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Wisconsin is known for having harsh marijuana laws. Where pretty much the rest of America is jumping on board with what their citizens want, the impetus behind socially constructed law, the Badger State is slow to learn. But this stretch of land is no stranger to Mary Jane. Though only recently has it climbed back on the horse of hemp, Wisconsin’s large-scale production used to be crucial to the economy of the U.S.
This place also boasts incredible history, geography, education and agricultural industry. Original settlers of this region were early nomadic tribes called Paleo-Indians who wandered here during the glaciation period of 10,000 BCE. Peoples of the early Archaic period colonized the area, subsisting on foraging wild plants and hunting wild animals. This gave way to the Woodland Period, during which plants were first domesticated, giving rise to agriculture and civilization. Mississippian and Oneaotan tribes would give way to the Ioway and Ho-Chunk nations who would greet the first European colonial settlers who arrived on the shores of America in the first part of a new millennium. Post removal of native-American populations in the region, there was not so much connection to the earth as there had been and lead-mining and farming became the first moves of industrial expansion.
Geographically speaking, Wisconsin is in a great spot for growing weed and the quality of the soil here has been time-tested and remains some of the richest in the country. Sitting on Lake Superior and bordering Michigan to the North, Lake Michigan to the East, Illinois to the South and Iowa and Minnesota to the West, Wisconsin is surrounded by rich history and majestic beauty. The 1.5 million-acre Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest extends throughout the Northern Highland’s incredible forests. This is one of the larger national parks in the country, laying claim to an incredible number of hardwood and coniferous tree species. This classification of biosphere is paramount to the ongoing health of surrounding natural environments, though the oxygen produced here, like that of the great Brazilian rainforest, is used by its natural inhabitants. The Northern Highland is also home to thousands of glacial lakes, leftover from the period of the same name over 10,000 years ago, and boasts the highest point in the state, Timms Hill, at 1,951.5 feet. Wisconsin ridges include the Niagara Escarpment, famous for its housing the formidable drop of Niagara Falls, and is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. This incredible large natural formation runs from New York, through Ontario, Canada, Wisconsin and Illinois and is home to the oldest and largest protected area of natural old-growth forest in Eastern North America. There is a lot more to Wisconsin geography, but we hope this has made a sufficient enough introduction to spark interest and reverence for beauty.
Our climate is fantastic as well. Much of the state is classified as warm humid subtropical with Southern portions of the state boasting hot humid subtropical. These are summer classifications and, although the South is classified as hot, temperatures rarely break 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are quite a bit different than the summer months. The position of this state brings snow, and lots of it. While Southern spots in Wisconsin can see up to 40 inches or more of the cold white stuff, northern portions along the Great Lakes areas can see as much as 160 inches per season. That is a lot of snow and, though storms are not as serious as some neighbouring states, when the wind kicks up off the lakes, you know you’re experiencing winter. These massive shifts in temperature and weather make for a pretty short growing season for outdoor enthusiasts, but Wisconsin knows its agriculture and makes the most out of it.
Speaking of agriculture, ranked first in the country, this state is home to over 60,000 farms operated by over 400,000 people and generating over 80 billion dollars per annum to the state’s economy. The staple crop here is corn, used to feed the incredibly massive dairy and livestock industries, though cranberries, soybeans and potatoes are also major income makers. Wisconsin has been known for generations for its cheese and its calving and livestock industries continue to boom. Due to intense international pressure for countries to exercise stricter ethics and animal rights laws, the state of Wisconsin has adapted to a greener and more compassionate take on food farming, though there is much room to grow. Ginseng, snap peas, tart cherries, maple syrup and farming goats for milk are also high up on the list of reasons why Wisconsin is number one and the more than 14 million acres of land dedicated to generating agricultural benefit for millions is a testament to the efficacy of this state’s penchant for positive growth.
