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Where to Buy Cannabis Seed in The Old Dominion

Kind Seed Co online seed bank welcomes you to check out our huge selection of cannabis seeds for sale in Virginia and we are sure you will fall in love with our selection! Virginia is For Lovers may be a slogan that was created more than 50 years ago, but it still accurately sums up how people feel about the state in 2021. Whether you are a Baby Boomer, Millennial, Generation Xer, or come from Generation Z, one thing that cannot be denied is that love remains the same and Kind Seeds wants to share the love of cannabis in Virginia.
Finding the perfect strain for your home-grow can be a hassle. Local dispensaries rarely have the strains of seeds you are after. Throw all that stress out the window by checking out our massive catalog of seed varieties. With Kind Seed Co it has never been more convenient to grow the dankest buds with a huge variety of strong genetic strains. Once you make the decision to cultivate your own phenomenal marijuana, explore our seed bank and check out all the strong potent weed seeds we have to offer. For first-timers looking to get their cultivating journey started, we know it can be stressful and overwhelming. This is why we made our website user friendly so everyone can come out of it feeling excited and confident. Get your 420 seeds from a trusted location and save the hassle of having to shop around.
Virginia was named after the Virgin Queen (Queen Elizabeth I) in England. It is the state that birthed 8 United States presidents. They include Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, George Washington, Woodrow Wilson, John Tyler, William Harrison, Zachary Taylor, and James Madison. Virginia was actually a war zone and battleground back in the civil war and was home to more than half of the battles located on the soil of this state. Let us not forget about the state song Carry me back to Old Virginia which has stayed popular for decades.
Wherever you find yourself in Virginia you will likely find an incredible site that sparks your imagination. One of the many beautiful spots in this state is the Natural Bridge of Virginia. With a span of 90 feet long and 215 feet high, this national historic span is definitely worth the visit. In the 18th and 19th centuries, many people gathered at this location as it was one of the two most famous spots for European visitors. This is a stunning geological limestone formation within a gorge carved out by Cedar Creek which is a small tributary of the James River. Once owned by Thomas Jefferson, and listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the park displays nature’s vibrance. 2014 was when Natural Bridge became a state park with trails leading to different natural beauties. Stretch your legs and hit the path called Cedar Creek Trail and goes from Cascade Falls and embrace the fresh air. This trail leads you to exhibits of the local Native American tribe the Monacans. Close by are the Natural Bridge Caverns which lead to the Colossal Dome Room, the stalactites, Mirror Lake, and stalagmites which are 34 stories underground. The Natural Bridge Zoo has been known for the breeding of endangered and rare species and gives people a chance to visit with a few of the animals.
Get outside, take a deep breath of fresh air, and head to Virginia Beach to put your toes in the sand and stroll along the famous boardwalk. Chesapeake Bay Beach, Sandbridge Beach, and Virginia Beach are included in the 35 miles of sandy shores. There are fun things to do here for singles, couples, and families and the three-mile resort area along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean offers a number of attractions. For some parents, the ocean’s waves and cool temperatures can be a little intense for their kids. No need to worry. There is a place for young ones to run wild called Ocean Breeze Waterpark. This is a Caribbean themed park with a water playground and wave pool on 19-acres, and it has plenty of room for all the kids to enjoy and live their carefree life.
The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum has so much to explore and will keep you and your friends busy for hours. Take a step into the marine world when you walk through this aquarium and explore the seafloor, an 800,000-gallon aquarium, touch tanks, and hands-on exhibits. Outside you will see a few trails, along with an adventure park for all to experience.
Smack dead in the middle of Virginia beholds the Shenandoah National Park which protects the Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains range between 2000 and 4000 feet in height. With many hiking trails to take, the park is best known for all the beautiful colors everywhere you look. Your mind and body will be at peace as you embrace all this calming park has to show. Just along the park, there is a Skyline Drive that has many remarkable views and astonishing attractions. Hit the road and leave your worries behind while you enjoy all the natural beauty this state has to show you.
Just like going to the natural hot springs, the Luray Caverns are jaw-dropping with calcite build up creating an artistic natural landscape. Take a walk through this underground world and you may feel like you are in a new dimension. With everywhere you look there is a new creation, with the limestone crystals, which over the decades have formed into a gorgeous landscape. Along with these caves, Titania’s Veil is also a must-see with interior lakes and a unique instrument that is called the Great Stalacpipe Organ. Not only do you get to see all the caves, but you can also head over to the Luray Valley Museum to learn about the history of Shenandoah Valley. This village is from the 19th century and is filled with old aircraft and buildings. The Car & Carriage Caravan Museum has old school cars and other artifacts. All of these attractions are worthy of checking out when you are in the state of Virginia.
There are many good schools in the state of Virginia but there are a few that stand out. The University of Virginia, Washington and Lee University, William & Mary, George Mason University, Hampton University, Old Dominion University, and more offer a wide range of programs.
With so much to do and see when in the state of Virginia, your mind is almost blown when you see all the natural beauty that this state has to offer. Another thing that will blow your mind is the dank marijauna seeds that Kind Seed Co seed bank has. If you want to up your seed collection with some of the dankest 420 strains around, you can be confident that we will have just what you need. With quick shipping and delivery, we make sure your seeds get to your front door in no time. By having a germination guarantee and a huge selection to choose from, what’s the harm in checking it out? Our user-friendly website makes it convenient for you to order and find exactly what you were looking for.

