers and stop vegetating. These types of seeds require a little more TLC and knowledge of growing marijuana from seed. They typically have a longer life cycle and are going to produce a stronger yield.
Auto-flowering seeds on the other hand are exactly as their name implies. They will automatically flower without a change in their lighting. These types of cannabis seeds produce plants that flower based on maturity rather than any changes to their lighting. They will have shorter vegetative and flowering cycles and produce quicker harvests. These speedy harvests often come at the expense of yields that are as generous as photoperiods. These types of seeds require less attention and knowledge and are a great option for beginners. They have all been bred with a ruderalis strain which also increases its hardiness and ability to thrive in a wider variety of environments.
For all of your photoperiod and auto-flower cannabis seed needs, check out the extensive catalog at the Kind Seed Co.

Buy Regular Seeds in Utah

We just learned about female or feminized seeds. Regular seeds are the opposite of that and are the throwback, original type of seed that came strictly from mother nature. These seeds contain male and female genetics and are a literal crapshoot as to whether they produce male or female plants.
While female plants are going to produce the best yields, male plants have their purpose as well. They are going to pollinate females and produce more seeds for future use. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of potency and quantity of bodacious buds. When you are using regular seeds to harvest a yield as large as possible, it is going to be vital that you remove males as soon as they are identified to reduce the effect they have on the harvest. They can often be identified by sexing your plants, often as early as 4 to 6 weeks.
Regular seeds are great for those looking to harvest some seeds for future use or breeders who are wanting to have an abundance of seeds to experiment with in pursuit of that next iconic strain!

Utah USA Weed Seeds

Everybody knows that the best things in the world come from the good old United States of America. Marijuana seeds are no exception to this rule. Sure, there have been fantastic strains that have come from around the world but the best place for killer strains like, the wedding cake strain is right here at home. The Kind Seed Co knows the value of the Made in America stamp and specializes in strains that are produced locally. Some of the best strains the world has ever seen got their start right here in the west.
At the Kind Seed Co, we have everything from buzz worthy sativa strains, calming indica strains, and all of the hybrids that fall in between. If THC is not your jam, there is not going to be an issue as we have some of the finest CBD strains that the USA has to offer as well. Show your patriotic colors and get all of your USA Weed Seeds today!

Utah Federal Judicial District Seats

Utah is known for having some of the harshest and most punitive marijuana laws in the nation. It often seems to pride itself on not following the trends and resisting progress. This inevitably means that when you dabble with majestic marijuana, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law. If this happens, you must know your rights before you head into the courthouse and find yourself paying the piper!
If you are arrested in the Friendly State, you are likely going to end up in one of the Judicial Districts in Utah. These two judicial seats are located in the state capitol, Salt Lake City as well as the town of St. George.

Most Popular Utah Cities to Grow Cannabis

There are vast swaths of untamed land in Utah that would be great for setting up shop and growing your own marijuana from seed. Unfortunately, at this point, there is not carte blanche to do so. Once it becomes legal to grow weed to your heart’s content, here are some great areas to get started.
Salt Lake City is the most populous city in the state and is known for smart individuals who would be fantastic at growing the best grass around. While there, residents and visitors love the beautiful plaza at Temple Square. The historic Utah State Capitol Building has fabulous exhibits and tours and allows you to fully understand the history of the Beehive State. While waiting in line for a tour, there could be nothing better than ordering your next batch of marijuana seeds online from the convenience of your smartphone. With such a large Mormon contingent in the state, there are many places of worship. None will compare though to the ornate and iconic Salt Lake Temple. The music lover has been known to enchant their eardrums with the outdoor concerts and beautiful botanical gardens at the Red Butte Garden before a tasty bite or savory sip from some of the finest establishments in the state. If you happened to be flying high while in town, there could be nothing trippier than the laser light show or 3D IMAX movies at the Clark Planetarium. When you are feeling contemplative, simply head over to the Tracy Aviary and Botanical Gardens. Lastly, there is nothing more aptly named in Utah than Liberty Park. This perfect park boasts a lavish lake, an astounding aviary, and a magnificent museum that will be a hit with a wide variety of people.
West Valley City resides in Salt Lake County and is a popular suburb just outside of Salt Lake City. The most attractive landmark in the city is the Maverik Center. This is the home of the Utah Grizzlies ice hockey team that entertains as a part of the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL). When you want to catch a glimpse of the legendary Wasatch Mountains, many have ventured out to the USANA Amphitheatre. This is a 20,000 seat outdoor theatre that hosts many different events while simultaneously offering stunning views of the mountains. The city is home to over 100,000 people who are scattered throughout many fabulous neighborhoods. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in the area are Redwood, Chesterfield, West Granger, Lake Park, West Hunter, Oquirrh, and Woodhaven. This down to earth city received a lot of fanfare when it presented a key to the city to Axl Rose, lead vocalist of Guns N Roses in 2011. This ceremony happened shortly after the rock group performed at the Maverik Center after it had been revealed that the legendary band would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Most of all though, West Valley City is known for its fabulous park system that has many gems in its arsenal. The Valley Regional Park is enjoyed year-round with a bevy of recreation options. Lodestone Park has a playground with a zip line that is a hit with kids and adults alike. Then there are lesser-known areas like Southridge Park and South Park that are enjoyed by locals who love that the tourists have not found them yet!
Provo is located to the south of Salt Lake City and sits along the Wasatch Front. It is the proud home of Brigham Young University. If you head a few miles northeast of the city you are going to reach the Sundance Resort which has visitors loving the slopes of Mount Timpanogos. Alpine skiing has been thrilling visitors here since 1944. If anyone has ever been to Provo in July, they are likely to have experienced America’s Freedom Festival at Provo. This is an annual event held to celebrate the patriotic nature of those who live here. A night out on the town will often include a stop at the Covey Center for the Arts for a show, ballet, or musical performance. It would not be a Utah city without a strong Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint’s presence. Provo is home to the LDS Church Missionary Training Center. Here, future missionaries are trained for 3-9 weeks before heading off on their work. Those who stop here for business have likely attended a conference or meeting at the Utah Valley Convention Center.
West Jordan is named after the nearby Jordan River. It sits at an elevation of 4,330 feet in the foothills of the Oquirrh Mountains. The city lays claim to the largest man-made excavation site and the deepest open-mine pit anywhere in the world. It is traditionally known as the Bingham Canyon Mine, but locals simply refer to it as the Kennecott Copper Mine. It is home to 17 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 2 high schools in addition to Salt Lake Community College and Broadview University. All of this means that you never need to leave the city to get a quality education. As many green thumbs know, conservation of resources can be vital to the sustainability of our future as well as good for future crops. All of these ideals are on full display at the Conservation Garden Park where they showcase water-wise landscaping. Summer BBQs and outdoor parties are often had at Veterans Memorial Park where good friends are mixed with good eats for great memories! With the emerging tech landscape in the states, heading out to the ATV trails can be a good way to mix nature with technology. Ripping around on an ATV or flying dope drones can be done at the camp you and your buds have set up.
Orem is located in the northern portion of the state. It is home to the Orem Owiz of the Pioneer Baseball league. They play their home games at Utah Valley University. Orem is affectionately known as Family City USA and can boast that it was rated in the top 5 best places to raise a family according to Forbes magazine. Being home to Utah Valley University has residents and visitors going to cheer on the Wolverines athletic teams at UCCU Center, UCCU Ballpark, Clyde Field, or Wolverine Stadium. If you want to get back to the great outdoors in Orem, head out to the Murdock Canal Trail or the Mount Timpanogos Park.