Growth of the people started early, as far as American education goes. Following the Civil War, dairy country, Michigan and Minnesota were at the forefront of emerging educational prowess in the U.S. Since the formation of The Wisconsin Idea, which promoted best practices and ideals for colleges, universities, public education and politics in the state, there has always been an emphasis on generating a more literate, better-educated and empowered population of people. Though this movement has proven a sunny aspect of educational history within the state, it did not stretch beyond WI borders. As far as the Wisconsin Idea influenced politics, it became a testing ground for democracy in the U.S. and meant to ensure sound legislation in order to promote the greatest benefit of citizens. So, politics and education have always had a stronghold here. There are few places in America where the best interests of the people have been so long held in high regard and we await the day when then present-day leadership will catch on to the billions more they can reap from legalized marijuana and the great benefit that this favored flower provides for so many individuals, all around the world.
Providing an avenue of artistic escape is also on Wisconsin hearts and minds. The government of this state provides a multitude of grants for artists of all kinds. Multiple galleries and natural history museums and archives are establishments instilling a sense of wonder and amazement for many and are speckled throughout the state. One aspect of art which is universal in its application is the principle of creation and citizens of WI are no stranger to making things come alive. The brewery industry has been a major contributor to the WI economy since mass German migration began to make up the Midwest. As the world knows, Milwaukee is famous for its beer and, apparently thanks to a colder climate, people here drink. This state consistently sits at or near the top of American alcohol-consumption per-capita, though reported events involving alcohol are among the lowest in the country. Miller, Hibernia, New Glarus, Augsburger-Huber, Milwaukee Schlitz and Schlitz Malt, Leinenkugel, Heileman, Stevens Point and Pabst are all major players in the brewing industry of Wisconsin.
In the meantime, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy here. Lambeau Stadium is home to the Green Bay Packers NFL franchise, the pride of Wisconsin’s athletic zone. The Packers were an early addition to the National Football League, arriving in 1921, after their second year running. This team has packed in so many NFL titles that Green Bay boasts the nickname ‘titletown’. The Milwaukee Brewers Major League Baseball franchise continues to attract millions of fans each season and the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team cap the Eastern Conference, slamming backboards since 1968. But major league teams can’t lay claim to all the sports here. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy hiking any number of the 1,200 miles of the Ice Age Trail, taking advantage of the few short months of summer. Tourists and travellers enjoy taking a walk through Pattison State Park to take in the majesty of the 165-foot Big Manitou Falls, or take in the view at Wyalusing.
Famous the country over, Pope Farm Conservancy’s fields of sunflowers are worth a trip to Middleton. Biking and quadding enthusiasts enjoy the Driftless Area’s hilly terrain. This region is shared by Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and, of course, Wisconsin. Winter sports are also of major importance here. You need to get out and take in the vitamin D when the weather is darker and colder. Snowmobiling, ice-fishing, winter camping, backpacking, dog sledding and ice-climbing are all fast fun in this state and there is no shortage of guides to get you to the promised land and home again safely.
So, there is a lot to boast of in this state. Few are the drawbacks to living in a place as dedicated to education and democracy. There aren’t many places where one can enjoy a full four seasons, complete with all of the activities any indoor or outdoor enthusiast could hope for. All of this natural beauty, education, politics and industry makes for much benefit for the people, but there is one thing missing: legal weed!
Weed doesn’t just begin and end here with state laws and regulations. Municipalities all over the Dairy State are taking charge of their own space. Places like Madison are on the right side of allowing their citizens to do some of their own research and just may be the first municipality in the state to allow its citizens to grow their own. For when that wonder-filled day arrives, Kind Seed Co has the cannabis seeds for sale that cheeseheads could be hoping for. With over 450 strains in our arsenal, there is no chance you could leave hungry. Check us out to get the best seeds in the land delivered right to your door, complete with a full customer satisfaction guarantee!