Smoking recreational Marijuana in Virginia

Since marijauana is still illegal in Virginia, you cannot legally smoke pot recreationally. Governor Ralph Northam signed a bill that decriminalized marijuana. This means those who are caught with an ounce or under will not get arrested and charged. Possessing a small amount of weed is still illegal but the maximum penalty has been reduced to a $25 civil fine. House Bill 972 states you cannot be charged and arrested if caught with an ounce or under. Before the bill was passed you could get up to 30 days of jail and a $500 fine for even possessing a small amount of marijuana. This is a significant shift and hopefully, the bill will not give people a false sense of security. This is a state where police reported a record 29,000 arrests for marijuana possession in 2018. A study in 2017 found 127 people were being held in jail solely on a marijuana charge.

Can you have Weed in your Possession in Virginia?

Being the 27th state to pass a law to decriminalize marijuana takes jail time out of the picture for those small-time tokers. This law took effect July 1, 2020, and has ganja gurus raving as they can toke in moderate doses without fearing getting charged. While the bill ends the possibility of arrest, it still allows police to search people’s cars and possessions if they say they smell the drug. There are no escalating penalties for multiple violations. The Ban the Box law also took effect in 2019 where any employer cannot ask if an employee has any marijuana charges in their history. The law prohibits employers from requiring job applicants to disclose information related to past criminal charges for simple marijuana possession. Those who hold and consume for medical purposes must carry a note of proof with them at all times which can stop a search and seizure of your products. Other serious punishments surrounding marijuana have not changed. Growing weed, possessing more than an ounce of pot, and distributing it to people remain a felony. Harsh sentences ranging from one to 40 years in prison could be handed out depending on the circumstances and quantities involved. Let’s all hope as the years go on, the state will keep improving the laws to help those enjoy their herb without committing a crime!

Growing Cannabis in The Mor of Presidents

History will prove that Virginia is the perfect place to grow marijuana. Under Virginia’s laws, whoever possesses cannibus with the intention to manufacture it faces a felony crime. This punishment can land you with a fine of $10,00 and a minimum jail time sentence of 5 to 30 years. Growing any marijuana in this state is considered illegal and can lead to some legal trouble. Virginia lawmakers voted not to pursue marijuana legalization last year. They are going to study the issue. For now, the only legal way to obtain marijuana is through the state’s medical-marijuana program. It comes into effect on July 1, 2021. The roll out will see five licensed dispensaries open and medical cannabis users will be able to cultivate 3 marijuana plants with a prescribed note saying they are allowed to do so.

What’s a Virginia Seed Bank?