Buy High CBD Seeds in Utah

Due to the restrictions on THC in the state, the best option for premium cannabis seeds are going to be high CBD seeds and Kind Seed Co has some of the best.
This sativa dominant hybrid has a THC to CBD ratio of 1:18. It is relaxing and comfortable and is going to ease whatever ails you. There will be little to no psychoactive properties to hinder the things you need to get accomplished.
CBD Cheese
This balanced hybrid is going to allow you to bliss out. It has a THC to CBD ratio of 1:2 which will bring relaxation, euphoria, and focus to the table. It has been widely used to combat arthritis, migraines, mild depression, muscle aches, and stress. When growing this strain it does not respond well to stress training.
CBD Blueberry
When you need relief from a variety of ailments but cannot be bogged down by any psychoactive properties, this indica dominant hybrid is for you. It is a 1:16 THC to CBD strain that is often reached for by those dealing with epilepsy, MS, chronic pain as well as a host of other ailments.
CBD Karma Kush
CBD Karma Kush is a classic CBD indica. The plants have compact buds that will amaze you with their therapeutic and relaxing properties. With less than 1% THC they are a great source of relief without any of the brain fog.
CBD Harlequin
This is the gold standard when it comes to pain and anxiety in the CBD world. The CBD content of this strain has been known to counteract the paranoia of THC while enhancing the painkilling properties.
These are just a few of the phenomenal strains that are available at the Kind Seed Co. Our extensive catalog has all of the best cannabis seeds to be grown in Utah. Start stockpiling your seeds today so you are ready when legalization is fully unleashed.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Kind Seed Co presents some ideas that is not legal advice below. Read on at your own risk and always consult a legal professional in your state. Kind Seed Co is your favorite souvenir seed store online in Utah.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Utah ?

    Yes, buying souvenir marijuana seeds for collecting, trading and novelty purposes is legal in Utah. Save all 500 strains for a day when laws change and germination is legal. Please do not germinate your seeds in Utah.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Utah ?

    pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Utah ?

    Visit Kind Seed Co. Add some strains to cart. Check out and pay using credit card or other digital options including Zelle, Dogecoin etc. Please use your real personal information so that verification process goes smoothly. We never share your information with anyone for any reason.

    Are Utah Seeds grown in Utah ?

    No, its highly unlikely that anyone selling Utah cannabis seeds actually grew them in UT. It can take many years of legal industry for a state to start producing specialty cannabis seeds such as autoflowering or feminized. The genetics and process involved to scale a seed operation is considerable. You can be 100% skeptical if anyone tries to sell you Utah marijuana seeds.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Utah ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Utah ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Utah ?

    Yes. Updated rules as of July 1, 2021 include needing to purchase from Utah Pharmacy and not from out of state.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Utah ?

    No unless you are one of the eight cultivators awarded a contract with the Utah Department of Agriculture.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Utah ?

    No unless you are one of the lucky eight cultivators with contract from the Utah Department of Agriculture.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Utah ?

    Yes, if you are part of the medical program.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Utah ?

    Yes, if you have a patient or caregivers license.

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