Is It Legal to Smoke Cannabis Recreationally in Wisconsin?

Widely popular 420 Music Festivals and events attract visitors from all over Wisconsin, feature intoxicating lineups of entertainers and are generally just a good time for everyone. They are a great place where those rebellious few can have a puff in public in the name of the cause.
The largest and longest-running marijuana festival in U.S. history, The Great Midwestern Marijuana Harvest Festival, also calls this state home. Organized by marijuana activist and captain of cannabis rights Ben Masel in 1971, and overseen until his death in 2011, this massive gathering features music, opportunities for education, talks on policy, artisans and a vibe that harkens back to the civil and free-speech activism of days gone by. Though it is impressive, and these moments instill hope and a sense of pride to pot puffers everywhere, to smoke marijauna in the Dairy State on any other day is a dangerous business.
Though neighbouring states are seeing some freedoms where weed is concerned, there is little leniency to speak of in Wisconsin. Getting caught smoking weed here will usually mean trouble, the depth of which will depend on how much weed you have on you or where you were caught smoking it. Though certain municipalities have relaxed penalties for simple possession charges, there are some constants. If you are anywhere within 1000 feet of any area having to do with youth, such as a school or a daycare, or any drug treatment centre, jail or housing project, this will land you an extra 100 hours of community service on top of the standard punishment for marijuana possession.
So, recreationalists have it a bit tough here, so unless you have a medical card, it is not wise to get caught toking. But what about those medical patients? How do they manage? Well, we will get to that in a minute, but for now, let us make it clear that to smoke weed in this state is to take a serious risk.
But you can still buy marijuana seeds. There is no set law against collecting and trading seeds, though in some instances, and in larger amounts, they may be considered paraphernalia. In these cases, the owner may be subject to some harsh penalties.

Can You Possess Recreational Marijuana in Wisconsin?

Possessing recreational marijuana in the Badger State is illegal. The only legal weed here is high CBD weed with .3%THC or less. Caregivers are not even allowed to possess here, especially not recreational weed.
Though legalization and mass monetization have swept across America, there has been an increase in cannabis-related convictions here. This has led to instability in the job and housing markets, forcing decreased quality of life for those who become excluded from the realm of opportunity within society.
Penalties for possession are pretty harsh here. Getting caught with any amount of cannabis as a first offence is a misdemeanor, though it carries a fine of $1000 and 6 months in jail. A subsequent offence of any amount is a felony and carries a punishment of $10,000 and 3.5 years in the slammer.
All charges for sale and sale with intent are felonies and punishments start at 3.5 years and a $10,000 fine. If you are caught growing four plants or fewer, or up to 200 grams, this is considered a felony as well and this and larger charges carry the same penalties as sale and distribution. If, by chance, you are caught in charge of a large operation, you could spend 15 years in jail and have to pay $50,000.
So, again, we do not recommend using weed here and, if you get caught moving weight, all vehicles and possessions may be subject to forfeiture. Because laws are ever changing and some towns treat marijuana differently than others, it is important to check with your local officials or municipal websites in order to be sure of what the real deal is where you are.

Can I Grow Weed from Seed in The America’s Dairyland?

This state has a long history of pot production, prohibition and now, a look back to the importance of hemp and hemp products with recently shifted production laws.
Take Whole Plant Technologies in River Falls for example. The Testabergs started cultivating and processing hemp and this turned into the successful and environmentally-friendly grow-tray system their company boasts today.
However, though the Hemp State has the perfect soil and climate for a single-season production system of some great green and the civil demand for more, it is still illegal to cultivate cannabis here. Growing weed carries serious penalties and, though much of the state could benefit from mass or home cultivation, legislators are still not hip to the many benefits of the bud – not even for medicinal purposes.
As long as a plant has less than .3% THC, it can be cultivated en-masse through a government pilot program. Testing is strict and all crops containing higher than legal THC counts are destroyed. A permit is required, of course, to grow medicinal weed and, though it would benefit individuals everywhere across America’s Dairyland, patients are still not allowed to grow their own.

What’s a Wisconsin Seed Bank?

Wisconsin is a large place, full of people who would love to grow their own weed. However, canabis seeds are not allowed to be planted and, possessing a large collection may, if you cannot prove that they are collectors items or for nutrition, may see you prosecuted on paraphernalia charges.
Though medicinal patients have dozens of options when it comes to dispensaries in this state, recreationalists and medicinal sufferers alike are still not allowed to grow here. In fact, there are only a couple places across the entire state where one can smoke a joint and get away with it legally.
The day will come to citizens of this state when gardens of ganja get the green light. In preparation for that coveted moment, we want our fellow Americans to have an exciting, fun and educational experience. To that end, we have tonnes of weed seeds for sale online, we are happy to help navigate the maze and we are happy to ship everywhere across the U.S.A. If you would like to start a collection for the day when you are allowed to grow, then great! We have you covered.
Indica, sativa, hybrid, CBD, auto, fast and feminized seeds are all available online through Kind Seed.

Can I Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in The Dairy State?