A seed bank is a place to store many 420 seeds that will keep them preserved for as long as possible. We hold thousands of different seeds at Kind Seeds Co online seed bank and that makes your life convenient. Save time and avoid driving all around the city to look for your perfect strain to cultivate. Going into your local dispensary to find potent canabis seeds tends to lead to disappointment. These businesses rarely, if ever have the exact strain that you are looking for. Not only that but you cannot tell how long their marijuana seeds have been sitting there. Having seeds handled daily can affect the overall yield that you get. Ordering online is the new normal, and when you order with Kind Seeds, you can be sure that the ganja seeds are coming from a trusted location. With so many more options to pick from, the selection can seem never-ending. If you need some guidance, we are happy to assist you. When you are ready to look at some marvelous marijuana seeds for sale, head over to our user-friendly website, and get started today.
After checking out all the weed seeds for sale online we have at Kind Seed Co get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Mount Vernon was George Washington’s hometown for 45 years since 1754. Under his tight supervision, Mount Vernon was a constant work in progress even while he was running the Continental Army in the Revolution. With every detail needing his personal attention, this was a masterpiece in his eyes that needed to be perfected. All of the construction, architectural design and more took a gracious amount of time and people to complete. Everywhere you look in Mount Vernon, you are reminded of Martha and George Washington’s belongings and portraits.

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Horse Country?

You would think that with the marijuana laws being so intense that you would not be able to buy marijuana seeds. Well, think again because even though marijuana has yet to be legalized in Virginia, cannabis seeds are in a different category than marijuana. This is because 420 seeds are notably called a novelty product which makes it legal. For the seed collectors and those waiting for the day it becomes legal, Kind Seed Co has a huge variety of different strains. Get started on your seed journey with our online seed bank and legally buy some of the dankest strains in the game. Being behind most other states in the US, Virginia is very strict on marijuana laws. Virginia has been in a constant battle with the weed advocates of the state who have been trying to expand marijuana rights daily.

Medical Weed in Virginia

Recently, over the years Virginia has been pushing to advance in the medical cannabis rules and regulations department. The start of 2015 was the beginning of a new chapter and the state finally passed a low-THC medical marijuana law. It was a pretty weak law as it only was really used as a defense when it came to people with epilepsy, consuming cannabis. This allowed for 5% or under of extracts in their possession at a time, but any marijuana products being delivered were illegal at this time. Thanks to the expansion of this medical marijuana program, other patients are included in the use of medical marijuana. March 2018 was the month that the governor agreed to sign the bill that finally made it so that all patients with disabilities can consume cannabis. Bringing it to the next year, March 2019, was when the bill (SB 1557) was signed allowing Virginians to apply for a certificate to legally consume. When given the green light by your doctor, licensed nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, you will be allowed to consume cannabinoid products. This includes a 10mg serving of oils, gummies, lollipops, capsules, patches, lozenges, and more.

Buy Photo Cannabis Seeds and Auto Cannabis Seeds in The Horse Country

Choosing between what type of cannabis seeds you want to cultivate all depends on what your end goal is for your yield. The different types of seeds such as the auto-flowering or photoperiod each have their own unique traits. When it comes to auto-flowering seeds, they will have a short flowering stage which can mean more overall crops. This can also produce smaller yields for each crop as they do not have as much time to grow. These seeds will automatically flower without depending on a certain light cycle. Due to the limited growing time, you want to make sure these plants are not subjected to a great amount of stress to help the overall yield. Many beginner growers like to start out with this strain since it is one of the easiest to grow.
Growing photoperiod strains will begin the flowering process when switched between a light cycle of 24/0 and 18/6. A huge plus about this strain is that you can clone as many plants as you would like, unlike with auto-flowering seeds you only get one plant per seed. The flowering period of the photo seeds will take longer but will produce larger plants and nugs. Coming home with a bigger overall yield can be well worth the wait when it comes to cultivating cannabis. Often the buds tend to be more potent than the auto seeds but that is changing with all the new genetic strains coming to the game. During the veg stage, these plants can handle more daily stress and still thrive.