The fast answer to that question is ‘yes’. Just because you can’t plant seeds somewhere doesn’t mean that they themselves are illegal, though there are a couple catches. The Federal Government has declared marijuana legal in this country, but individual municipalities still have jurisdiction over what happens within their walls.
Kind Seed Co is happy to supply seeds all over the states, but in Wisconsin, this is a bit of a sticky issue. State law is hazy around seeds and, if you have large numbers of them and get caught, they may be considered paraphernalia. This is because they assist in the cultivation of THC-based marijuana.
So, though you can purchase seeds through us and we will ship them to you speedily and discreetly, getting caught with heaps of them isn’t a good idea. Paraphernalia charges include three sections:

  1. Use or intent to use paraphernalia – misdemeanor, 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.
  2. Sale or distribution of paraphernalia – misdemeanor, 90 days in jail and a $1000 fine.
  3. Selling to a minor – misdemeanor, 9 months in jail and a $10,000 fine.

So, authorities in this majestic state are not looking to bust anyone for possessing seeds as long as you aren’t growing. But this is a fine opportunity to talk about the whole paraphernalia thing. According to Wisconsin law, anything which is used toward the propagation, growth, cultivation, containing, transporting, testing or use of marijuana is considered paraphernalia.
We recommend practicing a bit of discretion here. Finding weed seeds for sale and collecting these peas is fun and the prospect of being allowed to grow here one day is exciting. Though it seems silly to some, these laws are real and punishments severe, so take it easy and keep it on the DL.

Is Medical Weed Legal in Wisconsin?

Though recreational consumers and patients who would otherwise be assisted by the benefits of THC have it rough, medicinal cannibus is legal here and there are numerous dispensaries operating within the state. This is a recent and welcome break for those suffering in Wisconsin. This is because now, though low-THC, high-CBD cannabis has been legal since 2014, citizens no longer have to travel to find relief.
Marijuana with .3% THC or less is considered legal here for those who have received written consent from their doctor and are registered. Those high-CBD strains, famous for assisting sufferers with the treatment of all sorts of pain and trauma, are allowed for possession and use in this state, within municipal guidelines. Some municipalities do not allow for buds to be purchased and still only offer marijuana in tincture, topical and oil forms.
For those optimistic planners out there, we have heaps of fantastic CBD seeds, highlighting the many strains and terpene profiles which are proven favorites for many medicinal sufferers. We hope that one day legislators will relax enough to allow their medicinal communities to get off some of the prescription drugs and get into growing a bit of organic medicine. But until that time, we are pleased to help those curious in deciding the right strains for them and are always available to ship you a hand-picked package of seeds.

Buy Female Pot Seed and Female Autoflower Weed Seeds in The Dairy State

We want the world to buy and grow marijuana seeds. We know how much of a joy it can be to grow feminized and feminized autoflower seeds, and we hope that those living in the Dairy State get to taste this freedom one day.
Feminization comes down to chromosomes. The seeds are bred to inherit only the X so, instead of just as many Ys as there are Xs, as is the case with regular seeds, those Ys are replaced, and the seeds then become exclusively X-chromosome carriers.
Whether photoperiod or autoflower, feminized seeds take much of the anxiety out of parenting a crop of cannabis. Bred using only female pollen, the marvels of complex biology come to fruition in these creatures. We have consistently seen close to 100% female success rates, and we cultivate for stability. This means that your seeds are reliable, genetically strong, and that they will pop a female plant nearly all the time.
This is especially important in the case of an autoflower. Because of the auto’s tendency to show male flowers, cultivators of autoflowering crops should start to pay extra attention at around the two or three week mark. This is when the plant will begin to show signs of pre flower and we recommend, if you do spot some sacs on the grow, to simply pluck them and go about business as usual. Vigilance here can make for a stress-free grow.
Buy our numerous marijuana seeds for sale as a distinct and important section of your collection. Seeds keep a long time, most likely longer than laws will keep gardeners at bay, and the lineages of many strains are important to preserve.

Buy Natural Marijuana Seeds in Wisconsin

Since the early days of America, Wisconsin has been a historically essential state for hemp production. So many generations of farmers know the importance of a great natural seed and, as marijuana laws progress throughout the country, having some of these precious seeds on hand can’t be a bad idea.
For the mass cultivators who enjoy growing medicinal strains designed for WI sufferers, our selection of natural medicinal seeds can’t be beat. We have medicinal strains ranging from pure CBD to 20:1 strains designed to get users right twisted while supplying that kick of CBD necessary to ongoing healing.
Those who enjoy taking their chances, experimenting in collecting pollen and making artisan crosses at home can also enjoy these beans and we ship everywhere across the nation. More and more, cannabis consumers and home growers are stepping into the realm of cross-pollination.
So, the Wisconsin Kind Seed Co is here for all our breeders too! We specialize in supplying large volumes of seeds to those who go through a lot of them. Remember how we talked about the X and Y chromosome situation? Well, it is thanks to the dedication of breeders around the world that cannabis communities have been able to enjoy and investigate marijuana in America since the turn of the 20th century.
Our ongoing dedication to maintaining stability and preserving endangered genetics, as well as, providing the very height of novelty to our connoisseurs out there ensures that all of our natural seeds, no matter what the strain, are reliable and ready to go.

Wisconsin and American Weed Seeds

All Americans looking for marijuana seeds for sale have a friend in us. Our seeds are 100% homegrown under the flag of red, white and blue. We support our fellow citizens as we together can be the strongest and most important voice in the nation. When we call for change, change must come and hopefully it won’t be long until the Dairy State sees growth in the green direction.
When you want something popular like wedding cake strain or Super Lemon Haze, we are here for you. When you want something special like our recent blend of Black Domina x OG Kush or our prized Cookies and Cream, we are here for you with tonnes of options. We literally have hundreds to choose from. We also continue to breed landrace strains from around the world right here in the U.S.A. and offer these time-honoured genetics up to you, the commercial and home breeders and growers.
No matter whether you are a solitary home grower or you are running a multi-million-dollar medical cannabis enterprise, let us be your trusted American seed distributor. Specializing in larger amounts of seeds, though we do offer packages sized for the home cultivator, we are prepared to handle whatever sized order you need delivered. On larger orders, we cannot guarantee the efficacy of every seed, though we do consistently see success-rates of nearly 100%.

Wisconsin Federal Judicial District Seats

So, there is a mess of dichotomy in WI right now between state officials and the masses of cannabis consumers out there. Also, we are seeing certain seeds of sedition in some civil centres of this state, speaking to the solidarity amongst supporters and ongoing insurgence of the seed.
The Eastern territories of Green Bay and Milwaukee have not quite gotten on board with the pot power movement and, though laws seem in staunch opposition to any sort of flower freedom, other municipalities have seen some recent steps in the right direction.
The Western territory of Madison has recently legalized recreational marijuana up to 25 grams for those aged 18 and over and has reduced public use and possession fines to $1. This move to reduce fines to such a miniscule number serves as an obvious affront to any political opposition and is a major win for any cannabis consumer who loves to shake a fist at the man.
Overall, we should be watching states like this one quite closely. Things are in fast-forward motion here. We sit on the precipice of major legislative change, though it may take a couple years. Thank the bud gods that seeds can be kept viable for up to ten years in some cases. Much longer than any citizen of Wisconsin should have to wait to plant.

5 Most Popular Cities in Wisconsin to Grow Marijuana

There is a lot going on here concerning marijauana. For generations, there have been celebrations and free-rights actions of all sorts and sizes, speaking to the efficacy of pot in making life a little more manageable, a little less hostile and to the vast and diverse array of its medicinal benefits.
Milwaukee has been at the forefront of marijuana activism in America ever since Ben Masel initiated the Great Midwestern Marijuana Harvest Festival in 1971. Today, tokers of all sorts enjoy the massive 420 celebrations held all around Milwaukee. Though you can’t grow here yet, there are a number of ticketed commercial cultivators in the region, producing some great hemp and medicinals.
Madison Common Council has recently voted to legalize up to an ounce for personal use in a private residence. This is an amazing step forward, leading us to believe that, though Wisconsin State officials are not hip to the herb, like some other cities across the U.S. municipal officials are taking things into their own hands.
Though recreational marijuana is still illegal in Green Bay, there are a tonne of things to do here and to enjoy some of this town’s activities with some homegrown can’t be beat. Segway, walking, biking and sight-seeing tours abound. Visiting the Packer Hall of Fame or Lambeau field for a game always makes for an exciting day for football fans and the Green Bay Botanical Garden or Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary are always welcoming to leather tramps out for an adventure.
Kenosha is a big town, legal for medicinal patients to enjoy their green, but still behind Madison in its compassion for THC. We are sure that any American citizen who wants to smoke weed or grow a little at home does so, though getting caught in Kenosha would messy up anyone’s day.
Like Kenosha, Racine is not quite there as far as weed goes. Getting caught growing in Racine is going to be a bad day for anyone, though there are some killer greens here, hard to find though if you don’t know someone. The summer breezes off Lake Michigan should make for some great grows, but alas, the day is not quite here.