Natural Seeds in Virginia

Regular cannabis seeds can have their ups and downs, but it depends on the grower and this could be the pick for you. If you are wondering what regular seeds are, they are untouched seeds and have a mixture of female and male seeds. Female seeds are most cultivators’ go-to strains as they offer potent yields with minimal effort. Male seeds often grow into seedy and bunk buds which is not ideal for many people. For those looking to up their seed count, then male seeds would be the way to go. Having a mix of the two is what you will get with regular seeds which is pretty much a 50/50 gamble when it comes to cultivating. Regular seeds have produced some of the most heavy-hitting clones and are valuable when it comes to crossing strains. Kind Seed Co has some stellar strains to choose from when it comes to getting your journey started. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to order your 420 seeds and get them delivered and planted in no time. Take the gamble when it comes to regular seeds as they can be very handy to have in your back pocket. To have the chance of growing some potent cannabis from the female seeds to seed collecting from the males is a win-win. All of the best regular seeds you can find are at Kind Seeds online seed bank. We can have your cannabis seeds ready and delivered to your house within weeks. Get a jump start on your cannabis game and check out all the delicious strains we have.

Virginia and American Seeds

Running around town to find the perfect cannabis seeds to cultivate at your home is near to impossible. A budtender at a local dispensary may not understand your growing conditions and rarely do they have what you are looking for. You end up getting stuck with the seeds they have left in their inventory and who knows how long they have been there. When looking for the dankest cannabis seeds for sale, check out Kind Seed Co as we have all of the astonishing strains in the game. All the way from cbd seeds, to auto-flowering seeds, we have a huge variety to compliment all of our customers. Your privacy is key to us, as we make the packing discrete to get your marijuana seeds home safely. With our super quick shipping and handling, you can have your seeds ordered and germinated within a matter of weeks. The faster you head over to our online seed bank, the quicker you can choose what strain you want to cultivate. We offer some of the strongest genetic strains out there, and some you maybe have not heard of. Cannabis connoisseurs like to try different types of marijuana strains, and with the offerings from Kind Seed Co, your cornucopia of dank weed can be a reality.

Virginia Federal Judicial Districts

Virginia has two federal districts which are the Western District Court of Virginia and the Eastern District Court of Virginia. On the Eastern side, the courts are located in Richmond, Norfolk, Alexandra, and Newport News. Located on the Western side, we have Abingdon, Danville, Lynchburg, Big Stone Gap, Harrisonburg, and Roanoke. They are amongst other courts in the district and are part of the 4th circuit in the judicial system that is overlooked by the Court of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit. In the state of Virginia, there is a state supreme court and a state court.