Buy Lemon Cannabis Seeds in Wisconsin

So, though you are going to want to be careful with your collection of seeds, just like a great yogurt, or a flavoured chevre, lemon goes really well with weed. Here are a few select favorites from the sweeter side of our vault.
Lemon Autoflower is a 50/50 cross of Lowryder #2 and Lemon Skunk, both incredibly famous strains, vibrates peacefully throughout the body and the mind. A mid-range THC content and just enough CBD to balance out the vibes relaxes and soothes away stress and anxiety.
Afghan Kush and Lemon OG come together to form this feminized Lemon Kush Autoflower strain. Who doesn’t like the Kush family? High THC levels and a broad and complex terpene profile make this a killer weed and, in many cases, a dose of good health.
Like our Lemon Auto, Lemon Skunk Autoflower is a cross of Lowryder #2 and Lemon Skunk, but this one is super Skunk-heavy. This 70/30 blend lends a little more to the energetic side of things but has a high THC content and just enough indica to chill everything right out.
Lemon OG, a creative cross of the famed Lemon Skunk and our OG #18, is a truly friendly 50/50 hybrid. A 22% THC range is buffered by 1% of both CBD and CBN. This is a great weed for a slow and steady afternoon and is relatively easy to grow.
Who out there doesn’t like a good cross of Lemon Thai and OG Kush? Lemon Thai Kush stands out as one of our personal favorites. Serene, connected and creative, plugged-in and relaxed is what the user can experience, and her ease of growth is just one of many bonuses that come along with this stellar strain.
Wherever you live within Wisconsin and whatever your combination of needs, Kind Seed Co has the right pot seeds for sale. We house over 450 stains and we genuinely care about the preservation of the integrity of each and every one of their precious peas. We serve all Americans who wish to sprout quality ganja from home-grown seeds. Contact us any time you like. Order any time you like. We are always here, and we are always ready to get you that much closer to your green dreams.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    See below for Cannabis Updates in Wisconsin from Kind Seed Co. Our writers are not lawyers and this should not be replace legal advice. Read on at your own risk. Kind Seed Co is your online seed bank of choice in Wisconsin.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Wisconsin ?

    Yes, souvenir seeds are legal in Wisconsin. Collect all 500 from Kind Seed Co and buy marijuana seeds online today.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Wisconsin ?

    Yes, souvenir seeds are legal in Wisconsin for collector purposes. So buy some seeds today and save your doomsday seed vault now.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Wisconsin ?

    Yes, novelty seeds are legal for purchase in WI. Germinate with care and only when permitted by state authorities.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Wisconsin ?

    Yes, souvenir pot seeds are legal to collect and buy in Wisconsin.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Wisconsin ?

    No its generally not legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds in Wisconsin.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Wisconsin ?

    Buying marijuana seeds online in Wisconsin is easy. Visit Kind Seed Co and see if any seed strains peak your interest. If so, add to cart and pay for your order. Check your email for the latest updates in tracking. Your unmarked package will arrive USPS with about a week of payment confirmation. Choose Kind Seed Co for your souvenir seed online.

    Are Wisconsin Seeds grown in Wisconsin ?

    No, its very unlikely that Wisconsin Seeds are actually grown in Wisconsin.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Wisconsin ?

    The controlled substance board under the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) controls the Medical Program.

    Is Recreational Use legal in Wisconsin ?


    Is Medical Use legal in Wisconsin ?

    Yes, a limited cbd oil program exists.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Wisconsin ?


    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Wisconsin ?


    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Wisconsin ?

    No, however the medical program allows for cbd oil.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Wisconsin ?

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