Most Popular Virginia Cities to Grow Weed

Growing your marijuana, you need to be prepared with the proper 420 seeds that will thrive in the location you are at. Kind Seed Co has a huge selection of cannabis seeds for outdoor growing that can get you the buds you are looking for. Monitoring the weather will have a huge impact on your plants and how the overall yield will turn out. Site preparation will make your life convenient for when your marijuana seeds from Kind Seeds get delivered. There are many different stages of plant growth and techniques for how to prevent mold, mildew, and pests. Choose a seed that is made for the outdoors and the environment. If you are growing in a humid place, look for a strain that is resistant to mold and mildew. If you are cultivating in the mountain tops, find one that is resistant to weather changes. The overall yield all will be impacted by the strain you chose, the location you plant, and the effort that goes into it.
Fairfax County
Growing your cannabis seeds in this city will be a great success as the weather is typically sunny and warm during the growing season. Cultivating your marijuana plants outdoors can cut your growing costs in half as mother nature does most of the work for you. With humid and warm summers and decent amounts of rainfall throughout the year, your plants will thrive in these conditions. This city is 127 meters above sea level and has tons of rainfall even in the dry months. Make sure your plants are trimmed and pruned to help with air circulation. The winters tend to be cold and cloudy so be prepared for harvest in September as the frost will hit shortly after.
Prince William County
Thinking about growing your marijuana here should not be a problem, just be prepared for the wet and muggy seasons. When it comes to growing in a humid area, you must order your cannabis seeds according to where you are growing. The weather begins to change into a cooler temperature in October. In the summertime, you will have tons of time to cultivate your marijuana plants. Head over to Kind Seed Co to check out all the pot seeds for sale we have.
Loudoun County
When life gives you lemons you make lemonade they say. Well, the same comes to marijuana seeds. When mother earth gives you the perfect climate to cultivate, we can make something beautiful out of it. With summers being sunny and warm, growing your cannabis seeds in this environment will be a pleasure. It does tend to be a bit humid so when looking for a marijuana strain to grow, make sure it is resistant to mold. With the temperatures changing to cool weather, be ready to harvest your dank buds in early September to ensure they do not hit the frosty conditions.
Chesterfield County
With summers being very hot, this city would be a good place to cultivate your marijuana seeds. At Kind Seeds, we offer many strains that thrive in warm environments such as Chesterfield. This city tends to get a little rain all year round so the sun and rain do lots of work for you. This can help your cannabis seeds thrive to their full potential as they will be getting most of what they need naturally. Early October is when the weather begins to change into the cool zone which lots of marijuana plants do not like. Be prepared to harvest your nugs around this time so they avoid being hit with frigid temperatures.
Henrico County
With the sunny days in the year being around 206, the highs will also reach 89 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, this city gets approximately 44 inches of rain regularly per year when the U.S. is around 38 inches per year. When it comes to ordering seeds, head to Kind Seed Co to get your grow-op started off with a bang. Make sure to plan ahead to cultivate the strain that is best suitable for your environment. Keeping an eye on your plants is a must to make sure they have proper airflow and enough water to help them thrive.

Buy The Most Popular White Widow Strain Seeds in Virginia

Your cultivating journey can come with many ups and downs especially if it is a new process. One of the most important steps is where you get your cannabis seeds from. You want your 420 seeds coming from a trusted location to be sure you get a great overall yield. Running around to local dispensaries to find the dankest marijuana seeds is becoming a thing of the past. They tend to rarely have what you are looking for making you settle for less. Well, settle no longer as Kind Seed Co online seed bank has a huge variety of marijuana seeds ready for your order. The huge selection we offer is to make sure that all of our customers’ needs are met. Here are some of the most incredible strains to cultivate and smoke to get your adventure started.
Being a fan favorite amongst most marijuana connoisseurs, White Widow Autoflower has made a huge name for itself in the cannabis world. Known for some of the best resin production out of all the buds, this strain has won multiple awards and is a must-try. It is one of the top-notch weeds out there and constantly competes with upcoming strains. With the flavors and aromas taking over your senses with earthy and sweet tones, your love for this weed will be never-ending. The high gives off a relaxing yet uplifting buzz getting your body and mind ready for a great day. With enormous yields, unreal results, it is an easy to grow strain, and getting your hands on this strain would be a dream come true.
Not too far off from the last strain, White Widow Snow Autoflower from Kind Seed Co would be another great strain to cultivate in Virginia. This weed is sativa-dominant and gives off uplifting and energetic vibes. Growing this weed outdoors can have an effect on the overall yield, so be sure to keep an eye out to make sure there is no mold and mildew build-up. Those who deal with the daily battles of depression, anxiety, stress, and more find hours of relief after consuming this weed. Recreational users will find this weed to give off a euphoric and focused buzz.
Another strain that is known for its top-notch resin production is White Widow Fast Flowering. Even after 3 decades of being around, it still competes with the other top of the shelf strains. Winning multiple awards, the bud speaks for itself with the super potent effects and aromas. For the daily tokers, this weed will have the body hit relax mode while keeping the mind awake and alert. The flavors are out of this world with earthy and pungent tones taking over your taste buds. By offering big yields, potent buds, and flavorful nugs, this strain is popular. These strong plants can withstand cooler weather and are more resistant than other strains. This would be a perfect strain for those just starting their cultivating adventure.
Being a mix between two solid strains, White AK 47 helps combat the effects that depression, anxiety, and stress weigh on one’s everyday life. The daily tokers find this weed to be very calming and relaxing all while giving off a euphoric vibe. Known for having the best sativa and indica traits from its parents, this weed offers a balanced buzz. Beginners or experts will both have a delightful time while cultivating this strain. Let your taste buds go to town with each toke of this weed. It will have your senses buzzing with delight. Getting these cannabis seeds from Kind Seed Co is a no brainer as they are a heavy yielding, potent, and easy to grow bud.
Named one of the most beautiful plants in the marijuana world, White Widow grows into a majestic plant with nugs that take the cake when it comes to potency. The coat of crystals will look like a mountain that just got a dump of fresh powder. More than just offering jaw-dropping looks, the effects of this plant will knock even seasoned smokers senseless. This weed is not one to play around with as the high will come in with a heavy punch, so be sure to consume in low doses. After a long day, twist up a joint of this weed and it will have you in relaxation mode before the end of your doobie. Winning the High Times Cannabis Cup by category, in 1995 this weed took home gold. Be your own judge and bring these seeds home from Kind Seeds to grow some award-winning weed.
With so many options to explore and give a try, Kind Seeds online seed bank has all the potent strain seeds that you are looking for. Varieties like wedding cake strain can rarely be found at local dispensaries but we have the rare genetic strains that you have been dreaming of. With our quick handling and shipping, we try to make your life as convenient as possible. Kind Seed Co can deliver marijuana seeds straight to your front door in no time. By having super strong genetics and germination-guaranteed seeds, we only deliver top quality products. Our user-friendly website has been created to make your life a little less confusing. We do our best to please all of our customers by having a big selection of seeds to choose from that best suit your life. We know that it can be overwhelming at first trying to find a reliable seed bank, but we can shepherd you through the many seed varieties. Start exploring all the strong genetic strains that we have to get you started on your cultivating adventures. Take the leap of faith into our seed bank and show the cannabis world what you are made of.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check Out These FAQs for buying Marijuana Seeds in Virginia and other cannabis related frequently asked and answered questions. Grow weed from seed in VA with Kind Seed Co. Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and this should not replace independent legal advice.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Virginia ?

    Yes, marijuana seeds are bought and sold as novelty souvenirs and are legal to be purchased. Regulation for buying non-novelty marijuana seeds is still pending in Virginia.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Virginia ?

    Yes, cannabis seeds can be bought and sold as souvenirs and novelty items legally in Virginia. The regulations for buying non-novelty cannabis seeds is still pending.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Virginia ?

    Yes, buying weed seeds as novelty souvenirs is legal in Virginia. Regulations are still pending for buying non-souvenir weed seeds in VA.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Virginia ?

    Yes! Pot seeds bought and sold as souvenirs and novelty items are legal in Virginia. For buying non-novelty pot seeds, regulations are still pending.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Virginia ?

    Yes, it is legal to grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seeds in Virginia. Each household of adults is allowed to grow 4 plants that are not visible to the public.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Virginia ?

    Buy marijuana seeds online in Virginia by visiting Simply add some strains to your cart and check out and pay for your seed order. You will receive tracking within 48 hours and your package will arrive in plain unmarked packaging from Kind Seed Co.

    Are Virginia Seeds grown in Virginia ?

    The short answer is probably no. With a brand new legal market in Virginia, seed sellers will look to import seeds from other states and Europe until domestic production catches up to the rest of the modern world.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Virginia ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in Virginia ?

    Yes, adults over 21 can possess up to one ounce of marijuana flowers for recreational use.

    Is Medical Use legal in Virginia ?

    Yes, as of July 1, 2021, adults over 21 can possess up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use including medical use.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Virginia ?

    Yes, cbd seeds have been legal in the USA since

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Virginia ?

    Yes, it is legal to grow autoflower seeds in Virginia. Adult households can have up to four plants that are not visible to the public.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Virginia ?

    Yes, cannabis use in Virginia is legal in private residences providing that the owner of the property has not restricted the use of cannabis.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Virginia ?

    Yes, adults over 21 years of age can carry up to one ounce of cannabis in Virginia.

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    • Abingdon
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